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(Slightly Otaku!Reader)

"Konnichiwa, My students." Drake-sensei, your Judo instructor said and bowed to the class. "Rei." Everyone sat in seiza position and started the Opening of the afternoon class.


"Ok, Guys, start doing some running and then start with your Ukemi." Drake-sensei said to the class.

You started running around the dojo. Panting softly all the way. "Just go slow ___, just go slow." You smiled to yourself and kept running behind the people in front of you in a fast pace.

"Side break falls." Said your senior. You did them both left and right on the soft matted floor. "Front break fall!" You went and prepare to do a break fall and landed on the floor, nicely. "Back break fall!" You then rolled on your heels and slapped the floor with your arm.

You panted. Even though training was tough you enjoyed it.

Not like other people...

"Geez, are they gonna give us some more?!"

Speak of the devil.

"This is just a warm up, (girl)." You panted and got off the floor and bowed out of the mats to get your well-deserved drink.

"I know... I know." (girl) said, she then checked her phone and looked over your shoulder and smirked.

"Honda boy at 4:17pm" She said. Your eyes widened and you looked over your shoulder, and you blushed at the sight if the said Honda.

Kiku Honda, the only true Japanese in your whole group. He was your senior in judo even though he was your age. He went to your school so you knew a little about him. His shy and serious personality, his like of cute things and anime, tea... Who he hanged out with...

No, you weren't a stalker, you were just, mere observant.

You stuttered at him, trying to greet him. "H-Hello Honda-San." You smiled nervously, a blush in place. He wanted everyone to call him with the Japanese honorifics, who could blame him; he was more Japanese than japan itself!

If that made sense.

"Konnichiwa ____-San" He replied politely with a small smile, Ginger you a small bow and then he walked over to talk with the Instructor. You looked down and blushed and (__) snickered.

"Ah, ____, you're stuck to him like honey and a-" You covered her mouth before she could say more. She talked really loudly.

"Shut it (__)!" You squeaked in embarrassing and punched her shoulder. "Ouch."


"Ok, now we are going to be practicing the basic moves everyone should know, ok?" Drake-sensei said. Everyone nodded. "Okay, pair up." It was the usual, People with people who were nearly their size.

And in a flash, everyone had a partner. Not that you could ask much people to be honest. The class was full of guys and only (__) and you were the only girls. There weren't many guys you were comfortable with but either way you could work with anyone.

But they weren't there and you looked like a desolate fish in the middle of the dojo.

You sigh; you thought you were going to be alone again. You couldn't train with (___) because she was two inches shorter than you. You then felt a tap in your shoulder and you turned.

Your eyes widened. "H-Honda-San...?" you stammered. "W-What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering, um, do you have anyone to practice with?"

You shook your head.

"Would you like to p-pair up with me?" Kiku asked shyly, looking away from your gaze. A light blush dusting his cheeks. He looked utterly nervous.

You on the other hand, were starts truck. Your cheeks were an unhealthy glow of red and your eyes were widened. You also had a happy (slightly weird) smile on your face. You were over the moon. He had never asked you personally to be with him.

"...___-San, are you there?" Kiku asked worriedly. He waved his hand on your face. You finally snapped back to reality, and in the calmest voice you could master at the moment, you said.

"I'd love to." You beamed in a loud and cheerful voice.

"Good, so let's get a spot on the mats." Kiku smiled and walked towards the mats.

You nodded happily and followed him there.


You were now practicing Osoto Gari with Kiku. Did I mention you had a big crush on him? You'd known him since grade school but you were really shy.

Osoto Gari is Japanese is leg sweep. You were pretty good with this technique. You really didn't want to flop in front of him and make a huge embarrassment of yourself so you were in deep concentration.

You felt like breaking the silence barrier between you and make some real interaction.

"Um... K- I mean Honda-San, do you know about the world history project that we have?" You asked, now trying to find good timing to sweep him. You were currently the Tori, the practitioner.

"Yes, the one on the world wars." he responded, deeply concentrated at Following your steps. He was the Uke, the receiver.

So he was your Uke...

Wait that sounded wrong. You shook your head to get rid of the thought.

"I think it's really interesting..." You trailed off. You then started rambling about how you liked world history and how the countries were all amazing in their own ways. All while practicing the moves.

"I personally thought that Japan was amazing in the war..." you mumbled.

Kiku heard you and blushed. "I-is that so?" he smiled faintly you and your heart fluttered.


"Ok, now we will do Osoto Guruma." Drake-sensei declared. You looked shocked; you always failed while doing that move. Your instructor showed the class once more what to do and you all separated.

You then went with Kiku and grabbed the hem and sleeve of his uniform. He did the same.

"So... Do you want to go first?" You asked.

"If it's ok with you?" He replied.

"Absolutely!" You said.

He then proceeded to do the 'Large outer wheel' technique, Osoto Guruma, It was like Osoto Gari, but different, it had less sweeping and more force if that made sense.

Either way, you sucked at this technique.

He started moving back and forth, you following, he then pulled the hem of your shirt and swept both your legs on the floor, and you slammed on the floor with a back break fall. It was all so fast that you couldn't even SEE how he did it.

What do you expect from him, he was your senior, after all.

He was now hovering over you. He was panting softly and his face Showed little effort from the throw. Either way, you blushed at the closeness.

"Wow." You said. He smiled and you and got up and gave you his hand so you could get up. You accepted it gladly and he pulled you up. "Thank you."

"It's your turn, ____-San." He said. You nodded and change your positions.

You started okay; you were actually impressed that you hadn't ruined it. When you swept him he break falled on the floor and the technique worked.

Until you were going to do the final part,"Gyaaah!" you slipped.
On top of Kiku.


You kissed him.

Basically you slipped and landed on top of him and kissed him accidentally when you fell. You always mucked up this technique.

But. You. Kissed. Him.


You blushed brightly, almost not a natural shade and you separated from him quickly. You panted and looked away. Kiku's face was full on scarlet, he was really embarrassed, and he just stayed immobile on the floor. The entire club laughed at the sight. Making kissy noises and wolf whistles.

You couldn't be more embarrassed. You were about to cry from the humiliation. You got up from the floor and held your hand for him, not making eye contact. He held your hand and stood up.

"S-sensei..." You sniffed. "Can I please g-go outside for a moment?" You asked. You needed air, pronto.

"Sure, ____, take all the time you need." he smiled sympathetically. He knew you were really upset. And when you were upset you turned into one of the strongest people in the club.

Eh, Hormones.

You looked next to you to see if Kiku was there but he had left your side. You smiled sadly and ran out of the dojo door to the garden, without bowing.


"Damn it, Damn it, Damn IT!" You cried to your hands. You were now sitting under a small tree in the Dojo garden. 'It's going to be so awkward between us now.' you sighed and looked to the sky, as if it would give you any answers.

"He must hate me..." You whispered to yourself.

"...I don't hate you, ___-San." A voice said from behind you.

Your eyes widened in shock, your head then wiped to the other side and you looked.

It was Kiku.

He looked really shy and embarrassed still, you could see it. His cheeks were still flushed. He came looked like he had something to say,  

"...I'm sorry." Kiku said, looking away.

"Why are you sorry?" You asked. "I am the one who needs to be sorry!" you cried in anger and embarrassment. Here we go "I am such a klutz when it comes to that move... I knew it but still...!"

"Calm down." Kiku said calmly, he put a hand and your shoulder and your tense body relaxed completely.

"Sorry..." you whispered, near sobbing."G-gomenasai." You said in Japanese. Kiku smiled. "Daijoubu, ____."

"It's not ok..." You grumbled. "I bet you hate me." you pouted.

"I don't hate you, I told you."

"But still! I kissed you! All because of my clumsiness!" You sighed for the millionth time. "... If you don't hate me, I bet you dislike me now."

"How could I ever dislike you ___-San?" He said softly but seriously. You looked at his eyes and he looked away and blushed. " be honest... I like you...." he said softly. "I am just too shy... To admit it..."

Your eyes widened again, in shock and in incredibility. You then smiled and your eyes softened. "...really?"

"Hai." He said, still not looking at you.

"...I also... Like you too..." You whispered. "For a while now..."

He then looked at you; his face was a mix between shock, happiness and hope. "H-honto ni " He said in his native tongue. Luckily, you had studied the basics before. "Watashi Wa... Anata Wa Watashi o Suki desuka?"

"Hai, Honto ni desu." You smiled. "Really." his eyes widened, you understood him. You really happy at the moment that you wanted to hug him, but you stopped yourself.

'Thank god... arigatai desu...' Kiku sighed in relief internally. He was content and at peace at that moment.

"U-Uh, sorry, I forgot you had a personal thingo and that you dislike being hugged..." You said and laughed sheepishly.

A small blush spread across his cheeks and he laughed softly. "That is true" he then smile at your embarrassed face. "...but I wouldn't mind if it's only you..." He said softly.

And with that you launched yourself against him. "N-nani!" He was startled for a moment and then hugged you back softly.

"...I love you..." you said into his shoulder. "D-Daisuki dayo..." You said hiding your blushing face from him.

He was shocked for a microsecond there and smiled at your confession and blushed. "Watashi mo...." he hugged you tighter. "Aishiteruyo..." you smiled into his uniformed shoulder. You then thought something.


"Hai, ___-san?"

"Can... I call you Kiku?"

He thought for a brief moment. "...Why not." he chuckled softly. "You are my girlfriend now right?"

"Yes!" You giggled. "I guess I am."


You and Kiku entered the dojo together and acted like nothing happened. But you had a wide smile on your face and Kiku had a placid smile gracing his handsome features.

You then continued all moves in sync until your instructor gave you time for a break.

You then waved to Kiku and left to get your water bottle. You drank your water and sighed happily. (___) had been observing you for a while now, and she smirked.

"So, you scored Honda huh?" She winked.

You choked on your water. "W-What?!"

"You confessed right? You look so happy." The shorter girl grinned. "And I swear I saw a happy aura coming out of both like sunbeams." She said.

You blushed and looked down. "...yes."

"Wonder what I missed?" She winked at you and left for the mat. "You Guys left for long."

You were completely flabbergasted. Was she insinuating...?! "(___) YOU IDIOT!" You yelled your blush full on blast.

She just laughed.


Class was finished for today. It was now 5:20 pm. You were already changed and ready to leave.

"Kiku-'kun', Are you busy after class?" you said, pulling the hem of your shirt. You decided to use a more personal suffix

He looked at you from the side; he was now tying his shoe laces. "No, ___-'chan'" he said trying out the new suffix and he blushed. "Do you... Want to go somewhere?"

"It's not really a date but would you like to cone with me to the library?" You tilted your head. "I need to go get my books that are in reserve." you smiled. "My manga."

"Oh really? You like manga?" Kiku asked.

You gave him an incredulous look. "Of course I do! And anime and cosplay...." you rambled on. "And the Japanese country itself." He was blushing all the way, the compliments for his country and your vast knowledge about it was intriguing to him.

"We should watch some over at my house sometime and for tea... If that's what you want." Kiku said shyly. You smiled warmly.

"I would love to." You smiled and left for the door. Kiku following after you. You texted your older sibling that you were coming home a little later today, and not to worry. Kiku just walked next to you, quietly towards the direction of the library.


Kiku looked a little hesitated, he was reaching his hand near yours but he didn't have the courage to just hold it. Maybe it was inappropriate as you two just started dating?

But as the gentlemen he was, he asked. "Ah, _-___-chan..."

You looked at him and smiled. "What's up? The library is not too far from here."

"Ah, I-ie, no that wasn't what I wanted to ask you..." 'Not at all.'

"Yes, what is it?" You smiled softly. "Is something bothering you?" he shook his head.

"May I... H-hold your hand?" He said softly, he looked down shyly. You looked at him and blushed slightly. He was so cute!

You chuckled. "You don't have to ask me, you know? Just do it." You smiled and tilted you head. "Ok?" You then grabbed his hand. You blushed at your sudden confidence.

Kiku shyly intertwined his fingers with yours and you two kept walking towards the library.


"Mm?" you hummed. Not too long for the library now!

"You said I don't have to ask you for anything... right?"

