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well, i wanted to do some Akita fanart for a while now, and so I did one...though my ideas were near flunked.

I wanted to do a "basic" Neru, the one that is no nonsense and serious type, but I wanted to break that wall, so I made her into something sweet. But with that said, the only thing left was a "definition" for sweet.

So I thought up what would the fans wanted and fanservice was the first thing to come...but, I don't want to put her in a nudie so I did the only safe thing I had in mind: why not put her in a babydoll? It's simple, cute, sweet looking and really gives Akita some radiance.

And here we have it!

(c) Vocaloid
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I got tagged by :iconeyt:'s villain tag so now, I'm putting up not one, but two of my prized villains:

~ X, leader of the xaliens: The Xaliens are an alien race that possess bacterium like compositions. By the time the first humans had crash landed on Mars (a unforeseen second attempt), Xaliens had invaded one of the human's body and took control over it. This first humanoid Xalien is none- other than "X". Out of scrap, he began building an army of droids that houses his bacterium cousins and had planned to over take Earth and take it's people's bodies. Their first attempt cost them their time, tricking the humans into thinking they are friends by attacking one of the more earthly threat, Godzilla. It wasn't long before their cover was blown and got most of their army turned to scrap metal by both G and the humans.

nearly 6 years later after the attempt, X prepares another war. this time, not for the Earth's population, but for Earth's reluctant attempt to help their latest target, the venusians. (a humanoid-alien like race that had migrated away from Venus after their planet became inhospitable. According to X, their bodies can support his cousin's bodies way more effective than those that belongs to the humans.)

Akan- Head witch and the "fairest of em' all", Akan is one of the three feared witches in history who believed to be dead. She is "the mother of Woes", the strongest spellcaster who believed that the world deserved a new all means possible, destroying all other humans. Born during the times of knights and kings, Akan is an ageless being, now reawakened by Humanity's greed and continuing lost of faith. Boundless, she now walks among the modern world of science and technology, waiting for the perfect moment to bring her ill will to us all...

(c) mine
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Mikado Zombie
height: approx* 7 feet
weight: ?


After the death of Godzilla in 2016, the Japanese Defensive force, "sub-group" codename: NIGHTjUNK decided to hire and train new members to their team, as a replacement for the fallen king of the monster himself, which at time to time had aided them in combat, despite being a threat himself as well.

Six new members came, each sporting either psychic abilities or sorcery capabilities. After being trained in Birth Island, the home of every monsters around the globe, NIGHTjUNK believed that their new elites are ready for their first assignment.

Somewhere in northern Japan, a village was said to be terrorized by a World War soldier. What sounds like a job for the police, once skeptical detail made the crimes more surreal for ordinary law enforcements. As it appears, the killer was able to survive gunshot blasts at pit-point and even able to grow back lost limbs.

As the team investigates, the elders warned them about the vengeful spirit of Tomoo Misami, a WWII veteran who died after defending the grave of his fellow soldiers from lawless hooligans. After finding enough clues, the team soon found out that the local legend of the vengeful spirit and the attack was the same creature!

Shortly after this conclusion, the zombie himself showed up and attacked the newbies. He put up a fight, proving that the team needed more training when he nearly killed a member with his gun. Luckily, the older members showed up in time to stop the kill, but even then the creature was still a challenge.

Unable to defeat it, one of the members figure out that maybe they could seal it. Using a prayer she learned, that member soon sealed back the zombie after the rest joined in with a Buddhist chant, calming the spirit before sealing it's soul in a marked stone.

The stone is now under surveillance by both the NIGHTjUNK and the JSDF.

powers and abilities:
~ purely immortal
~ can transform into a gust of ashes
~ inhuman strength
~ left arm can transform into a hellish gun that fires black flare
~can breath out black gust that appears to eat flesh.

