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Ash yawned heavily as he wandered the town. He and his friends, Dawn and Brock had stopped off to pick up some supplies, but there was no gym here nor any decent Pokemon trainers. He was bored out of his skull.

As Ash sauntered along the pavement, a bright pink neon light caught his attention. Glancing up, he saw the flashing words: Salon Rockét.

Salon Rockét... that sounded familiar to him somehow. Deciding to check it out and see if there's anything suspicious, Ash opened the door and headed in.

"Ah, this is hopeless..." wailed Jessie, seated in one of the salon chairs. "Who's bright idea was it to use this idea again?"

"We don't have a choice, Jessie." her partner, James, explained. They were both disguised as stylists, both wearing glasses and black shirts. Jessie wore a red skirt and black high heels while James wore red trousers with black shoes. "You know we need money somehow."

Meowth scoffed from his position behind the cash register. "Yeah, but we ain't gettin' any customers. So fat lotta good it's gonna do us."

As if on cue, the three of them heard the bell from their door and immediately stood up straight, the words "a customer!" ringing in their heads. However, the three of them were horrified to see a familiar face and quickly ducked out of sight.

"It's the twerp!" hissed Jessie.

"What're we going to do, he's sure to recognise us!" sobbed James, already crying a river.

"Just keep yer traps shut, and maybe he'll leave..." whispered Meowth.

"Um... hello?" Too focused on arguing, Team Rocket failed to notice Ash had discovered them.

"AAAH!" the trio screamed, jumping away. In there minds, they all thought a collective "busted!"

"Hey... do I know you three?" The three rocketeers blinked. He didn't recognise them? They'd always known he was dense but this...

James was first to act.

"Ah, young man, welcome to Salon Rockét!"

As soon as he said that, Jessie immediately dragged him back over by his ear.

"James, WHAT do you think you're DOING? Get rid of him; he'll realize it's us eventually!"

"Jessie, think about it; he doesn't recognise us. At least not at the minute. Let's take advantage of this..." he grinned evilly as his glasses gained a sinister glint. "Let's show him exactly what we do at Salon Rockét."

Jessie blinked for a moment, before grinning as well. "I get it..."

Ash watched them both giggle creepily from their corner. As if looking for an answer, he looked at Meowth.

"Uh.... Meowth!" shouted the cat Pokemon, leaping back to the cashier desk and curling up on the seat."

"Huh..." muttered Ash. "Guess I was wrong..."

"Oh, good sir!" practically squealed Jessie. "Welcome to Salon Rockét!"

"Wonderful news, young man!" cried an almost-giddy James. "As a prize, I'm proud to announce that you've won a makeover, absolutely free!"

Ash gulped, for some reason images of his adventures in Celadon filling his mind. "Eh... n-no thanks..." he stammered as he inched towards the door; he failed to notice Jessie slink in behind him.

"Oh, but we INSIST!" she shouted, as she booted him in the back onto one of the salon chairs. Meowth, realising his cohorts plans, pressed a button hidden under his desk. Immediately, metal bonds shackled Ash's arms and legs to the chair, preventing him from getting up.

"H-hey! Wh-what is this?" he demanded, struggling futilely against his bonds.

Jessie chuckled as she switched the sign to "CLOSED" and both she and James through off their disguises.

"Prepare for trouble!"
"And make it double!"
"To protect the world from devastation."
"To unite all peoples within our nation."
"To denounce the evils of truth and love."
"To extend our reach to the stars above."
"Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
"Meowth, that's right!"

"You're Team Rocket!" shouted Ash.

"Got that right, twerp!" chuckled Meowth. "And this time, we gotcha right where we wantcha!"

"But don't worry, dear," smiled Jessie with false sincerity. "You'll still get that makeover we promised you." Her smiled shifted to menacing. "Whether you like it or not! You humiliated us so many times, well now it's our turn to humiliate you!"

"Ooh, what should we do first, what should we do first!?" asked an excited James, jumping from one foot to another.

"Meowth!" roared Jessie, the same demonic smile on her face. "You know what to do!"

"Gotcha!" the talking cat affirmed as he leapt at their prisoner, rapidly clawing away with Fury Swipes. Ash was unharmed, but the result shredded his clothes, leaving him in nothing but a pair of white briefs.

"Now then..." grinned Jessie as she loomed over her captive. "James, Meowth! Let's start the fun part!"

"Yes ma'am!" they chorused, standing to attention and saluting, as all three of them immediately got to work.

Leaning the chair back so that Ash was now facing the ceiling, Jessie and James both began to apply heavy makeup to the young trainer's face. Lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and a host of other cosmetics that Ash didn't know nor recognise. Meanwhile, he could feel that Meowth had set about giving him a manicure, gluing false nails to each finger and filing them to a point before applying nail polish.

After what felt like hours, the three felons finally finished, and adjusted Ash's seat so he was sitting upright and could see their work. And his eyes widened in horror upon seeing his reflection.

Full, black eyelashes that curled upwards. Pale green eyelids that emphasized his brown eyes. Smooth, flawless cheeks with a cute blush. Full, pink and pouty lips. Looking down at his hands, he saw a bright pink inch-long talon on the end of each finger.

Ash actually looked like a girl! And the worst part was, despite this he was still recognizable to anyone who knew him.

"Aren't you just gorgeous?" Jessie's voice snapped him out of his brief shock. "I'm sure all the boys are gonna LOVE your new look!"

Grinning, she pressed a button on the underside of his seat, releasing him from his bonds. The made-up boy tried to make a break for it, but Jessie and James grabbed him before he could, and the child's struggles were futile against the two twenty-something-year-olds'.

"Time to get you dressed, sweetie!" sang Jessie as she and her partner began to walk their victim through to the back room. "We have some Pikachu panties that'll look just DARLING on you!"

"And I think I have the perfect outfit in mind, too!" grinned James.

"I got an idea!" Meowth chimed in. "How about we get some glue, to make sure da twerp gets to enjoy his new outfit for a looong time!"

"Excellent idea, Meowth!" squealed Jessie. The poor boy was helpless as he was marched into the next room for the final phase of his transformation.


"Where could he be?" sighed Dawn, as she continued to look around. Ash had went out for a walk, but he hadn't returned in two hours, so she and Brock decided to try looking for him. She turned to the former Gym Leader. "She anyth...."

She stopped mid-sentence upon spotting Brock attempting to woo a young woman, just a little distance away.

"Oh, beautiful fair maiden!" he announced, getting stares from everyone around. "You need not fear the cold grip of lonliness anymore! For I, your Rosenkavalier, have arri-URK!" Brock doubled over in pain as his Croagunk removed its poisoned fingers from his stomach.

"Croagunk..." it sighed, shaking its head.

"Sorry about that..." giggled Dawn, as Croagunk dragged its master away. She looked over the young woman. Her outfit consisted of an elegant, pale green dress with plenty of white frills. A wide-brimmed hat of the same colour with a large white bow on one side was pulled down to hide her face, and Dawn could see white high heels peeking out from just under her skirt. The girl was clearly a Lady trainer judging from her outfit, though she did seem a little bit strange. It was the fashion among Ladies to have long blonde hair, but this girl had short, shaggy black hair. Not to mention she had a noticable tan.

Dawn stopped questioning the girl's fashion choice when she noticed that she was nervously trying to inch away.

"Hey, are you okay?" Dawn asked, concerned. The Lady, however, broke into a run to try and get away.

"Hey, wait!" Dawn shouted as she began to chase after her. She didn't have far to go, as the Lady was clearly inexperienced in high heels and tripped, falling very ungracefully to the ground. Her hat flew away in the fall, prompting a "No!" from her, in a very familiar voice.

"H-hey, are you okay?" Dawn asked, as she approached the "Lady" to help her. As soon as she got a good look at "her" face though, she had to take a step back in surprise.


The second in the New Look series.

Ash discovers a beauty salon run by two familiar individuals and their pet Meowth. When he decides to check it out, however, they decide to give him a 'complimentary' makeover.

Out of my four original stories, I personally feel this one's the weakest. I can't quite place my finger on it, but there's something I don't like about it. I feel that Sonic's New Look and the two succeeding this one were much stronger. But either way, what's done is done, though I might remake this one some other time.

Please check out the New Look Series TV Tropes page:…
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'Little Dress of Horrors!'
Written by Da Bunnyman.
Ably assisted, and edited by Raven Child.

Alvin Seville lay back on the bed. He relaxed as he continued talking about his favorite subject, himself. More specifically he talked about his newest stage costumes and how great he'd look in them performing onstage with what he called his backup group, The Chipmunks. Being that he's been performing for 18 years now, Alvin considers himself an expert in choreographing their act.

As he talked about a jumpsuit he was planning that would make everyone forget Elvis, he looked around the room and the bed he was lying on.

"So much pink," he thought to himself as his eyes took in the lacy curtains, the quilt he was on and even some of the plush animals he had pushed out of the way before he stretched out on the bed.

The color was not surprising since the room in question belonged to Brittany Miller who took the concept of 'pretty in pink' to an extreme. She had the same regard for her group the Chipettes as Alvin had for the one he belonged to. She was the star and her 2 sisters were her backups.

She was also talking about her favorite subject, herself. Fortunately neither of their ego's needed anyone to actual listen to their speeches to be satisfied.

Brittany was currently adding to the pink in the room as she attempted to select an outfit for an event she was attending. Alvin watched and became fascinated with her changes. She would go to a huge pile of boxes, all of which bore the label of 'Timeless Outfitters', a costume company that specialized in historical costumes.

She would then, step behind the dressing screen to change, emerging from the other end with a different outfit on. To Alvin it was like watching a time machine in action, as she would emerge a glamorous woman from a different era.

But it seemed no era's fashion satisfied her. Each new outfit was quickly scanned in her full-length mirror. She would first say how great she looked in it but then she would start into its faults and why it'd be a problem for her to wear.

Each box was labeled with its time period from the 1920's to the present.  Her latest one showed she had reached the 1960's. Brittany was a resplendent in a VERY short mini-dress and go-go boots. A quick look in the mirror had her satisfied, for a second at least. Showing off her lovely legs would be nice.

"No way am I going to wear this?" She blurted out in a disgusted voice.

"I'd be showing my panties more than a Japanese cartoon." So back to the boxes and a quick change and she emerged as a disco diva from the 70's in a gauzy gown and glittering high heeled sandals.

A quick trip to the mirror and some posing brought a smile to her face.

Followed by a frown, "Yech, all this polyester fabric is so itchy.  I'd spend the night fighting the urge to scratch."

Alvin was laughing now, and loud enough to break through to Brittany's little self-absorbed world.

"You're not helping me Alvin," she said with an angry growl. "I wanted your opinion on which outfit I look best in. This is a big event I'm going to.  I've been invited to the annual 'Retro Glamor Gala' a huge formal party where everyone comes dressed in movie star fashions from the past. Cheryl Van Ascot is organizing it, so you see why it's so important to me."

Now Brittany's concern made a lot more sense to Alvin. Cheryl was the 'big-girl-on-campus' at Bradford College, which the Chipette hoped to attend next year. Cheryl was rich, blonde, beautiful, and making friends with her guaranteed Brittany a place with the college 'in' crowd.

Alvin may have now understood why she was doing it but that did not mean he didn't find it amusing.

"Gee Brittany, you looked great in all the outfits, why did you complain about them so much?"  He asked.

Brittany fumed and Alvin could see she was frustrated by the search for the perfect outfit. Finally she answered with more than a little anger in her voice.

"Because every outfit I have tried on has had something about it that would make it troublesome.  I do not know how women wore these fashions and still looked so good in them." She continued, "they're horrible to wear!"

While he was a little concerned with her frustration, Alvin was enjoying it even more and could not resist taking a jab at her over inflated ego.

"Gee, the way you talk you'd think it was a major skill to just stand around looking pretty" he said with a smirk.

Brittany now grew visibly angry. "You men, you complain just because you have to put on a tie at a formal affair, you have no idea what we women go through to look beautiful."

He smiled and said, "yeah I'm sure it's a major problem to stand around while your date gets you everything and you complain how we don't compliment you enough."

As you may have guessed, these comments led to a major clash of two over-sized egos. It was a silly argument but neither one was going to let it drop.

Finally Brittany said, "Alvin, if you were a girl you would not last five minutes in one of these dresses."

Under any other circumstances the argument would have stopped there and they both would have a good laugh at how crazy an idea that was. Not these two though. Brittany was sure she had just made a fatal attack on his ego that he would never dare reply to. However Alvin's ego only heard a challenge that he could not do something and being Alvin's ego responded without thinking.

"I could wear any of those dresses the entire party with no trouble at all." He heard someone say. It took Alvin a moment to realize that HE had said it.

Now it was Brittany's turn to smirk. "Oh really" she purred "think your acting skills are up to being a glamour girl for a night?"  

She could see Alvin blushing as his mind, which was a second or two behind his ego, comprehended what challenge he had accepted. Brittany figured he'd just shot off his mouth and would be embarrassed enough to back down if she pursued the matter. So of course she did.

"Here's the bet," she said with a superior smile on her face. "I pick an outfit, you wear it to the party, you survive till 11 o'clock without anyone finding out your real gender "

Alvin was getting nervous and scared, but again his ego took control, "and what does the winner get?"

Brittany suddenly had a flash of inspiration. She picked up a costume catalog and brought it over to him.

"Loser has to be the winners' servant for a month AND when you're my butler you will dress the part too." She showed him a picture of a formally attired butler in white tie & tails.

"I can't wait to see you answering my door and greeting my guests.  I think I'll call you Jeeves," she said with a giggle.

Alvin gulped when he saw the outfit and almost backed out, till he saw something on another page of the catalog that brought a smile to his face.

"Okay Brittany, and when I win, you will be wearing this outfit."

She frowned as she saw that the catalog had a picture of a classic French maid complete with frilly apron, VERY short skirt with multiple frilly underskirts, gartered stockings that the skirt barely covered, feather duster and black spike heeled pumps.

"No maid really wears an outfit like that," she said.

"Mine will." He answered with a smile."