"I did." You hummed. You were really in lala land now.

And... You were also really oblivious to the fact that something touched your cheek.

Kiku had pecked your cheek lightly and looked away. In sudden realization you blushed as red as a rose. He held your hand a little tighter.

"Come with me for Tea, after the library." He asked, a little, teeny bit of commandment in his tone. "Onegaishimasu?" he said a little softer. You nodded and smiled.

Internally, you were grinning like an idiot.

"I told you, you don't have to ask me, didn't I?"


All accidents happen for a reason, even if the reason seems the most peculiar.
Seriously, i didnt know when i was going to put this out ad i'm surprised because i LOVE Nihon-kun. My first favorite in Hetalia (yes even before iggy)

KIKU HONDA FOR YOU'S! :iconkikuplz:

Well this is my first JapanXReader and guess where i got inspired from> Judo when my sensei showed us this move to the class with another teacher and their noses were real close ...yeah.

Sorry if the move description is wrong.. I cannot explain the moves directly, i can only show you, and i f i do, you would end in the ground. :iconkarateplz: (I also do Tae Kwon Do but thats another story)

Sorry for the wrong trans if they are! these are from memory!
Arigatai: Thank heavens
Aishiteruyo: I love you
Honto ni: really?
Daisuki dayo: I love/like you
Watashi: I ... and the rest 'do you like me?'

Yeah, i'm gettin' lazy here! sorry if OOC. :D
:iconsexyjapanplz: Owns you (and me XD)
:iconhimaruyaplz: Owns hetalia!

Ja! mata ne~
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You and the members of Axis, Germany, Italy, and Japan, were at your vacation house far away from any city and there were no other houses within miles. It was your birthday and you wanted to invite them to have fun with you on your special day. Your vacation house in a beautiful location; perfectly green grass surrounded it, there was a gigantic blue pool, complete with a diving board and water slide in the back yard, which is where the four of you were hanging, and your house was like a glorified, air conditioned straw hut. Everything about it was perfect.
Italy, Germany, and you were having fun in the water while Japan was hanging in the shade, looking bored. But then again, you couldn't really tell because he had the same facial expression for almost everything. Germany was wearing black swimming trunks, Italy was wearing green ones, and you were wearing your cute black and gray vertical striped bikini, lazily floating on a raft while the other two jumped and slid into the pool. Japan was wearing white trunks, and since he didn't approve of showing off  is chest, he also wore a white swim shirt. It was skin tight so you could see his beautifully chiseled abs. He looked so adorable with his hair blowing in the light breeze, but with him in the shade, it was hard for you to admire him.
You were determined to get him into the water. Just then, Germany did a perfect back-flip and landed straight as a pencil in the water. You applauded as he came back up and he smiled at you.
"My turn!" Italy yelled and tried to imitate Germany, but failed and ended up belly-flopping and making a huge splash. It rained down on you and Germany and splashed Japan some. You heard him scoot his chair back a little bit further away. Italy surfaced and his body and face was all red. You and Germany started to laugh.
"Feli, are you ok?" you asked sympathetically.
"I'm-a-ok _______."
"Are you sure? That looked really painful."
"Yep. It was!"
you three started laughing again and you saw Japan out of the corner of your eye, looking very lonely and left out. You flipped yourself over and looked at him.
"Hey Kiku, you look lonely," you yelled. He looked at you.
"Huh? Oh. No _______,  I'm fine, he answered calmly.
"Will you get in the pool?" you asked.
"I  rearry don't want to", he answered.
"Why not?"
"Werr..." he looked down at his feet. "I don't know how to swim." he blushed.
"That's ok. I wont make you go into the deep end. Just over here by the ladder."
"I don't want to get in the poor."
"Please? Its my birthday," you begged him.
He sighed and started walking towards the pool.
"Yay!" you cheered as he made his way to the pool.
He sat on the edge of the pool and dipped one foot in and took it back out.
"Its too cord _______," he complained.
You rolled your eyes.
"Kiku, the water is not cold. Get in before I come over there and  drag you in by your feet," you teased him.
He sighed again and slowly dipped his legs into the water. You though he was going to push in, but he just sat there.
"I'm in the poor, are you happy now, _______?" he asked.
"Kiku, I said in the pool not the edge. Actually get in the pool."
Japan was too busy arguing with you to notice Germany sneak up behind him. He looked at you and smiled a mischievous smile. You smiled to let him know you were on to him. Germany put his arms under Japan's, who yelped in surprise, picked Japan up and threw himself with japan in his arms  into the part of the pool where it descends a little.
You gasped. You didn't know he was going to do that to Japan. You paddled your raft next to where they would surface. Japan surfaced, thrashing wildly, trying to get a hold on your raft. His eyes were wide with fear as he finally got a grip on the raft, gasping for air.
Germany finally surfaced behind him. He was laughing with a triumphant look on his face. You gave him a disappointed look and smacked the back of his head.
"Ow! Vat vas zat for?" he asked, still laughing a little.
"That was mean, Ludwig," you scolded and rolled off the raft and to the other side to help Japan onto the raft.
It took a few tries, but you finally got him onto the raft and you pushed him back to the shallow end. You didn't take him all the way to the edge and he tried to paddle his way, but you held the raft back.
"I still want you in the pool, Kiku," you told him.
"I want out of the poor, _______," he told you.
"No. You don't have to get off the raft, but I still want you to stay here."
"What if Rudwig tries somesing erse rike sat on me again?" he asked with a rare hint of fear in his voice.
You put a wet hand lightly on his thigh and he glared intently at it.
"I wont let him do it again. If he tries I'll kick his nuts, ok?" you assured him.
Japan looked at you and then started to watch the two other men splashing around on the opposite side. He put his arms round his legs and rested his chin on his knees.
You were both silent or a little bit, then something popped into your mind. While you two were alone on this side, it would be the perfect time to ask if he liked you. You liked him a lot. He was the shortest of the three men of Axis, and you know what being the shortest felt like, as you usually were. The way he talked was adorable, as was his hair, his face, his personality, everything about him was just so cute! You tried to make it sound casual.
"Hey Kiku, can I ask you a question?" you asked calmly, but on the inside you could feel your heart speed up.
"Yes. What wourd you rike me to answer, _______?" he asked without looking at you.
"Um...are you angry at me?" you asked. That was not what you were planning to ask. Why did you ask that?
Japan looked at you and smiled a small smile.
"Of course not. You are my friend. Even if I was angry at you, I wourdn't be able to stay angry for rong. You're too pretty to be angry at," he said sweetly.
His answer took you by surprise and you could feel your face flush a bright pink.
"Th-thank you Kiku," you said sheepishly. Why was your brain so stupid at times like this?
You both watch Germany and Italy splashing around for a while.
"Hey Kiku! Can ve use zat raft for somezing?" Germany yelled.
Japan looked at you and you helped him off the raft. Then you pushed the raft to the deep end.
"Zank you!" Germany thanked.
You looked over at Japan. He was shaking.
"Kiku, are you ok?" you asked.
"Sis remind me of movie I saw where sis boy was dragged down under by giant, mutant squid and eaten arive," he told you.
You waded to him and put your hand on his shoulder.
"I wouldn't let that happen to you Kiku," you assured.
"Sank you, _______."
You leaned in close to his ear.
"But, if I was that giant, mutant squid, I would eat you," you teased.
"Wh-what?!" he looked at you with big eyes. You laughed. His face was adorable!
"Hey _______! Watch me!" Italy yelled and he jumped off the diving board and onto the raft like he was trying to surf, but he lost his balance and toppled over into the water.
"Oh my gosh that looks so fun! I wanna try!" you said excitedly. You looked at Japan. He was still shaking.
"Are you ok with me leaving you to go do that really quick?" you asked
"I'rr be ok," he said quietly.
"Are you sure?"
"Ok." you got out of the pool and ran to the diving board.
Germany and Italy put the raft in place and moved aside. You jumped and landed o the raft, and you stayed on! You slowly stood up, without falling off and looked at Italy.
"I did it!" you said excitedly.
"Yay ________! How long can you stay up?" he asked.
"Not long," Germany yelled from the slide.
You  turned your head as you saw him go down the slide. When he hit the water, he purposely grabbed the raft and shook you off. You splashed into the water and you felt your top slip off. You covered your breasts and surfaced.
"LUDWIG!" you screamed.
"Are you ok,_______?" he asked in response.
"No, my top came off! Go find it for me! It probably sank to the bottom!" you yelled angrily.
"How does your suit sink to ze bottom?" he asked.
"The chain strap around the neck is heavy. Go find my top," you commanded.
He shrugged and dove under and after a few tries, brought you your top.
"Here it is, _______," he said with a pervy smile.
You snatched it from him and smacked him again to wipe that look off his face.
"Ow! I'm sorry,________," he apologized.
"No you're not," you said.
"You're right! I'm not!" he laughed and splashed your face and swam off.
You wiped the water from your face, rubbing your eyes. Some got in water got in your eyes and the chlorine stung. You hopped out of the pool and turned your back to everybody so you could put your top back on. As you were tying the first strap, you heard Italy say something to Germany.
"That was kind of-a-mean, Ludwig. It looked like you hurt her feelings," he said.
As you were fastening the chain around your neck, you heard Germany get out of the pool. You turned around and he was standing in front of you.
"I'm sorry I knocked you off ze raft, _______. Do you forgive me?" he asked.
You though for a second.
"Yes. I forgive you, Ludwig," you said and he put his arms around you. You hugged him too, then when he broke away, you pushed him backwards into the pool.
"Now vat vas zat for?" he asked.
"That was for Kiku," you said and slid back into the shallow end next to Japan. He was smiling at what you did to Germany.
"Sank  you, ________," he thanked.
"No problem, hon," you said. Then you mentally beat yourself over the head. Why did you just say that?
Japan giggled.
"What?," you asked.
"You carred me 'hon'. I sought it was cute," he said and you blushed.
You felt a drop of rain on your forehead. Then, out of nowhere, it started to pour all over the four of you. There was thunder in the background.
"Aw, what?" you said angrily.
"Arright, everybody inside. Don't want anybody getting erectrocuted in the poor," Japan ordered and jumped out himself. You snickered as he helped you out.
"What?" it was his turn to ask.
"You said erect," you giggled.
"So immature," he said and pathetically smacked your arm.
You walked in together and stood in the back room. Germany and Italy came in right behind you.
"I have two bathrooms. Ludwig and Feli, take the one down here. Kiku and I will take the one upstairs," you said.
You split up and got your clothes.
"Do you want the bathroom first?" you asked Japan.
"No, you can have it first," he said and gestured towards the bathroom.
"Ok, if you insist," you said and shut the yourself in the bathroom.
You changed and brushed your hair, and stepped outside to hand Japan, but he already had his clothes on, perfect hair and everything.
"Did I take too long?" you asked apologetically.
"No, I just wanted to be done before Feri and Rudwig were done so I courd tark to you," he said.
"Ok, what do you want to talk about?"
"I want to know how much you rike me," he said quietly.
"I like you a lot Kiku!" you said surprisingly easily.
He smiled at you and you both made your way to the back room. Germany and Italy were waiting for you two.
"So what are we going to do men? We're rained in," you said.
"Do you have any video games?" Germany asked.
"Heck yeah I do!' you said and too out your gaming system.
"What do you all want to play?" you asked.
"Somezing multiplayer, unless you don't mind taking turns."
"I don't mind taking turns," Japan said,
"I'm a-so-terrible at playing video games anyways," Italy said.
"Turns it is," you said and looked into your game cabinet.
"This is kind of an old one, but have any of you ever played BioShock?" you asked. "Its kinda creeepyyy..." you stretched out the work "creepy".
"Oh lets play zat one!" Germany said excitedly.
"Everyone ok with that?" you asked. Japan shrugged and Italy nodded hesitantly.
" We will play BioShock then," you said and put it in.
Germany played first. Everyone sat on the couch, Germany and Italy were sitting next to each other, while you and Japan were sitting on the other side. Japan was getting uncharacteristically comfortable next to you. Then he put his head on your shoulder.
"Oh,_______ and Kiku. Getting comfy over zer,"  Germany said with a pervy tone.
"Shut up. And watch out for that splicer," you said. Germany turned to the TV just in time to see a splicer jump at him. He and Italy jumped and Italy screamed. You and Japan laughed.
"Good one," Japan complimented.
For the rest of the day, you four played BioShock and you were the one who beat the game. You all had a few beers to celebrate, then went back to the two bedrooms you had for the night. Again, Germany and Italy went to one of them, and you and Japan to the other.
~Japan P.O.V.~
You were a bit tipsy when this crazy thought popped into our head. When Germany jumped into the pool with you in him arms and you flailed around looking for the raft, you probably looked really stupid to _______. All because you didn't know how to swim! Well that was going to change tonight.
After you were sure _______ was asleep, sneaked  downstairs in your white undershirt and underwear and slipped out the back door. It was still sprinkling, but no thunder. Good. You dipped your foot in the water and it was freezing! Then another idea popped into your head.
"If I jump off the diving board, I'rr just get arr the cord over wis and it won't be cord," you said out loud to yourself. It sounded genius.
You walked to the diving board and made your way to the edge. You braced yourself, jumped up and down a few times, and then you finally jumped.
Just then, the effect of the beer wore off and you realized that what you were doing was very stupid, but it was too late for you to do anything. You screamed bloody murder before your head disappeared beneath the water.
~Your P.O.V.~
There was a blood-curdling scream from the back yard. It sounded like Japan's voice. You shot up and checked his bed. Empty.
You bolted out of the room, down the stairs, yanked the back door open, and ran to the edge of the pool. Japan's head was disappearing under the water .
You dove into the water and came up with Japan's limp body. Germany and Italy had made their way outside and helped you get Japan out of the pool.
"Is he ok?" Italy asked, worried.
He wasn't breathing. You three panicked, then Germany came to his senses.
"Mouze to mouze!" he yelled.
You put your lips to his and blew air into his lungs. You tried over and over and you were about to give up. It wasn't working, there were tears in your eyes, but you were still going to try.
You put your lips to his once more and blew as much air as you possibly could. You took your mouth off and water spewed up from his mouth. He started coughing and he sat up.
"Kiku!" you breathed in relief as you gathered him in your arms.
"_______?" he asked putting his arms around you.
"Yes baby, yes,"you sobbed with fresh tears running down your cheeks.;
"You saved me."
"Kiku, what in the world were you thinking?" you asked, running your fingers through is hair.
"I never shourd've drank sat much beer!" he sobbed and tears ran down his cheeks.
"Lets get you inside," you said and helped him to his feet. He was a little heavier than you thought he would be, but you managed to get him up and you walked him inside.
Everyone walked upstairs and into yours and Japan's room where you sat him down on his bed. You sat next to him and he lifted himself up into your lap.
"Kiku, please tell me what was going through your head when you thought doing that was a good idea," you begged. He was shaking in your arms, still dripping all over you, but you didn't care. He was alive and safe.
"I was sinking about how stupid I must have rooked when Rudwig threw himserf wis me into the poor," he said shakily.
"Go on," you urged.
"I decided that I was going to rearn how to swim, so I went to se poor and jumped off the diving board, sen I rearized  sat it was a terribry stupid idea," he finished.
"Kiku that was very stupid," you said, rubbing his back. He burst into tears.
"Its ok, you're safe now. Just promise me that you will never, ever, EVER," you emphasized the last ever, "do that again."
"I promise,_______," he continued to cry
"Ve're just going to dismiss ourselves," Germany said and he and Italy excused themselves from the room.
Japan cried for a little bit after they left, but eventually, you got him calmed down.
"Are you ok now, Kiku?" you asked.
"Yes,_______. I'm fine now," he said and sniffled.
"Are you tired, honey? You ask.
Japan smiled a small smile.
You put him under the covers and started to turn to go to your own bed when you felt Japan's hand on your arm. You turned to look at him.
"What is it, Kiku?" you smiled.
"Um, do you have to sreep in your own bed?" he asked.
You smiled at him tiredly at him.
"No, are you asking because you want me to sleep with you?"
you got under the sheets with Japan and he snuggled up to you. You lightly pressed his head to your chest.
"I rove you,_______," he told you.
"I love you too, Kiku."
You both fell asleep, Japan curled up in your arms, and you with all your limbs wrapped around him. It felt nice to know that you could finally share your love with the person you really, truly loved.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~     
So this is my first CountryxReader insert and I don't know what else to say besides I hope you like it. I'm sure there are some spelling errors and I think I went a little overboard with Japan's accent. some things in here are, in my opinion, kind of random and I guess I'm just stressing out about this being my first insert so just tell me how I'm doing and again, I hope you like it.
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You walked down the gray sidewalk of the clean and neat street as you whistled to the newest kpop song by [Favorite Kpop Group/Artist]. The song was quite catchy as always and it just so happened to also be a favorite song by your best friend, Kiku Honda. Ever since your first day of junior high school the two if you became very good friends due to you both sharing a huge interest in anime.

