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umm, i find it hard to keep up with one style = n =
but i can try to master them all? c;

this is one of my OCs, Robynn

but her outfit isn't really stable yet since this was completed within one night, i didn't really have time to think about it.
so maybe you can help me make a better costume for her?
just think of a Robin
im such a dork haha
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my OC chroma
also from livstream ^^
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art trade with :iconpink-kuma:
her OC Miiya QwQ
so shiny!!!
hope you like it!! > < thank you so much for art tradeing!
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A prize for ~rilirilig for winning the mascot contest on #Anime-Manga-OC :la:

I-I'm so sorryy I think I've ruined yo kawaii OC girl :icontearplz: i-it's because I can't draw girls :iconotlplz: I've tried to make her as kawaii as she is in the reference pic

OC (c) ~rilirilig
Artwork (c) ~Ray-Kyon
Texture and Pattern (c) Pixiv
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chibi point commission for :icontajii-chan:
her OC Harper Heart

QwQ hope it looks ok, all the reffrances were really diffrent *sobs*
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QwQ hope she does well and that you like her ^^
QwQ haha I am such a science geek some times love this element so much <<33

app to :iconsparklesplz: :iconh-a-z-a-r-d-o-u-s: :iconsparklesplz:

edit 7 :new:

"do you like to play video games?" "do you mind the cold?" "sorry for all the questions Q-Q"

general :
Name: Chisso Tōketsu
Age: 17
Birthday: unknown
Gender: female
height: 5' 3"
weight: 125 lb
Division: Flammable
Rank: member
Element: Nitrogen (N)

Description : (wa ha I blow out colors so much, those pants were the same color as the border once upon a time)
:bulletblue: black hair tied back in a ponytail with 2 frozen blue roses
:bulletblue: blue black hoody with blue ribbing and yellow in lining
:bulletblue: yellow skinny jeans with black stripes down the sides
:bulletblue: black shoes with white tongues (like high tops and converse) with black laces tucked in

Likes :
:bulletblue: being independent
:bulletblue: using her powers/ fighting
:bulletblue: playing video games
:bulletblue: rich people
:bulletblue: shiny things
:bulletblue: attractive men
:bulletblue: ice pops
:bulletblue: holidays

Dislikes :
:bulletblack: people who complain about first world problems / never faced adversity
:bulletblack: getting sick
:bulletblack: talking the long route
:bulletblack: running
:bulletblack: bad food
:bulletblack: water
:bulletblack: coffee

Personality :
:bulletblue: analytical, resourceful and crafty, can make anything out of anything
:bulletblue: finds it hard to trust people at first ( especially men ), but tries her best to make friends
:bulletblue: tries to fit in and will adapt to suit different situations, both on the battle field and in her social life.
(because of this her personality radicaly shifts whith who ever she is talking to. )
:bulletblue: She’s a loyal friend if you can win her trust.
:bulletblue: she plays a lot of video games and is most social when playing these games with other people.
:bulletblue: she has a limited filter on what she says because shes never had to hold her tongue before and will often say things others might find inappropriate with out knowing it. (it gets worse when shes tired)

:bulletblue: she tries to be friends with every one, but dosent have any close friends yet, just acquaintances.
:bulletblue: she asks a lot of questions

:bulletblack: Chisso was abandoned by her family at the age of 5.
She raised herself and stole to make herself a living on the harsh city streets.
She discovered her nitrogen powers when she was 7 when confronted by a rapist. (First kill)
Fascinated by these powers she trained to improve on them. For years she trained till she hit a learning block and turned to gaming. (She learned hand to hand combat from these games)
When she learned all she could from training and gaming she set out in to the world from the city she always called home.
When she found Hazardous she found people like herself and was given the opportunity to make friends and to surpass the learning block she previously faced. Since then she’s been staying in Hazardous, efficiently making it where she calls home.

Weapon :
:bulletblack: kunai or small kitchen knife.
:bulletblack: frozen roses / thorns that are dipped in liquid nitrogen and burn on contact.

