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LADY'S Official Commission Info

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 29, 2012, 7:18 PM

Plushie Types and General Price Guide

Hey there!! I decided it was time to update my price list for my commissions, and go over the sort of plushie business I do~

Currently, I offer three sizes, and their pricing/information is listed below:

*Large Plushies
*Mini Plushies
*Chibi Plushies

This is meant to be a base reference, for anyone that's interested to know, to give a very general price range for plushie sizes~ All finalized quotes for individual characters will be given, per person (the price varies, depending on amount of detail/complexity of costume/etc...)

Large Plushies

Large Plushies, Simple Type: $65+ /+ $7 shipping.

Stand from 11-12 inches tall (depending on hair/shoes : D). Fairly simple outfits with uncomplicated detail work or accessories. Examples:

Commission, Mini Plushie Alois Trancy by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Plushie Rangiku Matsumoto by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Plushie Natsu Dragneel by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Plushie Laxus Dreyar by LadyoftheSeireitei

Large Plushies, Detailed Type: $75 and up /+$7 shipping.

Stand from 10-11 inches tall (depending on shoes/hair : D). More complex outfits with many layers and/or intricate detail work or numerous accessories. Examples:

Commission, Elliot and Leo Mini Plushies by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Plushie Vincent Nightray by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Plushie Trafalgar Law by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Plushie Theodore by LadyoftheSeireitei

Mini Plushies

Mini Plushies, Simple Type: $50+ /+$7 shipping

Stand from 8-9 inches (depending on shoes/hair : D). Simple outfits with uncomplicated detail work or accessories. Examples:

Commission, Mini Plushie Fairy Tail Duo by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Mini Plushie Younger Armin Arlert by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Mini Plushie Gajeel Redfox by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Jushiro Ukitake at the Beach by LadyoftheSeireitei

Mini Plushies, Detailed Type: $65 and up /+$7 shipping

Stand from 8-9 inches (depending on shoes/hair : D). More complex outfit with many layers and/or more complicated detail work. Examples:

Commission, Mini Plushie Robin Ciel by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Mini Plushie Juvia Lockser by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Mini Dangan Ronpa Plushies by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Mini Plushie Blanc by LadyoftheSeireitei


Chibi Plushies

Chibi Plushies, Simple Type: $35 in total (First Class Shipping+Tracking)

Stands at 4 Inches tall. Simple outfits with uncomplicated detail work or accessories. Examples:

Chibi Plushie, Sailor Moon by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Chibi Plushie Ittoki Otoya by LadyoftheSeireiteiCommission, Chibi Plushie of the Scarecrow by LadyoftheSeireitei

Chibi Plushies, Detailed Type: $40-45 in total (First Class Shipping+Tracking)

Stands at 4 Inches Tall. More complex outfit with many layers and/or more complicated detail work. Examples:

Chibi Plushie, Vampire Ciel Phantomhive by LadyoftheSeireiteiGift, Chibi Plushie Toasty Sweet Fluff by LadyoftheSeireiteiChibi God of War Plushie by LadyoftheSeireitei


Heads Up

The more accessories that a plushie has, the more likely the price is to go up (such as with characters that are wearing hats, lined coats, small gloves, etc). Hand painted details are also subject to effect the final price, since it takes a lot of concentration and time (most of the kimono's I've done take hours to finish; I spent three on Shunsui's alone :faint: )


Policy and Disclaimer

For the sake of my sanity, I reserve the right to refuse/deny any commission at any point in the process prior to the construction of the actual plushie.

Furthermore, I also reserve the right to deny any inquiry. Usually, I accept any commission I'm asked of. However, based on the ideal that I might not be able to do accurate justice to your character (for fear of being unable to give you your money's worth~) I will refuse the project strictly on a business level.

Once a plushie is paid for, and work has begun, there are no refunds for the project at hand. **A character may be substituted, for the same value, so long as work hasn't begun on the plushie in question.

It is my hopes this is understandable for inquiring minds, as I have to protect my own interests as well.

