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  You sat on a swing, aimlessly kicking at dirt. You were waiting for your, ahem, "date" I guess is what it would be called. Well, you guessed it was a date at least. Your little Italian friend, Feliciano, had asked you to come with him to the park to hang out. When you asked if Ludwig or Kiku or any of his other school friends were coming, he just smiled and said "Nope~! Just you and me!"
  Feliciano was such a laid back person but, damn, he was complicated. You'd see him flirting with girls, then he'd act all childish and inncoent around you. You loved the Italian to death but he seemed to be toying with you. But he was so naive! How could he toy with you if he just flirted unintentionally?
  "________!" you heard someone yell. You looked up to see Feli running towards you then skid to a stop an inch away from your face. He smiled and wrapped his arms around you. "Ciao, _______~!"
  You smiled softly, "Ciao, Feli."
  "I'm-a so glad you came!" He pulled away, that smile still plastered on his face.
  "Why wouldn't I have come?" you chuckled. He tilted his head to the right, his funny little curl bouncing at the movement. he thought for a couple seconds before shrugging and grabbing your hand to stand you up.
  "C'mon! I've got-a so much planned for us to do!" Feliciano pulled you towards the actual playground. You blinked and clumsily followed him.

  You spent the entire "date" walking around the playground, hand in hand. Feliciano stopped multiple times to just sit in the grass and lounge around. You blew bubbles and bought ice cream from an ice cream truck, too. You kinda wished it was a date to be honest. Feliciano had taken you around for the twenty seventh time when you noticed storm clouds approaching.
  ".....and Lugwig told me not-a to lick the pasta shaped art work but I did anyway and got-a terrible stomach ache......" Feliciano went on chatting as he swung your hands back in forth.
  "Uh.... Feli?"
  "So Ludwig had to take-a care of me, feed me, and bathe me......"
  "But one-a time while Ludwig was feeding me, he spilled the soup on-a me and yelled at me for being-a clumsy......
  "Si, mia bella?" the Italian finally gave you his full attention with a smile.
  You pointed to the clouds, "I think we might get rained out."
  When you stated this, as if on cue, it began to down pour. Feliciano shrugged his jacket off and held it over the two of you as you ran for shelter in an abandoned house. He wanted to leave as soon as he heard the door creak but you convinced him other wise. So there the two of you sat; in an abandoned house with his coat wrapped around both of you. You tried to keep your breathing even as he rested his head on top of yours innocently. It was silent except the sound of the rain pounding at the roof and the sound of your breathing. He smells so good. Like pasta, you thought as your face turned red.
  "Are you-a having a good time, ______?" he asked, breaking the silence. He suddenly seemed paniced. "Did the rain-a ruin our date?"
  "No, I'm having f-" you paused as blood rushed to your face. You looked down and mumbled, "D-date?"
  The Italian seemed puzzled at your sudden shyness, "Si. Big Brother Francis told me if you love a woman, to take her on a date and show-a her a good time. Then he-a winked and I got very confused so Ludwig had to-a chase Francis away."
  "W-woman? That you l-love?" you stammered.
  "Si!" he smiled and grabbed your hands. "Ti amo, ________! I want-a to make you pasta and make-a you happy!"
  Your face reddened as you you rested your forehead against his, "I love you too, Feli."
  Turning his face to yours, you leaned foreward and kissed him sweetly. He kissed back, to your surprise, then pulled away and smiled, "You-a mean it?"
  You giggled, "Si!"
  "Then ______?"
  "Can we-a do this again sometime?" Feliciano smiled.
  "Go on a date?" you asked.
  "No," his face tinted pink, "Cuddle together?"
  You leaned in again to kiss him before replying, "Of course, Feli."
A request from :iconmegafanofanimelovesu:
I think I had a little to much fun writing for Feli....
Well here's the answer; I'M INSANE :iconderpplz:
Anyway, enjoy!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconcuteitalyplz:
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"Why the hell am I in charge of this?" you asked yourself again for the hundredth time.

You were currently standing at a booth next to Gilbert, the dancing idiot. And in front of you was a long line of people…people who wanted a kiss from you.
No, it was not a real kiss. Thank goodness for that, but it was still disturbing and on the verge of being demeaning as to the way the idiots of the opposite sex (which sometimes surprised you, since sometimes they acted like aliens- or something else) treated you.

Gilbert, luckily, and somewhat to your extreme envy, had the members of the gentler sex- well, yours- in his line. (which was not that surprising) They would all coquettishly giggle and sometimes even faint (which made you shake your head in disapproval- we weren't that weak) while all you had was-

"honhon hon…" you turned, almost paralyzed with disgust, to face Francis who was currently puckering his lips and making kissing noises.

"Dime," you said, with a stony smile, trying your hardest not to punch the idiot in the face. You held out your hand.

You meant for that hand to have a dime dropped into it, but apparently the frog misunderstood and took it that you wanted him to kiss it. He put a big wet kiss on your

Oh hell, no. He did not just do that! "Stupid FROG!" you said, copying your friend Arthur's "endearment" for Francis. You began to go around the table and give that Frenchman the lesson of his life when-

"______!" you felt your hand being grabbed, and you were pulled back. You turned around and saw that it was—


"F-Feli!" you protested, but he pulled you away from the booth, leaving Gilbert to fend for himself. He ran with you through the halls, and you both ran until you both ran out of breath.

"Wha- what was that for, Feli?" you gasped as you two began to collapse to the floor, breathing hard. "I- I was going to take care of that stupid frog…"

"Ve--" he looked at you, with pink cheeks. You looked at him, feeling a bit miffed. Sure,

Feliciano was adorable, and a complete contradiction to your beliefs about men… and you could possibly just have a teensy crush on him… but you were about to teach Francis a lesson.

Then to your surprise, he grabbed you and held you close to him.

"F-F-F-Feli?!?" you said, your face now burning.

"… I didn't want you to get hurt…" he said, strangely serious.

You laughed, a bit embarrassed. "Me, get hurt?" you said as you awkwardly patted his hand.

"-No, that's not it," he said, in a somewhat sad voice. "When I saw Francis… I wanted to beat him up, but I- I was too weak, so I just ran away… _____, I'm not a strong enough man for you…"

"Eh?" you felt a tear land on your hand. "FELI? W-why are you crying?"

You got out of his arms and turned around to look at him. He was crying openly, and tears were running down his handsome face.

It broke your heart to see your close friend, and someone who was an absolute angel to you- cry. He was always there for you, a ray of sunshine that cut through your loneliness. Although you were considered by many to be a "beauty" (whatever that meant) no one ever tried to understand you. Instead they approached you with insincere emotions, trying to make you fit into their molded preconception of you. But then you met the "Ve-person"-- someone who tried to actually know you.

Because of him, you actually felt your world begin to expand a bit. He introduced you to people you began to become friends with. He began to open your heart little by little- even to the point that you felt... for him.

"Feli, I think you are a strong person, even more so than any other guy I know- even Alfred!" you told him. You felt touched by his concern and gave him a small smile as you used your shirt sleeve to wipe away his tears.

"Ve~? But Alfred can lift up cars!"

