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What is this Awesome Achievement?
The Deviousness Award is an accolade which is traditionally handed out
on the 1st of every month to one truly outstanding deviant.

The Deviousness Award for September 2012 goes to SaTaNiA.

Hi Damien! First off introduce yourself, who are you? In and out of the internet?

Damien Girodon aka Satania, is a young French guy of 24 years old.

Even in real life, my friends are calling me Satania or Dams.

In my everyday life, I'm working as a Systems Designer (engineer) for the RATP (Railway Transportation Systems in Paris).

Basically, I'm working on software for automatic train.

On the web, you can find me a bit everywhere as Satania (FB, twitter etc etc)
I'm mainly online for deviantART but not only :) I'm a real addict to the nerd side of the web.

Fractal Art is one of those art forms I don't understand, (in the sense that I don't know how to make them) but I certainly see the beauty of it and I think your work is incredible. What got you interested in this art form?

That's a really long story ! In fact the very first time I've seen a fractal, it was on deviantART 8 years ago!
I was looking for a new wallpapers and i've see this artwork :
Four Winds by amulet

I was just amazed... then I've looked on the web for the software the deviant use and I've discovered a new world.
A world where everything is infinite and you can almost do everything, the only limit is our mind (ok ok the software too...)
I was really amazed by all those "abstract" shapes and colors.
When I start using apophysis, I really fall in love with those infinite possibilities.

You've been a deviant for more than 8 years. What brought you here? And what do you think has changed in the community during all these years? Do you consider the site is better, worst or simply different?

Haha, Thanks for reminding me the fact that i'm a old fart :giggle:
What has changed during all those years?? Really ??
First the deviants... we were a few deviants compare to nowadays !! It was a bit more "underground" :)
The UI, what a maze !! Those who remember those old days, will remember the submission system ! 4-5 pages to load (with a 128K modem), it was a real pain !
Then deviantART exploded, new UI, new submission system, deviantMEETs, groups, fav collections, discover, and more like this !
It really evolved and while deviantART is now bright and shiny, it still have this awesome community spirit and even more awesome artists.

Butterfly Majesty by SaTaNiA Graviton by SaTaNiA Welcome to Valhalla by SaTaNiA Wallpaper - Fire in the splits by SaTaNiA

Tell us about the devmeets you help to organize in Paris. Some of these devmeets even have the status of "official" and you've had the opportunity to meet spyed and other DA admins. What motivated you to start doing these? Many people often say they would like to attend a devmeet, what would you recommend them if they want to organize one?

18th Parisian devMeet by ZeldaDreams Cotton Candy Time by ZeldaDreams
Paris devMeet v.13 - 2 by ZeldaDreams 7th Unofficial Paris devMeet 6 by ZeldaDreams
When spyed and Heidi made the 1rst world tour, I was working and I wasn't able to attend this awesome event :tears:
About 2 months later, I've discovered a couple of deviants: TheNeoShaman, Breizhbleiz and ZeldaDreams, who were organizing deviantMEET in Paris !

So I decided to attend my first deviantMEET (in september 2009), which was simply A W E S O M E ! About 30-40 deviants which were all kind and welcomed me so warmly! (ok ok ok with some beers too)

As I really loved this meeting, I've decided to contact ZeldaDreams and to ask her if she needs help for organizing meetings, she asks the founder, they agreed, and tada! I've become one of the core for those meetings.

Paris Official dM 2 - 16 by ZeldaDreams Paris Official dM 2 - 10 by ZeldaDreams
Paris Official dm 2 - 12 by ZeldaDreams Paris Official dM 2 - 3 by ZeldaDreams

Now 3 years laters, ZeldaDreams and I are still making those meetings, and we're still loving and finding this spirit that spyed and the staff his giving to the community everyday.

How can we stop to make devMeets when you know that every month new deviants are joining and are discovering the "real" deviantART meetings ?  The one where you experience the DA's infamous spirit all around when you regroup some deviants ? :)

If I had only one advise for the others ... DO IT NOW !
If you can't attend because there's no devMeet around your city/state then create it, simply set a location, a time and bring some papers and stencils and here you go !!

"SaTaNiA is a talented artist whose art grew up with DA since 8 years. The community is a great part of his life. I can't count the times we spent hours talking about artists, new community projects or simply showing art we love to each other.
His art improve with every new deviation he uploads. You don't have to be a fractal expert to see that !
Online he's always willing to help others deviants interested in fractal art or those who just have random questions.
Offline he's equaly amazing. He's always resourseful and enthusiast for the DeviantMEET-Paris .
We share the same famous deviantArt spirit and I can assure you that his life wouldn't be the same without it.

"As a fractalist myself, the first thing that comes to my mind about SaTaNiA is all the good times spent ponging parameters and learning together, always with a big smile and a lot of enthusiasm. We have a very similar way to work with fractals and I really love his works, especially the use of colour and the neatness of the flames. Since the very first times I talked with him, I was amazed by his very lively attitude, not only towards fractals but also (and maybe mostly) towards the community: always involved in some project, always preparing something nice, always ready to help and support. A very inspiring example for quite a shy and selfish person that I am! That's why I was so happy when I saw his avatar in the space for deviousness recipient at the bottom of the page, I really thought "Oh yes, at last!"!!! :)"

"I've known Damien for quite a while now, mainly because of the devMEETs he organizes with ZeldaDreams and it was so awesome to meet both of them a few months ago in Paris! He's such a great person, online and offline.

Damien is a true inspiration and his incredible community spirit is something I really admire. He definitely had Deviousness coming!

"I'm not good with speeches, in fact is very hard for me express my feeling with words specially when I tried to talk about people I love. Damien is one of those special people I deeply love and admire. He's not only the guy who create awesome fractals, help community and organize cool devmeets, he's more than that.
Damien is talented, humble, he cares for his friends, he's funny, he is... well... there's not enough words that can describes how is Damien, I can only say that I'm very glad to know him and he deserves all the awards in the world :D

"Damien is an energetic, hardworking, caring, and incredibly talented artist whose positive energy and passion toward his craft can be felt just by seeing how he talks about the work he creates and sees others creating. He's always going out of his way to lend a hand to others, offering support or ideas for new projects, and sharing the knowledge he has so others can learn as well. He's a great combination of gifted and down to earth, and he's a guy well worth getting to know."