Word To the Wise

I work very hard on every project that I take on, which doesn't leave a lot of free time for anything else. I don't mind an inquiry or two about plushies, but the more I'm pestered about it, the slower the process will become. Be assured that I'll be working as fast and as hard as I can to get everything done, and done right. :salute: That being said, I won't be posting WIP pictures unless there's a very specific question I have to the project (such as color choices for hair/outfits etc that I would like to have a second opinion on).


Art Trades

Now, I'm also going to post this here as a reference. I'm afraid I will no longer be openly accepting offers for Art Trades. I simply don't have the time for them with all the plushie commissions that I get. There will still be contest prizes that I'll be making and donating, since that's been a lot of fun, which I'll be sure to announce as they come!! :w00t:

Also, for Commissioners

There's a widget on my main page toward the bottom on the right side that I'll be updating periodically. It shows the status of plushies that I'm working on, outlined in a starring system. If you have any inquires about how far along your project is, please refer to that. :D


Thanks to everyone who's commissioned from me, and I'm looking forward to all of the new projects that I'll be working on!! Take care!! :huggle:

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Colon Cancer Awareness Show

Sat Mar 1, 2014, 1:38 PM
:new: A big big BIG THANK YOU goes out to the amazing Shayla-Estate for being the wonderful woman and friend that she is and making this fantastic new skin for the show journal! :heart:
Also, a huge thanks to Metterschlingel for coding it!

:new: I decided to extend the show indefinitely. Why should I limit myself to only one month of spreading the awareness of colon cancer? Keep the entries coming!!!

I'm not sure how many of you know, but I recently lost my dad to cancer. He battled colon cancer for nearly two years. The disease metastasized to his liver and eventually his lungs, ultimately taking his life. March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and so I would like to host a show in honor of my dad. I hosted a show for this before a few years ago and it sort of blew up in my face. It felt like a lot of people took advantage of my show that was meant to honor my dying father so they could score easy kaaring. It caused a bit of ruckus in the Nordanner group, but a lot has changed since then with the awesome new owners and such so I don't believe that will be a problem anymore. Long story short is I really miss my dad a lot and would like to give this show another shot. Please respect that and play fairly.

Colon Cancer Awareness by RuthlessDreams






:bulletblue: All Breeds of any age are welcome!
-- This includes horses, canines, felines, fantasy, and more!
:bulletblue: No Pre-Registry Required - Simply link your entry to this journal.
:bulletblue: Entries may be fullbody or headshot.
:bulletblue: Shading and backgrounds are optional.
:bulletblue: Stories are allowed, but not required.
:bulletblue: No linearts allowed! Entries must be made specifically for this show!
:bulletblue: You are allowed to enter multiple characters in the same image, but you MUST lable them accordingly by name and class! --- Example
:bulletblue: Please fill out the following and include it in your entry's description:

Show: (link to this show)
Character Name: (be sure to include ID# and a link to official reference)


:bulletblue: Classes will be rolled every Saturday even  if they're not full.
:bulletblue: Only 5 entries per class. If a class fills up before Satruday I will run it then.
:bulletblue: Show will be judged by RNG
 -- With the exception of ONE Judge's Choice Award. This will be my overall favorite entry of the month.
:bulletblue: I can enter my own show and I can win (obviously not the Judge's Choice Award). Depending on how the RNG rolls.

1st Place CCA Mini Show Ribbon by s10882nd Place CCA Mini Show Ribbon by s10883rd Place CCA Mini Show Ribbon by s10884th Place CCA Mini Show Ribbon by s10885th Place CCA Mini Show Ribbon by s1088
   --- Winners will be listed by class under corresponding placement Ribbon. You may then use that to count "Kaaring" or other similar breed points.
Judge's Choice Award CCA Ribbon by s1088
The only prize I will be awarding for this show is the Judge's Choice Award. The winner will receive one free "Crayon Critter" commission from me.


1. CCA Pippa by s1088
2. 586 Don't Open, Dead Inside Halter Entry by Sunidelite

1. CCA Pippa by s1088

1. CCA Pippa by s1088










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Deadline is now, Wednesday 27th
It's clear I didn't give people enough time C: Sorry about that! Hope you're all a bit more relaxed now!

Sign ups are now closed! Any more will be ignored (Sorry guys ^^;

I'm doing this art contest for a college project! It's going to be fun! Here is the sign up list, more information will come when I've spoken to people providing prizes!

