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  "Please don't make me ride it." Matthew stared up at the roller coaster in dread. It was Matthew's first time at a fair and his brother Alfred was determined to make him ride a roller coaster. They invited you to come along because a) Alfred loves hangin' with his chick friends and b) Matthew felt more comfortable with you around. And you enjoyed his company as well.
  "Calm down, bro!" Alfred slapped his younger brother on the back. "It's not like you'll DIE!"
  The Canadian let out a squeak and bit his lip, "Well, ________ and I wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel."
  You smiled and nodded, "Yep!"
  Alfred whined, "Aw c'mon, _______!"
  "If I buy you some fries will you stop?" you crossed your arms in an annoyed fashion.
  "Okay!" the American smiled. He watched you walk away and nudged his little brother, "So...... you and ________, huh?"
  "W-what?" Matthew stuttered. He did have a huge crush on you but he didn't want to ruin anything. So he kept quiet about it. "N-no!"
  "I have a dare!" Alfred waved a finger infront of Matthew's face, "If you grow the balls to kiss ________ and confess your undying love to her before we leave, you don't have to ride the roller coaster."
  Matthew's face turned bright red. He couldn't do it. How could he? What if it ruined everything? What if you rejected him? It would all be over. But Matthew REALLY didn't want to ride the roller coaster. He swallowed roughly and shook his brothers hand, "Deal."
  You made your way back over, holding the cup of fries, "Here."
  "Alright!" Alfred snatched the cup out of your hands and crammed several fries into his mouth, "Hey, why don't you guys ride the ferris wheel and I'll go find Artie."
You smiled and nodded, "Meet us back here, okay?"
  But Alfred was already running off, not even thanking you fro the fries.

  Matthew hugged himself nervously as both of you took your seat in the cart. You smiled at him softly. You (h/c) locks blew in the breeze and your (e/c) eyes looked bright and happy. The Canadian blushed. You looked so beautiful.
  The ferris wheel started up and Matthew let out a surprised gasp at the sudden jolt. With out thinking, he grabbed your hand. Your face heated up and you rested your head on his shoulder. He smelled like maple syrup.
  "Um, ________?"
  "Yeah?" you looked up at him and smiled again.
  He blinked and looked down, blushing, "Uh, look!"
  Matthew gestured to the view from the top of the ferris wheel. You could see all the way to the beach. The lights were turning on as the sun set behind the tents. You gasped, "It's so beautiful!"
  "L-like you!" Matthew blurted out. He hid his face in hise hands shyly.
  You blinked in surprise then moved his hands away, "Really, Matthew? You think that?"
  He nodded slowly, his hand tightenng in yours. He squeezed his eyes shut and jerked foreward, pressing his lips against yours lightly. You blushed then kissed back. He tasted like maple syrup, too!
  The Canadian pulled away and he murmured, "Je t'aime."
  "I love you too, Matt!" you leaned foreward and rubbed your nose against his, still holding onto his hand tightly.
  "Hm?" you hummed happily.
  He wrapped his arms around you, "I'm scared of heights!"

  The two of you walked towards Alfred, hand in hand. he turned and smiled brightly at you both, "Sup dudes!"
  Matthew blushed and looked down. Alfred blinked, confused, then laughed, "You guys kissed! Good job bro!"
  "Shut up!" Matthew blushed. You smiled and kissed his cheek, making him blush more.
  "So, am I gonna be an uncle?" Alfred teased.
  You punched him in the arm, "Shut up."
  The American walked away laughing as you turned to your Canadian boyfriend smiling. Matthew smiled back and looked down, his face still red, "I'm not afraid anymore."
  He looked up and faced you, a smile on his face, "I'll ride the roller coaster now."
  You smiled and led him to the line, his hand clutching yours. Matthew truly felt safe now with you.
Requested by :iconnevershoutelric:
That is how I feel about this.
Sorry if the ending is crummy.
And sorry for the overdose of America.
He's so fun to write for :D

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexycanadaplz:
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 "Kiku! You're so embarrassing, aru!" a man with long, dark, brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and Chinese accent stomped out of the front doors of his college class. Following him was a boy with short, jet black hair and a very red face.
 "Yao-san," the teen named Kiku said in a very heavy Japanese accent, "I didn't know she was arrergic to sakura frowers!"
 "Well I'm never getting dating advice from you again, aru!" Yao spun around to face the other teen with a scowl. Just minutes ago, Yao was giving the girl he had a huge crush on a bouquet of sakura branches. Only for her to be coughing and hacking seconds later. "The least you can do for me now is go to the library and pick up the books I need for our essay due next week, aru."
 Kiku's eyes widened slightly, "You haven't started yet?"
 "Aiyah, I know I'm stupid, aru." Yao slapped his forehead then spun the Japanese teen around and gave him a shove. "Now go!"
 Kiku stumbled foreward, gave a sorrowful look at his friend, then began the walk of shame to the library down the block. Yao was a junior in college while Kiku was only a freshman. He got pushed around a lot by Yao's friends because they were all older. They made him clean their dorms, bring them food, and even do research for them. Yao was the "mature one" as he put it. Kiku looked up from the streets to see the big, campus library looming in an intimidating fashion over him. He sighed and pushed open the door and nearly knocked over the librarian.
 "AH!" she fell backwards, the huge pile of books she was carrying crashed around her.
 Kiku gasped and dropped to his knees, muttering "Gomen'nasai" over and over as he picked up books frantically. He happen to glance up at the equally frantic librarian and froze.
 She had (h/l), (h/c) hair and big (e/c) eyes. She wore a flattering pale pink turtle neck with washed out jeans and a pair of white sneakers. She was also fairly young, perhaps Kiku's age. She looked up at Kiku, making her face redden. Standing up, she dusted herself off and opened her arms for Kiku to hand over the books.
 "No," he shifted the books in his arms. "I wirr carry them for you."
 She blinked then bowed her head and clasped her hands together, "Th-thank you!"
 Kiku nodded then set the books on her desk. She began to put the books in a cart, her hands shaking as she avoided eye contact. The Japanese teen cleared his throat, "Where is the history section?"
 She pointed, her eyes still on the books as she piled them into the cart. Kiku nodded and headed towards the direction the girl pointed in, which happened to be in the back. He kept his eyes on her, not watching where he was going until he ran into a book shelf.
 "Itai!" Kiku said quietly as he looked up at the shelf. Lining the shelf was dozens and dozens of manga's. Kiku felt his eyes widened as he aimlessly began down the aisle, staring at all of the manga. Why is this here? Isn't this a campus library?, he thought as he picked up a book and flipped through the backwards pages.

