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Awww I just dug out this little lineart in the depths of my folders and had to color it...
Played around with warm grey's :heart: I like those much more than the cold shading I usually do.

Raveneye's past wasn't very nice, she's always been a street cat :I At this point she's about 8 weeks, or two moons old.

Photo refference used, don't know which though..
Raveneye & art by me
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Fishbone!! :happybounce:
What else could I say x3
No, he's male! 8D

Fishbone and art by me
Reference photo from internet used for the pose.
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Man what happened?!.... was going to do a quick sketch and ended up drawing the whooole sunday x___X

Info for none-Warriors fans: Jayfeather is a blind born tom cat. He is looking for that stick he once found. Spiritual medicine cat matters yknow.. c:

BG killed me.

I know Jay looks like a girl :'''D

Hope you like it :la:

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Arttrade with =meeshapom! x3

She asked me to draw her OC Warrior Cat Ferretwhisker!
Tabby fur killed my Sunday D//: Sorry if the stripes look more random than tabby, I was swamped with that task 8``D


Ferretwhisker by =meeshapom
Reference photo from internet taken for pose.
Art by me
Do not use for anything!
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"Pack, pack... Kill, kill..." the young injured she-cat muttered absently.
"Brightpaw! Come back to me!" Cloudtail begged worriedly, "You are still beautiful!!"

[no quote from the book]

This is my favorite Warrior Cats scene from all books I have read.

Hlysht this took me two weeks or something =_0
I really don't remember the accurate scene, this is just how it's etched in my mind. Artistic freedom! :dummy:

Warrior Cats "Brightpaw/Lostface" and "Cloudtail" by Erin Hunter, art by me.

~Owlflight29 wrote a little scene text for my drawing!

a little white and orange cat turned her head to face the speaker. Muttering a solemn whine. "pack pack, kill kill"
Cloudtail cringed and started to walk over to the she-cat. Trying to thing of the bright side, "it's going to be okay! i bet Swiftpaw is catching a squirrel now by Lionheart~"
"pack, pack, kill,kill" the she-cat continued in a ghostly way.
Cloudtail neared her ragged face covered in leaves and gasped. Leaving a shiver run down his spine. like it always did. "Brightpaw, come back to-"
"Pack, pack...Kill, kill"
"Brightpaw... Promise me you'll get better. And get back to hunting and fighting like the beautiful she-cat you are...."
For a second the she-cat seemed to feel a flicker of emotion. But it left and she went back to the same solemn words.
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:iconlaravyplz:YAAAY this one is my Thank-You-For-300-Watchers-Pic!! :iconlaravyplz:

..and it is for all the people who watched me due to the Warriors stuff I do! I hope you like it!

From left to right: Lionblaze(m), Jayfeather(m), Hollyleaf(f)

I know the title isn't quite correct, but I wanted to name it like thiiiiis! xD (people who read the 3rd series will know what I mean)

Tried to consider their characteristics as good as I can o.o Lionblaze is strong and a little bulky (that's how I imagine him), Jayfeather is smart and skinny and Hollyleaf is plushy and sweet ^^
I know the poses are not very inventive xD and the colours aren'r very realistic, but who cares, its Warrior Cats <.<

...and... and I... drew a background!! D8
Yep.. a simple.. boring... forest.. background... well at least it was a little fun <.<

First time I request critique x///x

< EDIT >: Thanks to Slipping-Star I now know that blind born cats don't have grey pupils... Jayfeather should have quite normal black pupils. Those grey pupils result from a disease called cataracts.</ EDIT >
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Commission for :iconlillyleaf101:
She wanted me to redraw this pic [link]
So I did, less sketchy and more nightly.

I want a blue rose too! >.<

Characters Lillyleaf and Blackblood by *lillyleaf101.
Art by me.
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Shiny thingies are shiny - :happybounce:
This scene had to be drawn by me for years. Here it is :heart:

While drawing I disliked it and there was nothing good about the pic but the scetch.. but somehow things turned and now I like it, uhm.. about 87% satisfied ^^

For those who don't know the story:
You can see Fireheart and Spottedleaf. The beautiful she-cat's been murdered moments ago by a rogue when Fireheart finds her. I don't remember the time of year, day or night or surrounding cuz I read the book 3 years ago x.x If it's far away from the book scene then it's supposed to be a dream of Fireheart, yep~ x//D

Characters by Erin Hunter
Art by me.

I hope you enjoy ~:heart:
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EDIT: SOOO many views and comments in just 3 days ;///-///; Thank you so much! I'm so happy for so much positive feedback! TuT /EDIT

Tigerclaw and Ravenpaw :3
Tell me what you think about the pic!

I'm quite happy with the result! I can even say it's one of my best digital work ever. I love detail -
My hand's just dead right now :'D

Scene: Ravenpaw just took a piece of prey from the fresh-kill pile, sat down near the bramble wall of ThunderClan camp and wanted to take the first bite when Tigerclaw, his mentor came over, remembering him about the secret Ravenpaw keeps. Tigerclaws gury gaze speaks volumes: one word, my apprentice, and you're as dead as the mouse here... Ah and.. have a nice day ^_~"

Yep xD

I know the background doesn't match very nice but I at least tried D//:
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Leafpool :)

She is a ThunderClan medicine cat, that's why she's got some herbs in her mouth ^^

EDIT: I changed the file! This one's got a way better quality and it's up to date with my digital drawing skills ^^

See comparison here
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