Kiku was always a very shy and thoughtful Japanese boy. Although when it came to anime he would liven up and he could talk about it forever and ever, as could you. This is how Kiku usually acted in a nut shell, but lately he has been acting...strange. Specifically starting this week. He blushed a lot, stuttered, and seemed to sweat whenever you were around now. This is very unlike him except when a very pretty girl from an anime was involved. You thought that maybe he just thought you looked like one, so basically you just brushed it off.

Today was a Saturday which, of course, meant no school. Usually on Saturdays you would go over to Kiku's house and watch the latest anime. Right now it was Sword Art Online. It was very new and you and Kiku thought that the plot was just spectacular. A lot of thought was put into it.

You slightly giggled when you thought of last week, when you accidentally hugged hum because a certain part was very fluffy. Of course he laid the "no touchie" rule on you, which you thought was adorable in a friendly way. Before you knew it -due to your thinking- you were at Kiku's house.

You took out a key from under the mat and opened the locked door. Gladly, you strolled in as you would on any other normal Saturday. You made sure to leave your shoes by the door before you went to Kiku's room. "Kiku-kun, I'm here!" You shouted from halfway down the hallway.

You approached the last door to the right and opened it without knocking. Kiku hated this, which is why you did it. Teasing him was so fun. When he would give you a small lecture about how improper it is. Then he'd go into an honor speech and end it with a "I'm grad I rive arone." Yeah, believe it or not he lived by himself practically. Kiku's parents were rarely home.

"H-herro, [Y/N]-chan..." You stopped dead in your tracks from walking in his room and gave a confused look. Did Kiku really just not scold you for not knocking? Did he really just ignored it and stuttered?

"You feeling okay, Kiku?" You asked as you slowly went to go sit down in the red beanbag chair next to Kiku's green one. He only looked at you and nodded. Alright, either something was wrong with Kiku or this was just a drunken dream and you would wake up with a hangover soon. You slapped that thought out of your head. No way that second option was possible.

Instead of taking drastic measures you just patiently waited for Kiku to turn on the anime.


At the end of the first episode you two had watched that day, you were starting to feel cold. Kiku took note of this as he hid joy behind his soulless dark brown eyes. This was exactly what he was waiting for. He wanted to tell you his feelings and he thought that the best way would be with a cheesy fluffy pickup line.

"[Y/N]-chan...are you cord?" He asked with little confidence. You responded with a small yes. Kiku tried not to ruin anything by smiling before he said the next part. "Werr...can I be your branket?"

You never laughed so hard in your entire life.
Finally I have written a one-shot with my favorite Hetalia character. I really liked how this turned out. Please favorite, comment, and watch me for more FanFiction and one-shots about Hetalia to come. If you see any grammar errors, spelling errors, or if someone seems too OOC please tell me. Thank you and enjoy.