*Your POV*

 You leaned to the side to see if that good looking Japanese boy was still in your manga section. The school had allowed you to supply the library because you lead a bookclub. Your club read every kind of book; horror, romance, comedy, Sci-Fy, and even manga. The only problem was no one was IN your bookclub. It was only you. You were too shy to go out and advertise it so you kept to yourself and only left the library to go back to your dorm or go to class.
 The boy came back around the corner, holding a volume of Bleach and held it up to you, "Sumimasen, miss, but why is there manga in a campus ribrary?"
 You swallowed nervously and looked down, playing with your fingers, "It's for a book club I host."
 He blinked and looked surprised, "Nani? We have a bookcrub?"
 You blushed lightly, "Well, kind of. No ones in it but me."
 There was a pause before he said, "I wirr join it."
 "I beg your pardon?"
 "I'rr herp you run your book club." the boy smiled slightly. He bowed, "My name is Kiku Honda."
 "I-I'm ________ ___________." you stuttered, blushing furiously.

 The next few days, Kiku came back into the library everyday. He promised to help advertise your bookclub. You sat at the desk one day, sitting upright and waiting patiently for him to arrive when you saw him enter the double doors and smiled to yourself. Kiku stood before you and bowed slightly.
 "I was up rast night making posters for your crub so pardon my sreepiness." his eyebrows stitched together nervously. He held up some posters that had very neat print and cute little chibi characters all over it.
 You avoided eye contact, "I-it's okay. Th-thank you."
 Kiku showed you the posters, all hand made, and congratulated him for his effort. They looked stunning! No one's ever done that for you before but only because you didn't have many friends to begin with. Sometimes you spoke with the Canadian student, Matthew, but not much. Kiku's kindness was new to you and you appreciated it very much.
 "Want to go hang them up?" Kiku gestured towards the doors. Blood rushed to your face. Why did he make you blush so much? Well, okay. Everyone made you blush. You nodded and followed him to random spots on campus where he helped you pin them up. Along the way you chatted about your favorite manga's and books. He was a very big reader it seemed as well. Kiku was also shy like you. He said his hobbies were "sensing the mood and refraining from speaking".
 "I don't talk much either unless I'm completely comfortable with them." you admitted as you held the remaining posters to your chest.
 There was a pause before Kiku said, "So you are comfortabre with me?"
 Your face felt like it was on fire, "I-I guess so...."
 You looked at Kiku out of the corner of your eye to see his face equally red. He grabbed your wrist, making you flinch from the sudden contact. The Japanese boy lead you behind a building where the evening sun didn't reach. As soon as you were behind the wall, you opened your mouth to speak but Kiku pulled you into a hug. You stood completely still then wrapped your arsm around his waist and rested your head on his shoulder. He wasn't that much taller than you after all.
 "I'm comfortabre with you too, ________." he confessed as he stroked you (h/c) hair.
 "W-why did you pull me behind a wall to hug me?" you asked as he backed away.
 His face reddened and his brown eyes searched your face, "It's rude to show affection in pubric."
 "Then c-can I k-kiss you?" you blurted out. Immediatly, your threw your hand sup and covered your mouth.
 Kiku seemed to contemplate on this before nodding, "H-hai."
 You could have sworn your face was going to burst into flames and explode. You looked down, still avoiding eye contact, "Er, y-you first."
 "Oh, hai," he blushed as well and tilted your head up. He slowly leaned foreward and pressed his lips to yours lightly. You pulled back as soon as your lips touched, your whole body shaking.
 "D-did I do something wrong, ________-san?" he asked, his facial featires showing worry.
 "N-no..." you rubbed your hands together. "I'm just nervous."
 "Hai, as am I." Kiku grabbed one of your shaking hands and pulled you closer. He pressed his lips to your again, only you stayed still. You finally kissed back after giving youself a mental pep-talk the broke the kiss seconds afterwards.
 "L-let's go hang up the rest of the posters now." you clutched the posters to your chest and sped off.
 "_________-san, wait!" Kiku ran after you, trying to keep up.
Happy birthday :iconresistance33:
Sorry it's late :c
Ah, awkward romance!
That's the best kind, right? :D
If you need me to translate something, just ask!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconcutejapanplz:
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WARNING: Lots of mushy kissy stuff. Just saiyan. :D

  "Italy, stop screwing around and run the mile I told you to run an hour ago!" your boyfriend, the personified version of the counrty Germany, shouted at the small Italian. You sat next to the Asian country, Japan, watching Germany train. It was quite a nice view if you had to say so yourself.
  Italy began to protest when the German went off on him. Italy nearly jumped out of his skin and ran for the hills. You smiled as Germany walked towards you with that adorable smile he rarely ever wore. He crouched in front of you, "You didn't have to come with me, you know."
  "I wanted to." you smiled. Blush crept onto your face. "I like being around you."
  And with that, Japan got up and left. Germany sat cross legged in front of you now, "Vell, ve have some time before Italy comes back."
  "And I've packed lunch for us!" your smile widened as you opened the picnic basket.
  You began to unpack, pulling out wursts, a bottle of beer, a can of (favorite soda), and plates. You set everything out and reached back into the basket for napkins when your fingers grazed something. I don't remember packing anything else, you thought. You grabbed the object and pulled it out of the basket. It was a thin box with "Pocky" printed across the type in bold red letters. You felt your face heat up at the sight of the box. Japan must have slipped it into the basket while you were watching your boyfriend train.
  "Vhat's that, _______?" the German asked as he sipped his beer.
  "Some candy." you murmured as you tossed it aside, your face still noticeably red.
  Germany picked it up, "Should ve try some?"
  "Well there's a game that goes with it." you pointed out. You opened the box and slipped a long biscuit out and bit the end of it. "Bite the other end."
  He looked at you suspiciously but did as told and bit the end. Blush still on your face, you slowly nibbled to the center. Germany's face reddened when he realized the concept of the game and mimicked your actions. The two of you reached the center and looked at each other. Your lips were dangerously close.
  Germany took the chance and smashed his lips to yours, stealing the last bite. Startled, you opened your mouth wider, allowing him to slip his tongue into your mouth. Sure, you have kissed him before but never like THIS. You shut your eyes and returned the kiss.
  He broke the kiss, both of you panting slightly. Germany smirked and pulled another stick out of the box and clenched it between his teeth. You blushed and bit the other end when you heard running towards both of you.
  Italy glomped the German, knocking both of you over. The Italian sat up and smiled.
  "I want to play~!" Italy exclaimed. Germany sat up and blushed.
  You watched your boyfriend chase the apologizing Italian and smiled. Picking up the Pocky box, you tucked it back into the basket. I could use this again, you thought with a smirk.
Request for :iconsmartcookie525:
Hope you enjoy!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexygermanyplz:
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You walked down the gray sidewalk of the clean and neat street as you whistled to the newest kpop song by [Favorite Kpop Group/Artist]. The song was quite catchy as always and it just so happened to also be a favorite song by your best friend, Kiku Honda. Ever since your first day of junior high school the two if you became very good friends due to you both sharing a huge interest in anime.

