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"Zim whimpered weakly as he limped back to his feet, trembling as he hobbled to the other. His eyes stared him down in a crazed way, his hand shakily coming up and smearing a crooked heart on the others face with the blood. "...Mine...""

I have decided to dedicate this night to drawing for "IB". XD I was in the mooooooood.

This was probably the scene that has given me the most chills so far. XD Or as far as I can remember anyway. Zim just got done killing a dude who had the balls to interact with Zim's human and he didn't like it... >3
This is like.. Some kinda dark ZADR. Kinda fun to draw actually...

P.s. Zim got run over by a car and broke his arm! 8D yay!


If I could, I would turn this into a comic. D: It's just so much and I am still note hunting!

... I don't have a problem. :paranoid:

Ehh.. "IB" belongs to :iconinvader-neo: and I! 8D :heart:

Okay I'll stop now.

One more comment, I was too lazy to draw a dead body so all you get is a HAND!

Texture --->[link]
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Oh lawd I drew something involving blood and evil.

Before you guys yell at me, Zim will NOT kill Dib >:1 He will just give him a few scrapes and scratches but nothing major I assure you ^^ Dib just pissed Zim off the right amount this time ;D

ANYWAYS, this is for :icontru--insanity: 's contest ^^ The theme is like.. any emotion so for this one I went for hate, revenge and I guess insanity? I dunno! YOU PEOPLE SHOULD JOIN!!!1 Info is here ---> [link]

I hope you guys like this D: I will make it up with a nice smooch ZADR pic.

Might post a speedpaint of this later.
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"Zim bared his teeth to him, tugging on his arm. "IB!! ANSWER!!" He screeched at him, still seeming to be wanting an answer to the garbled sentence he had spoken at school that was still to this point, unable to be identified."

Just a doodle from and RP I am doing with :iconinvader-neo:

It's.. so damn creepy but I love it.

Was gonna keep this between us but I wanted to upload here too C:
Most of you won't care about this!
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Yeeeeaaah I decided to upload this. Drew this on what... Wednesday? Thursday? I dunno, one of those days last week!

Was thinking about saving it for after Christmas, but NO. C<

I... Was in the mood to draw a scene from :iconinvader-neo: and I's RP again. Dib was actually supposed to be watching this from the main computer, but I drew it from a point of when it was actually happening. XD

I'm sorry if this makes you people sad. Don't worry! Zim is doing great now! :'D until that thunder storm...

Wish I had the time to find all of the notes and post the RP. ;-; Or better yet turn the whole thing into a graphic novel or something.

Since people are having a hard time reading this, here's what the wall says.
"They're unhappy. The Dib.. He is stopping me... Makes Tallest unhappy.. makes Zim unhappy.. IB... IB.. Zim wants... Kill HIM."
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... Poor Dib was just trying to show love, but something was said that offended Zim so he bit him with those sharp ass teeth. D: Owwwyyy.

Kinda inspired by a quick scene in :iconinvader-neo: and I's RP. XD Plus, I have no idea what to draw.


I think my artistic ability is dying.
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I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. -Edgar Allan Poe

I dunno, been sick lately and this is all I could think of to draw. XD I had a few things drawn out but never finished them! So this will have to do for now. I know a good amount of you won't care for this. :B

If you guys haven't caught on... I am enjoy drawing things featuring dark themes and whatnot. XD
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ALl of ya'll with your IB art has given me the dire need to draw something related to it.

Just something quick while working on chapter seven. XD It will be up tonight. I was just procrastinating some.

I guess Dib is about to experience some 'insane' lovin'. AM I RIGHT?

That's all I have to say. Nothing too special here. I actually don't like this very much. XD

Damn I forgot to tear Zim's cloths...


Okay I fixed it.. Now to work on IB. ;___;
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"Oh you don't have to be." Zim grinned as he pushed the others head down. He yanked his shirt up and began to bite, and nip, and claw at his back. Dib's body immediately seized up at the harsh treatment and his eyes slammed shut, letting out a soft whimper as he did so. He growled a little and started to squirm again, fighting to get his head back up. "Quit that!" he commanded in a muffled tone.