Powers :
(mostly long range)(some short range)
:bulletblue: She emits a poison nitrogen gas from her hands into the air. This poison (though its not acutally poision, it just displaces oxygen ) is suffocating, odorless, tasteless and colorless.
:bulletblue: She can add liquid nitrogen (blue tinted) to the nitrogen gas to create a cloud that can freeze opponents. The temperature drops the closer people get to her.
:bulletblue: The nitrogen gas is a little slow on the dispersal side and takes a lot of energy to produce enough to fill a battle field. <-- After this she can’t use nitrogen again for a little while.
:bulletblue: she also has some control over the nitrogen in the blood which can lead to " the Bends" (bubbles form in the bloodstream, nerves, joints, and other sensitive or vital areas leading to lasting sickness, paralyzation, and death in some cases)

hand to hand combat :
:bulletblue: In hand to hand combat she exudes only liquid nitrogen, so if the enemy makes contact (with her hands) that part of the body will freeze and will shatter off the enemies body.
:bulletblue: She is trying to learn to control her nitrogen to create explosions (nitrogen bombs) But it only works every once in a while. (Because she needs the assistant of another element)
:bulletblue: acquired “martial art skills” from her video games. They can throw off opponents because of its unusual in its style. ... (as in they are weird and for the most part uneffective )
:bulletblue: she has very little stamina and gets tired quickly.

Battle style :
:bulletblack: She’s not very fast so she tends to hide during battle and attack long ranged from there
:bulletblack: Her range with the nitrogen is limited by the amount of air there is in the space, but she can extend the cloud 80 feet in any direction on a non-windy day out side.
:bulletblack: She observes the enemy from far away to find the quickest way to bring them down.
:bulletblack: She is used to fighting alone, and finds it hard to work in groups but if she does she is restricted to hand to hand tactics unless everyone has a gas mask.

:bulletblue: XD her name means Nitrogen Freezing (I’m so creative like that *shot*) ( she as partly ice powers because liquid nitrogen is very much like dry ice and can give you frostbite.)
:bulletblue: She loves fighting videogames and will play them for days on end.

:bulletblue: She’s a pick-pocket and even though she doesn’t have to do it any more, she likes to keep her skills up. (So hide your valuables!) (Nitrogen is an electron stealer so it makes sense) (And stealing gives her stability just like the atom)
:bulletblue: She’s never had a birthday.

:bulletblue: Though she doesn’t remember her parents, she firmly believes she’s from aristocracy and will try to associate herself with well to do people.
:bulletblue: When she gets upset with people, she’ll take the frozen roses from her hair and smash them against the floor. (a fun trick you can do involving liquid nitrogen )

:bulletblue: she doesn't tie her shoes because she doesn't know how.
:bulletblue: shes bit of a hoarder (keeps random things )

:bulletblue: never makes the bed / cleans her room
:bulletblue: like a cat she always lands on her feet.

:bulletblue: afraid of heights and creepy crawlies.

:bulletblue: wary of people who wear things that cover their faces (like masks, goggles, and eye patches)
:bulletblue: trusts fortune cookie fortunes

:bulletblue: can't cook to save her life
:bulletblue:even though she likes rich people and believes she's aristocratic, she doesn'tt care about money
:bulletblue:believes in magical creatures (like santa, easter bunny, unicorns, etc. )
:bulletblue: will NEVER wear a dress (unless she in forced put into one)

other drawings of Chisso:
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Raiko Yuki and Kouen

my lovely kitsunes~

trying this style of coloring
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art trade with :iconrelxion:

QAQ AHHH so sorry is so late!!! > <

Q-Q i hope you like it! its a little over the top with flowers. i put them in as a texture but...

>///< so sorry if you dont like it!!!
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chibi commission for :iconizka197:

her OC Queen Adelle

thank you so much for commissioning me again >w<//
QwQ tryed a diffrent eye style if thats ok

chibi point commissions are always open so please ask if intrested ^^//
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:icondarktyranitar96:'s OC Kaminari

QwQ hope you like it!!

ha ha took so longggg *dies*
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