They both looked at each other and slowly they realized that this bet was insane. The idea of Alvin pretending to be a glamor girl, and Brittany selecting an outfit to challenge him was nuts. Each of them thought that it might have been best to back down and admit to their foolishness. Naturally, of course they shook hands and the contest was on.



Alvin entered his brother Simon's room and threw a bunch of odd shaped boxes marked 'Timeless Outfitters' on his bed.

"Simon, I need your help getting into a dress," he said bluntly.

After years of Alvin's crazy schemes Simon simply put down the project he was working on and said "okay."

"Aren't you even going to ask WHY I need help with a dress?" Alvin asked suspiciously

"Why should I Alvin, I always end up assisting you in your schemes anyway.  I figure by skipping all my questions and lectures it'll be over that much sooner and I can get back to my art class project" he said with an resigned smile on his face.

"Art project, huh?" Alvin's mind pondered the supplies Simon had out. An idea quickly formed. "What kind of project are you working on?"

"It's a monster mask I'm painting for an extra curriculum mark in art class."

"Say Simon, could you make a mask of a female face with that kit of yours?"  He asked.

Simon thought for a moment and answered "sure, but why do you need it and why are you going to wear a dress in the first place?"

Quickly Alvin brought his brother up to speed on his latest bet with Brittany.

Simon just sighed, knowing trying to talk Alvin out of anything was futile, and said, "all right, I'll help you." He said flatly.

"Oh you'll do more than help." Alvin answered, "You're going to be my date.  Brittany had two tickets which were supposed to be for her sisters, since they're out of town she gave them to me. I figure having a date will help me look more like a girl and also you can keep me in character if I mess up.  Not that a consummate actor like myself would need any help." Alvin said with pride.

Simon just shook his head wearily, but he was committed to helping Alvin in this latest crazy scheme.

"So, what era costume did Brittany select for you?"

"It's from the 40's; there was a big name designer from that time called Mr. Hell." Alvin explained.

Simon looked puzzled at that information, "who told you that?"

"Brittany did, that was the reason she called it the ensemble from hell when she handed it to me."

Simon shook his head wearily again and told Alvin to go take a shower. While he did that Simon started work on a simple face-mask for Alvin. By using a female mannequin head he had, Simon covered its front with a thin coating of liquid latex. He then set it aside to dry.

While Simon waited for the latex to dry he started opening the boxes to see what Brittany had picked out for his brother. Each box brought a frown and more head shaking.

Forty minutes later, Alvin finished his shower and came back into Simon's room with a towel wrapped around his waist.  

"Okay Simon, lets get going on my makeover."  He said with a cheery voice.

"This is insane Alvin, you're never going to pull off this female impersonation."

Alvin just smiled and told his brother not to worry.  "Acting a part is all about getting the right attitude." He reached down and moved the towel he was wearing higher so it covered his chest and in a soft feminine voice with a slight southern accent he added, "and getting Brittany into that embarrassing maids costume is giving me the right attitude, sugar." He added a fluttering of eyelashes to the end of the sentence.

Simon just shook his head and reached into a box.  "Do you have the attitude for this?"

He held up a strapless, black corselet with four garters dangling from its bottom and shaped like an hourglass. For a moment the smile left his face as he thought about having to wear it. Simon hoped that his brother was coming to his senses. He should have known better as Alvin quickly said no problem, let's get to it.  

Simon knew all too well the hopelessness of changing Alvin's mind at this point. Better to help him out and try to avoid a complete disaster. And if need be, duck and cover, when the disaster happens.

"All right Alvin start with this." Simon handed his stubborn brother a small cloth device.

Alvin recognized it as a dancer's gaffe, a device meant to keep dancers private parts from showing under tights. He frowned as he took it and slid it up his legs; he knew they were uncomfortable to wear but would be needed so that his glamor girl disguise did not have a bulge in the wrong place. Of course this was a good example of his sense of un- reality since the gaffe was likely to be the MOST comfortable thing he wore that night.

Next he unhooked the back of the corselet. Alvin then wrapped it around himself. At this point, he discovered that he could not hook it up in back.

"I'll need a little help with this Simon."  He said while turning his back to his brother.

A little help was putting it mildly. While Alvin was thin, this device was made for a woman's figure. Simon was able to get the top hooked around Alvin's chest with a little tugging and the bottom, which would fit on the top part of a woman's hips, also closed with a minor struggle. However, between those two areas there needed to be curves that the chipmunk did not possess, at least not yet.

The quest for an hourglass figure began as Simon used all his strength to pull the two sides of the corselet together. Each hook was more of a struggle as the device tried to give Alvin curves he was not meant to have. But the tough elastic fabric at last triumphed over nature. When the last hook was fastened the chipmunk's boyish body had been forced into a very feminine shape, but at what price? Alvin gasped for breath as the confining corselet prevented him from expanding his chest.

Watching his brother try to catch his breath Simon asked, "sure you don't want to give up this foolishness now?"

"No way will I let Brittany win."  He managed to say between panting for air. Leaning against a table he slowly got his wind back after discovering he could expand his chest upwards instead of outward.

Simon let out an exasperated sigh.  He opened a package in one of the boxes and unfolded a pair of sheer nylon stockings.

"Lift your leg Alvin and I'll get these on you."  He said as he rolled up the stockings as he had seen women do in the movies. Soon his brother's legs were encased in the soft material and Simon attached the stockings to the garters.

"Not bad," he said admiring the shapely results and quickly coming back to reality as he realized they were his brother's legs.  

Alvin had regained his breath and looked down at his nylon encased legs. He smiled, satisfied with their appearance

"But what about these?" he asked.

Simon looked where his brother was pointing, 'these' turned out to be the empty cups of the corselet's attached bra. Simon studied them for a moment and signaled he had a solution with a snap of his fingers. Grabbing some items from his desk he walked over to Alvin.

In a comic English accent he said, "please forgive me madam." and put his hands into the corselet's cups.

Alvin gave a startled "yipe" as he felt his brothers hands grabbing his chest"

"Uhm Simon, I know I look good but I am still your brother."

Simon blushed for a second as he realized what Alvin was implying.

"Don't flatter yourself Alvin." He said as he kneaded his brother's chest, "I'm just trying to move some of the body tissue compressed by the corselet into the bra cups."

Alvin watched fascinated as Simon managed to pull up some of his flesh from under the incredibly tight garment. Once free of confinement it settled in the cups producing small breast-like protrusions.

"Hmmm, not as impressive as I hoped" Alvin said.

Simon just smiled and produced some rounded silicon forms. He sprayed the insides with an adhesive and quickly fitted them over Alvin's chest and into the bra cups. Alvin shivered as the cold adhesive touched his flesh but smiled when he saw the results.  The forms filled out the cups which also hid them perfectly leaving only Alvin's own flesh showing and the illusion made him rather nicely stacked.

"Simon you're a genius!" Alvin said as he bounced up and down watching his new cleavage jiggle.

Simon smiled but thought to himself that there should be a better use for his intellect than giving his brother breasts.   

The last item to complete his female figure was a tight girdle, which Alvin wriggled into. This had pads sewn in which gave his hips and rear more feminine proportions. Simon had to admit that the curves Alvin's body now displayed was impressive, he might just pull this off. He also saw that it was getting late.

"Alvin, we better finish this up at the hotel.  There's no time for a dry run before the party."

Alvin nodded and quickly put on his regular clothes over the lingerie he had on as Simon gathered up the rest of the things they'd need for Alvin's transformation and his own tux.

"I'm telling you Simon this is going to be perfect" He exclaimed with confidence.

Simon still had his doubts, especially as he saw the 'A' on Alvin's shirt distorted by his brother's new female dimensions.  

As the two brothers passed the living room heading for the front door, a small voice caught them off guard.

"Where are you two going?" Theodore called out to them. He was sitting on the couch watching a cooking show on TV.

"Uhm, out" Simon answered quickly.

"Yeah, out, don't wait up" Alvin added before pushing Simon out the front door.

Before Theodore could ask any more questions, Alvin & Simon left the house. Looking out the window he saw them running to the car and driving off with a squeal of tires. Theodore shook his head. Would there ever be a time when he would understand his older brothers actions?

He also made a mental note to be more careful when doing the laundry, "looks like Alvin's shirt got all stretched out of shape."



Luck was with them as they made it to the hotel without meeting anyone. They also found a small storeroom that contained a table and a few chairs, just what they needed.

Alvin undressed down to his lingerie and they made a quick inspection to make sure everything was still in place and his stockings not damaged. Simon brought out a long silken slip, this would smooth out his brother's new feminine lines. He slipped it over Alvin's head, which giggled a bit as the soft material tickled his arms & shoulders.

"I think your face is ready for you to put on now." Simon said as he checked the mask he had made.

Alvin sat down and nodded in agreement. His brother then applied a special adhesive and then carefully started fixing the artificial skin mask to his face. Alvin felt the mask subtly molding his nose & face to produce a more feminine shape. Simon then used a special makeup to hide the edges of the mask.

"So far so good," he said, "now for some regular makeup.

He then started in making Alvin up as a glamor girl out for a formal evening. After what seemed an eternity for Alvin, Simon finally stopped working on his face with makeup brushes. Now he added the redheaded wig that Brittany had provided. It had been pre-styled so it only required a quick brushing.  

"Perfect!"  Simon cheered as he handed his brother a small hand mirror.

Alvin had to agree, the face that looked back from the mirror was the essence of 40's glamor.  The wig's 'peek-a-boo' hairstyle partially covered half of his new face in a most alluring fashion. Alvin blinked a few times fluttering the long artificial lashes he now wore and watched as the full red lips of the girl in the mirror formed a half hidden smile.

Time was growing short so Simon unzipped the evening gown. Carefully Alvin stepped into it then started to pull it up his new body shape. Despite the slick fabric of the slip it was still slow process. Alvin had to wriggle like a snake to get into the strapless dress. Finally it was at the proper level and Simon closed the short back zipper. It had been a struggle to get into the gown but from a disguise point it was worth the effort.

The tight, black, satin fabric showed off every one of Alvin's new curves. A perfect framework for the hourglass figure his body had been forced into. And the front was just high enough to show what little real cleavage he had but clung snugly to the padding and produced the illusion that fuller breasts were contained therein. Simon couldn't resist giving a wolf whistle at his brothers' new look Alvin, starting to get into character, smiled and blew his brother a kiss.

Simon knew he had better start getting into his tux to wear so he opened up the small accessories box and handed it to Alvin.

"You can put these on while I get dressed." He said.

While Simon changed his brother struggled with some clip-on style earrings. Finally Alvin got them on straight and almost wished he hadn't as the clips pinched his ears.

"They're gonna be the least of my problems." He muttered as he took a breath that the corselet fought letting in.

The next item in the box were some black satin gloves. He squeezed his hand into them and pulled them up his arm, and up and up and up. The tight gloves reached almost to his shoulder. After getting the other one on he buttoned the 2 buttons that closed them at the wrist. Not that easy since the gloves had been made for a delicate female hand and fit very snug.

But Alvin had to admit they did add to his starlet appearance and as he added a fake diamond bracelet, over them, he could not resist practicing some feminine hand gestures.  The final item was a choker necklace made from a band of black satin with a single fake diamond in it. Alvin fastened it around his throat and then adjusted it in the mirror.

Seeing how it hid his Adam's apple perfectly he said to himself, "I am gonna win this bet with no trouble.

Looking in the mirror he shook his head, then getting into character he purred in a soft feminine whisper. "I am going to win this li'l ole bet with no trouble."

As his cross-dressed brother was saying this, Simon came over to him while he finished tying his bow-tie, "well Miss VaVoom, I'm glad to see one of us has confidence in this loony plan."

This comment brought a frown to the fake female, which then changed to a puzzled look.

"Who's Miss VaVoom?" Alvin asked.

Simon straightened his tie in the mirror as he replied "Veronica VaVoom, a big name actress of the 40's known for her sexy roles, her signature outfit was a black satin outfit like the one you're wearing.

"Veronica VaVoom," Alvin slowly repeated, a smile came to his face. "I like it" he said "that will be my name for the night."

As he said this he pushed his brother away from the mirror and started posing in a very feminine way. Then he turned towards Simon and extended his gloved hand in a way that just begged for his date to take it and kiss it.

In a breathless, southern accented whisper that would delight any man 'she' said, "why hello Mr. Seville, I understand you are going to be my escort for tonight, I must say you are the handsomest li'l ole chipmunk I have ever seen.  Except for your brother Alvin of course."  She quickly added.

Simon sighed as he realized even imprisoned in a corselet and dress Alvin's ego was still active. Going along with the gag, he took his date's hand and gently kissed it, which instantly brought a laugh from them both of them.

Simon had to admit, Alvin did look the part. The gown appeared pretty much skin tight, and showed off an hourglass figure with all the proper curves. And enough cleavage peeked out from the top to convince anyone that what jiggled in her top was looked real.  He did notice one slight fault, however.

"Isn't that dress a little long on you?" Simon inquired.

"Oh yeah, the shoes should take care of that, would you get them for me Simon?"  He located the shoebox and was a bit startled by what he found.

"You sure you can handle these?" He asked as he held them up.

The shoes were some shiny black pumps with a pointed toe, but what worried Simon was the heels, pencil thin and about 4 inches high. Perfect for the outfit Alvin wore, but also perfect for someone not used to high heels to break his neck in.

But the new Veronica VaVoom wouldn't let anything stop her. "Why they'll be no problem at all for a lady to wear." 'She' said with a smile.

With a shrug Simon placed the shoes on the floor for his brother to step into. Or try to at least, even with the slippery stockings on Alvin could not get his feet in the shoes.

After some rather un-ladylike grunting & cursing he said, "Simon, could you give me a hand with these things?

With an assist from his brother, and a lot of pushing, Alvin's feet were finally squeezed into the shoes, which resulted in some more un-feminine mutterings as his toes were jammed into very tight pointed toe of the shoe.

Surprisingly Simon saw that his brother (and yes it was hard to think of him that way seeing him as Veronica) was able to balance atop the slender spike heels. Well with not TOO much wobbling at least.  Simon stood up and turned to check his hair in the mirror.

"Better be careful about breaking character, remember you have to stay acting as a girl all the time we're at the party tonight or you could lose your bet with Brittany."  Simon reminded his brother.

