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In order to properly celebrate me getting accepted into dART's Film Community, I'm going to be generous and host a point giveaway for the first time!

:bulletblue: 1st place: 50 points (1 winner)
- #131:
:bulletgreen: 2nd place: 25 points (2 winners)
- #92:
- #86:
:bulletpurple: 3rd place: 10 points (3 winners)
- #133:
- #60:
- #155:

Congrats to the winners!
And a big thanks to everyone who participated - because this one went so well, I'll be making another giveaway for November, so join that one too :aww:

*prizes might increase in case I earn more points; this journal will then be updated; the journal will also be updated once the winners have been found - winners picked with a random number generator and announced

So, what do you have to do to win these points? Well, first of all, sell me your soul, I could use some slaves. Oh, and getting your firstborn would be beneficial too, in the long run~ all you have to do is;
:bulletblack:Just :+fav: this journal so that I know who has entered

It's as simple as that, nothing more, nothing less, which mean you do NOT need to;
:bulletred: Watch me (because once you unwatch me, my fragile heart will break!)
:bulletred: Create a journal about this (simply because I hate doing that myself)
:bulletred: Give me a llama (but if you decide to give 1, you'll get one in return)
:bulletred: Fave any of my works (only do that if you actually like what I make)
:bulletred: You don't even have to comment (but getting some would be nice...)

Deadline: October 22nd, I'll use a random selector to find the winners (hence, no personal preferences will be given)
The 22nd because I like the number 22, and because I have to get home from my San Francisco & Germany trip first~

So, I hope you join! And spread the word about this, if you want, so more is able to give it a try!

Oh, and if you wonder who I am, I shall shamelessly use this opportunity to introduce myself;
I'm a Danish twenty-year-old who is currently studying at NoMA (Nordic Multimedia Academy), which basically is a two-year long education about almost anything and everything of the multimedia world, from website coding to design to the business part of it. Before that, I went to Gymnasium (and no, it got nothing to do with sports!) where my main focus was languages, and Film/Media as additional topic (there were a dozen of other classes, but irrelevant right now). Other than classes, I have also been part of some clubs, but I'm mostly self-taught. Also briefly worked as a city district journalist.  My fields of interest are primarily writing, film and photography, whereas design and drawing are mostly just hobbies since I'm still rather weak at these. Here's a selected list with some of my works;



B&W Collection:

I have yet to submit my Films here, but you can watch most of them at my Vimeo account:
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CLOSED, check poll for winners!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 29, 2012, 4:57 PM

thanks to everyone who entered!

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21st Birthday POINTS GIVEAWAY!!

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 6:21 AM

Gallery | Pour-Out-Your-Soul | +Watch ME | Note ME

So, on the 7th of this month my 21st birthday will have finally arrived!

In celebration of it being my 21st, I will be giving away 500 POINTS :points: :points: :points:!

So, the stipulations:

1. Fave this journal. ^^

2. Copy/paste this as you're own journal, spread the word somehow, or direct others to this journal link. ^^

3. Eat some cake on the 7th! (optional ^^)

I WILL BE PICKING 5 WINNERS. So, that's FIVE 100 :points: winners! :)

WINNERS will be picked sometime on the 7th at random. I will note you if you have won. ^^

ALSO, please have a donation pool. If you do not, and I pick you, I will note you to work it out. ^^

More contests to come so stay in tune with my journal updates by watching me (link above)  ^^ I mean c'mon, they're FREE points, you can't lose! Nothing to complain there! :points:

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gunna be doing 5 requests!!

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 15, 2012, 9:35 AM

i will be doing 5 free requests once i hav finnished my last few commissions :la:
i will use the random name picker thing xDD
so if u wud like to try get a request just comment and i will add ur name :meow: <3


Journal skin by your loving sister SolarGem :heart:
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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 23, 2013, 2:06 PM


:damphyr: Hello !  Let's start a contest now ?   Obvious :meow:

Like I said before, I want to do a contest about Birdy, my favorite singer, if you never listened to her, click here.

:damphyr: Mission :

:damphyr: Draw  me on Birdy's pose.

:points::points:  ATENTION !!!! RULES  :points::points:
:damphyr:  Read it carefully !!!

