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Contest hosting by :iconeledhwen-stock: Check out to the official blog contest here: Faun Contest (CLOSED):iconmh1plz::iconmh2plz::iconmh3plz::iconmh4plz::iconmh5plz:
Pfff, again, I was very impressed by your participations ... I've seen a lot of creativity and interesting things ! But as in all contest, there are winners to choose ... So here they are !

1st :iconMorgainelefee:
:iconkawaiistarloveplz: The Lady Faun :iconkawaiistarloveplz:

Pfff, Gianna ... You can't imaginate how much I was happy to discover your work. I really thought my heart will stop to beat ! I remember to have discovered your gallery with my "art" account, and that I didn't dare invite you to participate, as I was pretty sure you'll never have the time to or the desire of this. But I left a comment on one of your work that I think is very stunning, and you seem to noticed my signature with a link to my contest. How can I say ... This work contain a l

~ :frail: ~

Hi there :wave:,

I really adore hosting contests ... Your last works was so stunning and wonderful, and it would be a pleasure for me to see you participate again ! :iconpinkballoonplz:

~ :frail: ~

:star: CONTEST RULES :star:

~ Deadline: October 1st, 2012 ~

:bulletgreen: You must use one of the stock above, and don't cut the head to add it on another body/don't cute the head and add to the body another head.

:bulletgreen: You can create a traditional drawing, a digital one, or a photomanipulation.

:bulletgreen: 1 entry per member.

:bulletgreen: NO dA watermark ... This really spoils the pleasure to see the artwork. If you want sign your art, no problem, but something as discrete as possible, not in the middle of the image ... :) (and if you REALLY want to put a dA watermark, I'll ask you to send me the version without it by mail).

:bulletgreen: Well, I named this contest "Faun Contest" because I would love to see drawings where I'm changed in a faun ...

For people who do photomanipulations, I understand it will be difficult (above all because of the dress) ... So "photomanipulators" must at least add antlers and can keep the dress.

For people who prefer draw, it would be better that you don't draw the dress to make me a faun body, but keep the pose and my head.

I already done a photomanipulation where I changed me in a faun (with deer antlers, because I love them :heart:) ... This is it, if it can inspires you: My Other Side by Eledhwen-Arts


1. Roman Mythology
One of a class of lustful rural gods, represented as a man with a goat's horns, ears, legs, and tail.

:bulletgreen: Fantasy and Dark-Fantasy style are allowed.

:bulletgreen: As always, I like so much creativity, original ideas ... So don't hesitate to do something crazy if it inspires you ;).

:bulletgreen: Copy/Past this in the description of your entry (without the 8 *):

This is my entry for the <*b>Faun Contest<*/b> h*ttp:// (or remplace the link by this thumb is you have a premium membership: :*thumb312941744: ).

If you used Stock n°1
<*b>Model used<*/b> :*iconeledhwen-stock: h*ttp:// (or remplace the link by this thumb is you have a premium membership: :*thumb315093086: ).

If you used Stock n°2
<*b>Model used<*/b> :*iconeledhwen-stock: h*ttp:// (or remplace the link by this thumb is you have a premium membership: :*thumb322691897: ).

If you used Stock n°3
<*b>Model used<*/b> :*iconeledhwen-stock: h*ttp:// (or remplace the link by this thumb is you have a premium membership: :*thumb321404416: ).

:bulletgreen: Put this journal entry in your :+fav: to I know how many people participate.

:bulletgreen: When you have finished your artwork, please give a link to it in this journal that I can feature it in "Entries" ;).

:bulletgreen: I'll put back the deadline if there are less than 10 entries, so tell your friends about this ;).

:bulletgreen: I'll personally choose the 3 winners.