I do not own the preview picture.
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-Your POV-
You were swimming in your pool, since you had decided to take a day off to relax and not worry about your country for once.
"CANON BALL!!!" Germany shouts, swamping your raft and knocking you off of it.You come up giggling to see all of your Axis Powers friends show up in swimsuits, except for Kiku (aka Japan), who was still wearing his white button down shirt and plain white pants.
-Half an hour later-
After several failed attempts at trying to get Kiku to come and join you guys, Italy and Germany decided to have a diving contest.  Since you were the judge of said contest you were floating on an inner tube near the edge of the pool.
"Ve~ (Name) it's too high!"  Italy was yelling down at you from the diving board, when you heard a "thump" from behind you.  You look over and see Kiku laying face down on the ground.  You had a backround in nursing, so you quickly paddled to the side of the pool and jumped out.
"Kiku!  Kiku are you okay?!" you yelled once you reached him.  Germany and Italy soon followed.
"(Name) vhat happened?  A soaked Germany asks.
"I don't know. I think he passed out."  You gently turn the Asian nation over so that he is lying on his back.  His face is as red as one of Romano's tomatoes, and his breathing is slightly labored.
"Germany," you say sternly "can you carry him inside and put him in one of the guest rooms?"
"Ja" Germany replies, easily scooping up the unconscious man in his arms.  Once Japan is in his new room, you pull his shirt off to try and help cool him down, seeing his chisled abs in the process.  He has a cut on one side of his head from hitting the pavement, but it's nothing serious.  Ever so gently you clean his wound and then carefully place a small bandage over the angry red streak.  You turn on the ceiling fan, the air conditioning, you even thought about filling the room with ice for a moment.  You were doing what ever you could to help him cool down, running around like a chicken with its head cut off that had one too many Red Bulls. A grey hound would have been put to shame if it were in a race with you!
-15 minutes later-
Kiku's breathing has gone back to a slow, quiet tempo. His face was a bit pink, but at least he wasn't bright red anymore. He almost looks like he is just sleeping now with such a peaceful expression on his face, not giving the three of you heart attacks because he was too stubborn to get in the pool and overheated!
"Ve~ (Name), w-will Japan be okay?" Italy asks quietly, tearing up as he gazes up at you, then back down to his poor friend.
"Ja," Germany asks "he's not going to need a hospital is he?"
You look at Kiku again, still sleeping like a baby.
"I think Japan will be just fine by tomorrow."  You reply cheerfully, giving the worried nations a reassuring smile.
At that both nations sigh in relief, Germany leans back against the wall and runs a hand through his tangled blonde locks.
"Zhat was scary…"  He thought to himself.  "Vell zhen (Name) I zhink Italy and I have had enough excitement for vone day, let's go home Italy, ve can come get Japan tomorrow."  Germany states after a while.
"Ve~ Okay Germany!  Bye (Name)!  Take good care of Japan!" Italy calls as he is lead out the door by the larger nation.
"Bye guys" you yell as they walk through the front door.
-Kiku POV-
"Kiku!  Kiku are you okay?! "
I heard (Name) yelling before I black out, her voice getting quieter as the world grew darker.  I woke with a start. I don't know where I am, I can see the moon outside my window so I know it must be around three in the morning.  I tried to remember how I got here in the first place.  Then I see that (Name) has fallen asleep in a high backed leather chair in the corner.  Then it hits me.  I remember blacking out from the heat... and... and (Name) was yelling...  My head is killing me... Maybe some water will help?  He sees that you are still asleep and trys to stand up to get some water, not wanting to wake you. He makes it about two steps before he gets light headed and falls down again with a loud THUD!  Catching himself on his hands and knees this time.
-Your POV-
You were sleeping peacefully, when you are jolted awake by a huge THUD!  You jump at the noise.  Once you clear the grogginess from your mind and look around you see Kiku on the floor holding his head with one hand, black hair falling between his splayed fingers.  "Kiku!"  You exclaim, running to his side." …  (Name)... sorry I woke you, I was just going to get some water..." he said in a hoarse voice, like his tounge was made of sandpaper.
"You don't have to apologize Kiku..." you crooned softly.  You then gave him a soft smile and hooked his arm over your shoulders to help him get back in bed.  He was a lot heavier than you thought he would be.  Slowly but surely you both stood up with Kiku leaning on you heavily, almost like a deadweight.  You got him back into a sitting postion on the edge of the bed, and then quickly told your patient, "I'll go get you some water, try and lay down again alright?"  He nodded and you went to get a pitcher of water and a glass.
-Kiku POV-
"Ouch," I thought as my hands smacked the floor "that smarts."  I heard (name) yelling my name again.  My head is pounding.  I held my head in one hand trying to dull the migraine-like pain.  Once it cleared up a bit I saw (Name) at my side looking at me with concern.
"…  (Name)...  Sorry I woke you, I was just going to get some water..."  She smiled then, and I swore my heart skipped a beat.  "What on earth?"  I thought, making my head pound again. Trying to think while light headed is not pleasant...
"You don't have to apologize Kiku..."  The way she said my name gave me goose bumps, not that she could tell since she was trying to get me back into the bed.  When she touched my arm, I felt my heart rate shoot up, and my cheeks flush slightly.  "What is happening?  Maybe I am sick?"
My heart and my head are pounding so loud that I can hardly hear (Name).  She said something about water and I just nodded, a bit too dazed to speak.  As I lay back down I wondered "Am I in rove with (Name)...  No of course not, we are just friends...  It's not rike she would rike someone rike me anyway...  She probably rikes Alfred....Stupid American..."  Just then (Name) walked back in with the water.
-Your POV-
You came back in about five minutes later with a glass full of water and a pitcher full as well.  You set the pitcher and the glass down on the bedside table to help Kiku sit up again.  You switched on the lamp, blinding the both of you for a second.  Then you handed him the glass, but his hands were shaking so bad you would have thought that Russia had just overheard Kiku talking trash about him.  Most of the refreshing liquid spilled onto his god-like abs and chest. Germany must be giving them quite a work out...  He blushes a bit then, probably because A. he is embarrassed that he can't hold a glass of water and B. he wasn't wearing a shirt.  When the glass does get to his mouth he gets very little water and so this time when you fill his cup again, you sit down next to him on the bed, and help him drink by holding the glass to his lips.  His eyes are closed and you can see just how grateful he is by the look of absolute bliss on his face.  You see a small drop forming in the corner of his mouth.  When he finishes his drink you reach forward with one hand and delicatly wipe it from his handsome features.  His eyes snap open, then relax again.
"Thank you (Name)" he whispered, a small smile growing slowly on his face as his eyes felll shut again.
"You're wlecome Kiku..."  You got the chills from his voice, and your heart raced.  You had been crushing on Kiku for a while now, but you doubted he liked you back, so you stayed silent about your feelings.
-Kiku POV-
(Name) walked back in with a pitcher of water and a glass in her hand.  She helped me sit up, even though I could do it on my own (me: not) I prefer letting this beautiful princess before me do it instead.  I think I rove her, and since she would never like someone like me I am going to use this situation to my advantage.  She hands me the glass and I am surprised that my hand shakes so much.  Most of the liquid sloshes out onto my skin since I wasn't wearing a shirt.  I feel my face heat up slightly and know that I am blushing.  (Name) must feel sorry for me because when she fills my glass again rather than handing it to me she sits down near my hip and holds the glass to my lips.  Water has never tasted so good! It feels like this is the first time I have had water after walking aimlessly through a dessert for days.  Is it because I was so thirsty, or because it's (Name) who is giving it to me?  I feel (Name)'s soft fingers brush my face and I am thrown from my thoughts as my eyes snap open.  I see that she is only keeping me from getting any more water on myself, and soon relax again.  My throat is still dry and all I can do at the moment is whisper;
"Thank you (Name)..." as my eyes slide shut again.
"You're welcome" she replies with a smile in her voice.  I feel the bed shake a bit as she shivers.  I open my eyes again and gently wrap my arms around her cold form.  We both slowly slide under the warm blanket and she cuddles up to me. Normally I would be freaking out because my personal space was being compromised, but I didn't care right then...
-Your POV-
Kiku opens his eyes again after you shiver from the freezing temperature you made the room trying to cool him down.  He gently wraps his arms around you, and you both slowly slide beneath the covers.
"Kiku...  I wonder if he feels the same way..." you think to youself as you cuddle him.
-Kiku POV-
"~sigh~"  I hear myself breath out.  (Name)'s (hair color) locks smells wonderful, like fresh picked flowers.  I wait until I think she is asleep and then whisper softly in her ear.
"I love you (Name)..."
I can feel her tense almost instantly. Shoot! I didn't think she would hear me!
"K-Kiku? I-Is that t-true?" (Name) stutters.
"H-Hai..." I reply slowly.
"Aishiteru, Kiku. And I have for a long time now..." She whispers, slowly moving her head closer to my own. She slowly creeps up until she is almost touching my lips. My eyes were wide with shock, and I was just staring into her eyes, when I finally realized why she had stopped. She was waiting for permission. I gave a small smile, gently closing the distance between us. Our first kiss. My first kiss. It was slow and filled with the best drug ever known to man kind.  Love. Now I know why they say love makes people blind. I wasn't in the  water, but I was drowning. I was drowning in (Name). Her scent, her touch, her breath... I saw no flaw in her. She was perfect. Finally, the dizziness became too much to bear, and I pulled back with a loud gasp. My head was spinning before, but now it was kind of pleasant, because I knew that (Name) loved me. And she always would.
This is my first fan fic. I got the idea after I read :
Water Fight + Anime [Hetalia: Japan x Reader]
I would put a link to it but I don't know how... sorry! Please tell me how I can make it better!
Also! In my opinion the more fluff there is the better the story is!!
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Huh? What is this? A rose? Why would there be a rose in my locker?

"Hey, Kiku!" shouted my loud American friend, Alfred.

"A-ah. Alfred-san. Konnichiwa."

"Whatcha got there?" he said, referring to the mysterious rose in my hand.

"Oh, this? I am not sure. I just found it in my locker."

"Dude, you know what this means? It means that you got yourself a secret admirer."

My face flushed. "H-how a-are you so sure?"

"I don't know. But what else could it mean?" He had a point there. "Anyway, we should totally find out who she is!"

I wasn't against the idea, but I was not exactly for it. What if it was just a mistake? What if the rose was for someone else and they put it in the wrong locker? All the lockers looked the same. It would have been an easy mistake to make.

"LET'S GO!" Alfred grabbed my arm and began to drag me down the hall.

"Wait a moment Alfred-san!" The least he could do was respect my personal space.

~:~:~:Time Skipz:~:~:~

A few hallways later, Alfred finally let me go to catch my breath, but only because we ran into Arthur. Literally.

"You bloody git! Watch where you're going!" he shouted at us.

"Gomenasai, Arthur-san."

"You don't have to be sorry, Kiku. Artie's just got his panties in a twist." Alfred glared at Arthur.

"You shouldn't be running in school in the first place, you idiot!" Arthur snapped back.

"Not my fault. Kiku here's got a secret admirer and we're trying to find out who it could be."

"Really now?" Arthur sounded intrigued. "Well, I am quite the detective and shall take your case," he said rather proudly.

"O-oh, Arthur-san, you don't hav-" I was interrupted.

"We don't need your help. Me and Kiku will do just fine without you," said Alfred.

"You bloody git! It's 'Kiku and I' and you have no say in the matter. Isn't that right, Kiku?"

"Well I-"

"We'll be fine without him, right Kiku?"


"Stop interrupting him!"

"You're the one interrupting him!"

As Alfred and Arthur continued to bicker, I just stood there, confused and unsure as to how to stop their fighting and find out who put the rose in my locker. I had gone unnoticed. Seeing that any effort to stop the argument was fruitless, I left and went on my own way.

I turned a corner and sighed. I wasn't sure what I was going to do once I... if I find this 'secret admirer.' If the rose really was for me, what would I say? Could I return their feelings? It would be disgraceful of me if I didn't... but, then again, I wouldn't feel the same. My heart belonged to a certain girl that I've known for a long time, though, she didn't know it yet. I couldn't handle it if my admirer started to cry if I rejected her.

This inner conflict was starting to give me a headache. I had to find out.

"Ohonhonhon~" was what I heard as I passed by an open classroom door. "Bonjour Kiku~ How are you on this beautiful day? You look troubled." It was Francis, as well as Gilbert and Antonio sitting beside him. These three, also known as the Bad Touch Trio, usually meant trouble, but somehow, in my tired mind, I wanted their help.

"Hai. I have a little problem," I said, holding up the rose.

"A little love problem, oui?" I nodded. "Don't worry, we shall help you."

"You would do that for me?"

"Of course," said Antonio. "We wouldn't leave un amigo like you with half a heart."

"Ja. Ve might break rules, but not hearts (sometimes)," said Gilbert.

"Arigato." I bowed. "I am very grateful for your help."

The four of us went around the school, asking others if they knew anything. Obviously, Francis, Gilbert, and Antonio were asking girls outright if they were my admirer. It was quite embarrassing and I couldn't keep my face from heating up. On the other hand, they all denied putting the rose in my locker. After some time, the trio started flirting with the girls and had forgotten about my existence.

I looked at the rose that I had found. It was beginning to wither. Its petals were starting to droop; some of them were even falling off. I couldn't help but feel that this flower was reflecting my feelings at the moment. I was on my own once more, though, this time I was sitting on a bench with my head in my hands. I sighed.

"It's so lonely being forgotten," I said to no one in particular.

"I know that feeling." I turned my head and saw Matthew sitting next to me.

"Oh. I'm terribly sorry about that."

"It's okay. I'm use to it," he said quietly. "What's wrong, Kiku? I don't usually see you this upset."

"Oh, I've just been looking for someone. But I can't seem to find them." I sighed once more.

"I'm sorry to hear that.... If it makes you feel any better, I have a note to pass on to you."

"A note?"

"Oui." Matthew searched in his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. "I can't tell you who gave it to me simply because I don't know who gave it to me," he laughed lightly. "All I was told to do was to give you this note. Don't worry. I didn't read it," he smiled.

I took the note and opened it. It read: Meet me at the school gates. Curiosity took over me. I gave my thanks to Matthew and left, following the note's direction. As I approached the gates, I was disappointed when I didn't see anyone there. I did, however, find something even more odd. There was a trail of flower petals leading away from school grounds. I followed them and they lead me to (Last name)'s Floral Boutique.

I stared at the sign in a bit of shock and amazement. First, I didn't expect that the trail would lead from the school to a floral shop, or the other way around. Second, I didn't know _____'s family owned a flower shop. I had known _____ and her family since primary school. How did I not know about this?

Even more curious than I was earlier, I walked into the boutique. I was suddenly hit with a sweet and earthy fragrance. Taking in my surroundings, it was definitely a floral shop. There were pots with various flowers, big and small, lined up against the walls, hanging from the ceiling, and sitting on tables. Despite the small exterior of the store, it was quite large on the inside, or at least it appeared to be.

I walked further inside, aimlessly, since the trail of petals ended at the door.

"I'm glad you came, Kiku." I heard a familiar voice call me from behind. I turned around and my face flushed once again. I saw _____ standing before me, wearing (outfit description). Her (h/l)(h/c) was tied up in a way in which it suited her facial features perfectly. Especially her (e/c) eyes. Whenever I got the chance to look into them, they never failed to put me in a trance.

I would have been more than happy to tell her how beautiful I thought she was or how I loved her for some time now, but... I didn't want to risk our friendship; or make things more awkward between us, which I seemed to have a knack for every so often.

"Kiku? Hello? Anyone home?" I snapped back from my thoughts and realized that _____ was standing right in front of me, which didn't help my heated face. She giggled, probably taking notice of my blush. "Thank god. I thought I lost you there."

" um. K-konnichiwa, _-_____-san." I felt like such a fool as she giggled at me again. "S-so, you're family owns this boutique?" I said trying to change the subject.

"You can say that, but technically it's mine."

"Eh?" Seeing my confused state, _____ showed me paper, proving that the boutique was in her name. She also explained how her parents allowed her to open it, that is, if she can be responsible and manage the business of course.

"That's amazing _____-san. I can't believe that you are going to run this store by yourself."

"Thanks! But I wasn't hoping on running it all by myself. I would feel lonely that way. I was," _____ was beginning to look flustered. "Well, I asked you here... er, I mean, I made the trail for you to follow, and find my boutique so that I could ask you if... you know, if you want to, maybe, run the business along side of me?" Her face was as red as my own. My heart beat was beginning to quicken with the idea of _____ and I working together.