:damphyr:  Traditional users :
You should submit it to your gallery, and send me the link to the deviation. You will have to "rotate" the image to the right side, leaving on foot, the design should be clean and neatly done, eh!

:damphyr:  Digital users :
Any style is allowed (chibi, anime, realistic), put in your gallery and send me the link

:damphyr: :damphyr: :damphyr: RULES TO ALL USERS :  (MOST IMPORTANT)
:damphyr:  Hair : you should put my hair style, not Birdy's !!!
:damphyr:  Clothing : you should put BIRDY'S CLOTHING ! the colors are free to choice, but I must be in Birdy's outfit
:damphyr: You should put in your description only 100millionPOINTS can use it !
:damphyr: You should put in your description if you are in DIGITAL or TRADITIONAL CATEGORY !!!!!!!!!!!

:trophy: AWARDS

:damphyr: Digital :

:star: 1 place → 450:points:
:star: 2 place → 250:points:
:star: 3 place → 150:points:

:damphyr: Traditional :

:star: 1 place → 450:points:
:star: 2 place → 250:points:
:star: 3 place → 150:points:


GOOD LUCK !!! :heart:


:damphyr::damphyr::damphyr::damphyr::damphyr::damphyr: CONTEST  ENDS AT FEBRUARY 2

skin base by TaNa-Jo

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Special 10Q Journal

Wed May 7, 2014, 4:43 PM

Why I'm Doing This

This is my 150 Watcher Special Journal Meme... so It's important. Here, I tagged 10 people intentionally and 20 people on a random basis. That said, let's get to this meme. ^__^

The Rules

1. You must post these rules.

2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.

3. Answer the 10 asked to you.

4. Invent 10 questions the people you tag have to answer.

5. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal entry.

6. Nothing like "you're tagged if you read this" is allowed.
7. You don't have to tag 10 people if you don't want to, but I suggest you do as it engages a friendly atmosphere.

8. Tag-backs are allowed.

9. Have fun!

10 Things About ME

1) I am a guy. You should all know that by now if you haven't. And it was in the first time I ever posted a meme like this.
2) I can sing. I'm a former bass singer in my high school choir.
3) I have moved 8 times in the past 5 years. No surprise there.
4) I don't have a favorite color. I really just like to say "The Rainbow" and leave it at that.
5) I enjoy rainy weather. It makes me feel "stronger" for some reason. I also love the sound of rain. Thunder ruins the effect of rain.
6) I have a Facebook, but I rarely use it.
7) Into darker thoughts... after about 3 days of talking and stuff, I can find out just what makes a person tick (and I mean... really mad). I know this because it shows me what NOT to do.
8) I had actual dreams of meeting certain people on deviantART in real life and becoming friends in real life. Creepy?
9) My parents think I'm wasting my time drawing ponies when I should be drawing houses. You know... because I plan to major in architecture.
10) Soy un Mexicano. Nacido ahí y cuidadano del mismo país. Pero vivo el los Estados Unidos.

My Questions to You

1. What's your favorite dessert?
2. Which do you think conveys the strongest message: music, words or pictures?
3. Zombie apocalypse happened and it turns out only you and the person beside you survived. Who is this person that survived?
4. What nickname would you like to have (if you don't have it yet)?
5. What is the most precious non-religious, tangible item you possess?
6. Type the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the word "cookies".
7. What are your thoughts about coffee?
8. Pick a pair of jeans of your favorite color and and a t-shirt of your least favorite color. Wear them, look into a mirror (all in your imagination) and describe to me in one word what you see in the mirror (other than "me" and its derivatives).
If you can go to this one-a-kind world where your characters and fantasies would become a reality and the entrance is in the bathroom, where would you look first?
10. Can you guess what the gender ratio of all my watchers is?
Bonus: Describe my personality. How do YOU see me as? End it saying what Pokemon I am to you.

