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All five girls slept soundly in the king size bed as the sun rose. Tucked under the pink sheets was Beth and Brittany on one side of the bed, and Haley and Kelly on the other side. Their new baby Trixie was safely placed in between them.

Trixie had a little trouble falling asleep. She kept trying to get out of bed, but her arms were tied to her side, her feet were covered in thick pink slippers, and the comforter was tightly pulled over her. But eventually, she gave up and finally fell asleep.

Once the first girl woke up, she shook everyone else awake, except for the drowsy Trixie.

"No what do we do?" asked Haley.

"I don't know." said Beth. "She'll be hungry, I know that. We should be prepared to feed her."

"Ya" said Brittany. "And she can't stay in her pajamas. She's going to needs some real clothes."

"What do you think if we move her past the baby stage and move her up to a big girl?"

"I like it!" cheered Beth.

"Me too!" said Haley.

"What did you have in mind Kelly?" asked Brittany.

"Well first of all," she said, looking over Trixie. "I don't like her hair. It's too flat. Too boyish. It needs volume. I'm thinking curlers!"

"Great idea!" Beth left the room to ask her mom if she could borrow her curlers.

"Sure Beth. Is Trixie going to the hair salon?"

"Sort of. We're giving her a big girl makeover, but her hair is boring, so we're fixing it!"

"Well, I can't wait to see how she looks when you're done. Be sure to show her to me when you're finished! Here you go sweetie." she handed Beth her pink curlers."

"Thanks mom!"

Beth got back to the bedroom to find her friends hard at work.

"We decided it would be easiest to work if she was asleep. So we put some earplugs in her ears."

The baby bonnet and slippers were off, and they had already begun to give Trixie a pedicure. First they applied an undercoat for a clean shine. Then they put on hot pink nail polish. And finally, another clear coat to really make it sparkle. Then they did the same for her hand nails. Beth put the curlers in her hair and started getting a big girl outfit ready. She got a light green top, a mini denim skirt, pink panties, a push up bra, and pink flip flops. She laid it all out on the edge of the bed, ready to be put on.

"Ok! Are we ready to wake her up and finish getting her ready?" asked Beth.

"I think so!" said Brittany. "Lets do it!"

They took out the earplugs and brought her back over to the chair. Two girls grabbed a leg each, while a third carried Trixie's upper half. The fourth girl grabbed two pink fuzzy hand cuffs from the main dresser and set them next to the clothes. They then re-tied Trixie's ankles to the front two chair legs. Kelly took off the night gown, and Haley used make up remover to get the makeup off of Trixie's face. She was just starting to wakeup, and started to squirm again when she realized what was happening.

"She's going to make noise when we take out her pacifier."

"Its ok" said Beth. "Go ahead and take it out." the girls removed the pacifier, and Beth quickly glued Trixie's lips together before she was able to make a sound.

"I don't like that lipstick color. Do you?" Haley asked

"No" said Kelly. "It was good for a baby, but now I think she needs a sparkly light pink!"

Kelly applied the light pink lip gloss to Trixie's lips.

"Now" said Beth "Lets put some proper makeup on her!"

The took off the fake eye lashes and used some black mascara instead. Then they applied foundation, a very light pink blush, and eyeliner.

"She's starting to look a little more presentable! Don't you think ladies?" Beth asked.

"Except for the diaper." said Kelly.

"Ya" said Brittany. "Her make ups done. Lets get her dressed!"

Haley and Kelly each grabbed one of Trixie's arms and held them behind her back. Brittany untied the ankle braces, and Beth got the panties. Brittany then removes the diaper from Trixie and sniffs it.

"Good baby! No pee pee!"

"Now Trixie." asked Beth. "These are big girl panties." she said, holding up the frilly pink lingerie. "Are you sure you can handle it?"

Trixie squirmed some more, and the eyes behind the makeup begged for attention.

"I'll take that as a yes!" she exclaimed.

Brittany lifted up Trixie's legs one at a time and let Beth place the panties around her ankles.

"You ready Trixie? It feels really good."

Beth slowly pulled the panties up Trixie's legs and up into her crotch. Winking at her when she snapped them into place around her waist. She grabbed the push up bra and, with Haley and Kelly's help, slipped Trixie's arms through the straps. She hooked the bra and adjusted the cups. Trixie now had two little perky A cup breasts.

"So cute!" said Brittany.

"But no girl should be seen in her underwear." Beth said as Trixie shivered.

"Are you cold darling? I'm sorry. Lets hurry and get her dressed."

The girls forced Trixie to step into skirt that was lying on the floor, and when she did, they pulled it up to her waist. After the skirt was secured, the girls forced Trixie's arms through the armholes of the green top and pulled it down over her. Trixie continued to make muffled noises.

"I'm hungry!" said Haley.

"Me too." agreed Kelly.

"Lets go get some breakfast" said Beth. "Trixie's curlers need a little more time to finish."

They used a set of the fuzzy pink handcuffs and attached Trixie to the bed while they went to eat breakfast. Trixie tried to get out of it, but they were strong handcuffs, and they weren't budging.

When the girls got back from breakfast, they all got themselves ready to go. Putting on makeup and doing their hair. When they were ready to go, they took the curlers out of Trixie's hair, which now had more volume due to the many fluffy curls. Then they slipped her into her pink flip flops.


"I love it!"

Beth put the handcuffs in her purse and walked Trixie down stairs to show their mom.

"Oh Trixie!" their mother exclaimed. "You look simply wonderful! I love your hair! And what a cute outfit!"

"Tell me Trixie." she continued, putting her hands on her knees and leaning towards her. "Do you enjoy being a girl? Do you wish to remain pretty? Because I'm more than ok with that. You can stay a beautiful girl if you want."

Trixie just looked down at the ground silently.

"I'll take that as a yes!" their mother looked very pleased. "Beth, why don't you take her to the park? I'm sure she'd have fun there. She might even make a few new friends!"

"Good idea mom! Lets go guys!"

The girls took Trixie out to the garage and sat her inside the wagon, and handcuffed each arm to the sides. Then they rolled her over to the playground, where many cute boys were playing.
Trixie gets a makeover from her sister and friends.
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Ash yawned heavily as he wandered the town. He and his friends, Dawn and Brock had stopped off to pick up some supplies, but there was no gym here nor any decent Pokemon trainers. He was bored out of his skull.

As Ash sauntered along the pavement, a bright pink neon light caught his attention. Glancing up, he saw the flashing words: Salon Rockét.

Salon Rockét... that sounded familiar to him somehow. Deciding to check it out and see if there's anything suspicious, Ash opened the door and headed in.

"Ah, this is hopeless..." wailed Jessie, seated in one of the salon chairs. "Who's bright idea was it to use this idea again?"

"We don't have a choice, Jessie." her partner, James, explained. They were both disguised as stylists, both wearing glasses and black shirts. Jessie wore a red skirt and black high heels while James wore red trousers with black shoes. "You know we need money somehow."

Meowth scoffed from his position behind the cash register. "Yeah, but we ain't gettin' any customers. So fat lotta good it's gonna do us."

As if on cue, the three of them heard the bell from their door and immediately stood up straight, the words "a customer!" ringing in their heads. However, the three of them were horrified to see a familiar face and quickly ducked out of sight.

"It's the twerp!" hissed Jessie.

"What're we going to do, he's sure to recognise us!" sobbed James, already crying a river.

"Just keep yer traps shut, and maybe he'll leave..." whispered Meowth.

"Um... hello?" Too focused on arguing, Team Rocket failed to notice Ash had discovered them.

"AAAH!" the trio screamed, jumping away. In there minds, they all thought a collective "busted!"

"Hey... do I know you three?" The three rocketeers blinked. He didn't recognise them? They'd always known he was dense but this...

James was first to act.

"Ah, young man, welcome to Salon Rockét!"

As soon as he said that, Jessie immediately dragged him back over by his ear.

"James, WHAT do you think you're DOING? Get rid of him; he'll realize it's us eventually!"

"Jessie, think about it; he doesn't recognise us. At least not at the minute. Let's take advantage of this..." he grinned evilly as his glasses gained a sinister glint. "Let's show him exactly what we do at Salon Rockét."

Jessie blinked for a moment, before grinning as well. "I get it..."

Ash watched them both giggle creepily from their corner. As if looking for an answer, he looked at Meowth.

"Uh.... Meowth!" shouted the cat Pokemon, leaping back to the cashier desk and curling up on the seat."

"Huh..." muttered Ash. "Guess I was wrong..."

"Oh, good sir!" practically squealed Jessie. "Welcome to Salon Rockét!"

"Wonderful news, young man!" cried an almost-giddy James. "As a prize, I'm proud to announce that you've won a makeover, absolutely free!"