:star: PRIZES :star:


:bulletpurple: :winner: 1st Place:

30 :points:

+ A Drawing by :iconeledhwen-arts:

+ 3:iconbouncyllamaplz:

+ Features from :iconeledhwen-arts:

+ The work will be added to "My Personnal Favourite Works" folder

+ A Winner Package from Stamp - AnotherContestGroup by missimoinsane


:bulletpurple: :trophy: 2nd Place:

20 :points:


+ Features from :iconeledhwen-arts:

+ The work will be added to "My Personnal Favourite Works" folder

+ A Winner Package from Stamp - AnotherContestGroup by missimoinsane


:bulletpurple: :damphyr: 3rd Place:

10 :points:

+ 3:iconbouncyllamaplz:

+ Features from :iconeledhwen-arts:

+ The work will be added to "My Personnal Favourite Works" folder

+ A Winner Package from Stamp - AnotherContestGroup by missimoinsane


* :iconbouncyllamaplz: will be given by :iconeledhwen-stock::iconeledhwen-arts::icontite-nelfe: *


~ :icondonatepointsplz: Don't hesitate to donate some :points: to :iconeledhwen-stock: for next contests ! :icondonatepointsplz: ~


:frail: ENTRIES :frail:

:iconkawaiistarloveplz: PHOTOMANIPULATIONS :iconkawaiistarloveplz:

[Actually None]

:iconkawaiistarloveplz: DIGITAL PAINTINGS/DRAWINGS :iconkawaiistarloveplz:

[Actually None]

:iconkawaiistarloveplz: TRADITIONAL PAINTINGS/DRAWINGS :iconkawaiistarloveplz:

[Actually None]





:iconstarscoldnight: The Other Side of Me… (end on 31st August)

:iconforest-world: Mythical Forest World Contest… (end on 5th September)

:iconmarvelousmanips: Photomanipulators Contest (you must use a defined stock)… (end on 14th September)
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Confessions - Learn from Me

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 16, 2012, 1:00 PM
Okay, I'll be trying to make this simple. To explain the latest journal, and to share an experience that might help others that are in the same boat as me.

First things first: The original problem.

Ever since age 10-11 i've developed a very abstract way to see things. I've started thinking more and more how it would've been, If I could control the world. If I could be anything.
Create my worlds, live my worlds, die many times but keep the experiences before.
Rebirthing myself in another body with the experience I have now: I would be great. Phenomenal. I could fix my past mistakes.

And be so much more. Live so much more. Without fearing consequences. The world itself would be my playground.
It has fascinated me since, greatly. ( Monochrome is the artistic embodiment of this abstract emotion and thought.)

It has also been the fuel to my (soon to be developed) depression and suicidal thoughts.
I hate not having control. I hate having to feel bad, when I thought that by dying I would escape this: be a whole other being, a whole other entity, who can only feel happiness and love.

That's wrong.

Overthinking this, dwelling in my scenarios, trying to get ahold of 100% in my life.
It doesn't work like that. And I knew that - reason i wanted to die.

I have a beautiful family, good and close friends. A place to live good. A computer. Pets...all kinds of things that others would die for.
And yet I've been so hard to satisfy lately. Everything I do.

And all of this is the produce of my own thought and mentality. And I knew that.

Besides this, I'm a very, VERY emotionally clingy and caring person. I've always had this thought that if I am nice to everyone, everyone will be nice back to me.
I've just had this problem: i've been hurt. My best friend started ignoring me, treating me badly. I felt it was that something bad happened and she needed space. But when she kept going on, I started to feel like it was my fault.

Thanks to my abusive past relationship, I take guilt on everyone's problems.
I always try to fix everyone's problems, because I care about people.
I really do. And if they're hurt, I'm hurt.

This is a great problem for me. I'm sensitive and caring to people, and I expect them to be, too. And I get hurt when proven otherwise, and neither can I go "hey you hurt me!" because i'm thinking about being a burden to the other.

My psychologist helped me a lot on this, she simply told me to stop trying to control everything. I can't.
I've been constantly good and understanding to my best friend, as I've been to my boyfriend.
Something outside of my reach sent them to their emotional decline, not me.
Problem is i've always taken guilt of this.