"I mean, a more important strength, right here," you said as you rested your hand on his chest. You could feel his heart beating really hard, and it made you blush a bit.

"Right here?" he said, as he put a hand over yours. He was blushing a bit as well.

Then you two settled into an awkward silence, but he still kept his hand on top of yours.
You could practically feel your hearts beating in unison, but no one was saying anything. You two just stared at each other [1] until…

…the bell broke the spell. [2]

"Oh, uh well, I should go back to the booth- I uhm kind of left Gilbert there to himself, so I should probably make it up to him by cleaning up…" you told him as you awkwardly broke away and tried to get up.

Feliciano got up and helped you up. You smiled at him and walked back to the booth. To your surprise, you noticed that Feli was following you. You gave him a questioning look.

"Oh, I have a free period, so I'll help you out," he explained. You smiled and then bravely took his hand.

"Thank you…" you said as you smiled happily up at him. He blushed as he looked back at you. He was such a sweetheart, unlike 99.99999 % of the guys you knew. He was always able to draw out that softer side of you, no matter how you were feeling.

When you reached the booth, Gilbert was nowhere to be seen.  He left a note explaining that he had to go take care of something. You just shrugged and began to clean around the table. Feliciano helped, and you both were almost done.

You noticed that there was a whole bunch of kisses left over. "Hey, Feli, do you have a dime?"

"Ve~? I think so, why?"

"Do you want a kiss?" you told him with a mischievous grin on your face.

"…Sure!" he answered in his usual happy go lucky way.

Your heart sunk a bit at that. You thought that the last few minutes- him holding your hand, rescuing you from the frog, and him crying over you- was an indication of him liking you. But, maybe he just liked you as a friend, you told yourself, trying to hold in the tears. You accepted the dime he handed you and was about to hand him the candy when-

He kissed you.

You almost fell backwards from surprise, but he put his arms around you and sweetly kissed you, and you could feel the smile on his lips.

"F-Feli!" you said, your face a deep red.

"Ve~! _________, I loved that kiss, almost as much as I love you!"


"Ti amo!"

"I love you too, Feli, but did you know I meant the candy?"

"Dios mio!"

You smiled somewhat shyly up at him, staring at his handsome, blushing face. He was about to say something- probably an apology- when you grabbed his tie and pulled his face gently down and kissed it.

"Ti amo, Feli…"

"… I love you too, ____. Ve~! I'm sooo happy!" he grabbed you and squeezed you so hard that you couldn't breathe. But you didn't mind. You finally knew that the one you loved- loved you back!

And he never had to pay for any more of your kisses- and he took advantage of that! After all, they were sweeter than any old candy! They belonged to his precious angel. <3
[1] nooo, waifu, you did not stare at him for more than nine seconds... so there! ^^ (a waifu joke)

[2] woah, I rhymed! I'm a poet, and I didn't know it!

yup, so I finally finally finally finished another kissing booth story.. first time writin about Feli. He's really cute. Very affectionate~~~ :heart:

just look at this face!! soo adorable! ---> :iconvenezianoplz:

sooo, yup. :D hope you enjoyed~! I'm still working on the rest of the stories and on more random oneshots.

-----------------other kissingbooth/ choco kiss stories-----

:rose: Arthur (…
:rose: Kiku (… with even a sequel! (…
:rose: Gilbert (…
:rose: Vash (…
:rose: Yong-soo (…
:rose: Feli [here!]


sooo, please comment~! as always, I love reading 'em!

story belongs to me!

you belong to :iconsexyitaly2plz:

hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

the preview pic does not belong to me~!!!!!
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Sunny skies, cool breeze, today was perfect. Well, for everyone but you, anyway. The sun shone in through the window and you hissed as it hit your face. You tunnelled further down into the comfort of the warm, striped blankets surrounding your shivering body. A single bird chirped outside your window, but the sound was cut off as eyes blocked themselves once more.

Sniffing pathetically, you cursed your bad luck of catching a cold at the worst possible time. It was your birthday today, and it was never fun to be sick on your birthday. You pounded the pillow next to you with your fist and coughed. You couldn't stop or breath properly and you felt like crying.

You cried out and sat up, leaning over as you felt the urge to vomit. A strange smell wafted into your room. It was a nice smell, one of pasta sauce. Great, now my nose is acting up too!  You frowned and pulled back your sheets, heading into the bathroom to blow your nose on the toilet paper.

When you came back, your ears had popped and you could finally breathe through your cold nose again. No - wait, it was blocked again. As you crawled into bed, you failed to notice the medication and a note sitting on the wooden side table. You rolled over and looked at the wall, tracing your hand across small dots, making patterns and pictures to keep you entertained.

Deciding to investigate the smell that had ceased to leave you alone, you rolled over and came face to face with the medication and a steaming plate of pasta. You moaned and pulled yourself up, taking the medication and then greedily scoffing down the food. It never even crossed your mind as to where it had come from or who had made it.

When you were finished, you reached a shaky hand for the small white note beside the dirty plate. The handwriting was messy and there were blotches of pasta sauce everywhere.


It's your birthday, but you're sick! That must be horrible!
I made you some pasta to make up for it though and Germany said I could have time off to look after you~ So here I am!

Hopefully you don't mind, but I'm downstairs right now, getting you some water, I'll be back soon.

As you finished reading the note, you wondered how long it could possibly take to get water. Then again, if you had guessed right, and this was Italy's letter to you, then it could take him days. He was probably getting side-tracked as you thought.

A creaky sound was heard and then the door opened slowly, you looked up and saw your brown-haired friend smiling at you from the door. "Vee~ Did you'a like the pasta?" he asked quietly.

You smiled and nodded, lying back in bed. He gave you the water and joined you, sitting on the edge. You listened to him babble on about how he wanted to make sure you were ok and other, irrelevant things. It surprised you that he hadn't given you a bigger headache with his constant talking.

Eventually, you were lulled to sleep by your best friends voice. As he left the room, he leant down and kissed you quickly on the lips. Blushing furiously he left the room with a 'goodnight' and flew down the stairs to bury his embarrassed face in the pillows. You just rolled over, a content smile plastered on your peaceful face.
All symptoms described in this story are happening to me at this current time. I just don't have anyone looking after me. T~T

Do you know how hard it is for me to write Italy? :icononionsighplz:ASDF --
I re-did this like, 78475923 times, and I'm still not happy! xD

I just can't work with happy-go-lucky people. They are too annoying. Give me some of those grumpy losers any day! xD

Anyway, enough of the slight insults and on with the description.

Happy late birthday ~0-EmoLeopard-0
I'm sorry it took forever..... xD

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) Me. :iconitalyplz:
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You were walking along a road with your best friend, Felicianno Vargas, trying very hard to be invisible. Not literally invisible of course, but invisible to your little brother and his girlfriend, who were going out on their first date.

Now, trying to keep out of sight with an Italian is hard work. Mainly because the Italian:

a) Wears bright colors

b) Makes no effort to move quietly

c) Won't shut up

d) Starts complaining after a while

To be honest, you weren't quite sure why you brought Feli of all people with you, when Kiku the ninja was obviously the best choice. However, you were too shy to mention this fact, so you stayed quiet.

