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Our couple in high school, but Sid and Harold still make fun of them. Helga, of course, does not tolerate that, but she was stopped by Arnold)

my strange fantasies, ignore please xD))
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It's "Hey Arnold!" in anime style. After re-watching view episodes I've got an idea to create characters like anime.
As you can see there are no Rhonda, Nadine, Eugene, Sid or Stinky. I just didn't feel like drawing them, so I included only characters, which gave me inspiration. Oh well, Rhonda could be fun to draw...

Guys were drawn by HB pencil and colored in PS CS 2.

Music that gave me inspiration - Ronnie Matthews "I saw your face abd vow"; Listening/watching to "Hey Arnold!" episodes while creating the art.
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Happy Birthday Arnold!!!!

In a day like this, but 16 years before, the first chapter of Hey Arnold was aired. Yes Arnold was born in a day like this. ^^

Let's make a surprise birthday party! XD

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I did some end-of-the-world coloring yesterday. ;)

I actually started this drawing years ago.

Sucks that after many, many years and many, many episodes of teasing, the romance between Helga and Arnold finally progresses when the show got cancelled. :(

Now for some fantastic oldie sound clip: [link]
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I was trying out a Comic style here. I just wanted to see what it'll look like in my style. It has a mixture of manga and mine.

This one page took me all day, so it's not easy. Quality is sort of bad. Let me know if you can still read it.
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There's a little story behind this, so read it!

Story time :D :

"Jesus, Miriam! Did you forget about the stove again?! Olga's going to be here any minute!" Squawked Bob Pataki as he extinguished the fire. We had to get a new stove, I guess.

"Oops... I always forget about that stove... do you think we can get it in a different color?" Miriam asked as she came out of the bathroom looking all dressed up.

I rolled by eyes by how idiotic everyone was acting about my big sister, Olga. I have the worst parents ever! Miriam almost burned the house down, Bob's always on his fat ass, and Olga comes over when ever she feels like it. Am I the only adult here? I'm 16 and was raised by my friends. Was taught on the streets.

Just then the door threw open and Olga came in a big ray of sun shine, "I'M HERE MOMMY AND DADDY!!" She cheered. Weird where the sunshine came from. It was raining and it was 9 at night.

"Olga!!" Shouted Miriam and Bob. I rolled by eyes again as the hugged her.

Miriam let go and smiled, "How was the trip dear."

Olga smiled brightly, "Oh it was wonderful! I met the nicest man! His name is Jason! He'll be coming with me next time when I visit here!"

Grate... the princess found a prince.

"A MAN?! Olga, you're not ready to date!! You're to young!" Shouted Bob, trying to be a dad.

"Ohh, Daddy." She smiles and looks at me. Oh shit. "BABY SISTER!!" She ran and hugged me. Olga kisses my cheek like about 5 times!! How I hated this chick!! "I missed you so much!! How's school!? I heard you have a boyfriend!!"

How the hell?? How did she find out?! FU**!! was supposed to keep this whole thing a secret! Now Bob's going to-

"A BOYFRIEND?!?! When was this Olg- Helga?! Why haven't you told us about this?! Do you even know about Sex?!" I blushed at the last word, but then glared.

"Yes, 'Dad'! I do know about 'Sex' and I don't need to hear it from you!" I pushed away from Olga and narrowed at him. He began to get furious at me. Good. Time to tell him off. "And it wasn't from you, Miriam, or Olga! I leaned all I know now from school and friends!" I went to the door and put on a thin gray jacket about to leave.

He was red in the face glaring at him. I couldn't help but notice he was speechless, and so was everyone else. Yeah I know that I was acting like a bitch, but they need to hear it from somebody.

"HELGA G PATAKI!!!!!!!" He almost screamed "YOU ARE...." I cut him off as I zipped up the jacket.

"I'm what? Grounded? A brat? A girl? A teenager? A young woman? Yeah Bob. See you all later." I said as I left. Where was I going? To Arnold's house. I haven't seen him for a while, and it's driving me crazy not seeing him face.

