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Some music I made in high school in the MAC garage band program.
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Raw headers for my Marauders Map eFiction layout.

Included is a blank header and two tabs in JASC Paint Shop Pro *.psp and Adobe Photoshop *.psd

My copy of JASC PSP is very old (Version 5 from 1998), so these might not work well in some later versions. I can also save these in other formats like Illustrator *.ai and Fireworks *.png, but it might take me a while to save
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This Dorm Space belongs to: :iconchinesekawaiikitten:

Personal-Points: 225

Character Profile:

Full Name: Violetta White
Age: 16, Sixth Year
Gender: Female
DOB: May 3th
House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Ash, 10 and a 1/2 inches, with a phoenix feather core.
Blood Type: Half-Blood
Family Dynamic: Mother - Amy White (Muggle)
Father - Cygnus White (Wizard, pure-blood) (changed his last name since he is a blood-traitor anyways, originally a Black)
Step Brother - Zack White (Muggle)
Violetta is the daughter of Cygnus and Amy White. Cygnus is the son of Alphard Black, who was removed from the Black family tree for giving his runaway nephew (Sirius) some gold. His mother is a daughter of Charis and Casper Crouch. Feeling no need to carry the name of Black after his parents death, he legally got his last name change to White in repesentation of his different ideals towards Muggles.
He fell in love with Amy, a single Muggle mother of one and they soon got married and had their daughter Violetta, named after Cygnus' great grandmother. Violetta knew about her heritage at a young age since her parents decided that it would be her choice to go to Hogwarts or not when the time came, and let her experience both the wizarding world (ex: visiting Diagon Alley, playing with toy brooms, etc...) and the muggle world (going to muggle school, taking dance classes, etc...). Her half-brother, Zack was also included in experiencing things in the wizarding world, yet is not magical like his half-sister.
Personality:Good Traits - Friendly, Open-minded, Creative, Trustworthy, Supportive, Sympathetic, Unflappable, Reliable, Passionate, Genuine, Loyal, Hardworking
Bad Traits - Stubborn, Slow Starter, Materialistic, Self-indulgent, Hates Change, Tendency to Moodiness, Hides Emotions, Mischieveious, Perfectionist
Likes: Quidditch, Singing, Dancing, Joking around, Kimi, Chocolate covered strawberries, Reading for pleasure, Doodling, Mysterious creatures, Watching the stars, Taking risks, Inter-house unity, Trying to bite through hard candies, Cherry blossoms (both the flower and the candy), Candles, Strawberries, Goremet coffee, Spending time with friends, Her alone time, Relaxing by the lake, Trying new things, and Sister time.
Dislikes: Changes, Stereotyping, Loud noises and distractions when studying, Being sick, Mornings, Too much country music, Ignorance people, Guys wearing too much colonge, Uncomfortable seats, Not being able to sleep, Headaches, Being unorganized, Poorly written novels.
Facts: Her height is 5'4 without her high heel shoes. Violetta and Alyssa are not identical twins. Tends to study outside by the lake whenever the weather permits. Naturally talented in transfigurations and charms, favorite classes Anicent Runes, Magical Inking and Toning, Flying and Astronomy, and least likes Herbology since she tends to over-love her plants. ^^;
Pet(s): Kitten named Isolde (golden eyes, gold and white fur)
Light Background: Violetta is the first daughter of Cygnus and Arista White. Cygnus was originally from the Noble and Most Anicent House of Black, yet his father Alphard (1927-1988) gave gold to his runaway nephew, Sirius Black (1959-1996). Even with that, Cygnus was like his cousin and viewed people as equals so when his father died, he legally changed his last name to White. It was the start of a new pure-blood family.
During a business trip, Cygnus met and fell in love with the charming grand-daughter of Caspar and Charis (1919-1973) Crouch, Arista Crouch. It was less then a year before they were married and creating a proud family of their own. In November of 1990 they had their first child, a handsome boy they named Drake Sirius White. He would grow up blessed with the aristocratic, somewhat haughty Black looks similar to that of Cygnus' cousin Sirius, a clever mind that keeps him on top of all of his classes, and a natural talent at Quidditch to make him captain and keeper of his schools teams. Sadly, that school is not Hogwarts.
It was in May of 1992 that they were blessed with twin daughters. The oldest was named Violetta Kallisto White while the younger girl was named Alyssa Aries White. These two grew to have the grace, talent and eyes of the Black family, both similar and different in many ways which was shown when Violetta was sorted into Hufflepuff while Alyssa was sorted into Gryffindor.
Offical Friends so far:

Hikaru Talia Main of Hufflepuff :iconwickedlyxinsane:
Lera Stargazer of Ravenclaw :iconlera-star:
Alyssa Aries White of Gryffindor :iconchitsukimasuki:
Professor Shinseki, Head of Hufflepuff :icondedrik:

If I forgot to mention you, please note me. I have a bad memory.

:View the rest of the Dorm Room:
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new scrap.

logo isn't finished. background may be changed too.

:+fav: Favs and comments are most welcome, as always.

EDIT: new version of this site: [link] !!!!
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Just a quick portfolio design I created.
I know its simple but I just need to get back into the way of web interfaces.

Time spent: About 30 minutes
Program: Photoshop 7
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:heart: Please comment!
:heart: :+fav: and :+devwatch: would be great!
:heart: You can always leave a message on my profile!
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Name- Hitachi
Age- Unknown
Gender- Male
Species- Maned Wolf Hybrid
Story- Through a twist of fate his soul became corrupt at a young age, true he has learnt to cope with it just fine but aggressive would put his temperment mildly. He is what you would best descride as....a lone wolf of sorts. Not one you would see with company.

I would like to say this name is original but i don't think reading it off a TV counts xD It's a make of TV i saw at school, then the idea hit me :3

I really have a thing for maned wolves at the moment xD Thus Hitachi was born 8D

I decided to combine maned wolf and african wild dog colours and markings, i like how he turned out :3


Artwork + Hitachi © ~FireofAnubis
Do Not Copy, Alter and/or Redistribute
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the winter is coming...
i've never known that dragonflies die so awful and beautiful at the same i saw this: dragonfly frozen in black ice
i prefer to think that this is not ice but night sky
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Lions Cut: [link]

Alright, so basically, when you adopt from me (or if you make your own) you have the right to choose whatever breed you want. The ones i color are just color variations, not the breed ver batum. If you want a fluffy polar icaratian, by joe, make it that one!

I'm basically applying knowledge learned in my human origins class: Clunky, awkward things (like feet) on a running animal..well, needs to be in check.

This chart is in scale -
Fancy icarathian is about 4 ft tall, about 10-12 ft long.
Feral is 3.5 ft tall, 10 ft long
Polar is 2.5 ft tall, 7 ft long.

New Icarathian sheet posted: Nov 11th!

Check this journal for the rest of it!: [link]
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This is one of the corporate images Iím suggesting for my ex-co-worker, he is opening a design company, and hopefully I may possibly be one of the future associates of his company.

The translation of the company name: Distinct
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