Mikado Zombie (c) Toho. Mikado Zombie is an unmade project by Toho, hence, the idea is still theirs.

story and NIGHTjUNK (c) mine.
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Like some animated thingies out there, my characters grow. well, it's kinda rare to see American animation that shows growing characters, but in Asian animation , it's sometimes a commodity.

take these three for example.

Namiko, the purple haired girl, she grew an inch or two since 2014 (story timeline. present year in stories: 2016 ) and is somewhat still growing taller. Psychological change, is also tapped as her taste in clothing is also changing as she began dressing more feminine.

Sasori, although not shown here, had her chest grew a few diameters. more to the discomfort of her "girlfriend" (Namiko. yes, they're Bi).

Yori..... .... ...oh who am i kidding?! Yori hadn't changed. sure she's a little taller, but she's still a grease monkey! least she finally had a sidekick or something...

Jinra:...? (points to himself)

NIGHTjUNK (c) mine
Jinra (c) toho
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Second Semester.

(featured here in full glory, I think...

Alexander "Alex" Crims- Alchemist and Cryptid and Artifact hunter.
Layla Kinski- Badass Gunslinger priestess with a bit of (obvious) crush on her cousin, Alex.
Dog- Alex's faithful (yet dumb) homunculus "dog". Can do a lot of things...not just fully aware of it.
Devil Doll- Layla's orange stuff toy possessed by a forest demon. Pretty useless in his doll form, but very dangerous if freed.
Asin- Alex's captured cryptid and personal assiatant at times (if she stop eating his specimens.) She's a cannibalistic red-eyed monster who devours any live flesh she sees. Her love for Alex and anyone he held dear manage to control her, though.
Lechuza- a beautiful green haired humanoid female who's actually a giant bird who can launch lightning. Acts like a mother figure to Alex and a close friend of Asin.
Georgette Flosfilios- A newbie at the academy, she's Alex and Layla's long lost friend-turned-badguy-turned tame anti-hero who hangs out with the two, but still hates them.
Bella Crims- Alex's older (and busty) sister. Expect to see her more often now...(she moved in)

(c) :iconauoshv2: n :iconhewhowalksdeath:
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(third season of my fictional Toho and Godzilla Tie-in, NIGHTjUNK)

The year is 2016, 2 years after Godzilla successfully defeat Kaizer Ghidorah and the "Mother of woes" a powerful witch bent of destroying mankind and the summoner of Kaizer.

Early in the year, Japan's most notorious monster had met his end in an epic show: due to "over radiation", Godzilla's body couldn't stand the nuclear reaction through his body despite it being his natural sustenance. Godzilla went to his final yet remarkable stage: Burning Godzilla. 130 meters high, with glowing hot burns growing out of his bodies and spines burning as bright as the sun; the EDF as well as the rouge pro-monster team NIGHTjUNK cornered the beast in the Arctic, hoping the freezing temperature, as well as the new freezer technology they armed themselves can prevent the nuclear meltdown Godzilla will cause. After an epic battle with the brave soldiers of Japan, America, and Russia, Godzilla dies with both honor and relief.

months later, NIGHTjUNK went on looking for new members to make up the lost of Godzilla (who happens to be the team's most usable monster in combat, though very difficult to control). 7 answered their call...

from left to right:
~ Lara- the once visiting Venusian, a proud race of technologically advance aliens, Lara decided to put down her position as heiress of her mother's throne to help the very planet that saved her kind. Now Lara practices magic with her mentors, the "Lolita Witch" Yamiko Kobayashi

~ Thane Floe- Convicted of homicide of his own father, Thane is released from maximum security due to both serving his time as well as his uncanny ability to manipulate fire. The Japanese police thought his powers would come to more use if he signed up as a member of one of Japan's well known pro-monster team. Kazim Rahja, the team's third in command, took him as his responsibility.

~No-Ah Park- a Korean immigrant, a typical outcast with a surprising power to foresee the future. although she could only see flashes of it, randomly, she believed that her powers would come in good use if she help this team. NIGHTjUNK's information officer, Taiko Kaede, accepted her as her apprentice due to her knowledge in computers as well.

