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:bulletgreen: Big Map Pack

:bulletgreen: Soundtracks and -effects


I finally managed it to make one single download :P

There were many issues by installing the Add-Ons, so I decided to give you a bundled map pack with all Add-Ons (including a Beta of Add-On Five and two preview-maps of an unpublished Add-On).

In total 36 maps.


Need help with installation? Take a look at this


For more information about Terra Carnivora and the Add-Ons visit the official Terra Carnivora group -> here

Most of the used objects of the maps belongs to Blizzard (WoW) and other rightful owners!

Game: Feral Heart
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While I was taking a break from Amethyst Mountain.. Look what I have been working on!!! I have been craving a city map and a dog rp... This map is a large and a very meshy map, this preview photos is just a TAD FEW of MULTIPLE areas. This map carries loads of meshes and I was trying to make it as detailed as I can. I added rain weather and have nice music in the background. Roads in the city are larger than the roads in the neighborhoods. This is going to be domestic animal, human, and wild-city-animals, I prefer no wolves ect. unless you were a wolf raised by a human, but wolves and wild forest animals are still allowed :3 . There's a separate big river from the city/town area that will contain a forest. Their is a river that splits areas. Neighborhood will be one area, city will be 2 areas, and the largest river cross will have a forest on the other side. I even added a sewage map! Even every house includes a inside mesh unless its a decoration house. You can explore the map and discover loads of things in it! Hidden or Hilarious things await you!

Image 1: Neighbor hood will be large. Some houses are decoration and others will be made to stay in. If I don't get too lazy, the houses will include items within it. And yes, there are loads of houses to choose from.
Image 2: Dogfights! Yes I added this for all you who liked to fight. The image shows the fighting ring but in the back room it has cages to wait your turn if needed.
Image 3: Park is fairly big and has fainted trails and benches to hang out on. Nearby will be a playset item(might as well include it since it's in every city map XD)
Image 4: The shelter/pound is unique! I made the whole building but I don't own the meshes used to make it. Why does every pound have to be dark and depressing? Not this one! This one is similar to an actual shelter, a vet office included. It has areas where you can go inside and your kennel has food/water bowls. That's all I'm saying, go explore it more once it's out :3
Image 5: Welcome to the wildlife park. This is a huge park on a island off from the beach of the city.
Image 6: ThaBIue's home? Why would I make myself a house.. Just more proof that I own the map so no one tries to steal the map. You also may like what's in there so go in ^^
Image 7: Jail, this was a replacement of a prison break map I was working on. Though the jail is rather small with only 4 cells within it.
Image 8: Farm, I included a farm for you all. The farm has separate parts and includes nearly every farm animal you may find. Sheep pin in photo.
Image 9: Welcome to Autumn City! Enjoy your stay!
Image 10: Like the sand bank and long waters? Here is the perfect place to take a swim and look across to the wildlife refuge. Also a crashed boat.
Image 11: Sewage map! What! Just a extra map, nothing really in it but mice.. 2 portals, one at bottom and one at top if you somehow glitch yourself to top by accident.
Image 12: What's a city without its city?! Finally the city pic came in and includes a vast amount of city.

*IMPORTANT NOTE:* I do check these maps. Some people reported harsh insults about being a different specie, when a person says stop, you stop! I ask you not to do this, or better yet, don't be harsh to others! I thought, by now, you should know the basic rules instead of me having to write them up, it's childish of you! You know who you are, be warned or blocked by others. -.- I'm WolvesTwirl OR ThaBIue on there.
*IMPORTANT NOTE 2:* I'm not sure how built your computers are.. But this map does contain loads of meshes and takes time to load to get there. Lag rate is unknown since I'm not prone to lagging. The map may also take quite some time to load.. Try it at least 3 times if it doesn't load..
*EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:* If you find your losing connection or can't connect. PLEASE Delete the Autumn.cycle file that was in your 'sky' folder!

ULTIMATE FH?: (don't have to DL, won't be disappointed, check it out!): [site]… or [DL]…?
(plz make sure you read above)

Autumn City owned be me.

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Terra Carnivora - the Land of Predators

First you should go to Dragon Peak, you can find the way to this land here: Click here for help

In Dragonpeak there are seven Dragons, one Dragon for every Map. They got some Quests, for example searching Dragon Eggs (ummm not inspired by Spyro hehe ^^';)

Download the Big Map Pack with Add-Ons 1-4: Terra Carnivora

If you have any questions, ask me!