Kiku was always a very shy and thoughtful Japanese boy. Although when it came to anime he would liven up and he could talk about it forever and ever, as could you. This is how Kiku usually acted in a nut shell, but lately he has been acting...strange. Specifically starting this week. He blushed a lot, stuttered, and seemed to sweat whenever you were around now. This is very unlike him except when a very pretty girl from an anime was involved. You thought that maybe he just thought you looked like one, so basically you just brushed it off.

Today was a Saturday which, of course, meant no school. Usually on Saturdays you would go over to Kiku's house and watch the latest anime. Right now it was Sword Art Online. It was very new and you and Kiku thought that the plot was just spectacular. A lot of thought was put into it.

You slightly giggled when you thought of last week, when you accidentally hugged hum because a certain part was very fluffy. Of course he laid the "no touchie" rule on you, which you thought was adorable in a friendly way. Before you knew it -due to your thinking- you were at Kiku's house.

You took out a key from under the mat and opened the locked door. Gladly, you strolled in as you would on any other normal Saturday. You made sure to leave your shoes by the door before you went to Kiku's room. "Kiku-kun, I'm here!" You shouted from halfway down the hallway.

You approached the last door to the right and opened it without knocking. Kiku hated this, which is why you did it. Teasing him was so fun. When he would give you a small lecture about how improper it is. Then he'd go into an honor speech and end it with a "I'm grad I rive arone." Yeah, believe it or not he lived by himself practically. Kiku's parents were rarely home.

"H-herro, [Y/N]-chan..." You stopped dead in your tracks from walking in his room and gave a confused look. Did Kiku really just not scold you for not knocking? Did he really just ignored it and stuttered?

"You feeling okay, Kiku?" You asked as you slowly went to go sit down in the red beanbag chair next to Kiku's green one. He only looked at you and nodded. Alright, either something was wrong with Kiku or this was just a drunken dream and you would wake up with a hangover soon. You slapped that thought out of your head. No way that second option was possible.

Instead of taking drastic measures you just patiently waited for Kiku to turn on the anime.


At the end of the first episode you two had watched that day, you were starting to feel cold. Kiku took note of this as he hid joy behind his soulless dark brown eyes. This was exactly what he was waiting for. He wanted to tell you his feelings and he thought that the best way would be with a cheesy fluffy pickup line.

"[Y/N]-chan...are you cord?" He asked with little confidence. You responded with a small yes. Kiku tried not to ruin anything by smiling before he said the next part. "Werr...can I be your branket?"

You never laughed so hard in your entire life.
Finally I have written a one-shot with my favorite Hetalia character. I really liked how this turned out. Please favorite, comment, and watch me for more FanFiction and one-shots about Hetalia to come. If you see any grammar errors, spelling errors, or if someone seems too OOC please tell me. Thank you and enjoy.

