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Bell UH-1d Iroquois

The most famous helicopter in the world is the Bell UH-1 Iroquois, most commonly referred to as the "Huey." The Huey, which first flew in 1956, serves in front-line service in the U.S. military and the militaries of many nations and will continue to do so for many years to come. It earned its fame during the Vietnam War and has been featured in many war movies, including "Apocalypse Now" and "Platoon," as well as in numerous action adventure films.

The Huey has several distinctive characteristics, including its rounded nose, its twin-bladed rotor, and the loud "whomp whomp" sound it makes in flight. It is a particularly noisy helicopter because, when in forward flight, the tip of the advancing rotor blade breaks the speed of sound, creating a small sonic boom. Anyone who has spent a sufficient amount of time working on, around or within the sound of a "Huey" develop a sense when one is coming, long before most people hear the initial distinctive sound which the rotar blades make.

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The prototype Bell Model 204 first flew in 1956 and was the first turbine powered aircraft ordered by the U.S. Army. Initially designated the H-40 following the U.S.A.F. designating system, this aircraft was re-designated the HU-1 when it entered service in 1959. Although officially named "Iroquois", it was better known as the "Huey" based on this designation.
In 1962, the U.S. Military changed it's designating system and again changed the designation of the Huey to UH-1. At the same time a lengthened version, the Model 205 was introduced. This went into service as the UH-1D.

This model had its first flight on August 16, 1961, and went on to become the popular "Huey" that saw so much service in the Vietnam War. Capacity was up to 12 fully-equipped troops plus its crew of two. As an aerial ambulance, it could carry four litters and the attendant medical technicians.

In 1968 it was modified with an improved T-53 and new electronics and redesignated as UH-1H. More than 6,000 were built during its lifetime of 30 years.

The specific history of this particular UH-1D, from when it was first purchased by the US Army and assignments thereafter, go HERE> Manufactured by Bell Helicopter Division, Ft Worth TX.

Powerplant: 1100hp Lycoming T-53 turboshaft
Rotor: 44'0"
Length: 38'8"
Height: 14' 7 "
Wing area: none
Empty weight: 4,369 lbs
Gross weight: 8,500 lbs
Maximum speed: 147 mph
Cruising speed: 126 mph
Landing speed: 0 mph
Ceiling: 16,900'
Range: 260 statute miles
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New version of Pinkamena :)

Vector by :iconrandomlywhimsical: ~RandomlyWhimsical

original [link]

Other stuffs used

moon : [link]

meteor : [link]

fires : [link] [link] [link] [link]
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Update: Did a few mods to it.

And here it is.
This submersible nuclear powered carrier (designation SSCN) can carry out attacks by both aircraft and sub launched missiles. It can also be used for large special ops. attacks.

On the aircraft side: It carries 10 F-35B's, 10 AV-8 Harriers, and 5 MH-60R Seahawk ASW helicopters. Both planes can better utilize short take offs thanks to the ski jump at the end of the runway. 2 aircraft elevators are located near the conning tower.
When conducting carrier operations, the control island and radar tower raise up out of the conning tower. Aircraft operations are possible with both in the down position also.

The Sea Demon uses an Aegis radar system to link both it's offensive and defensive weapons. It has 2 launch methods for missiles. Modified Mk. 41 vertical launchers at the rear are used for launching Tomahawk land attack, and Standard surface to air missiles. The 6 torpedo tubes at the front of the sub can launch Harpoon anti ship and Sea Lance anti submarine missiles in addition to Mk. 48 torpedoes. All of these except for the Standard can be launched while underwater.
The sub has a full sonar system and can carry out attacks on ships and other subs.

For defensive armament the Sea Shadow has 4 Phalanx CIWS and 4 of the new Sea Ram sam launchers (which is a set of RIM-116 rolling airframe missiles mounted to a Phalanx radar and mount). Both systems are interconnected for greater accuracy against anti ship missiles. these are retracted into the sub before diving.
It also has countermeasures against torpedoes and missiles.

As you can tell this drawing is far different than my rough drawing. That's because as I converted it to a line drawing I saw stuff that needed to be changed and added stuff (I can't believe I left the sub's fins off in the rough drawing :o ). Some of the missiles are a little too large, but I just wanted them as illustration anyway.
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Most of the Interior guides are being completely redone to reflect the various changes and additions to each building throughout the seasons. Each reference image is physically sorted by location, as evidenced by the blue boundary lines. In addition, the use of the map should make it possible to find a one to one correlation to each feature (windows, furniture, cabinets, etc.) shown in each reference image.

