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please read, respect and FOLLOW our rules of usage. <--click!
thank you very much. :heart:

model is my sister ~macabremirjam
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Model: Me
Photographer: Me



:bulletpurple: Credit me for using this stock
:bulletpurple: Send me a link to your work so i can see it and :+fav:
:bulletpurple: This may be used in prints on DA, but you must ask before using outside the site.
:bulletpurple: Be Creative. Dont just add filters or minor adjustments.
:bulletpurple: Download for full size image


You must read my full rules here: [link]
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rules are:
1- just leave a comment or note if you intend on using my picture.

2- link me to your art when you have finished the manipulation/

3- please remember to credit me if you use my picture..

i hope this isnt too much to ask. :)

thanks very much :D

Here is my NON STOCK account: :iconsamisox:
please look if your interested =D
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Yes, I have a huge freaking mouth

:police: STOP! Read this before you download or use in a photo manipulation :police:
By downloading, storing, or using any of my stock, you need to read and agree to my rules as listed below.

DeviantARTís FAQ rules state in FAQ 157:
"Stock images are images that are posted somewhere with the express intent that it may be used by other artists in their own artwork. Use of these images in this fashion are subject to the artist's license, which may or may not require the payment of fees.
The use of stock imagery at deviantART is permissible if and only if you can provide a link to the source of the stock image along with some kind of proof that you have satisfied the terms of the stock image license." (or in other terms, my rules set forth within this journal entry)

These photos are all taken by me and my friends, and special to me. I am submitting them as stock for the benefit of my fellow deviants. Not so that someone can come along, call my photograph a free domain and use it for any means they desire. So, if you donít mind following a couple simple rules, than good. But if you do mind, please look for stock photos some place else.

:::: THE RULES::::

1. Link to me in the description.
(It can be a link to the original picture, a link to my icon, or both.)
Tip:When you save my photo to your computer, change the file name to whatever number is in the URL. That way when you want to remember who's photo you used, all you have to do is type in the address field (no spaces) http:// www. deviation/ place number here/

2. Link your deviation back here.
(Preferably on the page of the picture you used, but anything will do.)
Need help linking? Click Here

3. Restrictions: :censored: I don't want my photos, especially those containing human models, to be used in sexually erotic creations (these include sexual positions or fetish pin-up type manipulations), religious photos of any sort (including witchcraft) or political compains or collages. As for fantasy and dark artists, I would prefer it if my stock was not used in relation to demons, ghosts, or magical spells. (including voodoo, witchcraft, and sacrifices) :skull: Fairies and fantasy creatures are acceptable. Please don't be offended by this request, but this is my stock, my rules.

4. Where: Just remember, these stock photos are free to use ONLY ON deviantART. They can be used in photo manipulations, paintings, references, ect. (Any other usage: please request permission first)
For blogs: I will allow my stock photos to be used under these conditions.
1. You must follow the usual rules about linking when posting on DA.
2. You MUST put a copyright symbol along with Daniella Koontz and the url of the photo used or of my page ON the photo being used for the blog.

5. Prints: If you use my stock and would like to sell it in :daprints:, send me a note with a link to the photo you would like to make a print, and if I agree, I will e-mail prints permission with my agreement. If you don't understand this rule please read
FAQ for submitting Prints
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As you can probably tell, I've never taken a ballet class in my life. :giggle:

:bulletblue: Credit me
:bulletblue: Link me to the deviation
:bulletblue: There's no need to ask before off site OR commercial use (dA Prints)
:bulletblue: You need to ask permission before off-site, commercial use
:bulletred: Nothing pornographic, sexist, racist nor discriminatory may be made with my stock photos.
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:bulletblue: Stock Photo Usage and Rules in my journal.
:bulletblue: Make sure to credit me in your description if you use.
:bulletblue: Do NOT post my stock on sites other than DeviantArt unless you have my specific permission.

No longer private; feel free to use!
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..::Click DOWNLOAD to Save/Use::..

Welcome To =Gracies-Stock!

Model Stock - Male - Full Body

Model: Simon :heart:

:bulletblue:Credit me in your description
:bulletblue:Note me the link OR Leave a comment here
:bulletblue:Do NOT use outside DeviantArt

Other Helpful Links:

:bulletblue:My Models - [link] -
:bulletblue:Share Your Opinion - [link] -


To Contact Me:

:bulletblue:Note Me - [link] -
:bulletblue:E-mail Me - -
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~Saktoth is covered in sand etc but perhaps someone can use this.

Lady Elliot Island, Queensland, Australia.

Link back to us and notify us if you use it.
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