~Meruko and Moruto Shimamura- Twin psychics, capable of doing mild telekinesis as well as slightly hive-minded to one another. According to the two, their powers weren't natural, but rather they obtained it after an exposure from a unknown energy. EDF official and Nj team member Dave took in the two and trains them of their powers, him being the same with them, gaining his powers via exposure to divine energy. Though they claim to be twins, the other members suspects more about them...

~ Elfina Burton- Half English, half American; Elfina "elfy" Burton is a shy petite introvert girl who appears to be capable of doing various levels of spells and sorcery. After being physically examined, NIGHTjUNK found out that her right arm, despite being green and has weird marking around it, is also what the spell-users call "the right arm of omnipotence", making her a powerful spell-user (exceeding the team's own Yamiko Kobayashi, who claims to be the strongest sorceress). Yamiko herself trains the young girl. Elfy appears to be attached to another newbie, Dawn Johnson.

~Dawn Johnson- a care-free yet caring girl, Dawn is a full American girl growing up in Japan ever since she was a little girl. Little is known about her powers but it was hinted that she is capable of using psychic abilities. A physical exam reveals that she has an enlarged Pineal Gland, much like NIGHTjUNK's leader and founder, Paul L. Paul decided to train her in developing her potentials. Dawn knew that she's capable of this but isn't quite sure how to do it. Paul optimistically encourages her in this.

other existing members (excluding these newbies): [link]

"NIGHTjUNK, serving the nation!" (c) mine
Godzilla and other related names (c) Toho
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(I'm gonna use :iconstrawberryzombie:'s OC tag as an interview to "The duo Fan vocaloids who can't sing!")


1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
kitaro: hi...^^;

2. Interesting... what's your current age?
Ruru: I'm 15 while Kit's 17!
kitaro; um, Ru-chan, maybe I should answer my-

3. Uh huh. What's your favourite food?
Ruru: I like to eat rice cakes! crispy crispy rice cakes! OH OH! I KNOW KITARO'S! IT'S ORANGE!
kitaro; actually, It's kumquat. It's a common misconception about it being orange since they both look so much alike.

4. And your favourite drink?
Ruru: I dunno...
Kitaro: kumquat juice.
ruru: ....why not just orange juice?
kitaro: ....It's not the same...

5. Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
ruru: hmm...
Kitaro: o///o, I rather not answer that one...

6. Aww! Have you two kissed yet?
Kitaro: WHAT?! O////O
ruru: -__- nope...

7. Classic question! What's your favourite colour?
Kitaro: green.
Ruru: Purpel~ (purple. she's saying it semi-retardedly~)

8. Who's your favourite author?
Kitaro: Anne Rice.
Ruru: dunno, I read lot of magazines but not much books...

9. Now what's your biggest fear?
Kitaro: if Ruru gets hurt...

10. *stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing *bursts out laughing*
Kitaro: that's not nice...

11. Awesome. Who's your hero?
Ruru: MIKU HATSUNE!!!!!!!
Kitaro: Rin Kagamine and Meiko.

12. Ok, who is your worst enemy?
Ruru: oh some girl who hates miku...(cough*) NERU (cough*) AKITA!....
Kitaro: I don't know...I don't I have one...

13. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?
Ruru: actually....Neru and Miku does hang out....bummers*
Kitaro: s'okay! it's better that way!

14. Interesting... what would you do if you met your creator?
Ruru: I'mma gonna kick him in the crotch! FOR MAKING US BAD SINGERS!
kitaro: but we're good with instruments!

15. Okay, I'll contact them right now. Done! Now, what do you want to be when you grow up
Ruru: hopefully release our first single!
Kitaro: Marry R- uh I mean....o///o LUKA! YES....MARRY LUKA! CUZ I'M A BIG FAN!
Ruru: I thought you like Meiko?
Kitaro: THEN MEIKO IT IS!!!!

