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The orphanage was a terrible terrible place. The poor six year old girl knew all too well.

Simply known as [name], she was treated differently by the others for being a neko, a human born with cat ears and tail. Some said that the birth of a neko came from a demon raping a virgin. God decided not to punish those souls and instead gave them cat ears and tails, as so to set them apart from all other beings.

Well, God had a funny sense of humor apparently. Because she wasn't laughing.

There were always three little girls who bullied her: Diana, Silvia, and Bianca. Diana was the leader of the group.

"Hey freak! What'cha doing?" She taunted. [Name] glared at Diana for a moment before deciding that she wasn't worth her time. "Don't ignore me you freak!" Diana snarled, grabbing her ears and giving them a harsh pull. You growled from the pain but tried to ignore it. Bianca grabbed her arms and pulled her up, forcing her to face Diana and Silvia.

"Put me down!" screeched [Name], kicking her legs. Diana smirked.

"Bianca. You know what to do. You do it best after all." Silvia instructed and the two trotted off, laughing. Bianca grinned evilly, causing [name]'s eyes to widen. Suddenly, loud terrified shrieks filled the air as Bianca threw punches and kicks at the poor neko girl. Nobody bothered to help, since it was a man-eat-man world in the orphanage. Well...that was until a sharp whistle blew. Bianca stopped, eyes wide. That whistle meant that there was a potential adopter. Everybody ran inside, except for the weakened [name], who slowly got up and walked painfully to the door. Today was extra special as Heracles Karpusi, a well-known rich Greek who was an archeologist, was trying to adopt a daughter. All the girls were lined up for him to inspect.

Heracles glanced at the girls, finding none that suited his taste. They just didn' him. That was, until his eyes set upon the neko girl that pathetically crawled in the door. Diana wouldn't have none of that, standing right in front of her and smiling brightly.

"What's your name?" He asked to Diana.

"Diana, sir. Why is that?" Everybody held their breath, wondering if he choose someone yet.

"Move." Diana looked surprised but moved aside. [Name] glanced up to him. Heracles knelt down to her. "What's your name?"

"[N-Name], sir." She whimpered. He carefully picked her up, much to the surprise of Diana, Silvia, and Bianca.

"This is the one I want to adopt." She looked at him in surprise.

"Really sir? Why not the likes of Diana or Bianca? They're more li-" One glance from the Greek archeologist silenced the attendant. "O-Okay I'll just get the paperwork."


"This is your new home [name]." He said, gently setting [Name] down. She looked around, noticing how nice the home was. Still unable to believe her luck, she just wandered aimlessly. After a few minutes, she found herself in the garden, where she was met with eleven different cats. And by different, every fiber of their being was different from the normal cat. One had bushy eyebrows, another had a strange extension of fur on the back of his neck, and there was one who just loved her attention, a very pampered-looking white longhair Persian.

"I see you met my cats." [Name] turned, seeing Heracles behind her.

"You have a lot of cats." He smiled, sitting down next to her.

"I like cats." He said simply. "That one there is Arthur." He pointed to the one with bushy eyebrows, who had started to hiss at a particularly chubby white cat with a ring of brown around his neck. "And the one he's fighting with is Alfred." You watched the two fight with amusement. "I have more, but they're all strays. Only these eleven are ones I actually own."

"Do you name the strays?"

"No, because I'd run out of names for all of them." She giggled as the Persian rubbed against her wrist. "And there's Francis looking for attention again. Go find Matthew and get attention from him." He scolded the Persian. With a huff, Francis trotted off to a small cat looking a bit like Alfred, except he had a curl instead of the ring of brown around his neck. [Name] assumed that he was Matthew. The Greek pulled his new daughter close to him, nuzzling the top of her head. [Name] giggled once again, hugging his arm and accepting him as her new father.

You - You!
Hetalia - :iconhimaruyaplz:
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     Kiku walked down the halls of the hospital. A nurse was talking to him about taking care of a child abuse patient. Her name was (Name) and she was about 8 years old. A year ago they had found her locked in a closet of an abandoned house. She was bloodied, beaten, malnourished, and terrified.  Many doctors and nurses had tried to get her to talk, but were close to giving up. The doctors knew she was able to talk, but she was afraid. (Name)'s parents had harmed her each time she tried to talk, thus making her afraid to speak. (Name) had not enjoyed the physical contact of another person. From what the doctors had found, she was trying to isolate herself from others. Fact that she didn't enjoy physical contact and tried to avoid others would mean that, Kiku would be the perfect person to take care of her. Whether he could get her to open up or not was a mystery.

       Kiku knocked on (Name)'s door and entered the room. Her room was bright white with pictures from magazines covering the walls. A small toy chest with donated toys lay in the corner. Her bed was a small hospital bed with white sheets and a white blanket. Kiku saw (Name) who was coloring in a coloring book. (Name) was a cute little girl with long (Hair Color) hair and bright (Eye Color) eyes. She looked up from her coloring book and scooted away. She looked scared all of a sudden. Then Kiku understood, whatever her parents had done to her had left a traumatic mental scar. Whether that mental scar could be healed or not was a unknown. The nurse smiled as if nothing was wrong and walked closer to her. "Listen sweetie, this is the new doctor Dr.Honda. He's gonna be taking care of you from now on, okay?" The nursed explained.

    (Name) just stared at her blankly. The nurse just sighed and handed a clip board to Kiku. "Best of luck to ya." The nurse mumbled before leaving the room.

                                    *YOUR P.O.V.*

        The nurse had told you that you had a new doctor. You didn't know whether to be happy or worried. Your old doctor had been fired for yelling at you. He had smack you in the face and called you stupid. Dr.Honda walked over to your coloring book looking in it. You walked over to your bed and picked up your bunny. His name was Mr.Fluffles. He was the only toy you had when you lived with your abusive parents. You soon curled up on your bed, trying to sleep. Soon enough you dosed off and fell into a deep sleep...

       Kiku looked at the girl and sighed. He looked around the room once more. (Name) seemed to like animals and flowers. Kiku soon tucked (Name) in and left her room. Kiku walked down the hall and enter his bosses office. As he enter his bosses office he found that he didn't look happy. "Mr.Zwingli we need to talk about (Name)..." Kiku started out.

       "You're damn right we need to talk about (Name)! We're running out of money to support the hospital!"Vash cried out.

       "What does (Name) have to do with any of this...?"Kiku asked confused.

      "Do you know how many doctors have come and go? Do you know how much money we've used to support her!? SHE'S A HOPELESS CASE!"Vash yelled.

