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Like the title says, this ebony minifigure is a free Halloween giveaway prize. For a chance to win her, just leave a comment of any sort on this page. That's it; no strings attached. Shipping is free to US, Canada and the UK. If you live in some faraway and magical realm like Switzerland but still want to enter, please mention in your comment that you are willing to pay for shipping. Sorry, I'm just too poor to handle big mailing fees these days. Contest ends Sunday at 11:59p US Central time, at which point I'll number the comments and draw from a hat to see who gets the minifigure.

Or even, minifigurine I suppose. Egads, but she is small. Since they come in all different poses and whatnot, the easiest way to measure my ponies is by head diameter. And my normal ponies have a head diameter of about 2.5-3.25 centimeters. Nightmare Moon here, on the other hand has a head diameter of just under .8 centimeters. Minus the hair, she fits inside of a small matchbox.
I had such fun making Luna with shaped hair, that I wanted to try again, with another Halloweeny pony, but ebony is criminally expensive these days, so I decided, as long as I was making a minifigure, to make a miniminifigure so that I could use my scrap ebony from previous ponies. On the whole I think she came out all right. Very angular cuts, a misshapen face, and not quite as much detail as I wanted, but on the other hand I was pushing myself to get as much detail as I did. Perhaps I'd improve if I did miniatures like this regularly. Certainly getting mm wide details in was crazy fun, and the feathering on the wings was fun to work out as well.

Want to see more of this pony? Check out the work in progress gallery to watch her come together, or see more of the finished product in her expanded gallery.

Nightmare Moon and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro.
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The painted version of Dark of Night, this is the end product for :iconsaberthedoom:.

I don't usually paint my pieces, and I suspect I won't again except in very peculiar circumstances (outdoor pieces, etc.). Not simply because I don't paint and can't paint, which is obvious, but because I like to make things that look wooden on face value, evidenced by the lack of faces, etc on most of my pieces. (Although considering the number of fixed manes I seem to be doing, I might start painting manes.) On that note, any black parts on this piece are the original ebony showing through.

Nevertheless it is good to step outside our comfort zones from time to time, and this was a good experience, if only to confirm and concrete my feelings, and to give me new experiences! Here's to trying new things. I do need to work on my painting, though, because at some point I will need it, and I'm severely disappointed with the results here.

If you want to check out more of this pony, you can see her work in progress gallery and an expanded gallery over at My Little Woodcraft, as well as WIP galleries on unreleased pieces and sneak peaks at finished products.

Luna and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro.
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This walnut Derpy Hooves for :iconhurricanechiela: was my second attempt at a full sized mane, and, I've got to say, it came out better than I anticipated. I definitely changed up my mane making technique since Luna: Dark of Night, and I think it shows in the way the mane rests against her head and neck. I also don't really count Luna's tail as a real tail, since it, more or less, was a flat, cloudy shaped slab, so this was my first tail needing any degree of shaping and detailing. And that was amazing fun. Shaped tails are going to become a favorite of mine. :)

Her pose was loosely based on Derpy:100 which was in turn based on Faust's Derpy Hooves sketch from some time ago, but this figure lacks most of the lordosis that Derpy:100 displayed, and subsequently has a general upward and forward movement rather than a down and around look. Partially this was just to to freehanding the design and ending up with a different look, and partly this was to minimize the stand, which was pretty large in the previous iteration.

All in all I had a lot of fun with this piece, and she definitely has me enthusiastic about future fixed-mane ponies. I would like to change the general structure of her face, however, and a little more curve to her spine would have looked better. Still, it's on average a success in my book.

Want to see more of this Derpy, or the woodworking process? She has a quite expansive work in progress gallery where you can watch her come together and an expanded gallery where you can find multiple angle and detail pictures of her over at My Little Woodcraft.

Derpy Hooves and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro.
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Another fixed mane Luna, this one is the second part of a commission for :iconhurricanechiela:.

