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Similar Deviations
More MLP/Reborn cross over!
Base/inspired after this image [link]
The Generation ponies as the First Generation Vongola Guardians. G1, get it?

Original Twilight = Giotto
Firefly = G
Sparkler = Ugetsu Asari
G1 Apple Jack = Knuckle
Posey = Alaude
Surprise = Lampo
Knight Shade = Daemon Spade

(To make the look different I used the Tumblr color scheme for Posey and a I use a different shade of orange for G1 AppleJack)

10 Generation Family: [link]
If you don't get it then this should help a little [link]

Ps: Next Up Arcobaleno and Varia
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To be the aloof, drifting Clouds that protect the Family from an independent standpoint, and whom nothing can ever bind.

Fluttershy as Hibari Kyoya [link]

Wow this two are like night and day. In one hand you have Hibari, the leader of the school Disciplinary Squad, an anti-social who loves fighting and just wants a worthy opponent , and is the strongest of all the guardians. On the other hoof Fluttershy is.... Fluttershy. But they both are good with animals and don't like large crowds. But then again I'm going by their role as guardians rather than personality.

I'll admit I chose Fluttershy for this role because I find the irony hilarious. In this universe Fluttershy defeated a combat robot with to hits! She'll stare you to death!
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“She must not only take the Lightning, but also the damage of the family, like a Lightning Rod.”

Filly Pinkie as 5 year old Lambo [link]
Pinkie Pie as 15 year old Lambo [link]
Pinkamena as 25 year old Lambo [link]

Pinkie as Lambo because.... it just sorta fits.... nopony else really fited the obnoxious adorableness that is 5 year old Lambo-san. Pinkamena fits perfectly 25 year old Lambo (who comes from a future where all his friends are dead). Pinkie as 15 year old doesn't really fit but in this universe they don't share the ponies share their counterparts exact personality.

Alternate Tittle ATG Day 30
The theme was to do a theme from the previous day. So here is more anime pony. Hitamn Reborn to be more exact
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"Squaring the accounts and washing away the blood spilled, the Requiem Rain"

Rarity as Yamamoto Takeshi [link]

Yeah I'll admit that I ran out of ponies here. You could say that Yamamoto is generaous becasue he gave up baseball to help Tsuna. Who cares, Rarity has blue magic and he has blue flames that's close eough. And I'm choosing them going mostly by the guardian role rather than personality.
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Creating something from nothing, and nothing from something; thus bewildering the enemy, to render the Family's true form intangible with deceit.

Derpy and Doctor Whooves as Crhome Dokuro and Mukoro Rokudo respectivley. [link]

Personality wise this 2 don't fit at all... well maybe Chrome and Derpy, but Chrome is more of a Fluttershy. Chose the Doctor because I couldn't think of any other stallion to pair Derpy with.
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"Continuously at the heart of the attack, the furious Storm that never rests."

Rainbow Dash as Gokudera Hayato. [link] [link]. Because it's so freaking fitting.

Gokudera is so freaking loyal to Tsuna that I'm not even surprise they get ship together. Rainbow Dash is the element of loyalty so she would be a good right hand(hoof?) man(mare?) And they have a lot more in common. Hotheaded, loyal, stubborn, and probably gay (oh don’t look at me like that you know is true.) I even can safely say that Gokudera is even more loyal than Rainbow Dash… to the point of obsession… stalker with a crush level. Only difference is that Gokudera is a freaking genius while RD is more... simple minded?
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More Reborn/MLP
This time is Simon Family. Inspired by this pic from the Manga [link] (Another group without a ponify name. At this rate I'll change Twilght's family back to Vongola like in Reborn)

:bulletorange:Amethyst Star = Enma Kozato (Because.... why not. I ran out of ponies. Twilight is a unicor so is she. Tsuna and Enma are best friends so it seems fitting)

:bulletpurple:Octavia = Adelheid Suzuki (Use to be in a relationship with Julie who is her polar opposite in every way)

:bulletblack:Vinyl = Julie Katou (Use to be in a relationship with Adelheid, is easy going and prefers to slack off than actually work. Plus look at all that swag)

:bulletyellow:Lyra = Koyo Aoba (Koyo = boxer = hands = Lyra)

:bulletred:Photo Finish = P. Shitt (JUST LOOK AT THEM!Both of them are Lady Gaga look alike and P. Shitt is by far the strangest character of the series. And that's saying something.)

:bulletblue:Big Mac = Kaoru Mizuno (Big guy, quiet, shy, barely talks)

:bulletgreen:Roid Rage/ Snow Flake = Rauji Ooyama (..... both of them are big?)

And yes they all have red eyes. Its a Simon trait.
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UPDATE: Fixed minor mistakes and change the cutie marks for the rings corresponding logos.
As usual I'm ponyfiyng my favorite movies/animes that no one else has ponify before. This time Hitman Reborn! Inspire by this pic [link]

Twiligth Sparkle, Scintillare Decimo and Holder of the Sky Ring.

Celestia the Sun Arcobaleno

Rainbow Dash, the Storm Guardian

Rarity, the Rain Guardian

Applejack, the Sun Guardian

Pinkie Pie, the Lighting Guardian

Fluttershy, the Cloud Guardian

Derpy, the Mist Co-guardian

Time Turner aka the Doctor, the Mist Guardian

THe rings are still called the Vongola rRngs. We don't want the Tri-Ni-Set ruined, right?

Next up the Arcobaleno, First Generation Vongola, and Varia. Waiting for season 3 to start working on the Milfiore and Simon Family.

P.S. Scintillare is italian for Sparkle

More Reborn crossovers in my gallery!
Original version
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More Varia because they are awesome! (Any mistake will be fix later... I'm sure I'm going to find some -_-)
Ponyfication of the album cover [link]
Seriously any one has any idea for Flan?

Trixie = Xanxus (Rivals of the main characters)
Gilda = Squalo (Both are laud, proud character, and associated with hard rock)
Blueblood = Bel (Both are Prince)
Mare-Do-Well = Mammon/Viper (Why not? We don't even knows Mammon's gender.)
Hoity Toity = Lussuria (THEY ARE BOTH FABULOUS!)
Parasprite = Gola Mosca (First of a series of mass produce robot for the mafia that devours energy from the person inside his body and it's the representation of gluttony. Parasprtie are pretty much the same thing.... without the robot and mafia part.)
Sethisto = Levi (Obsess with Xanxux/Trixie)
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:star:Featured in Equestria Daily: [link]

More Pony/Reborn Crossover! This time is the Present Day Varia.
This guys in case you don't know [link] and inspired by this image [link]

The Scantillare Famiglia's elite independent assassination squad. Varia
Trixie = Xanxus
Gilda = Squalo
Blueblood = Bel
Mare-Do-Well = Mammon/Viper
Hoity Toity = Lussuria
Parasprite = Gola Mosca
Sethisto = Levi

Any ideas for Flan?

Look at me in my metaphorical eyes and tell me that Seth (from Equestria Daily, in case you don't know) doesn't make the perfect Levi if Trixie was Xanxus.

More Rborn MLP crossover
10 Generation family [link]

First generation Guardians [link]

Next up, the Arcobaleno
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