     "Risten! I wanted to know if I can take care of her? I have some ideas I need to test! Then maybe, just maybe, she can be happy and normar..."Kiku suggested.

      Vash sighed rubbing his temples, "Are you sure about this Kiku? If you can't do it you're stuck with her! Plus, in order for you to do this you have to adopt her... Not to mention support her. You won't be able to send her to an orphanage either. Do you not understand what your getting yourself into Honda? Every single doctor has failed to help her! What makes you think you can?" Vash ranted on.

    "I don't know... I just want to herp her! I want to adopt her! Ret me do this! I know I can and wirr! You just wait and see!" Kiku begged.

     Vash grabbed the papers out of an old filing cabinet and handed the to Kiku. Kiku looked over them and sighed them quickly. "I wirr be here to pick her up tomorrow morning..." Kiku said.

    "Fine by me..." Vash replied. as Kiku left the room.

     Kiku left the hospital and grabbed some clothes for (Name). She couldn't just leave in a hospital gown. Kiku was determined to make (Name) happy. She looked so sweet and scared. Staying in that room would only drive her more mad. That room was her prison and he was her key. Kiku soon got home and began working on (Name)'s room, ate some dinner, and went to bed...

                            *TO BE CONTINUED*

Also... Um... If you have points to spare... Would you donate... So... I can get a... premium memebership.... Um... Please and thank you... :iconanimesweatdropplz: You don't have to though... *Blushing and embarrassed*
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Blackness swallowed you whole, leaving you numb and relieved.


"Is she dead?"

"She's still breathing, asswipe."

"So....she isn't dead?"

You could hear the 'smack' of a hand hitting skin, followed by a muffled 'mph'. Daring to look, your eyes flutter open. You squint as a bright light hits them, blinding you. Your vision clears, and you could plainly see two men gazing down you. One had baby blue eyes, bright and alive with curiousity. His hair seemed to defy the grafity, sticking up oddly in a wierd, bright blonde tuft. The other man had deep, blue eyes, well guarded and only showing the hint of emotion. His hair was a mellow blonde, unlike the previously described man. It also defyed the laws of gravity. Well, one curl of hair did. It stuck out on the right side of his head, floating.

After observing the strange men towering over you, your mind began trying to register what was happening. 'I passed out on the porch of a house....' you recalled to yourself. Sudden realization hit you. You were INSIDE of the house you passed out infront of. Your eyes locked with bright blue eyes, and you immediatly shied away. As soon as you moved, pain shot through your body. Every muscle was screaming at you to stop moving. So you did. "You okay, mini munch?" The blue eyed man asked you. You crane your neck his direction and nod. Even moving your head sent pain down your spine.

There were footsteps from behind you. The men looked up. Taking that brief moment, you glanced around to study the room. Gazing to the side, you took not you were on a teal blue couch. "How's the girl doing?" you could hear a voice spring from behind your head. You stayed still. "She's awake." the man with the wierd curl springing from his head replied. His voice was flat and quite boring. Another man came into view. 'How many guys live here?' you thought. The guy who just came into your line of sight had short, light blonde hair and greenish blue eyes. 'Man,' you thought. 'How many people have blonde hair!?' He was astoundingly tall. Probably the tallest one there.

You were snapped out of your pondering when you were lifted by a strong pair of arms. You let out a suprised 'mew' but didn't struggle. "YOUR SUUU CUTE!" one of the men said energetically. (guess which one) You were then squished up against the chest of him. The pressure on your sore muscles made you let out a cry. Upon seeing your discomfort, the tallest out of the men pried the dane's arms off of you and held you in a more gentle manner. You rested your head on his chest. You sucked in a deep breath to only let out a rattling fit of coughing.

"Well, Sweden! Would'ya look at that! She likes you!" The same voice who screamed that you were 'cute' said happily. 'Sweden...' you thought as you close your eyes and listen to the pace of his breathing and the beat of his heart. You ,again, were snapped out of the momentarily peace when Sweden set you down on the couch. The man with the mellow blonde hair bent down to your height and looked at you dead in the eye.

"Whats your name?" He started out with a simple question.

"(N-Name)" you replied, averting your eyes.

He then asked questions about how old you were, why are you half-cat, and other small things. He then introduced himeslf. He is Norway, the one with the 'stupid' hair is Denmark. Two other guys lived with them. One's name was Finland, and the other's was Iceland. Norway and Denmark kept asking questions, and Sweden put in one every once in a while. The one question that hit you was "Why are you in this condition?"

"W-well...older sis kinda hates me...." you explain, trying to keep from getting to emotional. "Every day, she hurts me." you placed a hand on your side from where she bruised it not to long ago. "S-she says I-I should just..." by now, you had your hands covering your face, and you were trying not to cry. The memory of your sister saying that "you should just die." really got to you.

~~~~~Sweden's P.O.V.  

I looked at the little girl. Her tail was lashing in dismay and her ears flattened to her head. She sat there for a minute, as if trying to recover, but it didn't work. Her wall broke down, and so did she. (Name) began weeping lightly, her body racking with every sob. Norway reached to pick her up, but I intercepted. Pulling the small figure into my arms, I rocked her gently. Norge looked suprised at my sudden defenciveness, but I ignored that.

(Name) shifted in my arms untill she got comfortable, her head resting in the crook of my neck. I felt her breath steady untill she was fully asleep. I couldn't bring myself to set her down, so I sat down on the couch, gazing down at (Name).

"I see you have everything under control. I'm going to bed." Norway announced before exiting the living room. Denmark followed soon after. I laid down on the couch, careful not to wake the fragile body in my arms, andd dozed off.

~~~~~3rd person pov and FF~~~~

Finland walked downstairs, wondering what to make for breakfast. 'I wonder how the little girl is doing?' he thought, knowing that she didn't seem very strong when he opened the door. Making his way to the kitchen, he walked past the living room. Stopping in his tracks, he saw Sweden sleeping on the couch, the little girl securely in his arms.

Finland smiled and walked over to Sweden, gently taking off his glasses. 'Sweden forgot to take them off before he went to bed...' Finland sighed and set the glasses on the side table before walking into the kitchen.
Arg! This is so suckey XC :iconcannotevenplz:
As you can tell, reader-chan chose Sweden (more like Sweden chose reader-chan)

Norway will be 2nd best when Sweden is away X3

Chapter 2 :[link]

I do not own:

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    Kiku picked up the clothes he had bought you and walked into the hospital. He walked in and found (Name) playing with her stuffed rabbit. Kiku walked over to her showing her the clothes. She gave him a worried and confused look before backing away. "Risten (Name), I'm not here to hurt you. I want you to have a better rife and in order for me to do that. I need to get you out of here..." He explained. (Name) didn't seem to buy it.  He didn't really blame her. The hospital had said the same thing and what happens? A doctor smacked her and called her stupid.