The Contest

The challenge is to choose any animal of your choice and choose a shape (It can be a 2D or 3D shape) Then create a stylised drawing of your animal based around that shape. For example, You could choose a circle and a cat, and draw a really round fat cat! Or you could choose a triangle and create a snake with a really crooked neck ;D

The most creative will be the winner, and will be judged by me and a few fellow members here~


- NOTE THAT People have offered to donate prizes. I will need to talk to them about that! For now, here are the current prizes!

1st place: -1,000 points, flat coloured transparent picture of your character from me

2nd place: 200 points, 2 chibi pictures of your character

3rd place: 50 points, chibi picture of your character

The deadline for sign ups is Wednesday 6th. Deadline for the actual contest entry is Wednesday 13th

THE LIST: (Please comment here if you wish to join!)

1. :iconsilvergully:
2. :iconmoonleaf-the-dragon:
3. :iconkittycharm-creations:
4. :iconalou412: -completed-…
5. :icongoatprince: -completed-…
6. :iconwhitelupine:
7. :iconpurple-street-dog:
8. :iconp-e-t-a-l:
9. :iconravenbird15:-completed-…
10. :iconsapphiresquire: -completed- supernaturalwolfgirl.deviantar…
11. :icontheleadingoutcast:
12. :iconsxxintoxicatedxx:
13. :iconthetelltaleheart:
14. :iconxxtikitikixx:
15. :iconnniikaa:
16. :iconjeaikman: -completed-…
17. :icondreyax:
18. :iconsamooraii: -completed-……
19. :icongarfieldheart:
20. :iconemily-young: -completed-…
21. :iconhanayuno: -completed-…
22. :icondark-fire-dragoness: -completed-…
23. :iconmiss-ellanius:…
24. :iconchaosdemonxxxangel: -completed- chaosdemonxxxangel.deviantart.…
25. :iconwanderingsketch:
26. :icontrufflepopelectric:
27. :iconfrostbackcat:
28. :iconowsouu:
29. :iconlostdoge:
30. :iconthemilleniumpianist:
31. :iconsabastionlover:
33. :iconnekocookies: -completed-…
34. :iconloell567:
35. :iconnightiights:
36. :icondeertrot:
37. :iconearthytones:
38. :iconxyllem:
39. :iconmimmiley:
40. :iconlobika:
41. :iconskipskid: -completed-…
42. :iconrubellalight2012:
43. :iconmomo99911:
44. :iconmariie-luna:
45. :iconrawritsbeth: -completed-…
46. :iconlittleinch:
47. :iconcaneecas:

Brushes by yana-stock
Original mini gallery by thespook
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[PT 2] Anime PLZ Accounts

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 29, 2013, 3:53 AM
Part 1 - Hey There / Ciao | Happy | Smiles | Laughing | Hugs, Slaps etc. | Blushing | Nosebleeds

Part 3 - Facepalm | Omnomnom | RapeFace | Random


:iconsaddesuplz: :iconcuteushioplz: :iconsadinoriplz: :iconkiddpoutplz: :iconjapansulk-plz: :iconlanfanplz: :iconhinaichigoplz: :iconnyuplz: :iconshionsonozakiplz: :iconmayakasadplz: :iconorekidownplz: :iconirisusadplz: :iconchitandaummplz: :iconchitandapoutplz: :iconlucysadplz:
:iconyukkosobniplz: :iconyukkootlniplz: :iconimdoneplz:


:iconyuicryplz: :iconcraiyuiplz: :iconyuicraiplz: :iconuu-plz: :iconmoeweepplz: :iconcrydesuplz: :iconmenmatearplz: :icontoracryplz: :iconmakasobplz: :iconmenmacryplz: :icontaigacraiplz: :iconcryinplz: :iconsadfacuplz: :iconsuprisecryplz: :iconlucycryplz:
:icontsukasasobplz: :iconuuwahplz: :iconyuitearplz: :iconfrenchwhineplz: :iconkonatacryplz: :icontears-plz: :iconwipetearsplz: :iconcronacryplz: :iconguhuplz: :iconkyrie-plz: :iconsobbplz: :iconbedcryplz: :iconyuicry2plz: :iconyukkocryniplz: :iconritsurantplz:
:iconyukkoverysadmadniplz: :iconyukkotoosadmadniplz: :iconnanoeeehniplz: :iconnanocryniplz:


:iconmadazusaplz: :iconlucymadplz: :iconorekirantplz: :iconaackplz: :iconpleasedieplz: :iconscoreeplz: :icondocabuseplz: :iconangryrenaplz: :iconslamheadplz: :iconibaramadplz: :iconusodaplz: :iconaka-chanusoda--plz: :iconblackstarpissed: :iconedmadplz: :iconshizuoplz:
:icontinyminiskirtsplz: :iconover9kplz: :iconscaryrikaplz: :iconmisakidarkplz: :iconburnchizuplz: :iconibarawhatplz: :icongermanyrantplz: :iconangryrinplz: :iconkagamidisgustplz: :iconkagamishitzyouplz: :iconmikowtfplz: :iconmioscaryfaceniplz: :iconmiomoneyniplz: :iconsasahararageniplz: :icontakasakionfireniplz:
:iconstockingrageplz: :iconstocking-is-madplz:


:iconorekiblinkplz: :iconyuihuhplz: :iconsobbuplz: :iconorekiurghplz: :iconorekiavoidplz: :iconiceuplz: :icondonotwantplz: :iconyuinoplz: :iconritsustretchplz: :iconazusapif: :iconmooiiplz: :icontorahmphplz: :iconhakaseflailniplz: :iconhakaserollflailniplz: :iconhakasecrankyniplz:
:iconmoestretchplz: :iconpunipuniplz: :iconcheekpuniplz: :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz: :iconfunnysatokoplz: :iconukitakeplz: :iconkeiichiplz: :iconsoulhehplz: :iconsighingedwardplz: :iconclaudesighplz: :icontsundereingplz: :iconlucystare01plz: :iconbedsighplz: :iconimoutoplz: :iconmisatothinkingniplz:
:iconlesigh-plz: :iconorekihmmplz: :iconritsupinchplz: :iconasunaheheplz: :iconlisbethplz: :iconkiritohmmplz: :iconmisakisighplz: :iconibarashrugplz: :iconerunotamusedplz: :iconfaceslapplz: :iconusuiblehplz: :iconmisakideskplz: :iconwhatdoyouwantnowplz: :iconjapandonotwantplz: :iconmiosulkniplz:
:iconitalyohshitfaceplz: :iconorekigehplz: :iconbossunhmphplz: :iconleafanoplz: :iconmiomoneyniplz: :iconmioabsniplz: :iconmiofacepalmniplz: :iconorekipoutplz: :icondonotwannaplz: :iconkneesocksnotamused:

Sleeping, Drowsy

:iconzzzzzplz: :iconsleepyuiplz: :iconsleepbubplz: :iconorekiyawnplz: :iconyuiyawnplz: :iconrinyawnplz: :iconyuispitplz: :iconyuisleepplz: :iconsakamotosleepyniplz:

Shocked, Scared etc.

:iconazusashockedplz: :iconscaredmioplz: :iconthehororplz: :icontsundereshockplz: :iconshockedmoeplz: :iconshinpachiplz: :iconsatokowtfplz: :iconkeiichiwtfplz: :icontomitakewtfplz: :iconshockedmittyplz: :iconasymmetricalplz: :iconsaynonaruto-plz: :iconsaynosasukeplz: :iconhiiragisobplz: :icongermanicdespairplz:
:iconmoyashiplz: :iconusuitakumiplz: :iconkeigoplz: :iconichigowtfplz: :icondtkplz: :iconsunoharaplz: :iconshockedmayakaplz: :iconhowtololplz: :icontamakipanicplz: :iconshizukunoplz: :iconlescaredplz: :iconwattheplz: :iconewwdisgustingplz: :iconkadosaywhaplz: :iconenglandwtfplz:
:iconenglandomgplz: :icongilbowtfplz: :iconlisbethshockplz: :iconyuukoshockniplz: :iconyukkoshockedniplz: :iconyukkoscareniplz: :iconyukkogodisdeadniplz: :iconnanoscareniplz: :iconnanoshockedniplz: :iconmioshock2niplz: :iconmioshockniplz: :iconhakaseshockniplz: :iconsakamotoshockedniplz: :icontakasakishockniplz: :iconyuiscaredplz:
:iconmorinagawtfplz: :iconuuugghhplz: :iconsatokofreakoutplz: :icongodmyohplz: :iconruruplz:


:iconwhatwhereplz: :iconkarinwhatplz: :iconidontgetit-plz: :iconsuprisedplz: :iconconfusedneplz: :iconhuhchibimoonplz: :iconcuriousityplz: :iconyuiswt1plz: :iconkiddtrippinplz: :iconsawakoomgplz: :iconkyutnomplz: :iconyukkoconfuseniplz: :iconmaiconfuseniplz: :iconhakaseconfuseniplz:

[Last Update: 30th August 2014]

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I have added a 4th place prize

So, how about it? Fancying winning yourself some prizes? It's really simple, all you have to do is draw any of my OC's and the winners will receive prizes listed below.

Orb Mini Pixel by Gasara 1. 300 Points from me
- Colored full body (no bg) character from Clover0project
- Full body digital coloured chibi (simple bg) from Yfnhsm
- Full body sketch from Meteorbios & Mintypalqz
- Half-body watercolour sketch from Maybelletea
- Full body pencil sketch from Hito-chan19

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #2 by Gasara
Orb Mini Pixel by Gasara 2. 200 Points from me
- Colored half body (no bg) character from Clover0project
Full body marker chibi (simple bg) from Yfnhsm
- Full body sketch from Meteorbios & Mintypalqz
- Half-body watercolour doodle from Maybelletea
- Full body digital chibi (no bg) from Hito-chan19

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #2 by Gasara
Orb Mini Pixel by Gasara 3. 100 Points from me
Colored head shot (no bg) character from Clover0project
Full body pencil crayon chibi (simple bg) from Yfnhsm
- Watercolour bust doodle from Maybelletea
- Half-body pencil sketch from Hito-chan19

Orb Mini Pixel by Gasara 4. 50 Points
- Full body digital chibi (no bg) from Hito-chan19

- You can draw any of my OC's
- You can draw multiple characters, but only one entry can win
- You must send me a link to your entry
- You must provide a link in your entry to this journal
- All art forms are welcome!
- ANYONE can join ^_^

** Deadline **
1st September

OC: Kaiya by KFoxDoodles
Kaiya is a big kid at heart and loves pastel colours, roller blading and chewing on bubble gum.

OC: Pokemon Trainer Evie by KFoxDoodles
If you haven't already guessed, Evie is a Pokemon trainer. She loves cute Pokemon and her favourites are Jigglypuff, Pikachu, Mew, Piplup, Amaura, Ponyta, Audino, Minccino, Deerling and Fennekin

c~honeycombpixels by Miss-Glitter photo cute_doll__honeycombpixels_by_hinaichu-d7o0ag3_zpscf7b644f.gif
KFox is my cute chibi fox who is very cheeky and bubbly.
She has no fixed outfit, so I would love to see other people's interpretations of what she would/should wear. 

OC Daisy by KFoxDoodles
Daisy is funky, cute and loves to wear adorable sweaters! 

All additional prizes are welcome and much appreciated!


Contest: KFox ! by RockxlyKFox! by PokiMagicalLyraXDContest - Evie by FloatingBlackFeatherDaisy! by SilcatConcurso, Contest ! Evie!!!11 by BloomLoveixDrawing OC Contest :K-Fox by ScarletteRoseDEzZeanContest: Daisy Ponified by SweetPlum34Draw my OC Contest Entry: KFox by Melodious-RainIXContest Entry: Daisy by MirurukoEntry for KFoxDoodles by lanari-chanContest KFoxDoodles by Watagashi-chanCE - 003 by MeteorbiosDaisy by FlightPixelMY OC CONTEST DAISY by eiffa2222 (CONTEST) K Fox by amritkaurKFox - Kfox contest entry :D by ChromeFlamesO Jigglypuff U So Funneh by EssenceOfWhimsy[CE]Kfox by LittleanimeartistCE: Daisy by AmaranthineAuroraEvie (contest)  by xXKrittaXx<da:thumb id="470118306"/>CE: Kaiya by Pepper-WoodKfox by Nathanielp7Contest Entry- Evie! by Lizuka-HayashiMy contest entry for kfoxdoodles by vlake12Skatergirl Kaiya by BubbleGumPlayer133Contest Entry: Daisy by isLouisContest Entry: KFoxDoodles by 0akuContest Entry : KFOX by ScarletteRoseDEzZeankfox by vSpade[CONTEST] KFOX by clock-likeEvie (Contest Entry) by Ca-PeKfox Contest entry by RainbowAngelXxxDaisy by ScarletSide
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150 point give away(Closed)