He turned back towards his disguised brother as 'Veronica's' soft-gloved arms wrapped around his neck and brought 'her' into a romantic clinch in Simon's arms.

Simon just gave a half smile and said, "don't overdo it Alvin."

His brother frowned and said, "I didn't mean to, it's this damn dress."

He then showed Simon that the long slinky evening gown was slinky from top to bottom; there was no slit in front or back to make walking easier. The long tight skirt restricted his steps so that when he had tried to walk over to Simon he had tripped with his first step.

This had to be some of Brittany's trickery, the gown had been designed to be sexy and glamorous looking for a film scene, but in that scene the wearer had never had to actually walk in the thing. The "ensemble from hell" she had called it, Simon wondered what other little traps were in it for Alvin. But his brother was too stubborn to give in.

"I'll show her just how much of a lady I can be." Alvin said as he straightened his wig and putting a gracious feminine smile on his masked face said to Simon, "lets get ourselves to that li'l ole party dear.

Simon, hoping for the best, but expecting the worst, put on a false smile of confidence and took his date's arm in his and walked out the door.   

It was a short walk from the storeroom where they had changed to the party but with Alvin hampered by the tight skirt & high heels it was a slow one too.  As they entered the party Simon immediately noticed that he and his 'date' were the center of attention. Well at least his date was. Alvin added to his spectacular female disguise by playing the sexy starlet to the hilt.

While the dress that Brittany had chosen for Alvin was not designed for easy movement, Alvin used that to his advantage. Adapting a slow, sexy walk that that had every man in the place (and a few women Simon noted) admiring Veronica's new feminine assets. 'She' quickly became the belle of the ball with several men trying to court 'her' favors.

Simon finally spotted Brittany wearing a sequined mini dress that he recognized as one of her stage costumes.  She looked pretty much the way she did when they did a concert. He was about to ask her why she did not dress up like a famous star, but then realized that was a question likely to generate a very dangerous response.

He was surprised to see her smiling as she watched his disguised brother flirting with some men.

He finally got the courage to ask, "Aren't you concerned about losing the bet?"

Alvin seems to be handling his disguise perfectly and even blew Brittany a kiss when he saw her looking at him.

"Oh it's early yet."  She answered and her smile turned into an evil grin as she waved back at Alvin.  

"And that outfit has some more traps built into it." She handed Simon a glass of punch "care to watch with me?"  

Since his date had pretty much abandoned him to show off he shrugged and settled in to watch.

Alvin was beginning to really enjoy all the attention of the men at the party. More precise, he was enjoying the sight of Brittany reacting as he easily captured their attention. He laughed to himself at how these guys were drooling over themselves at the supposed sexy female, not realizing she was a complete fake.

"I'm better at being a glamour girl than Brittany is."  He thought with a mental chuckle.

"All it takes to control these guys is a smile, an occasional light touch to their face, or arm." Alvin moved slightly to better show off his hourglass figure and ample bust line, "And a little feminine charm." He thought with another mental giggle.

He spotted Simon standing near Brittany sipping some punch as he watched his brother parading around with all the men.

"Poor dear," he thought, "his beauty queen date abandoned him and so he must settle for a runner up." This prompted another mental laugh.

Simon just smiled and even lifted his glass of punch towards his disguised brother in a toast. Alvin reached over to a nearby table to get the glass of punch one of his new admirers had gotten him in order to return the toast. Remembering to hold his glass with a light touch like a lady, he toasted Simon and the daintily took a sip.

"What lousy punch." He thought, "no flavor at all"

He then looked down and noticed that his hand was empty.

"What happened to my drink?" Alvin asked out loud.

Then he saw his glass still sitting on the table, he reached for it again and was amazed when his gloved hand again came up empty sliding right off the glass.

Brittany giggled as she watched the fake Veronica miss the glass a third time before finally abandoning the ladylike action and instead grabbing her glass tightly.

Simon turned to Brittany, "I take it that's one of the traps you had mentioned?"

Brittany replied with a satisfied smile, "yes, those gloves are made of a very slick material.  They will not grip anything very well, plus they're very tight on him."  

Keeping his cool and remembering he was supposed to be a lady, Alvin finally took a sip of punch.

"Kind of an odd taste," he thought as he drank some more.

Between sips he noticed some of his new admirers were looking at him strangely. A few even wandered off after making feeble excuses.

"Ah well, guess they figured they did not have a chance to capture the heart of such a beautiful woman as me." He thought. Alvin started another mental laugh at how well his disguise was working.

He turned to admire himself in a nearby mirror as he took another drink. It was then he discovered the source for the drinks odd taste and the reaction from his admirers. Each sip of his drink was first being strained through his peek-a-boo hairstyle! The mirror also revealed Brittany & Simon trying to hold in their laughter, and failing.

Quickly drying his hair off with a napkin Alvin decided it was time to show Brittany that he was still master (or should it be mistress) of the situation. He accepted a dance from one of the men still under his Veronica VaVoom disguise's spell.

"I'll really show them," he thought as his partner led him onto the dance floor.

The band started a slow dance and the man put his arm around Alvin's waist. Sneaking a quick peek to make sure his brother and Brittany were watching, Alvin turned on the heat., He snuggled close to his partner who smiled at how friendly his new girlfriend was getting. It took all his concentration to keep in step with his partner, the old cliché about 'backwards in high heels' being true. But Alvin was able to catch a look at his observers both of whom seemed shocked.

"Guess they never believed I'd actually dance with a guy." He thought with a mental laugh.

Actually they were shocked at where his partners' hand had ended up, right on the feminized chipmunks shapely rear. Of course Alvin didn't even notice this through the padding. At least until his partner gave a playful squeeze at the end of the dance, which brought a surprised look to Alvin's masked face.

"Lets sit the next dance out," Alvin said, not wishing to continue the close contact he seemed to be having.

Of course his date figured that meant his romantic advances were being accepted. So Alvin was momentarily confused when his male partner offered his arm. A quick glance at another couple gave him some guidance as the girl entwined her arm around her partners and walked with her body snuggled closely to his. Seeing Brittany and Simon looking his way Alvin knew what he had to do.

"The things I do to win a bet." He thought as he intertwined his gloved arm around his dance partner and snuggled close to him.

Seeing his brother and Brittany with surprised looks on their faces, Alvin added to the show by flashing a bewitching smile to his escort. His new date returned the smile and Alvin turned away in a shy manner. As he turned away from his partner, Alvin stuck out his tongue at Brittany & Simon.  

Brittany and Simon simply looked at each other with puzzled expressions.

As they walked to a nearby table his partner decided to properly introduced himself.
"I'm Dave by the way." He said.

This caused Alvin to flinch a little, "Uh, I'm Veronica" He responded tentatively.

Dave then offered to get some refreshments for them both. As he headed off to the buffet table, Alvin was ready for a much needed rest. The strain of staying in feminine character was getting to him. But mainly he just wanted to get off his feet, a night of balancing in the tight high heels had left them aching. He gratefully started to settle onto the folding chair, and was startled to find himself sitting on the floor.

"What the heck happened?" He asked himself as he stood up and brushed himself off. "I must have missed the chair," he thought.

No one had seemed to notice his fall so he tried again with the same result. He got up again and gave it one more try, slowly. This time he was able to catch himself before he fell and realized what the problem was. The slick fabric of the dress he wore, combined with the tight corselet that did not let him bend. When he tried to sit he had just slid right off the chair.

He looked over to see if Simon & Brittany had seen his tumble. At first he thought they had missed it because they were not in the spot they had been observing him from. But his relief turned to anger as he saw they had literally fallen over with laughter at his spill. .   

As usual whenever Alvin got mad he did something without thinking of the consequences.  When Dave returned with some punch and cake for them both Alvin shifted into total seductress mode.

With a soft purr in his voice he sat his date down. Then, after making sure his two observers were still watching he gracefully sat on Dave's lap.  As he had hoped, his date took the hint and wrapped his arms around Alvin's waist acting as a safety belt for 'Veronica'. Wanting to take it even further to show off, he proceeded to feed some cake to his new boyfriend. Then he relaxed and had some cake himself, as a reward to finally be able to get some relief from the high-heeled torture devices on his feet.

As Alvin rested on his dates lap he noticed the time. "Almost 11," he thought, "I've won the bet."

Dave, meanwhile, droned on with Alvin barely listening to his tale of love at first sight and finding his soul mate. Alvin just enjoyed his cake and threw an occasional 'yes' into the conversation.

Suddenly Dave stopped talking just after Alvin's last "yes, of course" contribution to the conversation. He started to move closer to Alvin who started to get uncomfortable with this latest intimacy.

Quickly Alvin tried to remember what had been said before. A single word popped into the disguised chipmunks mind, "Wait a sec, did he say something about marriage?"

Before he could form another thought Alvin found himself being kissed by his new fiancee. (Well technically it was the lips of his mask that were kissed) Dave stood up bringing Veronica back to her pained feet too.

Holding her gloved hands and gazing into her eyes, oblivious to the panic they seemed to show, he said, "You've made me the happiest man in the world.  Wait here while I make an important phone call."

Alvin's figured that this would be a great time to make his escape. He had to get out of here fast. As soon as he was gone Alvin walked a bit unsteadily over to Brittany and Simon, both of whom had seen the kiss and were shocked at it.

Simon was the first to speak, "what was that all about?"

Alvin was silent for a second then slowly said, "Uhm, its this way, that is, well...I think I'm engaged."

Simon just covered his face with his hand and slowly shook his head. Brittany on the other hand was laughing so much she could barely breathe.

When she recovered her breathe she said "I offer to set up a bridal shower, and help you choose a wedding gown, Oh one more thing, just between us girls, are you planning to wear white?"

Alvin was about to respond with a rather nasty comment to Brittany when a beautiful girl walked over to them. She was dressed in the costume Marilyn Monroe had worn to sing "Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend" except she wore more diamonds than Marilyn did then.

"Brittany darling," she purred, "so glad you could make it, sorry I haven't been by to talk but I have just been so busy tonight looking after things.  Could you introduce me to your friends?"

Brittany regained her composure, "Cheryl Van Ascot, these are my friends Simon Seville and Al-ahem, I mean Veronica VaVoom, Cheryl is the woman who organized this event."

Sensing a chance to taunt Alvin a little more she added, "Veronica just got engaged tonight."

Cheryl smiled, "congratulations Veronica, Dave will make a wonderful husband."

Seeing the trio shocked that she knew who Veronica was engaged to Cheryl explained.

I have been keeping an eye on Veronica all night, her outfit looked so perfect. I saw how much trouble she had with it and also saw how she survived it all with grace, charm and good humor. "Veronica, if you're interested, we're having a little get together at the country club next weekend, I'd love for you to meet some of my classmates from Bradford College"

"Oh... Thank you, no, I have so many plans to make."  Veronica quickly said.  "In fact I may just drop out of sight for awhile to get myself back to normal, but dear friend Brittany would love to go.  She is hoping to attend Bradford next year."

Brittany's eyes lit up as she heard what Alvin was doing for her.

Cheryl smiled, "why we'd love to have Brittany join us, any one who is a friend of a proper young lady like Veronica is bound to be Bradford material."

"Oh Veronica, before I go, let me give you the card for my private dressmaker, she is an absolute wiz at making wedding gowns." Cheryl reached into her purse and pulled out a small card and handed it to Alvin. The card slipped out of his gloved hands and fluttered to the floor.

"I'll get it."  The disguised boy said.

He quickly bent over to pick the card up. As he bent down he received a painful reminder of the tight gown and corselet he was wearing. Not only that he also received a strange sound, like a violin string being plucked.  When Alvin stood up again he noticed everyone staring at him.

His hourglass figure started to come undone. There appeared to be so much pressure on the dress now that it looked like something inside was trying to escape. Simon understood what was about to happen and ducked behind a table.

With a loud pop, Alvin's corselet exploded taking the gown with it. Pieces of fabric scattered everywhere. When Simon looked up from his hiding place he saw Cheryl and Brittany covered with remnants of Alvin's gown, worse yet each was wearing one of his breast forms as a hat.

Alvin was left in stockings, high heels, gloves, panties and no wig.  His mask had stayed on so no one would recognize him at least. Simon took off his coat, wrapped it around his brother and both of them headed out of there as fast as possible.

As they went out they passed Dave whom was still at a payphone. He had witnessed the explosion. In fact Alvin's wig had landed on the phone.

With a stunned but calm expression he spoke to the woman at the other end. "Never mind trying to reach my mother operator, could you please try my psychiatrist's number?" he said.

Meanwhile Cheryl & Brittany still stood with breasts on their heads. Brittany was the first to speak.

"So what time should I be at the country club?" She asked innocently as she carefully pealed the breast off her head and daintily let it drop to the floor..

The look on Cheryl's face banished all thoughts of the country club AND Bradford College from her mind.


Brittany fumed in her room; she hated to wait, "isn't he ready yet?" She demanded.

Simon emerged from another bedroom, "okay, he's done, I still think this is unfair though, he was just supposed to be your butler for a month."

"Oh no." Brittany answered with a smile, "the exact agreement was he would be my 'servant' for a month, and servants wear what their bosses decide they should wear."

She then rang a silver bell, which is a pre-arranged signal for Alvin to enter. Even knowing how his brother was suffering in this getup, Simon had to laugh. Alvin entered dressed in the tightest, shortest French maid dress Brittany could find, his legs encased in net stockings and his feet stuffed into skyscraper heels he could barely balance on. Brittany suppressed a giggle at the sight of Alvin dressed this way.

"Bring me some writing paper 'Alvette', I need to send for some college catalogs."

"Okay," he said but a frown from Brittany made him realize his mistake. "Oui mademoiselle Brittany."

Brittany gave a quick "ahem" letting him know he had forgotten something.

With a sigh Alvin took his short skirt edges between his index finger and thumb. As dainty as he could Alvin added a curtsy. Unfortunately the high heels he wore threw his balance completely off and he ended up flat on his face.

Simon and Brittany both managed a sympathetic look for an entire second before both burst out laughing at the sight of Alvin sprawled on the carpet showing just how much lace was underneath the uniforms skirt.

"It's gonna be a looooooong month." Alvin muttered.

