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Similar Deviations
This is a more detailed version of my original Armada here ---> [link]

I felt that I had potential to put more effort into it and make it something more believable.

This was inspired by Dust 514/Eve Online.
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Another one I did for Fallout: Lonestar
Check out the project here:…
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my last update in this year for my IG Pretorians and Tallans, but for the next year... leviatans and more tanks, big ones
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A Mercenary uniform from the upcoming MMOFPS 'Dust 514', a PS3 exclusive. With cross-compatibility with EVE ONLINE for the PC, play as hired mercenaries and engage in 64(or more) player and vehicular combat to take control of entire planets. Take MAG, add futuristic-warfare, better graphics and better gunplay. All in all, it's a better gaming experience. Out 2012!
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some armored vehicles guard the perimeter of an alien crash site as some response teams helicopter in to the site. i started doing a landscape. then i added the vehicles for fun and then finally the space ship as the subject.
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The Apis Hunter-Frigate is an anti-airship, multi-propose spacecraft, that easily fills any gaps in Federation space navy.

Its size and firepower classify it as a frigate, similar to Anubis Frigate, but its maneuverability and planetary landing/VTOL capacity makes this ship a good replacer for most of the gunships and Apsu fighters, and also a useful transporter and dropship.

Private security and special forces employs the Apis as an "jack-of-all-trades" starship.

- Apis Hunter-Frigate

- 800m long, 500m high, 1,2km wingspan

- 192 ton

- Crew: 1 pilot, 1 gunner, 1 navigator, 1 commander. Can transport up to 100 soldiers.

- Cargo: mostly missiles and bombs, can transport heavy vehicles, like tanks and other spacecraft, but have no launcher/docking bay for fast deliver of space fighters in space conditions. Can transport 100 ton.

- Speed: Athmospheric (four turbines, wings) 3.000 km/h
Near Space (one hidrogen engine) 6.500 km/h
Deep Space (Stellar Drive) 800 lightyears/h

- Weapons: 2 heavy laser beamcasters (9.000 PW)
2 heavy ionized mass-drivers (100.000 m/s muzzle speed)
8 heavy missile pads (can launch up to 30 Megaton nuclear warhead)
10 small missile pads (can launch guided anti-fighter missiles)
Bomb pad (can launch up to 300 Termobaric bombs with 10 Megaton each)
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Finally had some time to sketch out a couple of pictures. Definitely feeling the rustiness brought on by months of artistic inactive-ness.

Focusing most of my efforts on vehicles such as planes and tanks, which also gave me trouble due to the perspective, although they take less time to draw than a mech, if the perspective is done right.
I'm working on progressively making my mental concept of the tank more sci-fi futuristic. As anything, concepts in art can only be refined by practice, so I started to practice starting with what I know a can't can look like, and making it more sci-fi looking with each successive drawing.

Tank 1:

Psuedo-Sci-Fi Main Battle Tank

Weight: 40-50-ish metric tons
Primary Armament:
-1x: 160-mm Smoothbore Short-Barrel Cannon.

Secondary Armament:
-1x 8 mm Coaxial Machine Gun
-1x .50 cal drone Machine Gun

-2x Perimeter Defense Lasers
-1x EMP Anti-magnetic mine device
-Multi-spectrum Optics
-Smoke screen canisters

-Cermatic Composite w/ Tandem-Reactive Armor plating.

This tank, in my mine, was designed for urban combat. It's lighter and smaller than many MBTs, and it's short barrel allow it to maneuver easier in tight city confines. The massive shortened barrel of the main gun is not accurate over longer distances, but this is irrelevant in urban combat. It's huge shells are designed more for leveling buildings and taking out infantry and Power-Armor.

The 2 PDLs allow the tank to shoot down personelle anti-tank rockets as long as they aren't fired too closed to the tank. And the EMP Anti-mine device sets off magnetic mines before they can harm the tank's underbelly.

Tank 2:

Railgun Tank
Weight: 70-ish metric tons
Primary Armament:
-1x: 80 mm Railgun.

Secondary Armament:
-4x Anti-Aircraft Missiles
-1x .50 cal Coaxial Machine Gun
-1x .50 cal drone Machine Gun


-2x Perimeter Defense Lasers
-1x EMP Anti-magnetic mine device
-Multi-spectrum Optics
-Smoke screen canisters

-Cermatic Composite w/ Diamond-Fiber Armor plating.

This is a big tank I imagined would be somewhat slower but has a powerful railgun to take out targets from very far away. It's almost a ballistic mobile artillery vehicle. The long rail-gun and massive weight of this tank prevents it from being a urban-fighting machine. It's best suited for open areas where it can take advantage of it's range.