You and Feli, who was chattering about pasta, followed them through a path in the woods, ignoring all the animals that seemed to cry out in response to Feli. Every once in a while, your brother would look back, coming out of his happy place whenever Feli was too loud, but you would make a little noise like "eep!" and jump behind a tree while Feli, still not quite sure what was happening, did similarly.

"_____? Do you want some pasta?" Feli asked you.

You looked back and squeaked. "F-Feli, how did the woods...?"

He had a pot full of boiling pasta, and looked very happy. "______, I'm Italian! Pasta for everyone! SUPER YIPPEE!"

You stared at him, but sat down, shyly accepting the proffered meal. "Thanks," You said softly.

"No problemo!" He replied cheerfully, gulping down his own pasta rapidly.

Brother temporarily forgotten, you ate your amazing pasta and gave Feli the bowl. "Where were you carrying this?" You asked curiously.

"It's collapsible!" Feli smiled dopily and grabbed your hand. "Come on, _____! Let's catch up to them!"

You flushed at the touch of Feli's warm hand. Feli, being totally oblivious and unable to read the atmosphere, dragged you off at top speed for a couple meters, before he got tired and stopped.

"Vee! My feet hurt!" He whined, sitting down on the ground. "And I can't tie my shoelaces!"

How often did Ludwig have to do this? You wondered, as you bent down and wordlessly tied Feli's shoelaces.

"Yay! Grazie, ragazza!" He jumped up. "Let's keep going!"

You two kept walking, and soon your brother and his girlfriend were in sight again. You followed them until they reached a cliff. They turned and walked down a discreet path on the side, and you gulped, starting to follow. You had an insane fear of heights. If you had known they were going to start hiking, you wouldn't have followed.

However, Feli had different plans. "_______! I want to show you something!" He chirped, grabbing your hand again and pulling you towards the edge of the cliff.

You started panicking, digging your feet in the ground as he dragged you toward the edge.
"F-Feli! Why are yo-" You broke off into a scream as Feli, still gripping your hand tightly, dove off the cliff, taking you with him.

Of course, it was at this instant that you hit your head on the hard wooden floor of your room. You sat up, heart still pounding from the panic of falling- no, jumping- off the cliff. You got to your feet and peered at your bed.

Suddenly, you understood why you fell.

There was an Italian spread across your bed.
Okay, so I admit, you were probably hoping for a new chapter of Only a Little Crazy...
Well, I had a weird dream last night that was JUST like this (only with Alfred) so I wanted to write it :P
I also wanted to practice developing different personas owo Because apparently I usually write solely from my kind of persona. So, I'm going to write a few other random stories between chapters of Only a Little Crazy to practice that. BECAUSE I'M A COLLEGE-LEVEL ENGLISH STUDENT WRITER AND I MUST PRACTICE! :iconfinallyplz:
So, yeah. I AM working on the next chapter of Only a Little Crazy, I promise, I've just been super busy these past few days and it's been stressful and..yeah. I'm about halfway done, should be finished tomorrow.
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Cheerfully, you knocked on the door of the Vargas' house. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the weather was perfect for playing some soccer- or football, as they call it everywhere other than America- with your best friend, Feliciano. The cheerful Italian loved the sport, as did you. You had been to see his friend Ludwig at his place already (which was where he usually was when he wasn't with you) and had had no luck in finding him, so you decided to try his own house.

The door was opened, and you saw the darker-haired of the two Italian brothers glaring at you. Oh, great...

"Hi, Lovino," you said, smiling sweetly and waving. Your cute grin caused him to blush a bit. "Is Feliciano around?"

He scowled and his hazel eyes flashed. "Hell if I know," he snapped, and slammed the door in your face.

You sighed, not really expecting any other response from the constantly PMSing guy. You'd think he could at least be civil one day of the year...

Glancing around as if your bubbly friend would pop up out of nowhere, you stepped away from the house and wandered up the grassy hill behind it. The breeze ruffled your hair and rippled through the green spring grass as you climbed. It smelled faintly of flowers...

As you neared the top, you noticed a figure lying on his back with his arms spread out wide, covered with what appeared to be... cats?

You jogged over to him. "Hey, Feli!" you called, waving.

"Hi, _____~!" he said happily, moving a cat from his chest so he could sit up properly. You gaped at all the furry creatures lounging around him.

"Are you wearing some Greek animal-pheromone cologne or what?" you quipped, picking up a kitty and cradling it close to your chest.

"Nooope~ we're just all out here enjoying the sun! Isn't that right, Fettuccine~?" Felix cooed. A creamy-colored kitten on his head mewed in response.

You blinked. "Beg pardon? Is Fettuccine... the cat?" you asked skeptically.

"It sure is!" Feli replied. He rubbed Fettuccine between the ears. "Ooh, lemme introduce you to the rest! We have Linguine, Ziti, Mafaldine, Pizzoccheri, Penne, Farfalle, Pastina... and that brown one you have there is little Pici~!" he pointed to each cat as he said its name. "I think Lasagne and Papardelle went away..."

Your brow furrowed in concentration as you mentally repeated each of the names. Then your eyes widened as you realized...

"You named all your cats after pasta?" you cried.

"Si~!" he bubbled, rubbing his cheek against fluffy Penne. Or maybe that was Pastina.

You started to giggle. Feliciano looked up at you in puzzlement, but that only made you chuckle harder. Soon you were laughing so hard you had to drop the cat you were holding and sit down in the grass, wiping a few tears from your eyes.

"What's so funny, bella?" Feli asked.

"Y-you are," you giggled. You picked up the previously discarded Pici again. "You sure love pasta, don't you?"

Feli nodded happily. "I do~! But I also love my kitties, and my friends!" In a rare moment, his gorgeous honey-colored eyes sparkled at you. "And I love to hear you laugh, ______! It sounds so pretty~!"

You blushed a little. Aww... he was just so cute! You wanted to cuddle and squeeze him, but instead settled for doing the same to Pici.

"Come on bella, lie down with me!" Feli said, patting a patch of grass next to him. You blushed harder and stifled another giggle. Innocent little Feliciano had no idea of the lewd meaning those words might have carried, had it been anyone else that said them. You carefully lowered yourself down onto the grass next to him.

"Ah~ it's such a nice day, isn't it?" he asked. You just nodded, playing with the kitten perched on your stomach. Then Feli grabbed one of your hands, bringing it to rest between the two of you. You both sighed blissfully.

And then the peace and bliss was shattered by a certain German thundering up the side of the hill.

"FELICIANO!!!" he roared. "I see ______ finally found you! Now GET YOUR ARSCH OVER HERE AND COME FINISH YOUR TRAINING!"

With that, Feliciano got up and dashed away; dragging you alongside with him, your hand still in his.~
...All I have to say is that I had way too much fun looking up the names of all those obscure pasta varieties. XD

I know it's short... I'm actually proud of myself for writing something under 3,000 words, though. orz

Italy belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to you... or :iconnitalyplz:
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 Feliciano layed his head on your shoulder and closed his eyes.The light breeze calmed him a bit as you and him were leant up against a tree.You heard a rustling beside you and turned your head. You saw Lovino trudging grunting something under his breath. He eyed you and turned his direction toward you. He knelt down beside you and sat.