      Kiku slowly walked over to (Name) carefully taking off her hospital gown and putting on her new clothes. Luckily she didn't struggle as much. She was now wearing a (Favorite color) shirt and a pair of denim jeans. After that he picked her up with her bunny and began carrying her out of the room. (Name) looked a bit scared about the fact that she left the room. She gripped Kiku's shirt tightly as they headed for the parking lot. He placed (Name) in the backseat of his car before strapping her in carefully. (Name) let out a yawn before closing her eyes. He got in the car and began driving home. As he drove he began to wonder, 'Will (Name) like her new home...?'.

                                    *YOUR P.O.V.*

        Your doctor took you outside which was starting to worry you a bit. Last night you hadn't gotten a lot of sleep. You dosed off in the back seat of the car, wondering what your new life would bring...


        Kiku continued to drive and looked in the mirror. (Name) was sound asleep and calm. As he pulled up his dog started barking. Kiku began to worry the loud noise would wake (Name). He got out of the car and began shushing Pochi. After Pochi quieted down Kiku carried a sleeping (Name) in. Kiku laid (Name) carefully on her new bed and went into the kitchen to cook. Tama managed to sneak past his owner and entered the room. He hoped up on a (Name)'s bed and stared at her. Tama sniffed at her and soon backed away. She smelled like the vet, which Tama didn't enjoy. Tama tilted his head to the side staring at (Name) once more. 'Then again...' Tama thought, 'She's way too young to be a person who works at the vet...'. (Name) stirred and started to wake up. When she woke up, she stared at Tama.

                                    *YOUR P.O.V.*

       You woke up in a nice warm bed only to find a cat. You stared at it for a moment in confusion. You knew pets weren't allowed in the hospital, well accept for service dogs. The cat was black and white with pretty brown eyes. In truth you wanted to pet it but you were to scared. You didn't want to scare the cute kitty away. The cat soon looked bored and jumped off the bed, leaving the room. The room was (Favorite color) with a light wood flood. After a moment of hesitation you started to explore. After a while you made your way into the kitchen. You found your doctor cooking (Favorite food) and wearing a pink apron. You stood there for a few minutes unnoticed before he turned around. Your doctor seemed extremely surprised to see you.

      "Wow, how rong have you been standing there...?" He asked a bit surprised.

        Not wanting to be rude you shrugged. Your doctor just smiled and got you some food. "Anyway, you shourd eat. You must be hungry. The hospitar never served rearry good food." You said before setting you at the table and giving you your food. You looked around for a pen and some paper. You wanted to tell him thank you. "Hm, is there something you need...?" Kiku asked.

          You quickly made it look like you were writing, then he understood. "Oh, I see. I'rr go get you a pencir and some paper!" Kiku replied and went to grabbed some. A moment later he came back with a pad of paper and a pencil. You took the paper and pencil from him and wrote the words 'thank you'. KIku smiled and told you you're welcome. A few moments later he went off to do something leaving you alone in the kitchen. Little did you know someone was watching. A few moments later someone picked you up and hugged you. "Oh my gosh! She's so cute, Aru!" A man with long hair cried out.

       You let out a cry. Your personal space had been violated and you were not happy. "WWWWAAAAAAHHHH!" You screamed and began squirming. The man carefully put you down and gave you a confused look. You saw Kiku and hid behind him instantly.

         "What's her problem,Aru?" Yao asked a bit confused.

        "I'rr exprain rater." Kiku sighed picking you up. "But first I must give (Name) a bath..." he said before heading off to the bathroom. Kiku gently scrubbed you down and dried you off. After that be placed you in a cute little night gown with pandas on it. Kiku stopped by the laundry room before heading to yours. Kiku got Mr.Fluffles out of the dryer and handed him to you. He then turned on a nightlight and tucked you into bed. "Good night, (Name)." He said before leaving the room. After a few minutes you fell into a deep sleep....

                                *MEAN WHILE*

            Kiku explained to his brother Yao why you reacted that way. "The poor thing, Aru." Yao said. "That was really sweet of you to take her in like that, Aru." Yao said.

       "Hai, Thank you. I am hoping to get her to come out of her sherr. I don't want her to be afraid anymore..." Kiku explained.

       "We can only hope and wait... Hope and wait, Aru..." Yao replied. Kiku only nodded think about how he could help (Name)...

                              *TO BE CONTINUED*
Sorry it took so long! Enjoy! LOL Did you think something bad was gonna happen? I fooled you! LOL XD Yeah, Got stumped at the end!

Ch.1: [link]
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"ITALY! That pace is unacceptable! Unless you finish your laps, you won't be going to lunch!"
Feliciano hated it when Ludwig said things like that, but it got him to speed up nonetheless. More than anything, he didn't want to get yelled at again ... but he was starving, so he didn't want to miss out on lunch. Suddenly, something caught the tired, hungry Italian's eye. It looked like ...
He began to run faster, wanting to get away from Britain. Feliciano heard the annoyed German behind him call after him, but he didn't listen. He just wanted to get as far away from the Brit as soon and as fast as possible. Suddenly, he heard crying and came to a halt. He looked around and saw a little girl, no older than two years old lying there by the fence. He wondered over and picked the small child. He cradled the child in his arms and he bonded with her instantly
"Ve~! Such a cute little baby!" He said, smiling
Upon hearing the cheerful Italian, the baby stopped crying and looked at him, full of curiosity
"Ciao, little baby!" He said
The baby cooed and laughed at the sound of the Italian's voice. He looked around for any signs of a mother or father. When he found none, he was a little saddened that something so wonderful was abandoned. He looked down at the child and she was trying to catch his curl
"Papa!" The child said, laughing
"B-but I'm not-"
"Papa!" The child insisted
He smiled
"Si, I'm your Papa" He said, holding the child close
The child cheered and Ludwig appeared
"Italy! What the-huh?"
"Oh! Germany! Look what I found!" Feliciano said, showing him the child in his arms
Ludwig stared
"Wh-where's the mother?" He asked
"I don't know. But she called me Papa!" Feliciano replied, excited
"You can't take her, Italy. What if the mother comes back?" Ludwig asked
"I can't leave her, she'll die!" Feliciano protested
"Italy ..."
"I love her!" Feliciano wailed
Just then, Kiku came up to them
"I heard yelling. What's going on?" He asked
"Italy's found a toddler" Ludwig said
"Where's the mother?" Kiku asked, looking around
"I don't know. I found her by that fence" Feliciano replied
"How long do you think she's been there?" Kiku asked
"No idea, but I can't leave her there" Feliciano said, looking down at the now sleeping little girl
"Hai ... come on, let's get her inside" Kiku said
They both looked at Ludwig, who sighed
"Fine, you can keep her. But she'll need a name" He said
"Ve~!" Feliciano cheered

