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If you use it, I'd like to know that. Please, let me a comment below. Thanks! :)

Ironscale Shyvana by ~Knockwurst

Shyvana from League of Legends ©
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There weren´t any LoL meme, so i did one e_e
I hope people will do it ^^U League of Legends need more fanarts 8D

And i am going to do it soon :3

:iconstephaley: helped me with the sentences ·3· cause i am not so good at english ^^u
If there is a mistake, please tell me
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Star!:Commissions: OPEN Star!

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink

Star! colors [PNG]
Star! A6 size [10.5 x 14.8 cm.] 300 dpi

Star!Bullet; RedBullet; OrangeBullet; YellowBullet; GreenBullet; BlueBullet; PurpleBullet; Pink Commission price Bullet; RedBullet; OrangeBullet; YellowBullet; GreenBullet; BlueBullet; PurpleBullet; PinkStar!

:iconupdateplz:Star! 28 May 2013 *Update Price* Star! :iconupdateplz:

Only USD $ 12 for Chibi [with simple BG]
(+ USD$ 8 each extra character)

<da:thumb id="195481572"><da:thumb id="190975008"><da:thumb id="191086941">

Only USD $15 for Headshot
(+ USD$ 10 each extra character)

<da:thumb id="272170554"><da:thumb id="206395751"><da:thumb id="192005396">

Only USD $ 17 for Bust-up
(+ USD$ 13 each extra character)

<da:thumb id="190103663"><da:thumb id="257095582"><da:thumb id="262475193">

Only USD $19 for Waist-up
(+ USD$16 each extra character)

<da:thumb id="210148146"><da:thumb id="205813286"><da:thumb id="206662538">
<da:thumb id="205243951"><da:thumb id="216437756"><da:thumb id="276686855">

Only USD $ 25 for Fullbody
(+ USD$ 20 each extra character)

<da:thumb id="239750526"><da:thumb id="217739066"><da:thumb id="191682293">
<da:thumb id="195460148"><da:thumb id="188200293"><da:thumb id="206359642">
<da:thumb id="202142817"><da:thumb id="257067785"><da:thumb id="213040841">

1 character
(+ USD $5-30 each extra details )
(+ USD $10-30 Details BG)

Star! FREE Star!
+ Special Close-up A6 size [same pic] for all commission
[except headshot and Chibi pic]

Star! payment by Paypal account only

My Paypal

you can tell me which style you want [from my gallery]

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink Bullet; Blue Bullet; Pink

Note me here or email me :

Commission ... [style/headshot/chibi/fullbody/ETC.]
by ... [and your paypal account]
details ... [ what you want me to draw ]
your original character ... [w/ your References]
special things ... [I have to know]
payment status ... [paid / will pay by .. day]
want me to finish before ... [give me not less 7 days]

the payment due after I agree to do the commission .
and then I'll draw it asap , Thanks.
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Wanted to do this meme for awhile now : D I started it yesterday and finished it today!
Basically wanted to play LoL today, but sadly EUW servers don't want to work, apparently it's not only me, but it's weird :T

Lemme explain my choices now : D

First champion: When I first started to play LoL two years ago, Miss Fortune was in the free champ week rotation, and I really liked her, even though I didn't even know how to play LoL properly or even how to build her xD I was always starting with no items, then buying a Rabadon, then a Trinity XD pro AP MF! I even bought her a skin back then, her secret agent one, which means her sluttiest and less pretty skin ever /boom/ I still play her though :3

Current favorite: Thresh! Bought him some weeks ago, and I don't regret it, he's an AMAZING AD carry and support : D also, his VOICE ; sexiest voice ever... well second sexiest voice, after Brand's, hehehe °3° :heart:

Favorite kind: When I started playing rankeds, I never knew which role to pick ; so I was always left with doing the support. That's how I learnt the role and this is my main one now! My best-played supports are Janna, Leona and Sona. I also play AD carry and solo top quite nice, but I'm not playing offensive enough ;-;

Favorite lane partner: Teemo all the way! <3 as a support, I love laning with a very offensive champion who can poke the ennemy easily, well: Teemo is perfect for that : D I can't understand people who hates him, he's the cuteste little Yordle ever D':

Favorite skin: VANDAL BRAND *3* :heart: Brand is, by far, my favorite champion and also the sexiest, and most badass villain of the whole game, and his vandal skin just fits him so well :dummy: that little ghost rider styled jacket, ashfgfhgdhfh :heart:

Latest champion: I first bought Elise when she aired last october, but I refunded her to buy Rengar. I had enough IP this week to buy her again! She's an awesome support, and a very good jungler.