"Hi, Lovino."
"What were you and my idiot brother doing?"
"Nothing really just enjoying a beautiful day together."

Lovino grunted.Feliciano stirred and slowly lifted up his head. He saw his feet, your, then Lovino's. He smiled and knelt forward to see his twin brother. "Ciao Lovino. Are you here to spend the day with us?"

"Heh No.That tomato bastard has those two stupid idiots with him at the house and I want nothing to do with them."
"You mean Gilbert and Francis."
"Yeah.But the only reason i'm upset is becuase that bastard will be drunk later on and won't stop talking."

You and Feliciano laughed a bit.Lovino frowned and went and tugged on his brother's curled.Feliciano Yelped and said ouch. He finished it with Ve.

"Ve? Did you make that sound Feli?"
"I did.Lovino makes a sound too listen."
 Lovino's eyes widened as Feliciano leaned and tugged on his curl.


You bursted out laughing.Lovino pushed you onto the grass.

"Chigi." You began to say. "Chigichigichigi."
"Shut your face!"
"________.Do you make a sound when your hair is pulled?"

Lovino had pulled on your head and grinned at you as you rubbed the spot. It was true your hair was different from their's but that didn't mean that you had a quirk like they did.Feliciano knew that hurt you so he pulled you close to him and kissed the spot where Lovino pulled your hair, then a kiss on the cheeks. Lovino blushed as he witnessed Feliciano kissing you. He turned his head and waved his hand at the two of you.
"Are you okay _______?"
"Now I am."

"Hey hey! If you to are gonna get into it atleast warn me first."
You blushed insanely and covered your face. "Oh my goodness Lovino I can't believe you said that!!" You shouted.Feliciano smiled at your reaction and ran his hand through your your (h/c) hair.

"Yeah.Besides, I would do it somewhere with no one else around. Like my bed." Lovino grunted loudly and you looked up at Feliciano in shock. Your face became redder than before. You reached a your hand around and tugged on his curl. But the way you did it was different from Lovino's. Instead of Feliciano yelping you heard him moan. You looked at him with your hand still on his curl and you did it again.He moaned again which confirmed your suspicion and his face became red as his grip on your hand became tighter. Lovino stood up.

"That's it im gone.Get a room you two."
"What are you talkin-
"You two are gonna get it on and I'm right here? Lets forget the fact that your outside.God you two are so kinky."

"LOVINO!!"Both you and Feliciano shouted. You stood up started walking after the southen italian when you were stopped. Feliciano grabbed your hand and shook his head.

"It would be best not to go after him. It might worsen the problem."
"Your right feli.I'm sorry I...uh" You blushed, you felt embarrased saying it.
"It's fine. As long as it's you." You looked up at Feliciano.
" and you know _______, I meant everyword I said.Your very special to me."
You hugged Feliciano and you both fell on to the lush grass.You rolled from on top of him to right next to him and you both stayed looking up at the clouds.

You loved it when you got to spend your time with Feliciano.You two began talking again and luaghing as you each pointed to the clouds. Your hands holding on to eachother.As they would from then on.
~~Authors notes
-I luaghed abit myself while doing this.
-I'm sorry that it's so short.I have no real excuse why.
- I hope the person who requested it likes it and all you fans like it aswell.
-I'm not a real big fan of Feliciano but I love Lovino though

Hetalia isn't mine :iconderpplz:
You, the reader, are mine :iconletmehugyouplz:
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I staggered across the end of the trail, sticky, pungent sweat dripping down my face.  My breathing was fast and deep, desperate to rush oxygen to my body.  My pulse beat a fast cadence on my neck.  How was it almost 90 degrees out at only 9 in the morning?  I was definitely glad I got my run in when I did.  The forecast called for 100+ temperatures, not including the heavy humidity.  Already it felt like I had been swimming through the thick air, rather than running through it.
I went over to my car, ready to get a drink of water.  I was thirsty enough to have three whole bottles.  I wiped my damp forehead with the bottom of my white cut-off shirt, the only part of my shirt not already soaked with the foul-smelling liquid.
As I neared my car, I saw a rather strange sight.  There was a young, aburun-haired man running in the strangest outfit.  It was a long-sleeved sailor-style shirt, almost like something from Haruhi Suzumia, with long pants.  The young man was staggering slowly, barely moving forward, but clearly attempting to run.  With that getup on, I doubted that he would make it much longer without heat exhaustion.
That was when I saw him collapse on the grassy lawn.  A little frightened for him, I walked over to check how he was doing.  I could hear his frantic, shallow breathing from almost ten feet away.  I knelt down by this unfortunate runner, the grass sticking slightly to my damp legs.
"Hey, buddy," I patted his shoulder slightly, "are you okay?"  He looked at me; he had a rather endearing lost-puppy sort of face.  His eyes were still closed as he "looked" at me.  He looked very dazed, but the main thing I noticed was how pale he looked.  Most people after running get flushed and red.  Either he hadn't been running very long at all, or something was very wrong.
He gasped out between his rapid breaths, "I'm-a…sorry…what…did you…a-say…?"  He spoke slightly accented English.  It had a slight musical lilt to it, even as he struggled to articulate.
"Are you alright?"  I asked again, this time putting my hand to his forehead.  His skin was dry as a bone and so hot I could barely touch it.  This wasn't good.  On a day like today, you could start sweating just standing outside for ten minutes.  Not sweating, pale skin, shallow breathing, none of these were good signs.
There was a bleary smile on his confused face.  "Your-a…so…pretty…ragazza…."

I grew slightly irritated at his avoiding my question, but my concern grew along side it.  "No, how are you feeling?"  I asked again, this time pronouncing it slowly and deliberately.  Once again, all I received was a dazed look, as if he didn't understand me.

I was positive now what the matter with this man was: heat exhaustion, maybe even heat stroke.  I tried to talk with him one more time.
"Do you want to come in my car and cool down?  I have water."
God be praised, he nodded slowly after a few seconds and let out a small sigh that sounded like, "Ve~…"

I lifted his slight shoulders off the ground and put one of his arms around my shoulders.  I put my other hand around his waist.  Placing my feet firmly beneath me, I focused all my energy on my thighs to lift both the heat-dazed man and myself up.  I strained against the extra weight.  This guy was slender but he had to have almost thirty pounds on me, maybe more.  Eventually, I got us both standing.  Well, I was standing and the redhead was slumped over on top of me, as limp as cooked spaghetti.
"What's your name?" I gasped out, taking the excuse of formality to rest my legs a second.  The man lifted his head up from its slumped position to "look" me in the eyes.
"Veniziano…Italia," he panted.  His head dropped down to his chest right away.  Just those two words seemed to have taken all his strength.

I began to move forward.  "Pleased to meet you, Veniziano," I replied.  I assumed the whole "Italia" thing was his way of telling me where he was from.  I thought that accent sounded familiar.

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt something tugging at the ground.  Sure enough, the auburn-haired man was dragging his feet, too tired to even walk.
"Veniziano," I began.

Head still down, he weakly groaned, "Hunh?"

"I need you to pick up your feet and try to walk a bit, okay?"