-3 Years Later-

A five year old girl came running over and hugged her beloved Papa
"Ciao, [Name]!" Feliciano said, smiling
Ludwig sighed
"Italy, we're in the middle of a meeting!" He growled
Feliciano picked [Name] up and put her on his lap
"Papa, look what I made!" She said
She held up a stick, with a little white handkerchief attached. Kiku couldn't help but laugh and Ludwig was trying not to smile as well
"That's my girl!" Feliciano cheered, hugging her
"Ve~!" She cheered
Feliciano was so proud of her ... she was growing up so fast, he could hardly believe it. It was hard bringing her up with a war going on, though ... especially with the Allies almost constantly antagonising them. They were all sitting on the beach together, because they had gotten stranded on an island and were hoping to be rescued some time soon, but it was seeming less and less likely by the day. Suddenly, the other two became alert. Ludwig stood up
"They're here ..." He said
"Hai ..." Kiku mumbled
"Say what?" Feliciano asked
And sure enough, when Feliciano looked up ... on the cliff edge above them stood the Allied Forces. [Name] hid behind Feliciano
"The verdammen Allies ..." Ludwig growled, readying his gun
Kiku said nothing and got ready to draw his Katana from the scabbard. Feliciano on the other hand, just waved his flag. [Name] did the same with the one she made, giggling
"Papa funny!" She said
"Listen to me and my total Hero voice, guys!" America announced loudly
"Stay behind me, [Name]. We'll protect you" Feliciano said in a hushed tone
"China! I chose you!"

To be Continued
Italy finds a small child whilst training and adopts it as his own. But will the war threaten their happiness?

I do not own the preview picture. It is from Hetalia, which is copyright to Hidekazu Himaruya

Part 1 - :reading:
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - [link]
Part 4 - [link]
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  Feliciano and Lovino's fingers remained interlaced between the cages they rested in. Feliciano was sobbing silently, wiping his eyes with the one free hand he had. Lovino made no attempt to calm his brother, he was letting tears escape himself.

  The two of them had been together since birth, relying on each other in a world that had turned its back on them. Now they were nearing separation and feeling as though they were loosing a part of themselves.

  The truck bounced them around but they refused to let each other go until they were forced apart. "Fratello..." Feliciano blubbered through tears,"I-I don't wanna go away..."

  "Idiota listen..." Lovino said in a hushed voice, using his free hand to brush his brother's face. The truck began to slow. "Promise me right now that we...we'll see each other again."

  He released his brother's hand, holding his pinkie out towards him. The truck stopped and voices could be heard. Feliciano nodded, wrapping his finger around his brother's.

  The back opened up and two men ripped them relentlessly apart. Feliciano cried silently as he was crated away, tossed into another truck (literally) and watch it shut on his brother. The last image he saw was his brother scratching the man.

  Getting up, he cradled himself in his arms, shaking and crying as new cuts surfaced blood. He hoped his brother would be okay...


  You looked at the small neko sleeping peacefully on your couch, now bandaged up and looking disturbed. The truck came near your home earlier and the child was crying. When the drivers weren't looking, you pulling him out and ran. Odds are that they hadn't even noticed his disappearance. He was burried under various other cages and boxes.

  Picking him up, you relaxed yourself and brushed his hair. He suddenly writhed in your arms, breaking free and looked around fearfully. His eyes were still shut for some reason.

  "F-Fratello...I-I need to find fratello!" You watched as he reached towards the door, trying his all to grab the knob, falling lower every time until he just sat there bawling. At that point, you quickly fled to his side and hugged him. This time, he didn't seem reluctant to move.

  His small fingers gripped onto your shirt and his face rested on top of them,"L-Lovino..."

  Lifting him up into your arms, you cooed softly,"Please calm down...we'll find your're still really weak right now. I'll make you something to eat and let you rest..."

  "L-Lovino..." His said softly, resting his head on your chest. "Can I have some pasta mama...?"

  "M...Mama...?" You whispered softly. He looked up drowsily with a nod. Smiling softly, you kissed his forehead, brushing away his light brown hair,"Okay sweetie..."

  As you released him, you notice that he had no intention of being left alone. A small laugh escaped your lips and you picked him up, carrying him into the kitchen. You placed him on the counter, poking his nose softly,"I want you to sit right here and stay away from the stove, okay?"

  He nodded as you started to pull out ingredients for pasta. It was peaceful in the house for once. The young boy only watched as you cooked, his mouth watering and his tail twitching.

  "Do you have a name sweetie?" You asked while mixing the pasta in boiling water.

  He nodded, crawling slightly closer,"My name is Feliciano...but you can call me Feli if you want mama."

  Smiling, you picked him up and held him by the bowl of pasta, giving him the wooden spoon you were mixing with. "Well Feliciano, do you want to help mama make some pasta?" His expression lightened as you allowed him to mix the noodles in the water. "Be careful Feli, it's really hot."

  "I'm okay!" He stated enthusiastically, continuing to mix the noodles around until you assured they were perfect. The two of you continued to collaborate to make the best pasta you could.

  Feliciano quickly began eating, obviously hungry. "Feli, sweetie? Where are you from?"

  He stopped eating, looking towards you uncertainly. Maybe you shouldn't have brought it up. "Me and mio fratello were born in there...our mom and dad were like us..." His tiny hands grabbed his ears. "They took me and fratello away from her and then watched us grow up.

  "A few days ago, they told us they were separating us. I promised mil fratello that I'd find him..." Tears started spilling over once more, his hand clutching at his chest. "I...I miss him..."

  Before you could move, he climbed out of his chair and ran underneath the table, hugging your legs. Sighing, you put on a pained smile and picked him up, rocking him in your arms like a baby. "We'll find your fratello...for now, eat something. I'm worried about how skinny you are."

