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Just a new ID, made with Vue :D
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Wallpaper 1920 X 1200
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The Fella Rocks :iconfellaplaysguitarplz:
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Thanks :)
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Thanks !
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Thanks :)
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Just a new ID, made with GIMP :D
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Created by Bryce 7 pro
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Just a new ID, made with Cinema 4D :D
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If you were wondering about the other creatures from the exotic zoo which Jetzle came from, here are a few of the many animals from the zoo.

Having been shunned by society for being freaks, these poor creatures need loving homes. :love:

Rules for Adoption

-First Come NOT First Served-

1. All Adoptables are FREE
2. Please don't take advantage of my art (No re-selling!)
3.Please fill out an Adoption Sheet before adopting. :heart:
4.One adoptable per user please ^^
5. Please don't complain if you didn't get the one you want. There will be plenty more to come.
6. If you have already adopted from me before, please hold back and let someone who hasn't adopt. Thanks ;)


Owner: :icontarnedangel:
Number: #1
Name: Salire
Gender: Male
Age: (I dunno if they age different from us humans so I'll write "in human age" ^^;) 13 in human age
Likes: Swimming, Dancing (though he more or less is isn't able to do that thanks to his legs), being alone and thinking, racing (also he of course can't run that well XD)
Dislikes: Staying inside the whole day, having too much people around him, too much work, scary movies
Other: Although he's somewhat shy, he'll be there for his friends. He'd like to be a "someone", nearly everybody treats him like a "nobody".

Number: 2
Name: Ticker
Gender: Male
Age: 5 human years
Likes: Apples, trees, small bodies of water, acorns, vegetables
Dislikes: Lizards and chemicals, salt water and being told off for invading other people's space
Other: Ticker generally loves being outside and being of use to others. His favorite 'job' in particular is ridding greenhouses of unwanted pests.

Number: 3
Name: Jet
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Likes: To sneak into pilots plains to get a good ride. Fly around the world. Tropical fruits. Adventures. Danger. When he let himself fall from big hights.
Dislikes: When he can't get on the plain or be able to fly around. Bugs. Humans who throw him out from the plain. People with guns.
Other: He has a little problem with being a bit to brave at times, he have almost got himself killed several times. He is very gentle with little kids whatever species they are. He got his outfit from his father who also loved to fly, but sadly died when he was out on a long trip to Texas.

Number: 4
Name: Max
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Likes: running
Dislike: criminals

Number: 5
Name: Blossom
Gender: Female
Likes: being pampered and being Spoiled
Dislikes: the dark, Loneliness and Scary things

Likes: Stagger likes any kind of beautiful sound, she often looks up at stars and dreams about the world. She loves most colors and she steps on her tail sometimes.
Dislikes: Falling over, hates high pitched noises, being alone and unable to go out side.
Other: Dreams of a nice peaceful island to visit one day.

Number: 7
Name: Valentin
Gender: Male
Age: 18 (human years)
Likes: Destruction, thrill of the chase
Dislikes: the idea of everyone being happy
Other:~ as follows!
Personality: Thorn is very sly, always looking for trouble where its not needed, he genrally sticks to be alone but will seek comfot in others with the same likings as him.
History: After being outcasted from his own family pack he wonders around looking for trouble, joinging packs and living in towns, only to tear them apart with his powers. (There noted underneth) now he's inline to be a death god, though he doesn't like the idea of working along side creatures, but he enjoys knowing he can destroy things
Powers: Physic abilatys, conections with the un dead and dead

number : 8
name : Belt
gender : male
age : 2
likes : fighting and climbing
dislikes : others that are stronger than him
other : lives in forests or a cave

Name: Gil
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Likes: swimming, seashell, the beach, boats, open sea, spending time with owner or fishtank.
Dislikes: the heat, lack of water, cats,
Other: Just your average house pet, he thinks he's a dog.

Owner: :icondimensionxxiv:
Number: 10
Name: Wave
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Likes: swiming catching fish drawing and making jokes
Dislikes: Rudeness insults annoying people
Other: Owns a cottage that sits on stilts out at sea she can slide down a tube to get to the water. the fisherman like to avoid her but she loves to pull on their strings as a joke. She is friends with a school of dolphins that sleep under her cottage during the night. she is afraid of sharks.

Number: 11
Name: Bella ( or Bell )
Gender: Female
Age: 19 months
Likes: Running, Climbing, Swimming, Flying ( even though she can't she still tries ) Trying new ideas, discovering things about her surroundings and sharing gifts with others.
Dislikes: Being Mis-treated, teased, bullied, seeing others hurt, eating any type of fish ( see other ) and the cold
Details: Bella was born in an exotic zoo, she not only was shunned by the humans but also some of the other creatures as she was teased by the fact that she had a glowing orb on the end of her tail. She made friends with a fish who supported her, however he was used as food before the zoo shut. She is a very spirited, musical and curious creature who only wants to prove that she isn't a freak

Number: 12
Name: Ae
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: Nothing
Other: Ae was born from his unknown mother that had abandoned him for no reason. He was born into the world all alone. He would spend time alone on clouds or in the water when bored or have nothing to do. But one day as he was playing alone on a cloud, he accidentally stomped onto a cloud too hard and created a lightning bolt down into the sky. Then he realise why he must've been abandoned, he had a unique power to himself, making him different.

Thank you everyone for trying out and thank you for those who got one. Hope you had fun adopting :heart:

all drawn by me
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