You seem to be quite involved in the community, part of many groups including some official ones like devBUG and fella What do you consider to be your motivation for this? What would you advise to those who want to do the same?

As I'm always saying, I really want to give back deviantART what it gave me during those 8 years.
So I've start to use the beta testing option of deviantART, and report bugs on beta features...
Then some months after this, devBUG (the place to be when you're a beta tester), ask for some deviants with a real motivation to help them in alpha testing new products.
And with some luck I've been chosen to help them !
And here I am, testing new features before they're released on beta stage (and even some that you may never see :eyes:).
It's been the same thing for fella.

Now I'm proud to be part of those project :la:

If all this just wasn't enough, you also received this month's Deviousness Award. How do you feel about this? What was your reaction when you found out?

Just ... I'm zoo freaking happy!
If there's one thing I've never thought about, it was to be a senior and it happenned the 1rst April 2010.
But now a deviousness ... this is just unbelievable ...
It was saturday, I was really tired from a hard week, ZeldaDreams and I decided to make a quick nap.
I wake up around 4PM GMT and decided to quickly browse dA.
I just open my browser and BOUM ! a fn' deviousness on my main page!!!!
I couldn't believe this at first so I furiously click on my MC and look up for fourteenthstar announcement.
But it was really me !!
I run to the bedroom and wake up ZeldaDreams to tell her about my deviousness ! I was just crazy!!! Yelling everywhere my happiness!!
And believe me or not 10 days after this announcement I still can't believe it !

What's your favourite dessert?
The original Millefeuille (sooooo :drool:)
Hazelnut Praline Millefeuille by Sliceofcake

An interview with September's Deviousness Award recipient: `SaTaNiA
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tutorial time!

Wed Sep 1, 2010, 8:37 PM


it seems the contents still leave a lot to be desired, but i'll work on it slowly and surely. in the meantime, thank you for the feedback and it's nice to know that the tutorial has benefited some of you. anything else you'd like to see added to the tutorial don't hesitate to let me know ^3^

  • Mood: Tense
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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 5, 2011, 5:24 AM

MISI boleh dikerjakan, boleh juga tidak. Ini adalah misi terakhir saat kalian menggambar OC kalian, jadi lakukanlah se-ikhlas mungkin.


Gambarkan seluruh perasaanmu selama kamu bergabung di Grup Canvas Ranger ini. Karya bisa berupa gambar ilustrasi, komik BW, komik warna, tulisan, animasi, lagu atau apapun yang menurut kalian bisa mengekspresikannya dengan baik. Tidak perlu terlalu imba, yang penting seluruh perasaan kalian tercurahkan ke karya tersebut. Gambarkan semuanya sebagai perasaan kalian yang tertumpah sebagai gambar terakhir OC kalian untuk Grup Canvas Ranger

Jangan lupa sertakan artist comment tentang kisah kalian selama di Grup Canvas Ranger.

:bulletgreen: Misi ini berlaku sampai akhir tahun alias BULAN DESEMBER
:bulletgreen: Misi ini boleh mencangkup OC kalian saja, divisi kalian ataupun OC2 Canvas Ranger yang lain.
:bulletgreen: Misi ini boleh berupa Collab, art trade ataupun gambar masing-masing.
:bulletgreen: Misi ini tidak akan mendapatkan Poin
:bulletgreen: Judul submisi harap mencantumkan kata LAST MISSION
:bulletgreen: Format submisi bebas.
:bulletgreen: Masukkan submisi kalian pada folder masing-masing.
:bulletgreen: Mulai 1 Januari 2015 kita akan tutup submission dan grup ini akan dirombak total :"D

Sekali lagi, terimakasih Rangers :thumbsup:

:bulletred: Tetap ditunggu bagi kalian yang mau mengembangkan CR untuk ke depannya, untuk menjadi admin periode 2015-seterusnya :rofl:

DO YOUR VERY BEST, RANGERS :icongreatjobplz:

:star: :star: :star:


1. MISI boleh ngacak , boleh di lakuin , boleh nggak

2. Semua Misi HARUS FINISH DAN BERWARNA dikarenakan misi tiap poin sangat tinggi. (Kecuali misi henshin HARUS BW!!!)

3. perhatikan ONE SHOT MISSION karena misi2 itu hanya boleh dilakukan satu kali.


5. Misi TIDAK TERKAIT JUMLAH KARAKTER kalau kalian gambar 50 orang dalam satu misi, tetep diitung poinnya segitu :yum:

4. MISI tidak terkait 'VERSUS' , jadi hero dan villian bisa kerja sama
*example code dress -> gambar punya hero bajunya boleh gambar punya villian bajunya boleh

5. Pelopor dan generation diperbolehkan mengikuti misi.

6. Harus diberi judul "MISSION" yang telah diberitahukan.

7. Misi harus dikerjakan sendiri. pembuatan misi oleh orang lain dianggap tidak Valid.

8. Harus mematuhi Peraturan tugas yang sudah di sebutkan di tiap misi =)

:star: :star: :star:

:bulletgreen: Mission 1: MEME POINTS SEBESAR 4000

by: :iconscoop-san:

tugas -> Menggambar OC kalian Dengan Style artist yang berbeda. bisakah kalian melewati rintangan ini ?
template ->…;

:icondangerplz: ONE SHOT MISSION!


:bulletgreen: Mission 2: CROSSDRESS POINTS SEBESAR 3000

by: :iconmovolla:

tugas -> Menggambar OC kalian dengan baju OC anggota CANVAS RANGER lain. Bisakah Kalian melewati rintangan ini ?


:bulletgreen: Mission 3: AKTIVASI CANVAS! POINTS SEBESAR 5000

by: :iconthe-hary:

Tugas -> Gambar OC kalian Berupa KOMIK 1 page BW ketika Mengactivasi canvas OC kalian ( Berubah ). Bisakah Kalian Melewati rintangan ini ?