An fun Chipmunks story written with the assistance of Raven Child.
She also did a great pic for this which is on my TGtoons site
and in my gallery here [link]

Its always fun to use Alvins ego and competitive urge with Brittany against him
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All five girls slept soundly in the king size bed as the sun rose. Tucked under the pink sheets was Beth and Brittany on one side of the bed, and Haley and Kelly on the other side. Their new baby Trixie was safely placed in between them.

Trixie had a little trouble falling asleep. She kept trying to get out of bed, but her arms were tied to her side, her feet were covered in thick pink slippers, and the comforter was tightly pulled over her. But eventually, she gave up and finally fell asleep.

Once the first girl woke up, she shook everyone else awake, except for the drowsy Trixie.

"No what do we do?" asked Haley.

"I don't know." said Beth. "She'll be hungry, I know that. We should be prepared to feed her."

"Ya" said Brittany. "And she can't stay in her pajamas. She's going to needs some real clothes."

"What do you think if we move her past the baby stage and move her up to a big girl?"

"I like it!" cheered Beth.

"Me too!" said Haley.

"What did you have in mind Kelly?" asked Brittany.

"Well first of all," she said, looking over Trixie. "I don't like her hair. It's too flat. Too boyish. It needs volume. I'm thinking curlers!"

"Great idea!" Beth left the room to ask her mom if she could borrow her curlers.

"Sure Beth. Is Trixie going to the hair salon?"

"Sort of. We're giving her a big girl makeover, but her hair is boring, so we're fixing it!"

"Well, I can't wait to see how she looks when you're done. Be sure to show her to me when you're finished! Here you go sweetie." she handed Beth her pink curlers."

"Thanks mom!"

Beth got back to the bedroom to find her friends hard at work.

"We decided it would be easiest to work if she was asleep. So we put some earplugs in her ears."

The baby bonnet and slippers were off, and they had already begun to give Trixie a pedicure. First they applied an undercoat for a clean shine. Then they put on hot pink nail polish. And finally, another clear coat to really make it sparkle. Then they did the same for her hand nails. Beth put the curlers in her hair and started getting a big girl outfit ready. She got a light green top, a mini denim skirt, pink panties, a push up bra, and pink flip flops. She laid it all out on the edge of the bed, ready to be put on.

"Ok! Are we ready to wake her up and finish getting her ready?" asked Beth.

"I think so!" said Brittany. "Lets do it!"

They took out the earplugs and brought her back over to the chair. Two girls grabbed a leg each, while a third carried Trixie's upper half. The fourth girl grabbed two pink fuzzy hand cuffs from the main dresser and set them next to the clothes. They then re-tied Trixie's ankles to the front two chair legs. Kelly took off the night gown, and Haley used make up remover to get the makeup off of Trixie's face. She was just starting to wakeup, and started to squirm again when she realized what was happening.

"She's going to make noise when we take out her pacifier."

"Its ok" said Beth. "Go ahead and take it out." the girls removed the pacifier, and Beth quickly glued Trixie's lips together before she was able to make a sound.

"I don't like that lipstick color. Do you?" Haley asked

"No" said Kelly. "It was good for a baby, but now I think she needs a sparkly light pink!"

Kelly applied the light pink lip gloss to Trixie's lips.

"Now" said Beth "Lets put some proper makeup on her!"

The took off the fake eye lashes and used some black mascara instead. Then they applied foundation, a very light pink blush, and eyeliner.

"She's starting to look a little more presentable! Don't you think ladies?" Beth asked.

"Except for the diaper." said Kelly.

"Ya" said Brittany. "Her make ups done. Lets get her dressed!"

Haley and Kelly each grabbed one of Trixie's arms and held them behind her back. Brittany untied the ankle braces, and Beth got the panties. Brittany then removes the diaper from Trixie and sniffs it.

"Good baby! No pee pee!"

"Now Trixie." asked Beth. "These are big girl panties." she said, holding up the frilly pink lingerie. "Are you sure you can handle it?"

Trixie squirmed some more, and the eyes behind the makeup begged for attention.

"I'll take that as a yes!" she exclaimed.

Brittany lifted up Trixie's legs one at a time and let Beth place the panties around her ankles.

"You ready Trixie? It feels really good."

Beth slowly pulled the panties up Trixie's legs and up into her crotch. Winking at her when she snapped them into place around her waist. She grabbed the push up bra and, with Haley and Kelly's help, slipped Trixie's arms through the straps. She hooked the bra and adjusted the cups. Trixie now had two little perky A cup breasts.

"So cute!" said Brittany.

"But no girl should be seen in her underwear." Beth said as Trixie shivered.

"Are you cold darling? I'm sorry. Lets hurry and get her dressed."

The girls forced Trixie to step into skirt that was lying on the floor, and when she did, they pulled it up to her waist. After the skirt was secured, the girls forced Trixie's arms through the armholes of the green top and pulled it down over her. Trixie continued to make muffled noises.

"I'm hungry!" said Haley.

"Me too." agreed Kelly.

"Lets go get some breakfast" said Beth. "Trixie's curlers need a little more time to finish."

They used a set of the fuzzy pink handcuffs and attached Trixie to the bed while they went to eat breakfast. Trixie tried to get out of it, but they were strong handcuffs, and they weren't budging.

When the girls got back from breakfast, they all got themselves ready to go. Putting on makeup and doing their hair. When they were ready to go, they took the curlers out of Trixie's hair, which now had more volume due to the many fluffy curls. Then they slipped her into her pink flip flops.


"I love it!"

Beth put the handcuffs in her purse and walked Trixie down stairs to show their mom.

"Oh Trixie!" their mother exclaimed. "You look simply wonderful! I love your hair! And what a cute outfit!"

"Tell me Trixie." she continued, putting her hands on her knees and leaning towards her. "Do you enjoy being a girl? Do you wish to remain pretty? Because I'm more than ok with that. You can stay a beautiful girl if you want."

Trixie just looked down at the ground silently.

"I'll take that as a yes!" their mother looked very pleased. "Beth, why don't you take her to the park? I'm sure she'd have fun there. She might even make a few new friends!"

"Good idea mom! Lets go guys!"

The girls took Trixie out to the garage and sat her inside the wagon, and handcuffed each arm to the sides. Then they rolled her over to the playground, where many cute boys were playing.
Trixie gets a makeover from her sister and friends.
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Before the story starts lets set the scene. Im teenage boy around 13/14 who is spending the week his sisters house. Jess is 21 and lives alone, she's had her house for a couple of months and its not the first time I've spent time over there with her. We both get along like normal siblings and hardly ever fight...

It was a typical average Monday, it was raining quite heavily outside and I had no intentions of going out for the day. I was watching TV in the living room when my sister came into the room. You could tell by the look on her face that she was bored too and desperately wanted something to do. She sat down on the other sofa and watched Jeremy Kyle whilst playing with her hair. She was sat facing me as she played with her hair, after about 30 minutes or so an idea sparked into her head and she left the room. Soon after I heard her return as she sat just behind me. Jess began to brush my shoulder length hair, I knew what she was doing but didn't really react. The sensation of the brush going through my hair felt relaxing and almost enjoyable.

"There we are, you look much better now" announced Jess, she walked in front of me with a mirror and held it up for me to see. To my horror I saw that she had put my hair into two pigtails either side of my head with pink ribbon. "What have you done!" I shouted. "Oh hush, it's much better than that boring look you used to have". I got up from my seat and went to go and take them out but as I approached the bathroom I was pushed into jess's room. I was pushed with so much force by Jess that I was knocked to the ground, I heard the door get locked behind me. As I was about to get up from the ground Jess began to strip me until I was completely naked, before I could react she threw all of my clothes out of the window. "What the hell are you doing!" I felt totally embarrassed as I stood there desperately trying to cover myself. "I'm bored, your bored. And we can't just sit around the house watching TV, so I've decided to give you a brand new look", she walked towards her wardrobe and pulled out the pinkest girliest and frilliest dress I've ever seen. "Put this on", "I'm not wearing that", "Youve got nothing else to wear, you don't have a choice".

As I paused thinking what to do next Jess tackled me and forced the dress over my head, she zipped it all the way up to the top. I could hardly move as I tried to stand up, the dress was so tight my arms and body were almost unmovable. When I got to my feet she slip up a pair of pink matching panties, they were also tight and felt very comfortable as I squeezed against my crotch. She pushed me onto a chair and started applying makeup, I couldn't move as she forcefully applied it. Eventually I was brought over to the mirror. I could only look in disgust as I saw myself look completely feminine. I was wearing a bright pink frilly poofy ultra girly dress that even the girliest of girls will feel awkward to wear. My hair was still in pigtails and my face was covered in bright pink makeup. I had long lashes, pink lips and far too much blusher.

"Get me out of this now!", "No you look so adorable and super cute,  now come along Susie let's go and show you off to the world". She grabbed me by the hand and dragged me by the hand out the door. As I started to pull back she kicked me in the balls really hard and pushed me into the car.
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   A Little too Curious

   My name is James and I am 12 years old with longish blonde hair and blue eyes I live with my Mum and Dad plus my two sisters Michelle who is 18 years old and Alice who is 15 years old. We often moved a lot and when we did we mainly moved to little country towns. This resulted in us having to make our own fun as there wasn't a lot of other kids around to play with. Well one day my parents needed to go to the next town over and this left me and my sisters with the house to ourselves as my parents wouldn't be back until tomorrow. Well my parents left leaving me and my sisters to our own devices and pretty soon they left to get some food for dinner. The shops were across town and my sisters decided to walk this gave me about an hour to my self. Normally I would spend this time playing video games or playing ball outside but today was different on my way to my room i passed Alice's room and sitting on her bed was what looked like a mix of pink and white candy floss, but upon closer inspection it was actually a dress.I remember seeing it once when Alice was a flower girl at a wedding a few years ago.

   The dress itself was very girly it was pink with little white flowers all over it, a peter pan collar and very puffy sleeves it also had a sewn in petticoat with a zipper and a sash which tied into a big bow at the back. I just couldn't take my eyes off it, It was like it was screaming at me to look to touch. I ran to the kitchen to look at the clock good I thought I still had about 45 minutes I could easily try it on and get it off before my sisters came home. I dashed back to my sisters room and stripped down to nothing but my undies. I lifted the dress up and held it against my body it felt wonderful I couldn't believe it the soft material and all the frills against my body felt wonderful. I opened the dress up and stepped inside as I pulled the dress up I slipped my arms into the sleeves and reached around back to pull up the zipper. When the zipper was finally all the way up I then started to work on tying the sash into a bow at the back this was pretty difficult but I finally got something like a bow tied back there. Now for the moment of truth I slowly walked to my sisters wall mirror enjoying the new feeling of the dress and petticoat swishing across my legs when I got to the mirror my cheeks must have turned very red because except for my hair which was a little messy and the fact I was not wearing any shoes I looked a lot like a girl in a frilly dress. I must of spent ages looking in the mirror totally transfixed on the image before me. I started doing little poses and curtseys that I have seen my sisters do a few times then I decided to go for a twirl and that's when it happened my sisters fell from the doorway to the floor in fits of laughter. This gave me a such a shock i tripped and fell to the floor this just made my sisters laugh even harder as i tried to stand up again in the pink and white froth.

   My sisters finally recovered and Alice said "my my my who are you little girl and why are you wearing my dress"

   I was in mix state of fear and embarrassment and all I could get out was a lot of mumbles

   Michelle still giggling said "why Alice I think that's James"

   "What" said Alice in an obviously sarcastic voice "but James is a boy he would never wear a dress"

   "Don't be silly Alice" said Michelle now starting to regain her composure "everybody has the right to be pretty." "But I think he still needs a bit of work don't you Alice?"

   Alice suddenly got an even bigger smile on her face as she realized what Michelle was hinting at. Her eyes then darted at me and began to examine me up and down with Michelle doing the same. They then started to whisper amongst themselves and then Alice ran out the room. I could hear her footsteps down at the end of the hall and in no time flat she was back carrying a couple of boxes.

   "They're in here somewhere" said Alice as she started to toss things from the box left and right.

   I was still trapped in my own thought process as my brain was becoming backlogged from the millions of thoughts that were racing through my mind.

   "Aha here they are" said Alice as if she had discovered gold "Here" she said as she gave what looked to be like white long socks to Michelle.

   "Come here" Michelle said to me as she guided me towards Alice's bed "Sit down princess"

   I didn't even really here what she was saying my body just reacted by its self. She then started to put the tights on each leg.

   "Hey" said Michelle in a fake angry tone "your still wearing boys underwear. Alice go get the matching panties for this dress"

   Alice rushed to her draw and then tossed the panties to Michelle.

   "Here you go princess try these on they will make you feel a hundred times prettier compared to that boys underwear" said Michelle stretching out the panties between her hands.

   They were pink with a bow on the front and rows of frilly lace on the back. My body just took over again and before I knew it my boys underwear was replaced with the frilly panties. Michelle then proceeded to put the tights on me again. When that was done Alice then gave Michelle some white socks with frills on the top and some pink mary jane shoes. By the time that was all done and I got to look in the mirror again the little girl was certainly starting to appear.

   "Not bad" said Alice standing back to look me over again "but look at her hair it's all over the place"

   "I agree" said Michelle as she was running her hand through my hair "and I know the perfect style for her"

   Michelle then led me over to a chair in front of Alice's vanity table

   "Okay Princess keep your head nice and level so it's easy to work with" said Michelle as she started to brush my hair

   "Wait wait wait" said Alice as she quickly threw a sheet over her mirror "we don't want princess to see until it's complete"

   "Good idea" said Michelle as she continued to mercilessly untangle the knots in my hair

   To my great relief she eventually stopped brushing and started to use the comb and scissors to make my hair nice and even around the edges. She eventually got to my fringe which after the combing had gotten quite long well past my eyes and almost touching my mouth. Michelle just cut the hair so it was just touching the top of my eye line. I didn't need a mirror to know how I looked at this point and I started to think of how I was going to explain my new haircut to mum. I couldn't see what else they were doing but my sisters would break out in giggles every now an then. Over the next hour my hair was tugged, pulled, twisted and sprayed in every which way and then finally my sisters declared they were finished.