"I-I-I w-would love too!" I spat out. I would have mentally slapped myself for acting so foolish again, but I had other things on my mind as _____ quickly gave me a hug. I was a little reluctant to hug her back since I was still in shock. _____'s embraces were rare, although, I think that it was just because she knew and respected my personal space. Her small arms tightly wrapped around my torso gave me a feeling of comfort and warmth. I was going to return it, but I missed my chance as she pulled away.

"I-I'm sorry, Kiku! I was just really happy that you agreed."

"O-oh," I said, a little saddened. "Of course _____-san." We were both silent for a moment, looking in different directions.

"Kiku...Do you feel lonely sometimes?"

"Eh? Um... I believe so. B-but it's not a concern-worthy matter, _____-san! So don't worry."

"But I am concerned! I worry about you whenever I see you all by yourself. A-and I feel bad when you get left behind..."


"I... I REALLY LIKE YOU, KIKU!" I was taken aback a little at _____'s sudden outburst. Did... did she just confess to me? I felt overjoyed and shocked at the same time. I couldn't believe that she felt the same way. Wait... was she-?  Oh my salmon! _____ was crying!

"D-don't cry _____. I-I'm glad that you said that because... becauseIloveyoutoo!" I covered my mouth when I realized I had raised my voice AND confessed to her. What have I done...

"You... you do?" She wiped away a few tears.
I still felt terrible for making her cry, so I gathered enough courage to give her a light embrace. Her body tensed up from the sudden contact, but she adjusted quickly. She chuckled a bit. "I guess you really do mean it then."

"I do." I put my hand on her cheek and caressed it gently as I looked into her (e/c) eyes. I leaned in and did something I never thought in a million year I could do. I kissed her, and luckily for me she kissed me back. Her lips were soft and warm. The feeling I was experiencing was much more wonderful than I had imagined it. Sadly, our passionate kiss came to an end to take a moment to breath. _____ gave me a gentle smile and a quick peck on the cheek.

"I love you, Kiku. I hope that you'll never be lonely."

"I won't be as long as you stay by my side _____. Aishiteru." I leaned in once again for another kiss.
OH MY SALMON! My first JapanxReader :iconitssofluffyplz:

I honestly almost died writing this. I was suffering from a fluff overload. Never in my life had I written anything so fluffy and romantic.

This was inspired by lyrics from The Gambler by fun. [link]

'I swear when I grow up, I won't just buy you a rose.
I will buy the flower shop, and you will never be lonely'

It's quite a lovely song, I have to say.

Hetalia character belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to Kiku
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A Sea-rious crush.


"Kiku...! Kiku-kun!" You called as you ran towards said person. You held your hat with your hand as you securely held a strap of your gym bag while you ran, not wanting to be late.

"Ah, ___-San, Ohayo." Kiku bowed to you politely as you appeared in front of him, panting from running.

"Mo...Morning, Kiku." You Panted as you calmed yourself from what seemed a mile from running, or so you though. You then looked up at him and gave him a smile. "How are you?"

"Very hot actuarry." He said fanning himself with one of his hand fans. "Today is a very hot day." he said looking above to the blue sky, the blazing sun leaving no survivors.

"Yeah." You said, fanning yourself with your hand. "It's going to be really hot today. A perfect day for the beach!" you said as you gave a small excited jump.

"Hai." He agreed with you, grabbing his bag from the floor beside him.

You then looked on both sides to Kiku. You felt like someone, some people, were missing!

Then it clicked, you internally face palmed.

How could you have forgotten?!

"Ah...Kiku, Where is Ludwig and Feli?" You said as you adjusted your short denim shorts, nervously. "Am I late?" You asked, feeling a little strange, Feliciano would have already came out of nowhere and give you a hug but he was nowhere to be found today.

Kiku snapped out of his apparent train of thought and shook his head. "Oh no, you're not rate, __-San, it's just that they are unabre to come today, or they wirr come very rate."

"Ehhh? Why?" You pouted, feeling sad that your two other best friends weren't coming.

It was just you and Kiku.
And for some reason this made you nervous.

Kiku started thinking, as if he was looking how to summaries the turn of events. "Werr... Rudwig-San has to work an extra shift today so he might come rater, much rater and Feri-San... He is in weekend detention for frirting with the Director's granddaughter in crass, whire he was making an announcement." he said moving his head in disapproval.

"Whoa, Harsh." You commented. Yes, Feliciano was a flirt as innocent as he was, but honestly you weren't too surprised.

"Hai." Kiku nodded looking away from your direction.

Awkward silence.

"So..." You said, feeling somewhat nervous. "What will we do now?" you said suddenly looking down shyly, you intertwined your fingers and looked downwards towards the floor.

"Ah..." Kiku hummed as he thought.

"Um..." You looked away, Yes Kiku was one of your dearest friends, probably your DEAREST, but you hadn't been alone with him without Ludwig and Feliciano.

Not that you didn't want to be alone! It's just that you just couldn't get words out of your mouth for some reason!

He was just your dearest best friend right?


A couple of Awkward silence filled minutes later~

"Ah." Kiku gasped triumphantly, bringing you back for your thoughts. "_-___-San, how about we both go?" Kiku said nervously, his shy demeanour suddenly kicking in arr of a sudden. "The day wirr be such a waste after arr the pranning..." He trailed off, hoping for you to continue the conversation.

You looked at him with a surprised look on your face. "Y-You mean, alone?" You stuttered nervously, and excitedly, for some reason.

"A-ah..." Kiku stuttered and nodded quickly, a blush appearing in his perfect face- Perfect?!

You blushed. "E-Eh?? Are you sure? I mean..." You tried to excuse yourself, half your mind saying to do it, half opposing to it.


"Ret's go to the beach." He said grabbing his bags and walking towards the direction of the train station before stopping and looking at you. "Sharr we?" He said quietly, hoping for you to come.

Your face instantly light up in happiness. "O-okay!" You smiled as you grabbed your things and ran towards him and next to him, not too close as you knew about his 'Personaru Supeisu'.

What was going to happen when you get to the beach?


"Agh...! That train ride was long!" you said as you stretched, the train was pretty crowded today.

"Not rearry, it was only harf an hour, ___-San." Kiku said appearing rather closely next to you. "And we went on the bullet train…"

"If felt like an hour though." You said as you dust yourself and started walking out the train station. "Thank god that this train leaves us right near the beach!"

"Hm, Yes." Kiku said. "Oh, rook, the searlooks beautifur from here." He said as he saw the sea from afar.

Your eyes widened in astonishment. "It does!" You said in excitement. "Let's go then, the day isn't getting any younger!" You cried as you unconsciously grabbed Kiku's hand and started running, and dragging him along.

"M-Matte Kudasai..!"

"It's the Sea~!"


"S-sorry, Kiku... I got excited for a moment there." you apologized as you noticed you had grabbed his hand and literally dragged him all the way here.  "I-I haven't been to this beach since I was younger..."

"...It's okay." Kiku said, still a little shocked from what just happened.

"Why don't we go change?" You suggested. "And we can meet up where we set up over here." you said mentioning where you two had set up, some large beach towels on the hot sand and a large beach umbrella, and also a picnic basket full of food that will be for later.

"Ah, okay, do you want to go first? Someone needs to stay and guard the food." Kiku reminded you.

"Oh..." you said. "In that case, why don't you go in first?"

"N-no, I insist..." Kiku argued.

"Kiku." You said your tone nor threatening or sweet. Yandere moment.

"H-Hai..."Kiku said quickly and nervously before picking up his bag. "Excuse me." He said before leaving rather quickly to the changing rooms.

"Okay~!" You called after him, back to normal.

You smiled at yourself. You looked towards the sea, the sea was that beautiful dark blue colour, and it was shining, thanks to the sun. The sky had not one single grey cloud. Or any clouds for the matter.

Too bad what Ludwig and Feliciano were missing.

You and Kiku were going to enjoy it alone together.



"He is just your best friend..." You chanted quietly to yourself, hitting your head against your legs. "You don't like-"

"___-San, I'm back." A familiar, male voice with a Japanese accent called from behind you. You turned your head to see Kiku. Walking towards you in some red shorts and a thin t-shirt and some sandals.
Well, that was quick.

Despite he being particularly clothed in a way, your heart started beating when he said your name; and that he was walking towards you.

You wondered what if he was shirtless? You reckoned your heart would EXPLODE if it kept at this rate!

"You can go change now, I'rr keep watch."

"Ah... Hai- I mean yes." You nodded before grabbing your bag and running to the change rooms.

Why was Kiku constantly in your mind all of a sudden?

He was just your dearest nest friend right?


Well, it wasn't the time to think that, you had to change so you could enjoy the beach!


"Kiku!" You said running towards him. Lots of people looking towards your direction, mainly men. Cat whistles were heard.

He looked towards your direction and his eyes nearly bulged out. "Hai, ___-San... N-Nani?!" He gaped, instantly covering his nose.


"Kiku!" You smiled as you reached near him. He moved a step away every time you came closer. "How does this look on me?" You said shyly lifting the left strap of the top of your (b/c) two piece bikini.

"..." He covered his nose, his face full on scarlet. He didn't say a word.

"Do you… like it?"

'Me rikey a rot...' He nodded quickly before looking at the other side.

You sighed in relief. "I'm glad... The store didn't have in my size so I had to buy a size smaller." You scratched the back of your head in embarrassment.

You were wondering why you were so self-conscious all of a sudden; well of course your stubborn self wouldn't show it.

And you were also wondering why he was avoiding to look at you, and blood. Blood?! What the hell?!

"S-sou desu ne..." Kiku mumbled as he looked away from you. He preferred to have his blood inside his nose, thank you very much.

'Woo! Look at that girl over there, isn't she HOT?!'

'Man... I give her an 11 outta 10!'

'That Chest... DAYUM!'

Kiku kept on hearing all of these things random men were saying about you. You seemed oblivious about all this though, as you seemed to be entranced by the beauty of the sea.

What? You hadn't been there for some time!

Kiku didn't appear angry on the outside; but in the inside he was about to explode like Mount Fuji. His eyebrows furrowed and he looked at you.

He knew you were a looked and that the other men must think so too but...

He had to admit it, honestly you looked pretty.


Pretty sexy.

But of course he'd never say it aloud!

'Hey, you think she's single?'

'Maybe, wait there is some Asian dude next to her.'

'Nah, can't be, let's go see if she wasn't to hang with us.'

Damn Mount Fuji erupted.

Inside, of course.

He hadn't gotten angry about anything since he last did his bills the other month.

Oh he got nasty with the computer.

He had to do something... But what... What could he do to cover you...?


"___-San." He called you, successfully bringing you out of your 'trance'.

"A-ah, sorry, was I gone for long?"


"So, what were you saying?"

He started taking off his White T-shirt. You blushed about a million shades of crimson when you saw him doing this. In front of you. He'd never do this in public-!

"Here." He said, giving you his recently discarded shirt. "Wear it."

"E-Eh?" you said in surprise. "Why?"

"...Prease." He said, his voice was pleading and his face a blushing mess. In truth was he didn't want anyone to see your Chest or you, or that strange men were saying such obscene things. He would never...!

"A-Ah... You'rr get sunburnt.... H-Hai! Sunburnt..."


"Yes, the sun is rearry stro-"

"Okay." You said with no arguments as you grabbed his shirt and put it on, it was a bit big on you, it led to your thighs but it was really cozy and it smelled... Of him. Such a placid and peaceful feeling came towards you.  "If Kiku says I should, it must be for a good cause... Thank you." You said as you looked down, your face suddenly feeling hot.

Especially as he was now officially shirtless.

And you just noticed. Like, when did he get that fit?

And was that a six pack peeking in from that bone?

Kiku's face turned red. He didn't know how to receive such praise! (And to be shirtless in front of a girl)  He then looked around at the guys who were suddenly approaching you and he sent him a glare. A killer glare. A glare that said 'Touch-her-and-die' glare. The guys flinched and ran back.

Lucky for them he didn't bring his katana, BUT he could surely throw them down with his martial art skills.

'O-Okay! H-he is her BF!'

'Let's get outta here!'

