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“Must Twilight insist upon hogging all the fun with her little ‘licious’ meme? I may be a lady, but that does't mean I can’t indulge in a little clever rhyming now and again... Enjoy darlings!”

Animated to a recording of Tabitha St. Germain.
Music and animation by me.
Sound editing and effects by me and The Living Tombstone.

Also on Youtube: [link]

For those of you who have been asking about the programs I use to animate:

For the hundredth time I don't animate the ponies, I video tape them! Honestly, why can't anyone remember that?! :facepalm:

Still, if I were to try and animate ponies, I think the animation software I'd use would probably be Macromedia Flash 8 Pro...
I'd also probably build the puppets in the same program, but draw the backgrounds in Inkscape since it's much more user friendly than flash when it comes to drawing multi-layered images. At least that's what I've been told...
Honestly I don't know though... I've never touched a computer in my life. Spike has been my stenographer most of the time, but I never read what he's writing cause I don't REALLY? I COULD HAVE BEEN WRITING WHATEVER I WANTED TO THIS WHOLE TIME? WOW! UMM... HEY EVERYPONY!! HOW YOU GUYS DOIN?! HEY, JUST SO YOU KNOW, SPIKE IS REALLY AWESOME!! TELL THAT TO ALL YOUR DRAGON FRIENDS OK?!

My next project will probably be finishing that remix of "Proud to be a Brony."
(Teaser here: [link] )

Or a new song me and by brother BAASIK are writing. (Previous colabs include BR34CH, Dashstep, and PIRL.)

Also, Keep yer eyes peeled fer Applelicious y’all! ;-)


P.S. Anypony recognize the dress on the left?
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This is a shot from an upcoming short film.

Done in Blender 2.68a
Rendered with Blender Internal
Editing with Premiere CS6

Minecraft belongs to Mojang
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Sorry for the watermark but it's for safety of the game you will be soon able to download and play online :heart:
(I will keep you updated with that!)
It's one of many animation sequences which will be rotoscoped for the game. It's a second part of sleeping panda, this time she is waking up c:

Sooo excited!
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Like me on facebook for updates, tutorials, and other stuff!…

Finally completed woo-hoo!! I suggest watching this in a dark lit room with sound :D
The first slate translates to: Friendship is magic, Chapter 25, Party of One. :troll: Interesting thing to note is that the word Magic in Kanji can be directly translated as demonic arts(魔法). So....Friendship is demonic? :D

The pink haired white pony near the end is young Celestia, I set it as though she sacrificed her immortality to "help" Twilight as does the anime with Hanyu. I decided to do this crossover after seeing Cupcakes as both deal with torture and death. There are also a couple more similarities I found between Higurashi no naku koro ni and MLP which also made me do this crossover are:

1. both having seemingly cute and adorable style at first glance, but something awesome and mind-blowing that doesn't conform to the initial style lies underneath.

2. the duo personalities some of the characters displays.

3. Twilight and Rika both have purple hued hair and possess some sort of time/ dimension traveling magic and a long-time friend to a Goddess.

4. Pinkie and Rena have extremely excitable personality but snaps at a moment's notice if pushed to the edge.

5. Fluttershy and Shion are quiet and meek normally but turns into a yandere in situations.

6. AppleJack and Mion are tomboyish in nature but still has a feminine side. Tsundere~

7. Rainbow Dash and Keiichi, well, they are the victim in the anime and Cupcakes :D

Youtube Version:…
Spike is forever alone.

Software used: Adobe Flash CS5, Adobe After Effects CS5, Adobe Photoshop.
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Do you like robots? Aquatic creatures? Cute little aliens? THEN WATCH THIS THING RIGHT NOW. Also available in HD on Youtube.