He said nothing in reply, but I could feel his feet shift underneath him.

  Letting him lean his whole weight on me, I helped lead him to my navy-blue mini-van.  Normally, I'd take my dad's old Prius to the trails, but today—by some twist of fate—I had decided to bring the mini-van that still had a large cooler of water left over from my camping trip last week.  The seats had all been removed from the back, leaving only the shotgun and driver's seats.  I pushed the 'Open Trunk' button on my keys and the tailgate rose up.
"I'm going to lie you down for a bit, alright?"  I asked Veniziano.  The Italian said nothing, only leaning his head onto the top of mine.  His chest was pressed against my back.  I could feel his fluttering heart against my shoulder.  I had to cool him down, and quickly.
I turned around so both our backs were facing the trunk.  I first sat him down on the lip of the trunk, still supporting his whole weight.  I then transferred one arm behind Veniziano's head and the other beneath his knees.  If he was too weak to even walk, I doubted he could scoot himself into the trunk.  I gathered what little upper-body strength I had and carefully lifted him a few inches into the empty back seat.  His head lolled against my chest as I held him.  His chest rose and fell far-too-quickly as his back came to rest on the still-dusty carpeting on the floor of the vehicle.
His body now fully sprawled out in the back set area, I ran to the front of the car, jammed my key in the ignition and cranked the A/C on to full.  A satisfying rumble came from the engine and a blast of somewhat hot air came from the vents.  I knew it would take a few minutes to cool.  I then ran out to the back of the car, hopped in beside Veniziano, and closed the trunk door behind me.

Wasting no time, I began to take the ridiculous long-sleeved shirt off the over-heated man.  When I felt the fabric, I felt even madder at the red-haired man.  This was a thick, heavy shirt!  This was the worst possible thing to wear on a day like today.  Veniziano neither assisted nor resisted my efforts to free him of the heavy shirt.  His arms fell weakly at his side as I removed them from the sleeves.  I felt my already-dry mouth go a little dryer at the Italian's now bare torso.  He wasn't really muscular, but he had a very aesthetic thinness to his physique.  His slight chest still panted way too quickly for my comfort.  The van was beginning to cool down as the A/C kicked in.
I scanned around my car for a cloth of some sort.  If I remembered my first-aid class correctly, to best treat heat stroke, one had to put wet rags on areas with a lot of shallow blood vessels like the neck, the head, the armpits, wrists, feet and inner hips.  Luck was once again with me.  There was familiar Albertson's bag with paper towel I had forgotten to unload earlier today.  For once, my forgetfulness had come in handy.   Ripping open the plastic wrapping, I took the towels over to the cooler.

Mercifully, there was melted ice water all on the inside.  I hastily dipped a few of the paper squares into the cool water and folded them into neat rectangles.  I placed the first one on Veniziano's forehead.  He twitched slightly at the cold water and opened his eyes to look at me.  They were a pretty golden-brown, like a well-cooked marshmallow.  His half-lidded gaze was still weak and disoriented.
"Tha…that's-a cold…bella..." he whispered quietly.  Already his breathing was beginning to deepen and slow from its previous frantic rhythm.  I don't know how I hadn't noticed it earlier, but he had a weird little flip of hair on the right side of his face.  Must have been from the heat, I guessed.  My hair did the same thing some days.
"You feeling any better?"  I asked him with concern.
"A little," he closed his eyes again, clearly still tired.  I took another set of wet paper towels and placed them on his neck.  My hands were starting to get numb from the chilling water.  One of my hands skirted over Veniziano's bare stomach on accident, causing a slight jerk of his abdomen.
"Oh, I'm sorry," I apologized quickly.
"No, no," Veniziano whispered quietly, "it a-felt nice.  Could you-a put your hand there again, please?"  Obliging, I placed my icy hand on his fiery-hot stomach.  He sighed quietly as I did.  "Grazie, regazza," he murmured in weary pleasure.  I smiled quietly.  Even though he was clearly a moron, it was just too difficult to hate him.  He was just one of those people you couldn't help but love.
Taking my free hand, I grabbed another wet paper towel and put it on each of the lovable idiot's wrists.  He smiled slightly as the cool cloths pressed against his skin.  I readjusted my hand on his stomach onto his chest.  His heart was still beating a fierce tattoo.  I felt Veniziano's ribcage expand as he sighed gently.  He seemed very contented to be taken care of.

"Do you want some water to drink?"  I asked him.  He gave a quiet, "Si."  Taking my hand off of his pounding heart, I reached in to grab a one of the bottles floating in the icy water.  I pulled it out, drops of freezing water rolling off my hand and onto Veniziano's overheated body.
"Can you sit up?"  I already knew the answer, but I felt it was polite to ask.
"Uhn-uhn," the Italian shook his head side to side.  The motion was so small I almost missed it.
Sliding over to his head, I positioned myself sideways so that I was perpendicular to Veniziano and lifted his head onto my lap.  Unscrewing the cap with a satisfying crrrick, I placed one hand behind his head to tilt it up, and with the other, brought the water slowly to his waiting lips.  He drank eagerly, but I allowed him only one or two mouthfuls to begin.

"More-a, please, bella," he pleaded, "I'm-a so thirsty."

"I can't give you too much at a time or you might get sick," I tried to tell him.  

"Oh, per favore, regazza," he begged, this time opening his honey-brown eyes to meet mine.  Those pleading eyes, how could I refuse them?  Refusing them would have been the equivalent of kicking a puppy.
"Alright," I conceded, "but you have to take little sips."  I brought the water back to his mouth.  He listened to me and drank as slowly as he could, gasping in between every few gulps.  After Veniziano had finished the first bottle, I told him to wait a little for the next one.  I placed his head back onto my lap, removing my hand from his soft red-brown hair.  The slender Italian's head lolled towards my stomach with a quiet, "Ve~" escaping his lips.  It looked like he had fallen asleep.

I took the opportunity to replace his old paper towels with fresh, cool ones.  I couldn't help but stare as the Italian slept.  He was that strangely endearing combination of manhood and childishness.  His shoulders--while thin--were well filled and well formed.  His jaw line was just a little too broad to be feminine.  His cheeks looked like nothing more than peach-fuzz hair had ever been upon it.  His hands were rather thin, but very muscular in themselves.
"Bella~" Veniziano whispered, eyes still closed, facing my stomach half-asleep.  I dropped my musings to respond with a quiet "Hmm?".
"What is your name?"  His gentle breath tickled my belly.
I smiled at him. "It's _______."

"________..." he murmured sleepily, "che bella…"

"Do you want some more water?"  I asked, taking advantage of his semi-wakefulness.
"Mm-hmm," he muttered.
I took the next water from the cooler.  Once again, I nestled one hand in his auburn hair and held him up and gave him a drink.  This time I let him take larger gulps if he wished.

