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saayyyyyy wwwhaaaaaaat

I'm in Japan on vacation right now so I don't get to check in on my websites too much but I did just now and noticed I got a ... a  Deviousness award :0

:0 :0 ;0

It especially means a lot since I owe so much to DeviantArt. I can sincerely say I owe my career to this website, its thanks to them I've had job offers who led to me working in the video game industry at a pretty young age, thanks to them I've gotten magazines to notice me and commission workshops, thanks to them I was able to find smaller gigs early on and so much more. I've met awesome people here, constantly find new inspirations and best of all, am able to share with others my passion for art.

My life would be quite different without DeviantArt.


Here is a tutorial on shading while we're at it :D

Cheers from Kyoto!

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"Masters of Anatomy Kickstarter is LIVE! GO and pledge! It's a one-of-a-kind anatomy book drawn by 100 animators, illustrators and comic book artists. It features work from world-class artists like Humberto Ramos, Francisco Herrera, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, Florian Satzinger, Warren Louw, Loish and many others. The result is a volume unlike anything that exists today. A must have for any aspiring artist; digital or traditional."

:damphyr: tumblr:
:damphyr: pintrest:
:damphyr: facebook:…

please just watch me on fb i only befriend people i know^^'

 FEATURE cause i love these pics of my bf so *3*
 a House in the Forest by beeberbar The big Castle by beeberbar Johny Space: OCB and Lipton Sparkling by beeberbar

friends and awesome artists ( totally unsorted :XD: )
:iconmichellehoefener::iconmakani::iconloish::iconyamiza::iconxa-xa-xa::iconjanaschi::iconsaskiag::icondersittenstrolch::icongunnmgally::iconkasai::iconsurika::iconathena-chan::iconokha::icon-casey::iconblackspell::iconsepultura::iconirukachan::iconabuze::iconsonpan::iconlychen::iconerdbeertod::iconboudicca::icongabrieldevue::iconnars::iconspellatio::iconminosch::iconvenuskaio::iconeliquio::iconfenya::iconchippiparai::iconrin-der-wahn::iconh-ell::iconfelixpresch::iconplockhead::iconpoly-m::iconpatrickdeza::iconmooncalfe::iconetoli::iconkyla79::iconsally-avernier::iconle-mec::iconj3y::iconafklamer::iconshingworks::iconrufftoon::iconhito76::iconpyawakit::iconsam-m::iconcabycab::icondavidsdoodles::iconjackademus::iconthechamba::iconbluefley::iconenayla::iconredoxyd::icon2beats::iconalhambra::iconarnistotle::iconauroreblackcat::iconashleycope::icontracyjb::iconvanoxymore::iconendling::iconrobotnicc::iconjingster::iconsab-m::iconklar::iconfayrenpickpocket::iconigualillo::iconcbernie::iconbib0un::iconkheleksul::icontshipbd::iconartkitty::iconspeedball0o::iconstudioqube::iconkyomu::iconshel-yang::iconkgwa::iconthalia-is-crazy::iconpeggyly::iconeinlee::iconefira-japan::iconcuson::iconcellar-fcp::iconblacksataguni::iconnikogeyer::iconcushart::iconkaninnvven::icon-seed-::iconphobs::iconfabio-barboni::iconshinerai::iconfox-orian::iconimaginism: :iconqiqo::icontim-mcburnie::iconprema-ja::iconayem::iconhonkfu::iconluce-in-the-sky::iconktshy::iconniking::iconmoonmystique::iconasuka111::iconkamenstudio::iconbpresing::iconmumbojumbo::iconjoy-ang::iconquestionstar::iconpeachifruit::iconsambees::iconbarukurii::iconaudreybenjaminsen::iconbeeberbar:
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Publishing Scams

Thu Aug 8, 2013, 6:54 PM
Copied and pasted from my blog since deviantART's been having this problem for a while now. I had meant to post something on this matter back in October since it was when I noticed more and more "publishers" like this popping up on the site, but never got around to it. Of course, with all of these unprofessional publishers coming out of the woodwork again recently, I thought I'd share what I shared on my blog here.

What is a scam publisher?