Thu Sep 13, 2012, 10:38 PM

Every time That one of my raffles get Finnish i will start a new raffle.

You have to:
:heart:1-Watch me
:heart:2-Llama me
:heart:3-Comment on 2 arts of :iconxkimiax:,:iconxxbloody-magicxx:&:iconxjohnnytestx:
:heart:4-Write a journal about this:hug:
:heart:5-Fav this journal cause i choose the winner from the favs:date:

My first raffle had 2 winners but this time we have 3winners so the chance of winning is more:XD:
1st place:75:points::iconlehira:
2nd place:50:points::iconnikocopado:
3rd place:25:points::icontales-adopt-center:
Deadline: over:date:
   Good luck

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

  • Mood: Adoration
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I forgot to do this on 31st. Sorry!!!

Okay...based on
the winning number is:

And so the winner is:

Congrats, SawaMegami-chan
I shall note ya details~

So....I realized this morning I got 400 watchers already.

Anyway~...because the universe has given me a blessing today (we don't have class...which is good because i overslept), I've decided to return it to y'all..
I'll pick a winner who'll get a free watercolor halfbody-knee up portrait of a character of their choice.
like this, I guess:
AT with Ryokuji by choco-javaAT: FallenAngelKokoro by choco-javaHetASEAN SS: ExelionStar by choco-java

Okay so...

1. You must be watching me to join this raffle. And yeah, you can add me in your watch list right now and join~
2. Fave this journal, I'll draw the winner from the fave list.
3. I'll contact you if you win~...
4. Raffle entries are valid until March 31...afterwards I'll pick a winner.

ALso sorry for being inactive here....I've been hiding from society for almost a week now..and well, I'm mostly just in my Tumblr and FB RP account.

Anyway...I gtg sleep and exploit the lack of class today.
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  • Listening to: Wake me up when September ends - Greenday
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Contest 4 Muslim Manga's Anniversary [Vote Time]

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 8, 2013, 2:09 PM
Check out these AWESOME submissions:

4th An Muslim Manga by CyprusBeetleContest For Muslim-manga by piyoaHappy 4th Anniversary Muslim Manga! by nrvrlHappy Anniversary Muslim Manga~ XD by vhayoung4th Anniversary for Muslim Manga by Kauthar-SharbiniMuslim Manga 4th Anniversary by SirImranFor Anniversary by Dilasude

The Original Blog Entry here:…

Vote here:…

AsSalaamualaykum everyone.  May 1st 2013 will be the 4th Anniversary of the Muslim Manga group on deviantArt.  So, we're going to have a deviantArt only contest and the deadline is May 1st 2013, so submit a drawing that shows support for Muslim Manga by the deadline.  Be very creative please.  You may look at previous year's submissions' to get some ideas, but try to be creative.  (Other contests are going to be through the Muslim Manga website and will not be only for dA members)
Submit your artwork to the 'For Muslim Manga' folder by the deadline.  You may use Aya (the girl in our logo) in your submissions..  But it doesn't have to include her in it.  Be creative.  Using guys in your drawings is also very good.  

Make sure to follow the general rules.
Make sure the hijab is drawn appropriately.  No tight or revealing clothes.
Don't use the deviantArt watermark
If you have any concerns, let us know..

Previous years:……

Aya (Ayeh)…………

The first place winner will get a 3 month subscription.

(If you wish to donate a prize to this contest, then you are welcome to do so.  Just send a note to Muslim-Manga with what you want to do)

Other Contests
Don't forget to participate in the Salaat manga contest…

Comment bellow.

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Last Updated January 21, 2013

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