:icondangerplz: ONE SHOT MISSION!


:bulletgreen: Mission 4: COSPLAY Points sebesar 2000

by: :iconsaint-chimaira:

Tugas -> Gambar OC kalian sedang bercosplay anime, game, tokusatsu atau tokoh terkenal Obama mugkin??? :rofl:
Bisakah kalian melewati rintangan ini ?


:bulletgreen: Mission 5: PET Points Sebesar 1000

By: :iconmovolla:

Tugas -> Gambar pet untuk mendukung OC kalian. Bisakah kalian melewati rintangan ini ?
Rules: Pet bisa berupa........................
-Makhluk Biasa
-Un normal ( alias hewan ntar dari mana )
-Chibi human ( macam lym yg imut imut moe lah )

:icondangerplz: ONE SHOT MISSION!


:bulletgreen: Mission 6: CROSSGENDER Points Sebesar 2000

By: :icondarkphoenixzx:

Tugas -> Gambar OC kalian berlainan gender dengan yang asli. Bisakah kalian melewati rintangan ini ?

:icondangerplz: ONE SHOT MISSION!


:bulletgreen: Mission 7: SONG IS A HEART Points Sebesar 1000

by: :iconquantum-force:

Tugas -> Gambar OC kalian Dengan theme song yang sedang kalian dengar. Lalu ceritakan! Bisakah kalian melewati rintangan ini ?

:icondangerplz: ONE SHOT MISSION!


:bulletgreen: Mission 8: KTP Points Sebesar 3000

by: :iconsaint-chimaira:

Tugas -> Tunjukkan pada dunia bahwa kamu adalah penduduk dunia Canvas Ranger!! gambar dan spesifikasikan OC kamu dalam sebuah kartu tanda penduduk Canvas Ranger United!! Bisakah kalian melewati rintangan ini ?… (Template KTP Hero)… (Template KTP Villain)… (Contoh KTP)
Untuk penggunaan digital kalo mau disamaain, font menggunakan arial
warna harus sesuai dengan template untuk membedakan antara hero dan villain

:icondangerplz: ONE SHOT MISSION!


:bulletgreen: Mission 9: BEST MOVE Points Sebesar 4000

by: :iconsawamura-sama:

Tugas ->
bagi Hero : Gambar OC kalian sedang bekerja memberantas virus artblock.
bagi Villain :  Gambar OC kalian sedang bekerja menyebarkan virus artblock.
Kalian dibebaskan memakai imajinasi kalian tentang virus artblock seliar mungkin untuk misi kali ini. perbuatan seperti apapun dihalalkan dalam memberantas / menyebarkan virus artblock secara langsung maupun diam2.
Bisakah kalian melewati rintangan ini ?

:icondangerplz: ONE SHOT MISSION!


:bulletgreen: Mission 10: DAKIMAKURA Points Sebesar 2000

by: :iconpodjok-henshin:

Tugas -> Bayangkan gambar OC kalian akan dicetak menjadi produk dakimakura, kira-kira akan seperti apa gambarnya? Ilustrasikan hal tersebut! Bisakah kalian melewati rintangan ini?
- OC tidak boleh dicrossgenderkan, goodluck bagi para cowok yg OCnya cowok juga ;)
- Formatnya harus 2 side seperti ini ->……
- Boleh mengikutsertakan pet atau supporting character, tapi OC harus dominan (contoh :…)
- Pose dan seberapa "menggoda"nya dakimakura itu terserah. Mau yang seperti contoh di atas atau mau yang terbuka2 ;)
- DIWAJIBKAN UNTUK MEMASANG MATURE CONTENT FILTER, terlepas dari seberapa menggodanya dakimakura itu. Filternya boleh warning atau strict.

:icondangerplz: ONE SHOT MISSION!


:new::bulletgreen: Mission 11: DIVISION REPORT Points Sebesar 5000 :new:

by: :iconsaint-chimaira:

Tugas -> Bayangkan OCmu beserta rekan sedivisi sedang melapor progress pekerjaan kepada leader masing2 kubu. Buat gambar OCmu bersama dengan divisimu (lengkap) saat sedang MENGHADAP LEADER!
- 1 orang gambar 1 divisinya (tidak diperkenankan collab alias gambar harus sendiri) -> isi 1 divisi ada 5 akun, berarti 5 akun itu gambar OC temen2 divisinya. Nanti akan ada 5 gambar misi.)
- Ruangan indoor. Bentuk ruangan leader / ruangan laporannya tidak ditentukan
- Di dalam ruangan disediakan 1 sofa panjang warna hitam (untuk villain) atau 1 sofa putih (untuk hero).
- Terserah sofanya mau cuma numpang nongol doang, atau OC kamu beserta OC2 sedivisi kamu duduk di situ.
- Leadernya ngga usah digambar! Untuk Leader & Co-leader ngga usah gambar misi ini.. ntar dikasih misi lain yang lebih seru #apa
- Gambar harus memuat divisi kalian lengkap, dilarang menambahkan ranger lain!
- Keberadaan pet tidak akan menambah point.

FAQ (bukan FAQ jg sih, mungkin lebih ke early notice XD)
- Jika ada diantara member divisi kalian yg udah ga aktif lagi tetap digambar juga ya. Kalau nggak punya referensi (misalnya akunnya deactivated) boleh digambar se-ingatnya kalian aja tapi jangan ngasal ya, kami kroscek lagi.
- Seandainya (seandainya lho ya) ada yg membuat story OCnya udah gugur di medan perang (mungkin pas big war?), ya anggap aja ini masa2 pas OCnya masih hidup, tp smoga OC rangers sekalian masih pada sehat ya :D

Apakah yang terjadi dan bagaimanakah sikap kalian di depan leader? Tunjukkan keloyalan kalian terhadap kubumu!!! Bisakah kalian melewati rintangan ini?

:icondangerplz: ONE SHOT MISSION!