Essentially, a scam publisher is a press that cheats authors into believing that they are getting traditionally published by their rules and guidelines. However, if you read the fine print, you'll see that "traditionally" publishing you is not at all what's happening. This can range from promising royalties which never come, making you pay a fee to be published, or even stem from lack of professionalism. While the term "scam" usually means forcing you to pay, there are many other factors that can make a publisher appear to be a scam-- essentially one you don't want on your credentials list.

Most scam publishers out there aim to target new and inexperienced young writers. Why? They think they're easy. Let's face it, if you're a young writer and you want your work published, you'll go for whatever chance you're given. But don't! One way to help stop publishers like this is to educate young writers. The more who know how to spot a scam, the less people there will be feeding the scam.

:bulletpink: So, how can one spot a scam publisher?

There are many ways. Most scam publishers and agents fall into the same habits over and over, and once you know how to spot them, it will make the selection process for your future work easier. Here are just a few of the many popular scam techniques you'll find:

  • Reading fee. While this isn't necessarily a reason to call "scam", it is something to watch for. Often times, you'll find reading fees for writing contests that offer cash prizes (they need to get money to give to the winners from somewhere!) but the payment is minimal-- $5-$20 is the range I've encountered most often. In those instances, you're not being put up by a scam. However, when it comes to literary magazines or anthologies, if you're asked to pay a fee for your submission to be considered or to be published in the anthology, back out of it. (This goes for agents, too.) More often than not, the reading fee in scams is much higher (I've seen up to $50 reading fees). If you're not hosting a professional contest for novellas or novels to be judged with cash prizes in the $1,000s and tickets to writers' conferences, you shouldn't be charging that much. Scam. That also leads me to my next point.

  • Payment to be published. So you got past the free  reading fee and have been contacted by the editor of the press. Hey! They said they want to publish your work, how wonderful! But what's that? They want a payment in order for your work to be included in their anthology? Stop right there. In traditional publishing, you never ever have to pay to have your work published somewhere. If they are asking for you to pay to have your work included, it's not a press you want to have on your literary credentials anyway. You can get your work published elsewhere without the fee and actually have some credibility towards it. Don't ever pay to be printed!

  • Purchasing the book. While it's not always a red flag, it is something to take into consideration if other aspects of the publisher look fishy. In most cases, if you've been chosen to be published in an anthology, you'll get at least one complementary copy for yourself-- others after that will need to be purchased. In some smaller presses, you may have to buy your copy, but they often offer it at a discounted price (usually no more than $5). If a publisher tells you that you will not be receiving a copy of the book and need to pay $50 for a copy, it's a scam. Also, doubling with "payment to be published", if a publisher tells you that in order to be published you need to purchase a copy of the book, it's also a scam. Beware!

  • Unprofessionalism. What's that you ask? While there are so many aspects of being unprofessional, the most common ones with scam publishers are your questions never being answered, pestering for you to purchase a copy of the book/pay them (some will repeatedly call you on the phone demanding payments for books), harassment of authors, and illegible or incomprehensible guidelines for submissions. You'll know a scam publisher when you see their site. If you feel at all unsure about a publisher, it's probably best to go with your gut and not risk falling into a scam trap.

:bulletpink: What can I do to protect myself from scam publishers?

There are many things you can do to prevent yourself from falling into the laps of these types of presses. Most of them are very simple and what every writer can and should do prior to submitting their work anywhere.

  • Research. Give the name of your publisher a Google search. What comes up? Do you see good reviews on their last anthologies? Are their editors blogging or answering questions? Are there any results when you search the name of the press with "scam" after it? It's always important to do your homework. Look around to see what others are saying. Chances are, if others are complaining about the publisher being a scam, it probably is.

  • Visit the website. Going to the publisher's website is the best way to get a feel for their overall professionalism. Are the guidelines for submissions easily accessible? Are they clear? Is there contact information for the publisher, not just for submissions but for general questions? And most importantly, is everything grammatically correct? If you stumble upon a publisher's website and find as many spelling errors as a first grader trying to write a college paper, you've probably found a scam publisher. Why? If they can't even bother to edit their own website, are they really going to put the effort into editing their anthologies and making them presentable? Probably not.