• Free tracks available at
• Full album with bonus tracks available at (also free!)
• Like Professor Soap at"

Music & animation by yours truly. Enjoy, please!
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I'm sorry that I have to resubmit this! Thank you everyone who commented on or favorited the previous deviation. :)

This is the film that our team made at KAFI for the Cartoon Challenge. For those who don't know what the Cartoon Challenge is: Ten schools were chosen from a number of applicants to compete in the competition. We flew out to Kalamazoo, Michigan, and our team had four days (from Monday at 10 AM to Thursday at 5 PM) to create a finished, 30 second PSA on the topic of "global warming". We ate and slept in the building and worked around the clock, and we finished around 9 AM on Thursday morning. It was our school's first time as a part of the competition.

There were two awards for the competition... a Judge's award and a People's Choice awards. We didn't win either, but that's alright. We learned a lot making this, and got a lot of experience from it. We worked hard preparing for the competition and we worked our asses off working on this. Of course there are things we could have fixed or done differently... but ultimately, I'm proud of what we did.

Here's what I did on the film (that I can remember):
- Concept art
- All backgrounds colored in Photoshop... most layouts penciled by Lee
- Breakdowns and in-betweens for scene two (mother looking around for baby)
- Clean up for scenes three and five (baby appears on mom's head, mom snuggles baby)
- Animation for scene seven (baby trips while running and slides)
- Animation and clean-up for scene where baby cries and reaches for mother
- Animation and clean-up for scene where mother cries for baby
- Flash coloring for various scenes
- Scanning

We weren't allowed to put credits on the film, and not everyone has a DeviantArt account, so here is what everyone else did (that I remember D: )... some things (such as story) we all contributed to. I'm so sorry if I don't remember exactly who did what and what everyone did now...
Karina Gazizova -- Direction, technical direction, ink and paint, animation, concept art
Lee Tong -- Animation, clean-up, ink and paint, sound direction, layouts, concept art
George Yang -- Animation, clean-up, ink and paint, scanning, concept art
Sierra Lewis -- Character designs, storyboards, clean-up, ink and paint, concept art

The entire film was done traditionally on paper and cleaned up with pen. The frames were individually scanned and colored in Flash (which is partly why the lines are so choppy... please don't mention it, we know!). The film was put together in Premiere with royalty-free soundclips.

Yes, we're aware polar bears can swim. :)

I have disabled comments! I honestly could not care less what you think regarding global warming or polar bears so STOP TELLING ME! I really hate to do this but no one seems to get it.
Comments disabled by owner.
Well... I haven't had much luck with submitting this to festivals, and I finished this back in March, so I figured it's about time I caved and shared it with you all. I'd still like to try submitting it to some festivals next year if I could, but.

Anyway, this is my film from senior year of college. I started working on the story in my second semester of Junior year, did most of the animation in the first semester of Senior year, and got about half of the clean-up done by the end of Senior year. After I graduated I spent the summer finishing the clean-up and the layouts, and I finished most of the color in a couple weeks earlier this spring. Almost all the work on this film was done by myself. It was no small task to be sure! A lot of people are surprised at the amount of work that goes into animation. The fastest I was able to work on this project as about a second of rough animation an hour. This is for only one character in the scene. Many of the scenes had 2-5 characters in them! Clean-up took twice as long as rough animation, then color, etc.

The story is actually inspired by an event in my own life, and represents a lot of my own feelings about being an artist and being in-between childhood and adulthood.

Anyway, enjoy! My goal for the film was to create something that anyone could understand or relate to in some way, and I hope I have accomplished that if nothing else.

EDIT: Wow that was fast, thanks for the Daily Deviation!! I am serious, nothing means more to me than that people are seeing and enjoying the film. Thank you very much for all your kind words and sharing your thoughts with me. :) I'm really glad you guys like the film.
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3rd year film at SVA, 8 weeks from start to finish - Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Music by: Jeff Liu

[EDIT] - Thanks for the DD guys! ;w;
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YOUTUBE: [link]
VIMEO: [link]
Facebook thing: [link]


SYNOPSIS: Fire Tiger is king of the jungle, and eats magic fire berries to aid his hunting. He chases a lazy boar, thinking it will be an easy meal. However, a dangerous enemy, Acid Panther, has targeted the boar for herself. The two enchanted cats tear up the jungle as they balance the task of hunting the same boar and fighting each other off.