Ash gulped, for some reason images of his adventures in Celadon filling his mind. "Eh... n-no thanks..." he stammered as he inched towards the door; he failed to notice Jessie slink in behind him.

"Oh, but we INSIST!" she shouted, as she booted him in the back onto one of the salon chairs. Meowth, realising his cohorts plans, pressed a button hidden under his desk. Immediately, metal bonds shackled Ash's arms and legs to the chair, preventing him from getting up.

"H-hey! Wh-what is this?" he demanded, struggling futilely against his bonds.

Jessie chuckled as she switched the sign to "CLOSED" and both she and James through off their disguises.

"Prepare for trouble!"
"And make it double!"
"To protect the world from devastation."
"To unite all peoples within our nation."
"To denounce the evils of truth and love."
"To extend our reach to the stars above."
"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meowth, that's right!"

"You're Team Rocket!" shouted Ash.

"Got that right, twerp!" chuckled Meowth. "And this time, we gotcha right where we wantcha!"

"But don't worry, dear," smiled Jessie with false sincerity. "You'll still get that makeover we promised you." Her smiled shifted to menacing. "Whether you like it or not! You humiliated us so many times, well now it's our turn to humiliate you!"

"Ooh, what should we do first, what should we do first!?" asked an excited James, jumping from one foot to another.

"Meowth!" roared Jessie, the same demonic smile on her face. "You know what to do!"

"Gotcha!" the talking cat affirmed as he leapt at their prisoner, rapidly clawing away with Fury Swipes. Ash was unharmed, but the result shredded his clothes, leaving him in nothing but a pair of white briefs.

"Now then..." grinned Jessie as she loomed over her captive. "James, Meowth! Let's start the fun part!"

"Yes ma'am!" they chorused, standing to attention and saluting, as all three of them immediately got to work.

Leaning the chair back so that Ash was now facing the ceiling, Jessie and James both began to apply heavy makeup to the young trainer's face. Lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and a host of other cosmetics that Ash didn't know nor recognise. Meanwhile, he could feel that Meowth had set about giving him a manicure, gluing false nails to each finger and filing them to a point before applying nail polish.

After what felt like hours, the three felons finally finished, and adjusted Ash's seat so he was sitting upright and could see their work. And his eyes widened in horror upon seeing his reflection.

Full, black eyelashes that curled upwards. Pale green eyelids that emphasized his brown eyes. Smooth, flawless cheeks with a cute blush. Full, pink and pouty lips. Looking down at his hands, he saw a bright pink inch-long talon on the end of each finger.

Ash actually looked like a girl! And the worst part was, despite this he was still recognizable to anyone who knew him.

"Aren't you just gorgeous?" Jessie's voice snapped him out of his brief shock. "I'm sure all the boys are gonna LOVE your new look!"

Grinning, she pressed a button on the underside of his seat, releasing him from his bonds. The made-up boy tried to make a break for it, but Jessie and James grabbed him before he could, and the child's struggles were futile against the two twenty-something-year-olds'.

"Time to get you dressed, sweetie!" sang Jessie as she and her partner began to walk their victim through to the back room. "We have some Pikachu panties that'll look just DARLING on you!"

"And I think I have the perfect outfit in mind, too!" grinned James.

"I got an idea!" Meowth chimed in. "How about we get some glue, to make sure da twerp gets to enjoy his new outfit for a looong time!"

"Excellent idea, Meowth!" squealed Jessie. The poor boy was helpless as he was marched into the next room for the final phase of his transformation.


"Where could he be?" sighed Dawn, as she continued to look around. Ash had went out for a walk, but he hadn't returned in two hours, so she and Brock decided to try looking for him. She turned to the former Gym Leader. "She anyth...."

She stopped mid-sentence upon spotting Brock attempting to woo a young woman, just a little distance away.

"Oh, beautiful fair maiden!" he announced, getting stares from everyone around. "You need not fear the cold grip of lonliness anymore! For I, your Rosenkavalier, have arri-URK!" Brock doubled over in pain as his Croagunk removed its poisoned fingers from his stomach.

"Croagunk..." it sighed, shaking its head.

"Sorry about that..." giggled Dawn, as Croagunk dragged its master away. She looked over the young woman. Her outfit consisted of an elegant, pale green dress with plenty of white frills. A wide-brimmed hat of the same colour with a large white bow on one side was pulled down to hide her face, and Dawn could see white high heels peeking out from just under her skirt. The girl was clearly a Lady trainer judging from her outfit, though she did seem a little bit strange. It was the fashion among Ladies to have long blonde hair, but this girl had short, shaggy black hair. Not to mention she had a noticable tan.

Dawn stopped questioning the girl's fashion choice when she noticed that she was nervously trying to inch away.

"Hey, are you okay?" Dawn asked, concerned. The Lady, however, broke into a run to try and get away.

"Hey, wait!" Dawn shouted as she began to chase after her. She didn't have far to go, as the Lady was clearly inexperienced in high heels and tripped, falling very ungracefully to the ground. Her hat flew away in the fall, prompting a "No!" from her, in a very familiar voice.

"H-hey, are you okay?" Dawn asked, as she approached the "Lady" to help her. As soon as she got a good look at "her" face though, she had to take a step back in surprise.


The second in the New Look series.

Ash discovers a beauty salon run by two familiar individuals and their pet Meowth. When he decides to check it out, however, they decide to give him a 'complimentary' makeover.

Out of my four original stories, I personally feel this one's the weakest. I can't quite place my finger on it, but there's something I don't like about it. I feel that Sonic's New Look and the two succeeding this one were much stronger. But either way, what's done is done, though I might remake this one some other time.

Please check out the New Look Series TV Tropes page:…
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Chapter 2 : Ashley, I choose you!

There was a lot of people in the bus; a handful of trainers focusing on their smart pokedex, some older citizens trying to give advice to the young ones ignoring them and a man who kept staring at Ash who was uneasy with sudden shopping trip. The man was easily in his forties, raven black hairs and stubble beard, tall and in good physical shape. Uncomfortable, Ash kept fidgeting with a lock of his wig and blushing. Ash turns over to his mom, but her smile, at the man, was even more disturbing.

She turns over to her son, says sharply "Ashley, this is our stop." and pulled him out of the bus by the wrist. Delia was walking pretty quickly and Ash had trouble to follow the pace. Ash looked behind them and noticed the man had also got off the bus.

The shopping promenade was heavily busy with people. Ash was still trying to walk fast behind his mom, pulled by the wrist, and looking back to see if the man kept following them. In a lapse of attention, Ash tripped, almost losing his wig. Delia turned back hastily and hurried to help him stand up. They both looked around for a moment, but the man was nowhere seen and had disappeared in the crowd.

Ash stood up and his mom took out a brush from her purse and adjusted his wig while he was dusting off his dress. Ash thought they were safe from whatever danger that man was, but Delia was looking really anxious and got startled when Ash called her out.
- Mom?
- I... I'm sorry. You're okay?
- I'm fine.

They have walked for a moment in the crowd, Delia looking around as terrified. Ash tried to get some words from, but she only kept smiling back at him and saying : "Don't worry dear, I'm trying to find us a good store to shop." Her smile vanished away and she pulled her son toward an elegant clothier store. Ash tried to talk to his mom :", I don't think that would...", but she wasn't listening and just kept pulling.

They were almost there and Delia reached for the door handle when someone grabbed it first. They both were surprised, it was the mysterious man. He looked at Ash for a moment and turned over his mom.
- Evening Delia. We need to talk...

Delia simply pushed him away and entered the store pulling Ash inside. The man waited outside for a moment, thoughtful, before he enters the store behind them, but got stopped by the manageress who witness Delia's distress. The man simply moved outside and sat on the bench in front of the store.

Ash just couldn't take his eyes off the man waiting outside as his mom kept stuffing his arms with dresses, blouses ans skirts to try. Clearly, his mom was trying to flee something, and that something stood and walked away after looking at Ash for a moment and smile.

to be continued...
Inspired by tyuiopguy 's fanfiction that is based of my own artwork 'Ashley in the Closet' that is a request of CrossdressPrincess. Original found here : [Ch.2]…

Sorry for the repost of Chapter 1. I first wrote Chapter 2 in same post, but I think I should keep them seperate, for now.