The List of Doomed People

Randomly Picked
:iconmiloticscale: :iconpenguinator24: :icondingosnivysprint12: :iconscootaloocuteness: :iconn-ugatory--vibrato:
:iconzombiestaste: :icondawnerjb: :icontheauratrainer: :iconthepikachu368: :iconchaosyuuki:
:iconninjashorty: :icondesilancer: :iconkozakuri: :iconnergaljunior: :iconsayurithechipmunk741:
:iconmrcracer: :iconamuhinamorinaty: :iconsir-coffeebean: :iconmister-games: :iconnoah-x3:

An Honor For Me If You Did
:iconapertureinnovations: :iconedlynette: :iconsapphyrerarity: :icongeckogirl11: :iconmewmowchan:
:iconzeldeon: :iconidjpanda: :iconviperdash-gfx: :iconlightblade4268: :iconmagicflora-fairypony:

And if you're reading this, your username isn't in the above lists, and you really want to join the fun:

*inser your username here*

Now there's no excuse for you to not do it as well. ^__^

If you want this journal skin to do it, click here or here and install it!

The times I've been tagged:

10Q (I happened to be tagged)Da Rules:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 asked to you.
4. Invent 10 questions the people you tag have to answer.
5. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal entry.
6. Go to their homepage and inform them they have been tagged.
7. Nothing like "you're tagged if you read this" is allowed.
8. You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
9. Tag-backs are allowed.
10. Have fun!
:icongeckogirl11: tagged me, so now it's my turn...
10 Things About ME
1) I am a guy! (OMG... you didn't know that?!)
2) English is my second language. I learned English since I was 5, though, so that explains why I have very good grammar (most of the time...) My first language is Spanish.
3) Pokemon... it's what I first started drawing very well. If I hadn't drawn Pokemon, I wouldn't have known what or how to draw.
4) I do have plans for the future... to become a
  More Q's ('cause I was tagged like a boss)Okie doke. I got tagged once more. Looks like I'll be updating this thing every time I get tagged with this meme. Serves that I can have them all in one place. xP You can tell I love getting these tags.
Here's the original tag in case you wish to complete the questions I put out the first time I got tagged:

:iconsapphirerarity:'s Questions, Set II
1. What's your favorite part of DA?
My favorite part is when people are online. Then I can talk. Then again, it makes me very unproductive...
2. Do you think you've improved on your art in any way?
Yes I have. Not improving is very difficult. Maybe even impossible.
3. How many times have you moved?
A bunch. Everywhere is my home.
 4. What month were you born in?
The month of November on the Gregorian calendar.
5. What got you started doing art?
My teachers. They encouraged me to make pictures and I guess that stuck with me to this day.
6. Do you like to do digital or tr

Enjoy the meme everypony!

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POINTS GIVEAWAY because of happiness

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2013, 7:18 PM

25th Jun - RAFFLE WINNERS! :la:

#1 :iconmsteetertotter:…

#2 :iconrumeiiko:…

#3 :icondreamers-respite:…

#4 :icondianausa:…

15th Jun Raffle - AND THE WINNERS ARE... :dummy:

#1 :iconmommy-of-ein:…

#2 :iconeternallykawaii:…

#3 :iconshadow-badger:…

#4 :iconzerosfuturewife:…

Congratulations to all of you! :hug:

:bulletred: BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT... Don't be sad!!! :la:
If you didn't win, you still participate for the next raffle! Just don't unfave the journal!


Hey!! I've just realized I have +1000 watchers! :omfg:
I can't believe it!!! :heart: Thank you very much!!! :heart:

And as a retribution I'll raffle 200 :points: every five or ten (5/10) days! :dummy:

:bulletwhite: +FAV this journal entry!
:bulletwhite: Enjoy the anxiety! :eager:

:bulletwhite: You can watch me if you like my works!
:bulletwhite: You can make a journal or a poll announcing this raffle!
:bulletwhite: You can give me a llama if you feel the need... ;P…
:bulletwhite: You can donate points so I can continue doing the raffles!…

This raffle ends on Jan 15th.
When you fave, you get a number. Then I'll take all those numbers and with the help of I'll pick four winners. Each one will receive 50 :points: (I'm poor, ok?)