:star: :star: :star:

Ps: bagi kalian sudah membuat misi tapi belum finish, akan kami anggap sebagai Misi tunda sampai gambar misi kalian di upgrade alias poinnya ditahan


Khusus one shot mission kalau kalian ingin membuat lagi misinya , silahkan. Sehingga gambar misi lama akan dihitung gambar biasa.

bagi kalian yang masih mengalami misi tunda akan kita satronin satu2 ke note sebagai pemberitahuan kurang baek apa coba???? :XD:


:iconsaint-chimaira: log out!

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Canvas Ranger RP Walkthrough (F.A.Q)

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 19, 2010, 4:09 AM

:onfire: :onfire: :onfire: :onfire: :onfire:


Selamat Datang di Canvas Ranger
Canvas Ranger Stamp by SapphireRhythm

Berikut ini journal yang Akan memandu Kalian bermain di dunia Canvas Ranger,
Seputar pertanyaan pertanyaan yang tidak di mengerti beserta sistem points dan sebagainya




Art block yakni keadaan dimana seniman tidak dapat menghasilkan suatu karya seni, kehilangan inspirasi ataupun kehilangan mood untuk menghasilkan karya seni, oleh karena itu di buatlah Canvas untuk corat coret keluarin semua apapun yg ada dalam pikiran, dari sesuatu yg kecil dapat menjadi sesuatu yg baru


Canvas adalah NYAWA dari ranger. Jika tanpa kanvas, ranger bisa menjadi galau, stress bahkan kehilangan nyawanya. kekuatan seorang artist dalam mengaktivasi kekuatannya, menuangkan segala imajinasinya yg ada di pikirannya , luapan hati ke sebuah bidang datar, sehingga membentuk sesuatu agar menghancurkan / menyebarkan art block.


OC berdasarkan Canvas, adalah perwujudan sebuah nyawa yang hidup dengan bergantung kepada sebuah canvas yang telah kalian buat sebelumnya. Apapun bentuk dari canvas tersebut, baik hasil coret2 iseng atau apapun yang penting bermakna, maka dari situlah tercipta sebuah karakter / OC.
OC kalian bisa berupa apapun, manusia, setan, robot, alien, ikan, fungi, bahkan pohon sekalipun


Ranger adalah sebutan bagi OC yang sudah memasuki dunia Canvas Ranger. Sebagai seorang Ranger, kalian bertanggung jawab atas prinsip dan harga diri kalian sebagai seorang ranger, baik ranger hero ataupun ranger villain.


Aktivasi kanvas adalah suatu momen dimana para rangers mengaktifkan kekuatan kanvasnya secara optimal sehingga menghasilkan perubahan wujud yang disertai munculnya kekuatan supranatural (seperti kebal.. tahan peluru.. berdagu panjang... :rofl: tergantung kekuatan kanvasnya)

Para ranger yang terpilih masuk menjadi Canvas Ranger mempunyai 2 mode, yaitu :
:bulletgreen: MODE NORMAL: dimana kalian adalah makhluk biasa yang tidak berkekuatan apapun.
:bulletgreen: MODE RANGER: dimana kalian mempunyai kekuatan supranatural yang berdasarkan pengaktivasian kanvas dan berubah wujud agar musuh kalian di kubu lainnya TIDAK MENGENALI kalian di saat mode normal.


Kubu itu dimana OC kalian " AKAN BERPERAN ", Pada ceritanya, Di Canvas Ranger Terbagi Atas 2 Kubu yakni KUBU HERO dan KUBU VILLAIN

:bulletgreen: Kubu Hero  dibentuk untuk memberantas  Art block 
:bulletgreen: Kubu Villain dibentuk untuk menyebarkan Art block

KALIAN BEBAS MEMILIH IKUT KUBU HERO / VILLAIN (pilih salah satu , terserah kalian)

:bulletpink: mohon untuk TIDAK MENGGANTI KUBU KALIAN karena akan masuk ke data admin dan berpengaruh ke dalam pendataan. hal ini juga berpengaruh terhadap ranger yang nantinya akan mendaftarkan diri ke dalam sebuah divisi.
:bulletpink: HARAP JAGA HARGA DIRI RANGER SEBAGAI SEORANG HERO / VILLAIN. karena ini adalah prinsip dalam grup Canvas ranger.

★DIVISI !!! ★

1. Apa itu divisi ?
Divisi Adalah tempat kamu bersama 1 regu kawanmu , yang semuanya berjumlah 5 orang termasuk kamu. Disana Kamu dapat "mengembangkan" Sifat, Cerita, Relasi dsbnya . Pada Saat sudah memiliki divisi, berjuanglah bersama regumu untuk Membasmi Art block ( Hero ) / Menyebar Art block ( villain ) baik di saat WAR ataupun Daily life "BENTUK CERITAMU DAN REGUMU " have fun

2. Apa itu re-generation ?
Re-generation adalah sebutan bagi ranger yang masih pemula / belum terdaftar / menunggu untuk masuk divisi

3. Gimana caranya punya divisi ?

Tunggu pembukaan divisi oleh para Admin , Admin membukanya secara random time . Maka bersiaplah setiap waktu ..

4. Boleh bikin divisi sendiri ?

Ketentuan admin adalah: "Tidak"


Canvas Ranger Stamp by SapphireRhythm



~ Peraturan Join dan rulesnya mohon di baca terlebih dahulu…

Buat canvas Original Kalian dan OC berdasarkan canvas tersebut ( tidak boleh sama dengan Canvas ranger lain dan juga OC lain yang sudah ada) Kemudian OC harus BERHUBUNGAN dengan kanvasnya *berdasarkan tema kanvas * Canvas bisa di lihat di gallery berikut :…

:bulletgreen: Cara Submit Ke gallery Canvas ranger
:bulletpink: Click 'Contribute Art' yang berada pada halaman 'Home Canvas Ranger ' di kotak bewarna Biru
:bulletpink: Submit (BILA PERTAMA KALI JOIN) di folder RANGER OC (untuk submit OC) dan folder Canvas (untuk submit Canvas), pilih deviation OC atau Canvas kamu kemudian klik OK .
:bulletpink: Dengan Begitu Submission kamu telah masuk ke gallery Canvas-Ranger