Pokemon Shocking Pink and Baby Blue Chapter 1
Chapter 1 : A New Beginning.
A quiet evening in Kanto region, at the sound of a rumbling washing machine, a single mother is reminiscent of her son's exciting adventures as a Pokemon Master, Delia is looking through the basement window. The sky is bright since the rain has stopped. It's been raining all day, she couldn't hang the clothes outside.
As she fold her son's favorite shirt she remembers when he was traveling the world in search for all Pokemon with his little Pikachu and competing in the leagues. She finishes to fold clothes that was hung in the basement all day, lift the basket and goes upstairs.
As she head to her son's bedroom she notices that it's pretty silent. It's too early for him to go to bed already and he would have told her if he had left. She sneaks a peek in the room, but she does not see him. She moves in and notices a few clothes lying around and the closet door open. Nothing unusual for her
  Pokemon Shocking Pink and Baby Blue Chapter 3
Chapter 3 : Parental Showdown !
The evening was coming to an end. The clothing store was about to close and the manager made sure Delia didn't want assistance from the police before she left with Ashley. The square was still buzzing with activity and yet a growling sound caught Ashley's mom's attention. Delia smiles to Ashley who blushes of embarrassment "We haven't had supper, have we?".
While his mother is listing out loud the closest restaurants, Ash looks around trying to see if the mysterious man had truly left the square when he suddenly got pulled back by a strong arm. Delia turns around shocked "Ashley! Let her go!". The man stood there holding firmly Ash next to him. "Hello Delia. Ashley, is it? It's been quite some time." Ash's mom was shaking nervously in a mixed emotion of fear and anger. Seeing his mom in such distress, Ash escapes his captor and pulls out a pokéball from his purse that he throws.
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Timmy's sister was having a few friends over for a sleepover. He didn't like playing with them though, so he stayed in his room. Timmy was 12 years old, but his sister and her friends were 15. Sometimes they liked to gang up on him, so he tried to stay out of there way.

Later that night, after dinner, Timmy was in his room playing with his trucks. His sister Beth came into his room with Brittany, Haley, and Kelly. The four of them were smiling at Timmy.

"What is it?" asked Timmy, looking up from his toy trucks.

"Oh you're right Beth!" exclaimed Brittany. "He'll be perfect!"

Haley and Kelly agreed, and the four teenage girls advanced on Timmy.

"Whoa! Wait! Hey what ware you doing!?"

Each girl grabbed one of Timmy's limbs, and they made their way down the hallway to Beth's room. Once they got inside, things happened very fast. The girls dropped him on the bed and went in different directions, each hurriedly getting ready. Beth locked the door while Brittany set up a chair in the middle of the room. Haley grabbed a diaper and pink slippers, and Kelly got a pink night gown out of the closet. Beth and Brittany stripped Timmy of his clothes, even his underwear.

"What are you guys doing!"

Then they laid him back down on the bed on top of the diaper that Haley placed there. They attached the diaper and slipped the pink slippers onto Timmy's feet.

"Hey! I don't need a diaper! Take it off!"

Then they pinned Timmy's arms to his side and wrapped rope horizontally around his waist and wrists. They tied it tight, so Timmy couldn't move his arms.

"Ugh! Stop it you guys!"

The girls then took the pink night gown and pulled it over Timmy's head. His hands were tied to his sides, so it looked like he had no arms. The girls sat him down in the chair and tied his ankles to the front two chair legs. Timmy continued to struggle.

"Stop tying me up! its not funny!"

"Now for some makeup!" said Kelly, approaching Timmy with an assortment of goos and powders.

First the girls put deep red lipstick on Timmy's lips.

"I don't need lipstick! Let me go!"

"Ugh" said Brittany. "Beth can you keep him quiet?"

"Here you go little Timmy." Beth glued a pink pacifier onto his lips, preventing any noise from coming out.

After his lips are full and luscious, they apply hefty amounts of blue eyeshadow to Timmy's quiet green eyes. False eyelashes are also put on. Finally, a pink baby bonnet is placed daintily on top of Timmy's head. He looked like a mix between a cute baby girl and a sexy stripper. When the girls were done and stepped back to admire their work, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in!"

Beth's mother opened the door and stepped inside.

"Have you girls seen Timmy anywhere? He's not in his room."

"Ohh! Do you mean Trixie mom? She's right here!" The girls displayed their creation.

"Oh ha ha." she chuckled when she realized what Beth and her friends had done. "She's very pretty ladies. But she can't stay like that."

"Aw mom, why not!?"

"What if she gets hungry? Or thirsty?"

"Its ok mom! We got it covered! See? We have some baby carrots and a few bottles of milk, just in case!" she said, pointing to a dresser-top full of numerous baby items.

"Well what if your baby has to go to the bathroom?"

"We took care of that too! See?" she lifted up Trixie's night gown and pointed to the diaper.

"Oh…I see." Beth's mom looked taken aback. "Well. It looks like you girls do have everything covered! I'll see you in the morning!" she started to close the door. "Oh and Trixie?"

Trixie struggled in the chair, trying to get her mother to save her.

"You look very pretty." she blew a kiss to Trixie, and closed the door.

I have an idea for a sequel to this story. I would just make another short story but I would use the same characters and pick up from where this one left off. Do you guys want me to? Or should I let it be?
A young boy gets involved in a super fun slumber party.
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Phil and Jenny are brother and sister, their parents were planning on going away for the weekend leaving them both at home. Jenny is 18 and was left in charge being 3 years older than her brother. Because Jenny didn't want to be bored she had arranged to have a sleepover with her friends.

Saturday morning their parents left and won't return until the next day. As the door shut both Phil and Jenny kept to themselves, Phil stayed in his room chatting with friends and playing on his xbox. Jenny took over the living room preparing for her sleepover.

It wasn't until around 7:00 when girls for the sleepover started arriving. Phil didn't take much notice but he was surprised how many times he heard the doorbell ring it must of been atleast ten times. The noise coming from downstairs was almost unbearable, it was constant laughing and Justin Beiber music overpowering his TV. Phil turned up his TV until he couldn't hear it anymore. After 10 minutes or so the noise from downstairs went silent, Phil soon began to hear giggling coming from right outside his door.

Slowly the door began to open, Phil didn't notice as he sat watching TV. 4 girls entered the room and began sneaking up behind him. Suddenly each girl grabbed a limb and dragged him downstairs. Despite Phils best efforts the girls had overpowered him and easily managed to take him downstairs. Inside the living room there was atleast 15 girls, they were all stood waiting for Phil to come down. Phil was placed in the centre of the room surrounded by a sea of girls. Jenny was stood in front of Phil, "Me and the girls have been thinking. We feel abit sorry for you sat up in your room as we are down here having fun. So we've decided make you a part of our sleepover!". "But I don't want to join your sleepover" replied Phil. "I wasn't asking you, I was telling you!" Snapped Jenny. Phil couldn't believe what he was hearing he didn't know what to say. "So if you going to be in our sleepover whats the first thing you notice between us and you? That's right we're all wearing nighties!" As that was said one of the girls held up a pink fairy nightie, it looked like something you'd expect a 5 year old girl to wear. Phil tried to run but the girls quickly tackled him and took him to the ground. He was stripped of all of his clothes by the girls and they slipped the nightie over his head along with a matching pair of panties.

He was carried to a chair and was tied in place. "That nightie looks great on you! It's age 10-11 but you've got such a thin girly body it fits perfectly". "Let me go!" Phil shouted. "Shhhhh it's okay princess you might as well enjoy it, because your gonna be a part of this sleepover if you want to or not." Phil tried to struggle but couldn't move. "When mum and dad left they told me to make sure you get a hair cut so we'll give you a new style that's much more you. Rachel is learning to be a hairdresser so she'll be giving you a new look". Phil had long brown shoulder length hair. After 15 minutes of cutting and styling Rachel had given him a classic bob with bangs, Jenny got a pink bow and put it in his hair. "Before we show you your new haircut we'll give you a makeover first!". Phil cringed as he felt his face being made up, he knew there was nothing he could do about it as the girls got to work. As makeup was being applied some girls started painting his nails bright pink.

Eventually the girls stepped back to admire their work. "I think we've done a great job, she looks great!" Jenny got a mirror and showed Phil their creation. Phil looked in shock as he saw himself in the mirror, he looked completely feminine and girly. He had bright pink lipstick and rosey red cheeks, he couldn't believe his eyes.
Fictional story about a sleepover. Any suggestions for part 2?
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(Author's note: I am writing this at the age of 27, on Monday 26th March, 2018. While it might seem to be a far-fetched account, what you read is true. Everything happened. While I try to write an unbiased entry of my life, some of what I have written might sound biased. I shall leave you, the reader, to make up your own mind.)


It started when I was eleven years old, my fascination for girl's clothing and crossdressing that is. I remember watching my older sister Katie walk around in skirts, dresses, blouses, all clothing that was infinitely better than anything I wore. It looked nicer, and when I hugged Katie, her clothes felt nicer against my skin, a lot nicer. There were times when I was left on my own in the house; my parents were either at work or out for the afternoon, and my sister was visiting her friends. I had freedom of the house, and since my fascination started, I had only wanted to do one thing: try on my sister's clothing.

