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It's time to dress up Lara Croft - 2nd version!

That's right, 2nd version! I have added about 45 new objects (most of what are shirts) and fixed/made some old clothes look prettier. The new objects are mostly from Underworld and Underworld's concepts. A few examples of the new items are Doppelganger's hair and clothes, Amanda's hair, 2 bikinis and the long-expected high heels and Excalibur! The biggest change however is in the character because now you can also dress up Lara as Dopplerganger or Natla. I've also added three alternative backgrounds :)

I hope you like the changes I've made and have fun playing the game! The first version of this game can still be found at [link] Thank you all for the support, faves and comments! :heart:

I have played Tomb Raider games ever since I was 10. Mostly I played the same demos and practice levels all over again :D My favourite TR game is Legend but I love Anniversary and Underworld a lot, too!

Most of the outfits are from Tomb Raider games (mostly from Legend). Some of them I might have edited a bit. Rest of the clothes I have invented myself. Please notice the Scion shirt and small Philosopher's Stone neckless (that look like lips :P ) I've used a lot of model pistures. For example Laras pose is from this [link] picture.

Have fun~!
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This was a project that I wante make for the dose of :iconxnivanfieldx: 30-Apr, but busy between the week and my stress, I didn't finish it till now. O.

Well, maybe late for the dose but never to share another nivanfield fan art. :D

Enjoy it, but I warn... I think I watched too many soap-operas... XD

/-----/Credits/-----/ (Are a bit long)

Resident Evil characters are property of Capcom.

Chris Redfield - :iconadngel:
Piers Nivans - :iconadngel:
Jill Valentine - :iconundeadmentor:

Claire Redfield - :iconmoogleoutfitters:
Leon S. Kenedy - :iconraccooncitizen:
Jake Muller - Adngel
Sherry Birkin - Adngel
Rebecca Chambers - :iconmageflower:
Richard Aiken - Adngel
Helena Harper - :iconmaukegarcia1213:
Sheva Alomar - Adngel
Ashely Graham - :iconjilllovesada:
Jessica Sherawat - Adngel

BSAA Soldier A - Adngel
Piersnumbertu - Adngel
BSAA Technitian - Adngel

BSAAChief :iconmrgameboy20xx:

These are OC's characters who are not Capcom's IP property.
Anna Valentine - :iconadadirenni:
Sheila Mcdougal - :iconrecbdrakeplz:
Marie Amstrong - :iconxxshatteredrealityxx:
Erika - :iconmslawlipop:
Hatsumy - :iconhatsumy38660:
Nera - :iconhatsumy38660:
Miiiiio - :iconmslawlipop:
Wully - Adngel

Club - Adngel
Streets - Capcom RE6.

Jill's Umbrella (actually is a beach parasol with black lighs...) - Atlantis
RE2 - Main 38
Arrow - Season 1, theme 10. "I Forgot Who I Was".

Unity 3d
Photoshop CS6
Flash Player CS6
Cool Edit Pro 2.1
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:star: Click around to get the back reference and other stuff. ;) Mouse over trainers' heads and Pokemons for headshots and infos!

To future partners/opponents: If you don't have the time to read all of the stuff below, here are three key points to portray Kiro and Konn right! ;)
1. Both of them have thick and short eyebrows. Past experiences tell me that most artists get them wrong, so be careful! XD
2. Kiro has very low self confident, and is quite inexperienced when it comes to Pokemon battles. He's kinda naive too... ^_^
3. And Konn is...the exact opposite? OvO He's rather evil in some sense...

I know the timeline of :iconpokemon-ubf: and :iconheliosconference: crashes, but I'm going to lie to myself and pretend UBF2011 happens afterHelios for story purpose here... =v=
Or let say Kiro has signed a contract with Kyubey to become a Magical Shounen just to go back to the past to save his Pikachu from dying...? OvO

(More info will be provided in the R1 entry)

The Trainers

Please refer to the pentagon ID for more info!
:bulletyellow: Unlike most Poke kids you see in the game, Kiro is a really, really shy boy who lacks confidence. He's rather childish for his age too and can be fooled easily. Always cries when losing to a battle.

:bulletyellow: He's very dependent on his dad on Pokemon battles. He usually phones his dad for instructions when he's not around during battles and never realized that it's cheating. :|

:bulletyellow: Given that it's only his second year of becoming a Pokemon trainer, and still having to go to school during weekdays (because his mum insists that it's not a good idea to leave school at such a young age), Kiro is inexperienced in Pokemon battles and doesn't even know how most of his Pokemons' attack works.

:bulletyellow: And you've probably guessed it already---he loves Pikachus! :] But he's kind to most Pokemons and treat them as friends. (Maybe except the scary-looking ones...he's too timid to interact with them) Need human friends.

:bulletblue: Arrogant and offensive. Loves abusing Pokemons and loopholes to no end. When he cannot figure out a safe strategy to win, he orders his Pokemons to attack the trainer instead. Or maybe destroy their remaining Pokeballs.

