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If you use it, I'd like to know that. Please, let me a comment below. Thanks! :)

Ironscale Shyvana by ~Knockwurst

Shyvana from League of Legends ©
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There weren´t any LoL meme, so i did one e_e
I hope people will do it ^^U League of Legends need more fanarts 8D

And i am going to do it soon :3

:iconstephaley: helped me with the sentences ·3· cause i am not so good at english ^^u
If there is a mistake, please tell me
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Star!:Commissions: OPEN Star!

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink

Star! colors [PNG]
Star! A6 size [10.5 x 14.8 cm.] 300 dpi

Star!Bullet; RedBullet; OrangeBullet; YellowBullet; GreenBullet; BlueBullet; PurpleBullet; Pink Commission price Bullet; RedBullet; OrangeBullet; YellowBullet; GreenBullet; BlueBullet; PurpleBullet; PinkStar!

:iconupdateplz:Star! 28 May 2013 *Update Price* Star! :iconupdateplz:

Only USD $ 12 for Chibi [with simple BG]
(+ USD$ 8 each extra character)

<da:thumb id="195481572"><da:thumb id="190975008"><da:thumb id="191086941">

Only USD $15 for Headshot
(+ USD$ 10 each extra character)

<da:thumb id="272170554"><da:thumb id="206395751"><da:thumb id="192005396">

Only USD $ 17 for Bust-up
(+ USD$ 13 each extra character)

<da:thumb id="190103663"><da:thumb id="257095582"><da:thumb id="262475193">

Only USD $19 for Waist-up
(+ USD$16 each extra character)

<da:thumb id="210148146"><da:thumb id="205813286"><da:thumb id="206662538">
<da:thumb id="205243951"><da:thumb id="216437756"><da:thumb id="276686855">

Only USD $ 25 for Fullbody
(+ USD$ 20 each extra character)

<da:thumb id="239750526"><da:thumb id="217739066"><da:thumb id="191682293">
<da:thumb id="195460148"><da:thumb id="188200293"><da:thumb id="206359642">
<da:thumb id="202142817"><da:thumb id="257067785"><da:thumb id="213040841">

1 character
(+ USD $5-30 each extra details )
(+ USD $10-30 Details BG)

Star! FREE Star!
+ Special Close-up A6 size [same pic] for all commission
[except headshot and Chibi pic]

Star! payment by Paypal account only

My Paypal

you can tell me which style you want [from my gallery]

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink

Note me here or email me :

Commission ... [style/headshot/chibi/fullbody/ETC.]
by ... [and your paypal account]
details ... [ what you want me to draw ]
your original character ... [w/ your References]
special things ... [I have to know]
payment status ... [paid / will pay by .. day]
want me to finish before ... [give me not less 7 days]

the payment due after I agree to do the commission .
and then I'll draw it asap , Thanks.
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Wanted to do this meme for awhile now : D I started it yesterday and finished it today!
Basically wanted to play LoL today, but sadly EUW servers don't want to work, apparently it's not only me, but it's weird :T

Lemme explain my choices now : D

First champion: When I first started to play LoL two years ago, Miss Fortune was in the free champ week rotation, and I really liked her, even though I didn't even know how to play LoL properly or even how to build her xD I was always starting with no items, then buying a Rabadon, then a Trinity XD pro AP MF! I even bought her a skin back then, her secret agent one, which means her sluttiest and less pretty skin ever /boom/ I still play her though :3

Current favorite: Thresh! Bought him some weeks ago, and I don't regret it, he's an AMAZING AD carry and support : D also, his VOICE ; sexiest voice ever... well second sexiest voice, after Brand's, hehehe °3° :heart:

Favorite kind: When I started playing rankeds, I never knew which role to pick ; so I was always left with doing the support. That's how I learnt the role and this is my main one now! My best-played supports are Janna, Leona and Sona. I also play AD carry and solo top quite nice, but I'm not playing offensive enough ;-;

Favorite lane partner: Teemo all the way! <3 as a support, I love laning with a very offensive champion who can poke the ennemy easily, well: Teemo is perfect for that : D I can't understand people who hates him, he's the cuteste little Yordle ever D':

Favorite skin: VANDAL BRAND *3* :heart: Brand is, by far, my favorite champion and also the sexiest, and most badass villain of the whole game, and his vandal skin just fits him so well :dummy: that little ghost rider styled jacket, ashfgfhgdhfh :heart:

Latest champion: I first bought Elise when she aired last october, but I refunded her to buy Rengar. I had enough IP this week to buy her again! She's an awesome support, and a very good jungler.

