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----Click on Lara to zoom - Click right side  for second view----

I'm so excited for the upcoming game "Rise of The Tomb Raider" so I decided make this animation.. hope you like it!!

This was a collab with  VincentXyooj

POSE: VincentXyooj


MODEL: :iconkonradm96:  thanks for this great model!!

still version
:Rise of the Tomb Raider: by AnubisDHL

More Animations

Rey de Atlantis: animated by AnubisDHL Lightning: Galaxy Traveler by AnubisDHL Dante and Trish: Devil Hunters by AnubisDHL Bayonetta Moonlight by AnubisDHL
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Welcome to Dress up Lara Croft 3.1!

A lot of things have changed since last version and it's a big reason why it took so long to update it. In version 3 there are a loading screen and panels for different kind of clothning and items which you can open and close by pressing icons on the right. There are also five new backgrounds, two new characters and new buttons to make changing them easier. I also added a undress button which will remove all the items to their own places. You can also remove items now by double clicking them! New items mostly include clothes from Underworld's concept arts and the new Tomb Raider game.

I would like to thank my friend for helping me with the code! I wouldn't had been able to update this game for years without his help. I hope you have fun playing!

Most of the outfits are from Tomb Raider games (mostly from Legend). Some of them I might have edited a bit. Rest of the clothes I have invented myself. Please notice the Scion shirt and small Philosopher's Stone neckless (that look like lips :P ) I've used a lot of model pistures. For example Laras pose is from this… picture.
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First time doing an animation like this. It was difficult but fun, so I'll probably make more. More advanced hopefully since this painting wasn't really meant to be animated :aww:
I'm just procrastinating... a lot. The animation itself is only 2 seconds so I guess it looks a bit weird. :D

Original painting: Rise of the Tomb Raider by Aimyee
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Some animation. Don't be shocked. :P
My first facial animation. Sorry for the loop, I'm hurrying to school. Maybe change later for a better version.

Just for once, it'd be nice to walk into a room, and not have the statues try to kill me.
One of my favourite Lara Croft quote. XD

More to come. I realised I forgot an other quote...

Tomb Raider (c) Square Enix
TRAOD (c) the late Core Desing
Lara's voice (c) Jonell Elliot (<3)
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Catwoman from Batman AK. I love how she looks in the game. Hope you like it

3d max + photoshop + AE

music: Arkham Knight - Main Theme Soundtrack 
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Download for a better interactive experience!

Refresh or download if the page isn't loading correctly.




Music button: Toggle on/off background music
SO button: 1st batch of outfits
NYUH button: 2nd batch of outfits
SHI button: 3rd batch of outfits
DAE button: Change background (will not loop back)
Back button: Replay game
Tiffany button: Takes you to a Tiffany tribute youtube video

Mix&match between 9 different outfits outfits, change backgrounds!! Look at the cuteness of her

After almost two months slaving over this, I have finally finished the first ever SNSD (Tiffany version) dress-up game...I think. Lol. This is the first time I tried making a dress-up doll game, so please be nice...I know I have so many mistakes...OTL

I don't think I'll be making a dress up game for all nine girls, that's a lot of work and I honestly had a very hard time getting the code down for this flash game.

I only just started learning the coding/action script for dress-up games and I know there are MANY errors and mistakes everywhere, so please bare with me on that. Also, sorry for the large format. If I scale it down, the images will be blurry and pixelated. I don't want to start over my hard work. Please click download for a better experience.

The clothes will layer over the other clothes when changing between pages, so if that happens, move those clothes to the side or if you want to start over, click on the refresh button. Sorry for the inconvenience.

But its still artwork and I want to share this with all of the SONES!!

This is especially dedicated to my babyboi. If it wasn't for him, I would never be more involved with SNSD or KPOP than I am now.

Maybe one day, I will create more dress-up games.

For now, enjoy this game, mix&match her outfits! It's very simple, and sorry, you can't save it or anything...Try Print-Screening your monitor? lol

Artwork by Mimi Tran (xcry)
Musicbox song "Tinkerbell" by musicboxmcat
Font "Itsadoke" by Gluk
"Tinkerbell" and SNSD (C) SM Entertainment
Background images by *Computerinkt

Please do not claim this artwork, redistribute to other websites or sell without my full acknowledgment. Thank you!</b
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even great old ones need a job... right?
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Press "▌▌/►" to pause/resume. With "◄/►"  you can navigate back and forth one frame at a time, click on the magnifier icon to zoom in and out, and on the speaker icon to play/stop the music.

This is a simple 360° animation of my 3D sculpture of Lara Croft. Made in Sculptris and Zbrush, and rendered in Keyshot. This flash animation was made in SwishMAX

Main render
Lara Croft (SEDS day 24) by aemiliuslives

HD turntable animation

Quasimodo (turntable animation) by aemiliuslives Wallace and Gromit (turntable animation) by aemiliuslives
Dilophosaurus (turntable animation) by aemiliuslives The Thing (turntable animation) by aemiliuslives
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Part 2 of Lara retro clip. Comments welcome :)
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Kidagakash - Atlantis The Lost Empire

Everything is painted photoshop + painter and then animated in AE.
Special thanks goes to my brother for helping out, because i /fail at flash >_>
I'll upload still image in a few days (don't want to spam my watchers :heart: )

All my work is copyrighted and may NOT be used without my written and expressed permission.

Other Disney artwork:

Kida Disney

p.s. you can expect more Disney ladies animated like this from me, will make sure to add music next time :P
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