  Getting up, you went to his side of the table, beginning to feed him. His body was still shaking as he did. The poor thing probably went through hell since he was little.

  Reaching across the table, you got your food and began eating between Feliciano's bites. Before long, he had passed out in your arms, curled up in a ball like a cat.

  You finished eating before carrying him to the living room and cleaned up the kitchen. By the time you returned, he was standing in the middle of the room looking innocently up towards you.

  Picking him up, you let his chin rest on your shoulder. "Do you wanna come sleep with mama...?" He nodded, resting his head against yours. "Come on then...we'll take a siesta..."

  You carried him to your room, not even bothering to move the sheets over you as you snuggled together. "T...Thank you...m...mama..."

  Resting your chin on his head, you smiled. "You're welcome Feli..."
Like I said, I won't be posting a often. School is so dull.
So enjoy fluffy half-kitty Feli-tama.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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        A kitten with (Fur Color) fur lay inside a soaked cardboard box. She had no name and was weak. She was the runt of the litter. Sadly for her, that meant her mother would reject her. She had barely eaten and her ribs were showing. Sick, left alone, unable to move, she lay there. She mewed weakly as the harsh snow picked up. Icy wind feeling like cold needles against her filthy fur. Her own fur, cover in oil and other dirt and grime. She lay there mewing for help, hoping that someone would find her.

      Russicat padded through the snow through town. He watched as the snow fell from the sky. Wind blew causing it to feel colder. Russicat was walking down the ally way when he heard a faint mew. Russicat went over to the wet cardboard box to find small kitten. It looked no more then a few days old. Russicat stared at the small filthy kitten. He noticed that the kitten was extremely thin, in fact too thin. Russicat felt sad looking at the poor kitten and picked it up. Russicat grabbed it by the back of the neck, heading home...

                   *HOLY CRAP! IT'S BELARUS CAT! LE TIME SKIP!*

       Russicat cat walked past the working Baltics and headed upstairs. Russicat opened the door to his master's office and jumped on his desk. Ivan looked at his cat in surprise before Russicat put the kitten down. Ivan stared at the kitten before picking it up gently. "What have you found this time Russicat?" Ivan stroked the small kitten gently watching as it mewed weakly. "Poor little thing, It needs a bath, da?" Ivan said before heading into the bathroom. Russicat never liked water but stayed to watch the kitten get a bath. Ivan rubbed some soap on the kitten's fur gently scrubbing. It took about 7 baths to get the kitten's fur completely clean...

                                 *YOUR P.O.V.*  

        You mewed hating the wet feeling, but loving the warmth of the water. You had no idea where you were or who had brought you there. Soon you felt a dry piece of fabric rubbing your fur. This process was repeated a few times and you hated it. Soon enough your fur began to dry and you felt warm. You were laid down on something soft and plush. Your eyes were still closed and you had no idea where anything was. You felt a cat lick your fur and cuddle you. You rested and relaxed a little bit...

         Ivan told the Baltics to boil some milk and get a dropper. When the milk was warm enough Ivan filled the dropper and began feeding the kitten. The kitten drank the milk quickly, showing signs that it must've been starving. After the kitten was done Ivan checked it's gender. "It's a girl." Ivan smiled, "I think I'll call her, (Name)." The he laid the kitten down on a pillow. Soon enough the kitten fell asleep, Russicat snuggling next to her. The 2 cats both fell into a deep sleep.

                        *CUTE KITTY TIME SKIP: A WEEK LATER*

                                    *YOUR P.O.V.*

       For the 1st time you were able to open your (Eye Color Of Choice) eyes. You crawled around, exploring your new surroundings. You managed to crawl your may to the kitchen, finding a warm bowl of milk. You drank the milk quickly, before becoming full. Before you could move you felt yourself being picked up by Russicat. You whimpered and whined, "Put me down! I can walk on my own!" You whine as he carries you upstairs.

      "No my little sunflower, it's too dangerous for you to explore the house." He replied after getting to the top of the stairs and putting you down.

     "Daddy...?" You asked as you walked to Ivan's office.

     "Yes Sunflower?" He replied.

     "Why did my mommy, ya know...Leave me...?" You questioned, staring at the floor.

     "I don't know my sunflower... I just don't know..." He answered. Russicat knew the reason why, but didn't want to tell you. You had been the runt of the little, and the mother had left you. When you got to Ivan desk he stroke your fur picking you up. You loved your daddy and your master. They had always been so kind to you. Not to mention the Baltics always gave you good food. "Don't worry sunflower, I will always take care of you..." Russicat whispered before he started cleaning your fur...

                         *LE TIME SKIP: A FEW MONTHS LATER*

       You had grown a lot and your daddy thought it was time to take you to a meeting. There was only one problem, the cats hadn't met you and kept hitting on you! Russicat made them stop instantly, especially France-cat and Italy-Cat. You wore an adorable bow with the colors of the Russian flag on it. In the end you grew up to be a very strong cat and lived a happy life...

                             *THE END*


I <nobr>will write</nobr> more details about that meeting when I feel like it... Enjoy!


Also... Um... If you have <nobr>points</nobr> to spare... Would you donate... So... I can get a... premium memebership.... Um... Please and thank you... :iconanimesweatdropplz: You don't have to though... *Blushing and embarrassed*

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'Where am I?' You thought to yourself. You had awoken in a dark ally, littered with trash and a stray cat. You had no idea where you were or how you got there, and no memories prior to waking up. You sat up and looked at your small hands coated in dirt, then looked up at the rainy night sky. The moon was hiding behind the grey storm clouds, which left you with only the faint light from a street lamp at the exit of the long ally you sat in.

'I'm all alone…' was the only thought that went through your head, making tears stream down your face, only to be hidden by the raindrops pelting down on your small form. Thunder rang through the air, making you more paranoid, and without thinking you sat up and ran out of the ally, hoping to find some kind of protection from the loud, threatening sound. You covered your head with your arms to give you minor protection from the rain and ran through the empty streets.

"Help me, help me, help me…" You whimpered to yourself as the cold drops pounded on your small, running body.

You ran and ran until your little legs gave out and you fell face first into a puddle. You just lay there panting, too tired to move. More tears streamed down your face as you thought to yourself, 'What am I supposed to do now?'

Rain stopped pouring on your head and you looked up in confusion to see the cause. A man stood above your cold, trembling body, using an umbrella to shield you from the freezing water raining from the heavens.