Starting off, I've got to say that I didn't like the shape this piece was taking. Although it is largely a redone version of Luna: Dark of Night, I didn't like the shape of the body, and some laminating flaws were bothering me. As things went on, though, the body worked itself out, and the cracking was solved in the end. Now, my major problems with this piece are the way the mane covers her face on her right side, and the fastening on her tail. Her tiara isn't up to much either. I would have liked the tail to have a little more...depth, but I couldn't really see how to make it thicker without making it look incredibly heavy. Ebony is pretty tough to convey nebulous-ness (nebulosity?) with as it is.

On the other hand I am quite pleased with her wings and boots. They're true Luna booties, rather than the taller, sharper Nightmare Moon boots from Dark of Night, and I thought it might be tough to make them stand out from the legs, but they seem to be quite acceptable. Her wings , though, I really like. They were one of my main disappointments in Dark of Night, looking too small an sharp. One of my favorite aspects of Luna from the show is that she has these huge, heavily curved wings, huge feathered that don't just open-they unfold and frame her. This pair was made extra large and, an added (mostly unintentional) bonus, they are just wafer thin. One of my more delicate pairs, if I say so myself, hopefully I'll be able to start doing them like this more consistently. Her horn also has a nice double spiral, which, although it isn't canon, is a lovely pattern and a little trickier to do.
On the whole, I'm calling this one a win. Next up, a walnut manticore-rarr!

Want to see more of this piece? Why not watch the woodworking process in her offsite work in progress gallery or see more pictures of her including detail shots and various angles in her expanded gallery.

Princess Luna and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro.
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A long awaited piece for :iconovertherainbowdash: this piece is done in walnut, ash and pine for the pony, rainbow and cloud respectively. I'm afraid that, while flying, Dashie can only be posed in a couple of ways, especially for a sonic rainboom, so she more or less looks like the other two diving Dashies.
I originally intended to raise this entire piece up on the cloud side to leave Rainbow Dash free hanging so that she could dangle off the edge of a desk or shelf or whatever, and to this end I made a bottom half for this cloud weighted with lead shot. But to counterweight the rainbow and the pony the base ended up being huge, so I ended up just using Rainbow as one of the supports.
On the whole, eh, not one of my best pieces, and not one of my favorites. I did it over the course of a week and a half and I don't like doing projects piecemeal . I like to take a day off and just do a single woodwork for like fourteen hours, but it just can't happen these days. So here you have it.
Want to see more? She has an expanded gallery over at My Little Woodcraft.

Rainbow Dash and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro.
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I gotta say, I had a blast with this piece in African blackwood for :iconinkynotebook:. Nightmare Moon has such a nice dynamic personality; I just found her a lot easier to pose than all of the Lunas I've been doing recently. I also had a lot of fun working in blackwood. It really is all the fun and beauty of ebony, while simultaneously being considerably softer (while remaining almost as dense and heavy; I have no idea how it works) and easier to cut and work.

Wood and pose aside; the helmet and the evil, pointy wings were a lot of fun. I'm not particularly satisfied with either, but that doesn't mean they weren't fun. I'm not at all a fan of the chestpiece; I've done much better in the past. The hair also annoys me quite a lot. I've been trying to do the neck attachment on the manes as part of the original piece of wood. With this piece however, the entire hairpiece is a completely separate piece, glued on. On top of that; I glued it on before carving the cutie mark, which means the cutie mark is engraved around the mane, and therefore partially incomplete (although, of course, only where you can't see it. Still, I like to do things right.) Her face could use more work, but I was having trouble not messing up the helmet while working it. The stand was fun, though; I shoulda done some like it for the ebony Lunas.

Want to see more of this piece? Watch her come together in an offsite work in progress gallery or see more angles of her and some close ups of the head, wings, etc. in her offsite expanded gallery.

Now on, on, hurrah! For a time traveller, his companion pony and their blue box!