:bulletblue: Since it's not right to tell your kid to cheat at such a young age , Konn relies on the internet for better strategies when Kiro's around. But then he has to interrupt the battle a lot while he's busy finding information with his laptop.

:bulletblue: Working as a programmer at Silph Co., Konn is kind of an indoor person and is quite frail when compared to most Pokemon trainers. Can't even climb Mt. Mortar.

:bulletblue: He's so lazy that he actually keeps the beard and pigtails so that he doesn't have to find time to shave/cut them. Most of the domestic violence quarrels Pokemon battles between him and his wife revolves around housework not getting done.

:bulletblue: Kiro suspect that his dad joined UBF just to avoid doing housework during weekends.

The Pokemons

:bulletyellow: Soda | Pikachu
Kiro didn't catch it. He's a gift from Kiro's friend who lives in Sinnoh. Being shiny and a Pikachu, Kiro spoils him too much and rarely send him out of the battlefield... And now he has become this fat... -_-

:bulletyellow: Lemon | Emolga
Has a strong sense of justice and won't allow himself to win by cheating. He also has a hero-complex and always want to save everyone. Being a glutton for work, Lemon enviesdespites Soda because he's being so lazy and inactive. Konn often noted that Lemon reminds him of his wife...?

:bulletblue: Pulse | Rotom
Being a ghost, Pulse is not afraid of being dead and therefore can be very aggresive and cruel in battlefield. He's kind of a happy-go-lucky type though, always making a ;p expression to his opponents before striking his fatal attacks.

:bulletblue: Z-mon | Porygon-Z
Have been heavily jailbrokenmodified by Konn. Now it knows how to attacks automatically with its built-in AI, and can only be communicated with computer languages (which means Kiro can't use it at all without his father's help)

:bulletyellow: Choco | Clefable
Kiro caught her as a Clefairy just because her ears looks Pikachu's one. Just like any other alien, Choco likes to smash and burn things with her powerful moves. Has bad luck on using Metronome, and usually ends up using useless moves such as Splash or Defog...

:bulletyellow: Jelly | Ditto
Jelly has a talent that allows him transforming into a Pikachu without even looking at one. (Although it doesn't look like the real one at all...) It can also transform into all sort of common things just by seeing the pictures.

More info on:
Pentagon chart: Past: Future:

What you really read through all that? OvO
Okay I'll tell you where Konn get his trainer quotes from: it's the episode titles from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
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Lookit! I can still animate! :iconimhappiestplz:

This is just a silly little thing I've been working on for the past few days. Something to practice animating to sound/within a set number of frames and to become more familiar with my new animating program (Toon Boom Animate Pro <3)

It's not done, and it's not perfect; the sync seems off when I export it for some reason :S But still, I'm proud of what I've go so far :heart:

I started this in Flash, then switched to Toon Boom after a classmate gave me the program.
Earlier WIPs can be found on my Tumblr

Character is a simplified and chibified version of my #Windsonde gryph, Tafari

Comments are welcome! :)

Song is Şımarık by Tarkan. Song is not mine.

Bonus-blah-info-thing: since I'm too shy/self-conscious to actually dance, this is kind of the next best thing for me?
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YOUTUBE: [link]
VIMEO: [link]

A short animation project I did in around a week all by myself, only for practicing purpose. I did these animation based on the designs from a fan art I did for the movie The Avengers that came out in Summer 2012. I didn't do Black Widow because I became too exhausted and because I didn't think of anything interesting enough for her.

The soundtrack is "Fight As One" by Bad City, which is the soundtrack from the animated series "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes".

I used the animation feature in Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe After Effects CS6.
All characters belong to Marvel Entertainment.
This animation is only for educational purpose, no commercial use.
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No comments have been added yet. Presents Forumites online magazine.

Yes it is finally here. Issue 5 is done and dusted.
We have some excelent content for you inculding an interview from Xia Taptara (

We also have 2 tutorials. One is a back to basics lesson on composition and the other is a watercolour tutorial.

Naturally we have our featured prints and our complete 3 month catalogue plus lots more.

Comments are always welcome and if you want to get involved and see your work in the mag go to [link]

We are running a front cover competition with the theme Pin ups. [link]

and we are always on the look out for more prints.
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In celebration of the release of king of fighters 13, I am releasing three (of the four) Sakazakis episodes onto deviantART.
Joe Higashi has a special message for all of his loving fans...
(WARNING: For people that have no clue who Joe Higashi is, look him up on wikipedia or google before you watch this flash). This bonus clip was originally going to be a special treat at the end of the second episode of the Sakazakis, but the clip was too much for the file so I'm uploading it separately. Marcus Fenix's voice was a pain to get right and animating the gunshots was a little annoying but I hope you enjoy this secret clip! And behold the new era of amazing characters! And the Hurricane speaks!
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flash + Photoshop
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This animation is from my video ☠DanteXAda & VergilXCarla - Somewhere I Belong☠:
The idea of this paring belongs to :iconhatredboy:
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Mini sized cause the giant avatars have issues, and found that the mesh avatar tend to eat up the graphics cards really fast
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