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Oh, look! Elise made a friend. A cute one, too.

Base by ~alexpc901
Collab by ~Raschapelle
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Another Collab.:iconpoker-faceplz:

Camille.agan so yeah..
nothing to say here.
Camille © ~Allyza-Awesome123

Collab ► ~273A

Base ► ~ZoZoBlAcKiEcHaN
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I'll admit it. I've tried genderbending myself many times before and it just didn't work.
But I tried again today.
It worked better, but he sorta doesn't look like the male version of me xD
If you're wondering why he has blonde hair, I'm originally blonde. The guys in my house aren't allowed to dye their hair, so if I had a twin bro/was male, I'd be stuck with blonde hair.

Oh, and I bruised my leg on the stairs (ran up them and bashed it)

Anyway, info on my genderbent self <3

Name: Ryan
Nickname: Ryo
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Height: 156cm
Blood type: AB
Nationality: British
Race: White
Sexual Orientation: Bi
Current status: Single
Birth date: Wednesday 5th Feb ‘97
Birth place: England
Hobbies: Trollin’ on friends, singing, annoying people, getting in trouble

Base: [link]
Base By: :iconmizzykins:
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base by =trixychuu & *pixel-hime

sooo i decided to make new OCs that are like shrine maidens based on different flowers o3o(lol idk)
fisrt up, sakura

probably only gonna make 4, maybe 5
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Love & Greed.

Greed: '' Yum~ ''
Love: " T-that Tickles! "

I made Love's hair a bit shorter cuz it's friggin long.. OK.
Hope You Like it.

Greed + Collab ► ~Miitu-chan << [link] >>
Base ► ~Tobi-lover13 << [link] >>
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Hmm..joined this Collab because it's cute...= A =
And I did my new character Renna~ :meow: ok so yah..
Don't Like It? Then,GTFO.
Base ► ~Poisoned-With-Love
Collab ►~Aika-Hikari122
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Collab with ~Miitu-chan

/// Mitch and Rin \\\

Mitch: //W..Whoa!! So Cute!! Hngg.. >//A//<'' *heart beats*
Rin: C...Cute you say? O////O

Mah new oc Rin..
Vampire Oc.. pft. half...half vampire... > A <

Collab ► ~Miitu-chan
Base ► ~BaseByThisIdiot
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OMG! how long time!
School make me busy, so I have no free time anymore! )=

Base by :iconblack-cat-lover-mew:

Base: [link]
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This drawing is a art trade, I did with :iconxxbutterflycookiexx: drawing her OC Alice Fujisake with my OC Alicia Darksteel and this drawing was the resulted from when we were role-playing. If you want to know how Alicia ended up having this happen to her. Just read below this, but it only part of the role playing.

The base I used as reference was made by :iconblindangel17: [link]

Alicia Darksteel belongs to me.

Alice Fujisake belongs to xXchocolatecookiesXx.



Aya: Whoa, hey. HEY! What's wrong Alice?!!

Alice: *smiles so that her fangs show* IWANNAEATYOULIKEIEATMYCOOKIES!!!!

Aya: O_O Aah! *Alice try to take a bite out of Aya, But Aya used her left forearm that had a forearm guard to keep Alice from biting her* Why do want eat me!! Aaahhh!


Alicia: o_O; *in thought: Oh great she's delusional* Well I better stop her from eating Aya. *she quickly goes behind Alice and grabs around her waist and tries to get her off of Aya* Knock it off Alice, Aya is not a cookie!!!

Aya: Yeah!! I not a cookie, please stop trying to eat me!!! >_<


Alicia: *Alice tries to break away from her* Whoa, hey. WHOA! I am not a F***ING cookie!!! *Alice still tries to break away her, so she could eat her* CUT IT OUT DAMMIT!!!

Alice: *bites her* X3

Alicia: *Alice bites her in the left forearm* AAAAAHHHH!!! OH S***! GET THE F**** OFF ME!!! *she starts hitting Alice on the back of her head and keep hitting Alice five times* I SAID GET OFF ME!!! GODDAMMNIT!!! DDDDDX

Alice: *nomming on her arm* owo

Alicia: OAO AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH...HOLY S***! MY GODDAMN LEFT ARM!!! AYA!! DO SOMETHING!!! *she looks at Aya who was just standing there in shock*

Aya: O_O..........

Alicia: OH GODDAMN IT ALL!! I guess I have no choice!

*Alicia takes out her .45 handgun from her right side holster and points it at Alice's right lower leg*

Alicia: Sorry I have do this Alice!!! *she shot her in the leg two times*

Alice: owo *didnt feel it* ?