  • Buy a copy of the anthology. If you're financially able, try and get a copy of the anthology for yourself. Not only is this good to do even if you're not worried about a publisher and want to submit, but you'll be able to see the quality of the anthology firsthand. Is it formatted in an attractive way? Does the cover look professional and not like something thrown together and pasted up in Photoshop? Are the stories/poems inside edited? Another good thing to look at are the authors being published. Is there anyone of literary stature? It's always good to take note of writers in anthologies anyway to get a sense of what the publisher likes to publish, but an anthology full of writers with no background what-so-ever is something to make note of. Quality is important!

  • Check distribution. Where are the anthologies being sold?What bookstores or sites sell them? Do people subscribe to the anthologies? If so, how many subscribers are there to the books? This is important to check to make sure that your work really is getting out there. If a publisher is publishing through a POD (print-on-demand) site like, chances are, they're not worth submitting to. (This isn't always the case: some publishers use sites like to print but purchase their own ISBN numbers for books to be listed on B&, etc.; but the majority of the time, these "publishers" don't.)

  • Ask the publisher. If you have questions about the publisher, the process for accepted literature, how to submit, where books and anthologies are distributed, etc., ask them! Most publishers will get back with you and answer your questions. If you get a rude reply (usually stating "are you threatening the validity of my company?"), then you know it's a scam.

:bulletpink: Are there sites that can help warn me of scam publishers?

Most definitely! Absolute Write has a forum called "Bewares and Background Checks" that lists publishers to watch out for, and you can even inquire there about others that you may be unsure about. Predators and Editors is another great site to check up on. You'll find what's going on with presses, if they are closed, not worth submitting to, scams, etc. Follow the forums on sites like these, read up on publishers, and always keep in check.

Good places to go to find real publishers and agents with some information on them are sites like and in the Writer's Market books put out each year by Writer's Digest. Subscribing to magazines like Writer's Digest, Publisher's Weekly, Poets & Writers, etc. are also good to have on hand, as they list publishers and agents looking for work, as well (and chances are, you can trust those that they promote). Also follow editors and agents on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and their blogs. You'll learn how to tell real publishers from fake publishers the more you read up on the industry.

:bulletpink: Overview:

Do your research before submitting your work anywhere and look into the publishers that you want to submit to. Scam publishers and agents often target new, young writers-- so if you're a new, young writer who wants to start publishing, do all you can to find out about those you plan on contributing to. If you're too young, ask your parents for help! It's better to be safe than sorry.

That being said, keep submitting your work and writing. But beware! There are publishers out there lurking that want to run your work into the ground with them. Be a smart writer, do your research, and you'll rise above them with your work in magazines and anthologies of merit where your work belongs.

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Draw a page for
the 100th Issue of
The Darkness comic!

Read Official Rules »

In the new game, "The Darkness II" by 2k Games, it's been two years since Jackie Estacado took his revenge on those who killed his girlfriend and became the Don of a New York crime family. A strange and terrible power called The Darkness has remained locked tightly inside him, but now it's ready to come out once again.

Let your own inner demons out to play and join Jackie in his brutal internal battle against The Darkness by drawing a
three-panel comic using the script created by Top Cow writers.

Become a pro by winning and have your three-panel comic published in the 100th issue of The Darkness comic.

Read Official Rules »
Click here to see The Darkness II: Confession comic for reference

Learn about The Darkness property so you can reference the look, style & feel of the existing comic book series. View Comic » Download the Storyboard »

Download the template for the 3-panel comic page. Download Template

You must use the supplied storyboard for the 3 panels you are being asked to produce. Use Storyboard

Once you're done, submit the completed template as a .JPG or .PNG file!Submit


Jackie Estacado is a man torn by the curse of the Darkness attempting to consume him completely. He's the Don of a New York crime family by day, but by night he wields an ancient supernatural power of chaos and destruction. A new story has been created about Jackie's twisted journey, and we want to see how our artists envision it!

  • Wide interior of an abandoned subway stop under New York City. The entire landing area is flooded with overhead lights, burning even stronger than they would normally and destroying any trace of shadow, it's as if someone has sent a surge through the circuit. In the foreground we see Jackie Estacado, bearer of the Darkness, crouched behind a support pillar holding his signature twin-pistols. He's angry, but calm. The reason why is because there's a small army of the Brotherhood opening fire on Jackie with automatic rifles.