I do not own the preview picture.
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"Morning Kiku." you greeted to him shyly in the morning at his desk like you always do.
"Oh, good morning ___." he greeted. You checked in. You always had a thing for Kiku but you would rather be burned alive than tell him and face possible rejection.
"H-How are you?" he blushed.
"F-Fine." you replied. he nodded.
"That's good." quickly you rushed to your desk. Three rows down and four across from his desk. There you had a great angle of him where you can spy on him. Everyday you focused on his silky black hair, calm and collected voice and doe-like chocolate brown eyes without him knowing. You loved gazing at every detail of him.
"___? ___?" you looked up to see Kiku staring right at you. Instantly you two blushed.
"Well, its lunch hour." he replied.
"Oh, so it is..." you say looking at the clock trying to avoid eye contact.
"I-I was wondering if you wanted to come eat lunch with me?" he asked in his quiet tone.
"S-Sure." you smiled standing up.
"Yeah." you two walked out the door trying to ignore the hoots and hollers of your co-workers.
"Go get him girl." your gay best-friend and roommate winked at you. You glared at him before you made it out the door.You two walked in a little cafe 3 blocks away. The food was good and you and Japan had a pleasant conversation about your co-workers.
"We should do this more often." you said. He blushed and nodded,
"Yes, this was nice,"
"Yeah, it was." you two noticed a girl came to your table with a pleased smile on her face.
"You guys are like the cutest couple I've seen!" she giggled. Both your eyes widened,
"Wait, you two aren't a couple?" the girl asked slightly disappointed,
"N-No" Japan answered trying to avoid eye contact. You just looked down. All the other costumers that were watching you looked a bit embarrassed,
"That's a shame you guys would make such-"
"Check please!" you and Japan both said with new shades of red. After you convinced Japan to split the bill instead of him paying for it all you two walked back to all your co-workers leaving your friends desk masked with guilty faces.
"Thank you that was fun." you smiled. In the spur of the moment you kissed his cheek making bear a shade that could put tomatoes to shame. He nodded and you two went back to your seat.
"That's it?" your friend asked. you rolled your eyes.
"Yes,that's it what did you expect?"
"Never mind I dont wanna know." you shook your head. He chuckled. Realizing what you did you matched his shade.
"That was bold for you ya know." he smiled.
"Dont remind me." you sighed. He scooted forward and huffed.
"Sweetheart, he is smiling in his chair and I'm pretty sure something is full in the front." he laughed. you sighed. (i just realized hes wrong XD sorry sorry)
"While he's thinking of you why don't you ask him out now?" he said kicking you down the row along with the help of all your co-workers. You bumped into Kiku.
"Oh, ___." he said shocked.
"Hi." you blushed and looked around seeing you were surrounded by your co-workers. You just sat back and stayed silent. So your friend jumped in.
"Okay, we all know this too well. Kiku, you like her and ___, I know for a fact you like him and if you so much as deny it I will show him what you have in your file case. Kiku please before all grow old and die-"
"GO OUT WITH HER!" your co-workers and boss said. You two blushed.
"O-Okay" he replied making everyone cheer.
"So Saturday, dinner and movie?" your friend asked. You just looked at him as if to say. "I can't believe you just did that!"
Saturday came and you wore a blue/black corset top, with black skinnys and blue heels. You met up with outside yours and your friends house and both your jaws dropped. Kiku was wear a brown button up nice jeans and brown shoes. The brown made his eyes pop.
"Y-You look..." you guys began. You both knew what you were going to say so you stopped. Walking to the restaurant you found your hand in his and smiled. He looked away blushing. The dinner was amazing and the live jazz band was even better.
"This is amazing" you said when you took a bite of your desert. He ate some of his own and nodded. Then, some of the workers gently forced you two on the dance floor. You two realized that you were both light on your feet. After dinner and forced dancing you two split the bill again. (After convincing him to again) you two went to the movies and you both agreed on horror. Even though you were never scared by these movies the killer frightened you. The thing that really got you was his wicked laughter. Every time he laughed it gave you the chills.
"Were you scared?" he asked after the movie.
"Just by the killer." you answered shuttering.
"I dont think it was that bad." he smiled.
"Well, the killer played that part a little too well if you ask me." he chuckled at your remark.
"he was pretty good wasn't he?" at the house you pecked him on the lips and he let it linger.
"Um, goodnight." you and him both say. Right when you step in you were attacked by questions from your friend. Finally you gave in and told him everything he didn't even interrupt once. The next day you say cherry blossoms on your desk surrounding a card that read. "Thank you for a wonderful date. Kiku." you smiled.
~Nine months later~
You were gazing at all the cherry blossoms falling off the trees in Japan.
"It's amazing." you gasped.
"So are you." he smiled. You kissed him.
"There's a real reason I brought you here." he explained breaking the kiss. he got down on one knee and pulled out a box holding a ring with a big diamond in the middle surrounded by little pink ones.
"___, I love you with all my heart, i want to be able to wake up every morning and see your face next to mine. I dont care were we'll be I just want to see your face first thing in the morning for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?" you nodded and he slipped the ring on your finger. he kissed you passionately letting all the love, lust, desire and power break through. Three days later you were married in that same spot and your friend left a puddle of tears in his chair happy that he gets to be a "Godfather" soon. You woke up days later in your new place with Kiku. You smiled at his face when he slowly woke up.
"Ohayou." he said lovingly.
Well, this was for a friend and I thought i would share it. Plus, I don't have that many HetaliaXReaders right now..... don't kill me! ;~;

I kinda like how its fluffy! ^.^

Hetalia is not mine
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Thanks For Saving Me

"_______-san! Good morning!" Your Japanese friend, Kiku called, running over to you. He looked so cute in his grey beach shorts and baggy red top, along with red converse and a sweatband around his small forehead.
You smiled at him, waving.
"Good morning, Kiku! Ready to train?" You greeted, stretching your strong muscles. He nodded, stopping next to you.
"This was a good idea, ________-san. Ludwig is always too hard on us and Feliciano distracts me from training".
You blushed, fiddling with your own baggy shirt.
"Well? Wanna start?". Kiku nodded, his bangs slightly covering his face.
"Let's run a few laps and see where we go from there, yes?" You suggested.
Kiku agreed and took of running, with you following close behind. You both jogged into the woods, sun glittering through the autumn leaves.  
You looked over to your Japanese friend. He looked very content jogging through the calm woods, and seemed lost in thought. You smiled, admiring him.


"I don't no about this, aru" Yao whispered, hugging his panda tight.
"Dude, my ideas always work! CAUSE IM THE HERO!" Alfred screamed, before Arthur threw his hand up and slammed it on Alfred's huge mouth.
"Shut up, you git! You'll blow our cover!" He glared at Alfred, removing his hand from Al's mouth, while grimacing seeing as Alfred had licked his hand.
"It will work, Yao. Don't worry about it, da?" Ivan smiled, making Yao shiver.
"I'm not worried that it won't work, aru! It's just...._________'s special to Kiku. And he was once like my little brother" Yao informed, holding his panda even tighter.
"Ohonhonhon, don't worry, Yao. We'll take good care of her..." Francis smiled creepily at the small, old Chinese man, who frowned.
"Hey dudes! Look over there!" Alfred called in a whisper, peeking his head up from the bush. The others followed.
"It's Kiku and ________!" Arthur stated the obvious, smiling.
You and Kiku were both jogging through the woods, looking a little red but not slowing down much. Kiku's eyes were a little closed, breathing deeply as the calm air danced around him.
"Come on!" Arthur whispered, running to a bush closer to you while crouching. Alfred followed him, along with Francis. Ivan and Yao stood back a little.

Arthur crept up from the bush, sneaked a little behind you both, and grabbed hold of you, wrapping his hand around your mouth and pulling you forcefully into the Allies' hiding spot.
You struggled, screaming into the pale hand that silenced you, trying to pull your body from your captures. You opened your eyes to see large blue ones looking down on you.
"Dude! We caught her!" The blue eyed American shouted. You recognised that voice, it was Alfred F.Jones, a human representative of the United States.
You guessed that the other Allies were there, and you were right.
You were about to protest, until you were hit round the head by what felt like a metal pipe, and the last thing you heard was a distressed, "Aiyah...".