And, well, the fact I'm having a hard time fitting in this highschool.
This highschool, unlike the other, has a different aura. A bad aura, unwritten rules: if you're not bad to others, we will to you. Follow the herd.
(Even my psych had a few experiments, and noticed that diff highschools have diff auras)
My past classmates, good friends, who transfered to Goethe alongside me , were, most of them, changed.
They were forced to behave badly to others, or risk getting bullied.
I personally couldn't do it. I couldn't change. My being is nice and friendly, I couldn't do it.
Reason I closed myself, reason for which, again, i've been bullied.

Until 8th grade I managed to make a better rep for myself, now in 10th the guys that used to bully me greet me warmly instead.
I'm working now on being more open, more interested, and show my talents.

Whenever i talk to my classmates outside highschool, they're really sweet... Inside, nobody likes this stupid aura.

I'm trying to help everyone get along, i'm trying to make this class be united, just as I was with my first bestie class.

I'm not running from my feelings and shits anymore, I've been doing this for too long.
I'm  not planning scenarios, just to be let down.

What happens, happens.

Today was a valuable lesson to me.

- Any pain you feel, you'll feel again sometime. What you gotta do is learn to survive it. Don't run away from it, don't forget it. Live with it, accept it.
- Life is imperfect AND perfect. Mercyful and mercyless. Has its bits of luck, and bits of bad luck.
- Try to achieve satisfaction in the littlest of things...think of everything you've done in a day, even if it was just drinking delicious juice - it still was something done for your heart.
- However much you love someone, and respect someone, that doean't mean you'll get it back. Don't expect. Don't scenario. Shit happens.

And lastly

Killing yourself won't help you reach what I tried to, what everyone tries to - a perfect life.
Keep the life you've been given precious.
There's so little people like us, sensitive and caring. Too many of us die by overpressure.

Like mom said:   Every beautiful thing is equally fragile. We must learn to face and protect ourself from the taint of the world.

I'm posting this here because a lot of artists are like this. Sensitive, their hearts open and dreaming ~ reasons to become an artist.

(Sorry if I was hard to follow, I'm having a hard time expressing myself </3)

Live life as it is. You never know what will happen. Good or bad.

The key is all in your way of thinking. Just your mind.

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pushing yourself and/or arm pains PLEASE READ

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 29, 2014, 4:15 AM

This is a journal to warn people and make them aware of what happens when they push themselves
and/or have arm,wrist or shoulder pains from drawing, or using the computer ,and ignore the pain.

PLEASE read this or spread this journal, or share it with someone who does or has this.

It worries me deeply that some people do not know this

What it is:
One year ago i got a condition called RSI
or 'Repetitive strain injury'.
And i still am not completely healed from it.

You might have heard of it and thought, meh.
Maybe this is the first time you hear it, maybe you
are already cautious.
And maybe you already have it.

This RSI is a SERIOUS condition which takes months to years to heal,
And it is caused by repeating certain movements like, mouse movements,
drawing with a pencil, and of course a lot of things that don't apply for artists(sports like tennis for example).

It is a Infection of the places where tendons are attached to the bone in your arm.

Now why do you need to watch out for this?

If left untreated or ignored this can become a chronic disease!
Which simply means, you can just give up on drawing because of the constant pain
for years, or forever. Not to mention the pain will affect anything at this point,
Even everyday tasks like picking things up.

There are three stages of RSI (source HERE )

RSI Stage one (mild)

Pain, aching and tiredness of the wrists, arms, shoulders, neck or legs during work,
which improves overnight. This stage may last weeks or months, but is reversible.

RSI Stage two (moderate)

Recurrent pain, aching and tiredness occur earlier in the working day,
persist at night and may disturb sleep.
Physical signs may be visible, such as swelling of the tendon areas.
This stage may last several months.

RSI Stage three (severe)

Pain, aching, weakness and fatigue are experienced
even when person is resting completely.
Sleep is often disturbed and the sufferer may be unable to carry out even light tasks at home or work.

This stage may last for months or years.
Sometimes it is irreversible and the person
never gets back full use of the affected part of their body.

This demonstrates the need to recognize the
symptoms of RSI early so that remedial action can be taken
when the condition is at the mild stage and can be reversed.

