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My design entry of a starship for EVE Online - a combat vessel of 710 meters in length.

I've chosen to use shipbuilding materials and technologies available on the markets of New Eden, but combined in a variety and form that I think reflects what an independant ship design corporation might concieve (as opposed to a state or military-sponsored design).
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Echinda, Mother of all monsters-

"the goddess fierce Echidna who is half a nymph with glancing eyes and fair cheeks, and half again a huge snake, great and awful, with speckled skin, eating raw flesh beneath the secret parts of the holy earth. And there she has a cave deep down under a hollow rock far from the deathless gods and mortal men. There, then, did the gods appoint her a glorious house to dwell in: and she keeps guard in Arima beneath the earth, grim Echidna, a nymph who dies not nor grows old all her days."

Echidna, Lamia, matter what you call her, the half serpent, half woman has been around in the mythology of many cultures throughout time . In Greek mythology her name was Echidna & she gave birth to the most hideous creatures in greek mythology such as Cerberus , the guardian of the gates of hades , the Chimera & the Hydra . I decided to make my version of Echidna sweet & sultry looking because of the fact that she is a nymph & lures her victims into her cave where she devours them!

Blog :[link]

Facebook : [link]
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Entry to the 2011 DA Birthday Skribble Contest -

A late-model strata extractor mining rig, seen here in service on Riz IV. Mechanized rigs specialized for hazardous environments, like Consolidated Stellar's CL-3, are a necessity in the hellish, abyssal mine and cavern networks on 'dead' worlds in the distant Outer Belt.
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This is my entry for the Mythical Creatures Design a T-Shirt competition, done in Photoshop Elements 2 over....well I've been doing this design since the day the competition was announced! Loved every second of this and put in a great deal of effort, particularly the galleys on the back of the shirt.

I decided to go for an ancient Greek pottery design, with the labyrinthine rings around the Minotaur's face symbolising the labyrinth itself and the sword through the centre being Theseus's, which he used to slay the mighty beast. The floral patterns I found on a load of Greek pots that my parents brought back from Rhodes when they were on their honeymoon - for any guys out there that are afraid this is too girly, don't fret, as I found them on pots with manly hunks of warriors on them!!! The galleys took me FOREVER but I'm pleased with how they turned out. This part of the shirt symbolises the ship that Theseus set sail on to slay the Minotaur, where he told his father, the King, that he would hoist a white sail if he had survived the encounter or a black sail if he had been killed. Legend says that he ran off with the girl he loved instead, forgot to tell his crew to hoist the white sail (leaving the black apparently) and that his father saw the black sail and presumed him dead. So he committed suicide by throwing himself in the sea. Lovely ending, eh?

Anyway, if you like the design, think that you or anyone you know would wear it, or simply think that it would make a great T-Shirt, please vote for me as I worked really hard and would like to get at least a few votes!

Thank you and good luck to the other entrants!

PS: Apparently my first design didn't meet design standards so I removed the marble effect on the sleeves. Should be fine now. (I hope!)
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"Out of Ymir's flesh was fashioned the earth,

And the ocean out of his blood;

Of his bones the hills, of his hair the trees,

Of his skull the heavens high."

"Mithgarth the gods from his eyebrows made,

And set for the sons of men;

And out of his brain the baleful clouds

They made to move on high."

Made in Photoshop. Thought I would try my hand at some Norse Mythology since I am married to a Viking lol.

He gave me the idea to go Norse but I am the one who chose this don't know why, though, it sounded interesting and was a challenge to make in a couple of days since he had the comp for his entries. Wasn't sure I would have it in time.

Hope you all like and good luck to everyone!
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this is real [link] . XD
i don't know if i missed the deadline. but anyhow. : P :)
i cannot think of anything more powerful than a neuclear bomb for fire... other than meteors, anyways. hahaha.
i know i don't stand much of a chance in contests. but i think i did a good try. i know my art ain't the standard "awesome"! stuff that contests like... but i did enjoy myself...more serious participations in the future.
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Making Homer was fun. Now here is his wife Marge Fella.
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"Once in every show
There comes a song like this
It starts off soft and low
And ends up with a kiss
Oh where is the song
That goes like this?
Where is it? Where? Where?

A sentimental song
That casts a magic spell
They all will hum along
We'll overact like hell
For this is the song that goes like this
Yes it is! Yes it is!

Now we can go straight
Right down the middle eight
A bridge that is too far for me

I'll sing it in your face
While we both embrace
And then
We change
The key

Now we're into E!
*hem* That's awfully high for me
But as everyone can see
We should have stayed in D
For this is our song that goes like this!

I'm feeling very proud
You're singing far too loud
That's the way that this song goes
You're standing on my toes
Singing our song that goes like this!

I can't believe there's more
It's far too long, I'm sure
That's the trouble with this song
It goes on and on and on
For this is our song that is too long!

We'll be singing this til dawn
You'll wish that you weren't born
Let's stop this damn refrain
Before we go insane
For this is our song that ends like this!" -"The Song That Goes Like this", track 8 on the "Monty Python's Spamalot" original broadway cast soundtrack, performed by Sara Ramirez and Hank Azaria.
My entry in the DA's 8th birthday "8 Track" contest.
Lulz, I was happy when I saw that this song was track 8 on the CD.
since the contest is anime/manga style, and the song is about stereotypical love songs/scenes in music, I went with creating an overly stereotypical manga love scene XD...though I shoulda added something funny to it, to go with the whole comedy thing in the song (I might edit this before the contest deadline).
I had no good flower I had to use feathers as a substitute. I totally went overboard with the tones. shrinking sorta killed the toning though
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Decided to take on a more abstract concept for Lara Croft's character reborn within the head of a Buddha and enlightened, after going through many dangerous trials and ordeals to be the survivor she is destined to become. Heavily influenced by Sachin Teng's approach in illustration.

My final entry for this contest. I had a great time.
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I havn't been on DA in ages, and yesterday I come on to see there is this awesome compition going on with only one day left to participate! I worked for hours and hours today to get this done in time, coming up with an idea I liked and designing it. I feel sad I didn't get more time but I really tried my best. If you like it please vote : ) good luck everybody!

Vote? : D :heart: :heart: :heart:
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