Kiku was starting to get tired, so he slowed down a little. Opening his eyes, he looked around to find his friend, ________, no where to be seen.
"__-________?" He choked out, his eyes darting rapidly around him.
He came to a sudden halt, panicking now. He whipped out his cell phone and dialled your number, heart racing.
He heard a small noise coming from behind the bushes, a ringing of some sort. He approached it, pulling the bush away from him, the noise becoming clearer.
Laying in the grass, ringing with a melodic tune, was your mobile phone, a little muddy from where it had obviously been dropped.
"_______-san's been here..." Kiku whispered, bending down to pick the phone up.
He brushed the dirt off the small device, then slipped it into his pocket. He ended the call from his phone and stepped behind the bush where he found the clue.
Looking around, he searched for anything else of yours. He spotted something stuck to the bark of the tree nearby. He moved closed, then recognised it. It was a fabric piece of Yao's clothing, it looked like it had been caught on the bark and ripped as he pulled on it.
"Allies." Kiku muttered, glaring at the fabric. He yanked on it, pulling it from the tree, and threw it to the ground, stepping angrily on it. And this was extremely strange for the small Japanese man. He was usually more introverted, but when it involved _________, he showed no mercy.
Pulling his katana out of no where, he stomped towards the axis' house, pushing open the door and slamming it behind him.


You woke with a pounding headache, trying to move your arms but finding them tied up. You started to scream, but the noise was muffled due to the gag wrapped around your mouth. You were seated on a wooden chair, legs tied together and upper body tied to the back of the seat. You fidgeted around, trying to break what was tying you.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you, _________" you heard a voice warn. It sounded like that stupid American, Alfred.
"Why the hell am I here?" You muffled through the gag, still struggling. You heard a chuckle, it sent shivers up your spine. You felt hands reach behind your head and detach the horrible fabric. As soon as it was taken off you started shouting.
"Let me go, assholes!" You screamed, kicking around.
"I don't think so, _________. Your perfect for our plan" An English accent spoke, in an intimidating tone.
"I..uh..what do you want from me?" You asked, stopping your protests.
"A little friend of yours.." Ivan whispered. You could hear the smirk in his voice.


Kiku felt himself fuming.
'How dare they capture _________! She's never done anything to them!' He shouted in his head.
Kiku laced up his boots and shined his katana, slipping it into its holder and speed walking outside. Ludwig and Feliciano were waiting there.
"I don't want to get hurt! England scares me!" Feliciano moaned, buried his head in his hands. Ludwig rolled his eyes.
"This is for the sake of _________. I'll never be able to live with myself if anything happened to her" Kiku muttered, looking sadly at the ground. Ludwig looked sadly at his friend, feeling empathy for him.
"Don't worry. Nothing's going to happen, she'll be okay" Ludwig assured, patting Kiku gently on the back. Kiku smiled softly.
"Come on" he instructed, walking towards the Axis' van. His friends followed.


You sat alone in the pitch black room, still tied up. You'd stopped screaming about an hour ago, as your voice had silenced and your throat began to sting. You sighed.
'I wonder what's going to happen to Kiku'.
You jumped as you heard a sudden crash and shouting from upstairs. You heard some slashing and pounding and then the door smashed open, revealing a panting, sweating Kiku, his katana in hand. He rushed over to you and cut through the ropes, letting you free. You smiled thankfully at him.
"Kiku! Thanks so much for saving me! Are you hurt? Did they do anything to you?" You questioned, fussing over him. He chuckled, softly, shaking his head.
"No. Arigatou, _________" He smiled, sliding his katana back into its case, and straightening himself out. You stood from the chair you were sitting on and followed Kiku up the stairs from the basement, only to see Ludwig and Feliciano sitting in the living room, with the allies knocked out and tied together on the lounge floor. You and Kiku raised your eyebrows at them.
"Well, that was interesting" Ludwig muttered, looking over to the Italian.
Feliciano grinned, "I had no idea what I was doing".
You laughed, as Feli and Ludwig stood up and made they're way out the door, with you and Kiku following close behind.
Feliciano and Ludwig sat in the front of the van with Ludwig driving, while you and Kiku sat in the back. You felt a little awkward, fiddling nervously with your hands.
"Uh, _________?" The Japanese man asked. You looked up in his direction.
"[1]....Anata O Muchu Nano[2]" Kiku mumbled, his face glowing bright red. You smiled, also blushing.
"I love you too, Kiku" you hurried forwards and sat beside him, taking hold of his hand. Kiku shook nervously, biting his lip. Your hand was warm against his.
"Thanks for saving me" you whispered, leaning forward and kissing him gently on the cheek, "I really appreciate it".

1: I Love You
2: I'm Crazy About You
Another request finished! WIN!

This was requested by :iconstarrocket12:
Sorry for the wait, I've been pretty busy with schoolwork and stuff :3

Anyway, first Japan x Reader I've written! He's hard to write for! It's hard to write him romantic, anyway!

So, hope you like this. The ending was kind of rushed, but hopefully its okay :)
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Japan x Reader – Sunlight, Moonlight

'Hello Kiku!' Exclaimed a female voice from behind the aforementioned male. Kiku stopped drawing hastily and nervously turned round in his seat, closing his precious sketchpad with a "snap".

'______-chan, how are you?

______ happily sat next to her Japanese friend, plonking herself down and swinging round in her chair to face him, smiling.

'I'm good, thanks. Watcha drawing?'

Kiku shifted nervously in his seat, not meeting her eyes.

'Nothing important ______-chan. Is there something you wanted?'

______ blinked, surprised.

'Nope, I just wanted to see you.'

Truth was, Kiku had been acting strange around her for awhile and she was getting a bit worried about her friend.

'I see.'

'…are you ok?' ______ asked, studying him closely.

'I am fine.'

'Oh. Cool…' She nodded at him in an offhand kind of way. Not that Kiku saw it or anything because, man, that crack in the paint on the wall was really interesting.

An awkward silence settled on top of them like a heavy fog and seemed to last forever.

'…Dude, you sure you're ok?' ______ finally asked bluntly, momentarily forgetting Kiku's "no-touching" rule and poking him on the arm. Kiku jumped and frowned at her slightly.

'I am sure I am fine, ______-chan. There was no need to assaurt me.'

______'s jaw dropped as she stared at Kiku in disbelief.

'I did NOT "assault" you! I poked you! You would KNOW if I was assaulting you.'

'When your brother is Im Yong Soo, everything is considered assaurt, ______-chan.'

'Oh…yeah.' ______ blushed vivid red, remembering the day she first met Im Yong Soo…and he'd groped her. 'You have a point…Sorry.'