   "Alice if you would do the honers" said Michelle pointing towards the mirror.

   "Most certainly" said Alice in a bad game show announcer find of way "3-2-1 ta duh"

   I must of turned 10 shades of red because staring back at me was a little girl with spirals of curls seemingly coming from everywhere and atop her head a pink bow that just seemed to make her even more girly. I reached up and pulled one of the curls and it just shot straight back to its original position. This just made my sisters break into uncontrollable laughter. When they calmed down they led me to the wall mirror for the full effect and I must say I looked more like a 7 year old little girl then a 12 year old boy.

   "Come on princess let's go get something to eat and drink we've been in here for hours" said Michelle leading me to the door.

   I managed to stop just before the door giving Michelle a scared look.

   "Don't worry princess it's just us here" said Michelle as if reading my mind. "No one else is gonna see you"

   Not see me I thought I felt like I could be seen two galaxy's over. They eventually convinced me to leave the safety of the room and we went to the kitchen to have some apple juice and a sandwich. My sisters then explained that they had called a cab to come back home from the shops and that when they got home they came across me in the dress I was in such a daze that I didn't even hear them open the front door.

   After we finished eating my sisters suggested we go play in the backyard I was against this but Michelle said it's either the backyard or front yard your call. As if it was a choice I thought and so we went out to play in the backyard I went for the swings and my sisters took turns pushing me Michelle once pushed me a little too hard causing my dress to fly up revealing my panties which Alice rather loudly pointed out. We played a little more outside with games like hopscotch and hide and seek which I thought was a little unfair I mean it was really hard to hide anywhere dressed as how I was. We spent the rest of the day playing other games inside and out with Alice a few times pretending to lock me outside which scared me a little bit. All in all though I had a wonderful day and by the end of it I was having genuine fun. We had dinner and then retreated to the lounge room where we watched a movie.

   By this time it was getting to be pretty late and I was particularly tired and eventually drifted off to sleep. I awoke to an all to familiar sound of my sisters giggling. I opened my eyes and I was still on the couch were I fell asleep and there were my sisters with another person. rubbed my eyes for a better view and it was Mum!!!

   "Morning princess" Mum said trying to suppress a giggle "your sisters tell me you had quite the day yesterday well that was nothing compared to what we're going to do today"

   "Mum what are you doing here" I said in a slightly panicky voice

   "What we can't come back to our own house" said Mum while scanning my entire body as if looking for gold "Well before I tell you don't you think that you should take care of that" she said pointing to my waist

   "Take care of what" I thought as I looked down to were she was pointing and that's when it hit me I was still wearing a dress and what's worse is that while I slept the dress rode up around my waist revealing my frilly panties. Well this certainly sprang me up from the couch as I quickly tried my best to smooth the dress back to a presentable position. My sisters all the while couldn't stop laughing even my Mum let out a few giggles.

   "Here let me help you princess" said Mum as she started circling me fluffing out the dress and petticoat and retying the bow at the back "There you go princess pretty as a picture. Now maybe we can make sense of all this"

   Well I started to explain what had happened the previous day and all the events that took place while my sisters made sure to mention the more embarrassing moments. To my Mums credit she listened to everything while sometimes breaking into little giggles. When Mum was finally brought up to date with the story she broke into a very large smile. The thing you have to understand about my family is that they are very fun loving they will go out of their way to make sure that they are not bored. I could now see this in my Mum's eyes it was like she was processing billions of thoughts and ideas on how to make this situation more entertaining. Then something clicked and she snapped back to reality but before she could say something we were interrupted

   "Well what's going on here" came a voice from the lounge room door.

   We all turned our heads to look and standing in the doorway was Dad with a quizzical look on his face, no doubt trying to figure out why there were 4 girls standing in his lounge room.

   "Why it's just me and our daughters silly" said Mum reacting quickly to the new situation "don't you recognize us"

   I could see my Dad's eyes scanning each person in the room slowly ticking off each person he knew. He recognized my Mum and sisters but then his eyes stopped at me he looked for a long time and then it clicked I was James his son.

   "Of course" said Dad finally getting in on the joke "How could I be so blind"

   "Well I'm glad your brain finally caught up with your eyes" said Mum giving Dad a little wink "We were just discussing the possibility of going out for something to eat"

   This comment certainly got my attention along with my sisters.

   "What a great idea" said Dad now really starting to get into the spirit of things "I'll go pull the car around and you girls make sure your all ready to go out"

   My sisters practically flew to their rooms in order to get ready to go out why Mum stayed behind to explain why they were back so early. Apparently instead of staying overnight at the motel Dad drove back through the night in order to come back home and make sure we were okay. My parents were always kind of worrywarts despite their fun loving nature.

   "Now I know you must be scared dear but don't worry I can assure you that no one will will be able to tell that you are a boy" said Mum bursting into a small giggle "Oh I'm sorry dear I was just thinking that when I first saw you that one of your sisters had kidnapped a little girl from somewhere, I didn't even know it was you until your sisters told me. In other words if I can't tell your my own son I don't think we have to worry about other people figuring out your a boy"

   This strangely made me feel a little bit more confident. I still had my doubts but I could see in my Mum's eyes that this was happening one way or the other so I may as well play along

   "But before we go out dear your going to need a name" said Mum now really starting to see the potential fun she could have with this" We were going to call you Mary if you had been a girl and as it turns out you are so it will be Mary from now on okay Mary

   I just dumbly nodded my head as my brain was still to busy processing all that had happened up to this point. My sisters then returned and Mum announced my new name to them this brought a very big smile to both of their faces.

   "Come on then Mary let's get you to the car" said Michelle putting a lot of emphasis on the word Mary

   Alice quickly came next to me and took my hand. She then started leading me towards the front door. Michelle then swept around to the front in order to open the front door. I was then blasted by a cool breeze that hit my rather exposed legs. This was a new sensation for me because I've pretty much worn pants my entire life.This sensation was short lived as Alice tugged me from the safety of our home to the not so safe front yard. my eyes quickly darted left and right trying to see if anybody was out and about, luckily for me there was no one around but I still ran as fast as I could for our car in the driveway. My Dad couldn't help but laugh as I practically dived into the back seat, my sisters quickly followed making sure that I had a window seat. The seat belt came next and with the petticoat blocking my view I couldn't even see where the belt buckled in Alice had to help me, at this point I felt a bit trapped because I didn't think I could unbuckle myself without help. Soon Mum was out the door and in the car and we were off, now our car rides are rarely quiet as we normally play eye spy and this time it was no different Michelle started off with eye spy with my little eye something beginning with F. This caused everyone to look around for things that begin with F, now we have a rule for playing eye spy and that is the object must always be present, no yellow letterbox that we passed a half mile ago. It didn't take long before Mum yelled out flowers, which made me automatically shout out our rule that the object must always be present.

   "But they are present Mary they're all over your dress" said Mum pointing to the flower pattern that covered most of my dress.

   This got a good laugh from everyone and made me turn about ten shades redder then I already was. The worst part was that is what Michelle was thinking. which made everyone laugh even harder. The game continued for a while longer with about every second object being about something on my outfit.

   We eventually arrived at our destination which was just a little fish and chip shop in our town. Mercifully only my Dad went in to get some food we could eat. It didn't take long and soon we were off again, it was a short trip this time and when we stopped I looked out the window and noticed we were at the park. To say I was a little nervous about this would be the under statement of the year, But I figured I was going out there one way or the other so I may as well go. However my worst fears were confirmed when I couldn't undo the seat belt by myself Alice noticed my predicament and came to help out.

   "Don't worry Mary one day you'll be older enough to do this your self" said Alice in a playfully mocking tone.

   I didn't say anything because I was busy turning another 10 shades of red. I was finally released and joined the others who were setting under a couple of trees. I was glad for some cover at least and the park was mostly empty except from the odd jogger or couple walking through the park. My shelter was short lived however because as soon as we finished eating my sisters insisted we go play on the playground. They made sure that I played on every piece of playground equipment, the most embarrassing being the little hoarse on a spring that goes back and forward when you ride on it. This was made even more embarrassing when an older couple came past and gave me a little wave and a smile. Eventually it was time to leave after what seemed to be a lifetime or two. We all bundled into the car and I again needed help with my seat belt, which Alice was all too happy to help with.

   Dad seemed to take the very long way home as if he was trying to parade me around the entire town. Well the events of the day had taken their toll on me and I was soon drifting off to sleep. I awoke alone still inside the car I looked around out the window and noticed we were home at least I opened the door and went to get out but I was still buckled in and the belt pulled me back to my original position. I had no other options so I had to try to get the belt of myself, well half an hour and many failed attempts latter I finally managed to get the damn thing off. From there I got out the car a made a quick dash for the door only to find that is was locked, felling exposed as I was I started to knock on the door quite loud and quite fast.

   "Who is it" came a voice that I recognized as Mums

   "It's me James open up" I said in a very panicky voice

   "James? I don't know a James" said Mum in what had to be the most sarcastic tone ever

   I instantly realized what she wanted me to say so I took a deep breath and said "It's me Mary please open the door"

   "Ah Mary are you awake at last well come on in" said Mum keeping up the sarcastic tone

   The door magically opened and I rushed inside much to the amusement of everyone who was listening in on our conversation. The rest of the day passed with the occasional teasing at my expense,until it was time for tea. We had tea at the kitchen table and then watched a little T.V. After that it was time for bed and I was finally released from the dress and slipped into some good old fashion pj's everyone came and said goodnight and said what a good sport I was for going along with it. I finally got some real sleep that night and woke up the next day bright and early in fact only my Mum was up.

   "Good morning James" said Mum who started bursting into fits of giggles "I like your new hair style but I don't think it's made for a boy"

   I turned red almost instantly as my hair was still full of curls and the bow was still tied in as well

   "Sit down precious and we will straighten them out" said Mum pointing to a chair in front of her "Now sit here and I will be right back"

   She wasn't gone long and when she came back she had a hair straightener.

   "You know I think you look very cute as a girl" said Mum as she started straightening each curl "Maybe Mary could come out to play a bit more in the future"

   I thought about all that had happened and everything that transpired and said " You know what I would like that too" We both broke into laughter at that and to think it all came about because I was A Little too Curious.

Just a short little story I did a long time ago and decided to put it up :) It's more lovey dovy then my other stories but I still quite like it :) and I hope you do too :) :) :) :) :)
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This story is told in the 3rd person. The main characters name is Gabe.  He is a 14 year old boy. He has brown hair that covers his ears and covers his forehead and a little of his eyes. he is 5 foot four and weighs only 107.

Gabe was walking home from school with his best friend, Joseph.  Joseph deceded to invite Gabe over to his house for dinner. Gabe did the normal he called him mom and she said he could go. So they just continued walking until they reached Joseph's house.  They opened the door and let themselves in.  They preceded to walk up into Joseph's room.
"Black ops?" Joseph asked.
"Why not?" Gabe responded. They played Black Ops for a good half hour, until Joseph's mom walked in.
"Hey Gabe! I didn't hear you come in.  Man! your hair is getting long, tell your dad to get it cut before I do it for you!" Joseph's mom is a strong believer in boys have very short hair and girls have longer hair.
"Yeah sure."Gabe responded. Joseph's mom walked out the door.  The two boys continued to play Black Ops, until they were called for dinner.  Joseph's mom and sister had salad while we had hamburgers.  They ate for an hour, and then it was time for Gabe to go home.
Gabe and Joseph walked home for the next few days until Joseph invited Gabe over to his house again.
"We're having Hamburgers again! Wanna join us?" Joseph questioned. Gabe brought up to Joseph the fact that he didn't get a hair cut.  "So what?" Joseph said "She was just joking with you dude" Joseph reassured him.So Gabe checked with his mom and got the OK.  Once again they headed over to Joseph's house and let themselves in.  
As soon as they started to go up the stairs Joseph's mom called the two over.
"Joseph can you go take care of the neighbors house? They are out of town again."  His mom asked him.  Joseph dreaded taking care of their house, he had to vacuum, mop, take out the dog, feed the dog, water all the plants, and mow their lawn.  By the time he did all of this it would be time for dinner.
"Mom do I have to? Gabe is over." Joseph tried to argue.
"Yes Joseph you know the rules, Gabe can stay here and do some chores for me, I'm sure he wont mind. Now will you Gabe?"
Gabe was not the one to say no to an adult.  "Yeah sure, that's fine"  Gabe responded. So Joseph stormed out of the house and went to work.  "What chores do I need to do?"
"You aren't doing chores Gabe.  I wouldn't make my son's friends do chores.  But I did notice one thing, you didn't get a haircut.  I never lie," He tone changed from friendly to demanding "now sit down."  Gabe, frightened, sat down. "Don't worry I cut my daughters hair all the time, you'll be fine"
"Your daughters hair?" Gabe questioned.
"Yeah, and doesn't she turn out pretty?" pretty was not the word Gabe was hoping for. "Now I only have this cutting cape(The cape they put around you when you get your hair cut.) She held up a cutting cape that with bright pink and said in the center "I'm a pretty princess."  "It's ok" Joseph's Mom said "Joseph wont see you he's at the neighbors house."  She placed the cape on Joseph and started cutting away. about 10 minutes passed and Joseph's mom said she was done.  She held up a pink mirror and Gabe gasped.  His apperanced changed, his hair no longer looked like a boys, but like a girls. He had a bun in his hair with no bangs.  "Aww now don't you look pretty?"  
"I look like a girl!" Gabe shouted.  
"I know, but I'll make it better follow me to my room."  Gabe took off the cape and went up into her room hoping she could improve it.  She closed the door, locked it, then put the key in her pocket so they couldn't leave unless she wanted them to.  In a demanding tone she said "Ok take off all of your clothes but your boxers."
"WHAT?!" Gabe shouted.
"I'm going to make it better, so unless you want me taking a picture right now and sending it to your entire school, you better behave."  Gabe took off all of his clothes but his boxers. "Now put these on"  She handed Gabe a pair of red panties.  Gabe obeyed and went in the bathroom to swap his boxers for the panties.  The panties barely covered his penis but it did not cover any of his pubic hair.  "Now you are probably wondering why i had you do this."  She picked up a razor and shaving cream.  "Now hold still"  She turned on the shower and started applying shaving cream to the boy.  She would then shave him bit by bit, including his pubic hair, and then stick whatever area she shaved into the water.  The boys skin was then clean of hair.  Joseph's mom then applied lotion to Gabe's entire body.  
"Now sit down at my makeup table"  Gabe obeyed and found himself sitting at a table filed with all sorts of makeup, different kinds of lipstick, nail polish, curled his eye lashes, and so much more.  He also saw a large mirror in front of him.  Joseph's Mom then brought out a pair of tweezers and picked at Gabe's eyebrows until they were feminine enough.  "Perfect!" she said.  She then grabbed a bright red tube of lipstick and applied it to Gabe.  Gabe just sat there frozen, frightened.  And after a while she stated that she was done.  She had applied, lipstick, mascara, foundation, lip gloss, nail polish(on his toes and hands), and a lot more.  "Now stand up" He did so and she put a white corset on the boy and tightened it.  This corset pushed some of the boy's skin up and created breast.
She then stepped into her closet and pulled out a red pencil skirt and black blouse.  She tucked the blouse into the skirt and added a belt.  Afterwards, she pulled out black 6 inch high heels. he put them on and became 5'10".
She put him infront of a full mirror and he saw what he had transformed to.  With all the makeup and his new hair cut his head looked as feminine as it could be.  with the corset, and pencil skirt he naturally stuck his but out and breast forwards. He started to cry until Joseph's mom said "If you cry I'll have to redo your makeup!"  
30 more minutes passed and Joseph's mom called joseph and told him to come home and eat dinner as it was ready.  Joseph did so, but as he walked in he saw a girl staring at him from the table.  Joseph, meet Gabi.  Joseph just started laughing, until his mom said "Watch out, you're next. and you're getting your ears pierced."