Kiku chuckled in relief. You then looked up from your foetal position. "What's so funny?" you asked cluelessly.

he looked to you and shook his head. "Nothing... It's just that some men are such cowards"

"I see..."

"___-San, sharr we go to the Sea now? We can rater have a break for some snacks."

You instantly lit up. "Oh, Yeah! Let's go then...!" You said racing towards the water. "Race you there!"

"W-wait!" He called back to you. You only laughed and splashed into the water. "It's nice! Come in!"

"A-ah..." He said avoiding your way. The white shirt appeared to be such a good idea when he thought it, but now it was really visible that you were wearing a (b/c) bathing suit. He covered his nose with one hand and shook his head rapidly.

"N-no thank you...!"

"Come!" you laughed as you pulled him in the water. He yelped as he was pulled in.



Briiiiing! Briiiiing!

Ludwig quickly closed the front door where he had just entered and dug his hand to his pocket to retrieve his Mobile phone. "Hallo?" he answered.

"Ludwig! Ludwig, it's me!" a loud, accented voice boomed cheerfully from the other side of the line.

Ludwig groaned internally. "What do you want, Feliciano?" He asked as he continued walking to the lounge room and put his bag down.


"Have you finished work yet, have you? Have you?" The excited Italian that happened to be his best friend asked happily.

Ludwig sat down on the lounge and sighed in relief before answering "I-I just did, matter of fact I just came home." he then thought. "Vait. Are you out of detention?"

Apparently Feliciano was in detention for flirting.


"Vee~ yes! A nice teacher let me out early, isn't she nice? I wasn't supposed to get out until 3-"

"You flirted with her, right?" Ludwig said in monotone.

Feliciano gasped innocently. "Eh? What do you mean?" He did not have a clue really; maybe he did and didn't notice?

Curse that Italian with his natural charming skills.

"...nothing. So Vhy are you calling?" Ludwig asked.

"Let's go to the beach! ___ and Kiku must be missing us!" Feliciano suggested excitedly. "We were supposed to go-a, am I right?"

"Ja." Ludwig responded before nodding. "I doubt they've gone, anyways it's too late if we did."

Feliciano hummed through the phone. "Like a great philosopher said once, 'Better late than never!'"

That was unexpectedly smart, Ludwig thought.

"-That quote also surprisingly works on cold pasta-"

And then he killed the quote with stupidness!

Ludwig sighed in defeat. "Ok, ok, come to my house in 15 minutes." Ludwig said as he stood up from the sofa as he prepared to go to his room. "And then we can leave in my car-"

"But Ludwig, I am already at your house!" The excited Italian blurted out, surprising the German.

Ludwig's eyes widened. "V-vha-"

"Turn around!"

Ludwig turned 180 degrees around to find an unexpected person in his kitchen.

Eating... Cold pasta?

"FELICIANO! VHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" Ludwig yelled as he charged towards the now scared Italian.

"V-Vee! I-I only use the key under the welcome mat! I-I dint think you'd get this angry!" Feliciano cried. "D-don't kill me please!"

Curse his brother for telling him about the spare key.


"A-ah... Ow... Please go a little so...softer...!"

"I-I am going the softest I-I can, ___-San...!"

"I-it hurts...!" you groaned in pain.

"Please be more quiet ___-San...!" Kiku nervously hushed as he turned his head to look at people giving you two weird looks "You'rr feel better soon..."

"But- ah..."

"___ San, I did tord you not to get too close to that Jerryfish, Kami, Your reg is all red!" Kiku said worriedly as he continued applying sting cream on your leg.

"Sorry Kiku... I just couldn't stop myself..." You apologized sheepishly before cursing "Darn Jellyfish... Sorry if I was loud."

"Ruckily I brought my first aid kit if anything rike this would happen..."He said as he finished applying the last of cream on your leg and rubbing it once more. "This cream wirr work rearry soon, so please, M-matte Kudasai!"



"Hey... It is starting to feel much better!" you bent your leg a little before wincing silently, the pain not completely gone away but hell, it felt much better!  "Despite the weird smell." You wrinkled your nose.

"I am grad the cream worked for you, ___-San. I am grad you are feering much better." Kiku sighed placidly and sat neatly on top of the towelled surface. "And yes, it's a rearry strong herb, the main ingredient." He nodded.

"Thank you again, Kiku, I dint know what's I'd do without you now." You smiled warmly at the Japanese. He blushed and looked down nervously before giving a small smile, which made you smile even wider, with a blush appearing on your face.

"Kiku." You said softly which made him look up shyly. "Hai?" He responded before you pulled him into a hug.


"E-Eh...?!" He gasped, a scarlet blush spreading all over his face like wildfire. He commanded his brain to move away but his body wasn't responding.

...But his personal space...!

...But it wasn't so bad to be hugged by you...

...This is improper!

...Yet it felt so right in a way...

Kiku sighed, after debating with himself and he shyly wrapped his arms around your torso and hugged you, which shocked you a bit and nearly made you jolt in shock.

But Kiku's surprisingly firm hold wouldn't let you.

And, like, why would you move anyways?

And you thought, why, why, did you hug him??

He was your best friend right?

Hello, Brain? Can you hear me?

But you couldn't lie to yourself no more, you liked Kiku. No wait, Loved him. You loved your best friend.

And somehow you didn't regret it.

"Arigatou... Kiku" you mumbled in Japanese, without thinking, against his skin. He nodded and placed his chin on your shoulder. "Douitashimashite, ___-San..."

Something told you this was the moment.

Sure you had just acknowledged your love to him yourself just now but the mood was just...!

"I think I love-" You were about to say before you were interrupted by a pair of slightly shaking but gentle lips.


...Kiku... Was kissing you....?

"Aishiteru." Was the simple word he said to you after he separated his soft lips from yours. A bright red blush adorning both your faces. From all the anime you and he had watched, of course you knew what this meant.

And what Boldness!

You smiled warmly before tackling him into another hug, despite the numb pain in your leg where the jelly fish had stung.

And that was your response.


"Where might ___ and Kiku be, I Vonder." Ludwig muttered to himself loudly as he searched around the beach clad in just his dark green shorts.

They had just recently arrived as soon as possible in Ludwig's car despite some 'Difficulties' that happen prior drive to the beach you 4 were supposed to go to today together.

"I found them! I found them! Look Ludwig!" Feliciano bounced up and down also already in his swimwear after supposedly spotting you. "There!" He said pointed to some figures under an umbrella.

"Whe- Oh." Ludwig said before blushing and looking away.

You two weren't doing anything which he could see.


He couldn't just interrupt the moment you two were having.

He knew you had a thing for him!
And good for both of you...

"Should we to them?" Feliciano asked as he peeked from Ludwig's shoulder.

Ludwig sighed and shook his head. "Maybe not now-"

"Kiku! ___!" Feliciano said as he ran towards you two, apparently separating you two from an alleged kiss. "What are you two doing...?"



Lame Title is Lame. X'D

SO! A STORY! And its mai beroved nihooon-ouji-sama~ :iconsexyjapanplz: Umida~ Its the Sea~

Uh, today i tried with the 'R' Japanese accent stereotype thyngo... oh god... having to check a 3500+ word story about 3-4 times for 'L's isnt that fun XD :iconfacepalmplz:

But i do ruv using the arr's because, i dunno, i rike it.
Me rikey a rot. XD (inside joke with ~Melytail) XD

:iconsuspiciousplz: I wanted to put more stuff... ahem... that type of stuff because somehow i am more knowledgeable ABOUT IT! And i also wanted Japan to have more nosebleeds. :iconshrugsplz:

So, hopefully you liked this! i've had this in my Ipod for a while, oh! And i will be putting more over this week hopefully, there is this one that i workedon, on the plane instead of sleeping. XD

:iconcutejapanplz: Owns you, Hai mai Daariin.
:iconhimaruyaplz: Owns hetalia.


This made me facepalm so many times...

DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND A SHIRTLESS KIKU PICTURE WITHOUT IT BEING YA- Wait, no he is always with his yukata on so there is NO PICS THERE ARGGGHHH <-- fangirl---

I do not own the picture. I cropped it only to see Sekkushii Nihon-sama

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Thanks For Saving Me

"_______-san! Good morning!" Your Japanese friend, Kiku called, running over to you. He looked so cute in his grey beach shorts and baggy red top, along with red converse and a sweatband around his small forehead.
You smiled at him, waving.
"Good morning, Kiku! Ready to train?" You greeted, stretching your strong muscles. He nodded, stopping next to you.
"This was a good idea, ________-san. Ludwig is always too hard on us and Feliciano distracts me from training".
You blushed, fiddling with your own baggy shirt.
"Well? Wanna start?". Kiku nodded, his bangs slightly covering his face.
"Let's run a few laps and see where we go from there, yes?" You suggested.
Kiku agreed and took of running, with you following close behind. You both jogged into the woods, sun glittering through the autumn leaves.  
You looked over to your Japanese friend. He looked very content jogging through the calm woods, and seemed lost in thought. You smiled, admiring him.


"I don't no about this, aru" Yao whispered, hugging his panda tight.
"Dude, my ideas always work! CAUSE IM THE HERO!" Alfred screamed, before Arthur threw his hand up and slammed it on Alfred's huge mouth.
"Shut up, you git! You'll blow our cover!" He glared at Alfred, removing his hand from Al's mouth, while grimacing seeing as Alfred had licked his hand.
"It will work, Yao. Don't worry about it, da?" Ivan smiled, making Yao shiver.
"I'm not worried that it won't work, aru! It's just...._________'s special to Kiku. And he was once like my little brother" Yao informed, holding his panda even tighter.
"Ohonhonhon, don't worry, Yao. We'll take good care of her..." Francis smiled creepily at the small, old Chinese man, who frowned.
"Hey dudes! Look over there!" Alfred called in a whisper, peeking his head up from the bush. The others followed.
"It's Kiku and ________!" Arthur stated the obvious, smiling.
You and Kiku were both jogging through the woods, looking a little red but not slowing down much. Kiku's eyes were a little closed, breathing deeply as the calm air danced around him.
"Come on!" Arthur whispered, running to a bush closer to you while crouching. Alfred followed him, along with Francis. Ivan and Yao stood back a little.

Arthur crept up from the bush, sneaked a little behind you both, and grabbed hold of you, wrapping his hand around your mouth and pulling you forcefully into the Allies' hiding spot.
You struggled, screaming into the pale hand that silenced you, trying to pull your body from your captures. You opened your eyes to see large blue ones looking down on you.
"Dude! We caught her!" The blue eyed American shouted. You recognised that voice, it was Alfred F.Jones, a human representative of the United States.
You guessed that the other Allies were there, and you were right.
You were about to protest, until you were hit round the head by what felt like a metal pipe, and the last thing you heard was a distressed, "Aiyah...".


Kiku was starting to get tired, so he slowed down a little. Opening his eyes, he looked around to find his friend, ________, no where to be seen.
"__-________?" He choked out, his eyes darting rapidly around him.
He came to a sudden halt, panicking now. He whipped out his cell phone and dialled your number, heart racing.
He heard a small noise coming from behind the bushes, a ringing of some sort. He approached it, pulling the bush away from him, the noise becoming clearer.
Laying in the grass, ringing with a melodic tune, was your mobile phone, a little muddy from where it had obviously been dropped.
"_______-san's been here..." Kiku whispered, bending down to pick the phone up.
He brushed the dirt off the small device, then slipped it into his pocket. He ended the call from his phone and stepped behind the bush where he found the clue.
Looking around, he searched for anything else of yours. He spotted something stuck to the bark of the tree nearby. He moved closed, then recognised it. It was a fabric piece of Yao's clothing, it looked like it had been caught on the bark and ripped as he pulled on it.
"Allies." Kiku muttered, glaring at the fabric. He yanked on it, pulling it from the tree, and threw it to the ground, stepping angrily on it. And this was extremely strange for the small Japanese man. He was usually more introverted, but when it involved _________, he showed no mercy.
Pulling his katana out of no where, he stomped towards the axis' house, pushing open the door and slamming it behind him.