:bulletgreen: Ketentuan pembuatan kanvas dan OC :
:bulletpink: 1 orang hanya bisa submit 1 OC dan 1 CANVAS
:bulletpink: 1 orang boleh mempunyai OC KEMBAR maximal 2 orang dan HARUS BERADA DALAM 1 KUBU
:bulletpink: nama kanvas TIDAK BOLEH nama OC-nya kalau tidak ada artinya secara harafiah! seperti nama kanvas Joko, kanvas soeharto ataupun kanvas gayus tambunan
:bulletpink: gambar Canvas hanya boleh berupa SIMBOL / penggambaran dari OC. TIDAK BOLEH memasukkan OC itu sendiri / unsur lain ke dalamnya.
:bulletpink: Canvas TIDAK BOLEH MENYINGGUNG HAK CIPTA SEBUAH PRODUK ataupun nama barang2 yang telah komersial.
:bulletpink: Mohon SUBMIT CANVAS DAHULU, setelah bebas inspeksi, BARU BOLEH MEMASUKKAN OC ANDA.
:bulletpink: bagi yang sudah mengabsen Canvas dan OCnya, submitlah karya2 kalian ke folder REGENERATION
:bulletpink: Nama Canvas sebisa mungkin PAKAI BAHASA INDONESIA maximal bahasa inggris. Bagi kalian yang memakai nama yang aneh2, admin tidak akan bertanggung jawab bila ada member lain yang memakai nama kanvas yang sama.

:bulletgreen: Kemudian Absen OC Berikut Kanvas Kalian WAJIB Pilih 'KUBU' , Kubu Terbagi 2 yaitu Hero Dan villain.
:bulletpink: Kubu Heroes : OC Kalian Bertindak Sebagai Pemberantas Art block ( ceritanya )
:bulletpink: Kubu Villain: OC Bertindak Sebagai Penyebar Art block ( ceritanya )

:bulletgreen: Daftarkan OC kalian di link berikut ,…
Keterangan : Dalam Mengabsen kalian di wajibkan comment kubu
Example : "Absen ! Kubu Hero OC : <link> , Canvas : <link>


Pada saat apply OC kalian ke dalam folder RANGER OC, gambar OC kalian di character sheet yang tersedia dalam folder FEATURED yaitu :

Character Sheet -HERO- : CR: Character Sheet -HERO- by scoop-san
Character Sheet - VILLAIN- : CR: Character Sheet -VILLAIN- by scoop-san

Harap mencantumkan berbagai jenis keterangan yang berhubungan dengan canvas ranger di dalam artis komen. Keterangan yang wajib kalian tulis adalah :
:bulletpink: DATA2 OC beserta HISTORYnya
:bulletpink: HUBUNGAN OC dan KANVASNYA beserta PENGAKTIVASIAN KANVAS yang mengakibatkan perubahan wujud dari OC
:bulletpink: HUBUNGAN OC dengan CANVAS RANGER / masuknya OC ke dalam Canvas Ranger

Jika ada OC kalian yang kembar alias OCnya 2, mohon dipisah menjadi 2 chara sheet tapi tetap disubmit sebagai 1 deviation (alias ditaruh atas dan bawah. Hal ini juga berlaku pada misi KTP!


:bulletgreen: Perlu diketahui, bahwa DOMISILI dari CANVAS RANGER adalah di negara INDONESIA ;) (kita kan grup Indonesia, harus bangga dengan negara sendiri donk LOL) jadi mau OC kalian berasal dari negara apapun, mau manusia, binatang, setan ataupun alien, mendaratnya tetap di Indonesia, kalau nggak, kalian bukanlah terdaftar sebagai ranger.


:bulletgreen: Setelah daftar, Maka kalian dapat mengikuti berbagai kegiatan yang berada pada Canvas Ranger . Silahkan cek halaman depan grup untuk mengikuti berbagai kegiatan, baik itu misi, quest ataupun event.

:bulletgreen: Re-Generation's Rangers Akan melanjutkan Generasi Pelopornya yang Sedang bertarung di… ( karena slots Generasi pertama Habis kalian tidak bisa mengikuti Perang Generasi pelopor )



Canvas Ranger Stamp by SapphireRhythm



1. Gimana Caranya Dapat points ?

Dengan mengerjakan Quest atau Event yang ada.
Selama kamu adalah members RE-GENERATION ( belum memiliki Divisi ) maka kamu belum memiliki points , namun kamu masih dapat mengerjakan misi/event yang berlangsung di CR , dan apabila kelak mendapatkan divisi maka gambar - gambar tersebut akan dipindahkan dan akan mendapatkan points

2. System points

:bulletgreen: System points Adalah sistem penilaian gambar
Sekarang Dapat di lihat…
~ Tiap points berbeda beda maka Tingkatkan skill kalian di Canvas Ranger

:bulletgreen: Untuk menambah Points Kalian bisa mengikuti Mission dan events ( yang biasanya pointsnya bernilai besar namun hanya bisa di lakukan sekali )… mohon di baca



:bulletgreen: Fave artists Adalah gambar yang admin pilih berdasarkan gambar terbaik dan terfavorit yang dibuat oleh members Canvas Ranger.
:bulletgreen: Rookie Ranking Adalah gambar yang admin pilih berdasarkan keniatan anda walaupun mungkin masih belum terlalu bagus, tapi kami bisa melihat bahwa anda mempunyai bakat dan niat yang akan berkembang dari hari ke hari.

:bulletpink: fave artist / rookie ranking dapat dilihat pada…
:bulletpink: fave artist / rookie ranking akan diubah oleh admin seminggu sekali dan gambar kalian akan difitur di wall depan CR.