                                                         The end
Tell me if it's good, and if you want more stories!
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~Ring ring! Ring ring!~

Sonic groaned as he sat up on the couch, the loud ringing of his telephone waking him from his afternoon nap. Didn't people realise that saving the world was hard work? He thought he deserved a little relaxation after all these years!

Sighing, the Blue Blur leaned over and picked up the receiver, holding it to his ear. "Hello?" he asked irritably, rubbing at his eyes.

"Hello there, blue boy."

Sonic nearly dropped the phone, snapped out of his grogginess by Rouge's voice. It had been two months since the little "incident" at Rouge's home, and it didn't seem like Rouge had spoken about it... but at every opportunity she made a small, seemingly-innocent comment that let Sonic know she remembered it. Such as offering to take him lingerie shopping with her and Amy, or asking if he wanted to try on her new high heels.

"What do you want, Rouge?" Sonic asked coldly, electing a giggle from the treasure huntress.

"Oh, Sonic, is that anyway to talk to an old friend? My mother always did say when you lend someone your outfit, you're friends for life!" she laughed. Sonic sighed and pinched between his eyes.


"Oh, fine." she giggled, Sonic almost able to hear her rolling her eyes. "I need to ask a favour. An act at my club got canceled, so I need someone to fill in."

"Not interested." Sonic stated almost immediately, preparing to slam the phone down.

"Oh, I think you should be! Considering the footage I have of you..."

The colour drained from the hedgehog's cheeks. "F... f... footage?"

"Why yes, darling! What, did you think a jewel collector like myself WOULDN'T have some sort of security camera?"

Sonic went silent, so Rouge continued. "Oh, and the pictures I printed off with it. You relaxing in a bubble bath, you checking out yourself in the mirror, you at my vanity... and of course, the completely made over you striking a sexy pose! Why, if anyone say these pictures I doubt ANYONE would believe you had been forced into it!"

Sonic found himself swallowing hard as he realised the predicament he was in. Letting out another sigh, he hung his head in defeat.

"I'll be right over."

Thirty seconds later (slow for Sonic, Rouge noted) there was a knock at Rouge's door. Answering it, she grinned at Sonic's glum expression.

"Sonic, darling, so glad you could make it! Come in, come in!" she giggled, standing aside and letting him in. Stepping inside, he grimaced as he noticed the pictures she had been threatening him with on her table, proving it wasn't a bluff. The white bat giggled and sashayed over to the table, picking them up.

"Don't you look sexy in them, Sonic? I especially love this one!" she grinned, holding up a pic of Sonic, fully dressed in her clothes, with one hand on his head, one hand on his hip, and a sexy smile on his face.

"What do you want from me, Rouge?" Sonic demanded with a sigh, cutting straight to the chase. Rouge pouted as she slipped the photos into a brown envelope.

"You're no fun... anyway, as I mentioned, I need you to fill in for an act tonight at Club Rouge."

"Doing WHAT?" he asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Singing." she stated plainly. "Just singing."

Sonic raised an eyebrow. "I... uh... oh. That doesn't actually sound so bad."

Rouge's pink lips spread into a grin, showing her fangs. "So you'll do it?"

"Sure, I guess. I'll do it!" Sonic smiled and gave a thumbs up.

"Wonderful!" Rouge giggled happily. She stepped forward, planting a kiss on Sonic's cheek... followed by a rag pressed over his nose and mouth.

"Mmph!? Mmoumph...!!" Sonic cried, as he inhaled the chemicals it was soaked in and slowly dozed off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sometime later, Sonic's eyes slowly opened. The last thing he remembered was Rouge pressing a rag to his face, and then darkness. What was wrong with that woman? He already said yes, she didn't need to drug him...

An irritated sigh escaped his lips as he looked around. He seemed to be lying on a bed, in a pretty plain looking room. There was a door, a bedside cabinet, a closet and a vanity table, the mirror of which was heart-shaped and decorated with lights. This seemed a little plain to be Rouge's bedroom... where was he, he thought to himself as he sat up...

...and immediately felt weight on his chest. A VERY FAMILIAR weight on his chest. Swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat, Sonic slowly looked down at himself, and his fears were confirmed.

Immediately, the blue blur jumped off the bed, and stumbled almost immediately from the shoes on his feet. He caught himself on the edge of the vanity table, looking at himself in the mirror. And screamed.

The first thing that caught his attention: breasts. Once again, a pair of huge false boobs had been adhered to his chest. All the atrocious memories of his encounter in Rouge's home came rushing back to him as he stared at them, and that caused him to notice two major things: one, that these falsies were not covered in any form of bronzer or makeup or anything. Instead, their shiny, obvious fake colour was revealed, contrasting with his own furless chest. If anyone saw them, it would be obvious they were fake. And two, they were bigger than the ones Rouge's machine forced onto him. MUCH bigger.

However, that was only the tip of the iceberg. His regular gloves and shoes were gone; instead, his arms were coated in white silk up past his elbows, the opera gloves very nearly reaching his shoulders, with tight gold bracelets around his wrists that reminded him of a certain pink hedgehog. Instead of his usual sneakers, his feet were adorned by a pair of hot pink pumps with pointed toes and tall stiletto heels. Climbing up his legs from the shoes were a pair of similarly hot pink fishnet stockings which stood out against his bright blue fur.

And that led to the next part of the nightmarish ensemble; he was wearing a dress. At least last time he was wearing pants due to Rouge's jumpsuit, but this time he was garbed in a tight strapless minidress (hot pink, naturally) that he could barely move his legs in. The skirt was so short that the tops of his stockings were visible, and the bodice, rather than completely covering his false bust line, cupped it and pushed it up, making them seem even bigger.

That was just his clothing. In the mirror, he saw his eyelids had been painted the same pink as he rest of his outfit, giving them a feminine shine, and long black eyelashes extended out from them. His ears had been pierced, and a pair of golden hoop earrings inserted into the holes. Finally, around his neck was a choker that was as bright and pink as the rest of the outfit, with glittery silver sequins that spelled out the word "Sonique" in a cursive font. She had left his quills alone this time, but Sonic wasn't certain if he should be thankful for that; between his spiky quills, blue fur and obviously fake boobs, it was painfully clear to anyone who he really was.

"Well, well..." the sultry tone of a certain bat came from the doorway, attracted by Sonic's scream. "It seems someone discovered her new look..."

"Rouge!" the pink-clad hedgehog yelled. "What have you done to me!?"

"Why, I simply got you ready for your big debut tonight, darling! You DID say you would fill in at my club..."

"Yeah, as a singer! You never said anything about... about THIS!"

Rouge smirked and strutted over, her hands on her hips. "Oh, darling, don't you get it? The act I needed filled..." She leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "...was the drag act."

Sonic's eyes went wide and his mouth hung open. So that was why she went to all the trouble to make him so stomach-wrenchingly feminine, but made sure he was just masculine enough to be recognized. Rouge immediately burst into laughter.

"Oh, Sonique, darling, you had better not let the boys see you with your mouth like that! They might get the wrong idea!"

'Sonique' clamped his mouth shut and let a low growl emanate from his through. "My name is Sonic, and you damn well know it!" he yelled, stamping his foot in anger. Unfortunately, his high heeled shoes just resulted into a loud click against the floor and made his false breasts bounce, taking away any intimidation the motion might have had and just made him look like a spoilt primadonna.

"Uh huh, whatever, hun." Rouge smirked, rolling her eyes. "Anyway, you're on stage in two minutes."

"Two minutes?" Sonic scoffed. "Well, shot yourself in the foot there. How do you expect me to learn any lyrics or anything in two minutes?"

Rouge just grinned devilishly. "Oh, don't worry about that... being a secret agent has it's perks..." she chuckled and ran a finger over his choker. "Like all the advanced tech you can steal if you're careful. Now..."

She whipped out a small remote and pressed a button on it, causing Sonic to suddenly stand up straight. He tried to demand what she was doing, but his mouth refused to move. Rouge grinned as she draped a white feather boa around Sonic's shoulders.

"...time for your big debut!" she laughed, as Sonic began walking out of the room against his will. Whereas beforehand he could barely stand in the stilettos on his feet, he suddenly found himself walking in them without a problem. He tried to scream for help, but whatever Rouge  done to him made him unable to even speak to the stagehands he passed, a couple of them predictably chuckling at the sight of him.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen..." he heard Rouge's voice announce over the speakers, as one of the stagehands handed him a microphone, same hot pink as his outfit. "...please put your hands together and welcome on-stage: Miss Sonique Le Herrison!"

Sonic tried desperately to will his legs to move as the curtain raised, but again they remained still as his face formed a wide smile. Finally his legs began to move, but instead of fleeing as he had hoped he instead began to walk forward, his heels clicking on the stage and his hips swaying with every step. The entire crowd was silent as they took in the image of Sonic the Hedgehog, dressed in something that even Amy and Rouge were too butch to be seen in.

The silence didn't last, as familiar music began to play from the speakers, and Sonic raised his microphone up to his lips.

"Ah, ah, fire, fire..." he sang softly as he leaned forward slightly, almost as if trying to show off his faux bust. His free hand began to run down his hip, as he cocked it out seductively. "Ah, ah, fire, fire..."

Seeing that he was being serious now, the crowd immediately reacted with a combination of laughing, applauding, cheering, jeering and whistling. A few of them got their phones and cameras out to record his performance. "Ah, ah, fire, fire..." he continued to sign, as he began to strut across the stage. That's right, strut, his hips swaying and his butt wiggling despite his mental commands. "Ah, ah, fire, fire..."

He stopped, but that was only because he had reached one of the speakers on-stage. He placed one hand on it's flat surface as he leaned across it, his upper arms pushing his breast forms together and enhancing his unwanted cleavage, as he bent one knee and raised a high heeled leg, thrusting his butt out at the same. "Naaa, na naaa, na naa..."

By this point, the entire crowd was going wild, clearly loving what he was doing but for very different reasons. He straightened up and continued to sing and dance on the stage.

"I got out my map and chose a place I wanted to go to..."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Ding dong!~

"Tails, can you get that?" Sonic called from upstairs.

"Sure..." Tails chuckled as he got up off the couch to answer the door. A quick exchange of signature for parcel, and Tails took the box upstairs. He grinned as he knocked on Sonic's door, awaiting an answer. He never got tired of what he saw every time the door opened, as Sonic peered out.

He was wearing makeup. He was wearing perfume. He was wearing high heels.

"Thanks, Tails..." Sonic said with a forced smile as he led Tails into his room. He slowly walked across the hot pink shag carpeting, taking a seat on his purple silk bedsheets and crossing his legs.

"Do you want me to open it for you, Sonique?" his 'little bro' chuckled as he sat the parcel on Sonic's vanity table.

"Please, darling." Sonic said, struggling not to flinch. "I just did my nails."

The twin-tailed fox shook his head, laughing as he opened the parcel. Sonic sighed quietly. After the show, Rouge had delivered to Sonic an ultimatum; either he met her three demands, or she would shift the nanobots she used to control his body into overdrive, essentially making him "Miss Sonique" permanently. Her demands were "simple".

1. He would need to live as Sonique for 4 weeks. He would need to wear women's clothing, make up, high heels, look the part, act the part, and overall LIVE the part, as the hot pink wall paper of his ultra-feminized room could attest.

"Whoa..." Tails gasped as he pulled out the sheer pink lingerie in the box. His cheeks went red and he quickly stuffed it back in as Sonic rolled his eyes. Which brought him to demand numero deux.

2. During these 4 weeks, he had to order at least 1 full outfit per day. Apparently she had hacked his account and knew how much money he had in his life savings, and so she gave him no financial support for this demand, even threatening to freeze his account if she caught him spending it on anything else.

"Thanks, Tails sweetie..." Sonic said in as chipper a tone as he could manage, as he approached his vulpine companion and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"No problem, Sonic..." Tails said with a blush as he hurried out. Now alone, Sonic sighed and buried his head in his nicely manicured hands as he remembered her final, and by far the worst demand.

3. Twice a month, Sonic would perform at Club Rouge as Miss Sonique. By his own free will. And he had to wow the audience; if he half-assed it, it was as good as not doing it at all.

~~Ring ring! Ring ring!~~

Great. Just what he needed. He gave a resigned sigh as he picked up his phone, already knowing who it was. "Hello?"

"Sonique, darling!" Rouge giggled on the other end. Sonic grimaced, but tried to stay in character.