Target of RAGE: Well... I can't bear Lissandra for many reasons XD I heard she did bad things to Brand so this is the main fucking reason D:< she's also really annoying and I hate her ultimate, goddamn free Zhonya -.- plus I don't want her to succeed and become the queen of Freljord, that's Ashe role, she's a true leader D:> and last but not least... AIRPLANE HELMET! VROOOM! TO FRELJORD!

You'll never play...: I never played Renekton; with Rumble and Viktor, he's the only champion I haven't tested yet. He looks so hard to play! I'll probably play him one day, but not yet...

Rarely seen...: Well, I've seen every champions at least one time, but Poppy is one of the rarest ever! I can't understand why; she's OP and doesn't even need items to one-shot an ennemy D:

Fugliest skin: Dragonslayer Vayne D8 goddamn, this skin is horrible x-x how does she manage to see anything through this horrible dragon-head-mask-thingy? Poor Vayne, you look like a badly done cosplay of Shyvana!

That's pretty much it XD enjoy, fellas!

Filled meme by (c) *RapassWave
Blank meme by (c) ~LeaShakira [link]
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Enough of Jarvan IV quote, at first I wanted to draw the regular Jarvan doing the pose of uncle Sam doing the I want you in my army but, I failed at it so I tried to draw Jarvan and I failed at it, so I gender bended Jarvan IV and now she look Demacian enough for me.

Jarvan IV is the Second Champion I use the most and is a lot more fun to play then Sona.
Jarvan IV is owned by leagues of legends
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HAPPY NEW YEAR \;///u///;/ <3 <3 :heart:
We are so happy about 2014 because many things happens some bad, some good, but we are always together and our desire to do more and more is high x >////u////< :heart:
We start the year with Enigma >////u///< ( hard choice x°D but we love all our projects so much T//u//T!! )
I always said to Marie "never use black and red together are dangerous for you x°D " she don't listen and she keep number #4 because black and red is her weakness x°°°D :heart:

Have you some resolution for this 2015??
We will try to be less slow in everything x°D we will have to help our family in the end of january because they move their workplace and I ( Mile ) soon have to change my house...T//u//T but we'll try to do our best x°D
Hope you like these Enigma \;//u//;/

:bulletpink: STARTING BID (SB ) For each : 20 $ (USD) or 2000 :points: Points
:bulletpink: AUTOBUY (AB) For each : 45 $ (USD) or 4500 :points: Points
:bulletpink: MINIMUM INCREMENT For each : 2 $ (USD) or 200 :points: Points
:bulletpink: The Auction ENDS in 72 hours with bids being placed in the last hour extending the auction by 1 hour

if you'll pay with paypal I ask you a very little amount to help me paying fees ;; check my rules to know better my reason ;; ( thanks and sorry ;; <3)

:bulletred: [CLOSED] Number 1 [ PAPER ENIGMA ]:  Taken by starlitcarnival - Ab <3 - new owner
:bulletred: [CLOSED] Number 2 [ PAPER ENIGMA ]:  Taken by InuRenko - Ab T///T <3 <3
:bulletred: [CLOSED] Number 3 [OCEAN ENIGMA ] :  Taken by LimSeirir   - Ab ;__; :heart: - new owner
:bulletred: [CLOSED] Number 4 [OCEAN ENIGMA ] :  Mine ;u;

Some Info about ENIGMA : Enigma Closed SpeciesEnigma species have always:
Bullet; Red The symbol of their family ( a little fairy like a butterfly )
Bullet; Red A very big Tail (almost as big as the body )
Bullet; Red The horns
Bullet; Red They born with one single color ( plus black and white ) that accompanies them for their entire life ( except for the color of their fairy and their eyes which can have a different color ;v; )

Other Info:
:bulletblack: They have 3 factions : one more bellicose (called Paper ) , one more peaceful (called Cloud ) , and one neutral (called Ocean )
:bulletblack: Tey can be of any gender
:bulletblack: Black and white are a big component of them ;u;
About Paper Enigma : ( hostile )