Chatroom HQ Adalah tempat berkumpulnya Members CR baik divisi maupun re generation untuk berkumpul Member paling banyak berkumpul pada P-CHAT Biasanya meeting dilakukan seminggu sekali tiap hari minggu . Members di perbolehkan menggambar di kala boring pada P-chat dan melakukan submission , dimana kala bosen.


pertanyaan lebih lanjut mohon dikirim lewat Notes :

:bulletpink: klo kalian mau bertanya mohon awali subjet note dengan : ASK
Fokus untuk kalian bertanya adalah
★ ASK Canvas / OC jika kalian hendak bertanya Canvas / OC
★ ASK GALLERY jika kalian hendak bertanya seputar gallery
★ ASK MISI / QUEST /COLLAB/ EVENT jika kalian bertanya / suggest seputar Misi / quest / collab / event
★ ASK GAJEMEET jika kalian hendak bertanya / suggest seputar gajemet
★ ASK KORCANGER jika kalian hendak bertanya / suggest soal Korcanger
★ ASK and REPORT jika kalian hendak bertanya / melapor hal2 seputar Canvas Ranger

:bulletpink: Klo kalian mau memberi saran / kritik untuk CR subjek note dengan: CRITIC

:iconsaint-chimaira: log out!

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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 26, 2013, 7:19 PM

Our group UnlimitedAnime-Manga has reached 150k page views! :la:
So featured here are 150 awesome works from the members of the group! Check them out & give them love!
And please :+fav: this journal so it can reach larger audience, thus giving more exposure to the artists.

Inori Yuzuriha - Sing the proof that you lived by sophie-art  FFVII - Tifa 5 by KiaraBerry  Rei Ayanami - Geofront by jatek
kurobasu: to steal a kissu by poooptato   Trade: Canada by Tannywantan   Will-O-Wisp Opening Preview by Deus-Lux
Eska by revois  Lucy From Gmg by bardiel66  Ice Cream Lolita by Chu-Chu-Panda  -The Beach- by HoshiSamma  Reaction of a girl in Whimsyshire by Yggdrasill-Studio
AOHC: It Can't Be For Nothing. by Fenrixion  Perfect Crime Quest || BAKUMAN by hjpenndragon  Stellar Bath by Rosuuri
Obedience by NasikaSakura  Mirai by Moochirin  Mother Earth by Chewsome  Mother Nature by Reaper-Mcasaurus
I Finally Remembered How to be Me by ashoffeathers  Kiribian pic for Aiimia by Berryu  The House in the Trees by MiniRoonie

  Human and Spirit by 20Tourniquet02  Growing Up Beside You by Eeren  one-eyed dragon king )) by shinjistar  Shingeki no Kyojin by manu-chann
  It's Your Turn Now by stealthclaw96  PC Young Codex X Claus by Pingwinowa
Bottle Mail by samanae  PM by 53C  Free! - fem!Haruka by usarei  Nayuki Minase by DarklightseekerArt
Majo Magika - The Five by Athyra  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAEPHUIER by jeusev  Bound the body,free the soul by zelka94

Currency by surrealtoons  Behind that smile... by Yachiru-RinRin  Dark And Riku~ by Orchid-Queen  Desperation by Kristofferson-kiniji  Let's Fishing! by Kucingila
Mer Bleue - Demons and El Caido by SonicJuice  Titan by marangai  Titan Food by Ry-Spirit
Under the Moonlit Night by MagickDream  Erza and Jellal: you may kiss the bride... by Rinoa-Light-Leonhart  Tired Demigods by Rhaylee  Just One Kiss by iDrawAnime102  Cabbage-Patch and Honey-Bunch by MilkywayScribbles
104 by idanei  Bunn Bunn~ by MuskCat  Dei by Faye-f  Ron-Kun by katsuroyasu 

Temari, the wind queen. by Aisutaiga  2013 Valentine's Day by Somvold  7 Capital Sins' Envy by dreito  Sebastian by TheSleepyRabbit 
+Deep Sea Girl Hatsune Miku+ by Chibi-Narusegawa  Zyx 2013 by alskat  [Trade] Take a key and lock her up, lock her up... by El-and-Noxi
French braid by Lee-chan97    Aladdin (1) by ploekje13
Art Trade: God of the Mountain by Khallandra  Bashur by Ravna-Resta  Request Roku by elsanne    TITANIA: ERZA by save00us

Toshiro Hitsugaya by TheZingar  song of passage by terragrande  Levi. Rivaille. Corporal. Heichou. (OU contest) by crazylame1
Honeydew Hug by sonnio  Green Aura by Catiminy  Mikki - Trade by xCalee  Eisa the black princess by Azula-Kurohime  Samanthie 4 by SapphieChan
Birthdayscream by Jellymii  Support Shantae! by HowlsInTheDistance  Request: Tara by MidnightArtDragon
Earth by Vexcel  Annymoon Commission by snoweffectjw  summer is miles and miles away by Ithilloth  Lumina by Anadia-Chan  Music v.2 by Lily-Fu
COMMISSION:Angel Dance. by linnil 

The Milennium Rod by Nekkohime  Holydays by Lyona-dono  You Can't Stop Me! by HerOnceWhiteWings  .satellite. by Tone-of-Echoes  CE: Happy Halloween! by AmaranthicalRose
Rin Okumara by animenyancat  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Sandman by EckoSlime  Shizuma and Nagisa (Falling Asleep) by AmandaPanda18
San - Princess Mononoke by Vinkerlid  Black Rock Shooter - Peace by anime-halo  Allen in Wonderland by DonguriArt
[REQUEST] Charlotte by JordanSpaghetti  Free Iwatobi Swim Club by Havoc3001  Who wants to dance with Lucy by accroon  Filled With Colours - Vibe by AlmostBlueKitty  On The Prowl by CoronVirsin

Hatsune Miku by fenrich08    Miku (Request) by umizuu
Yu-Gi-Oh! Domino Card Club by Animefanka  Ayane- [OC] by Sumiko-Ein  The Anubian Goddess (+VIDEO) by SiofraTural  Traffy and Cavendish dressed up for Halloween by BittersweetHorizon
Waiting in the Rain by Yumikio-Natsuki-Yoko  Red Music by DeathGoddess231  Ichigo-Bleach by Ashaisha  Fire Pixie - Animated by spoki0  Ce - Fiorella - happy 19th birthday by Princess-CoCo-154
A Kiss of Sea Breeze - Collab by Gingersnap87    Naruto by CherryPancakeLove