Kiku gave her a small smile that made her heart skip a beat.

'It's ok ______-chan…I saw one of your artworks up on the warr in the Art Department, it was very good.'

______ grinned at him, blushing modestly now.
'Thank you but I think you're a much better artist than me.'

Kiku surveyed her and said seriously;
'______-chan, you underestimate your artistic abirities.'



Alfred grinned down at Kiku and ______, who was clutching Kiku's arm with one hand, the other grasping her top over her racing heart, eyes wide.

'What did you DO that for?!' She squealed indignantly, too shocked to scowl at Alfred.

'That was very irresponsibre of you to scare ______-chan rike that Arfred.' Scolded Kiku, frowning lightly.



Alfred grinned down at them excitedly, oblivious to the atmosphere. ______ stared from Alfred to Kiku in pure shock, mouth open, the hand clutching Kiku's arm tightening. Kiku had blushed a bright shade of red and looked very uncomfortable and flustered.

Slowly, she gathered her senses and grew annoyed at Alfred for making Kiku uncomfortable.

'Alfred.' She spoke lowly, a glare forming on her face with every word, directed at Alfred. 'What or who Kiku draws is none of your business so leave him alone!'

Alfred backed up, hands in the air in mock-surrender. 'K dude, chill. I was only messin' with ya.'

There was a distant shout of what sounded suspiciously like "Alfred!" and Alfred laughed nervously, backing up even more.

'Heh heh…Gotta go, dudes! Seeya!' And with that, he turned tail and ran. Less than a minute later Arthur turned up looking furious.

'Have you two seen Alfred? The git put a frog in my locker again!'

'He went that way.' Answered ______, pointing in the direction Alfred ran off in.

Arthur nodded, said; 'Thanks, love.' And disappeared after him.

More silence.

______ pondered what to do, she was curious as to what Kiku had drawn but was unsure about approaching the subject. Kiku still looked uncomfortable so she decided to just straight-out ask him.

'Hay, Kiku? Can I see your drawings?'

Kiku flashed her a distressed look before shaking his head wildly.

'I rearry don't think-'

'Oh please Kiku?? Pleaseeee?' ______  shifted closer to him and gave him the puppy eyes, hoping it would work as well on him as it did on Yao and virtually everyone else that liked cute things.

Kiku's eye twitched and he teetered on saying "no" before giving up and silently nodding.

______ grinned in victory and carefully took the sketchpad innocently laying on the table
beside them and opened it.

Inside, she found several pictures of herself. One was her in school uniform, she was standing on what looked like the school roof, the wind was blowing and she was laughing with her eyes closed, one hand was holding some of her hair back so she didn't accidently inhale it whilst laughing, the other hung limply at her side.

Another, she was sitting at a desk, the sky outside was grey, making her figure slightly silhouetted. Her head was in her hand, eyes half closed, smiling slightly, doodling in a open book.

And here, a close-up of her grinning face and her right hand, which was holding a Sakura blossom. Was that a kimono she was wearing?

But the one that took her breath away was still only a sketch, unfinished, and she realised that was what Kiku had been drawing just before she came over to say hi. It was of her and Kiku, they were facing each other, hands entwined, foreheads touching, they were both wearing traditional  Japanese clothing, a slight wind was blowing, Sakura petals floating past them.

______ looked up at Kiku, blushing. He was staring at his folded hands, also blushing.

'I am sorry if you find the drawings uncomfortabre…'

'Are you kidding?' Demanded ______ and Kiku looked up at her, hope reflecting in his eyes.

'They're beautiful, I love them, I – ' She looked away, blush increasing, grip tightening on the sketchpad.
'I love you.'

A gentle hand touched her tense one and ______ looked up shyly.

Kiku was smiling at her, still red in the face but obviously ecstatic about her confession. ______ melted and shifted closer to him, holding his hand and giggling quietly.

'I rove you too, ______-chan. I have for awhire now.' Kiku said sincerely, staring into ______'s eyes and then, moving even closer to her, eyelids half closed; he drew a single, shaky breath before suddenly surging forward to connect there lips.

It was simple and very, very sweet.

______ felt as though tiny fireworks were erupting inside her stomach and when Kiku pulled away, her lips tingled with a phantom weight.

'KISSING WAS INVENTED IN SOUTH KOREA, DA-ZE~!' Came a sudden shout from behind ______, who let out a small scream and threw herself at Kiku. Had his arms not been around ______ to stop her from falling, Kiku would've face palmed.  
Trust his annoying, soon-to-be-dead brother to ruin a perfect moment with his girlfriend. His eyebrow twitch and he glared at Soo Yong.
Soo Yong just grinned at his face and said with his arms crossed;

'If you wanted to have a "moment" with _____-san, you should have done it in private so people don't interrupt you, da-ze. You brought this on yourself, da-ze.'

Kiku gave no response, just detached ______ and set her down on his seat as he stood up and took hold of his purple-cloth covered katana, carefully uncovering it. ______ watched him, innocently noting his blank expression and blinked when Kiku held out the purple cloth for her to take.

'Prease take this, ______-chan.'

'Ok Kiku!' ______ happily took it, clutching it to herself as she watched Kiku unsheathe his katana.

Soo Yong watched Kiku with more and more nervousness. Kiku looked Soo Yong dead in the eyes and said;


As if Soo Yong needed telling twice. He was gone before ______ could blink.

Kiku sheathed his katana and re-wrapped it in the purple cloth, placing it carefully beside his seat.

'Oh Kiku~! You take my breath away when you show your dominance~!' Sang ______, laughing in delight when Kiku's face turned red and blood started dripping from his nose.

'You're such a pervert~, hahaha~!'
What has the choosen title got to do with the content of the story?
Nothing at all!!
I just thought it sounded good... ;A;

This was a commission for :iconpuppy-slush:
A fluffy Japan x Reader...I fail So. Much.:iconfailboatplz:
I donno...IS it fluffy? I can't tell...

JAPAN!! Y U SO HARD TO KEEP IN CHARACTER?!?! :iconscreamplz:
Seriously, I got writers block about 4 times because his personality was being awkward.

Ahhh, whatever the result, I hope you enjoy reading~


Japan belongs to Papa-Hime :iconjapangasmplz:
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Author's Note: Hetalia does not belong to me in any way, shape or form.