"Hey there, Rouge honey!" he greeted. "How can I help you?"

"Oh, just giving you a ring to see how you're... adjusting." Sonic could practically hear the smirk she was making.

"I'm adjusting just..." He swallowed nervously before continuing. "...just FABULOUSLY, darling!" he finally managed.

"Good, good..." she chuckled evilly. "Oh well, I won't keep you. Oh! And just some helpful advice? Make sure you practice your routine. My nanobots won't be helping you this time, so you'd better get used to dancing in high heels and tight dresses quickly. Toodles..."

There was a click followed by the dial tone, and Sonic rubbed his temples with his pretty fingers. He felt like crying. He was trapped.

With nothing else to do, he reluctantly rose to his high heeled feet and began to sway his body, trying to get a feel as to how his weight shifted on stilettos.

"Tap the rhythm against the floor... to look for another door..." he sang. Looks like he wasn't going to get to relax after all.


After the humiliating incident at Rouge's house, Sonic receives a phone call from the white bat for help at her club. Unfortunately for the blue blur, he has no idea what she has planned for him.

Here it is, the sequel to Sonic's New Look. And you know what that means; I can finally stop saying I'll do it and then never get around to it! :D

For those interested, here's the song that "Sonique" sings for his performance:…

Please check out the New Look Series TV Tropes page:…

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Sleeping Beauty-ish: Mod-ern Girl
By Shawna Stimple

Eugene awoke to find his sister, Mary Anne, sitting at her vanity putting the finishing touches on her makeup. He stood up to quickly, and found himself nearly toppling over at the height of the unfamiliar heels. It was then that he noticed that the shoes he was wearing were much higher than he had remembered. It was quite a shock, when he glanced down, and saw that he was wearing a short pink trapeze dress, white tights, and a pair of silver 3 inch platform sandals.

"What did you do?" he said, falling back onto the bed.

Mary Anne continued her preparations as though nothing was out of place. "I thought you might like to come out with me tonight. I was trimming your hair, when Bam, you were out like a light. Just like when we were kids."

When Eugene saw himself in the mirror, he knew he shouldn't have been surprised, but that didn't make the newfound image any easier to deal with. His blond hair had been cut into a short wedge teased high on top, and his makeup had been reapplied in a much heavier, more dramatic fashion. The most disconcerting thing was that his ears had been pierced, and he now had two large silver globes dangling at the sides of his face.

"You pierced my ears. I can't believe you!"

"That was surprisingly easy, but after you sat perfectly still for your new do, I just couldn't help but try.  Here. Put this on. We need to get going if we're going to make the exhibit."

Eugene took the offered pea coat, and stared with disbelief at his sister's nonchalance. "You can't seriously believe I'll go out with you like this. I mean what are you wearing anyway."

Mary Anne looked gorgeous in her blue geometric patterned minidress. With her hair tucked up under blue vinyl hat with the short brim at the front, she was just as pretty as he'd always remembered,
just a little more grown up than when he'd last seen her. As she finished her mascara, she grabbed the matching short overcoat, and pulled him by the hand to the door.

"I know you're curious as to what I've been getting into the past few months, and I just couldn't help myself. You looked so pretty, like sleeping beauty, that I couldn't bring myself to completely destroy you're beautiful hairdo. By the time I was finished I just created a more adult look. New hair can't go without a new dress. And you're makeup was absolutely necessary after all that. You look fabulous, now let's go."

"And if I don't?"

"Then I'll scream, and mom and dad will come running. They're already pretty pissed at you. Imagine how mad they'll be when I tell them I woke up to find you wearing my things, prettying yourself up at my vanity. I don't think they'll believe that crazy story you told us earlier. They might think you did it yourself. Now I'll say it again. Let's go."

Eugene followed her down the stairs, reluctantly slipping on the coat. At the door he was given a silver shoulder bag, and told to follow her lead. If he played his cards right, the night would be worth it.

The duo arrived at an art gallery a short time later, when Eugene finally got the nerve to start his questions again. "Where are we going?"

"I told you. To an art exhibit."

"Who has an art exhibit at midnight?"

"It's more of a social gathering really, but there will be paintings. They're more for starting conversations than anything else. Just be quiet, and when I nudge you, bat those false eyelashes."

As they approached the door to the gallery, there was a young man outside wearing a nice suit. As they began to make their way through the door, he stopped them just short of entering. "Are you girls old enough to be here?"

"Of course we are." replied Mary Anne.

"Do you have any identification?"

"I'm sorry, but stylish purses are so small. We didn't have any room. Don't worry. We'll be good. We promise." She made the saddest face the guy had ever seen. Fortunately he was to enthralled to notice her sharply jabbing Eugene in the ribs. Eugene quickly got the message, and did his best to copy his sisters expression, blinking profusely at the poor guy.

"All right, all right. Just stay out of trouble."

Inside they removed their coats, and walked around the gallery. Mary Anne quickly found a server, and snuck two glasses of wine from his tray. They walked around for an hour or so, and while Eugene was doing his best to go unnoticed, his sister couldn't help but make a long speech about the artist supposed motivation, loud enough for anyone, and everyone to hear. It was around two when a young man wearing a nice tie and vest, with shaggy hair approached them. "Hi. I'm John. Would you girls like to party?"

"I'm Mary Anne, and this is my sister Jeanie, and yes. We'd very much like to."

The siblings followed John into the back alley where Mary Anne pulled a cigarette out of her purse. Another hard elbow to the ribs told Eugene to do the same. He fumbled the purse open only to find a pack of super slim cigarettes, and a long plastic cigarette holder. After he'd figured out how to operate the apparatus, he took his first draw, and proceeded to cough like he was choking on his dinner.

"Been smoking long?" John said, as he reached into his pocket, removing what appeared to be a hand rolled smoke.

"She just started actually." Mary Anne answered for him.

"Well this might go down a little smoother."

After lighting the joint, John passed it to Mary Anne who thanked him graciously and took a few puffs. She then passed it to Eugene, who not knowing what to make of the funny smell, took a larger drag than with his own cigarette. He coughed even harder than the first time, and found himself struggling for breath. After he finally managed to catch his hair, he realized he didn't feel quite right. After a few minutes it occurred to him that his goody two shoes sister had just led him to his first encounter with marijuana. He wondered if this night could get any weirder.

After the joint had been passed a few times, they sat on the curb, and finished their cigarettes. John, and Mary Anne really seemed to be hitting it off, as their conversation seemed to have no end, while Eugene tried to look as normal as possible, legs freezing in the winter air. The cigarette didn't seem so bad after a few minutes. Before he knew what he was doing he found himself lighting another, and occasionally joining in the conversation as best he could.

About an hour later, Mary Anne realized that their father was going to get up for work soon, and they needed to be in bed before they were discovered. After receiving a polite kiss on the cheek from John she collected her things, and led a wobbly Eugene back to the car.

The ride home was quiet, but the air was filled with an enormous amount of tension. Five minutes before pulling into the drive way, Eugene broke that tension by asking, "What happened to little miss goody two shoes?"

"I wish you'd stop calling me that." She said, jokingly punching her little brother in the arm. "College happened, and one day it will happen to you."

The siblings did their best to sneak into the house as quietly as possible. Once inside Mary Anne turned the knob, and slowly slid the door closed behind her. Afterwards the two fell into the sofa, and laid on each other in the dark for a moment. After realizing what would happen if they were found in their current predicament, Mary Anne led her wasted little brother up to his room, and into bed. She removed his heels, and pulled a blanket over his body to keep him warm. She decided to deal with the rest later. What's the worst that could have happened?
Eugene's adventure continues.

Expect more from these character's once I finish all my current projects.
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Life Goes On

I sat in the rigid plastic chair and noticed the counselor jot down some notes on paper. Great. Yet another half an hour of talking about ‘my childhood’, and how it’s affecting me now. Blast these mandatory ‘mental health’ sessions.

An eerie silence hangs in the air. A large chunk of my ‘sharing time’ had passed while she dithered with the clipboard in her hands.

“Um, is someone going to say something?” I wasn’t gonna sit in silence for what little damn time I had left in this freaking room. Ms Reville takes a glance at me.

“OK then, let’s talk about…” her feminine, yet raspy voice rings in my ears. I somehow knew what she was going to say and I wasn’t about to stand for it.

“Listen, just cut the crap alright? I know I’m the one who wanted to break the silence, but I’ve been to more therapy sessions than I can count and I’ve heard it all before!”

“You may have heard it all before,” She said, giving me the most PO-ed look I’ve ever gotten from an adult. “But I haven’t. I was asked to discuss common ground with you – namely, the nature of your relationship with your best friend.”

“I have two best friends, got it? And besides, it’s uh, well, it’s kind of a sensitive subject,” I rubbed my shoulder nervously. “Especially since…”

“Since what?” Ms Reville leaned over the desk and got way too close for comfort. Her lilac perfume clawed at my sense of smell. The burgundy Max Factor lipstick she wore glimmered with incandescence. Her eyes, a distinct shade of silvery-grey, keep their gaze on me and me alone.

Taking a deep breath, I opened my mouth to speak… only to be cut short by the quiet beeping of a digital wristwatch.

She withdrew herself from invading my personal space and returned to her seat. Glancing at the timepiece on her arm, she shook her head.

“Time’s up, dear,” she noted, flicking a tendril of red hair away from her eyes. “Maybe next time yes?”

“Um, sure, I guess so,” I got up and walked towards the exit. I reached for the doorknob and felt myself stopped by a slight pressure on my arm. Ms Reville displayed a look of seriousness.

“If you ever need to talk, about anything – anything at all – please don’t hesitate to come and see me. I was young once too and believe me it wasn’t that long ago.” She smiled at me.

I failed to stifle a small laugh. She closed the door behind me and I found myself face to face with Tucker.

“She certainly likes you doesn’t she?” His face riddled with a sly grin. “Just don’t let her get between you and-“

“Shut up Tucker.” That boy could be so very annoying. Particularly, when it came to my love life – or lack thereof.

“You are in so much denial.” He muttered under his breath.

“I heard that you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” His voice trailed off, suddenly focused on something else. “And, speaking of which, here she comes now.”

I turned in the direction that he was hinting. Oh yeah, I’d never thought anyone could be this beautiful, but my eyes have never betrayed me.

In the past, I had been skeptical that I would ever meet a girl like her, especially one that liked me back.

Easily, she had to be the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen in my whole life. I watched as she graced the halls of Casper High School, shyly walking down the corridor.

Books clutched tightly against her, which only resulted in pushing her breasts up, she was clearly unnerved by the many pairs of judgmental eyes that observed her every move. A lot had changed since last Wednesday.

She’s been through so much, but she’s handling the change quite well. By all means it could have turned out a lot worse than it did.

Yet here she was now, with me and Tucker, standing by the slightly aging green lockers near the English department.

Talking about it is hard. Never had I felt such wild surging emotions before. Well, my feelings have always been strong – but now I’m starting to worry.

Anyone would guess that those feelings would have been disposed of when she started this metamorphosis barely a week ago. But it’s only made them stronger.

How could I become so enamored of this girl? It seemed right, but it just didn’t feel natural. Why did this attraction feel so dirty?

How could I be thinking these very wrong thoughts about someone so pure?

Her eyes are so bright and shiny this morning, they glimmer with liveliness. Her gorgeous raven black hair, which almost glowed in the bright florescent school lighting, danced about the frame of her face.

If only I were able to stroke those lovely, long silky tresses that reached her shoulder blades and no further.

She always had a trim figure, but ever since the change, a luscious set of curves had rapidly developed into that of an hourglass. I longed to stroke said curves with my own hands, just to sense her growing womanhood in my palms.

Our trio breaks off as she left to speak with Mr. Lancer about an extra credit assignment. Oh, those hips that sway with sweet symmetry.

A display of true metronome timing, close enough to touch, it just makes me want to…

Ugh! When did I become so damn perverse! Tucker blames my heritage.

“Remember that project about your family tree, when you found out your dad is half British,” He said when I told him. “Every one knows that the British are totally sex mad.”

My face went red at the thought. I could never do that to her, at least, not that I know. Sure she was pretty, inside and out, and just looking at her slender silhouette made my mouth begin to water.

What I didn’t understand, is how Tucker – who would kiss anything in a skirt – wasn’t interested. Not that I’d want him to, undoubtedly I’d feel threatened.

I’m so protective of what isn’t even mine. I glared at every guy who gave her a second look up to this point; they were just a bunch of animals that grinned (like the idiots they are) while they mentally undressed her.

Not that there was much to take off; skin tight clothing - with the added bonus of exposing a fair amount of flesh – had taken over her entire wardrobe. She reminded me of that anime ‘Ranma ½’ at the moment.

Something like this has never even crossed my mind before, and I dread to think what it will do to our friendship, not just between me and her, but also between the three of us.

You can imagine that Tucker would become a little bit upset or angry.

I mean, ever since we out grew the age when girls had cooties, the concept loomed overhead that some sort of pairing would intimidate the three musketeer-style bond we developed since kindergarten.

Although, somehow, I didn’t picture it happening this way.

I glanced at Tucker briefly.

“So… Tucker,” I nervously began, clearing my throat. He looks up at me with a real nonchalant grin. ”Do you like her?”

“Well, duh, we are all best friends here,”

“No, I mean, like… as something else, something more than that.”

“Are you nuts?” A look of pure disgust had attached itself to his face. “Jeez Sam! Danny goes through an involuntary sex change and you think I’d fancy him just because he’s a girl now?”

“I was just thinking that-“

“Sam listen,” He stopped and looked me square in the face. “When he first got hit with that, that gender-bending cannon thingy, I knew nothing would change.

“WHAT do you MEAN nothing's changed? He practically exchanged his ‘manhood’ for a pair of 36C breasts!” I hissed through gritted teeth.

“So you DID notice eh?” Tucker had me on the verge of losing my last strand of sanity with comments like that.

I took a vicious swipe at his head… and missed… barely.

“You and him, uh her, are obviously still attracted to each other,” Tucker crossed his arms and his tone increased in volume. “It’s only been a week since the ‘accident number 2’, and barely a day goes by that you two don’t experience some kind of blushy moment. So Danny became a Danielle, big whoop!”