Everything done by me, save for some random sound effects (as credited) and the awesome music track created by Andre Bonetti.

Am proud of the achievement - hopefully the next film will be something I can enter into festivals. As last time, I'd probably like to avoid critique, as I was pressed for time and energy during this, and most of the mistakes I'm aware of.

Thanks for the support and interest, everyone! I look forward to using the knowledge I've gained from this, and Prostitute, to create a film I can truly be proud of.

Created in ToonBoom and Photoshop
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HEY EVERYPONY!!! OH MY GOSH! So I saw Twilight made one of these Licious thingies, and then Fluttershy made one too, and I knew I just HAD TO DO ONE OF THESE MYSELF!!! So I sang into a little black box and I put the box in the mail and now EVERYPONY CAN SEE ME!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?! Like this one time I was mixing relish into a new cake recipe, when out of nowhere this CRAZY song pops into my head! "LAAAA la la la LAAA LA la LAAAA la la LAAAAAAAAAA!!!" I guess you can hear it better when you can hear it. ANYWAY, it gave me this awesomazing idea to do something special for the Cakes! So I put pink frosting all over the floor and then got out my ice skates and now the floor says "I LOVE Y". It was going to say “I LOVE YOU” but the room isn't big enough to fit the whole thing. I guess I could have put "U" instead of “Y”, but then it would be grammatomically incorrect, and you know how Twilight feels about that! Like this one time I made a card for her that said "U R GR8!" and she spent an hour trying to figure out what it said! I would have told her of course, but she kept telling me to SHUUUSH because she was trying to decipher a cryptic message, whatever that means, it's probably some kind of candy. HEY!! Speaking of candy, have you ever tried pickles dipped in chocolate?!?! I know it sounds yuckerific, but It's almost better than cupcakes dipped in hot sauce! It’s a small almost though; if the almost where a bug, it would probably be a flee or something. I don’t like flees, if I could talk to flees I would tell them to stop being so yucky and peskery, but I would tell them in a nice way so that I didn’t hurt their feelings. It’s mean to be mean. That’s why I’m nice all the time! Mean ponies must think it’s nice to be mean, I feel bad for them, they must be super confused! Speaking of confusing, why do we see two of everything when we cross our eyes? I know things don’t split into double, but if they don’t split into double then why can I see double things so well? And why do we call Grapefruit Grapefruit? Grapes are itty bitty and Grapefruits are Grapefruit size! Well, I’d better go, The Cakes are almost home and I wanna see the looks on their faces when they see the special message on the floor! I’m sure they’ll like it better then the mayonnaise ice-cream! Oh by the way, when am I ever gonna get to meet one of you guys?!... Oh pickles, here they come… BYE BYE BRONIES!! I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I’LL SEE YOU LATER OK?!

Also on youtube: [link] :iconpinkie-bopplz:

Voiced by the Amazing Bree Faith! Thanks for working with me and my crazy schedules! :huggle:

Well guys, I’m almost home! :squee: (Or, almost back in Japan anyway.) I am uploading this out of a bar in Singapore. Only one more port before this portion of CARAT is over! :la:
Next, I will be uploading a revised version of my song “Proud to be a Brony” to be used in the Brony Documentary. Expect more animations though! ;)

I will also try to make a few more bops. (I can’t leave it handing without Applejack and Rarity now can I? :shrug: )

Thanks for your support guys! You’re the reason I do it! :salute:

P.S. Ten days after I get back to Japan, the Navy is flying me back to the states for free so that I can audition for the Electric Brigade at the U.S.Naval Academy! If I make it, I will get to be stationed with my brother as he is currently in his second year at the Academy! The audition is on the 23rd of July, so everypony wish me luck! :fingerscrossed:

:iconmlpfimplz: © :iconhasbroplz: & :iconfyre-flye:
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