:bulletred: New maps coming soon!
:bulletred: You need help with finding all eggs? Just let me know!
:bulletred: Note to Frozen Maze: If you want to be fair, please hide map-field (I dont know whats it called, but I hope you know what I mean xD)
:bulletred: Note to Dragonpeak: The dragon Nefarian says: "... I wonder if you can find me ..." - but that means if you can REACH him!

:bulletgreen: You like Terra Carnivora? Join my group: Terra Carnivora Group
:bulletgreen: Thank you so much for downloading my maps :aww:
:bulletgreen: Perhaps you'll meet me in Terra Carnivora. My username is -LoLa-

Most of the used objects belongs to Blizzard (WoW) and other rightful owners!
Game: Feral Heart
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A feral settlement among the mountains, atop an underground path branching to two human villages.
Click here to download!!
Holy crap I'm finally done.

Yesterday, totally out of the blue, I got the sudden urge to concept and create a map. Initially, this would be released with a full map pack but this literally got a big boom of favorites and thus I promised each individual I would release it as soon as done.
The rest of the pack is soon to come!... Maybe.

ANYBODY can roleplay out here. This isn't a Warrior Cat roleplay map, this a map for everyone; cats, wolves, lions, humans, etc. You can claim the territories, just get 'em while they're hot, and please don't outright tell a person to get lost. Solve your in roleplay problems, in roleplay.

Also, big shout out to ~Genesis199, who is my literal map-making inspiration. Go check out their maps, they're soo cool! c:
Time: 13 hours
Thanks to ~Wolfstream for the name and thanks for the constant support from everyone <3 [Your favorites go a long way!!]

- Territory claiming MUST be IN ROLEPLAY! Nobody is allowed to out-of-roleplay tell somebody to go away from "their territory" because this is my map. Does.. that make sense??
- Feel free to roleplay however you want... but please, don't harass or annoy people. If they want to be alone, let them.
- Enjoy, have fun and be nice!

- - -
0Abarai0 | RedPineapple
FeralHeart ~KovuLKD
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This.. this is my pride and joy right here. It's one of my most recent set of maps that had a month or so in planning. It features ten maps and possibly more to be added in the future. Cryptic Refrain is no longer a active roleplay. It was based off of the popular Warriors series and as such most of the camps have... well smaller dens. I love this map and I hope making it public you'll all love it too.

There were cats long ago, hundreds of years that called a place called Etheria home. They lived in multiple tribes that changed throughout time. Midori, Anjuu and Shinku. A volcano erupted, destroying the land. The tribe cats were chased away and those remaining perished in the chaos. Overtime the land healed and new cats came to claim the lands calling it Crytpic Refrain for they said memories and stories of cats long ago were whispered in the wind. Overtime these elemental cats simply vanished. It's uncertain what happened to them, but the lands remain peaceful.

Those that tread on these ancient lands are sure to hear the faint tellings of times long ago on the wind if they listen carefully.

Portal guide://

Cryptic Refrain- Rainy Ravine, Perpetual Passages, Weleful Woods, Arid Abyss, Inferno Isles
Inferno Isles- The Dark Forest, Moon Tree
Moon Tree- StarClan
Starclan- Glimpse Into The Past

I do run a pack called Silent Embers. We reside and call Inferno Isles home. If you see us ingame feel free to roleplay with us, but don't start drama. Unless spoken to OOC beforehand for plots.


1. Be friendly to your fellow FH members
2. No den claiming/fighting
3. Everyone is welcome
4. Do not claim the maps as your own


(Get all three)


Map Screenies:


Map: :iconzombiekitteh:
FH: :iconkovulkd:
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One of Feral Heart's most popular map packs is back, and for good this time. Names have changed and some maps have been revamped, but you can still enjoy going through your favorite Darklore maps! There are 21 places in total to host rps, run through, or simply hang around in.

For more information and to see about maps not pictured here:…

1. Click this link:…
3. It is very very very very very important it follow the instructions included when installing Darklore, especially if you have downloaded past versions - or else!
4. Enjoy

:bulletred: MAP GUIDE :bulletred:

The Darklore Territories (c) ME
Feral Heart (c) ~KovuLKD
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Installer: [link]

Zipped file: [link]

EDIT: If you get stuck trying to get into 'Cruor' take out the stormy weather cycle and then the CSky file if there is still no response, and you'll be able to get in :)

So. Here it is, at long last. Over two months in the making and I can almost hardly believe I got this finished, and that I actually managed to export it and get the maps working. A part of me /dreaded/ exporting the maps because I was sure only one would make it out and then my game would crash and I would loose everything else and this would just be the biggest disappointment of my life. Lucky enough....that was not the case. I have never been more proud, or delighted to release this map for all of you to use.