The anti-aircraft missiles deter attack helicopters and other aerial attack vehicles, while the PDL protects it from anti-tank missiles and rockets.
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Odysseia City

Population: 9.2 million as of 2342 ad
* Military 75%
- Naval Crew 5%
- Starship Yard Workers 5%
- Floating City Engineers 65%
- Other (scientist, doctors, civil, retired, advisors,
instructors, recreational) 25%

*Civillian 25%
-100% Recreational and administrative

The Entire First and Eigth (experimental) Fleets.
4 Battlefortress
12 Defense Space Fighter Garrisons
4 Achorage Yards
12 Battleships
9 Escort Carriers
3 Super Carriers
1 Battle Carrier
128 Cruisers
267 Destroyers
1362 Frigates
25 Tenders
22 Battlecruisers
5000 Strike craft consisting of many field prototypes of the latest fighters
10,000 AA Batteries
Unknown # of Automated Anti-infantry
Unknown # of scouts, apcs, heavy scouts, tanks, and trucks
200 Motor Pools
Unknown # of Bunkers, Shelters, Posts
14 Anti-Orbital Cannons
52 Anti-Orbital Launchers
240 Counter Obirtal Laser Cannons
300 Anti-naval Rail Guns/Inter-city Artillery
1200 Bahamaut Marines + equipment
400 Naga Special Forces
1,200,000 Leviathan Home Gaurd
9 Beta Class Cytrons for automation of all defense systems, and crime prevention.
1 Aero's Magpellant Shield System
1 Aero's Magpellant Backup Force Field
1 Aero's Magpellant Repulsor
1 Aero's Magpellant Defelctor
1 Sycronous Submerssion System
1 Stealthing System
12 ECM Station Batteries


-Largest Elevator with Ship Catapult on Leviathan
-Placed in the weakest gravity well on the planet.
-Most Fortified Floating city on Leviathan


Odysseia City is home to the largest catapult ever constructed by the leviathans. Measuring at 120 miles long from start to finish and 50 miles high from the base to exit its also the only catapult strong enough to sling a ship as large as battlecruiser out of Leviathan's Gravity.

Though not the largest by size, its the most heavily fortified city there is, because unlike other elevator cities it cannot disonnect its catapult/elevator. This denies the defensive measure of being able to sink into the ocean which adds a nice layer of protection and amplifies the effects of the defense anti bombardment shields.

This city is constant need of technicans to keep the catapult in good working order and bolsters a large number for its maintenance, until the technology from pacifica city became available most of the city was nothing more than a working military base with little extra creational activities.

Unlike pacifica the elevator is light duty as its main function is to be a catapult. The sister city station Homer, is the largest space station city in orbit and claims to be the home of two fleets, one being the experimental counter fleet that opposes the experimental fleet from Orion station city.
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Well, seeing how much the audience appears to like these things, here's a third Nationstates ship. Like the carrier, this one is not inspired in any real project and is instead 100% original.

It's the Rezonans-class guided missile submarine, codenamed "Project 961". It's meant as a replacement for an aging fleet of Oscar-class submarines that, in the 21st century teather of warfare, are already starting to suffer from both hull wear and noise levels which are quite obstructing to its main task of sneaking up to enemy aircraft carriers and destroying them from long-range with missile fire. Rezonans does pretty much the same, albeit with a renewed set of systems to increase its lethality against current and future aircraft carrier groups, starting by replacing the Oscar's main weapon, the P-700 Granit missiles, with 24 tubes for Kh-90 Gela ramjet hypersonic anti-ship missiles, while keeping 10 torpedo tubes with 30 torpedoes for self-defense against submarines and quick ships that hunt it down. An odd addition for a submarine, it's equipped with 4 7-short Klinok launchers to destroy anti-submarine aircraft, helicopters, missiles and bombs when surfaced, though there are plans to replace them with heatseekers that can be fired while submerged.

More importantly, though, the MGK-540 sonar system found on the Oscar-class has been replaced with the MGK-590, a sonar system with an enormous spherical array that's so huge that it requires the torpedo tubes to be slanted, making the torpedoes come slightly to the sides of the ship. On top of the main frontal array, there's also very low frequency and low frequency arrays on the sides, an active sonar on the sail and mine detection sonars above and below the main array. This allows the submarine to make full use of the very long range of its missiles and be able to direct its missiles from more than 500km away from its target if the conditions are right, giving it enough time to escape any possible anti-submarine retaliation that may ensue. It can expel its whole ammunition load in less than a minute, and the missiles themselves can further network with each other mid-flight so as to narrow down the location of the enemy ships using active radar.

Also it posesses a much smoother shape than Oscar, designed to reduce low-frequency noise caused by turbulence and a ducted propeller to reduce the mid-frequency noise of the propeller, as well as to prevent cavitation from its tips when going at a high speed. It's been made with as few protruding components as possible, which makes its handling in ports a titch hard as the thick ropes need to be passed through dents in the outer hull. It's also quite expensive for its size, at 2.56 billion USD per ship.

Drawn in shipbucket's scale
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Tenebrae Imperium Built Tanks and armored transports.

The Empire of Tenebrae is not known to use designs pioneered by other empires preferring to instead design their craft and tanks on their own. Creating war machines that other nations have yet to see or even fight on the battlefield.

These new tanks are innovative combinations of firepower speed and armor, All can move at speeds of up to 80 mph and can withstand the radioactive fallout of bombs reaching up to 50 megatons, and the heat of bombs reaching up to 8 megatons due to their Tenebrean alloy construction and shielding. and their Energy Charged Railgun projectile weaponry can take down a large landship with one shot as tests have shown.

From top to bottom moving from the left to right in the center.

DX-350 "Tenebrean CYBER TANK"

DX-138 "Tenebrean Ringdocus Tank"

DX-075 "Tenebrean Tankette"

DX-378 " Tenebrean Armadillo tank"

"In light of the oncoming war against the Drakan Tenebrae have dispatched these armored war machines throughout their empire as well as the nations of their allies. many have joined the union tank forces to provide support and speed"
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