Target of RAGE: Well... I can't bear Lissandra for many reasons XD I heard she did bad things to Brand so this is the main fucking reason D:< she's also really annoying and I hate her ultimate, goddamn free Zhonya -.- plus I don't want her to succeed and become the queen of Freljord, that's Ashe role, she's a true leader D:> and last but not least... AIRPLANE HELMET! VROOOM! TO FRELJORD!

You'll never play...: I never played Renekton; with Rumble and Viktor, he's the only champion I haven't tested yet. He looks so hard to play! I'll probably play him one day, but not yet...

Rarely seen...: Well, I've seen every champions at least one time, but Poppy is one of the rarest ever! I can't understand why; she's OP and doesn't even need items to one-shot an ennemy D:

Fugliest skin: Dragonslayer Vayne D8 goddamn, this skin is horrible x-x how does she manage to see anything through this horrible dragon-head-mask-thingy? Poor Vayne, you look like a badly done cosplay of Shyvana!

That's pretty much it XD enjoy, fellas!

Filled meme by (c) *RapassWave
Blank meme by (c) ~LeaShakira [link]
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I wanted to practise to draw kisses... and i dont have happy Oc couples, so I did this meme with some of my favourites pairings in lol (and other random XD)
I ended realising that Im a racist and put always one of character with other of the same country or place D: (mostly)

1. Akali and Shen are just so cute together <3

2. I like tristanaxteemo and tristanaxrumble ;_; but i finally draw her with Teemo cause i like him more than Rumble (SORRY RUMBLE T-T I LIKE YOU TOO)

3. I always like this couple. I get sad when they broke up ;_; (and I miss the journal of justice D:)

4.This is just random, its not like I can totally imagine them as children living in the streets, when singed was a normal guy, but them he went with warwick and get evil or something and then janna get angry at him!!
They could totally have a cool backstory :(

5.Heterosexual Taric. Oh yeah.

6.I think they could be a kickass couple. Not even a love couple, more like "For Noxus we are going to kill you" kind of couple <3


8.Yes. This was just a excuse to draw nasus and lulu XDD love them XDDD

Yes, i like imagining couples in lol ;_; im that crazy
And is fun ;_;
So...I am the only one? XDDD

EDIT: The original meme [link]
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Enough of Jarvan IV quote, at first I wanted to draw the regular Jarvan doing the pose of uncle Sam doing the I want you in my army but, I failed at it so I tried to draw Jarvan and I failed at it, so I gender bended Jarvan IV and now she look Demacian enough for me.

Jarvan IV is the Second Champion I use the most and is a lot more fun to play then Sona.
Jarvan IV is owned by leagues of legends
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HAPPY NEW YEAR \;///u///;/ <3 <3 :heart:
We are so happy about 2014 because many things happens some bad, some good, but we are always together and our desire to do more and more is high x >////u////< :heart:
We start the year with Enigma >////u///< ( hard choice x°D but we love all our projects so much T//u//T!! )
I always said to Marie "never use black and red together are dangerous for you x°D " she don't listen and she keep number #4 because black and red is her weakness x°°°D :heart:

Have you some resolution for this 2015??
We will try to be less slow in everything x°D we will have to help our family in the end of january because they move their workplace and I ( Mile ) soon have to change my house...T//u//T but we'll try to do our best x°D
Hope you like these Enigma \;//u//;/

:bulletpink: STARTING BID (SB ) For each : 20 $ (USD) or 2000 :points: Points
:bulletpink: AUTOBUY (AB) For each : 45 $ (USD) or 4500 :points: Points
:bulletpink: MINIMUM INCREMENT For each : 2 $ (USD) or 200 :points: Points
:bulletpink: The Auction ENDS in 72 hours with bids being placed in the last hour extending the auction by 1 hour

if you'll pay with paypal I ask you a very little amount to help me paying fees ;; check my rules to know better my reason ;; ( thanks and sorry ;; <3)

:bulletred: [CLOSED] Number 1 [ PAPER ENIGMA ]:  Taken by starlitcarnival - Ab <3 - new owner
:bulletred: [CLOSED] Number 2 [ PAPER ENIGMA ]:  Taken by InuRenko - Ab T///T <3 <3
:bulletred: [CLOSED] Number 3 [OCEAN ENIGMA ] :  Taken by LimSeirir   - Ab ;__; :heart: - new owner
:bulletred: [CLOSED] Number 4 [OCEAN ENIGMA ] :  Mine ;u;