    You're screwed, Estacado! Always leaping before looking, aren't you?

    2 JACKIE:
    Yeah, I've never had much patience for sitting back and planning. Much more of a get my hands dirty kind of guy.

    It's going to cost you this time. The Darkness won't help you here!

  • Pull back into the subway tunnel just past the subway station to show Jackie's darkling just about to rip out a ton of electrical wiring out of a big switchbox on the wall. The darkling is, of course, hidden in nearly complete darkness and we can see the battle continue in the background. Jackie dives from one pillar to another for more cover.

    4 JACKIE:
    Not much for planning, but I've spent enough time down in the subway to know the lay of the land.

    5 JACKIE:
    Funny thing about the Darkness, there's always some of it. Even the brightest light casts a shadow.

  • The darkling finishes what it started and all of the lights go completely out. In the center of this frame we get our epic hero shot as Jackie unleashes the pent up power of the Darkness. The two Demon Arms surge forward and tear apart Brotherhood members before they can even think about moving. Jackie doesn't miss a beat and unloads relentless vengeance with his pistols on other members. Maybe we even see the darkling riding one of the Brotherhood guys like a demented, demonic jockey.


How to Use a Storyboard » Download the Storyboard »
  • The Darkness II video game
  • Signed 100th Issue of
    The Darkness Comic
  • $1,000.00 Cash Prize (USD)
  • 10,000 dA Points
  • dA PRO Digital Artist Backpack
  • 1-year Premium membership
  • $750.00 Cash Prize (USD)
  • 5,000 dA Points
  • deviantWEAR Tee of their choice*
  • 6-Month Premium Membership
  • $500.00 Cash Prize (USD)
  • 2,500 dA Points
  • deviantWEAR Tee of their choice*
  • 3-Month Premium Membership
* Based on availability

Entry must be received by 11:59:59PM (PT) on January 1, 2012 and be submitted through the contest gallery on deviantART.

  • Entrant must be at least 18 years old;
  • Entries must be in traditional or digital art mediums only;
  • Entries must use the comic storyboard to illustrate within the provided Template;
  • Entries must be submitted in the following dimension full-bleed size of 6.875 inches x 10.437 inches (with a safe zone of 6.625 inches x 10.187 inches and live area of 6.125 inches x 9.687 inches);
  • Entries may use the comic book example as a direct reference for how to present the characters and their environment;
  • Entries may not use any watermarks or distinguishing artist marks (such as any signatures or symbols representing the artist);
  • You may submit more than one entry;
  • You must be a member of deviantART to enter. Membership is free; and
  • Other requirements and restrictions apply, please read the Official Rules carefully.
Read Official Rules »

25 Semi-Finalists will be selected by full-time deviantART Staff.

From the Semi-Finalists, the final three winners will be selected by Marc Silvestri, the CEO and Founder of Top Cow Productions, Inc.!

All entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Suitable for The Darkness Comic
  • Success in Presenting the Storyboard
  • Overall Impact of the Work
  • Technical Skill
Read Official Rules » Submit Download Browse
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List of Useful Writing Blogs

Sat Jan 1, 2011, 8:07 PM
Top Bird

Don't forget to fave the news article for this list here!

:new: 08.02.2012 Oh look, shiny massive update of new writing blogs! Now including poetry and some other interesting bits and bobs, so scroll down and enjoy. I would have added more, but I would never have gotten any sleep at the rate I was going. Ahem. So I've been feeling the itch to post news articles on these writing blogs again, but I'm not sure whether there's enough interest for me to start doing them again. For anyone who's new to this list and what I used to do in the past, here's an example right here:… When I used to do them, I actually caught the attention of some of these bloggers on Twitter who thanked me personally for featuring them on deviantART, which was equally surprising and humbling for me. But it's you guys I'm more concerned about. Would you be interested if I did those articles again? Or are you happy to simply see a sporadically updated journal in your inbox as I add blogs and other things to it? Either way, I hope to keep this as a useful resource for any writer on deviantART. :) :new:

Writing blogs often have a great source of information about writing, reading and just literature in general. With a plethora of them on the internet, it's often hard to keep track of which ones to read on a regular basis. With this list, I hope to have collected a sample of the writing blogs that I've found quite useful as I've meandered around the internet (or in my case, mostly on Twitter). This list is by no means complete and can be modified from time to time.