Many would have found it weird, an eleven year old boy wanting to try on girls clothing. I didn't really care at the time, I didn't know what kind of effects it would have on my future. At the time, when life seemed simple, I only saw it to be innocent curiosity that drove me to try on my sister's clothes. I didn't have any idea about the culture that followed it, I didn't know that men and women dressed in clothing of the opposite gender as a lifestyle choice, I would find that out much later in my life.
When I entered my sister's room, I had an idea of what it would be like. Pink, filled with girly things ranging from dolls to make up to posters of boy bands and actors. I was definitely mistaken. At the time my sister was sixteen and going through her GCSE's. Her room was painted a cream colour, very few posters decorated the walls, shelves were filled with books and not dolls, and she had a large wardrobe up against the wall. That was my first port of call. I opened it up, and was stunned to see everything hanging up so neatly. My sister was a bit of a neat freak, everything was out of place, and it was rumoured that she could see from first glance whether or not something was out of place. I always believed that Katie had some sort of second sight for these things. It was proved right when I was first caught by her. Coincidently, it was also the same day I started trying on girl's clothing.

When my parents and Katie had gone out, leaving me alone, I went into her room, and opened up Katie's wardrobe. I was instantly drawn to the dresses. She had a ankle length purple dress with straps. Now on Katie, it would have went down to her ankles, but when I tried it on, it went down to the floor, and even bunched up leaving a small tail of fabric. It didn't matter to me at the time; I simply stripped to my underwear and slipped the dress on over me. It didn't even need to unbutton the back of the dress. I looked at myself in the mirror that was placed on the inside of the door. My green eyes staring at the figure in the oversized dress. I felt the satin against my skin, and I liked it. I still looked like a little boy trying on adult clothes though, I had short brown hair back then, my parents choosing my hair cuts and how I looked for my time at school.
I was going to take the dress and hang it back up to try on another item of my sister's clothing when I heard the door open. Someone stepped inside, and I was unaware who it was until I Katie shout up to me.

"Rain! I'm home." she called out to me.

I guess you are wondering about my name. Yes, I am called Rain. My full name is Rain Alexander Edmonds. My sister is Katie Elizabeth Edmonds and my mother and father are called Rebecca and John Edmonds respectively. I don't know why my parents named me Rain, it wasn't to do with the weather, I was born on Saturday October 20th, 1990, and according to my parents and sister it was a sweltering hot day so how Rain came into the conversation is a mystery.

Anyway, back to the story.

When I found that my sister returned; the first thing that went through my mind was a close resemblance of the words "oh crap" ran through my mind. I still hadn't changed out of Katie's dress and my clothes were strewn over the floor. I was going to be found and instantly my mind told me to hide. I immediately jumped into the wardrobe, and closed the door behind me.
I remember that exact feeling when I was hiding from my sister. My heart was pounding, it felt like it was going to burst from my chest in a similar style to the Alien Quadrilogy. It would have solved some problems though, first off I would have been dead, and I wouldn't have to face my sister's wrath when she found I had tried on her clothes. She probably would have tried to resurrect my body and then kill me all over again for it.

"Rain, where are you?" I could hear Katie from outside the room, and I hoped she would think I was somewhere else. This was the moment I found my sister really did have a second sight. I overheard her muttering that she had shut the door to the bedroom before she left, and I foolishly left it open. She knew I would be in her room, and the fact that my clothes were left out for all to see didn't help that. "Come on Rain, I know you are in here. If you don't come out until the count of five then I will be forced to tell mum and dad." she stated with a calm and methodical voice. Katie didn't raise her tone, she didn't have to.

Knowing that Katie would tell our parents that I had been hiding in her room was really the only contributing factor of actually giving myself up. That and if I had continued to hide in her wardrobe, any chance of denying it would be useless considering I had left my clothes out. She started counting down, and I knew it was now or face the wrath of my parents. They would never have understood it back then, but it was likely that they had taken it down to a phase in growing up. The old 'curiosity killed the cat' saying. They would have forgotten it, and just told me never to do it again. I didn't even know how my sister would have reacted, but it didn't matter. I had to come clean and so, I pushed open the door to the wardrobe, and shuffled out into plain sight of my sister.

For a moment Katie was quiet, she just stared at me. I was expecting her to start shouting and screaming at me, ordering me out of the dress and to get changed.

I was definitely wrong.

Katie hugged me. She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around me, a smile was on her face. I was dumbfounded, awestruck, amazed that I wasn't deaf from the screaming and shouting that I had originally expected. She in fact explained to me that she had really wanted a little sister instead of a brother. I didn't understand it at the time, but if I did fully take into account the words back then I might have been offended, but I knew she still loved me. Katie told me she was happy having a little brother, and when she saw me wear her dress, she actually liked it. Sure she was a bit annoyed that I tried her dress on without asking, but she didn't let it overshadow the clear fact we had just come closer together. I explained to her my reasons, why I was wearing her dress and hiding from her. The fact that I liked the look and feel of girl's clothing, and was curious to try something on. Katie asked me if I liked it, and I said yes. I truly did like wearing Katie's dress, and I told her that I wanted to try more clothes on.

What she did next definitely surprised me. She took the dress off me and hung it up, instructing me to get changed into my previous clothes. When I was finished, Katie told me to follow her down to the basement. Now at the time when I was eleven years old, I had in fact been scared of the basement. My grandfather told me stories of monsters in the basement, and I'm ashamed to say that I believed him to that point.
It turned out that our parents had kept boxes of old clothes going back the years. Every outfit of value and importance was sitting in the cases. My first football kit. Katie's first ballet outfit. Both mine and Katie's school uniforms from school. Our parents had the odd habit of sorting things out into boxes with the ages written on, and it actually helped Katie with what she was doing. My sister brought out a box of clothes from when she was eleven years old. That was a great year, apparently. My aunt and uncle got married, Katie finished primary school, she performed the lead role in a ballet recital of Swan Lake, and there was the first family vacation, a cruise to the Mediterranean.
The outfits were going to be for me. Katie explained to me that she had always wanted a younger sister so that she could have someone to practice giving make-overs, and dressing up. Now that she had found out I wanted to wear girl's clothing more, she explained to me that she was going to dress me up, and give me the make-overs she had wanted to give to a little sister. I was filling the shoes of being Katie's younger sister, even if it was only at random dates and times. It would only happen when the parents were out. We would have started that day, but unfortunately our parents had returned earlier than expected. It didn't matter to me, or to Katie though. It was the start of something new, a fun new experience that would bring us closer together as siblings.


The first time we had together was the following weekend. Our parents had been invited for a ball in London. Katie had managed to talk them into allowing her to stay and look after me, without the help of our grandparents. During the week, Katie was only at school for half of each day and had a day off on the Thursday. During that time she went shopping, and she purchased a wig, along with a few essential supplies. The Saturday that my parents left, we got started. I found out about the wig, it was a blonde wig in the style of a pixie cut.
At first I was nervous of what was going to happen to me. The first chance to dress up had been going through my mind, it caused me to loose track of my school work at some points during lessons. My parents weren't too pleased about it, but they just told me to pay attention at school. No one asked why I was distracted, something I was pleased to have avoided, but I could have easily used any excuse to get out of that. Luckily, the weekend came by quite quickly though, and soon, the Saturday my parents left for London came around, and Katie and I were left alone.
I thought we were going to start with what Katie called a 'dressing up session' straight away, but my sister had other ideas first. She told me to wait upstairs, and so I did. I sat for an hour playing computer games, at the same time I was getting anxious, I couldn't wait to try on the clothes, and when the time came, Katie called me down to the basement.

Katie had been busy; she moved things around, creating two separate areas. The first area consisted of an old vanity table that had taken Katie a great deal of time to move out, and to fix the vanity mirror back on. It was made of white wood, and it had sat in their parents bedroom before they replaced it with the current vanity mirror.
On top of that was numerous articles of make up ranging from false nails to false lashes, along with lipstick, mascara, eye liner pencils and eye shadow sets. Various blush colours were ready, and the contributing brushes. Numerous foundation tubs were waiting with cotton wall pads. Next to the mirror, was a bust of some persons head made from marble. According to Katie it was a very expensive piece in which they had to be careful. (Little did we realise that three years later, my dad would only go and break it while taking it to be appraised and possibly sold on.)
The second area was for dressing up. A clothing rack of all the outfits I would be trying on had been set up, with a dressing screen and a basket to put the clothing I had been wearing at the time. Nothing was spared, Katie had thought of everything for what they were going to do. She had prepared bottles of water and glasses, a few biscuits and some snacks, she had even brought the phone down into the basement so that if their parents phoned like they said they would, then  we wouldn't raise suspicion by being late to answer. (Our parents once scolded my aunt and uncle for not answering the phone by a certain time when they looked after me and Katie. It was purely because of the fact we had been sat out in the garden enjoying the sun.)