All I wanted was just one kiss from him to make them all go away. The one thing I ask for. For my true love's lips upon mine in the flavorless glistening rain. For our lips to meet, for me to to fall in love all over again, like the first day we met.

Arnold, his sweet football head of his... we're finally together! We can finally kiss without a care! But my horrid parents have found out... our love is now in danger. Who knows what they will do. They might split us apart... I might move. It will be hell if I won't be able see your blue eyes again.

Suddenly I ram into a light poll. 'Stupid things.' I thought and then saw Arnold's house. Here at last. I quickly walked up the stairs and rang the doorbell. His grandpa answered. Awkward.

"Umm, Hi. Is... Arnold home?" I asked shyly.

"Ahh, you must be looking for Arnold. ARNOLD!! You're little one eyebrow'ed friend is here!!"

Arnold came from down stairs with his friend Gerald. Gerald elbowed him and they looked at each other. He lifted his eye brows as Arnold chuckled nervously. "Can you wait for a few moments, Gerald?"

"Sure man. Have 'fun'." He chuckled and went back up stairs. Gerald and Phoebe were the only two who knew about Arnold and me. Gerald's cool about it, Phoebe was happy for me.

"Thanks Grandpa, I got it from here."

"Alright Short man." He tussles his hair, "Well I guess you ain't so short now, are ya?" And with that he left, leaving Arnold and I alone.

"Aren't you cold? It's pouring outside. Wanna come in?" He asked.

"Na, thanks. I have to go back in a couple of minutes."

"Then why are you here?" He came outside and shut the door.

I blushed, "I-I.. wanted to see you." He smiled at me. I melted.

"I actually wanted to see you too." He put his arm around me. My arms wrapped around his waist, making it into a hug. His arms were strong and warm. He smelled like cologne mixed with home made food. A smell I'll never forget.



"C-can... I kiss you?" I was afraid.


I hugged him tight and almost cried.

He pulled away a pit and looked into my eyes lovingly, "I want to kiss you." My eyes widened as his lips came to mine and kissed me sweetly. I went in and made the kiss passionate and loving.


Made with: Photoshop Elements 8.0
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Hey Arnold © Craig Bartlett

As you will realize, I really like Hey Arnold series, and indeed I think it has a special charm. (Just as for making me a special DA for my work related to this series). What to do now is try to imagine a teen helga still in love with her beloved Arnold, I love this couple! XD. I think it is a trauma by not being able to watch the series ended (in addition to the movie of the Jungle) so it motivates me to make little drawings I usually do.

I am also currently studying design, so I used to practice lol

Greetings and I hope you like it. Also go up the image of Helga in PNG

Done at SAI
in several days ... with genius tablet.

PS: I speak native Spanish so I use the google translator to pass into English XD
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Ok I've finally did another Arnold/Helga fan art. Did some new technique on it as well :D.
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My challenge # 1: "That old Movie"

Helga open her eyes, and they become flooded with the cyan light of the television screen, feels her boyfriend's arm around his back and notice that her head is reposing on his shoulder, a long yawn get out of her mouth,while her hand shake her left eye, trying to remove all traces of sleep.
" Did I fall asleep again?" She asks as if she didn't knew the obvious answer "Sorry Arnold ... I think I'll never finish watching this old movie with you" she said yawning again.
Arnold remains silent for a moment, while looking as how Holly finds 'Cat' in that wooden box, and hugs it despite being all wet, while happens the kissing scene, puts his head over Helga's.
" The fact that you are close to me makes me enjoy more this movie, even if you are asleep ..."
Helga blushed feeling that he embraces a little more tight.
" The only thing I'm not convinced with, is your snoring, I almost couldn't hear the dialogues."
" Hey, I don't snore!" she exclaim annoying.
"Yes you do"
" I don't!"
" Ha ha, of course not, I was just teasing you!" Arnold says before stealing a kiss from his girlfriend, while the DVD returns to the menu.
" And by the way... how that movie ends? - Helga asks because she didn't even pay attention at the final scenes.
" Well they understand that they belong together... just like us" him explains with a smile.
" Mhh, what about if you play it again... I promise not to fall asleep this time" she says interested.
" Okay, I'll put it from where you fell asleep" says him manipulating the remote control.