"What were you doing out there in that ridiculous shirt?"  I asked as he drank the life-giving liquid.
Veniziano stopped for a breath.  I brought the water slightly away from him as he answered, "My friend Germany and I were out for a run.  He got pretty far ahead of me though."
'Germany?' I thought to myself, 'That's an odd name, maybe he's still a little heat dazed.'
"Does he have a cell phone you could call him on and let him know where you are and what happened?"  I suggested.
"Si, I have a phone in my pocket." The Italian's eyes lit up slightly at the idea.  "Could you call him for me, ______?  I can talk; I'm just too tired to grab my phone."
"Sure thing, Veniziano," I replied.  I reached into his right pocket and found the small phone pressed up against his legs.  I opened it to recent calls and looked for a Germany.  I had to have the invalid on my lap tell me which one it was; my Italian was not top notch.  Hitting the send button, I held the phone up to Veniziano's ear.
"Germany, Germany," he began, somewhat frantic compared to his previous tired speech, "I-a tried to keep up-a with you, I-a really did, but I-a got to a-feeling funny and then-a pretty girl helped me-a cool down and now I'm-a in her a-car at the trailhead."

I couldn't hear the other half of the conversation, but it appeared that it all went well because Veniziano gave the person a cheery "Ciao~!" and had me hang up.
"He-a said he'd come and-a take me home as soon as he a-came back," the red-haired Italian explained.
"That's great," I tried not to let my disappointment color my statement too much.  I kind of liked taking care of this lovable man.  "Are you still thirsty?"
"No-a, thank you though," he nuzzled his head into my lap again.  "I-a just want to rest now."
I watched him rest while we waited for his friend to arrive.  I wanted to see how his temperature was, but my hands were too cold from the water to be an accurate test.  Pulling the paper towel and his hair away from his forehead, I brushed my lips lightly against his skin.  His soft skin was still hot, but cooler than it had been.
I saw Veniziano's lips curl into a slight smile as he whispered, "Mia bella…mia ________...."  I felt my heart melt a little along with my face at his words.  I leaned over his sleeping face, brushing my nose against his.  His smile grew a little wider at the touch.
A sharp, cheery rhythm caused me to jerk away from Veniziano's peaceful face.  It was his cell phone.  Blearily, the Italian reached his arm into his pocket to grab it.

"Germany, is that you?"  He tried to sit up as he spoke, but ended up falling back onto my lap.  He paused for a little bit as he listened for his friend.
"Should I open the trunk so he can find you?"  I offered to the still-weak Veniziano.
"Si, that would-a be great." He smiled cheerily at the idea.
I gently placed his head back on the floor and stooped as I walked to open the hatch.  As the lid opened, a wave of heat washed into the car as though I had just opened an oven.  Almost immediately, a tall blonde man with much more sensible running wear than Veniziano had worn walked over to the mini-van.
"Feliciano," he began, "vhat did you do to yourself zhis time?"
"He had a bit of heat exhaustion," I answered for him.  "He's still running a bit of a temperature, so you should probably make sure he doesn't do anything strenuous today."  I turned to Veniziano-or was it Feliciano?-and asked, "You told me your name was Veniziano, or did I just misunderstand you?"

The auburn-haired, still-shirtless, Italian began to say, "Well actually m--" his comment, whatever it might have been, was quickly cut off by his muscular friend's hand.

"His name is Feliciano Vargas, you probably just misheard him vhen he told you," the stern blue-eyed man had a look of semi-irritation on it.

"_______'s been so~ a-nice to me!" Feliciano (apparently) beamed as he leaned on his elbows to sit up a bit.  "She was-a like an angel!"  A large blush graced my cheeks at this comment.
I went back into the trunk and picked the Italian up again, bringing him to the edge of the back seat.  As I held him, I felt him nuzzle his head into my chest.  I hoped that his friend would assume it was the heat and not Feliciano causing my changes in color.

His friend began to help him stand, but before he could, Feliciano interrupted his efforts.  "Wait, a-Ludwig, there's something I-a need to do first."
'Ludwig?  Wait I thought he was…oh never mind!'
I felt a pair of very warm lips brush my right cheek.  "Grazie, mia _______, can I-a call you some-a time?"

I dumbly nodded my head, all power of speech temporarily gone.
Feliciano's face lit up in a brilliant smile, "Ve~! I'm-a so glad!  Can I-a see your phone?"
With another mute nod, I gave him my phone, which he quickly punched his number into, humming all the while.
He handed my phone back, and gave me a weak hug.  "Arrivederci," he sang as Ludwig helped Feliciano to his car.
"Arrivederci!"  I responded back, hoping it was something to the effect of "See you soon."
Due to the recent hot weather, this idea popped into my head: Italy gets heat stroke during training. I enjoyed writing this because Italy is so incredibly CUTE~! I experimented with writing the character's accents in this one.

I don't own Hetalia, Italy, Germany or the preview image, but I do own the story.

Enjoy. :)
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Pausing in front of the window, I watched as the rain poured down, pattering endlessly against the glass.

A shiver ran through me, imagining how frigid it was outside and I returned to the couch, slipping beneath the blankets and sighing, grateful for the warmth.

Suddenly, my feeling of cozy security was interrupted by a loud, vigorous knock at the door.

"[Name]!! Please open up! It's really cold out here!" A voice with a familiar accent begged from outside.

Climbing out of my comfy nest, I slipped on my slippers and quickly undid the locks, pulling the door open.

Standing before me, was my Italian friend, shivering and soaking wet, yet he still managed a weak smile.

"Feli!" I exclaimed, pulling him inside. "What are you doing out at a time like this? You could get sick."

He pulled me into a big hug, getting my pajamas all wet and laughed merrily. "I really wanted to visit you! But after I started out on my walk to your house, this big storm came! So I just kept going."

"Why?" I stared at him in confusion as he pulled away.

"Well," his lovely brown eyes lowered in sadness. "Fratello said he would hurt me if I tracked any more mud or water into the house." Looking back up, he caught me gaze. "Plus, I missed you!"

I felt heat rising in my cheeks and managed a smile. "Aw, I missed you too."

"Oh!" the brunette quickly rifled around in the bag he was holding, which was also quite wet.
"I brought you something!"

"Really?" I watched him curiously as he produced a small package of something.

"Ta da~!" He beamed holding it up so I could see. "It's pasta! My grandpa brought it back for me from Italy when he was visiting our relatives."

"Wow!" my eyes widened and I took the package from him, gently. "Thanks! Are you sure you want me to have it?"

Feliciano nodded excitedly. "Yeah!"
Then, blushing a little he added, "I thought…maybe we could eat it together?"
My heart beat increased and I nodded gently. "Y-yeah! That would be great!"

We stood in awkward silence for a moment before I remembered he was still standing there, shivering and dripping rainwater all over the floor.

"O-oh! You should probably…change out of those clothes. You could still get really sick."

He nodded slowly. "Yeah, that sounds good."

"Okay. Follow me." Carefully taking his hand, I led him to the guest room of my house where I recalled my father had left a couple of t-shirts and a pair of sweats as well as some other old clothes. Pulling them out of the dresser drawer, I handed them to Feliciano.

"Here. You can wear these for now. In the meantime, I can put your clothes in the dryer, okay?"

He smiled again. "Okay! Thanks [Name]!"

He shut the door behind me and I headed back to the kitchen and began to boil a pot of hot water.
Pasta sounded pretty good right now.

~ * ~

"Since I want to see your smiling face…
Come on, Let's boil hot water!"