"What do you think?" Katie asked as she watched me walk on towards the vanity table, and then walk onto the rack of clothing that she had laid out. Katie had brought her bridesmaid dress out, the white gown with the green sash wrapped around the waist, tied in a bow behind, and the puffed sleeves. A pair of green flats had been brought to wear with them.
A pink gown with a darker pink sash, a dark pink rose attached to the front of the bodice and two strips of satin to wrap around the arms was hanging behind it. That had been Katie's gown when they went on the cruise.
Her school uniform: A red pleated skirt, white long sleeve blouse, knee high socks and a bow tie. (my sister went to an all girl's school that gave her more ideas than just being a make-up artist, but we'll get to that later.) Sitting at the bottom of the rack of clothes were a pair of black loathers that she wore. Quite cute, if I do say so myself. Slip ons with a bow at the front of both shoes.
The next outfit was a costume that Katie had purchased during the week of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. There wasn't another outfit hanging on the rack after the Belle costume, but according to Katie she was going to try and dig some more out for me, just to give an experience of wearing clothes other than those of a formal nature.
I was both happy and nervous by that fact. I would have been happy with just trying on the outfits Katie had prepared before hand. I knew what was coming, but hearing the prospect of something new being prepared gave me a small feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. I didn't know what to expect. Still, whatever was going to happen was happening because I wanted it to. My sister didn't have to force me, she didn't have to use blackmail or threaten to tell the parents.

The first part of the dressing up session was Katie sitting me down on the chair and getting to work. Katie worked on the foundation, covering my face and correcting the tone of my skin. Katie certainly was an expert at giving make overs. While she worked, Katie explained to me that she had volunteered to help out at her school during the past year with the drama department, helping out with the make-overs for every actress that was performing. Of course it was kept under wraps because of our parents, but I'm thankful that Katie actually kept up her make-up practice.

After about forty-five minutes of working on my make-up, I found myself looking like a little girl which I was stunned to see. I looked in the mirror and from that point on I was known as Rin (again, it's a strange name, I know. My sister liked to read fantasy novels, she still does.) and I was Katie's younger sister.
The next task for us both was to get me dressed. My sister took me behind the dressing screen where she... well I won't go into detail. You probably get the idea of what happened. I emerged moments later in white girl's underwear and a pink dressing gown. While I sat down and had a biscuit, Katie went on and prepared the first outfit. I was dressed up as Belle. Now that was a weird outfit.
Petticoats on first, all three of them. I could never understand how women could wear those things. The gown afterwards was made of satin, and actually quite comfortable against my own body. I was surprised it fitted me. While I was being dressed, my sister explained that she purchased the outfit for a twelve year old. It would be a better fit on me than that of an outfit for an eleven year old. I didn't understand it back then, but as time went on I came to understand that every outfit was different in terms of the body shape. The body structure between men and women are different, and so that while costumes will be the same age, the shape of the female outfit will not always fit the male body. (God I hope that made sense.)
The outfit had everything; the gloves, the shoes, even a wig, though we kept that off as it looked completely ridiculous. I wouldn't have looked like Belle. This wig was short, curled with ribbons in the hair and unfortunately very irritating. (Looking back on it, I think the wig was styled after the hair styles of Southern Belles of America and not Belle from Disney movie.)

That afternoon, I relaxed and took the weight of keeping my crossdressing secret off of my shoulders. I was happy, thankful that Katie was there with me, talking me through the stages of getting dressed up, the fabrics used to create every outfit and what they meant to me. Katie explained everything.
Amazingly, I was expecting something a little stranger and longer, but Katie dressed me in every outfit, explained what it included, and why they were being used and what for. A lot of it I had a vague idea, I remembered the cruise and what my sister had worn was for the formal evening dinners. That was just one of the gowns she wore, and as much as she looked, Katie couldn't find the other two evening dresses she wore, which, in all honesty wasn't much of a problem. I had tried on numerous clothes at that point and there were other times in the future that Katie and I did similar activities.
That weekend, I was stunned to be offered £50 to be dressed in whatever my sister dressed me in, and while I was expecting something very feminine and scary, it wasn't too bad. During the rest of the afternoon and the evening, I was dressed in something similar to my sister's old school uniform. A pink knee length skirt, white socks, pink trainers, a white long sleeve blouse and a denim waistcoat. That was before dinner, in which I was dressed in the bridesmaid dress that I had tried on a few hours before, and I slept in a set of baby blue footsie pyjamas. Amazing, one evening, a night and a morning of being dressed up by my sister and I earned £50 from it. I didn't tell anyone about it until I was seventeen years old and part of a college LGBT group. It was discussed between myself and my friends.

The next morning, we found our parents wouldn't be back until later that evening, so it gave Katie enough time to set everything right. She cleared all of the make-up, and I helped with clearing up the basement, even while wearing my sister's chosen outfit. We got through the clean up, and I was back into my original jogging bottoms and t shirt by 4 that afternoon. Our parents returned an hour later, and they were none the wiser.


That was my first experience in girl's clothing, and it happened more and more, every time my parents were out, when they went out for an evening, when they went on holiday or to a friend's party out of the city that they chose to stay at a local hotel. Katie always managed to talk my parents into letting us stay to keep an eye on me, and every time we dressed up. Over the months the costumes became different, from various Disney princesses, to more formal dresses that Katie had managed to rent from the costume shop that was a short distance away from where we lived. Katie and I had never been closer with the experience we shared. She got the chance to practice her make-up and I was able to dress up.

I thought it would have been a simple phase that every person went through. They develop a curiosity towards something. I had friends that took up smoking in secondary school, drinking, some had even taken drugs and ended up in prison (Okay so that last example might not be the clearest, but you get the idea, people change, and those that did end up in prison didn't re-offend... as far as I'm aware). Little did I realise that crossdressing was going to be a major part of my life, and it would change everything.
Well, the first part of my three part crossdressing story, and my first attempt at writing in the first person point of view. I'm hoping it has gone well, and I guess only the readers can tell me that. Anyway, this is an account of a fictional character that shares a few similarities.

This is a story, with an idea of how I wished my life could have been. I won't deny, I often wish I had an older sister. In this story, there are some elements that link me with the character of Rain, but for the most part this is an entirely fictitious portrayal of my life.

I hope you enjoy it, and remember, comments are always appreciated.
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    The girls huddled together and spoke to each other in quick whispers. "Well, before we can do that, we have to get her ready." The oldest girl said. Once again, they all scattered. When they came back, they had all sorts of stuff in their hands. One girl began to brush through the blonde wig with a brush, making sure it was all straight and acceptable, but my focus on that was lost when I felt a piece of duct tape on my leg, and then get ripped off.
    "MMMMPHH!" I screamed. Al the girls joined in, grabbing pieces of duct tape, attaching them to my skin, and ripping off every piece of hair. I tried to swing my legs or something to get them to stop, but they continued to rip off all of my body hair, all the way up to my neck. "There, no more icky boy hair." The other girls agreed.
    "Mom and dad will be home tomorrow, so we have work to do." The girls scrambled off a third time, but this time they didn't come back with anything. I heard random sounds from upstairs, but that is about it.
    It seemed like they worked on who-knows-what all night long, and finally I heard them come down the stairs, and they were holding a giant doll box. "We have to put the doll away now, so we can play with it another time." The oldest of the three said. They set the box down and they advanced on me.
    Once again, they popped me out of the highchair, and I landed face-down on the floor again, still tied by my arms and legs. I struggled on my stomach, and I almost made it to the stairs, but not fast enough. They tackled me, and no matter how hard I fought, they opened up the large door in the front of the doll box, and forced me into it. Two of the girls kept me upright against the back of the box, while the other girl started tying twisty ties around my arms and legs from the back, and once the first few ties were on, the girls cut the ropes around my arms and legs.
    Finally, all the twisty ties were around my body, and I couldn't budge a muscle. When they shut the plastic door, there was actually a mirror directly in front of my face, and on the sides of the box are holders for a bunch of things.
    "We have been planning this out for weeks, so we have everything planned for." The 7 year old girl said. "There is a small door back here for changing your diapers and for whatever else is needed." She then smiled. "So unless we take you out to play with you, this is your new home."
    I tried one last time to struggle against the twisty ties, but it was no use. The girls all grabbed the box and dragged me into one of their rooms, and into the closet behind all the clothes. I tried to shake my head at least, but the twisty tie around my neck didn't allow me to move my head.
    "See you later." One of the girls said, and the door to the closet was shut.

