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this is the cover for :iconstorykeeper03:s fanfic
Kingdom Hearts: Legacy
it shows his OCs Deker and Selina.
well. to be honest
I absolutely don't know anymore, which colors you wished
( then you were gone and I couldn't ask you XDDD)
and so I chose this colors XDDD

P.S. There is an "i" in the word "Kingdom"
the "i" and the "n" are just combined

I really hope you will like it >///////<

Kingdom Hearts © Square Enix
Story © :iconstorykeeper03:
Art © me
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This is Sora and Roxas together. Hopefully this doesn't look weird to you guys. xD I noticed that it's not symmetrical enough.

I've been a big fan of Kingdom Hearts since it first came out. xD But I haven't played all the games since there are games for different consoles. D:< But it's all cool. xD

Kingdom Hearts (c) Tetsuya Nomura / Square Enix
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Waheyyy (: soooo, it' my 18th birthday tomorrow so I spent today decorating the birthday cake my gran made me ^.^ And because I'm such a dork, I insisted on having a Fruits Basket cake <3 featuring the Mabudachi Trio of course! And a rice ball in the middle ^.^ It was totally fun making this and I ended up being covered in icing sugar :3
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Sora from Kingdom Hearts.
Time taken 4 hours
Image found on goodle
[link] finished version of it :D tell me what you think about it :3
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You are not allowed to take this.
8th & my OCs© Dark-Momento-Mori
Kingdom Hearts© Disney Interactive & Square Enix

Classes may have started but I haven't gotten enough homework to keep me from my comics. . .
Riku came out really well in some of these panels.
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Aqua from KH birth By Sleep. I'm TOO LAZY TO COLOR
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Sorry I didn't get this up sooner! I'll start the next page in a minute. First I have to go post some PPS pages.

I rewatched the vids from Re:Chain to get the layout of Riku's room right. On the other hand, I'm far too lazy to try to recreate the pattern on his floor. . .well, I did try but I gave up on it.

Kingdom Hearts © Disney Interactive&SquareEnix

8th © Dark-Momento-Mori
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Here is Neku Sakuraba from "The world ends with you," also him appearing in "Kingdom Hearts 3d Dream Drop Distance!" I think in his pose he would be saying something like "bring it on!" or "Shut up and play the game." I don't know what Neku would say? Enjoy!
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Character © MroczniaK
Art © Dark-Momento-Mori (Morgan Taylor)

:iconmroczniak: is having a contest to draw their OC, Ran.
This is my entry.

Wish me luck, Loves.
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Spanish, then English:


Nombre: Articuno Keyblade
Elemento/Afinidad: Hielo
Largo: 98 cm
Fuerza: +5
Magia: +5
Defensa: +5
Especialidad: Artic Pressure/Mind Reader.
Artic Pressure: La Keyblade se rodea de aire congelado y permite reducir el movimiento de todo lo que toque al disminuir la temperatura de todo lo que toca. El aire helado puede ser lanzado como una pequeña ventisca contra el oponente. El hielo reduce el daño generado por ataques tipo fuego a la mitad.
Mind Reader: Incrementa las posibilidades de daño crítico.
Descripción: Una llave que mantiene un buen balance de fuerzas. De tamaño medio, el aire helado reduce el movimiento de todo lo que toque. La ventisca que rodea la llave puede ser lanzada.
Portador: Alan Hernández.
Datos: La segunda Keyblade de Alan que lo eligió para ser su portador. Basada en el Pokemon Legendario Articuno.


Siguiendo con las Keyblades de mi fanfic "The N-Warriors", una nueva llave sale de las flamas de la Keyblade Forge. Esta vez, es una Keyblade de hielo: la Articuno Keyblade.

La Articuno Keyblade es la segunda Keyblade de mi personaje principal y OC, Alan Hernández. La Keyblade lo eligió como portador debido a su afinidad con el hielo.

En mi fanfic, un Keyblade wielder (o N-Warrior como se le conoce en mi fanfic), puede usar cuantas Keyblades quiera siempre y cuando la Keyblade lo elija como un portador. En caso de que, en un futuro, ya no lo acepte como portador, simplemente se va de sus manos.

Esta Keyblade está muy modificada al diseño original de la Articuno Keyblade: La guarda tiene la forma de las alas de Articuno, y los dientes tienen la forma de la cresta, al igual que la cadena y el llavero.

Bueno, esta es la Articuno Keyblade. Nos vemos en la siguiente llave...

Sobres =3

Prev: [link]
Next: [link]

Keyblades son creaciones de Square Enix.
Articuno y Pokemon son de Nintendo.
Articuno Keyblade es de mi creación. NO usen esta Keyblade.

Más Keyblades aqui: [link]


Name: Articuno Keyblade
Element/Affinity: Ice
Long: 98 cm
Strength: +5
Magic: +5
Defense: +5
Special: Artic Pressure/Mind Reader.
Artic Pressure: Icy wind engulfs the Keyblade, reducing the movement of everything it hits by decreasing the temperatures around it. The Icy wind can be released to create a small blizzard against the opponent. The ice reduces the damage taken from fire-type attacks by half.
Mind Reader: Increases the chances of getting critical hits.
Description: A Keyblade with a good balance between forces. A Key of medium size, icy wind reduces enemy’s movement. The blizzard that engulfs it can be released against the opponent.
Wielder: Alan Hernández.
Data: Alan’s second Keyblade that chooses him as his wielder. It is based on the Legendary Pokemon Articuno.


And i continue with the Keyblades that appear in my fanfic "The N-Warriors" (Spanish only), a new Keyblade emerges from the flames of the Keyblade Forge. This time it is a Keyblade of ice: the Articuno Keyblade.

The Articuno Keyblade is the second Keyblade of my main character an OC, Alan Hernández. The Keyblade chooses him as his wielder because of his affinity over ice.

in my fanfic, a Keyblade wielder (or N-Warrior as they are known), can hold as many Keyblades as he wants only in the Keyblade chooses him as a wielder. In case the Keyblades doesnt see the wielder worthy anymore, it just disappears from his hands and chose another wielder.

This Keyblade was heavily modifided from its original design: the guard has the shape of Articuno's wings, while the teeth, chainlinks and token are in the form of Articuno's crest.

Well, here it is the Articuno Keyblade. See ya on the next keyblade...

See ya =3

Prev: [link]
Next: [link]

Keyblades are creations of Square Enix.
Aritcuno and Pokemon are from Nintendo.
Articuno Keyblade is of my design. Do NOT use this Keyblade.

More Keyblades in here: [link]
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