You woke with a pounding headache, trying to move your arms but finding them tied up. You started to scream, but the noise was muffled due to the gag wrapped around your mouth. You were seated on a wooden chair, legs tied together and upper body tied to the back of the seat. You fidgeted around, trying to break what was tying you.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you, _________" you heard a voice warn. It sounded like that stupid American, Alfred.
"Why the hell am I here?" You muffled through the gag, still struggling. You heard a chuckle, it sent shivers up your spine. You felt hands reach behind your head and detach the horrible fabric. As soon as it was taken off you started shouting.
"Let me go, assholes!" You screamed, kicking around.
"I don't think so, _________. Your perfect for our plan" An English accent spoke, in an intimidating tone.
"I..uh..what do you want from me?" You asked, stopping your protests.
"A little friend of yours.." Ivan whispered. You could hear the smirk in his voice.


Kiku felt himself fuming.
'How dare they capture _________! She's never done anything to them!' He shouted in his head.
Kiku laced up his boots and shined his katana, slipping it into its holder and speed walking outside. Ludwig and Feliciano were waiting there.
"I don't want to get hurt! England scares me!" Feliciano moaned, buried his head in his hands. Ludwig rolled his eyes.
"This is for the sake of _________. I'll never be able to live with myself if anything happened to her" Kiku muttered, looking sadly at the ground. Ludwig looked sadly at his friend, feeling empathy for him.
"Don't worry. Nothing's going to happen, she'll be okay" Ludwig assured, patting Kiku gently on the back. Kiku smiled softly.
"Come on" he instructed, walking towards the Axis' van. His friends followed.


You sat alone in the pitch black room, still tied up. You'd stopped screaming about an hour ago, as your voice had silenced and your throat began to sting. You sighed.
'I wonder what's going to happen to Kiku'.
You jumped as you heard a sudden crash and shouting from upstairs. You heard some slashing and pounding and then the door smashed open, revealing a panting, sweating Kiku, his katana in hand. He rushed over to you and cut through the ropes, letting you free. You smiled thankfully at him.
"Kiku! Thanks so much for saving me! Are you hurt? Did they do anything to you?" You questioned, fussing over him. He chuckled, softly, shaking his head.
"No. Arigatou, _________" He smiled, sliding his katana back into its case, and straightening himself out. You stood from the chair you were sitting on and followed Kiku up the stairs from the basement, only to see Ludwig and Feliciano sitting in the living room, with the allies knocked out and tied together on the lounge floor. You and Kiku raised your eyebrows at them.
"Well, that was interesting" Ludwig muttered, looking over to the Italian.
Feliciano grinned, "I had no idea what I was doing".
You laughed, as Feli and Ludwig stood up and made they're way out the door, with you and Kiku following close behind.
Feliciano and Ludwig sat in the front of the van with Ludwig driving, while you and Kiku sat in the back. You felt a little awkward, fiddling nervously with your hands.
"Uh, _________?" The Japanese man asked. You looked up in his direction.
"[1]....Anata O Muchu Nano[2]" Kiku mumbled, his face glowing bright red. You smiled, also blushing.
"I love you too, Kiku" you hurried forwards and sat beside him, taking hold of his hand. Kiku shook nervously, biting his lip. Your hand was warm against his.
"Thanks for saving me" you whispered, leaning forward and kissing him gently on the cheek, "I really appreciate it".

1: I Love You
2: I'm Crazy About You
Another request finished! WIN!

This was requested by :iconstarrocket12:
Sorry for the wait, I've been pretty busy with schoolwork and stuff :3

Anyway, first Japan x Reader I've written! He's hard to write for! It's hard to write him romantic, anyway!

So, hope you like this. The ending was kind of rushed, but hopefully its okay :)
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Yelling in frustration, I lash out against the bars of my cage. Repeatedly, my foot connects with the iron bars with forceful greeting. As I relentlessly fight against the confines of my prison, my hunger for freedom only grows.
"Let me out! You can't keep me in here forever!" I snarl into the darkness shrouding my cell.
I receive no answer and I expect none. However, my shackles begin to tighten and I can tell he is fighting back.
"You were so willing to let me out in the last war, but now you keep me under lock-n-key…..why? You're afraid of something and I can smell the fear on your skin!" I snarl, my dark eyes blazing brightly.
Again, no answer besides the growing strength of the tug of my chains pulling me back.
I pause in my struggle to smile darkly and admire his determination to keep me locked up. However, the bars of my prison have grown rusty over the years and his grip on me was once more weakening.
Without warning, I tense the muscles in my legs and kick off against the edge of my cage. I'm propelled forward with enough force to shatter the bars and rip away one of my shackles.
As I blink against the sudden, intense light, my vision slowly focuses on a young woman with (h/c) hair and luminescent (e/c) eyes. She's the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time and my eyes narrow with my sudden desire to keep her. I will make her mine; no matter the cost.
The darkness in my eyes seems to confuse her at first before transitioning into unease.
"Oops, she's seen me." I snicker to myself, "Looks like there's cracks in his shield."
Crack one.

I laugh mockingly as he tries to reinforce the walls of my new cell.
"You really think building more walls will keep me in? You're pathetic and weak, so just concede defeat already. I already broke out of here once and I can do it again," I point out, waving my bruised wrist that was now free of its shackle.
He doesn't answer and I know he's too much of a coward to. He's afraid to acknowledge my existence in the fear that the act will release me entirely. So instead, he just buries me deep inside his sub-conscience.
My smile is neither warm nor welcoming as my icy-gaze penetrates the surrounding shadows. I'm itching to know what it is he's afraid I'll do once I obtain freedom.
"You're afraid….tell me why," I demand, my voice becoming eerily calm and almost gentle.
No answer.
"You'll have to answer me eventually."
No reply.
"What harm could an exchange of words do?"
"I'm not going to sit here and play these games with you!" I snarl in a sudden snap of temper.
Abruptly, the memory of that woman crosses into my mind and a wicked grin slowly creeps onto my face.
"Oh, I see now…." I pause and relish the tense silence that ensues, "Is she dear to you?"
"That is none of your concern."
"So now you speak!" I point out, excitement stemming from my small victory.
"Hai….and what do you want?"
Turning my head to the side, I pretend to act innocent.
"Nothing, I just want to have a little chat with that pretty flower you've picked up," I purr mischievously.
"Out of the question." His voice sounds tense, like he's forcing himself to remain calm.
"Why not? I think I like her-"
"You wirr go nowhere near her!" His voice is edgy now and each time it's growing in volume.
"And what makes you think I'll listen to your petty commands?" I retort, standing up.
"In here I have the power!" His voice rattles my eardrums.
"Sorry, I feel a power shift coming…" Without another word, I charge at the nearest wall of my cage and slam my body into its hard surface.
The wall crumbles away and I feel a second shackle come loose. With a willful tug, the shackle comes free and I tumble into the light.
"Freedom at last!" I cry triumphantly as the view of his kitchen comes into focus.
"U-um, Kiku? Are you feeling alright?"
I turn towards the sweet sound of a feminine voice and my hungry gaze comes to rest on familiar (e/c) eyes. Unfortunately, before I get the chance to speak, I feel myself being roughly flung aside and away from the light. The woman seems father away now.
"Kiku?" she inquires, worry clouding her gaze.
"I'm fine. I just-"
"Why don't you properly introduce us?" I interrupt him as my words spill out of his mouth.
"Introduce who? What are you talking about, Kiku?" asks the woman, confusion mixing into those twin pools of (e/c).
"N-nothing, ______-san, but I need a moment arone," he chokes out.
"Are you feeling okay?" Tentatively, ______-san reaches out a hand to rest on his shoulder, but he smacks it away in a desperate effort to keep me from grabbing it. "Kiku?!"
"You can't keep me a secret forever! I can taste freedom on my tongue already!" I declare through his mouth.
"Reave me arone!" he demands, although I hear it as more of a plea.
Startled, ______-san takes a step back and anxiously leaves the kitchen.
Letting out a laugh, I know I've won this round even when he pulls me back in and locks me up tight.
Crack two.

With a tug of my wrist, I test the waning strength of my remaining shackles. I'm so close now. I'll soon be free from him.
Hearing the faint sound of her voice and catching its warm tone, I lick my lips longingly. I will claim what was rightfully mine.
"I wirr protect her from you!" he warns.
"We'll see about that." I narrow my dark eyes as my body tenses.
Unable to withstand my powerful blow, I erupt once more from the confines of my prison.
"What's wrong, Kiku? Eat up, I made this breakfast especially for you!" chirps _____-san as she beams brightly at me.
Glancing downwards, I see a steaming plate of eggs, rice, and small pieces of grilled fish set before me. I return my gaze to _____-san and try to imitate her smile, only to fail and have mine come out darker than hers.
Her grin falters, when she notices my expression and she nervously busies herself with her own breakfast.
Stirring my rice around without eating it, I stare fixed on her smooth, gentle features. My hand wonders to my kantana sheath beside the table. Quietly, I imagine the dark crimson of blood glistening on my blade. I sigh, entranced by its beautiful image and the one sitting across the table.
Unable to wait a moment more, I reach across the table and grab ______-san's hand painfully tight.
"Kiku, please let go, that hurts," she complains lightly, her eyes searching mine.
Ignoring her, I forcefully yank her to her feet and to my chest, so our faces are mere inches apart.
"I'm sorry, ______-san, but Kiku is not here at the moment so please leave a message after the beep." I lean in until my dark, penetrating eyes block her view of anything else. "Beep!"
I laugh a cold, spine-tingling laugh, when she flinches.
"If Kiku is not here, then who is?" she asks as if she's unsure she wants to hear the answer.
I grab both her wrists and dig my nails into her skin. She does not struggle.
Crack Three.

I poke and probe the holes and cracks that line the walls of my cell. I'm absolutely sure now, that he no longer has the strength to keep me inside. There was little stopping me from escaping this dank cave of a cell forever.
Lazily, I pull my foot to me and test the fragility in the final remaining shackle.
"Not a second more will be wasted here. I will leave this place-" I slam my foot into the side of the cage, shattering both the wall and my shackle, "-and I'm never coming back!"
My bare feet glide silently across the wood floor as I make my way to the bedroom. There, I know I'll find _____-san sleeping peacefully, her mind lost in the realm of dreams.
A whisper of air is released, when I quietly open the bedroom door and step inside. As expected, I find ______-san fast-asleep in his….no my bed.
Even with her eyes closed, she was a remarkable sight to see. My heart pounds at the mere sight of her and I can focus on nothing else but her resting form.
A faint hiss escapes the sheath as I swiftly unsheathe my kantana.
______-san moves in her sleep, but her eyes remain closed.
The bed creaks beneath my weight as I climb onto it and tower over ____-san. I position the tip of my blade directly over her heart and prepare to sink it deep into her chest.
Unfortunately, she chooses that moment to wake up and I freeze as her gaze rests on me.
"K-Kiku? What are you doing?" she asks, her mind still foggy with sleep and unable to allow her to fully realize the extent of the danger she is in.
"I'm afraid Kiku has been disconnected and will no longer be able to answer your calls," I answer, a sinister glint in my dark gaze.
Despite finally acknowledging the threat looming over her, _____-san remains unusually calm.
"You're not going to hurt me, Kiku."
"I told you Kiku is not here anymore!" I snarl furiously, plunging my blade downwards only to have her roll out of the way.
The edge of my blade cuts a gash in her arm, but otherwise she escapes unharmed. She makes a mad dash for the door and I bound off the bed after her. I pursue her through the hallway and her escape route becomes painfully obvious: she's heading straight for the main entrance.
"You won't escape me that easily!" I declare, blade at the ready as I close in.
Striking out with my blade, _____-san lets out a startled cry as she barely dodges my attack. Instead of penetrating flesh and bone, my kantana embeds itself in the wall a hair's-width from her neck.
"Kiku, I know you're still in there and I know you'll never hurt me! You don't have the heart to!" she blurts out hopelessly.
"He doesn't, but I do!" I argue, grabbing a hold of her throat and pinning her to the wall, so I have time to unstick my blade.
"Kiku….I love you." _____-san barely manages to choke out those three useless words.
A drop of her Scarlett-colored blood slides down along the edge of my blade as I tense my arm for the kill.
The blade whistles as it cuts through the air on its path to her heart, but I sense something is wrong. The tip comes to an abrupt halt an inch from her skin.
I will myself to move, but it's like I'm encased in ice.
"Why….why can't I kill you?" I gasp in disbelief.
My aim becomes unsteady as my hand begins to shake.
Why can't I bring myself to end her life?!
Heart beating hard inside my chest, I fall into a trance as her (e/c) eyes mesmerize me. What is wrong with me?!
Some strange emotion had sneaked its way into my heart and as much as I claw at it, I couldn't rip it out. The more I try to hide it, the more intense the emotion became as my body shakes with the effort of fighting it.
______-san doesn't make any effort to break free, even when my grip loosens on her throat. The affection overpowering her fear of me was like a dagger to my heart. I couldn't stand it as her love for him made me weak in the knees.
Then it became clear. The grim secrets he tried to hide left cracks for my darkness to slip through. Now, ______-san is the cause of the cracks inside me that allows his feelings to come through. His love for her is now my love and there's no use in pretending it is not there.
Unable to restraint myself any longer, the kantana falls from my hand as I step closer. A foreign gentleness crawls under my skin as I carefully catch her cheeks in my hands and bring our lips crashing together.
The kiss is rough and I heatedly taste the sweet flavor of her lips, my passion unbearably powerful.
How could he have held himself back from these intense feelings?!
Being too stunned to do anything at first, _____-san simply allows me to take control. However, she quickly recovers her senses and kisses back, deepening the kiss.
Only when the need for air outgrows my desire, do I finally pull away with a gasp.
I guess….he and I both fell through the cracks…
This was requested by :iconthebigblackdevil5: who wanted a Dark JapanXReader. I'm afraid I probably made it darker than you wanted and sorry for the minimal appearances of the Reader. ^^; I got into the 'zone' and this is the result. ._.