I'm happy to say, this is PUBLIC! Everyone is welcome and I really hope you all enjoy it. Not only does this Map Pack signify the most /ambitious/ thing i've probably ever done, but it also marks the day I exceeded 100 hundred watchers! I am literally blown away by all the support and interest everyone has shown towards my map making and I just want to give out a big thanks to anyone who's ever commented on my artwork and who has given me a watch!

:iconluvluvplz: Genesis

P.S. I highly recommend listening to the music I've selected for the maps at least once! It will really enrich your first experience with it :)

Some other notes ~ From the preliminary testers, I've had some say they've gotten minor lag to no lag at all when in the maps so It will probably depend on how good of a computer you have when it comes to that. Also, some of these textures may replace those you already have, so make back-ups if you don't want to mix them up/lose them!
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My RP that once lived in this map had died down (don't pity me, we all know Warrior Cat RPs don't live long), so there was nothing better to do with this map. So I decided to release it to the public, where this map could be alive again. Feel free to use it for your RP, but under these conditions:

There will be no spot / den claiming in the following maps
Respect all of your peers who are in this map. If a group is RPing and you are not part of their RP, do not bother them.
Follow the rules that apply to Feral-Heart.
Do not claim the maps as your own.
Although the picture does say "Public Warrior Cats Map" fox, wolf, etc RPs are welcome. It's just there because this was a former WCs map, and the fact that the amount of dens may not be enough to support your pack (fit to the amount of dens in Warrior Cats).

I will visit the map once in a while to make sure that the rules above are followed. If you want me to join your Warrior Cats RP, let me know! I don't bite. :3 Otherwise, enjoy! Want to see more pictures coming from the same map?

There are three maps in total. I will not update them for your RP standards, unless otherwise stated. If there are technical difficulties in the map link below that are not caused by mediafire, please let me know.


Edit (11/15/13): Wow. I'm surprised I haven't noticed the attention this deviation has been receiving. I'm glad it's still enjoyable, although I look down upon it and frame it as "old." ^^" As for the issues found in the map and/or the requests of having a duplicate private, I'm afraid that I can't take action however much I want to. You see, I met a (resolved) problem with my Feral-Heart, thus causing me to have to delete it completely and re-download it. Although I successfully transferred my presets there, I couldn't do the same with my maps, as that would break Feral-Heart permanently(a common unavoidable glitch). So please try to enjoy it as best as you can, and if there are any issues dealing with sharing the map, figure something out if you could. Take turns or anything. Thank you, and I'm truly sorry for the delay in replies and the technological difficulty!
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Add-On Six

Add-On of Terra Carnivora.

:bulletred: You have to download the main-map-pack first:
                Big Map Pack: Download

:bulletyellow: You can find the portal to the Rimwood in The Mountains (leads to Bear's Den and then Rimwood), Brughowe and The abadoned Manor.
:bulletyellow: Can't find the new maps? Take a look at this: Help
:bulletyellow: There are two hidden maps. Find the seven Shrines in the Rimwood and act on their advice and you'll find the maps! Or maybe not.
:bulletyellow: The download includes some of the soundtracks now!

Meshes belongs to their rightful owners.

Game: Feral Heart
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A dragon mesh for FeralHeart by KovuLKD. 

This mesh is free to use in maps without credit - don't claim as your own.

This was a request by Dirty-Couch

I LOVE it. In the picture you will notice tree meshes - I will release them to the public soon. I am obsessed with this mesh and will post moar pics soon. So yeah. I made it 3d looking. o3o

Total Downloads: 91. 

Place all files in the my_objects folder. 

hnng enjoy it, 


PLEASE leave a comment! I will reply very quickly and love you forever. 

Comment the number you want most.
What kind of meshes do you want?

1. Nature Meshes - Trees, bushes, rocks, logs, etc.
2. Animal Meshes - Dragons, fish, dogs, birds, etc. [Please specify what you want most, but you don't have to.]
3. Architecture Meshes - Houses, Buildings, arches, etc.
4. Street Meshes - Polls, traffic cones, traffic lights, etc.
5. Transportation  Meshes - Cars, boats, planes. 

Please please please vote. :heart:

I absolutely love each and every one of you who comments, favorites, or even looks at my things. It puts a smile on my face to read your comments and watch the favorites number go up each day. :heart: c: 

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