"You practically begged for this, and pushed me on!" Zim argued as he flipped the over onto his back suddenly, pressing the cuts and lacerations onto the rough blanket.

Dib's eyes slammed shut again as he let out a sound that sounded a bit more like a scream, desperately trying his best to arch his back in an attempt to get the wounds off of the rough surface. He thrashed a bit under Zim to try and loosen the other's grip, but that only made his pain worse.

Zim moved and gripped the others wrist and brought it to his mouth. His razor sharp teeth sliced a nice gash in the palm, spilling crimson down his wrist. He took his own free hand and sliced it open the same way, looking back to him as he brought his hand forward and pressed the gashes together.

Dib held his breath as the teeth sunk into his hand, his eyes splitting open at the pain that followed. He watched the other as he repeated this on himself only to be stunned again by more intense agony as the wounds were pressed together. He let out a scream that seemed to be mixed with a groan, his body shaking violently a few times. "Z-Zim!" he gasped with desperation in his tone.

"Quiet, you'll feel better soon." Zim insisted, not seeming worried at all about him. A natural wave of numbing relaxation washed over both of them, causing the Irken to slump a bit in an attempt to remain up.

Dib's tense body soon relaxed as he let out quiet decreasingly rapid breaths. Eventually, he was completely relaxed under the other and slowly opened his eyes to look up at Zim, frowning a bit as he did so.

Zim relaxed down against him and nuzzled his neck gently. "It's... natural reaction.. blood bonds." He yawned."

I'm sorry this is so long, but I thought it would be helpful to better understand what the hell is going on in this picture. XD I didn't bother trying to edit the writing so it doesn't flow very well, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

If you couldn't guess already, this is from "IB" with :iconinvader-neo:. I have been wanting to draw this part all day.. XD I did, but it's not as well done as I had wanted it to be. Maybe it's because I'm tired and my ears are driving me crazy...

I was hesitant to upload this for many reasons... But I decided against my better judgment and went for it anyway. Besides, I really only draw these images for Katt so if you guys don't like them I respect that. c:

Either way, I hope you guys enjoy this. :3


Ignore Zim's bad eye... I just noticed it.

Okay I'm done. XD
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Zim looked up at him and frowned as he continued to hold his arm shakily. He pressed his forehead into Dib's hand and closed his eyes as he seemed to almost communicate this silently with Dib, and it was pretty clear after a moment of thought what it was. "I was looking for you." It was an obvious, unspoken response.

I know this picture doesn't exactly fit the words above but this is what I ended up drawing. XD AND THAT'S NOT WHAT ZIM'S EYES LOOK LIKE RIGHT NOW BUT IT LOOKED WEIRD WITHOUT THE LIGHTER ORBS. D:
It was inspired by that post in an RP with ~Invader-Neo. Things are going from creepy to incredibly emotional and cute. ;u; I LOVE IT.

Anyways, I know. This isn't really creative but I am tired. I promise you guys I will try new things. xD I just had to draw SOMETHING this weekend so I felt productive.

Hope you like!

Edit I forgot my watermark...
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Sooooooo...... Yeah. Got the inspiration and urge back to draw for IB. XD Belive it or not, I have been having the freaking hardest time trying to figure out what to draw. :faint: I went through literally six different ideas before coming upon this one, based on an earlier part of the story where Dib actually takes a knife to Zim's arm. XD I... Find this picture very lame actually. I'm not too happy about it, but I figured since I put about 4 hours into it that I might as well upload it. I just... think it's so boring! Dx Anyway... I hope a few of you find it worthy of your time. I am still going through a bit of an artblock so that could explain why this isn't top notch.

I think this picture is self explanatory. XD Dib finally decides to inflict some pain on insane Zim to prove that he isn't going down without a fight. >D Zim doesn't seem to be taking it well.

Kept his wig on.. Though I think it fell off in the story. I dunno the way I drew his head in this one didn't look right without the wig so I kept it on and left the contacts off to kinda make it creepy. =P Uuuugh!

Worked with a higher res- file on this one so I think it looks a lot clearer.

IB belongs to :iconinvader-neo: and I! D<
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