Onisuu Summer 2013 Contest_Crow and Owl by kura-ou  L o v e by InkyWings-X  Jamie ~ Tonight Shall Be A Magical Knight by dathie
Link 02 by Riinku-kun  Amelia fanart for Izka197 contest by ivan1426  Medli by Opheroth    Kirito [Gift for Parrichan] by Silver-tan
  Monster Underneath by SeraphSancta 
Alien-Babes-Attack-on-Vegas by BlissChild1  SeeYou tomorrow by Banshee-Strikes  Princess of Time by dilailah  Commission - Glaceon Frolicking About by Popokino  Mephisto Phelabulous by Lumnili

We're the...Pokemen by hunnybaes  -:SM Their First Day in Strawberry Dorm - PART 1:- by Masutsuki  Kise Ryouta by Maniac-ani  [ . . . ] by CommanderHomo  Anime Hearts by magicpotion
FP Tourney: Character Batch 2 by Jax-chan  Doraemon 100th Anniversary by jinsuke04  xandra_xolo by hana44
.:Briarkit/paw/berry/shadow GB pt9:. by WhippedBlueIceCream  Blush by Tennosei-No-Hime  Kakashi by GD-Doreen-BJ
My beloved stars by Eleatory  Cold Days by xSanrio  [P] Chun Ling by Glas-Fuchs  Yuna in Wonderland by NekoCakeArt

Art Features #10
#UnlimitedAnime-Manga has reached 150k page views! :heart:
So featured here are 150 awesome artworks from the members of the group! :D
Please +fav this journal so it can reach a larger audience, thus giving more exposure to the artists.
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...but Im NOT an animator or artist or anything like that. Ive never studied (and never plan to study) art. Im 20 (soon to be 21) years old chemistry student. Im not going to work with art in the future as Im planning on making a research on artificial skin. Drawing and animating is ONLY my hobby.

So there you go... Im not. By any means. A. Professional. Animator.
I think lots of you are taking that Crynime project a bit too serious. I dont want to disappoint you in any way, so please, dont be pushy about it. It will only make me NOT want to continue it.

Thank you for understanding... :heart:


PS: If you have any questions, PLEASE, read the FAQ first =_= Im not going to answer the same old questions like "what program do you use to animate". I have other things to do (like SCHOOL work).
PPS: If you just want/need someone to talk to, you can send me a PRIVATE message on tumblr (
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:star: StupidFox will be at London Comic Con, MCM Expo from October 26-28! :star:

:bulletred: StupidFox MiniPlush keychains will first be available at the MCM Expo
:bulletorange: MiniPlush keychains will be available in the online-store starting November 1st, 2012
:bulletyellow: For more information on MCM Expo, please visit
:bulletpink: For more information on the MiniPlush and other products, please visit the StupidFox Store


In other news, I apparently messed up my hands a few days ago and I'm not able to draw. Or, at least draw "correctly" ^^; I hope my hand will heal up by the time I get to the convention so I can draw some sketch cards :)

Meanwhile, our family dog, Ginkgo, is staying with me for two weeks while my parents are on vacation. He's super sad that mommy is gone (and forgot to bring his toys), so I gave him an old/broken StupidFox Plush. he enjoys carrying it around and chewing on it (surprisingly very durable so far considering he has destroyed every other dog-toy we've given him), but he mostly likes to use it as a pillow.

PS. For those of you with a StupidFox Plush, I do not suggest letting your pets play with it because it's not a real dog-toy :P We watch him very closely when he plays with it and make sure he doesn't actually try to eat it.

:star: Ginkgo's Puppy Comic & More (puppy) Photos here: At the Moment - Jan 2012 by SilentReaper
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I write this warning very sorry: (as I said I do not respond much to post here on deviantART because you are too, this morning I had a look and I read that some of you have been scammed by a girl NOT ME! contacting me saying they want money back that I did not, I DO NOT ACCEPT COMMISSIONS and now I can not send abroad, soon will open a store on esty and you ascuistare my jewelry from them, I'll put the link to the shop HERE.

hours to prevent others from falling into this scam will post my real email and my real link where you can contact me or follow me :)

mail: (If you write here is better, is that I always check)

facebook fan page:…

facebook profile:…





instagramm: angeniacreations

these are the ONLY REAL PROFILES! I have no other, if you will follow these links are, if you want info contact me at email, if I do not answer it is because I get too many and some always slip: (you try again if I did not answer <3

ps just open the shop esty I will post the link
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Tangentially related but isn’t it kinda silly how so many people in the gaming community bitch and whine about how no one should “judge a game by it’s cover” whenever people have a problem with promotional artwork that’s released to the public *COUGH*metalgearsolidquietdesign*COUGH*, yet then turn around and BEG and PLEAD for everyone to judge a trailer for an upcoming movie like Michael Bay’s TMNT?

So the new trailer for the Michael Bay TMNT movie has been debuted:

My thoughts?

It looks pretty stupid IMO. The designs of the turtles are generally awful and unappealing. The very worse of the immature “realism = adult” mentality that Michael Bay is noted for infusing into everything. Their shells look more like over stuffed backpacks, they TOWER above all the other actors in gangly long legs, and their faces fall right into the uncanny valley effect. Not to mention that the actor playing “the Shredder” is clearly phoning his acting in, as it doesn’t remotely sound like he’s interested or invested in anything he’s saying throughout the trailer. Curiously, I had no problem what-so-ever with Megan Fox as April o’Neil.

Director Justin Leiberman has previously had a lot of experience mixing live action and CGI effects (having done Battle for LA and The Wrath of the Titans), so I don’t really have a worry about how well the turtles are integrated into the environment. I just... they’re ugly. Their designs gross me out. I don’t want to watch a 90 minute film where they look like that, ya know?