Some Info about ENIGMA : Enigma Closed SpeciesEnigma species have always:
Bullet; Red The symbol of their family ( a little fairy like a butterfly )
Bullet; Red A very big Tail (almost as big as the body )
Bullet; Red The horns
Bullet; Red They born with one single color ( plus black and white ) that accompanies them for their entire life ( except for the color of their fairy and their eyes which can have a different color ;v; )

Other Info:
:bulletblack: They have 3 factions : one more bellicose (called Paper ) , one more peaceful (called Cloud ) , and one neutral (called Ocean )
:bulletblack: Tey can be of any gender
:bulletblack: Black and white are a big component of them ;u;
About Paper Enigma : ( hostile )

:bulletblack: paper enigma can have a very dark skin
:bulletblack: Their clothes have some "holes" almost as if they were made

RULES - If you'll buy something from me I assume you read carefully the rules ;v; :

Adoptables RULESPlease read careful the rules before buy an adopt from me , if you buy an adopt I assume that you have read and agreed to all the rules
How can you buy an Adoptables?
If I write "Auction" In the description You have to reply to my comment "BID HERE NUMBER #1 - #2 and so on" with your offer . Please bid in chain to let everyone to keep track of the bid by bidding in chain (in any case reply to the highest bidder)  I put in the description the starting price ( SB = Starting Bid ) and sometimes I put a price called "Autobuy" ( AB ) for people who didn't want wait for the end of the auction and want that adopt instantly ( in this case you have to reply AB or Autobuy in the comment ;v; )
If I Write "Set price" in the description you can buy the adopt without auction , reply to "BUY HERE NUMBER #1 - #2 and so on" Comment :heart:
If the adopt is "offer to adopt" read the description and don't be offended if I don't choose your offer even if you think it's bet

What is an Adopt?

Adoptables F.A.Q.Some info for who don't know about adoptables \;v;/ I hope it helps >v<
What is Adoptable?
Adoptables are characters design made by an Artist that put them for sale and can be adopted by other people (with money or other type of offer ) as their personal Character. Then the new character's owner can create name , personality , background story and change a little the outfit as it's own character.
Why people buy Adoptables?People can do their personal character by themselves
Sometimes some people have a story or a character in mind and the only thing they need is something that figure out what thay have in mind and if they found a character made by other people , maybe can be what they search ;v; :heart:
Sure people can do the caracters by themselve ( and many many people do that >v< ) but sometimes one artist can do the exact thing they are looking for
But some adoptables are expensive more than n

Design/base/colours/art © Piffi-adoptables / Piffi-pi / Shatik , do not copy or trace please and don't use my art without my or owner permission <3

:bulletpink: Enigma is a closed species this mean that only us can do them ;v;
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idek just DA ID pic............ ugh i'm not good at pixel art......

okay i know i really love him .....really .__.
and really ship him with Wodahs, yes Wodahs not Fem Wodahs *BLFANGIRLING* *shot*
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I had to make my version of this meme, as it's so popular now in dA


idea from: :iconangelaart: & :iconlizcakes:

annie, blitzcrank, xin zhao and tryndamere (c) riot
filling the meme? XD (c) :iconmatitaispirati:

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Talent, honor, discipline and pretty pictures!
League of Legends, Fiora Laurent (Royal Guard Skin)

Photographer - :iconmokrushina:
Assistant - :iconlykanka:
Cosplayer - :iconkandadream:

Cosplay was prepared for Igromir-expo in Moscow. I really like this champion, she's my main at the moment) Very graceful and deadly dangerous. Hard to play at moments, though. But she's definetely worth those 6300IP XD
I used korean art as tne main base as it has more details than the original one. I tried to stick to the musketeer theme, so I changed a few details (the korean art seems to depict this costume more like a pirate's one). Full costume, blade, wig styling & makeup done by me. The epee was made by Xellos - a miraculous crafter))) I thank everyone who inspired me to make cosplay on Fiora and who introduced me to the world of League of Legends!

More photos:
Fiora, The Grand Duelist by KandaDream Get ready for a duel! - Fiora, League of Legends by KandaDream I long for a worthy opponent! by KandaDream Sharp blade, sharp mind (Fiora, League of Legends) by KandaDream Others try. I succeed. (Fiora, League of Legends) by KandaDream No mercy! by KandaDream 
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