So on Jan 15th I'll start another raffle with another 4 winners :) etc... :dummy:
Until I run out of points! :D

I speak spanish, so if I commited any mistake, please forgive me! :heart:

Some pinkish deviations... :heart:

Skull Mini Contest by BenyiHS Ballerina of Red Roses by BenyiHS Commission 018 - W.W. lolita by BenyiHS Mirror by BenyiHS Happy Birthday Charisma by BenyiHS Adoptable 12 - 250 Points [OPEN] by BenyiHS Adoptable 2 - 200 Points [OPEN] by BenyiHS

  • Mood: Optimism
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Pewdie just reached two million subscribers! YAY!! *brofist*
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logged in, donating XO

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 16, 2013, 11:21 AM
  • Mood: Eye Candy
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Since I joined on deviantart I have been fascinated by many works.. Really nice works which have a lot of favourites and others which havent. I questioned myself why it could happen? Why works so wonderful and people so talented can be unknown in this community?
So, I decided to write this article.
For it, I sent this three questions for some pop artists:
- What's the secret to become popular?
- Why do some people become popular so fast, doing ordinary art, and others which do amazing art cant be popular?
- Is there any trick to become popular? Like watching a lot of people, faving everything you can, posting a lot of journals or promoting contests?

Some of them answered me so kindly and fast, others answered me in a way kinda rude and others didnt answer..
By now, I have some ideas, some quotes and I want to show you all information I got about it.
So, lets start:

First, I must say there are several ways to become popular. To make this article, I did a poll asking "What is the best way to get popularity on deviantart?" and asked a lot of people..
I got impressed about it: People think different about popularity and unfortunately I could notice that a lot of deviants are crazy about numbers and popularity. Deviantart for them, is not more about art, but about numbers. Its sad.

It doesnt look we have a specific secret. Of course, if your art is really good, if you give some time to your deviants friends or if you pay AdCast, popularity will come.
The question is: how much time will I take to become popular? Its a good question.
Time is good for some people but not for all. Three years of deviantart give you a lot of pageviews even if you are not talented/good. It depends but pageviews is not everything. The point is that you need spotlight to become popular! And I have some listed here:

:bulletgreen: Being a good artist: Its the most important thing to be recognized. Whats a good artist?
A good artist's someone who is always trying to improve his skills. He doesnt post just for updating. You can see the improvement in each new art;

:bulletgreen: Support: This is also a such essencial thing to be popular.
For reaching popularity what do you need? Comments, favourites, watch, etc.. from OTHERS. Yes, from others. It means that you have to be supportative and kindly with all deviants you can. My advice is that your main support was to unknown and new deviants, because almost always since they are humbler, they give you more feedback.
Dont give support for obligation, people figure out when you do it. Its fool;
p.s.: Dedications are for people who you like not for famous that you want support. Sometimes they are stupid. Its better giving support for your friends. Trust me.

:bulletgreen: Activity: Strongly linked with support, it means how active you are in this community. The more active and supportative you are, the more people will visit you and give you feedback. Being active includes things like giving favs, submiting news, journals, featuring friends, making polls, posting in forums, commenting in others deviations/journals/news, chatting, providing resources and other stuff like that;

:bulletgreen: Groups: Joining and submiting in groups is a really good way to difuse your art. Always join groups related with your art/style.. or you will have just a full inbox.

:bulletgreen: Daily Deviation: Its the most practical way to become popular but your skills have to be really awesome and originals. A featured as a daily deviation gives you the right to be on deviantart end's page for a whole day. Its a dream *-*

:bulletgreen: Contests: Promoting and participating of contests is also a nice way to get audience. Usually, when you post or promoting it, people visit your picture and your profile.

Please, consider that the main purpose of art is to appreciated and to be appreciated. Dont worry about numbers, favourites and comments.. popularity is just a consequence and humbleness is an essence.
For finishing, I selected some quotes from my collaborators which I think is pretty important:

[Eu consegui um bem maior, do que audiencia... conquistei amigos!]
"I got a better gift than audience.. I made friends!" - arianereis

[Acredito que o segredo é você ser você mesma e fazer o que gosta.]
"I believe that the secret is to be yourself and to do what you like." - Skategirl

"You need to network yourself and go out and make a lot of comments and favs. It takes a lot of time and effort but is well worth the wait." - TreLore

"There is not really a secret, it´s a ton of luck to catch the right moment for a submission or to have the mood in the art wich fits this community right now." - Villesgodgirl

"Overall i think there is no real key to becoming popular other than having a lot of luck and preferably a lot of talent." - ChrissieCool

"The only secret is to be good and work alot." - Natalie Shau

P.S.: Your comment is really appreciated.
Sorry for my English..
I wish you Good Luck.
Kisses. :kiss: :tighthug:
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