Lightning struck again, making the sky light up a bright blue for a mere second. Italy had gotten caught in the middle of the storm while walking back to his home from Germany's, and was currently scared out of his wits from the loud noises and flashing lights coming from the sky.

"A-ah! C-calm down, Veneziano, it's just a storm! Nothing's going to hurt you…" The Italian nation assured himself.



"Ahhhh! Germany, save'a meeee!" Italy screamed and then ran off into the storm to make it home as soon as possible. He only stopped when he saw something lying in a puddle; a little girl.

'What's she'a doing there? Is'a she hurt!? Or is she…' He continued running, but this time fearing something else. He feared for your safety.


You willed yourself to look up at what made the rain stop. Your eyes adjusted to the darkness some more as you examined the man in front of you. He had brown eyes and matching brown hair, he was wearing what appeared to be some kind military uniform, and, most importantly, he held an umbrella over your head to give you relief from the freezing rain. What really grabbed your attention though was the odd curl that stuck out of the left side of his head.

"Ciao bella, what are you'a doing laying outside in the rain all alone?" Italy said, and crouched down in order to get a better look at you.

'She can't be more than'a six years old…' Italy thought to himself and brushed a (h/c) lock of hair from your face.

You cringed slightly at the contact, but quickly realized that this is what you were praying for.

"Can you help me? I'm all alone, I don't know where I am, and I don't know what's going on!" You said before releasing another wave of tears.

What happened next caught you slightly off guard; he picked you up into his arms and hugged you. You cringed slightly at first from surprise, but quickly melting into his embrace.

"Don't worry, bella… You can'a come home with'a me. How does that sound?" He beamed at you.

You wiped the tears and raindrops from your face, and gave a shy smile. "Y-yes please… It's really cold, and I don't feel good…"

"Okay, bella! Do you have a name?"

"Yes, I'm the country of _____." What you said caught you off guard. You said it without thinking and just flowed out naturally. "I-I mean… I think I am…? I'm so confused…" You entwined your small fingers in you (h/l) (h/c) hair and tried to process what was going on.

Italy's eyes widened, as he looked at you. 'This little girl must'a be a new country… No wonder she's so'a confused.'

"It's okay, ____. I'm a country too! Me and my'a fratello make up Italy!"

You looked at him with glistening eyes. "You found me first… Does that mean you're my papa?"

Italy paused for a moment, before smiling. "Si, bella… I'm'a your daddy."

You wrapped your small arms around his neck as he picked you up and carried you away to your new home. Each time a crack of thunder boomed, or a flash of lightning lit up the sky, you dug your face into your new papa's neck as he said reassuring words to you. All of his fear was forgotten for the moment as he held you close to protect you from the cold.


"Where is my idiota fratello? He should've been'a home by now." Romano grumbled to himself, "He must'a be spending the night over that'a damn potato bastard's house…"

"Romano, I'm'a home!" Italy yelled as he opened the front door. "And look who I brought with me!"

"You better not have'a brought your bastardo friends-" Romano turned around to face his brother, but stopped his scolding as soon as he saw he was carrying a little girl. "Veneziano, who the hell is she!? You can't just take random kids home you idiota!"

You cringed from the yelling, and dug your face into your papa's chest.

"Romano, don't talk like that in front of ______! She's a new country, I found her laying on the streets! I couldn't just'a leave her there!" Italy held you closer, "Don't worry, bella, he'a won't hurt you, he's just a little loud. That's my fratello, he's the southern half of Italy!" He set you down on the floor. "Say hello to your uncle Romano while I go'a find some dry clothes for you!"

Your papa walked down the halls in search of something for you to sleep in, leaving you alone with your uncle.

"You damn bastardo, even if she is a country, you can't just bring in someone from'a the street…" Romano grumbled to himself, not thinking you could hear him.

You slowly approached Romano until you were right in front of him. You kept your gaze to the ground and fidgeted slightly as you spoke. "Um… I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause any trouble… I just had no where else to go, and I was really confused, and scared… I'm really sorry, Mr. Romano…" More tears threatened to spill from your eyes.

Romano's gaze softened as he crouched down to your height and placed a hand on your wet head. "It's'a okay, ragazza. I just didn't expect my idiota brother to bring someone home with him. And no need to call me 'mister'."

"Okay, Uncle Romano…"

"Don't call me that e-" he stopped his protesting when he looked into your pleading eyes, and sighed. "Si, that's right… I'm'a your uncle."

You smiled wide and glomped your uncle, almost knocking him off his balance.

"H-hey! Watch it you're getting my clothes all'a wet!"

"_____, I found'a you one of my old t-shirts you can wear for tonight! Come here, and we'll get you all cleaned up and ready for'a bed!" Italy called from down the hall.

"Okay, papa!" You called back. Releasing Romano, you began running towards your father.

Romano sat there for a minute looking in the direction you ran off to and sighed. "She doesn't'a seem like she'll cause too much trouble… Maybe having her around won't'a be so bad."


The tub of warm water felt heavenly to you, especially since you'd just gotten out of the rain. You were playing with the bubbles and splashing around, but ceased your playing so that Italy could wash the mud off of your small figure.

"There you'a go, bella! All clean! Doesn't that'a feel better?" Italy smiled at you, rinsing the last of the soap off your body. "Now let's get you dressed."

Italy slipped a t-shirt over your head, but it was too large for you and ended up going down to your knees, acting like a nightgown.

"There, that will work for now! I'll'a wash the clothes you were wearing, so you can wear them tomorrow, okay?"

You nodded and then let out a small yawn. Italy smiled down at you and scooped you into his arms.

"You must'a be tired. Come on, I'll show you your'a room."


You snuggled into the warm blankets that Italy had spread over you on your new bed. The warmth it gave relaxed you and made you forgot all the previous troubles you encountered earlier this evening. Italy tucked you into bed and kissed you on the forehead.

"Buonanotte, _____." He brushed some stray hairs out of you face and turned to leave.

Anxiety filled you again at the thought of being left alone.

"W-wait! Daddy!" Italy turned around, "Can you sleep with me?" You said shyly.

Italy just smiled and said, "Of course, bella." Then climbed under the blankets with you and held you close to his chest.

"Ti amo, ____." Italy smiled.

"What's that mean, papa?" You asked curiously.

Italy giggled, "It means 'I love you'."

You returned his smile, "I love you too, daddy," was the last thing you said before drifting to sleep.
Did I do good? =|

So, yeah, you're a new country and Italy finds you, and blah, blah, blah.