<<You know those days when you've got the mean reds.... the blues are because you're getting fat or maybe it's been raining too long. You're sad, that's all. But the mean reds are horrible. You're afraid and you sweat like hell, but you don't know what you're afraid of. Except something bad is going to happen, only you don't know what it is.What I've found does the most good is just to get into a taxi and go to Tiffany's. It calms me down right away, the quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there, not with those kind men in their nice suits... If I could find a real-life place that made me feel like Tiffany's, then I'd buy some furniture and give the cat a name.>>

Helga settles back into Arnold's shoulder with the firm belief that this time she wouldn't fall asleep. After a while, Arnold felt how the rhythm of Helga's breathing become softly and slowly, she has falling sleep, he just smiles and hugs her with love as he turn to see again one of his favorite movies, the one that he really enjoys with Helga beside him.
Sorry for the bad english!!! XD

Aquella vieja pelicula.

Helga abre los ojos, y estos se inundan con la luz cian de la pantalla de television, siente el brazo de su novio alrededor de su espalda y nota como su cabeza esta recargada en el hombro de este, un bostezo largo sale de su boca, mientras su mano talla su ojo izquierdo, tratando de eliminar todo rastro de sueño en el.
- ¿He vuelto a quedarme dormida? - lo cuestiona cual si no supiera la obvia respuesta - Lo siento Arnold... creo que nunca voy a terminar de ver esta vieja pelicula contigo - dice volviando a bostezar.
Arrnold permanece silente por un momento, mientras mira como Holly encuentra a Gato dentro de aquella caja de madera, y lo abraza a pesar de estar mojado, despues mientras sucede la escena del beso, recarga su cabeza sobre la de Helga.
- El hecho de sentirte cerca me hace disfrutar mas esta pelicula, no importa si estas dormida...
Helga se sonroja sintiendo que él la abraza mas.
- Lo unico que no me convence son tus ronquidos casi no pude escuchar los dialogos.
- ¡Oye yo no ronco! - replica molesta.
- ¡Si lo haces!
- ¡Que no!
-¡Jaja, caro que no, solo te fastidiaba! - dice Arnold antes de robarle un beso a su novia, mientras el Dvd regresa al menu.
- Y por cierto... en que acaba esa pelicula - pregunta Helga que ni siquiera vio las escenas finales.
- Ellos entienden que se pertenecen... justo como nosotros - le explica con una gran sonrisa.
- Mhh, que tal si vuelves a ponerla... prometo no quedarme dormida esta vez - dice ella interesada.
- Esta bien, la pondre desde la parte en que te dormiste- dice él manipulando el control remoto.

"Escuche ¿Sabe cuándo uno pasa por los días rojos? - ¿Los días rojos? ¿Quiere decir deprimidos? - No. Te deprimes cuando engordas o cuando llueve mucho. Te pones triste eso es todo. Los días rojos son horribles. De repente, uno tiene miedo y no sabe por qué. - Por supuesto. - Cuando me siento así, lo único que me ayuda es subir a un taxi e ir a Tiffany´s. Me calma los nervios enseguida. Es tan silencioso y soberbio. Allí no puede ocurrir nada malo. Si encontrara un lugar que me hiciera sentir como Tiffany´s entonces compraría muebles y le daría un nombre al gato."

Helga se acomoda nuevamente en el hombro de Arnold con la firme conviccion de que esta vez no se dormiria. Despues de un rato, Arnold sintio como el ritmo de la respiracion de Helga se volvio mas ritmica y pausada, se habia vuelto a dormir, él solo sonrie y la abraza con cariño mientras él aprovecha ver nuevamente una de sus peliculas favoritas, una de las cuales difruta mas con Helga a su lado.
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No description
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