I would like to point out that the Carousel Boutique is almost as bad as Sugarcube Plaza when it comes to crazy layout. That first floor is enough to drive anypony crazy... Also, anything on the map with a white floor is a room(s) we haven't seen yet in the show.

While most of these rooms explain themselves in terms of layout, I'd like to point out a few specific items. As you've probably noticed, the main boutique is a little... erratic in terms of consistent layout. The general consensus places the stage on the right and a clothing display + mirrored seating area on the left, with the main entrance at the bottom and a hall to the home portion of the boutique at the top. The actual size/placement of each section of the boutique is probably close to what I have in the map, but there may be some minor differences.

Next up, the connection between the hair salon / spa room and the main boutique. If you take a look at the wall behind the stage, there's a section near the front door that seems to have a divot of sorts. This may be the "door" to the hair salon and really seems to be the only possible way to get there. As for why I'm placing the salon on the right side, take a look at the style of the wall being used in the waiting room where Spike is at. Exact same curtain/paneling as can be found only behind the stage. Combine that with the need for the salon to be located up against a wall with a window and the setup of the doors (Spike's door being to the right of the window), and we're sort of forced into this particular layout.

As for how the stairs up to Rarity's room fit into this circular space... I haven't the foggiest. We know the basic shape of the rooms and we know the staircase placement pretty much matches up, but there really isn't much space to fit the staircase landing on the second floor. Only thing I can figure is that Rarity's room only takes up about 3/4 of the top floor, and there's a crescent moon shaped space that the stairs slide into. Alternatively there's a rear extension to the second floor for the stairs that hasn't been put into the show. 'tis going to be cramped either way.

In any case, Rarity does have a very nice layout for her home. Everything fits together and it makes good use of the non-euclidean geometry. On the other hoof, it's using non-euclidean geometry... repeatedly. I apologize in advance to the model builders and the minecrafters.

(Season 2/3 additions) As you can see in the various images, the Laundry Room has to be to the right of the back door + fairly close to that big tree on the right side of the boutique (right as seen from the front of the building).  Similarly, the Kitchen is shown to be to the left side of the back door.  However, this placement creates some intriguing issues regarding staircases and hallways.  First off, there are now two staircases: the one right next to the back door on the right side of the building, and the one visible from the main show room on the left side of the building.  Still no idea how they get up to the second floor without violating the laws of 3D space...  The hallway connecting the Laundry Room and the Kitchen still works rather nicely with this configuration.  However, there's not really a lot of space available to reach the left side of the building at this point...  Perhaps there's an entrance at the front of the building similar to the one that leads to the hair salon?  Alternatively, that inner window/mirror thing in the kitchen could be replaced with a door like we have in the laundry room, which would enlarge the kitchen nicely (possible evidence for door in ep 61?  Only problem is that it that the shot connects directly to the laundry room, which is impossible to satisfy the conditions for...).  Anywho, seeing as we haven't seen this segment of the building yet, I'm not too concerned.
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In the night time, she became a Jirachi !
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Pokemon BW(Black&White) Trainer Girls, zoroark TF! :)
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It was a difficult pose.... ;P
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The princess of night! /)^3^(

Attention everypony!

You can set this as Google Logo!
It isn't showing only on main page but on others too!
See how it looks like

How to do this?
1. Install "Stylish" plugin for your browser (IE isn't supported, I dunno about Safari)
2. Add style for this plugin from:
3. Added style should be auto-activated!

Please report me any errors and bugs, I will do my best to repair them or help to fix!
For perfect working, use the latest version of your browser!

Check out other ponies too!

Fluttershy|Applejack|Rainbow Dash 1,2|Pinkie Pie|Twilight Sparkle|Rarity
Princess Luna|

Pony used, by :iconmisterlolrus:

I do not own Google logo or My Little Pony. This is only fanmade artwork. Every rights belong to their owners.
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Update: Added the "This We'll Defend" slogan to it.

And here's the Army one to round out my 4 NLR armed forces flags (not sure if I'll do a coast guard one or not).

The wing and moon logo is by :iconmakkon: .
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This will be available at the Everfree Northwest convention. My designs sells out fast so make sure to visit my table early if your going. :)

*comment on what is your favorite! Regardless if your going or if you don't have an iPhone*
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