16. What's your worst nightmare?
Ruru: like one time, I dreamt that I was sleeping with a giant mantis and it talked like Mr. T!!!!!!
Kitaro: O_o....what?
Ruru: it's true!!!!!

17. What's your lifelong dream?
Kitaro: same as hers! (...and...uh....finally...tell .... how I really feel...about....uh.....)

18. What would you do if your lifelong dream came true?
Ruru: 8D
Kitaro: sleep XD

19. Ok, where's your favorite place to relax?
Ruru: under a and Kitaro has a special tree where we relax together.
Kitaro: ^_^ and it's really worth it.

20. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?
Ruru and kitaro: "band practice"

21. We're done! Now tag someone!
Ruru: (pushes a puppy down*) tag!
kitaro: not like that Ruru (picks up puppy*)
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before you guys get the wrong idea, Little Elfie there is not how old you think she is. She's technically 17 years old, she's just...uber petite...

This is a first character contact i made for my character Thane Floe, a silent, rebellious pyrokinetic who was been in "juvie" after he accidentaly murdered his father with his powers.

In hopes of training him to use his powers better as well as control it, He was reasigned to train and reside in the NIGHTjUNK base, where non-humans and mutants like him fights off and rescues monsters from all over the globe.

Then came Little Elfie, who admired his looks as well as feels for his isolation.

could this be Thanes first friendly contact? as well as Elfie's first love? See you soon, then~ XD

(c) mine
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remember Mi-chan? [link]

After being defeated, Otsune was kind enough to let her live since she is still a little girl. Lost, orphaned and somewhat confused, Otsune gladly accepted her help even if the little witch tells her that "it's karma".

Now, Mi-chan lives a more productive and simple life, within the groupm who are also her new family, NIGHTjUNK. She also happily accepted Otsune as her mother, Toshi, her father and (I think) Maki, her half wolf half fox demon brother (which is a total oaf, something that annoys Mi-chan)

(c) mine
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Red Hood

age: 16
height: 5'6"
story: Little Red Riding Hood
occupation: to kill the sorry-assed bastard who turned her world upside down.
weapon: WolfBane, a demon sword.
biggest secret: in love with Alice and apple pie.
character: "I'm gonna make you eat that pile of sh*t you left there while I beat you senselessly" kind of girl, with a soft spot for good cooking and cute things.

Once upon a time, A powerful devil took over the land from far far away. Every little sorry critters in it were plunged into a world of madness and blood, leaving small pockets of survivors to either cope with the changes or die under its teeth. Ever since the "rewrite" happened, fairy tales never lived happily ever after...

One of them who copes with this apocalypse, is a young girl once known as "Little Red Riding Hood", now a hard and unforgiving teenager who swore revenge on the creature who changed her life and took her Grandmother from her. "Red Hood" now forged a demon sword from the remains of the same wolf who ate her beloved grandparent, and sets on a journey that changed the course of her life.

Upon her journey she met Alice, a girl who escaped from a trial in Wonderland when the rewrite suddenly took place, with the Queen raved mad and killing her own soldiers, giant blind rats bursting out of the dirt.She thought she was a goner, until Red came and disemboweled each vermin. A few more hourneys and she met Dorothy, who managed to escape from the land of Oz, now infested with zombies and the munchkins, small undead cannibals. Red knew that she will need these girls in order to survive this mad world, but she also knew that she has to face that Demon...alone...

okay, so I'm starting a small series of art featuring the characters from my new work "Grim-Twisted". As you can tell by now, this is sort of like Shrek except that things are gone haywired, and things ain't ending pretty.

Originally, Alice is supposed to be the main heroine, but I'm not pretty good with creating stories with the main heroes or heroines that are wimpy or "soft" so i replaced her role with the more bad-assed and hard core Red.

Also, Her weapon is supposed to be riffles, but it would end up more that a parody on a japanese manga, "Tokyo Akazukin" a similar, yet modern, goth/horror manga.)

Grim-Twisted (c) mine
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