*Alice let go of Alicia's left arm to see what hit her right leg*

Alicia: *quickly back away from Alice and looks at her left forearm* OH MY GOD.. my left forearm!! *Alice had bitten a piece of her*

Alice: c: COOKIE!

Alicia: O_O; What the hell?!

Aya: O_O;

Alice: *eyes are rainbow*

Aya:, Alice are you alright?

Alicia: What the hell are you talking about Aya, Can't you see she's gone off the deep end!


Alicia: Oh dammit to hell, I guess we have no choice, Aya help me restraint her now!!!

Aya: Um..O.K.

*Both Alicia and Aya jump on Alice, Alicia grabs her right arm while Aya grabs her other arm, they both pin Alice to the ground, Alice on the other hand struggled to get out of it*


Alicia: Jeez!! Damn it Aya hold her down!

Aya: I'm trying!!


Alicia: O_O

Aya: O_O

Alicia: Dammit!! Aya grab her!!

*Aya quickly grabs Alice and puts her in a hold she can't break out of and Aya was using her full strength to make sure Alice get away from her*

Aya: Please Alice, Please stop struggling!


Alicia: Hold her down damn it, I gotta restraint her!

*Alicia takes out two tri-fold restraints from her left leg pouch, she tied up both Alice's arms and legs*

Alicia: *phew* That will hold you.

Alice: owo

Alicia: *phew* OK now that we have enough of that nonsense. *she looks at her wounded left forearm* Man, I gotta patch this up. *she looks at Aya*

Alicia: Hey Aya patch up Alice's right leg, while I patch up my arm. *she takes out a two small first-aid kits from left leg pouch* Here take this. *she toss one to Aya*

Aya: *she catches it* O.K.! *she walks over to Alice who was now laying on the ground* I'll patch up your leg Alice. *she cheerfully smiles and starts to wrapping Alice's leg with bandages*

Alice: owo

Aya: There! your leg is all patch up now! *she smiles and looks at Alicia* So what now, Alicia?

Alicia: *she just finished patching up her left forearm* I don't know!

Alice: owo

*shes frozen*

Alicia: Oh what the hell is wrong with her now?!

Aya: *she tilts her head and made a inquisitive look in her face* What's wrong Alice?

Alice: owo

Aya and Alicia: *both look at each other* Huh???

Alice: *passes out*

Alicia: Oh damn it, she pass out again!

Aya: not going to give her another adrenaline shot are you?

Alicia: After what just happen HELL no!!!

Alice: *sleeping*

Aya: what should we do Alicia? *looking at Alicia*

Alicia: How should I know! At least she sleeping!

Alice: *opens one eye*

Aya: Well...we can just leave her laying there, Alicia.

Alicia: OK, fine! We're pick her put her somewhere to sleep on. *She goes behind Alice, she then puts both of hands under Alice's shoulders and picks her up* Hey, Aya! Get over here and help me!

Aya: OK!

*but before Aya start walk over to where Alicia was, Alice suddenly wakes up*


*Even though Alice arms & legs was tied up she manage to break out Alicia's hold, she then quickly hops to turn around, once she turn Alice ended up biting Alicia's right boob*

Aya: O_O *she gasps, putting both of her hands to her mouth*

Alicia: O_O............



Alicia: I MAY BE A DAMN TOMBOY, BUT DAMMIT, I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU EAT MY RIGHT BOOB!!! *putting her right hand on Alice's head and try to push her off* NOW GODDAMN IT GET OFF MAH F***ING BOOB ALICE!!! DX

Aya: OAO....Uhhhh...ummmm...Oh dear!!

Alice: *nomming*


Aya: OK, OK! I'M COMING!!!

Alice: :iconeweplz:

*Aya quickly got Alice off of Alicia*

Alicia: AAAHH! Goddammit that hurts. *rubbing her right boob* Jeez!

Aya: That was a very bad thing you did Alice!

Alice: owo *looks at Aya*

Alicia: Oh, no you don't! *she puts a gag on Alice which will keep from biting Alicia or Aya*

Alice: .-.

Alicia: Now stay there and don't move!
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Her name is Miu Tenshi ; 3 ;

My babu~ :iconakatsukisnowflake: and i had an idea of making twin characters |'D
i still don't know how her twin character looks like > - >
i only know that she's going to have blonde and pink hair |'D

Also, the chibi wings :iconotlplz:
I almost forgot them :iconotlplz:

The base belongs to :icontori001:
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