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  "M...Mama...!" Your eyes opened to see little Feliciano curled up beside you, a sobbing mess. A bolt of lightning cracked outside, sending the boy further into your arms.

  Waking up more, you held the small child close and hid his face away. "Please calm down's just a little storm..." Seeing there was no help, you sat up with him, cooing gently to calm him down.

  He stayed hidden, shaking like a leaf in fear and gripping tightly onto your shirt. "L-Lovino...please protect me...L-Lovino!" Your heart sank in your chest, hearing the boy cry out to his brother in vain.

  "M-Mama! Lovi is scared too..." He cried weakly into his shirt. "H-He doesn't like storms...I...I know he's scared...h-he's all a-alone!"

  You didn't have the heart to tell the shriveled child that his brother might not be anywhere near here, let alone hearing the storm right now. Rocking Feliciano in your arms, you began to sing to him as if he were a baby.

  Feliciano seemed to react to this, calming down and eventually resting his head between your arm and chest, instantly asleep. "I promise Feli...we'll find your little brother before this becomes a big deal...before the house becomes nuts again..."


  "C-Chigi!" Lovino squealed hearing another clap of thunder, hiding away under a cardboard box in the middle of nowhere. No one was around. He felt scared and alone. Even the comfort of his little brother's sobs would've calmed him down.

  Mere moments after splitting the brothers apart, Lovino managed to escape and follow the truck to somewhere around (hometown). Sure, he had no idea where he was, but his brother had to be somewhere.

  For the first time in awhile, Lovino let his head rest on his soggy knees and started sobbing uncontrollably. Ever pent-up emotion flowed out. The fear of the storm. His brother's life maybe already ended. This empty feeling he felt inside.

  "¿Como estas gatito?" Looking up, Lovino saw a handsome young man, skin kissed by the sun and slightly dampened by rain with a black umbrella over his head. "Were is your mother? Why are you outside all alone?"

  Lovino turned away, not easily going to trust this stranger. "I-I'm a big boy! I need to find mio fratello idiota! I..."

  The man knelt in front of him, ignoring that his nice dress pants were dipping into a puddle. "Por favor, come with me. I'm staying at a hotel...I'm going back home tomorrow. Mi comañera y yo will help you find your 'fratello' in the morning when the storm has let up."

  Lovino shook terrible, hunger griped his stomach painfully and needed to sleep before he passed out from exhaustion. Not even caring, the young boy ran into the man's arms, sobbing and crying while missing in some curses.

  "It's okay gatito..." Getting up, the man began to carry him away under the safety of an umbrella. "My name is Antonio, but you can call me Toni if you want." Silence. "Do you have a name? I don't want to call you 'gatito' all the time."

  Lovino lifted his face from the Spaniard's shirt and looked up with eyes glistening with tears. "L-Lovino..."

  Antonio smiled, pulling the child closer and offering some warmth. "Lovi...such a cute name!"

  "It's Lovino idiota! Don't call me Lovi! I'm to cute!"

  Antonio chuckled at the cat-boy's reaction and held him closer,"Let's get you back to my room and cleaned up. You can borrow one of my shirts. Then I can get room service to bring up some food for you, okay?"

  Lovino nodded, resting his eyes for a few moments. Still, he couldn't help but worry about what had happened to his little brother.


  "Lovino...wake up por favor..." Lovino's sleep was interrupted by the gentle Spanish lilt. He opened his eyes to see a pair of green ones looking into his . "Muy bueno. How about you get yourself washed up while I order some pizza, huh?"

  Lovino nodded, too tired to complain. Antonio helped him remove and trash his clothes before turning the warm water on and letting Lovino wash off all the mud covering him, along with the dried blood beneath it.

  Once feeling clean and refreshed, Lovino dried himself off and found a clean shirt Antonio left out for him before putting it on. Going out, he found Antonio eating a slice of pizza. Lovino ate once slice, not feeling too hungry in comparison to exhaustion.

  Laying down on the only bed, he curled up and tried to sleep. " need to eat a little more than one bite of pizza..." Lovino curled up tighter, his small shoulders shaking. "You've been through a lot, haven't you Lovino...?"

  A choking sob finally sounded before he was in the Spaniard's arms once more. "T-They took my fratello! H-He's the only family I got! H-He's not gunna make it...! M-My stupid brother...! F-Feliciano..."

  Antonio smiled, rocking the small child gently in his arms,"It's okay's all over...we'll find your brother and we can live together happily..."

  "I'm a freak..." Lovino murmured, his voice still shaking. "N-No one wants us...I lost my only family...I...I just want stupid brother...I miss...I miss him so much..."

  Antonio kissed the child's forehead, leaving a warm spot in its wake. "Don't worry...everything will end up alright! I promise...!" The Spanish man put on a brave smile to convince the child of the near-impossible.

  Lovino smiled sincerely before shutting his tired eyes and falling back asleep.

  Antonio whipped his phone out, quickly dialing a number while letting the small child sleep on his lap. Obviously, he needed to call his girlfriend and tell her about all that was happening.


  Your cell rang beside you not long after Feliciano fell asleep beside you. Groaning, you grabbed it to see your Spanish boyfriend, Antonio was calling you. Picking up the phone, you sighed. "Toni...three in the morning is not a good time to-"

  "Listen chica," He cut off,"I...I found a boy here...a little boy on my way home. I couldn't leave him alone in the rain so I brought him to my hotel room. He's looking for his brother so I told him we would let him stay and-"

  "What's his name!?" You snapped suddenly.


  "His! Name!"

  Feliciano rolled over, looking over confused as to why he was awakened. "Mama..."

  "Hold on Feli..."

  "Feli...?" Antonio said on the other side of the phone. "Is he a little boy with cat ears and a tail!?"

  "Yes! You found his brother!?"

  "I...I think so...!" Antonio said in a prideful voice. "His name is Lovino. He's sleeping peacefully right now. He seems beat."

  "Oh Toni, I could just hug you!"

  "We can do that tomorrow. Right now, we all need some sleep." You could hear the smile in his voice. "Buenos noche mi bonita chiquita."

  Giggling, you smiled back,"Good night Toni."

  Turning your attention back towards Feliciano, you smiled. "Feli...I have really good news for you. I know where your brother is, he's coming home tomorrow."