Because the list can look intimidating and you're not sure where to start, I have decided starting from January 2011 to post a biweekly article spotlighting one of these writing blogs with links to three different articles that I've found most useful from them, as well as further links to stay in contact with those blogs. Keep an eye on that when it starts. :)

If you have a suggestion for a great writing blog that I haven't listed here, feel free to leave a comment on this journal and I will add it to the list. I hope you find this useful!

:police: Please note there can be a considerable overlap in content with some blogs; i.e some general writing blogs may contain creative writing advice and vice versa. I have only included blogs that are fully about creative writing in their own category, while those that have a mixture in the "General" category. Please keep that in mind.

Creative Writing Blogs
:bulletred:Seeing Creative
:bulletred:Dancing with Dragons is Hard on Your Shoes
:bulletred:Fiction Notes
:bulletred:Help! I need a Publisher
:new::bulletred:Nail Your Novel
:new::bulletred:Write Uncaged
:new::bulletred:The Sharp Angle
:new::bulletred:Kim's Craft Blog
:new::bulletred:The Write Practice
:new::bulletred:Romance University
:new::bulletred:Kill Zone: Insider Perspectives from thriller and mystery writers
:new::bulletred:Jody Hedlund
:new::bulletred:The Writers Alley
:new::bulletred:Inkygirl: An Illustrated Guide for Those who Write and Draw for Young People
:new::bulletred:Terrible Minds
:new::bulletred:Word Serve WaterCooler
:bulletred:Procrastinating Writers Blog
:bulletred:Writing Forward
:bulletred:The Bookshelf Muse
:bulletred:Writer Unboxed
:bulletred:The Character Therapist
:bulletred:Advanced Fiction Writing Blog
:bulletred:A Brain Scientist's Take on Writing
:bulletred:A. Victoria Mixon, Editor
:bulletred:Writing 101
:bulletred:Writing Fiction Right
:bulletred:Plot to Punctuation: Show some character!
:bulletred:Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors
:bulletred:Kristen Lamb's Blog
:bulletred:Mystery Writing is Murder
:bulletred:The Other Side of the Story
:bulletred:The Strangest Situation
:bulletred:Write Anything
:bulletred:The Blood-Red Pencil
:bulletred:Nouveau Writer
:bulletred:Linda Clare's Writing Tips

Poetry Blogs
:new::bulletorange:Harriet, the Poetry Foundation
:new::bulletorange:Silliman's Blog: A Weblog focused on contemporary poetry and poetics:
:new::bulletorange:How a Poem Happens
:new::bulletorange:dbqp: visual poetry, the textual imagination, and personal experience
:new::bulletorange:Poetic Asides
:new::bulletorange:Jeffrey Levine

General Writing Blogs
:new::bulletgreen:Quips and Tips to be Successful Writers
:new::bulletgreen:The Artist's Road
:new::bulletgreen:Courage 2 Create
:new::bulletgreen:Jeff Goins Writer
:new::bulletgreen:Alexis Grant: traveling Writer
:new::bulletgreen:Freelance Writing Jobs
:new::bulletgreen:Michael Hyatt
:new::bulletgreen:Writers Beware
:new::bulletgreen:Nathan Bransford
:new::bulletgreen:Making a Living Writing
:new::bulletgreen:A Newbie's Guide to Publishing
:new::bulletgreen:Red Lemon Club
:new::bulletgreen:Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent
:new: :bulletgreen:Jane Friedman: Being Human at Electric Speed
:bulletgreen:Men With Pens
:bulletgreen:Explore Writing
:bulletgreen:Justine Larbalestier
:bulletgreen:The Creative Penn
:bulletgreen:Writing Tips Blog
:bulletgreen:Julia McCutchen
:bulletgreen:Adventures in Children's Publishing
:bulletgreen:Write to Done
:bulletgreen:Word Count: Freelancing in the Digital Age
:bulletgreen:The Book Designer- Practical Advice to Help Self-Publishers Build Better Books
:bulletgreen:Write It Sideways
:bulletgreen:Confident Writing
:bulletgreen:Fuel Your Writing
:bulletgreen:The Urban muse
:bulletgreen:Quips and Tips for Successful Writers
:bulletgreen:Bibliophile Stalker
:bulletgreen:Literary Lab
:bulletgreen:Time to Write
:bulletgreen:Miss Snark, the literary agent

