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This pic is mostly to show the differences between the 2 version of the puppet Simba.
The old one is slightly bigger, has button eyes, is a bit darker and has a bigger mane.
The new one is a bit more shiny.

I really like both version and I can't decide which one I prefer :P
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Yeah :) Little Family Pride all together now :P
They originally came in a box (they are often sold still in it), but since I got mine separately, there's no box. I would've taken them out anyway XD

Even thought they are very small, I think they are cute. In the movie, we don't see the whole family together very often so it's nice to have them together as plushes :p
Also, I like tht baby Kiara can stand on her paws :P I wish there was a baby Kovu, too!
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Woohoo I'm so happy to have finally found Nala and baby Kiara!
I now own the whole set :D
Nala has velcro under her chin so baby Kiara can be attached to her.
These are quite small plushes and the last listing of the whole set I've seen when up to over 150$! Which I believe is way too much considering their size!
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Aw yissss! I had been looking for this guy for a while now! I had missed on one before, but now I got him!
So this is the newer version of the old Simba puppet. This one has embroided eyes, a shorter mane and his colour is lighter.
Cute cute cute!!
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This rocking Adult Simba or Mufasa (Can't remember which one it said he was supposed to b) came from the Disneystore and was sold back in 2003 when the Lion King was released on DVD. He is quite large and sturdy, and is very well made. The rockers on the bottom are made of wood and painted. Inside him he has a strong steel frame that is bolted to the wooden rockers. He can support a lot of weight, I am a full grown adult and he supports my weight without problem. I actually sometimes actually sit on him when I need an extra chair in my living room, or occasionally to watch TV. He is actually surprisingly not uncomfortable to sit on.

There is a large sitting adult Simba plush that was sold by the Disney Store back in 2003 also, that has a very similar face, and made of similar fabric.

2003 DisneyStore - Jumbo Simba plush

I also have another rocker very similar like this one from the Disney Store that is of Rajah from Aladdin. The Rajah I have is also from 2003. I used to have a bunch of other Lion King ride on/rocking toys in my collection, that I had collected over the years. Unfortunately I threw most of them in the garbage a few years ago. I am actually kind of regretting that now. At least I kept my favorite ones.

This Simba was quite expensive when new and is quite rare. He is 27" tall, 13" wide. The wooden rockers are 35" long, and the Simba plush is 32" long excluding his 16" tail. Simba's back is 19" from the grond.

OTHER IMAGES OF THIS TOYCheck out my gallery to see more interesting and unique Lion King and other plushies. Consider adding me to your watch list. I add new stuff all the time.
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This is my Lion King Plush Collection in 2012. A few Lions are missing, but I will take a photo of the others too. I like the little one in the middle with the big head, he plays music, if the tail is pulled.
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Finally XD I've wanted to take this pic for a while now!
So as I expected I don't have that many plushies, I have more or less 85 of them. I started collecting in November 2011, not yet a year ago. I have some more that are currently on their way to my home and others that should be shipped soon :3

Here are picture that zoom up a bit:
Here is what it looks like in my bedroom XD :
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Finally, both Kovu & Kiara can be together. Shady has had Kovu since last year Christmas but now Kiara has finally arrived. These are pretty big and thick plushes. Kovu measures 14 inches in height and Kiara measures 13 inches. These plushes were only sold in the UK Disney Store in 1998. Though we both agree that Kovu's face looks better than Kiara, both are very nice to have. - Weezy&Shady
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These are the 3 pyjama cases made by Jemini. There is another version of Kovu and Kiara with embroided eyes.

Simba is slightly bigger and more floppy than Kovu and Kiara.
Some of you might recognize the top left pic XD

EDIT: Kiara now belongs to :iconshadyandweezy:
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Right, there are 47 TLK plushies here, all for sale, including several rare ones - like the four foot long Douglas and Co. adult Simba, the Mattel adult Simba, and the Sarabi (with a baby Simba).
I'm also selling the five foot tall Douglas and Co. Simba - worldwide - but I already have an offer. $600 + shipping. If you can beat that offer, message me for details.
The velcro TLK II beanies have some repeats (there are two kovus and vitanis), and the big lion plush at the bottom isn't TLK related - although he looks a little like Simba - and whoever buys the last plush from my collection will get him for free. :)
I am also selling TLK: Six New Adventures, if anyone is interested.

This is my attempt at listing the plushies for sale... I'm not sure of all the brands, but I'll try. (A lot of the plushies still have labels, if that's of any importance.) From left to right (roughly):

2011 big UK Disney store cub Simba.
29" Nala - velvety texture.
Lying Disney store Kiara plush.
Sitting Disney store Kiara plush (matches with the lying Kiara).
Trudi sitting Kovu beanie.
Lying Disney store Kovu.
Sitting Disney store Kovu (matches with the lying Kovu).
McDonalds Kovu (will give away to whoever buys the sitting Kovu).
Mattel velcro TLK2 beanies - Kiara, Nuka, Vitani and Kovu.
(Hiding at the back) Big Mattel adult Simba, quite rare.
Big and rare Douglas and co. adult Simba with open mouth. Lovely quality.
DisneyWorld Orlando Mufasa, Simba and Nala.
Disneyland Paris cub Simba (recent).
Big fluffy Simba-like lion.
Disneyland Paris small sitting Simba.
Disneyland Paris small sitting Nala.
UK Disney store Simba.
Little UK disney store Nala (with a flower on her head, idk why).
Hasbo cradlin' cub Simba.
BIG sitting cub Simba - I love this one, not sure what brand.
Chubby Simba rucksack.
Simba waterbottle cover.
UK Disney store fuzzy Timon + Pumbaa.
2003 promo TLK3 Pumbaa plush.
Small Timon plush (not sure what brand).
Rare 32" Sarabi WITH the cub Simba.
2004 promo TLK special edition DVD Simba plush. (Erm, I drew whiskers on him when I was 7, so I'll give this to someone for free with something. Whoever claims him. I apologise.)
Hasbro sitting Nala.
2009 UK Disney store cub Simba.
Big Hasbro cub Simba.
Extremely rare Hallmark Simba and Nala (from Canada).
Applause adult Simba.
2004 fuzzy UK Disney store Simba.
Little Scar beanie.
Sitting Scar plush from DisneyWorld.
UK Disney Store fuzzy Rafiki.
UK Disney Store fuzzy Simba (can't really see him on this picture).
UK Disney Store fuzzy Mufasa.

Please contact me if you're interested in any of these, or if you want to make an offer on the five foot tall Simba. Just send me your offer. If I agree to sell you something, I'll put it up on eBay and we can complete the transaction through there so it's safe.

They're all in great condition, and I'd love to sell all of them to good homes. I've only kept my other Douglas and Co. Simba, because I have a lot of memories with it. And a big Disneyland Paris Simba and a few from my childhood.

Any questions, just ask. Hope you enjoy! :heart:
Please advertise to those who might want to buy anything. :)
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