To be continued.
Part 2!
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School was over and it was the summer holidays for 6 weeks. Both of my parents we're going away on holiday by themselves leaving me behind. They had arranged for me to stay with my a friend of my mums for the week. My bags were packed and we set off to her house. It was a 30 minute drive before we arrived at the house, I got out of the door and waved goodbye to my parents as they drove off to begin their holiday.

The very second I saw the car turn around the corner I realised that I left my bag containing all my belongings in the car. I'd of called them to turn around but my phone was also in the bag along with all of my clothes leaving me with nothing but the clothes on my back. I walked upto the door and knocked on. I was greeted by a fairly tall woman in her mid 40's. "Hey I'm Louise you must be Philip". "Yes, it's Phil by the way" I replied. "Well Philip sounds better to me" she responded sharply. And with that I was taken into the house. "This is where you will be staying". I opened the door and the first thing that hit me was the bright pink wallpaper, the bed was also pink with a Disney princess bed sheet. "I know this is a girls room but I'm sure you'll grow to love it, I'll leave you alone to unpack". I stopped her there and told her about me leaving my bags in the car. "Don't worry about it I'm sure we have some clothes that'll fit you perfectly".

And with that she left the room closing the door behind her. Put took my coat off and stood in the centre of the room bemused by what I had to use for the next 7 days. After a few minutes Louise returned knocking on the door as she entered. "I just thought I'd bring you a drink and some snacks" just as that was said she tripped on my coat and spilt the tray of food all down me. "I'm so sorry Philip, you really shouldn't leave things lying around the house like that. Go and get a shower down the hall". I took my messy clothes off and put them in the corner as I ran the shower, as I was having a shower the only shampoo that was there was in a pink and white bottle and smelt off flowers. It was the only thing there and I had no choice but to use it.

I had fairly long hair, just over shoulder length. I stepped out of the shower and dryer myself off, I wrapped the towel around myself and walked back to my room. I was greeted by Louise half way down the corridor, "It's a shame that you left you bag behind, but there are plenty of clothes for you to choose from in your closet. Come down when your ready, I'm sure you'll look beautiful". She walked by and took my dirty clothes with her.

I walked into my room closing the door behind me, I walked towards the closet to find a full rack of frilly girly dresses. Each dress more feminine than the last, I searched through the dresses trying to find anything remotely boyish for me to wear. I sat on the bed for a while pondering what to do next, I had no other option but the idea of wearing anything even remotely girly felt like hell. After sometime I finally decided to wear something as I began to get cold. I stared into the closet with no idea what to wear, I found that the best way to pick was a to shut my eyes and just grab one at random. I reached out for one and held it out in front of me. I opened my eyes to see a pink dress and white matching cardigan. I opened the draw and looked through all the panties, I figured that I should go for one that would match the dress so I picked a pink pair with a white bow in the centre. I slid them up my legs they felt very soft and strange to wear, I saw a glance of myself in the mirror and felt very embarrassed. To try hide my shame I quickly put on a pair of knee high white socks, I slid the dress over my head adding the cardigan to complete the look. I noticed a pair of ballet style shoes that went almost perfectly with the outfit, they were pick with white bows on the tip of the toe. I slid them on and stood in front of the mirror staring at myself. From my feet right up to my neck it looked just like I was the girliest of girls. The shampoo I washed my hair with made my hair smooth and straight in quite a feminine style. My face looked just as any normal 14 year old boys would, I looked so pathetic.

School is over and your parents are going away, for the week your to stay with Louise (A friend of your mothers). Unfortunately as you arrive at Louise's house you realise you've left your bags, leaving you with nothing but the clothes on your back......

Part 2 - [link]
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~Ring ring! Ring ring!~

Sonic groaned as he sat up on the couch, the loud ringing of his telephone waking him from his afternoon nap. Didn't people realise that saving the world was hard work? He thought he deserved a little relaxation after all these years!

Sighing, the Blue Blur leaned over and picked up the receiver, holding it to his ear. "Hello?" he asked irritably, rubbing at his eyes.

"Hello there, blue boy."

Sonic nearly dropped the phone, snapped out of his grogginess by Rouge's voice. It had been two months since the little "incident" at Rouge's home, and it didn't seem like Rouge had spoken about it... but at every opportunity she made a small, seemingly-innocent comment that let Sonic know she remembered it. Such as offering to take him lingerie shopping with her and Amy, or asking if he wanted to try on her new high heels.

"What do you want, Rouge?" Sonic asked coldly, electing a giggle from the treasure huntress.

"Oh, Sonic, is that anyway to talk to an old friend? My mother always did say when you lend someone your outfit, you're friends for life!" she laughed. Sonic sighed and pinched between his eyes.


"Oh, fine." she giggled, Sonic almost able to hear her rolling her eyes. "I need to ask a favour. An act at my club got canceled, so I need someone to fill in."

"Not interested." Sonic stated almost immediately, preparing to slam the phone down.

"Oh, I think you should be! Considering the footage I have of you..."

The colour drained from the hedgehog's cheeks. "F... f... footage?"

"Why yes, darling! What, did you think a jewel collector like myself WOULDN'T have some sort of security camera?"

Sonic went silent, so Rouge continued. "Oh, and the pictures I printed off with it. You relaxing in a bubble bath, you checking out yourself in the mirror, you at my vanity... and of course, the completely made over you striking a sexy pose! Why, if anyone say these pictures I doubt ANYONE would believe you had been forced into it!"

Sonic found himself swallowing hard as he realised the predicament he was in. Letting out another sigh, he hung his head in defeat.

"I'll be right over."

Thirty seconds later (slow for Sonic, Rouge noted) there was a knock at Rouge's door. Answering it, she grinned at Sonic's glum expression.

"Sonic, darling, so glad you could make it! Come in, come in!" she giggled, standing aside and letting him in. Stepping inside, he grimaced as he noticed the pictures she had been threatening him with on her table, proving it wasn't a bluff. The white bat giggled and sashayed over to the table, picking them up.

"Don't you look sexy in them, Sonic? I especially love this one!" she grinned, holding up a pic of Sonic, fully dressed in her clothes, with one hand on his head, one hand on his hip, and a sexy smile on his face.

"What do you want from me, Rouge?" Sonic demanded with a sigh, cutting straight to the chase. Rouge pouted as she slipped the photos into a brown envelope.

"You're no fun... anyway, as I mentioned, I need you to fill in for an act tonight at Club Rouge."

"Doing WHAT?" he asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Singing." she stated plainly. "Just singing."

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "I... uh... oh. That doesn't actually sound so bad."

Rouge's pink lips spread into a grin, showing her fangs. "So you'll do it?"

"Sure, I guess. I'll do it!" Sonic smiled and gave a thumbs up.

"Wonderful!" Rouge giggled happily. She stepped forward, planting a kiss on Sonic's cheek... followed by a rag pressed over his nose and mouth.

"Mmph!? Mmoumph...!!" Sonic cried, as he inhaled the chemicals it was soaked in and slowly dozed off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sometime later, Sonic's eyes slowly opened. The last thing he remembered was Rouge pressing a rag to his face, and then darkness. What was wrong with that woman? He already said yes, she didn't need to drug him...

An irritated sigh escaped his lips as he looked around. He seemed to be lying on a bed, in a pretty plain looking room. There was a door, a bedside cabinet, a closet and a vanity table, the mirror of which was heart-shaped and decorated with lights. This seemed a little plain to be Rouge's bedroom... where was he, he thought to himself as he sat up...

...and immediately felt weight on his chest. A VERY FAMILIAR weight on his chest. Swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat, Sonic slowly looked down at himself, and his fears were confirmed.

Immediately, the blue blur jumped off the bed, and stumbled almost immediately from the shoes on his feet. He caught himself on the edge of the vanity table, looking at himself in the mirror. And screamed.

The first thing that caught his attention: breasts. Once again, a pair of huge false boobs had been adhered to his chest. All the atrocious memories of his encounter in Rouge's home came rushing back to him as he stared at them, and that caused him to notice two major things: one, that these falsies were not covered in any form of bronzer or makeup or anything. Instead, their shiny, obvious fake colour was revealed, contrasting with his own furless chest. If anyone saw them, it would be obvious they were fake. And two, they were bigger than the ones Rouge's machine forced onto him. MUCH bigger.

However, that was only the tip of the iceberg. His regular gloves and shoes were gone; instead, his arms were coated in white silk up past his elbows, the opera gloves very nearly reaching his shoulders, with tight gold bracelets around his wrists that reminded him of a certain pink hedgehog. Instead of his usual sneakers, his feet were adorned by a pair of hot pink pumps with pointed toes and tall stiletto heels. Climbing up his legs from the shoes were a pair of similarly hot pink fishnet stockings which stood out against his bright blue fur.