Stage one is virtually impossible to distinguish from aches and pain
arising from fatigue and may continue for weeks or months.

However, the transition to stage three can take place within weeks and sufferers can be
in extreme pain or incapacitated for months or years.
It is therefore vital to take all symptoms seriously and take prompt action.

My experience and advice.: 

I had a stage 3 case of RSI
Only because i thought it was fine to ignore the pains and keep on working.
IT IS NOT OKAY TO IGNORE PAIN. This is something i didn't realize, 
And i deeply regret it.
Pain is your bodies way of saying something is not right, pain is a warning.

Every day I need to take constant breaks, to make sure it does not come back
And because it became a weak spot.
I was lucky to even get rid of it in a year.

How to prevent this:

-Do arm exercise. Either, do fitness or exercises at home.You can find an example here :…

-Take constant breaks. have you been drawing for an hour? go drink/eat something
pet the dog or cat, doesn't matter. but take 10-30 minutes off

-Buy a mouse that doesn't harm your arm while using it (I have one! They work!) This mouse to be exact:…

-Listen to your body! pain is pain, and it should not be ignored.

Thank you For reading this. And i hope that i can help some people with this.

PLEASE read this or spread this journal, or share it with someone who does or has this.

much journal

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3000 Watcher Giveaway

Fri Sep 21, 2012, 8:01 PM
So I've reached over 3000 watchers and I'll be doing the drawing for my giveaway tomorrow. If you watched me after 3000, you will not be eligible for this giveaway. Don't worry - there will be more in the future!

1. A random watcher will be drawn via Watchers at and under 3000 will be eligible only.
2. The winner will receive their choice of a custom food in 1:12 scale.
3. The watcher drawn has three days to contact me once their name has been announced. If you do not get back in touch with me, you will forfeit our prize and another person will be drawn.
4. If you win and are under 18, please double check with your parents if you can give me your shipping address, since I will send you your item via the post. If you cannot give your address, tell me ASAP so i can draw another name.
5. By accepting the prize,the winner agrees to not resell the received item.
6. The prize will take at least a week to complete, as it will be made from scratch.

Thanks to all my watchers (new and old) for the support! I appreciate you guys and you all give me the motivation to create more detailed and realistic pieces. You guys are fantastic! <3

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Being in touch with your weaknesses is important in order to grow as an artist, but are you so hung up on what you can’t do well that it’s holding you back? I'm not talking about the intermittent (or frequent) attacks of complete blockage, or even lack of inspiration, but full out pity parties.

I’ve seen far too many people on dA who post exercise after exercise, writing in the artist comments that once again they’ve failed, they’ve read hundreds of books, studied the masters for so many years, and they still cannot draw a photorealist rending of a man’s head. First of all let me say that I highly respect “self taught” artists and I’m not discouraging anyone who chooses (or must) go that route. However, setting realistic goals and finding your niche is extremely important. Let me say this: not everyone will be able to paint like a Baroque period artist! But that doesn't mean you can't be a painter, it just means that your work will be different. For example, I learned how to throw about a year ago. I initially thought "oh yeah, this will be easy for me." Psch, yeah right. It took nearly a year for me to get decent at making coffee mugs and jars. Now if I had stayed feeling bad about my lopsided teacups, I probably wouldn't have been able to make this: Small Jar by Xadrea

Second, jealously against other artists who work in the way that you want to won’t do any good either. Sure, we've all done it. That little green eyed guy pops out from under bed and plops himself in your lap while you browse the dA galleries. Listen, being a tad envious from time to time is a fabulous motivator to up the ante in your own work...but if you're reduced to a pile of ashes or in the shower with a half gallon of ice cream when that green eyed guy comes around you may just have a problem.

So now you may be asking, well then what do I do? First of all, be honest. If you notice yourself making invitations for a pity party STOP DROP AND ROLL. I'm serious. Step 1, stop it; debasing your work, skills, materials, education, ect. Step 2, drop what you're doing; sometimes the thing that isn't working should be walked away from. You want to draw a photorealistic head? Focus on getting the features in the correct proportion before you even begin to get that far. You need a foundation to grow from first (no matter what medium you're working with). Step 3, roll. Once you've identified your issue make a DOABLE plan to begin either reconfiguring your learning process, or start making work you actually enjoy.

