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for oiju @ gaiaonline! ^^
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,, really getting tired of your antics ,,
*HappyFoxChelsy's OC, Rawr! ^^
thank you, chelsy! <33
livestream: [link]
I got this awesome adoptable in return! * 7 * <33333
can't wait to draw her! =D
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I adopted this cannibal princess from *HappyFoxChelsy! ^ Q^

Her name is mercy, thanks to chelsy's suggestion! ^Q ^
I wanted something temperature related to match
Celsus, fahren, and Kell~ ^Q^~
Mercy based on mercury.

Her name is Mercy. She ~ 20 years old.
She was once an egyptian princess but was cursed by a trap, set in the tomb of her father,
which was triggered when she tried to steal the treasure for herself.

Now she robs graves at night for the corpses.



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育霖 <3

eheh it's my chinese name~ Q HQ )) <33
Here is my
OC designed based on the shidog [link] I adopted from ~uutan
I changed the colours and ahhh does it even resemble it anymore?! T uT <333
Please check out ~uutan's gallery sometime!! It's adorable! aifakfhkashk!
Livestream: [link]


Purplie art!!!*7*
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Elise is the newest member of the Circus troupe~!!
So new..that I have no story for her yet! XD

I'll edit later~

here is her normal form

and her 'scary' version is here:


age: 25
hair: lavender
eyes: silver gray

Elise was once a theatrical actress, known for her liveliness and exuberance of joy onstage, and had eloped with her lover. Her family was wealthy and reputable. Her lover was a fellow actor, but he was from the lower class and her parents forbade her from seeing him or else they would refuse to see her again. The couple eventually earned enough money from the theatre to move to a small town and make a modest living that was simple but happy. Four years after their daughter was born, the husband died from a workplace accident. Her child became ill with scarlet fever and did not survive. As quick as lighting, Elise was struck by two terrible tragedies. She fell into a stupor and it has not quite lifted since then.
As she mourned for her family, no body in the small, isolated town cared for her. She lost her job as a flower arranger when she did not show up for work.
It was hard for her to find another employer because she could no longer find a source of happiness to give her inspiration and motivation to present herself as confident and eager to work.

One day, a travelling circus troupe arrived in the town. They were a colourful bunch and lively too!
Elise watched them curiously from the window of a closed down shop, where she lived after losing her house because she could no longer afford the monthly payments.
A green-haired girl noticed the sullen face in the window and made exaggerated pointing gestures in its direction.
One by one, the members of the group looked in Elise's direction and waved at her.
Elise blinked, surprised, as no one had spared her a single glance in the few months that had passed since her family was gone.
She raised one shaky hand in reply.
Smiles and laughter twinkled back towards her and the nostalgic sounds teasingly tugged on the corners of her lips. She slid away from the window and laid down on her cot, trying to keep the faces of her loved ones alive in her memory.

That night, a knock echoed throughout the old shop. It was the circus troupe!
Elise could see them through the glass door. She quietly opened the door and it was the tall, blue-haired man who spoke to her first. He had a calm, baritone voice -- which she imagined could carry his words a long distance...
He invited her to join his troupe. She could take part in their act and see the world with them. She would be able to eat and live with them. She could be a part of their family.

Elise's throat clenched at the mention of family.
She had once gained a new family, but she had lost it all too soon.
What will happen if she gains this new family?
Would she survive losing it again?

In the end, Elise accepted, convinced by the smiling faces and warm inviting voices.

Her part in the troupe
Elise is the Highwire, tight rope walker.
She chose this act for its risks and feelings of exhilaration at completion of walking the length of the wire. The journey across is perilous but Elise does not feel fear. If she falls, she will see her old family. If she makes it across, she will be greeted by her new family.

She is usually watching over Anton and Riela as they are the youngest children in the troupe.
Her personality is reserved and sensitive. She listens intently to the others, and is a source of comfort during sad times. She is like the counsellor for the troupe, despite her own sad memories. She gradually becomes more lively and happy as her time with the troupe increases. She sometimes shows a flash of her old charming smile.


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*GotNoJob's OC! <33 design is by *pastelve !~~
DOO DOO!~~ <3
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muah I missed sparkly chibies ^q ^~
now here's a better view of her arm tattoo! 8D
OCs -- yu lin by onisuu
ocs -- Yu Lin by onisuu

edit: forgot to colour the lines ^q^

Yu Lin
Age: appears in early 20s
Eyes: Yellow-green
Hair: Salmon pink (it's a bit more orangey than pink)
She has some grayish smoke that comes out of the bells on top of her head. They help her hide in the smokescreen which can spread over a large area. When it's not used as smokescreen, the smoke billows out in the shape of amorphous hair.
The bells are tied to a small bun of her real hair.

She is one of the Inkblots.
Originally, she was the main character of a story but was eventually replaced by Cio. Does she remember what story she came from?
She can recall some small bits.
As she continues to deteriorate in the Block, her memories of the story and her lost part in it return more and more. . .

Ah, I was thinking she is less of a cocky cock like Cio is, and is more reserved and serious -- and that's why the author scrapped her as the main character, because they wanted a story with a lead character who was more witty ~ XD
She would feel jealousy, anger, and sadness at being replaced by Cio.
(The characters know nothing about their author though! Only the bits of story or character development the author had done for them)

more art by me of Yu Lin

yu lin's photobucket

related character
OCs -- Cio by onisuu
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=reshiramsama's character, Cygnus! :iconallmyloveplz: <333
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,, pesky demon! I'll cut you! ,,
~Twipzz's amazinggg character, jiaying! ^ Q^ I love her design so much! =D <33

Omg, this was a little over year ago !

It feels great to have another go at her! <3
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for Koi no Shizuku@gaiaonline
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