:bulletblack: paper enigma can have a very dark skin
:bulletblack: Their clothes have some "holes" almost as if they were made

RULES - If you'll buy something from me I assume you read carefully the rules ;v; :

Adoptables RULESPlease read careful the rules before buy an adopt from me , if you buy an adopt I assume that you have read and agreed to all the rules
How can you buy an Adoptables?
If I write "Auction" In the description You have to reply to my comment "BID HERE NUMBER #1 - #2 and so on" with your offer . Please bid in chain to let everyone to keep track of the bid by bidding in chain (in any case reply to the highest bidder)  I put in the description the starting price ( SB = Starting Bid ) and sometimes I put a price called "Autobuy" ( AB ) for people who didn't want wait for the end of the auction and want that adopt instantly ( in this case you have to reply AB or Autobuy in the comment ;v; )
If I Write "Set price" in the description you can buy the adopt without auction , reply to "BUY HERE NUMBER #1 - #2 and so on" Comment :heart:
If the adopt is "offer to adopt" read the description and don't be offended if I don't choose your offer even if you think it's bet

What is an Adopt?

Adoptables F.A.Q.Some info for who don't know about adoptables \;v;/ I hope it helps >v<
What is Adoptable?
Adoptables are characters design made by an Artist that put them for sale and can be adopted by other people (with money or other type of offer ) as their personal Character. Then the new character's owner can create name , personality , background story and change a little the outfit as it's own character.
Why people buy Adoptables?People can do their personal character by themselves
Sometimes some people have a story or a character in mind and the only thing they need is something that figure out what thay have in mind and if they found a character made by other people , maybe can be what they search ;v; :heart:
Sure people can do the caracters by themselve ( and many many people do that >v< ) but sometimes one artist can do the exact thing they are looking for
But some adoptables are expensive more than n

Design/base/colours/art © Piffi-adoptables / Piffi-pi / Shatik , do not copy or trace please and don't use my art without my or owner permission <3

:bulletpink: Enigma is a closed species this mean that only us can do them ;v;
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I had to make my version of this meme, as it's so popular now in dA


idea from: :iconangelaart: & :iconlizcakes:

annie, blitzcrank, xin zhao and tryndamere (c) riot
filling the meme? XD (c) :iconmatitaispirati:

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Talent, honor, discipline and pretty pictures!
League of Legends, Fiora Laurent (Royal Guard Skin)

Photographer - :iconmokrushina:
Assistant - :iconlykanka:
Cosplayer - :iconkandadream:

Cosplay was prepared for Igromir-expo in Moscow. I really like this champion, she's my main at the moment) Very graceful and deadly dangerous. Hard to play at moments, though. But she's definetely worth those 6300IP XD
I used korean art as tne main base as it has more details than the original one. I tried to stick to the musketeer theme, so I changed a few details (the korean art seems to depict this costume more like a pirate's one). Full costume, blade, wig styling & makeup done by me. The epee was made by Xellos - a miraculous crafter))) I thank everyone who inspired me to make cosplay on Fiora and who introduced me to the world of League of Legends!

More photos:
Fiora, The Grand Duelist by KandaDream Get ready for a duel! - Fiora, League of Legends by KandaDream I long for a worthy opponent! by KandaDream Sharp blade, sharp mind (Fiora, League of Legends) by KandaDream Others try. I succeed. (Fiora, League of Legends) by KandaDream No mercy! by KandaDream 
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idek just DA ID pic............ ugh i'm not good at pixel art......

okay i know i really love him .....really .__.
and really ship him with Wodahs, yes Wodahs not Fem Wodahs *BLFANGIRLING* *shot*
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Part of this video clip we did:

Like this one? More of this photoshoot available at…

Well it is my birthday today, so... well I just couldn't resist, check the logo... :P :D We went and did some shots last saturday and the result was pretty cool!!! We also shot some film material, but that's all for later on. Check these out and enjoy!! We had fun!! (And smelly boots)

I showed this one to my daughter (2,5), her response: "That's daddy!" *thoughtfully watches the picture* "He's sitting on the grass!"

Naked Snake costume made and worn by Rick Boer.
Pictures by Cynthia Veekens
Her devart:
Make-up effects by Rick Boer (well... effects... the zombie mock-up and the flesh wound)

Please feel free to share and like!!
Snake and Metal Gear Solid are all copyrighted by Kojima and Konami.
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