I slapped my hand over his mouth and thanked the heavens that no one heard that last remark.

“My point is,” He took the hint as he lowered his voice. “Not even the gender barrier could keep you two apart!”

He had a point. Damn! I hate it when he’s right, it always over inflates his ego to the eventual edge that prevents him from fitting through the doorway.

Strangely enough, no one noticed Daniel had gone, and that Danielle had taken his place. Even Dash, who picked on Danny on quite a frighteningly regular basis, hadn’t truly grasped the idea that his main target had disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Not to mention Paulina, who was still swooning over the ghost boy, and remained blissfully unaware that the man of her dreams was now the woman of my dreams – weird as it sounds - and, much like the rest of the student body, stayed completely ignorant to Danny’s eradication.

“Hey guys,” Danielle had the sweetest voice. Oh great, here comes that weak-kneed feeling again.

“So what did Lancer say?” Tucker questioned as it was quite clear that my vocal chords had frozen.

“Not much,” She answers licking her glossy pink lips. “Just that he was impressed by the ideas I had surrounding ‘The Raven’.”

“Gee, I wonder who helped you with that,” Tucker and Danielle both shot a glance at me. Danni smiled gratefully for my help.

When she was Daniel Fenton her grades weren’t brilliant, but since the change, she seemed to be trying a lot harder. I could feel my face burning under her gaze.

She was so cute, but she wasn’t used to being a girl yet, and even though she had a sister to rely on for such advice, I had become her permanent on-call tutor.

There had been embarrassing moments involving shopping for bras and g strings – Danielle’s face had remained as red as the many saucy negligees we had seen in Victoria’s Secret – and not to mention a number of guys who tried to pull the both of us while we were at the mall.

“So, did you guys wanna go shopping after school?” Danielle squeaked. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Danni, you know I’d love to, but Tucker is still a boy remember?”

“I don’t mind,” He had one of those smiles on his face, the exact smile he wore after loitering near the girls locker room.

“It’ll be just like that movie ‘White Chicks’.” I smirked at that, noticing the slight squirmy movement Tucker was making.

“Just don’t expect me to wear a skirt.” He griped, still smiling throughout.

“Never mind the skirt; we’ll just get straight to the wedgie!” Her sweet, rustling laughter echoed in my ears.

The three of us laughed in unison. It was great how well Tucker was adjusting to being surrounded by girls 24/7. It was great that Danni started to lose her inhibitions about being more feminine than she had been used to as a boy. It was great that things were straightening themselves out the way they were.

Danny Fenton had died.

Danielle Fenton had been brought to life.

Tucker Foley hadn’t changed a bit.

And what had become of me?

Well, I, Samantha Manson, have come out of the closet; if only to continue loving someone I have always loved.

Life goes on…
OK ppl here it is!! The fanfic where Danny...

...well, I'll let you figure it out :XD:
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Sleeping Beauty-ish
By Shawna Stimple

"Damn!" Eugene Wilson exclaimed as he ran down the street, trying to find anywhere that would cut his hair. It was Christmas break, nineteen sixty five, and his mother decided it was the perfect time for family photos. His sister would be home from college, and it was the first time that they had seen her since she had left. Mrs. Wilson thought that it would be the perfect occasion for a photo, helping them to remember that time in their lives.

Eugene's mother had bribed him, with a new guitar, and lessons, if he had his hair cut in time for the photo. He's hadn't had it cut in months, and it fell to his shoulders, in unkempt uneven lengths. He had procrastinated for too long, and the photo was today. He had 4 hours, to get his haircut, and get back home. For a fifteen year old, without a car, it wasn't easy.

The first storefront he'd passed with a pair of scissors on the window, he entered. It was a small one room shop, with pastel pink wall paper, and furniture. A small desk sat next to two chairs and vanities, filling the space between the front and back walls. Opposite the Chairs was a singular wash sink. Eugene examined the young blond woman with a simple high ponytail tied back by a blue bow, wearing a smock, sitting in the first chair, thumbing through a magazine.

He quickly got her attention, by loudly clearing his throat, and said, "I desperately need a haircut."

"This is a womens salon. Sorry sweetie, but you're going to half to go someplace else." the woman said, before returning to her magazine.

Eugene was a good kid, but his outlook on the world was a little skewed from growing up so privileged. "Can't you make an exception. You must really need money. Why else would you work in such a tiny shop? You're husband must really need the help."

The woman looked back up from her magazine with a glint of rage in her eye."For your information, I'm not married. I have such a small shop, because with what my clients pay me, I don't need but five a week. You just happened to show up, on a day I had a cancellation, who rescheduled for this evening. I do happen to have a few hours free, so if you'd like I can fit you in."

"Sure. Whatever you want to tell me. Let's just get this over with. I've only got two hours, and I have to get back to my parents." Eugene said, as he strode past, and sat down next to her.

She couldn't believe the nerve of this little shit. He hadn't believed a word she'd said. "What a pompous little asshole." she thought to herself. "If he wants a haircut, he'll get one."

"Go through this and tell me which one you want." she said, handing him the magazine.

As he flipped through the magazine, he failed to notice every picture was of women with hair styled in several different variations. Finally he came upon an advertisement, with a picture of a young wife scolding her husband and the dog. "I guess this." he said, pointing to the picture of the first man he'd seen. She scanned the wife's style, taking in every detail.

"I can't cut your hair, while it's this greasy. I'll need to wash it first." she said, as she draped her pink apron over his shoulders. She took him by the hand, and walked him the few feet to the sink, and had him lay back, while she warmed up the water. She shampooed his hair, and once she was finished, she noticed he had fallen asleep.

When Eugene was a small boy, he would be too afraid to sleep, so his sister would play with his hair, until he was falling asleep sitting up. She would then guide the young zombie to his bedroom where he would stay for the rest of the night. Even though he's unaware of it, whenever a female plays with his hair, he falls asleep. The woman didn't know what the reason was, but she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"He's making it too easy" she thought to herself, as she quickly began a deep conditioning treatment on his hair. It was 20 minutes later that she woke Eugene, and led him sleepily over to the stylist chair. He sat down yawning, while she reached for her scissors. Within seconds he fell asleep sitting upright, perfectly still. She was too amazed. There was no need for distraction, and she no longer needed to come up with an excuse to cover the mirror, let alone come up with an explanation for the curlers.

She quickly began trimming his hair up to his neck. Then she evened the ends perfectly, before trimming side swept bangs just over his eyebrows. Next she  coated his hair in setting lotion, and put curlers in all of his locks, with the top and front rolled under, and and back and sides rolled outwards. After she placed a bonnet dryer over his curlers, he finally slumped back in the chair, and started snoring.

She woke him for a moment after she removed the dryer, but as soon as she removed the first curler, he was comatose once again. Once the rollers were removed she brushed out all of the curl, before spending the next ten minutes spraying, and teasing the hair into her desired creation.

Once she was finished she stood back, and praised herself for her handy work. After taking in the complete image, she realized she could do just a little more. She left everything to chance, and started on his eyebrows, with a nearby pair of tweezers, with nothing but the hope he wouldn't wake up. Sure enough, he slept through the entire process, only making slight faces of discomfort, until his brows were delicate feminine arches.

She covered his new do in a final coating of extra hold spray, before removing the apron, and jostling him back into consciousness. As he regained his bearings, he glanced towards the mirror. One look told him his hair was styled into a bouffant with his hair sweeping from one side to the other over his newly thinned eyebrows, down to his jawline, where it curled outward in one smooth flip all the way around. "What the hell did you do to me?!" he screamed as he looked closer into the mirror.

The woman answered with a sly grin. "I can see that you're not satisfied. As I am a professional, I will not charge you. I would have stopped if you'd asked me to, but you slept through the entire process. You should probably have that checked out. However I have no interest in trying again. As you have not taken the time to learn my name, I assume you have the same interest in me that I do in you. Anyway my next appointment should be arriving soon, so I'm going to have to asked you to leave."

Eugene just watched, mouth hung open, as the woman reached into the nearby closet and pulled out a few garments, before grabbing him by the arm, and leading him to the door. "I have these just in case the impossible happens, and one of my clients isn't satisfied, and wants to leave incognito." She quickly threw the coat over his shoulders, and shoved the hat on his head, before shoving him out the door, and locking it behind her.

As he looked in the reflection of the store window, Eugene noticed he was wearing a purple paisley pea coat, with a high collar, and matching cloche hat, with a brown ribbon around the small brim tied in a bow. He looked around nervously, and was thankful to notice he was alone on the street. He quickly slipped his arms through the sleeves, and then fastened the coat, doing his best to hide his face behind the collar.

As he rushed home, he prayed no one would take any notice of him. It seemed like eternity before he saw his front porch off in the distance. The final leg of the journey was done in a sprint, as he  ran through his front door, and slamming it behind him, falling back into it. He opened his eyes to see his mother, father, and sister sitting on the sofa, dressed and ready.

"Jeanie! Is that you?" his sister exclaimed. Jeanie was a pet name, only his sister used. He'd hated it, but she'd done it all his life. There was no stopping her.

"Hi Mary Anne."

"Nice coat."

He suddenly remembered what he was wearing. "I...uh..." was all he could manage, while his mother stared angrily, and his father laughed hysterically.  He quickly ripped off the coat and hat, throwing both on the ground. Unfortunately for him, as trustworthy as the moon, his hair sprung back into it's near perfect bouffant shape.

"What happened to you?" his father asked with his belly jiggling like Santa as he chuckled.

Eugene told them the whole story right up until the moment he walked in the door, while his father kept laughing harder and harder.

His father said, "Well your mothers going to be mad at you for a long while buddy. I feel sorry for you. Just imagine her face after she has to reschedule the photographer." His dad then again burst into outright laughter.

"Enough!" his mother yelled, as she finally burst out. "I had to book him two months in advance. Imagine how long it's going to be till his next opening. Hell, it took me 3 hours to get you to but on a tie, instead of that stained t-shirt. We're only together for a short time, and by god, I'm going to have a picture of a nice, well dressed, happy family!"

The family had only seen Mrs. Wilson so angry, only a few times before, and they knew when she was, it meant business.  After she composed herself, she turned to Mary Anne, and said, "Dear, take Jeanie upstairs to your room, and find him something to nice to wear for the picture. Oh, and I think he's old enough for a little makeup."

Everyone sat quietly for a second, not knowing what to make of the turn of events. Mrs. Wilson turned to Eugene, and sweetly said, honey, please go upstairs with your sister." Her usual demure smile, had returned to her face, but the rage in her eyes was evident.

"Listen to your mother. Go with your sister." Mr Wilson said, no longer guffawing uncontrollably. The siblings quickly ran up the stairs, no longer taking any time to access the situation.

In Mary Anne's room, Eugene sat on the bed while his sister dug through her closets, and pulled out all of her Sunday best, and setting it next to him. Once she'd emptied the corner of her closet, she held up several outfits against him before making her selection. With the dress hung up on the door, she had sent her brother to the bathroom with a new pair of underwear, and told him to return wearing them. After he returned she selected one of her old bras, and fastened it around his chest and then stuffed the cups with several pairs of pantyhose. She then directed him into the necessary foundation garments for the dress. He thought the petticoat was alright, but the girdle was squeezing him to his limit. She then had him step into a simple gray sheath, with a black belted waist, and zipped him in tightly.

She sat him at her vanity and started painting his face. While she was working on his eyes, she said, "You sure have a knack for getting in trouble."

"What would little miss goody two shoes know about trouble?" he replied.

"I've learned a thing or two while I was at school. Now shut up. I have to do your lips." After she meticulously lined his mouth, she painted in the space with a bright red lipstick, then he finally got a chance to see himself in the mirror. The makeup wasn't overdone, and appropriate for a girl of his age, but Mary Anne expertly applied the eyeliner, and blush in such a way, to radically feminize his young boyish features.

"I'm pretty." he said stunned.

"Don't get too ahead of yourself. You still need to accessorize."

She placed a single strand pearl necklace around his neck, and clipped matching pearl studs to his ears. Afterwards she helped him into a simple black cardigan, and stood back to absorb the whole picture. "Somethings missing." she thought out loud. "I know!"

She dug through her drawers, and found a small black bow, and pinned it high on the side of his bouffant. After she had him step into a pair of simple black low heeled court shoes, the two walked back downstairs, to find their parents sitting on the sofa, and the photographer, having finally arrived, setting up his equipment in front of the fireplace.

He kept quiet the entire time the photographer was there, just following his directions blindly. He did his best to hold the feminine poses he kept placing him in as he stood next to his parents sitting in their chairs smiling. After one torturous hour, the photographer thought he'd had enough to work with, and just as the family began to disperse, he offered a free picture of the girls. "I think you guys would enjoy just a picture of your two beautiful daughters. Something to sit on the night stand, you know?"

Twenty more minutes of posing, and letting his mother preen him, and he was done. The photographer packed up, and left, and made his way out the door. Eugene started to unbutton his sweater, when his mom said, "What are you doing? We're going to have a nice family dinner, and listen to the radio afterwards."

"Do we have to?" he whined. Her glare needed to words to be a sufficient reply.

After an unbelievably awkward meal, they listened to music while chatting sparingly about current events. Around nine o'clock Mr. and Mrs. Wilson decided it was time for bed, and wished their children goodnight. As she gave him a hug, Eugene's mother whispered in his ear, "I hope you've learned your lesson."

He wasn't sure what lesson he'd learned, if any, but he hugged her tightly agreed. Once they were gone, Mary Anne said, "Come upstairs, and I'll help you out of those clothes." Seeing no need to dawdle, he jumped out of his seat, and eagerly followed.

Once the dress, and jewelry was off, he sat at her vanity in his undergarments, while she tried to think of anything to do with his hair, that wasn't so girlish. She grabbed her brush, and just dove in, hoping to figure it out as she went. It wasn't a minute past, the first stroke, and he was out cold.

To be continued...
A boy with a peculiar reaction to women touching his hair, winds up with a new do.

I think I could do an entire series with a character like Eugene. A boy who falls asleep, when women touch his hair. How many weird situations could he find himself in? I was going to finish a few other things first, but this came to me earlier in the week, and I just had to get it out. Part 2 will be out soon.
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