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a friend of mine uploaded one of these memes and I liked the idea so much I decided to do my own. It really is kinda fun to look back... :)

The template can be found here: [link]

The first 5 images are no longer in my gallery

#6: an old version of "Dreaming" - You'll find the new one here: [link]
#7: Winter Fun [link]
#8: Rainy Day [link]


#9: Magic Gateway [link]
#10: Ocean Storm [link]
#11: Halloween Tree [link]
#12: The Cave (old version) [link]


#13: Fernweh [link]
#14: The Mushroom Road [link]
#15: Halloween Mansion [link]
#16: The Lone Wolf [link]


#17: Burning Skies [link]
#18: Home Sweet Home [link]
#19: A Tree Of Many Faces [link]
#20: Abducted [link]
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Hatsune Miku

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My experience with landscapes within the last 22 years! I'll never stop KICKING MYSELF, because there is always room to get better and that's the greatest thing about it. I hope this shows that it is possible to reach a higher level, no matter where you start. Of course it can take several years, but I, for my part, have learned the most by continuous drawing. The university has helped too (a lot). But I think you can get a basic education also with learning from books, you just have to stay tuned long enough.

Find me on: » YouTube « | » :facebook: Facebook « | » tumblr. « | » :twitter: Twitter « | » Animexx «
If you have any questions, please use my "Frequently Asked Questions" for asking:…

More like this:

Kicking my own ass - Realism by AuroraWienhold

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So fat the boy missed some episodes
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My elephant :dummy:
He/she doesn't have a name TT3TT
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5. Wolf
4. Panda
3. Red Panda
2. Cats and Dogs
1. Guinea Pigs

Blank Meme Link- [link]
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Dear loved ones, I have a sweet little job for you. Somewhere in my gallery, these 20 pumpkins have hidden.
Find them and post the link of the image in the comments below this picture.

For each pumpkin, which was found first, the finder will get a reward of 20 points!

There is also a 21st one, the one blank. This one will bring 100 points! # 21 was found by ~Jumping-Genet

Finally all pumpkins were found!

Here is the list:…

More Halloween art:

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All these pumpkins were designed and painted (digitally) by Aurora Wienhold.
The created art is copyrighted by, don't change it or use it in any way. Don't claim it as your own.
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Just link back to the original if you use it, but mostly have fun! This is to help people realize possible design flaws if your characters are too similar. I highly recommend challenging yourself with this one! Choose characters that you think are very similar to better help you understand where you might need help. See if your viewers can guess your character within the first half! Don't rely on eyes, and hair to differentiate your characters!! Make every subtle nuance unique! This applies for all styles! You can't tell me "But I draw humans, or anime." Look at any GOOD anime character designs and you'll see that you can fill this out for them too! Some good examples to use this meme on for preexisting characters: Cruela Devil, Jafar, Facilier, Cowboy Bebop cast, any of Hanna Barbera's characters or any pre 90s toon, Batman villains, etc.

If you post a link to your meme, I may not respond. I hope you don't find that rude, I just can't check them all I'm afraid, but feel free to post it for others' reference n.n

Here's my example: [link]
And here's an excellent human example by *Altalamatox: [link] & [link] by *Kwieskita

If you liked this visual format, you might also be interested in the longform written version here [link]

Another character uniqueness meme! [link]

A 4-character version of this file [link]

See my Reference folder for tutorials on how YOU can add variety into your characters! Here's a few for starts: [link] [link] [link]
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I hereby give full rights to anyone who wants to post this on their page. If you do, however, I request that you add the following to the description:

"The deviant posting this has my full permission to post this, unaltered, in his/her account. We are many things together, but we are always Deviant, and that is something which binds us even now. This is the manifesto of a community brought together by our art and our passion. Don't let us lose that.
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Just a little meme for character balance, with some tips and hints. You can use this for a group of characters, or just a few single characters. Anyway, hope yall find the information helpful!

Arrow-Right by NyssaCreativeArrow-Right by NyssaCreativeArrow-Right by NyssaCreativeNow comes in Excel sheet format! Check it out HEREArrow-Left by NyssaCreativeArrow-Left by NyssaCreativeArrow-Left by NyssaCreative

For the record, this is -not- a definitive chart on how to make a character. For that, see the link below. This is simply to see if a cast of 7 or less characters is well balanced according to some little thing I made up. Also, make sure to read ALL the notes as it mentions that a good cast does NOT consist of ALL well-balanced characters, but a balance of balanced and unbalanced. It is really only important that your main character is balanced. Yes, there are exceptions, this is a general meme for fun. If you want to take it seriously, again, see below.

For more character development things, please check out my epically long Character Profile Form here…

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:For tutorials on character development and writing, see the Reference folder of my gallery:…:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

Check out this other great meme by pichu4850 here!
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