Screenwriting Blogs

:bulletwhite:Screenwriting Tricks for Authors
:bulletwhite:Go into the Story
:bulletwhite:Complications Ensue
:bulletwhite:Find more here!

Specific Genre Writing Blogs
:bulletblack:Adventures in YA and Children's Publishing

Writers Digest Blogs

:bulletpurple:Questions and Quandaries
:bulletpurple:There are No Rules
:bulletpurple:The Writer's Dig
:bulletpurple:Guide to Literary Agents

Editors/Queries/Literary Agent Blogs/Publishing-Related
:bulletblue: The Public Query Slushpile
:bulletblue:Query Shark
:bulletblue:The Book Deal: An Inside View into Publishing

Lists of Writing Blogs

:bulletpink:The Top 50 Australian blogs on writing
:bulletpink:Blogs for Writers
:new::bulletpink:Best Blogs for Writers to Read in 2012.
:new::bulletpink:Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs

Useful Writing Blogs Biweekly Articles

#1: The Creative Penn
#2: A. Victoria Mixon, Editor
#3: The Bookshelf Muse
#4: Storyfix
#5: Wordplay

Miscellaneous Need a better title, or probably need to put this in a new journal entry
:bulletyellow:37 Lectures Every Writer Should Listen To
:bulletyellow:Ten inspiring social networks for Writers
:bulletyellow:100 awesome blogs for history junkies
:bulletyellow:Six Sentences: What can you say in six sentences Oh look, a longer version of SixWordStories. :B
:bulletyellow:50 best Blogs for Creative Writing Students
:bulletyellow:Visual Thesaurus (Okay, not a blog, but a cool thesaurus that you unfortunately have to pay for, but it's fun to play around with the free trial you get at first.)

Skin made by fantasy-alive
  • Mood: Peaceful
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Commissions open! (updated prices)

Wed Aug 24, 2011, 1:03 AM

There will be more options very soon (icon, chibi etc..)

Since my chibi commissions have turned more and more detailed over the time I have raised the prices for them a little and changed category. So they are no more called chibi and instead called cell shaded (since thats what they are)
But there will be a chibi option in a few days. That's really are chibis :)


Full body

Lineart - $20-25 (+ $15-20 for additional character)
No example

Flat colored - $25-30 (+ $20-30 for additional character)
No example

Cell shaded - $30-40 (+ $25 for each additional character)
Adoptable commissions by Kamirah Trigzz Commission2 by Kamirah Dreamwind Commission by Kamirah

Gradient shading - $45-65 (+ $35-45 for additional character)
Barcode454 Commission2 by Kamirah Rootslove Commission by Kamirah   EpicGaara Commission by Kamirah

+ Background
Simple - $10-15
RatherMeek Commission by Kamirah
Detailed - $40-50
Tiger cub by Kamirah
Very detailed - $60-80
In the jungle by Kamirah

Payment through paypal only
Payment should be sent after I've shown you the sketch
No refunds

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Fri Jan 27, 2012, 12:47 AM

:bulletorange: IMPORTANT INFO :bulletorange:

PayPal account

I'll ask you to send me the money so that I know that you've got it/so that it sits in PayPal without you using it and not being able to pay me.
Please make sure you send as a GIFT, since the fee gets taken from my paid money otherwise!
PayPal note please write in the available space the name you contacted me on (GaiaOnline name, dA name, etc) so that I know whose payment to accept XD
Addresses for snail mail Note me for this, and please let me know if you're in America or not :heart:
Contact Info AIM: JustLexxie | MSN/email: | Note here!
Specifics you might want to know I will do multiple orders for you, and for now, groups up to four.
I have no limitations on what I'll try to draw for you.

Feel free to ask questions!