A new day brought on by a magnificent sunrise and birds chirping happily.

At least that's how it would start in a perfect world.

But seeing as how it isn't, instead you woke up to the always unwelcome screeching of your alarm clock.  After finally managing to shut it off, you open your eyes where your vision is greeted with the amazing sight of rain: nothing but rain and clouds colored in a depressing gray.

Actually, the weather described how you felt perfectly.

Today was your birthday.  Usually that would make you estatic beyond words.  But it just wouldn't be the same without..

My sweetheart, you finished in your thoughts as a melancholy sigh passed your lips.

You glance at a picture next to your clock of your dear husband of nearly two years, Kiku Honda.

You loved this man with all of your heart and soul.  When you first told others about him, some were very happy for you.  Yet there were those who were creeped out by this because of the way he acted & spoke.  But you didn't care in the least: you loved the way he was & if someone didn't like him, that was their problem.

A week ago, he had to leave for another World Summit meeting. Of course, you were used to him being busy since he was the human personification of Japan, but your heart felt like it had been torn in two when he said that he wasn't sure if he would be able to make it home in time to celebrate your birthday.

There was that small spark of hope that maybe, just maybe, you would at least get some sort of message from him.

As you slowly got out of the bed, you somehow make your way to the answering machine & look at it.

Not a single message.

But if he didn't leave a message here...

Suddenly given a burst of hope, you quickly rummage through your purse for your cell phone.  Once you turn it on, you immediately check the voicemail.

Absolutely no messages, except one about lowering one's interest rate on credit cards: either that or it was something about single guys wanting to chat - with the way the person on the phone spoke, it was hard to tell.

You could feel a crying fit start to come on.

I'm not going to cry. Not now but later. That would be your mantra for today.  As upset as you were, you had to put on a smile: after all, it's not everyday that it's your birthday.

Fifteen minutes later, your dressed in your favorite shirt & jeans, while your [hair color] hair is fixed just the way you like it.

Just as you were making your way to the living room, you hear someone knocking on your front door very loudly.

"Yo, [Name]!"

You rolled your eyes and despite how sad you were, you let a smile slip. You'd know that voice anywhere.

"Just a second, Al!" you cried as you unlocked & opened the door.  There was Alfred F. Jones, 'the hero' as he often called himself.  Of no surprise to you, he wore his dark brown bomber jacket as well as a pair of his really faded blue denim jeans & a t-shirt with the American flag proudly displayed.

"Happy birthday, [Name]!" he cried as he enveloped you in a tight hug.

"Thanks," you answer weakly as you return the hug.

Alfred released you from his grip & blinked a little bit.  "What's the matter?" he asked.  "This is your b-day, yo!  You should be happy, so c'mon & shake your booty!" He did exactly that; you laugh a little at his antics, but your smile quickly fades.

Knowing all too well what was on your mind, Alfred gently patted your shoulder consolingly.  "I know you miss him", he continued, "but he'll be back sooner than you think."

All you can do is nod.

Suddenly, Alfred slapped his hand to his forehead.  "Aw dammit! I totally forgot your present!" he cried.  "I could've sworn I'd - well never mind.  So um, just do me a favor.  Close your eyes."

You blinked in shock. "What?"

"Please?" he begged, giving his best 'puppy dog' eyes.  "I just want it to be a surprise! Please please please please ple-"

"Calm down, Al!" you hastily respond.  "If that's what you want, I'll do it! Just turn it down a notch, okay?"

"Sweet!" he cried, pumping his fist in the air.  "So just stay here and keep your eyes shut as tight as possible." He slowly backed away towards the doorway.  "I'll let you know when you can open them, okay?  I'll be back in a jiffy!"  Before you can say anything else, he rushes out the door.

Well, I guess there's nothing else to do except do as he says, you say to yourself as you close your eyes.

It was oddly quiet as you stood there for.. well..

Let's just say it was quite a while (or at least it felt that way).

Finally, you couldn't keep it in anymore.

"Dammit Al!" you cried.  "How much longer do I have to - "

Your voice was silenced when a pair of lips softly pressed against yours.

You immediately break the kiss & back away from him.  Of all the things Alfred could have done, this was going way too far.

"Hey! Cut that out!"

"But I thought you riked my kisses."

W-Wait.. It can't be..

Quickly, you open your eyes to see Kiku standing there with a gentle smile.  Your eyes fill with tears of joy as you hastily embrace him & kiss his cheek.

"Kiku!  I've missed you so much!" you said, though you were barely audible through your tears.  But Kiku heard the message well enough.

"Otanjobiomedeto, watashi no ai," he gently replied.  He gently raised your face so he could look into your [eye color] eyes; without another word, he pressed his lips against yours.  You sighed contentedly as you happily returned the kiss & pressed your body closer to him.

Needless to say, this was the best birthday present you could ever receive.
Today is :iconpokebw4evr:'s birthday, so I thought this would be the perfect gift for her.

Happy birthday Ashley & may God bless you with many more wonderful years!


I realize it's rather short, but I just thought I'd keep it that way. As for my Italy x OC, I've still been having computer troubles as of late, but rest assured, I'm still working on it :)

I hope you enjoy this, guys ^_^
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You sit to the steps to the tea house, the skirt of your dress flowing over your bare legs. You hum to yourself lightly as you wait for Kiku to arrive for tea.

He's late, you note, and that's an odd thing for him to do. Kiku's never late.

But you don't mind, really.

Suddenly, he appears, a pink blush dusted upon his cheeks. He carries the tea set with him, and he sets it down beside you before holding out his hand.

You take it.

"(name)?" he whispers into your ear. "Aishiteru."

That's the boldest thing he's ever said.
This is another drabble in my Japan series. ^__^

I felt like writing and reading about him, all of a sudden.

This would technically be the prequel to the other two Japan drabbles. ♥

This is exactly 100 words as well!

I hope you like it~

Neither Japan nor you belong to me, sadly. :c
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The tiny sound of the bell ringing filled the silence. You stepped through the grimy door, your eyes widening at the cornucopia of books that stretched across the room. Stacks of books were in each and every corner of the little shop, tables overflowing with them. Shelves went all the up to the ceiling, books of all shapes and sizes adorning them.

This was the sort of place you were looking for, the quiet type of paradise that until now had eluded you. Except, the place was filthy.

