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For the gamescom this year ; P

- if you trace this i will chop off your head, and eat your eyes
try harder
trolls -

Bullet; Black design / drawn me :iconalcataz:
Bullet; Black Rumble Riot Games
....and don't copy this :iconreadthedescription-1::iconreadthedescription-2:
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If you use it, I'd like to know that. Please, let me a comment below. Thanks! :)

Ironscale Shyvana by ~Knockwurst

Shyvana from League of Legends
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Wanted to do this meme for awhile now : D I started it yesterday and finished it today!
Basically wanted to play LoL today, but sadly EUW servers don't want to work, apparently it's not only me, but it's weird :T

Lemme explain my choices now : D

First champion: When I first started to play LoL two years ago, Miss Fortune was in the free champ week rotation, and I really liked her, even though I didn't even know how to play LoL properly or even how to build her xD I was always starting with no items, then buying a Rabadon, then a Trinity XD pro AP MF! I even bought her a skin back then, her secret agent one, which means her sluttiest and less pretty skin ever /boom/ I still play her though :3

Current favorite: Thresh! Bought him some weeks ago, and I don't regret it, he's an AMAZING AD carry and support : D also, his VOICE ; sexiest voice ever... well second sexiest voice, after Brand's, hehehe 3 :heart:

Favorite kind: When I started playing rankeds, I never knew which role to pick ; so I was always left with doing the support. That's how I learnt the role and this is my main one now! My best-played supports are Janna, Leona and Sona. I also play AD carry and solo top quite nice, but I'm not playing offensive enough ;-;

Favorite lane partner: Teemo all the way! <3 as a support, I love laning with a very offensive champion who can poke the ennemy easily, well: Teemo is perfect for that : D I can't understand people who hates him, he's the cuteste little Yordle ever D':

Favorite skin: VANDAL BRAND *3* :heart: Brand is, by far, my favorite champion and also the sexiest, and most badass villain of the whole game, and his vandal skin just fits him so well :dummy: that little ghost rider styled jacket, ashfgfhgdhfh :heart:

Latest champion: I first bought Elise when she aired last october, but I refunded her to buy Rengar. I had enough IP this week to buy her again! She's an awesome support, and a very good jungler.

Target of RAGE: Well... I can't bear Lissandra for many reasons XD I heard she did bad things to Brand so this is the main fucking reason D:< she's also really annoying and I hate her ultimate, goddamn free Zhonya -.- plus I don't want her to succeed and become the queen of Freljord, that's Ashe role, she's a true leader D:> and last but not least... AIRPLANE HELMET! VROOOM! TO FRELJORD!

You'll never play...: I never played Renekton; with Rumble and Viktor, he's the only champion I haven't tested yet. He looks so hard to play! I'll probably play him one day, but not yet...

Rarely seen...: Well, I've seen every champions at least one time, but Poppy is one of the rarest ever! I can't understand why; she's OP and doesn't even need items to one-shot an ennemy D:

Fugliest skin: Dragonslayer Vayne D8 goddamn, this skin is horrible x-x how does she manage to see anything through this horrible dragon-head-mask-thingy? Poor Vayne, you look like a badly done cosplay of Shyvana!

That's pretty much it XD enjoy, fellas!

Filled meme by (c) *RapassWave
Blank meme by (c) ~LeaShakira [link]
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If anyone has any "Champion Title" suggestions for me I'ed love them! I'm having trouble finding something that suits her. ;u;

I don't have time to lineart this and such but I wanted to upload her anyway! Back to commissions sob
Its basicly myself, with 3 ponytails. :)
Water heals her and her umbrella controls weather that uses water, with mist abilities, storms and rain.

Shes all about slipping on water LMAO

after running for 4 seconds umbrella opens and leaves a rain trail behind giving herself and allies +10%
movement speed and -%10 movement speed to enemies
lasts until engaging in combat, then cooldown for 1 minute.

Sets umbrella to follow an enemy target, revealing them and
heavily raining on them causing gradual damage

covers target location with a thick mist hiding herself for 2 seconds,
and any allies running through it.

activates rain healing for ___ HP

Powers up her umbrella with the properties of a storm and jumps forward hitting the targetted champion for __ damage

TEMPLATE HERE: Create your own LoL Champion! by Edalie-chan
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Day 35 on my Daily Sketch Blog: [link]
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Enough of Jarvan IV quote, at first I wanted to draw the regular Jarvan doing the pose of uncle Sam doing the I want you in my army but, I failed at it so I tried to draw Jarvan and I failed at it, so I gender bended Jarvan IV and now she look Demacian enough for me.

Jarvan IV is the Second Champion I use the most and is a lot more fun to play then Sona.
Jarvan IV is owned by leagues of legends
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I wanted to practise to draw kisses... and i dont have happy Oc couples, so I did this meme with some of my favourites pairings in lol (and other random XD)
I ended realising that Im a racist and put always one of character with other of the same country or place D: (mostly)

1. Akali and Shen are just so cute together <3

2. I like tristanaxteemo and tristanaxrumble ;_; but i finally draw her with Teemo cause i like him more than Rumble (SORRY RUMBLE T-T I LIKE YOU TOO)

3. I always like this couple. I get sad when they broke up ;_; (and I miss the journal of justice D:)

4.This is just random, its not like I can totally imagine them as children living in the streets, when singed was a normal guy, but them he went with warwick and get evil or something and then janna get angry at him!!
They could totally have a cool backstory :(

5.Heterosexual Taric. Oh yeah.

6.I think they could be a kickass couple. Not even a love couple, more like "For Noxus we are going to kill you" kind of couple <3


8.Yes. This was just a excuse to draw nasus and lulu XDD love them XDDD

Yes, i like imagining couples in lol ;_; im that crazy
And is fun ;_;
So...I am the only one? XDDD

EDIT: The original meme [link]
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Hello! I'm doing this color challenge…
Annnd for this amazing palette, I've chose Nami.
I love Mermaid, I love this colors and I love her! :heart:
She's a support... but also she steal many kills! Muahahah.
The next one is Twisted Fate c:

Twisted Fate --->
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An opinion that has been well thought out and researched,
is worth more than one that has not.

One example of two opinions which are not equal:

The opinion that the Earth is flat,
the opinion that the Earth is round.

Some opinions have much more proof behind them than others. Not all opinions should be held in the same level of respect. Look and ask for sources. Check those sources' credibility. Just because a person holds something as their opinion, does not mean it cannot or should not be questioned.

Opinions can be important.
Opinions are used by people to decide who and what they will vote for, what products they will or will not buy, what activities they will or will not do. A change in popular opinion can change an aspect of the world.

Do consider, however, if an opinion really is important enough to be questioned. If it is over which band or TV show is more pleasing to the opinion-holder, such an opinion is not likely important enough for anyone other than the opinion-holder to question.
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