  "M...Mio fra..." Smiling at his cute drowsiness, you hugged him close and lulled him back to sleep quickly, dragging yourself you along with him. Hopefully, this would all work out tomorrow.
I have one more chapter. Yeah. ^^;
I will post it tomorrow.
If I don't fall asleep after school. :iconorzplz: I need sleep. xD

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  Antonio entered the house early, a sleeping Lovino resting in his arms and a luggage still waiting in the car. Climbing up the stairs, he approached your room, entering to see you asleep with a similar child in your arms.

  Smiling, he lay the child down next to his brother and went to fetch his luggage back in the car. The silent house seemed so much more peaceful than he remembered it being.

  Going back upstairs, he threw his shoes off and got into bed beside all of you and falling asleep for the time being. What felt like an instant later, he was being awoken by you. You had arose to see the Spaniard's peacefully sleeping face, along with one seemingly identical to Feli's.

  "Should we wake them up...?" You whispered, looking towards the two peacefully-sleeping children. "I think they should be reunited now..."

  Antonio agreed, grabbing the newly introduced child in his arms and jounced him gently, trying to coax him from his sleep. Taking Feli in your arms, you did the same as Toni did.

  Both boys woke up with ease,"Feli...I found your fratello..." At the same time, you stood up the drowsy boys to look towards one another. For a moment, the room was silent enough to hear a pin drop.

  Without warning, the two slowly went towards each other, almost mimicking motions until they threw their arms around each other and began to cry. Both you and Toni watched as the two held each other close, showing no signs of separation soon.

  Lovino pulled away, licking his finger and wiping away dirt on his brother's face. You almost forgot that you never gave him a clean bath or cloths. "You're a mess Feli...I'm gone for a few days and this is the mess I come back to...?"

  Feliciano smiled through tears before clinging to his brother once more in tears. You went to give a comfort to the child but the second you extended your hand towards his back, his brother hissed.

  "Who's the ragazza!? Has she hurt you fratello!?" Lovino snapped, glaring at you darkly. "I swear, if you hurt my fratello-"

  Antonio lifted Lovino in his arms,"Lovi, calm down. This is my girlfriend ___________. She's been watching Feli for a few days now."

  Feliciano moved close to you, grabbing onto your night shirt as if about to fall,"A-Are we gunna be separated again mama...?" Lifting, Feliciano in your arms, you brushed his hair. "Mama..."

  "No Feliciano...Toni is going to be your papa...both of you can stay as long as you want..." Hugging the child close, you could feel his fingers gripping tightly onto the fabric. "No one will take you away from us now."

  "Mama...I want to stay with you too..." He said in a soft voice, burying his face in your shirt. It seems as though Toni was having the same chat. "I like it with you..."

  "Don't worry about we clean you up?" You went to stand, only to have Lovino grab your pajama pants and halt you. "Lovino...? What's wrong sweetie?"

  "Don't take fratello away..." He said softly, looking up weakly. "I don't want to loose my little fratello again."

  Smiling, you scooped him up too. The boy's face grew red instantly, quickly trying to hide it. Antonio and you shared a laugh before carrying them both to the bathroom. You turned on the warm water, letting both of them determine if it was a good temperature.

  "Toni...can you go out and grab them something proper to wear?" He pointed towards himself shocked. "Yes you. You're a boy, you know what they like. I'll pay you back just..."

  He nodded, coming beside you and kissing your lips softly. "Don't worry chiquita...I'll be back in a short while. For now, just give them small shirts." You nodded before he left.

  You quickly ran to your room, grabbing two shirts that might fit the boys before leaving them to wash up. They cleaned off quick and came out dressed adorably.
  Seeing that the two were still sleepy, you allowed them to relax together for awhile while you cooked something up for breakfast. "H-Hey..." Turning around from the stove, you saw Lovino peering from the corner. "Thank you...for taking care of mio fratello idiota..."

  You approached him, picking him up and kissing his forehead. Once more, his face became red and he quickly hid it in your shoulder. Laughing softly, you carried him back up to the other room and laid him down with Feli,"Just relax honey..."

 His eyes shut as he scooted towards his brother. The last thing you heard before you left was,"Thank you...mama...."


  About an hour or so later, everyone was sitting at the table and eating. Feliciano and Lovino were both droopy-eyed with execution but together, and that's all that mattered.

  Antonio returned sooner than expected with about 5 bags of clothes. You'd have to thank him dearly for that later. Turning your head, you gave him a gentle smile which he returned.

  His hand went over yours, the feeling warm to the touch. Toni worked for a big incorporation and often times was away for days on end in far reaches of the world for meetings.

  It was nice sometimes to have a calm house, but on occasion, you hated being alone. Resting your head on his shoulder, you couldn't help but blush. It's been awhile since you two have been together.

  "Listen ___________, I need to tell you something..." Antonio spoke, his voice off and cracking. You moved away slightly to get a better look, only he turned his face away. "Boys, can you go for a few minutes..."

  Both of them nodded unsurely before leaving you both by yourselves. "I...I don't think this is working out..."

  "But you promised-!"

  "I can't do this anymore. I've been leaving you by yourself and it's not fair. Besides...I go transferred." He grabbed onto your hands, tears already spilling from your eyes,"That's why I don't want you to be my girlfriend anymore."

  "But Toni-!"

  "I want you to be my wife!" He spit out suddenly, sending you both into silence for a moment. "I...want to marry you. You can move with me...I have a beautiful little home in Spain picked out...the boys will come with us and we can start a family. "

  Tears spilled, your mind buzzing and the room spinning. He wanted to marry you? Not break up but, marry. Throwing your arms around him, you began to sob into his shirt, repeating your answer over and over.

  "Yes, yes Toni...please don't ever scare me like that again...yes..."

  He held you, laughing at your reaction softly. Feliciano and Lovino came in, hearing your voices calm down. Feliciano came up to you, pulling on your pant-sleeve nervously. "Mama..."

  Looking over, he noticed your smile and seemed to relax. You picked him up and held him in your arms, his fingers brushing the tears off your face,"Don't you worry Feli...everything is okay..."

  Antonio picked up Lovino and held him close as the little child complained and squirmed in his arms. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, all of you snuggled on the couch watching movies as it rained outside. Lovino and Feliciano fell asleep in your arms and you leaned onto your Spanish fiancée, relaxing comfortably.

  His strong arms were wrapped around you as you yourself began to nod off, your head leaning on his. "Go to sleep, it's been a long day for you, hasn't it?"

  Nodding, you shut your eyes, letting sleep drag you under. "Te amo Antonio..."

  You heard his warming chuckle before feeling his lips softly pressing against yours. "Te amo ____________..."
I don't own you or Hetalia!
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