Dust cloaked the wooden shelves, hell even the air was thick with it. You had to watch your feet carefully, to make sure your nose wouldn't meet the floor anytime soon.

"Hello?" You said, scanning the room for a sentient life form. "Hello? Is there anyone here?" Your voice got louder as you tried again. After managing to stumble closer to the only table with a cash machine, you rang the bell that was settled on the desk.

A groan emitted from behind the doorway, which was covered by strands of fabric, in an attempt to give the room behind some privacy.

A man appeared, leaning against the wall, looking absolutely exhausted. Alarmed, you reached forward to help him, but he merely waved you off.

"What can I help you with?" He asked unenthusiastically. "We-well, I'm looking for a job you see, so when I saw the notice in the window-"

"What?! Who put that there?" He sighed agitatedly, running a hand through his dishevelled hair. "Must've been Yao...." After sighing again, he glanced at you, taking you in.

"It's true I've needed a helping hand. But honestly not enough people come in here anymore, so it doesn't really matter...."

You snorted derisively. "Well, I'm not surprised, this place is a mess." He shot a glance around the room. "It can't see what wrong with it. I can find whatever I need fine. Besides, I like it when it's quiet. I just want to be left alone."

"Then why open a shop in the first place?" You told him, frowning. "I love reading, I like books. So go figure, I opened a bookshop where I can read all I want."

You threw your hands up in the air. "This place could look really nice! Hire me. For a week or so and I promise I'll make the place look good and get people in." He stared at you quizzically, repeating what he'd said. "I just like being left alone."

This man presented a challenge for you. And you would definitely win. "Screw it. I don't care if you hire me now. If I can get ten people in that buy a book by the end of the week, then you can consider me hired. If not, I'll just leave you alone forever."

He smirked, he liked the sound of you leaving. Besides there was no way, you could get anyone to come in.  "Deal."

The next day you returned, carrying bags filled to the brink with cleaning equipment. You decided to start on the windows, hopefully once they were clean and open, you could see the mess that awaited you a bit better.

You flipped the closed sign that was hanging in the door. But when you turned it around again and again, you realised both sides had 'CLOSED' printed on it. Sighing, you raised your eyebrow, but left it as it was.

You heard a clink as the man you now knew as Kiku set down a mug of coffee on his cluttered. He propped his feet up as he settled down to read a dusty novel, wrapped in a blanket. As you'd managed to creak the windows open, it had become quite cold inside.

But already the place looked a lot fresher, the old stuffy air having disappeared outside. After half an hour of swiping the grime away from the window panes, you deemed them clean enough and you smiled, happy you'd gotten one thing done.

But your spirits fell as you turned and witnessed the onslaught of books. This should take more than a week to do, at least, but you were determined not to lose face.

Kiku watched with an amused smile over the rim of his coffee cup as you set about removing the books from the shelves, putting them in orderly piles on the dusty floor.

First you made sure to clean each shelf, careful not to lose your footing on the rickety stepladder and knock over the books.

It wasn't that hard, but it was very satisfying when after several hours you looked at the gleaming wood you'd polished meticulously.

By this time Kiku had fallen asleep the book lying over his face. You took that moment to have a proper look at him. He was rather small and the black hair framing his face was disarrayed. You caught the book as it slid of his face, not wanting to wake him.

He looked quite sweet as he snored gently, it was when he started talking that it irritated you. If only he could be this nice when he was awake, you thought as you left the book on his desk.

You placed a ribbon on the page he was at, placing a small stone on top of it, so the spine would be back to normal when he started reading again.

You plopped down on the Chesterfield sofa you'd uncovered during your cleaning. After clearing some books from your side, you picked one up and leafed through it. You sighed as you glanced across the amount of books you'd have to classify, alphabetise and put back on the shelves after cleaning each one.

But that would have to be a chore for the next day. After another look around the cosy room, you smiled, waved at Kiku even though he was asleep and left. When he heard the telltale chime of the bell, Kiku opened his eyes and shyly returned your wave.

Truth was, though he was irritated someone was invading his private space, he was happy. Happy someone was interested enough in his shop that they'd go to such lengths. Kiku's brown eyes scanned the piles of books, enjoying the warmth of the setting sun on his face as it streamed through the clean glass.

"Morning!" you greeted, swinging into the shop with ease, smiling as Kiku nodded at you. You grinned as you saw what you still had left.  The stack of books waiting for you was still quite large, but as all you had to do was alphabetise it, it was simple.

Kiku's eyes didn't leave you, save only when you looked at him, then they'd flick back to his book. Looked like he was going to lose. Not that he'd really lose anything except his personal space.  Besides the smile that you had plastered on your face was making his heart flip.

After the last book found its place on the shelf, you stood back, hands on your hips as you chuckled. "It's done!" You sang, cheering as you did a victory dance.  All that was left was to sweep the floor and get the customers.

Kiku's book was snapped shut by him and he stood up to inspect. After making a quick tour round the room, he nodded and muttered something to himself. Then he sat down on the sofa next to you.

"I don't even need those ten people to come in. You're hired." He told you as he sat back and closed his eyes. Your own (e/c) eyes widened. "Really?! Thank you so much!" You hugged him closely and you could feel the heat steaming from his cheeks.

When you released him, he coughed over his embarrassment. "Yes, well, when I see you working so hard, it wouldn't be fair not to give you the job." He clarified, glancing away from you. Your eyes met his and he seemed about to say something when the bell rang.

The two of you jumped in shock as you saw a couple of people sidle in, looking around and scanning the spines of the books.

You grinned and held your hand out to him, standing up. "C'mon. I suggest you take a shower, wouldn't want you to be the only thing here that wasn't presentable." You said with a wink. He took hold of your hand and hauled himself up.

"Alright. Also," He murmured as he turned to the door, "I'm leaving the customers to you." He kissed your cheek and vanished into the lurking darkness behind the doorway.
I apologise. I know Japan is OOC..... But I really think he'd be pissed off if this was to happen!

Also, I got this idea from the wonderful tv-series "Black Books". If you haven't heard of it, I really suggest you watch it! It's one of my favourites!

And to those who do know it, I love Bernard!! He's so brilliantly sarcastic!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments ^^

Decide in the next poll who YOU want to see next!
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