My Little Pony and Nightmare Moon belong to Hasbro.
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A long, loooong awaited pony for a fantastic critic and an all around cool guy :iconarkindal:, I wanted this pony to be one of my best. Whether it is or not I won't deign to say, but I think I can safely say it isn't among my worst.

Among other things I took my sweet time on this one when it came to gluing on the mane, which I did as a separate piece this time around. I'm thinking that it looks better this way than with the mane as a solid part of the head and neck. Usually I'm a huge fan of 60 second epoxy, but this time around it was real wood glue and 24 hour waiting times before work resumed. (Not that it mattered, I fumbled her during later detailing and shattered half of the mane on the floor, but the repair seems to have worked out all right.
I've done better faces, but Luna is incredibly annoying when it comes to face and body shape (I think she might be just a smidge too long. But for once I made it through a tiara without being infuriated beyond all reckoning. And I did much prefer making the season 1 Luna to the current one. She's just so much more pony when it comes to the mane and tail. And I painted the mane, hmm, how about that. I'm still generally against paint, but the ebony is so dark and flat that it tends to blend together, and I wanted a little contrast.

As usual, there is a work in progress gallery and an expanded gallery offsite.

Princess Luna and My Little Pony belong to Hasbro.

Curious about the name? Theia was the planetary body that impacted Earth causing the formation of the moon in the giant impact hypothesis.
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:icontradesopen: :iconcommissionsopen:

Sold for over $250
Jousting Crystal Armour Fluttershy Fashion Style Custom.


:bulletyellow: After watching the Season 3 Premiere, I knew I absolutely had to sculpt a Crystal Armour Jousting Fluttershy. Based of Fluttershy and her attire in the Jousting scene, in which she has to joust with Rainbow Dash.

:bulletyellow: Made from a Princess Cadence base, hand sculpted with super sculpey, painted with high quality acrylics and sealed with mod podge.

:bulletyellow: Every effort was made to make her as show accurate as possible. From the show accurate gradients to the finely etched motifs in her armour, no effort was spared with this gorgeous girl. She even has beautiful purple diamonte crystals inlaid into her armour.

:bulletyellow: Approximately 40 hours (yes that much!) were put into this custom. Never have I made something so difficult and incredibly intricate. From the sculpting to painting of fine details, Fluttershy took so much effort. I hope you all agree that she was worth it. I love her to bits.


I really hope her winner loves her as much as I do. I will be sad to see her go. Please comment or fav if you like her. It would mean allot to me


More pictures here: [link]

A lovely deviant has notified me that someone is trying to scam/sell my fluttershy custom.

This is what they noted me:

Hey someone by the name WikipediaPlus sent me a message stating:

"I read your comment on this piece of mine. (link to your post)
Right now this item is on a limited time sale at $50
Payment will be via paypal."


I assure you this is NOT me, and a scam. Please ignore this deviant/ebay member.
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Princess Celestia sculpture

At long last! She's done!

I wanted to finish her in short time, but it became a 60-hours-job.

Celestia gave me countless problems to solve, but fortunately I have managed to solve them.

She isn't little...

Height (with her horn): 13,8 inches (350 millimetres)

Length (With mane and tail): 14,5 inches (365 millimetres).

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This piece is sold and will not be remade.

Even though Nightmare Moon is a thing of the past, she seems to follow Luna wherever she goes. While she is happy back at her sister's side, Luna can't help but feel that she is half the mare she used to be.

Characters and the edge of the base are coated in a semi-gloss varnish. Sparkles adorn the mane and tail of Nightmare Moon as well as Luna's accessories. The swirls on the base have a metallic sheen.

Materials : Super Sculpey, Sculpey Firm, and Apoxie Sculpt Over a Wire and Foil Armature, Acrylic Paint, Pearl Ex

Dimensions : 10 Inches Tall (at Nightmare Moon's horn tip) on a 7 3/4 inch base; Luna measures 4 1/2 inches long

Time Taken : 25 Hours

Interested in a commission? Please check my journal for current commission status.


Check me out on : Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Etsy |
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