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Watch this in higher quality on youtube!

Total time was about two hours. Had to belt it out quickly for Pokemonday. If you have any questions or comments about my process, let me know!

Music by OcularNebula - [link]

The gif itself:

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Tönnies, Die Sitte, 1909, 18 (18)
Je mehr wir freier von der Sitte und freier in der Sitte werden, desto mehr bedürfen wir der bewußten Ethik, d.h. aber der Erkenntnis dessen, was den Menschen zum Menschen macht: der Selbstbejahung der Vernunft; und die Vernunft muß eben dadurch aufhören, eine wesentlich analytische Potenz zu sein; sie muß zu freudigem Schaffen der Gemeinschaft sich entwickeln. Erst dadurch wird sie als des Menschen allerhöchste Kraft“ sich bewähren, oder vielmehr erst dazu werden.

this is my prediploma in media art. Its about the moral of our society, which is controlled and reared by the digital media

the small flower animation in the end can be watched here

used software: maya for charactermodelling and animation, photoshop for flower animation and after effects used for postproduction
sounds are from


Daily Deviation! thats amazing! and thank you so much for the nice comments and favos! its a great feeling, that this animation and its theme gets positive accepted by so many people :)
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My third year animation final for SVA. Took me a long time to finish and I would like to thank all those that helped me on it XD. I CAN COUNT THEM WITH MY FINGERS! ON ONE HAND! LILI, KATE, and MARIA. THANKS A BUNCH ROSES AND KISSES . . . ew.

Anyways enjoy over my blood, sweat, and tears.

Please visit my journal for more information!
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Here is my thesis film Skeleton Key, enjoy!

I’d like to make a HUGE shout out to the following people who helped make this happen, couldn’t have done it without you!

Barbara De Biasi, who once again, did the amazing soundtrack

Ruben Almeida Jr., sound designer

Lissi Leuterio did all special effects animation

Ashley McGivern, helped with most of the the lighting/shading

Animation & Coloring Assistants: Jen MarreroPaige LincecumLeonardi GuzmanJoan KimAlexander StanchfieldKayleigh ScullionOmnaya OmarKristin SchaeferJerica GoynerYvonne Husan Ho, Deven Johnson, Amanda DePasquale, & David Forte

Courtney Vonada for letting me live with you and for putting up with my “insane” sleep schedule for 3 months

And of course I’d like to thank all my friends at SVA and my family for their constant support - it really means a lot to me.

Also, please like my film on Facebook, it helps for publicity
Watch higher resolution video HERE

Dusty Award - Oustanding Achievement in Production Design 2014

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(EDIT) - Hey guys, the response to this film has been incredible, I really appreciate it! Over 33,000 views! If you enjoyed this and you want to find out more info on my upcoming feature film 'SAFEHOUSE' please follow me on Twitter! The link is here - [link]

So here is a one minute film I made for the Friends of The Earth one minute film competition. It was shortlisted into the final ten. It is very different to my previous film but I hope you still enjoy it.

The film took about three days to make and a lot of pastels!

The brilliant music is the work of this dude -


Thanks a lot guys!
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This is the finished version of my second-year animation project I've done as student at Lucerne university of applied sciences and arts (Department for Animation) in Switzerland.

As a result of a cooperation between our school and Cartoon Network Germany we had to create short animations that can be used as program fillers/ident. It will be aired this summer on Cartoon Network Germany. We had the option to create own characters or adapt some from the CN Universe and come up with a small story that is about sports and not longer than 20 seconds.

The goal was to learn the creation of an animated film from A-Z that includes.

- Collecting ideas for the story
- Draw a storyboard
- Create an animatic (tests for animation/sound timing)
- Make a layout
- Character design
- Animation tests
- Animation cleanup
- Sound (recording and editing)

I'm pretty content with the result and I've learned a lot about the different steps in a production.

I had the right to use all characters/sounds appearing in this film. The copyright for the characters (Dexter, Bloo, Buttercup) goes to Cartoon Network.

The logo animation at the end was NOT created by me and is © Cartoon Network too.

Programs Used:
TV-Paint Animation (Actual Animation)
Photohop CS5 (Backgrounds)
Adobe After Effects CS4 (Compositing)
Final Cut Pro (Final Output)
Pro Tools (Sound Design)

Thanks for watching!
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A new trailer for Patrick and Theo!
This time Edited from the Upcoming Pilot
The Man Who Loved Pancakes!

Check out our homepage to find out more!


Written, Directed and Created by:
Márton Kovács, NagyMarci, Ervin B.Nagy

Art Director:
Márton Kovács

Animation Director:
Ervin B.Nagy

Technical Director:

Storyboard and Animatic:
Ervin B.Nagy, NagyMarci

Voice Talent:
Andrew Pitts, Aden Powell, Mike Kelly, Matt Devere, Péter Minárovits,

Attila Pacsay
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This was completed in about half a semester as my final project for Animation 1 at Rennsellaer Polytechnic Institute.
It's my first serious attempt at doing anything complex in Maya.

The goal of the project was to emphasize gesture and animation of humanesque forms. Any critique on quality of animation or things that could be added would be appreciated. =)
(PS: I do realize it's too dark. For some reason uploading on Deviantart kills the video quality and darkens it slightly, so that the secondary prenumbra on the spotlights disappears. It's unfortunate, but I can't find a way to fix it as of yet.)

All credit for the music goes to Joel Nielsen, who was awesome enough to let me use some of his uploaded demo-tracks as background. =) I think it adds a lot to the piece.
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Lego Mario runs amok!
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Something I animated for Tomska back in October~

Right, lets see if this dA film thing works
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