I could still be wrong and it could still be good... but thus far it seems to have conformed to all our of worse expectations about this troubled production. It’s going to be incredibly hard to hear these turtles quipping 1-liners and joking with each other and being lighthearted and funny when they look do damn disgusting and unappealing.

And that’s my two cents.
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Your Boy Side

[★] You love hoodies.「Of course!」
[★] You love jeans.「Hell yeah XD.」
[☆] Dogs are better than cats.「Cats are better.」
[★] It's hilarious when people get hurt.「Sorry people XD.」
[☆] You've played with/against boys on a team.「No..」
[☆] Shopping is torture.
[★] Sad movies suck.「Ch-chi」
[★] You own an X-Box.「A broken one.」
[★] Played with Hotwheels cars as a kid.「I used to play with boys when I was little XD.」
[★] At some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.「Action~!」
[★] You own a DS, PS2 or Sega.「DS.」
[★] You used to be obsessed with Power Rangers.「When I was little.」
[☆] You watch sports on TV.「Nah.」
[☆] Gory movies are cool.
[★] You go to your dad for advice.「Sometimes.」
[☆] You own like a trillion baseball caps.
[☆] You like going to football games.「NO.」
[☆] You used to/do collect baseball cards.「Just YugiYu cards when I was little XD.」
[★] Baggy pants are cool to wear.
[☆] It's kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people.「No because its awesome.」
[★] Green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors.「All of them are cool!」
[★] You love to go crazy and not care what people think.「Like always.」
[★] Sports are fun.
[☆] Talk with food in your mouth.「Never.」
Total = 14

Your Girl Side

[☆] You wear lip gloss.「My lips are naturally pink no need for lip gloss.」
[★] You love to shop.「Ch-chi.」
[☆] You wear eyeliner.
[☆] You have some of the same shirts in different colors.「No.」
[☆] You wear the color pink. 「NO!」
[★] Go to your mom for advice.
[☆] You consider cheerleading a sport.
[☆] You hate wearing the color black. 「Black<3」
[★] You like hanging out at the mall.「Yeah XD」
[☆] You like getting manicures and/or pedicurer.「I like my nails the way they are.」
[☆] You like wearing jewelry.
[☆] Skirts are a big part of your wardrobe. 「I like pants.」
[☆]Shopping is one of your favorite hobbies. 「I like it but its not a hobby.」
[☆] You don't like the movie Star Wars.
[☆] You are/were in cheerleading, gymnastics or dance.
[☆] It takes you around 1 hour to shower, get dressed, and put on make-up and accessories
[☆] You smile a lot more than you should.「I don't smile much?」
[★] You have more than 10 pairs of shoes. 「Yeah but not girly shoes.」
[★] You care about what you look like.
[☆] You like wearing dresses when you can.「NO!」
[☆] You like wearing body spray/perfume/cologne. 「Nah.」
[☆] Used to play with dolls as little kid.「I used to break them XD!」
[☆] Like putting make-up on someone else for the joy of it.
[☆] Like taking pictures of yourself with your cell phone/camera when you're bored.「I hate taking pictures of myself.」
Total = 5

Girl = 5
Boy = 14

I'm a way too boyish...I like it!


Tagged by :iconfemacaro:

The rules:
★. You must post these rules.
★. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
★. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten (10) new questions for the people you tag to answer.
★. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
★. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
★. No tag backs.
★. No nonsense in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
★. You have to tag 10 people.

The questions:
1. How old are you ?
I'm 15 years old.

2. Do you speak French ?

3. How many languages do you speak ?
3 languages.

4. What kind of anime do you like ?
Small fluffy animals...♡

5. Do you prefer manga or anime ?

6.  Do you like when a guy kiss your toes ?
I didn't get kissed by guys before so, I don't know about that...No I guess.

7. What is your favourite expression ?
I'm not telling c:.

8. Do you like foot massage ?
Maybe, but I like massaging my mum's feet more XD.

9. Are you good at cooking ?

10. Do you like me ?
I love you XD..♡

My questions♪
☆.What's your favorite thing to do?
☆.Whats your favorite color?
☆.Wanna hangout with me?
☆.Did you see a rainbow before?
☆.Do you like happy anime endings?
☆.What's your last litter of your real name?
☆.Homo or straight what do you choose?
☆.Do you want some cream?
☆.Who are the people that you like the most?
☆.What do you think of this questions?

People I tagged~










Sorry people you let me love you thats why I tagged you so its your problem, I know I'm annoying o//ω//o ♡!


Tagged by :icontrue-infinity:

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★. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create ten (10) new questions for the people you tag to answer.
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★. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
★. No tag backs.
★. No nonsense in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
★. You have to tag 10 people.

The questions:
1. You get your quiz back and you look at your grade. It's a 75 out of 100. What's your reaction?

2. What would be the worst thing to do?
Watching hentai o-o

3. What do you want to happen to you one day?
Meeting Nikora c:

4.  What do you do most of the time?
Eh, studying.

5. Do you think that you're evil or good?
Evil, meanie wierdo.

6.  I come up to you with a butcher knife in my left hand. What's your reaction, and what will you do?
I'll smile.

7. What's your favorite emoticon to use?
I'm not telling you.

8. Do you fangirl over something?

9. Want to make up your own question? Cause I got nothing else.
They're awesome.

10. Want to make up your own question?

My questions♪
☆.What's your favorite song?
☆.What kind of food do you like?
☆.Do you prefer morning or night?
☆.Did you see a dolphin before?
☆.Do you like happy anime endings?
☆.What's your first last of your real name?
☆.Do you believe in ghosts?
☆.Do you want some sweets?
☆.Who are the people that you like the most?
☆.What do you think of this questions?

People I tagged~










Sorry people you let me love you thats why I tagged you so its your problem, I know I'm annoying o//ω//o ♡!


Forget about my last journal, I found a way to access DeviantART daily..
I'm back<3

  • Listening to: My beats.
  • Reading: What I type.
  • Watching: Uta no prince-sama
  • Playing: Nothing.
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: My own split.
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