:bulletwhite: DOODLES :bulletwhite:
for a limited time once my slots open I'll be offering doodles for $8 each!

:bulletpurple: Chibis :bulletpurple:
Colored $15 [link] [link]
If you'd like sketched or something else, we can discuss it!

:bulletpink: Headshots :bulletpink:
Sketch $7
Colored $10
Painted $15

:bulletblue: Waists :bulletblue:
Sketch $15…
Colored $25
Painted $35

:bulletyellow: Fullbodies :bulletyellow:
Sketch $20
Colored $35
Painted $55


I will be bumping this journal up once a week!

:bulletpink: Waiting List :bulletpink:

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UPDATE: Open for two more spots!


Since the poll so far seems to be showing that the majority would rather I open only 1 or two spots and still do both the code and graphics myself, I'll be doing so :).

My reasoning for only opening 1 or two is to keep my stress load down to a minimum. I enjoy taking commission work but too much going on at once puts too much stress on my shoulders and I end up wanting to not do any of it at all. So fewer things at a time is better :).

I will only be opening two spots for now. These spots will NOT be first come first serve. I would rather find a commission or two I'd enjoy doing than just take what comes and end up unhappy with what i'm creating.

If you would like a Journal Skin commission from me please read below

and remember that you can always use my templates to create a journal skin on your own :)


Codeing Prices
These prices do not include the cost of your images

Base Price for skin using Template 1 : $20
This includes colour changes and slight placement alterations to pieces of the template so it fits with the end images.
JRNL Skin - Free Template 1 by firstfear
  JRNL - Star Gazing by firstfear JRNL - Fawns' Knoll by firstfear

Base Price for skin using Template 2 : $25
This includes colour changes and slight placement alterations to pieces of the template so it fits with the end images.
JRNL Skin - Free Template 2 by firstfear examples
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Testing a commissioned skin
FREE JRNL - Falling Zs by firstfear FREE JRNL - KiraKiraIchigo by firstfear

Base Price for 100% custom coding : $40
Coding alone can take hours of work. I recommend using one of my templates with your commission so that I may use my time wisely by simply editing the code to fit the images I create for you rather than basically starting from scratch with the code.


Image Prices and information

Because it is hard to know how long I'll spend on something I'm not talking to someone about yet I will simply state what kind of images will be needed for the journal . For exact pricing please send me information on what you want done. I will ned a sketch if your images arent completed yet to know how much to ask for.

Header (optional)
BG Tile
Inner BG Tile
Menu Buttons (optional)


Please send me a note with information on what you would like and I can give you an exact quote <3

Slot 1 :

Slot 2 :

Skin by *firstfear
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-Commissions Info-

Journal Entry: Tue May 3, 2011, 12:27 AM
Outlined Text Generator at

:frail: Finished my reserved slots! Accepting new slots for waiting list
:frail: Currently not shipping any pictures
:pointr: Changed the prices to Euros. Please when paying send the money in Euro Currency!!!
:pointr: Points Commissions are closed. Payment method is Paypal Only~
:pointr: If you don't wish to reveal your Email to me, you can also sent a note~ :meow:
:pointr: Average Waiting Time will be from 1 to 2 weeks, I'm sorry~ T3T University exams ;_;

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:pointr:What I do:pointl:

:pointr:Won't do:pointl:
✘Yuri (can be discussed)
✘Too explicit or violent stuff
✘Chibi (???) not so sure~ :XD:

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Example:.::G e m i n i -II-::. by sakonma
Media:Pencil on A3 Aquarelle Paper
Description: Single Character + Shading + Simple Background + Little Digital Editing (Textures) [Optional]
Price: 10€  {{{every additional character: +6€

:pointr:Traditional Coloring:pointl:
Example:.::L y c o r i s::. by sakonma
Media:Pencil on A3 Aquarelle Paper for Sketch, Watercolor (and other mixed Media like Ink, Copics etc.) for Coloring
Description: Single Character + Shading + Simple Background + Small Digital Editing (Textures) [Optional]
Price: 17€  {{{every additional character: +9€