I hummed along to the familiar song as I began to pour some of the pasta in and watched in delight as the steam began to rise. About ten minutes would do.

A few moments later, I became distracted as Feliciano exited the room, sporting his new outfit and I couldn't help but think how adorable he looked.

"Ve~! What do you think?" He happily spun in a circle, modeling it for me and I laughed.

"You look great! Are you comfortable?" He nodded and I smiled. "That's good."

As he plopped himself on the couch and snuggled under the blankets, I scooped up his old wet clothes, deposited them in the dryer and returned  to the living room after checking on the pasta. Nearly ready.

"So!" I turned to my guest, running a hand through my [h/c] hair. "Do you want to watch a movie? I'm fine with anything."

He beamed at me. "Do you have lady and the tramp? I love that movie~"
"Okay! Sounds like a plan!" grinning, I squatted beside the T.V. stand, and rifled around in the cabinet below. "Bingo!"

My fingers closed around the case, and I pulled it out, blowing dust off it. Jeez, it's been a while.

I set up the DVD and pressed play, watching the opening credits roll for a moment before turning back to Feli who was gazing at me expectantly.

"Ah, I'll be right back."

"Okay!" He smiled and turned his focus back to the movie.
I stood there, watching him for a moment. He looked so happy…

Then snapping back to reality, I realized I had better check the pasta.

~ * ~

Sighing at the lovely smell of the pasta, I grabbed a couple of forks and bowls.
After scooping out a couple of healthy-sized servings, I added the sauce, which I had been able to make fairly quickly, and hurried back to the living room.

I couldn't wait to see the look on Feli's face.

"Feli…" I whispered, entering the darker room, not really wanting to interrupt the movie.

"Ve~ what is it, [Name]?"

"Look what I brought~!"
His eyes widened as he saw what was in my hands. "Is that-?"
I nodded happily and handed him a bowl, sitting myself down beside him and slipping under the blankets as well.

"Ve~…It smells so delicious~ Grazie!"
Just as we were beginning to dig in, the ever so famous spaghetti scene had begun and I bit my lip to stop the grin that was forming.

This was too perfect.

Before I knew it, Feliciano was humming along to "Bella Notte" and I couldn't help but giggle.

Could there be a more perfect evening?

I hadn't realized how hungry we were until I noticed that we had both finished our bowls of pasta before the song had even ended.

Sighing, I leaned against the adorable Italian and he put his arm around me.

"[N-name]? Can I tell you something?"

"Sure Feli! You can tell me anything!"
I looked up at him and beamed. He smiled back but still looked nervous.

"It's just that I…T-Ti Amo!"

My eyes widened in surprise. Then, smiling again, I leaned closer to him.

"I love you too, Feliciano!"

And just like that, our lips met. Just like the two canine stars on the big screen.

I guess I stood corrected.
PASTAAA~! :iconpastaaaaaplz:

I based this off of Italy's character song (which I love!),
Let's Boil Hot Water:

I hope you Enjoy~!

The story belongs to me.

Lady and the tramp belong to Disney.
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You belong to yourself.
I found the picture here: [link]
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He sighs – a deep, warm sound. It doesn't work with his personality at all. He is lighthearted, not so thoughtful. The smile on his face, though, seems brighter than ever before. A soft heat that fills his body turns his cheeks red like the tomato sauce on his favorite pasta. He is blushing, his smile that of a dreamer. It almost seems like he looks trough rose-tinted glasses. He probably does so.

"Ve~ She's so pretty!" Italy exclaims with soft-spoken words and a heavy accent. While he can't help himself but to look at her, his two friends are near standing by. Germany rolls his eyes, Japan just chuckles lightly.

"She is." The Asian nation reassures him with a nod, while he studies her features in an almost interested way. A little smile settles itself on his lips; the third member of the Axis Powers seems bored, if nothing else.

"I know, right? Everything about her is just simply amazing! I mean look at her – she is such a pretty ragazza! You have to really look at her to see her real beauty, you know? Her eyes shine so bright like the sun and her hair seems to be so soft and… And she's just wonderful!", he babbles, his voice almost hoarse from talking. After all he talked too much about her already with no end in sight. Some might say he must be in love, the way he finds everything about her loveable. Others surely think of him as a stupid being, but Italy doesn't care. He has to express himself, after all.  Describe her with an uncountable amount of words – but no words can describe her. So he goes on and on with his little speech, the smile on his face still as big as his heart.

It is Germanys time to sigh. "I…suppose so." He clears his throat in an awkward way and makes a gesture to go, but the Italian nation can hold him back. And so he just stands and looks around, while his friend's speech goes into the next round. He doesn't even listen anymore. Germany simply can't find the illuminated feelings this scene creates for Italy. But it's fine as long as his friend can enjoy the special atmosphere he talks about.

"You know I…I want to say ciao to her. It would be so great to speak with her. Imagine all the things we could tell each other! We would speak about our favorite meals and animals, then we would eat pasta and say what's on our minds and in the end we would laugh. That would be awesome, as Prussia would say it!" With his words being said he starts to dream again. The cloudy vision he sees is colorful and filled with happiness. Just like his heart is pounding so loud he thinks it will rip apart every moment. But he can say that he is happy –somewhere, somehow, at least. He knows that his wish isn't possible, but beams at Japan, either way.

He just nods, as if he really knows what Italy is talking about. "Yes, that would be an enjoyable thing. You have quite the imagination, Italy."

The Italian nation sniffles lightly, a suddenly sad smile on his face. It vanishes as soon as it came, though. After all it would be against his personality to be sad for a long time. "Ve~ But it's okay to dream, right?"

"Hai." And with Japans words Italy goes silent and looks at her, again. Like so many times before. He loves every little speck of color on her, her taint, the way her hair falls, how her eyes seem to capture everyone that stares right into them.  They capture him, too. And while he has a weakness for cute girls –he is an Italian, after all-, she seems to be someone that almost reaches the purity of a guardian angel. She looks ahead with a smile of her own, so soft like her invisible wings. Italy really thinks of her as a holy creature.

Germany breaks the silence. It is so unreal, compared to the little dream world in the Italians head. "I will go now, in Ordnung? Come to me if you are done here." And with that, he takes his leave.

Italy nods, deep in thought. "Si."

Japan just lets the German nation go and, despite the importance of his personal space bubble, touches the shoulder of his pasta loving friend.  He sighs, a calm, gentle, but deep tone. "We should go, too. There are many paintings we haven't seen. And we don't want Doitsu to wait for long - he doesn't seem to enjoy this museum as much as I do, after all." With that being said he lets go and turns to the picture on the wall for the last time. He has to say, though, the artist did an amazing job. Everything about the painted girl seems to be so real… He can almost hear her laugh. It surely is a shame that he can't find the description, or the artists' name, for that matter.

Italy shivers. Numbness turns his body cold for a second. "But…she is so much more than a painting! She is my favorite and I love her even more than La Gioconda!"

"…you seem to care for her, Itaria. Do you know anything about the artist? I can't find information about this piece of art."

