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Submission to the Fantasy Earth contest. It's SCOUT class.

I name him SNEAKMAN, he's got a BO-PEEP model ballista, can chuck giant arrows at foes in close range combat. No I'm afraid this dude does not shave his legs, he's too busy surviving, scouting, and sneaking.
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Decided to take on a more abstract concept for Lara Croft's character reborn within the head of a Buddha and enlightened, after going through many dangerous trials and ordeals to be the survivor she is destined to become. Heavily influenced by Sachin Teng's approach in illustration.

My final entry for this contest. I had a great time.
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This is my character designs for the game "The World Ends With You" and here I've made 5 designs. Each characters are based on Malaysian youths in their suburban culture identity which can be seen in the capital of Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur.

KuuBeng, 16
A young boy whose family runs a coffee shop(restaurant) in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur and he often roams around there and uptown Bintang walk. He likes to collect action figures, plastic models and play video games. Energetic, hotblooded and sometimes prone to accidents. He can summons an Apache Helicopter and a Wanzer(mecha) while engaging reapers in the Reaper's Game.

Vivi, 17
A young girl who lives with her mother running a boutique in Bintang walk avenue. Cheerful and sometimes headstrong, she is very fashion savvy and always goes on the latest trend in the market. She can summons a large stuffed kitty cat doll and an army of kitty dolls to attack reapers.

Autumn, 18
A rich, Gothic girl who lives in condos near the KLCC Twin towers. Cold and somewhat lethargic, she likes to collect Super Dollfies and make Gothic clothes. She can summons her Gothic doll and a swarm of wooden stakes to attack reapers.

Rashid, 23
A graffiti artist who always hang around near river banks and backstreets to spray-paint graffiti. Artistic and level-headed, he is everyone's big brother and always put his friends to be more important than he is. He can creates monsters and weapons from his graffiti arts and use it to attack reapers.

KopiDog, 1
A dog who always goes buy coffee at KuuBeng's coffee shop for its owner. She can barks shockwaves to attack reapers and she also bites reapers. (This dog is based on a true story in Petaling street where the owner trained the dog to go buy coffee every evenings)

In Kuala Lumpur, there are several spots where suburban cultures are popular among teenagers and young adults, in addition with some local multicultural identities like coffee shops, MAMAK (Indian Muslim) restaurants, hawker centers and temples, Kuala Lumpur is truly a multi-cultural gem which also attracts foreign tourists.
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My design entry of a starship for EVE Online - a combat vessel of 710 meters in length.

I've chosen to use shipbuilding materials and technologies available on the markets of New Eden, but combined in a variety and form that I think reflects what an independant ship design corporation might concieve (as opposed to a state or military-sponsored design).
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My art is my world,
Wherever I take it.
My Dreamland can be,
Whatever I make it.

-- Tom Wilcox

Please Click on image to see larger view.
Check out my other entries, "A Place in a Dream": [link] and "Dream World": [link] Paradise: [link]
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this is real [link] . XD
i don't know if i missed the deadline. but anyhow. : P :)
i cannot think of anything more powerful than a neuclear bomb for fire... other than meteors, anyways. hahaha.
i know i don't stand much of a chance in contests. but i think i did a good try. i know my art ain't the standard "awesome"! stuff that contests like... but i did enjoy myself...more serious participations in the future.
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Just in Time!
One more Sorceress for this contest =D Well, I think I should have spent more time at drawing instead description but had no much time for it so, I used some spaces to explain her equipment... fail :(

I just think she doesnīt need armour. Some magic acessories and thatīs all. She has to be light with no heavy clothes because magic is pure light. And music is sensation and vibes like magic.

Btw she kind of distantly reminds me Terra Brandford: a good pattern into a ok looked outfit. ... No more quotes. No more inspiration.

Oh yeah! we dudes gotta love sorceresses.

-- Photoshop CS 4.

P.S: 19,954 deviant messages... a new record!
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"Once in every show
There comes a song like this
It starts off soft and low
And ends up with a kiss
Oh where is the song
That goes like this?
Where is it? Where? Where?

A sentimental song
That casts a magic spell
They all will hum along
We'll overact like hell
For this is the song that goes like this
Yes it is! Yes it is!

Now we can go straight
Right down the middle eight
A bridge that is too far for me

I'll sing it in your face
While we both embrace
And then
We change
The key

Now we're into E!
*hem* That's awfully high for me
But as everyone can see
We should have stayed in D
For this is our song that goes like this!

I'm feeling very proud
You're singing far too loud
That's the way that this song goes
You're standing on my toes
Singing our song that goes like this!

I can't believe there's more
It's far too long, I'm sure
That's the trouble with this song
It goes on and on and on
For this is our song that is too long!

We'll be singing this til dawn
You'll wish that you weren't born
Let's stop this damn refrain
Before we go insane
For this is our song that ends like this!" -"The Song That Goes Like this", track 8 on the "Monty Python's Spamalot" original broadway cast soundtrack, performed by Sara Ramirez and Hank Azaria.
My entry in the DA's 8th birthday "8 Track" contest.
Lulz, I was happy when I saw that this song was track 8 on the CD.
since the contest is anime/manga style, and the song is about stereotypical love songs/scenes in music, I went with creating an overly stereotypical manga love scene XD...though I shoulda added something funny to it, to go with the whole comedy thing in the song (I might edit this before the contest deadline).
I had no good flower I had to use feathers as a substitute. I totally went overboard with the tones. shrinking sorta killed the toning though
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No-one would have believed in the last years of the 22nd Century that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space...

Aliens invaded the Earth and war ensued, lasting for several decades. However, the aliens were more powerful, more intelligent, and more deadly, and the only way humans could prevent extinction was to offer samples of humans to the aliens for pets to take back to their own planet. An agreement was reached and an alien, weirdly dressed in human clothes, shook hands with the instigator.

Submitted to the Stockpocolypse competition.

Thanks to the following for their stock images:

Everything else using photos and textures by me...
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I havn't been on DA in ages, and yesterday I come on to see there is this awesome compition going on with only one day left to participate! I worked for hours and hours today to get this done in time, coming up with an idea I liked and designing it. I feel sad I didn't get more time but I really tried my best. If you like it please vote : ) good luck everybody!

Vote? : D :heart: :heart: :heart:
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