Let me know if it needs a warning for any reason. :P


You-san(c)- Well, you.

Preview Pic(c)-~RavensongForever (It's my first try at anime/manga so cut me some slack. >_<)
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The tiny sound of the bell ringing filled the silence. You stepped through the grimy door, your eyes widening at the cornucopia of books that stretched across the room. Stacks of books were in each and every corner of the little shop, tables overflowing with them. Shelves went all the up to the ceiling, books of all shapes and sizes adorning them.

This was the sort of place you were looking for, the quiet type of paradise that until now had eluded you. Except, the place was filthy.

Dust cloaked the wooden shelves, hell even the air was thick with it. You had to watch your feet carefully, to make sure your nose wouldn't meet the floor anytime soon.

"Hello?" You said, scanning the room for a sentient life form. "Hello? Is there anyone here?" Your voice got louder as you tried again. After managing to stumble closer to the only table with a cash machine, you rang the bell that was settled on the desk.

A groan emitted from behind the doorway, which was covered by strands of fabric, in an attempt to give the room behind some privacy.

A man appeared, leaning against the wall, looking absolutely exhausted. Alarmed, you reached forward to help him, but he merely waved you off.

"What can I help you with?" He asked unenthusiastically. "We-well, I'm looking for a job you see, so when I saw the notice in the window-"

"What?! Who put that there?" He sighed agitatedly, running a hand through his dishevelled hair. "Must've been Yao...." After sighing again, he glanced at you, taking you in.

"It's true I've needed a helping hand. But honestly not enough people come in here anymore, so it doesn't really matter...."

You snorted derisively. "Well, I'm not surprised, this place is a mess." He shot a glance around the room. "It can't see what wrong with it. I can find whatever I need fine. Besides, I like it when it's quiet. I just want to be left alone."

"Then why open a shop in the first place?" You told him, frowning. "I love reading, I like books. So go figure, I opened a bookshop where I can read all I want."

You threw your hands up in the air. "This place could look really nice! Hire me. For a week or so and I promise I'll make the place look good and get people in." He stared at you quizzically, repeating what he'd said. "I just like being left alone."

This man presented a challenge for you. And you would definitely win. "Screw it. I don't care if you hire me now. If I can get ten people in that buy a book by the end of the week, then you can consider me hired. If not, I'll just leave you alone forever."

He smirked, he liked the sound of you leaving. Besides there was no way, you could get anyone to come in.  "Deal."

The next day you returned, carrying bags filled to the brink with cleaning equipment. You decided to start on the windows, hopefully once they were clean and open, you could see the mess that awaited you a bit better.

You flipped the closed sign that was hanging in the door. But when you turned it around again and again, you realised both sides had 'CLOSED' printed on it. Sighing, you raised your eyebrow, but left it as it was.

You heard a clink as the man you now knew as Kiku set down a mug of coffee on his cluttered. He propped his feet up as he settled down to read a dusty novel, wrapped in a blanket. As you'd managed to creak the windows open, it had become quite cold inside.

But already the place looked a lot fresher, the old stuffy air having disappeared outside. After half an hour of swiping the grime away from the window panes, you deemed them clean enough and you smiled, happy you'd gotten one thing done.

But your spirits fell as you turned and witnessed the onslaught of books. This should take more than a week to do, at least, but you were determined not to lose face.

Kiku watched with an amused smile over the rim of his coffee cup as you set about removing the books from the shelves, putting them in orderly piles on the dusty floor.

First you made sure to clean each shelf, careful not to lose your footing on the rickety stepladder and knock over the books.

It wasn't that hard, but it was very satisfying when after several hours you looked at the gleaming wood you'd polished meticulously.

By this time Kiku had fallen asleep the book lying over his face. You took that moment to have a proper look at him. He was rather small and the black hair framing his face was disarrayed. You caught the book as it slid of his face, not wanting to wake him.

He looked quite sweet as he snored gently, it was when he started talking that it irritated you. If only he could be this nice when he was awake, you thought as you left the book on his desk.

You placed a ribbon on the page he was at, placing a small stone on top of it, so the spine would be back to normal when he started reading again.

You plopped down on the Chesterfield sofa you'd uncovered during your cleaning. After clearing some books from your side, you picked one up and leafed through it. You sighed as you glanced across the amount of books you'd have to classify, alphabetise and put back on the shelves after cleaning each one.

But that would have to be a chore for the next day. After another look around the cosy room, you smiled, waved at Kiku even though he was asleep and left. When he heard the telltale chime of the bell, Kiku opened his eyes and shyly returned your wave.

Truth was, though he was irritated someone was invading his private space, he was happy. Happy someone was interested enough in his shop that they'd go to such lengths. Kiku's brown eyes scanned the piles of books, enjoying the warmth of the setting sun on his face as it streamed through the clean glass.

"Morning!" you greeted, swinging into the shop with ease, smiling as Kiku nodded at you. You grinned as you saw what you still had left.  The stack of books waiting for you was still quite large, but as all you had to do was alphabetise it, it was simple.

Kiku's eyes didn't leave you, save only when you looked at him, then they'd flick back to his book. Looked like he was going to lose. Not that he'd really lose anything except his personal space.  Besides the smile that you had plastered on your face was making his heart flip.

After the last book found its place on the shelf, you stood back, hands on your hips as you chuckled. "It's done!" You sang, cheering as you did a victory dance.  All that was left was to sweep the floor and get the customers.

Kiku's book was snapped shut by him and he stood up to inspect. After making a quick tour round the room, he nodded and muttered something to himself. Then he sat down on the sofa next to you.

"I don't even need those ten people to come in. You're hired." He told you as he sat back and closed his eyes. Your own (e/c) eyes widened. "Really?! Thank you so much!" You hugged him closely and you could feel the heat steaming from his cheeks.

When you released him, he coughed over his embarrassment. "Yes, well, when I see you working so hard, it wouldn't be fair not to give you the job." He clarified, glancing away from you. Your eyes met his and he seemed about to say something when the bell rang.

The two of you jumped in shock as you saw a couple of people sidle in, looking around and scanning the spines of the books.

You grinned and held your hand out to him, standing up. "C'mon. I suggest you take a shower, wouldn't want you to be the only thing here that wasn't presentable." You said with a wink. He took hold of your hand and hauled himself up.

"Alright. Also," He murmured as he turned to the door, "I'm leaving the customers to you." He kissed your cheek and vanished into the lurking darkness behind the doorway.
I apologise. I know Japan is OOC..... But I really think he'd be pissed off if this was to happen!

Also, I got this idea from the wonderful tv-series "Black Books". If you haven't heard of it, I really suggest you watch it! It's one of my favourites!

And to those who do know it, I love Bernard!! He's so brilliantly sarcastic!

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments ^^

Decide in the next poll who YOU want to see next!
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A Hetalia Fanfiction
You Are My Exception

Japan had a rule.

Sure, he had a lot of rules, big and little, complicated and simple rules, ranging from not allowing you to enter his house without taking off your shoes to not touching that strange, mysterious machine in his storage room, but this was the ultimate rule.

It was the “No Touchy” rule. Yes, Kiku had a no-touching rule. And it was the same as all his other rules—break that rule, and he would disown you if he could. But… as his close friend and his fellow neighbor, should you not be allowed to breach at least one of these rules?

… there’s got to be something that he’ll let me do. Your mind raced through the possibilities. Limitless possibilities, yes, because there were so many rules, but very few opportunities. Definitely not going to touch his kimonos… no. He’d kill me. And I’d stay away from that machine if I could… God, what else does he keep in that storage room anyways? And that rule…

Could you actually do it? Could you be the one, single exception to Honda Kiku’s “No Touchy” rule?

… Only one way to find out.



Your neighbor, dressed in a formal suit and a slightly looser dress shirt than usual (which was very casual for Kiku, of course) on his own porch swing, glanced up as he heard you approach him.

“… __________-chan?” Now, really, what could she be doing, running so quickly and bound to trip herself at some point?

Oh, my… this can’t be good. Kiku stood up from the bench, carefully making his way down the steps of the front porch, still watching where he was going as he kept his eyes on you. “I’ve got to get to her… before she trips over her own feet…”

As you were running toward him, you hardly even looked down to see where you were going, or to catch a glimpse of that large crack in the sidewalk that you usually avoided—and, of course, before you could remember and stop yourself from snagging your foot in it, you found yourself in a ridiculous predicament. Trying to skid yourself to a stop didn’t help, and you found yourself tumbling into the arms of Honda Kiku.

“A-ah!” Yes, he had been trying to stop his cute neighbor from falling, but he hadn’t meant to catch her in his arms. And what she trying to do now? W-wait a minute… a hug?!

He started to panic immediately, being the formal, polite Japanese man he was with his no-touching-that-cute-sexy-Japanese-neighbor rule. Unfortunately, he knew you were one who didn’t like to follow rules. Oh well… what was there left to do?

“K-Kiku? Kiku-kun?” You looked up at your friend in shock as he started to hug back. “Kiku!”

He gave you that smile—no, not the usual, kind smile he gave. This was a handsome one, sexy, even! “Now, now, __________-chan, what are you trying to do? Break my rules?”

“You got that right.” You gave him a little smirk and snuggled into his arms. “If I didn’t follow your rule about not turning on the stove, then did you really think I’d follow this one?”

“And that’s why I have a burn mark on my frying pan, __________. You never do learn.”

Of course not. You laughed quietly to yourself as you ruffled his hair clumsily. “Yeah? And what are you going to do about that, Kiku-san?” You mocked him, using the more respective honorific that he refused to let you use.

“I’m going to punish you, of course.”

Wait… what? Punish? You weren’t cut out for that. And what kind of punishment would the very strict, rule-loving, greatly respected Honda-san give? It’s gotta be a bad one.

You were about to protest in fear of whatever technique he was going to use when suddenly Kiku closed the gap between the two of you, ensnared your lips in his, smiling against your warm skin, and whispered into your ear once he'd had his fun: “Why, __________, I’m going to punish you with me.

… Bingo.

Now, if only you could figure out what that machine in his basment was...
Finally, I get another Hetalia one-shot in there. This time, dearies, it's Honda Kiku. I've had this idea in my head for a while and wanted to get it out.

About the machine, I have no idea what it is actually, it's one of his newest inventions in which he's trying to create one of those guns he secretly has a fetish for :p...
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