It's highly important to be at least 75% satisfied with your work as a whole. The other 25% should be open for critique, alterations and growth. Still on the fence? Think about this: if you are truly interested in "getting better" at being an artist, you should have a more optimistic approach to your initial skill set. So put away those invitations and decorations, I'm not coming to your pity party. Instead, celebrate what gains you've made since you began your growth as an artist.
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Do you want a feature 19...fin

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 5, 2012, 5:25 AM


And feature is finished :la: I featured first 58 thumbs I think (new number of thumbs is 66)... I posted even more thumbs, cuz I saw that I have even more older posts. Lol, I had some error and it didn't show me first page... oh, I got so many comments (almost 100), so I'm sorry that I can't feature them all (cuz of errors). But don't worry, I make this kind of journals every month, so you can try to post your thumbs next time. :dummy:

I hope you like this feature and enjoy. Give these artists some love and fav, watch their work... you can even :+fav: fav this journal, so more people will be able to see their work. Thank you :heart:
Protector by Azzedar-sanBe mine forever by sionra
Ang Advenchur ni Kiko by unfinishedtearsIn the Rain by EiraSenam
Pon-chan by PockoChiMagic lesson by Kimir-Ra
Stefania by Naay-Atsuarae u p h o r i a by GemmilyArt
- COMMISSION - Mascarade - by ooneithooSweet love by Lunareth
Goddamn Horror Show by Ayco83Magic by Nikalenai
:Elven_Nature: by RezwanaDimech
hand in hand by tsurimeI lose all my colours... by TheTwirlyWolf
Halt Mich by Widdershins-Works
:thumb257050793:Circus Knights Ch 1 pg 2 by nightmaresky
:thumb293759015:Four Year Anniversary Gift by Xedramon
Kaoru - Takagi Manpei by NueNagiHalo by Sho-kun
:thumb292038852:Amorily by xdearOphelia
Sky and Water God by NightrisSaxophone Solace by SaiFongJunFan
Simplicity by mannyyannipennynannyAntiquity by shojisama
Crazy God by K224Melt my frozen heart by KokoTensho
Garden View by HRLSS-GeckoTeaLee by MadKakerlaken  
ID 2012 by neko-nikiAfternoon by reninjart
Aidan Turner by HaddrianI'm Starvin'! by RGDart
lolipop alice and the white rabbit by lapin-foufouParadise Valley by rackelstar
AT: Klissie by SyphelliumHey kitty will you be my friend by BlackEyesSnowAngel
Flutterby by marshybarks:thumb284596592:
Pure Pain by AnixienPlease Don't... by CinamonGirl
Happy valentine by Mieri-chan
vignette by Cetriyaspring since by eresince
Ana Kleineschwester by RefielleOn the Edge by Ahkward
Knitted Fashion Doll: Circe by ashesonfire:thumb292375336:
:thumb292600733:Tipulon City by stealthmaria
Humanity by AliGFXNorthern Spear by rae-shi
The Dragon and the Princess by TsukiiyoMartin by TsunamiRaine
Mother Death and Son by Negatic:thumb292840175:
If you want to install skin which I did with weida34 and which I use right now, then you can get install version here. Another collaboration between us was Nature.

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My dear friends,

tomorrow I'll be celebrating christmas with my family and girlfriend (here in Germany, we're celebrating in the evening of the 24th) and before I take my leave, I want to wish all of you, your loved ones, your friends, your families and everyone dear to you the most wonderful christmas ever! Please enjoy your holidays, don't worry about a thing, be happy and be together!
I'll be telling you about my christmas and everything on my tumblr, as every year.
The world is a great place and I love christmas because it brings us all closer together. I'm thinking of everyone of you right now, I want to thank you for your support and kindness and I wish you a truly happy time from all my heart.

Be happy. You deserve it.