:pointr:Semi Traditional|Digital :pointl:
Example:.::Lenees::. by sakonma Commish: Nomura Usutu by sakonma Commish: Koneko by sakonma
Media:Sketch with Pencil on A3 Aquarelle Paper, Coloring with Adobe Photoshop
Description: Single Character + Shading + Background + Textures
Price: 16€ {{{every additional character: +7€

:pointr:Digital :pointl:
Example:.:: Le Guardien ::. by sakonma .::T a e n i u r a::. by sakonma Commish Harkoa by sakonma Commish: Yudha The Gatekeeper by sakonma
Media:Sketch, Final Outlines and Color with Adobe Photoshop
Description: Single Character + Shading + Simple Background + Textures
Price: 20€  {{{every additional character: +10€

:pointr:Digital Stylesheet-Illu :pointl:
Example: Nevan Character Stylesheet by sakonma H o m e p a g e P r e v i e w by sakonma
Media:Sketch, Final Outlines and Color with Adobe Photoshop and SAI {{{extra costs if you want it in a Flash-interactive file like in the second thumbnail
Description: Detailed Single Character Fullbody + Shading + Character Info + Accessories Detail + Custom Box + Realistic Headshot
Price: 45€  {{{no additional character

:pointr:Digital Mini :pointl:
Example:MemoLog005.::Minato by sakonmaID20111510 by sakonmaMemoLog013 by sakonmaMemolog::.025 by sakonma
Media:Sketch and Color with Adobe Photoshop CS3 - PaintTool Sai
Description: Single Character + Shading + Textures, with mono-color background, 400x400 pixels or 600x400 (or anything other custom size up to 600x600px)
Price: 4€  {{{no additional character

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►If it's a digital commission, it would be better to ask me for the large resolution picture, so that instead of shipping a print, you can print it on your own, without me charging you shipping costs
►For traditional :pointr: I have found A3 envelopes, in which my A3 papers are able to fit, and they also have bubbles yay~ :la: I hope this will solve the problem~
►Please mention it, so I can go ask how much it will cost.Currently Unavailable

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I would like you to sent me a dA-note or an e-mail to this address: in the following format:

Subject: Commission
Email: []
Deviantart Username: [your account's name here]
Type: [Sketch | Traditional | Semi Traditional-Digital]
Description: [Show me pictures of the character(s) you want me to draw, a little description of how you would like the picture to be [shall it be a happy, sad, mysterious, funky picture? etc], and please give me a bit of backstory from your character(s)~]
Number of Characters: [Type total number of characters that you want in the picture]
Payment Method: [Paypal | Deviantart Points | Concealed Cash]
Shipping: [write if you would want to get the original picture] Currently Unavailable

I will reply to you with the following information:

Subject:Commission Accepted
Commission Number: [I will give you a number, for instance CM#001. I would like you to include that number when you pay.]
Payment Info: [ According to what Payment Method you choose, I will give you further instructions]
Questions: [I might want to ask you more about your character(s) :aww:]
Price: [I will calculate and write you how much it will cost, according to the type of commission you choose, the number of characters, shipping costs etc.]

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:damphyr: Paypal
Here more Info about how to create an account ►
Please MUST read before paying ►…
Please ► Send the money in Euros

:damphyr: Concealed Cash
► At your own risk. ( ° ^°)

Of course I will be keeping track on who commissions me, and how many times!

So I can make discounts for return-customers :heart:

If you decide to commission me, I will give you a nice fluffy Llama [in case I haven't yet :XD:] and look through your gallery and feature your works that I like, in my following journals. :la:

:damphyr: If you want me to draw your character(s) face only or waist up or full body, is all the same. This means no extra costs full-body pictures. Please specify what you want though.

:damphyr: I will start with Chronological Order. That means, I will draw the first commissioner's picture first. I don't like making people wait for too long~

:damphyr: Do not pay, if I haven't sent you an e-mail reply! If I have, then I will start with your commission, after you pay.

:damphyr: In case you haven't received an e-mail reply within a week, please try again.

:damphyr: Since our currency here is Euros, in case you decide to sent me the payment via Concealed Cash [and your own currency isn't Euros], I would like you to convert the exact price first.

Multi-styled Text Generator at

2 of 3: DONE

Thank you in advance~! :iconpinkballoonplz:

Journal CSS By dot-Silver
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