He flashes his friend an excited smile. "Of course! It is a known fact that most of the artists works were destroyed, so only a few remained. This is one of them. It was painted 1615 and shows a very pretty ragazza. Sadly, she died at a very young age, that much is known about her. It's his best work, I believe, ve~"

Japan listens quietly and shows a small smile of his own. "It is quite an interesting topic to talk about, but I suppose I should go and look at other paintings. Would you be so kind to tell me the artists name and history when we go home? I want to know more about your culture and the art that goes with it."

"Va bene! You can ask me anything you want! I hope you'll find inspiring pictures! Tell Germania I will come to you guys in some minutes. I just want to look at her for a little while longer." Japan leaves without another word, but an expression that tells Italy that he will do exactly that.

Once he's gone, the Italian nation focus on the painting again, but this time he takes some steps forward, all the while flashing the captured girl his white teeth. His cheeks are red -again- and he chuckles to himself.

"It's long since I last saw you, you know? So much happened! I've seen so much suffering...there was the Second World War, so I was pretty busy… It was awful. But now everything is okay again! I ate pasta today, just like any other day and played with so many small kitties! Germania told me if I do it again I will have to run ten more laps in training. He is such a meanie!" He pauses for a moment, as if she could answer him.

"…but other than that the day was great. And I will look forward to see you again. I can't wait to tell you about all the things Giaponne and I did together through the years! He and Germania wait for me, though…so I have to go soon. But not without a proper goodbye!" He laughs. Almost as if she could hear him, which she can't, obviously. Somehow this sight is a sad thing to see. Weird for the people standing by – but heartbreaking for the small nation. Tears start to fall. He isn't strong enough to hold them back, after all. He is weak. Too weak, maybe.

"…now look at me. I'm such a wimp! I really have to say goodbye to you. It was so nice to see your smile again. So, so nice~ And you are still so pretty! Such a cute ragazza! I hope the men don't stare at you too much. But they have every right to do so!" A sigh -the last one for this day- leaves his lips. He takes another step forward, just barely enough to be able to see small, white letters in the right corner of the painting. It takes a good eye to decipher them, but he knows the letters by heart. Two words. One Name.

Feliciano Vargas.

Mini Contest Entry for CountryXReader: [link]

1429 words long~

I seriously love the idea, even if I had my doubt about the outcome of this one-shot. Italy is one of my favorite characters...I just had to write about him. Every nation says the name of the other nations in his native language. That's why Italy calls Japan Giaponne and Germany Germania, while Japan calls Germany Doitsu. I think it's plausible if they call the other nations in their own languages.

I hope you like the one-shot, if someone would point out mistakes I made I would be very glad!


Ragazza - Girl
Hai - Yes
In Ordnung - Okay
Va bene - Alright

La Gioconda - Italian name for the Mona Lisa
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The Most Beautiful Thing

Ding Dong!

"[Name]!! Go get the door!!" You sighed and stood up, opening the door. In front of you stood a young man about your age with honey-brown hair with a curl petruding from it, honey-brown eyes and the most contagious smile.

Instantly, you felt yourself smile, "Hello~,"

The Italian closed his eyes, still smiling, "Ciao bella~ My name is Feliciano! I am here for Madame [insert Name]. I was commissioned to paint a canvas for her~"

You nodded and moved to the side, letting him in.

"Madame will be here shortly,"

He nodded and you left to call Madame, unaware of the open honey-brown eyes watching you.

As soon as you were out of his sight, Feliciano smiled softly, 'She's a very pretty girl. Ve~'

Feliciano was caught up in his day dream, but quickly snapped put of it when a lady appeared.

Now, Feliciano meant no offence toward to woman, but she was down right ugly. Make-up were caked on her face as if it was another layer of skin, she wore dresses that were three sizes too small and she acted very snobby.

The Italian winced as she stopped one of the servants, made him lie down on the floor and use him as a door mat.

Feliciano furrowed his eyebrows even more as she strutted towards him, winking causing him to feel a shiver run up his spine.

"Ciao. I am Madame [insert Name]. You are Feliciano? Si, of course you are. Why else would you be here? Anyways, I want you to paint the most beautiful thing so I can place it on my room,"

Feliciano nodded and quickly started setting up his canvas and supplies.

"Of course. I will get started on it quickly," the Madame nodded, content and left.

So, Feliciano quickly painted, his paint brush make smooth, fluid movements across the paper.



"OH MY!! What is this monstrosity!?"

You quickly peeked out from the kitchen to see Madame angry at the painting on the canvas. This caused you to raise an eyebrow.

From your angle, Feliciano was holding up the canvas, a sheepish grin on his face and Madame was in front of him, yelling insults. You were quite interested at what the canvas held, for even though Madame was always angry, she was never this angry.

Your friend, [Friend], pushed you forward tilting her head towards the Italian and you bravely walked forward.


The woman turned around and scoffed once your face was in view, "you painted her?!? When I'm more elegant!? How dare you insult the [Madame's last name] family!!?"

You stared at her weirdly before turning to face the canvas, only to gasp. It was a portrait of you, the sun cascading down you hair softly, a peaceful expression grazing your face.

The painting was marvelous and it was no doubt the Italian had talent in painting.

You were too busy admiring the painting to notice Madame creeping behind you. She suddenly shoved you down and you yelped feeling the cold marble floor make contact with your face.

A groan made its way from your lips and Feliciano quickly dropped the painting to help you up.

You nodded a thank you at him and he smiled, causing you to blush ever so slightly.

The moment was interrupted by Madame who pushed the both of you out the door, "Out!! Out!! I don't need servants and painters like you!! I'll just hire that da Vinci man!"

And with that, the door slammed behind the both of you making you glance at each other and laugh.

After the laughter subsided, you gazed at the ground worriedly. How were you going to find food now? Work was very hard to find in [City Province during the Renaissance other than Milan], you doubted that you'll be able to find a job as good as before.

The brunette noticed your gaze and he reached over and squeezed your hand comfortingly, "bella~ You need not worry about a job! My fratello is a duke in Milan! I'm sure he'll be able to find a job for you!"

You gasped and hugged him, thanking him over and over. Not only did you get a job, you can also live in Milan, one of the most wealthy and powerful cities.

He just chuckled and hugged you back.

And that was how you ended up working for Feliciano's grumpy fratello, Lovino. Although Lovino had his moments, he was quite kind and charming to the ladies. The only time when he is really mad is when another boy, a Spaniard by the looks of it, visited. Other than that, you lived the rest of your life married to Feliciano Vargas.
Yay~ Finally posted a new one-shot! I was sure most of you were rethinking watching me ^^; sorry for that~ But anyways, we were learning about the Renaissance and stuff then we had to make a brochure on a city-state and I was assigned Milan. I want to go there sometime~ :)

But yeah, hope you guys enjoyed it! I've been back to searching tolerable Naruto fanfics to read :D Yup, I thought I finally got over that, but then I realized that Naruto's probably the only anime I've watched that had violence on it.. Wow.. Well, whatever. Just ignore this rant. I just wanted to post a one-shot before I leave for a family trip~ I want to enjoy the trip and I might take some pictures on my iPod since I'm not allowed to bring my camera. Now bye~!

Italy, Romano, Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) Apparently Romano's household
Story (c) Me~
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