All the best and more to you,

NanjoKoji and Ravenic
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If you are working on a completely shaded drawing, or a finished art work, you may wish to follow the the ten per cent rule, which runs as follows: Make roughly ten per cent of your shaded areas black or near-black, and roughly ten percent white or near-white, with the rest of the artwork composed of a range of middle tones. This rule follows my deeper art philosophy that "beauty is in the middle tone." All areas of tonality must also follow the rule of balanced composition. I'm just formulating this rule now, but it seems that many high quality masterpieces, such as finished oil paintings and the best drawings, follow it to some extent. (not always, but many, I think.) For example, here's a typical masterpiece, a piece of art by Degas:… I think you can very clearly see the ten per cent rule in effect here.

The challenge is to my self (isn't it always?) to follow the rule and apply it to my best fully shaded art works. Since I rarely do anything that's fully shaded, let alone fully colored, this rule won't apply to most of the artworks I submit here, which are usually partially shaded sketches.

Additional news: I finished one of my bigger construction projects last week (see latest submission,) and another one is nearing the end and hopefully complete next week. I'll be working on the ground plan for "The Clove" town design next week over Christmas holiday as well, which should be very interesting, because I have to make all those cute little storefronts work together somehow, which will mean inevitable modifications and re-arrangements, but they final plan will be rewarding, I'm sure! Watch for that late next week, maybe a bit sooner.

Hope you all have a nice holiday season, wherever you are in the world. Thanks to all the new watchers this year, and, as always, I'm always happy to hear from everybody, respond to comments, and engage in verbal duels with whoever is up for the challenge! Don't be afraid to ask my advice, or even to give me a gentle critique (don't be to hard on me!) Yes, I do listen, I guarantee it.
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Two new videos! Photoshop's 'Blend if' feature!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 14, 2014, 10:39 AM
Hey everyone, I made a couple of new tutorials that are now up on YouTube! They explain Photoshop's "Blend If" sliders and why you should be using them if you aren't already. They're kind of a hidden feature, but they'll make your life a million times easier. Enjoy!

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first of the vigil by nebezial

so, this july i am starting death vigil, published by image/top cow. it will be a monthly series limited to three 8-issue arcs, so there is a definitive ending. with this i have learned some of the things about publishing independent comics, and i am planning a video  with some tips after i summarize my experiences. hopefully it will prove helpful for others to get their stuff published

but apparently rule 1 is promote preorders.  preorders are crucial for independent books as they define  the print  runs, and are crucial to the sucess of the book.. so.. as my  far more experienced friends told me to do....

death vigil is preorderable ...pretty much in any place or webstore that carries  US comics. 

you can find an extensive preview to issue 1 and much more here…

now, for some frequently asked questions

what about ravine? ron marz assured me that he will be done with his part of the work this weekend , so with just a bit luck we are sending book 2 to print next week. in fact once we do...i will make a big announcement here, alongside a bit of a surprise :)... A HEFTY..HEFTY SURPRISE

 what about twitch? ah yes...twitch. here is the deal, kickstarting  books like these is  a tricky business, complicated , anfd loaded with calculations... so here is pretty much how this stands
if death vigil is successful i get a free pass to go with twitch, no kickstarter no nothing, a full green light... so it pretty much stands on my shoulders and relies on my abilities as a storyteller to  capture the attention of the reader...

i have done this on some who knows XD

with some luck i will go full  self written material... and then well...i have fun plans. 

oh and next week video+audio tutorials coming. set everything up and just gotta clear everything from my backlog till this wednesday so my ranty accented english can grace your ears...TILL THEY BLEED!!!!! XD

Oh also , next week we'll be doing second round of  features, but more on that when i post that journal :)

okay after people asking ans suggesting, so here are some online shops that offer preorders on death vigil, more to come as this is jsut the ones i googled now, feel free to drop me   some links if you find more, i'll get more from my  peeps at top cow on monday

directly from top cow store…

online shops…………

for europe i personally have  been buying from archonia so i know them to be very reliable and professional, if you know any other webstore  feel free to tell me :)

more updates to come 
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