And that led to the next part of the nightmarish ensemble; he was wearing a dress. At least last time he was wearing pants due to Rouge's jumpsuit, but this time he was garbed in a tight strapless minidress (hot pink, naturally) that he could barely move his legs in. The skirt was so short that the tops of his stockings were visible, and the bodice, rather than completely covering his false bust line, cupped it and pushed it up, making them seem even bigger.

That was just his clothing. In the mirror, he saw his eyelids had been painted the same pink as he rest of his outfit, giving them a feminine shine, and long black eyelashes extended out from them. His ears had been pierced, and a pair of golden hoop earrings inserted into the holes. Finally, around his neck was a choker that was as bright and pink as the rest of the outfit, with glittery silver sequins that spelled out the word "Sonique" in a cursive font. She had left his quills alone this time, but Sonic wasn't certain if he should be thankful for that; between his spiky quills, blue fur and obviously fake boobs, it was painfully clear to anyone who he really was.

"Well, well..." the sultry tone of a certain bat came from the doorway, attracted by Sonic's scream. "It seems someone discovered her new look..."

"Rouge!" the pink-clad hedgehog yelled. "What have you done to me!?"

"Why, I simply got you ready for your big debut tonight, darling! You DID say you would fill in at my club..."

"Yeah, as a singer! You never said anything about... about THIS!"

Rouge smirked and strutted over, her hands on her hips. "Oh, darling, don't you get it? The act I needed filled..." She leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "...was the drag act."

Sonic's eyes went wide and his mouth hung open. So that was why she went to all the trouble to make him so stomach-wrenchingly feminine, but made sure he was just masculine enough to be recognized. Rouge immediately burst into laughter.

"Oh, Sonique, darling, you had better not let the boys see you with your mouth like that! They might get the wrong idea!"

'Sonique' clamped his mouth shut and let a low growl emanate from his through. "My name is Sonic, and you damn well know it!" he yelled, stamping his foot in anger. Unfortunately, his high heeled shoes just resulted into a loud click against the floor and made his false breasts bounce, taking away any intimidation the motion might have had and just made him look like a spoilt primadonna.

"Uh huh, whatever, hun." Rouge smirked, rolling her eyes. "Anyway, you're on stage in two minutes."

"Two minutes?" Sonic scoffed. "Well, shot yourself in the foot there. How do you expect me to learn any lyrics or anything in two minutes?"

Rouge just grinned devilishly. "Oh, don't worry about that... being a secret agent has it's perks..." she chuckled and ran a finger over his choker. "Like all the advanced tech you can steal if you're careful. Now..."

She whipped out a small remote and pressed a button on it, causing Sonic to suddenly stand up straight. He tried to demand what she was doing, but his mouth refused to move. Rouge grinned as she draped a white feather boa around Sonic's shoulders.

"...time for your big debut!" she laughed, as Sonic began walking out of the room against his will. Whereas beforehand he could barely stand in the stilettos on his feet, he suddenly found himself walking in them without a problem. He tried to scream for help, but whatever Rouge  done to him made him unable to even speak to the stagehands he passed, a couple of them predictably chuckling at the sight of him.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen..." he heard Rouge's voice announce over the speakers, as one of the stagehands handed him a microphone, same hot pink as his outfit. "...please put your hands together and welcome on-stage: Miss Sonique Le Herrison!"

Sonic tried desperately to will his legs to move as the curtain raised, but again they remained still as his face formed a wide smile. Finally his legs began to move, but instead of fleeing as he had hoped he instead began to walk forward, his heels clicking on the stage and his hips swaying with every step. The entire crowd was silent as they took in the image of Sonic the Hedgehog, dressed in something that even Amy and Rouge were too butch to be seen in.

The silence didn't last, as familiar music began to play from the speakers, and Sonic raised his microphone up to his lips.

"Ah, ah, fire, fire..." he sang softly as he leaned forward slightly, almost as if trying to show off his faux bust. His free hand began to run down his hip, as he cocked it out seductively. "Ah, ah, fire, fire..."

Seeing that he was being serious now, the crowd immediately reacted with a combination of laughing, applauding, cheering, jeering and whistling. A few of them got their phones and cameras out to record his performance. "Ah, ah, fire, fire..." he continued to sign, as he began to strut across the stage. That's right, strut, his hips swaying and his butt wiggling despite his mental commands. "Ah, ah, fire, fire..."

He stopped, but that was only because he had reached one of the speakers on-stage. He placed one hand on it's flat surface as he leaned across it, his upper arms pushing his breast forms together and enhancing his unwanted cleavage, as he bent one knee and raised a high heeled leg, thrusting his butt out at the same. "Naaa, na naaa, na naa..."

By this point, the entire crowd was going wild, clearly loving what he was doing but for very different reasons. He straightened up and continued to sing and dance on the stage.

"I got out my map and chose a place I wanted to go to..."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Ding dong!~

"Tails, can you get that?" Sonic called from upstairs.

"Sure..." Tails chuckled as he got up off the couch to answer the door. A quick exchange of signature for parcel, and Tails took the box upstairs. He grinned as he knocked on Sonic's door, awaiting an answer. He never got tired of what he saw every time the door opened, as Sonic peered out.

He was wearing makeup. He was wearing perfume. He was wearing high heels.

"Thanks, Tails..." Sonic said with a forced smile as he led Tails into his room. He slowly walked across the hot pink shag carpeting, taking a seat on his purple silk bedsheets and crossing his legs.

"Do you want me to open it for you, Sonique?" his 'little bro' chuckled as he sat the parcel on Sonic's vanity table.

"Please, darling." Sonic said, struggling not to flinch. "I just did my nails."

The twin-tailed fox shook his head, laughing as he opened the parcel. Sonic sighed quietly. After the show, Rouge had delivered to Sonic an ultimatum; either he met her three demands, or she would shift the nanobots she used to control his body into overdrive, essentially making him "Miss Sonique" permanently. Her demands were "simple".

1. He would need to live as Sonique for 4 weeks. He would need to wear women's clothing, make up, high heels, look the part, act the part, and overall LIVE the part, as the hot pink wall paper of his ultra-feminized room could attest.

"Whoa..." Tails gasped as he pulled out the sheer pink lingerie in the box. His cheeks went red and he quickly stuffed it back in as Sonic rolled his eyes. Which brought him to demand numero deux.

2. During these 4 weeks, he had to order at least 1 full outfit per day. Apparently she had hacked his account and knew how much money he had in his life savings, and so she gave him no financial support for this demand, even threatening to freeze his account if she caught him spending it on anything else.

"Thanks, Tails sweetie..." Sonic said in as chipper a tone as he could manage, as he approached his vulpine companion and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"No problem, Sonic..." Tails said with a blush as he hurried out. Now alone, Sonic sighed and buried his head in his nicely manicured hands as he remembered her final, and by far the worst demand.

3. Twice a month, Sonic would perform at Club Rouge as Miss Sonique. By his own free will. And he had to wow the audience; if he half-assed it, it was as good as not doing it at all.

~~Ring ring! Ring ring!~~

Great. Just what he needed. He gave a resigned sigh as he picked up his phone, already knowing who it was. "Hello?"

"Sonique, darling!" Rouge giggled on the other end. Sonic grimaced, but tried to stay in character.

"Hey there, Rouge honey!" he greeted. "How can I help you?"

"Oh, just giving you a ring to see how you're... adjusting." Sonic could practically hear the smirk she was making.

"I'm adjusting just..." He swallowed nervously before continuing. "...just FABULOUSLY, darling!" he finally managed.

"Good, good..." she chuckled evilly. "Oh well, I won't keep you. Oh! And just some helpful advice? Make sure you practice your routine. My nanobots won't be helping you this time, so you'd better get used to dancing in high heels and tight dresses quickly. Toodles..."

There was a click followed by the dial tone, and Sonic rubbed his temples with his pretty fingers. He felt like crying. He was trapped.

With nothing else to do, he reluctantly rose to his high heeled feet and began to sway his body, trying to get a feel as to how his weight shifted on stilettos.

"Tap the rhythm against the floor... to look for another door..." he sang. Looks like he wasn't going to get to relax after all.


After the humiliating incident at Rouge's house, Sonic receives a phone call from the white bat for help at her club. Unfortunately for the blue blur, he has no idea what she has planned for him.

Here it is, the sequel to Sonic's New Look. And you know what that means; I can finally stop saying I'll do it and then never get around to it! :D

For those interested, here's the song that "Sonique" sings for his performance:…

Please check out the New Look Series TV Tropes page:…

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Tai was definitely not looking forward to school today. This wasn't unusual for the third year Junior High student, but today, it was Tuesday. Yesterday, July the 18th, had been bad for him and the other boys in the soccer team. Yesterday had been bad enough...

On Monday, entering the school, he shuddered at seeing a girl grin in an almost feral manner when he passed. He had dark visions when he noticed two others glancing at him and giggling.

He jumped out of his skin when someone spoke behind him as he was putting his shoes in his locker.

"Hiiii Taichiiiii" A voice sing-songed behind him, terrifying him to the core.

"S..Sora... hi..." He stammered, not turning around.

"So.... Did you hear the score?" She said gleefully


"Oh good. So... You know what that means don't you?"

He turned, face pale.

"Do we really have to do this? You know I wasn't..."

"Oh, but you're Team Captain, Tai. You signed off on the bet. You didn't like it. You did have confidence in the superiority of the fairer sex... But you're Team Captain. You have to wear that armband and lead your troops..."

"...Okay. But try to have them go easy on me? Please?"

Sora giggled.

"Oh, I'll try, Tai, but... some of the girls are really looking forward to getting their hands on that hair of yours... don't worry, they'll be very gentle with you even if they're not merciful."

Tai gulped.

"Me and the girls will all see you tomorrow!" She taunted as she walked away.

Back to Tuesday. Doomsday. None of the boys had chickened out, he was a little proud to note, but... he knew second thoughts were rampant as he trudged in. More girls were staring and giggling on his walk to class.

After register, Tai met with his demoralised team, including Daisuke. All thirty players, first team, substitutes and reserves, of the Odaiba Junior High Boys Soccer Team trudged like men on death row to meet the other team.

The destination was one of the girls locker rooms, not in use until the period after break, but what was to take place had the amused blessing of the faculty. The blessing given went to the point the first period for the sports teams was freed for them to fulfil the bet the boys had lost. Coursework they missed was to be homework.

All twenty-seven players of the Odaiba Junior High Girls Soccer Team awaited, along with all sixteen cheerleaders, and one member of the Photography Club.

"...Why is she here?!" Tai pointed.

"What a way to greet your sister, Taichi..." A cheerleader rolled her eyes.

Hikari simply grinned.

"Why else would I be here? I want to see what you look like after the girls are done... Oh, and they want some pictures of course. Don't worry, I'm staying outside the locker room all the time..."

Tai muttered something about sororicide. A nearby girl lightly punched him on the arm as all of the girls outside the locker room began to surround the boys, preventing escape.  Twelve of the girls were inside, it seemed.

"Quit stalling, Kamiya! Captain leads the way!" One of the girls team defenders said, yanking the hapless Team Captain and shoving him towards the door.

His teammates muttered prayers for him.

"Oh, yeah, thanks guys..." He said as he was yanked away.

They were apparently to go in groups of ten, and he was among the first... four other poor souls were dragged away as well.

The five boys were relieved to see that a teacher would oversee it all at least. It was the female phys ed coach, but she was still a teacher.

The girls locker room was divided into three sections by walls that meant that there were two exits, one at the near wall and one at the far wall, to reach the showers and toilet cubicles. The showers were on the left, the benches were on the walls and a number of lockers normally stood on the far and near walls except beside the door. The second dividing wall blocked off access to the toilet cubicles.

Today, though, a number of screens split the locker room in half.

"Okay, boys You will remove your clothes in one of the tencubicles there..." Sora said, pointing towards the toilet cubicles.

She and eleven other girls were present, including six of the cheerleaders. Surprisingly to the boys, the girls all had their school swimsuits on.

"Why are you in swimsuits?" One of the boys asked.

"Well, when we wash your hair after your shower..." A girl began. Sora silenced her.

"...As I was saying, remove your clothes in there, and put them neatly into the bags inside. The bags have name tags, swimsuits and towels, which should be removed before you put your clothes in them. Put the suits on, write your names on the tags, and walk through to the showers..." Sora grinned as a couple of the other girls giggled.

"They're girls swimsuits aren't they?" One boy groaned. The girls giggled and nodded.

"Now, you can shower with whatever you like, there's a nice selection of very flowery and girly gels on a tray outside the little screens we've set up. It's not we don't trust you but we want to make sure you fellas are nice and clean for the next part. Don't bother with your hair. We'll explain what happens next after the washing... Oh, be quick. We only have an hour."

With some grumbling, the boys did as they were told. Tai was mortified at the sight of the School Swimsuit he would have to wear, even though he knew it had been coming...

Upon leaving, ten giggling girls took the bags from the boys, pledging they'd get them back when they were all ready.  They walked into the showers, and cleaned off, still wearing the swimsuits. The giggling girls had put their bags up ahead and the boys were horrified to notice that there were ten other showers, and another tray with many shampoos. Ten girls remained, two others went to prepare for the next group.

"Guess what happens now, guys?" Sora beamed.

The girls promptly had them make choices between a range of very girly scents. The boys were subjected to five minutes of washing, and then led into the half of the locker rooms that had been screened off. More screens were here covering half of this side, but ten stools and ten hair dryers lay waiting. As did a large supply of hair decorations.

One boy whimpered in horror.

"Now we'll dry, style... and once you're done, we'll wax. You guys have some hairy legs, chests, and armpits among you... but not for long."

The boys, as a group, shuddered in fear.

"Don't worry, they stopped Aiko from having you get Brazilians..." Sora let them know.

After some quick blow drying and not-too-gentle brushing. Each boy was directed to sit on a small stool, and had at least one ribbon or hair decoration put in. Tai was mortified to find his long hair manipulated into a ponytail.

The next ten were being pulled in, two other girls having prepared ten more bags for them.  They were having the sight of the others halfway in concealed from them, but the girls had timed it. Fifteen minutes gone, and it was time for the next stage before the boys were almost ready.

"...How much does this hurt?" Tai asked Sora.

"...A lot." She said honestly, as the girls applied the wax strips.

The ten boys now undressing heard the howls and shuddered. They would be showering as the waxing of the previous group ended, in time to meet the ten girls coming to wash their hair.

Eventually, after some considerable screeching, the boys were waxed. The girls then subjected them to a barrage of perfume and deodorants, making them all smell very feminine.

"Last step. Go behind these screens, into the cubicles. There are towels in there, and your uniforms... and socks , and underwear... ladies." Sora leered.

The boys trudged past, seeing that the other half of the screened-off room held their bags behind more screens.  Tai was not too surprised, but not too happy, at the uniform.

The white short sleeved blouse, blue summer skirt, and green neckerchief of the girls uniform. And the nightmarish white socks and underwear.  Oh, and a note to let the boys know how to put on a certain part of the underwear, complete with a warning any bra left behind would result in a punishment...

There were also two extra pairs of socks each, rolled up. Their purpose was obvious.

"Well, you've faced worse than this, Tai..." He sighed to himself...

The ten who were ready were directed to stay behind the screen. The others were being waxed shortly after, and then there were twenty embarrassed boys in girls uniforms. One of the ten newcomers opened his back and pulled out his soccer shorts.

Ninteen pairs of eyes glared at him.

"...None of you guys.... Aw, hell..." He moaned, putting them back in a show of solidarity.

Then there were thirty, and they were to be led back out. The twelve girls began to clear up, smiling and giggling as the boys trudged out...

"Now, pose for the photo, boys!" Kari said, the girls outside ensuring the boys were corralled into the right grouping for it.

Tai muttered about sororicide once again.

"Okay, girls! Let's all head back to class... Come with me, Taichiko." Sora teased, pulling her friend with her.

"We have to wear these all day?" Tai moaned.

"Yup. And all the way home. That was the bet. Don't you wish you guys had just decided to say the Women's Team could win the World Cup?"

"I said they could, Sora!"

The redhead smiled softly.

"I know. But you make a really cute girl... And I'm not supposed to tell you this but since you guys were such good sports, the girls are going to do their forfeit as well tomorrow..."


"Yup. All of us wearing just our swimsuits the whole day..."

Tai was quiet for a moment.

"...Where did you guys get those other swimsuits and these uniforms?"

"They were all spares the team gave up. You guys can all keep them...." Sora smirked, as they neared their classroom.

Tai paused.

"...Well, uh..." He began, only for Sora to open the door and shove him in.

"Ladies first!" She said, loud enough for the class to hear.

Tai had expected the laughter of course.

He had not expected concerned whispers from girls and boys throughout the rest of the day worried that he looked cute dressed as a girl...
This is an extremely random idea that came to me as I noticed that the Japanese Womens team had won the Football (Soccer to Americans) World Cup on penalties. It was another silly idea that just had to be done. :)

Tai and the boys Soccer team have made a mistaken bet... And they must now pay the price to the winners - the girls Soccer team...

(The specific bets, by the way, for those curious, was for the boys to dress as girls if the women's team won the final, and for the girls to wear their swimsuits the whole day if they lost.)
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