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Ok, guys, I know... x'D I'm sick I know you don't need to tell me! But the episode where the Inquisitor chased Ezra in that illusion really REALLY made me laugh, his expressions, movements, voice there... and this just came to my mind and HAD to draw it! And I even wrote a poem... Jeez... x'D Help, I'm laughing too hard! To draw that face!! I was about to die! x'D

I'm ready for murderous comments, let them come! xD
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Because ~El-Crabio totally ruined this by opening his card yesterday despite it saying "Not to be opened until Valentine's Day" I can submit this earlier than I intended to. It's my sith character I created when I was round his playing TOR. :D

Happy soon-to-be Valentine's Day! :heart:
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Spirit Day is an international event to raise awareness of bullying and help prevent it in all forms. The day was started in 2010 as a response to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth who took their lives due to bullying. To get involved, paint your avatar purple, show support for your fellow deviants, spread the word, and submit your artwork to the gallery below to honor Spirit Day!


I wanted to take part in spirit day LAST year, but i was a week late in submitting my picture of a purple psycho XD

So i made sure to get one done this year BI XD

Kind of a lacking idea...but i'm showing my support haha TUT looks like crap TAT gah....

I did the day of silence with my friends my seniour year for all those people and teens that killed themselves over bullying for loving someone of the same gender ;n; It just makes me sick thinking of people being that cruel DX

I know this is rushed ;n; i don't really have the time on Friday (today i suppose) to work on a fancy shaded thing due to math work and errands but like i said i AM gonna post something~~!

To be honest, i had no idea it was spirit day today until a couple hours ago TUT SO i'm posting this at 1:22 am to make sure it's up the WHOLE day BI

Vex "Viva" belongs to meeee~~

Support Spirit Day please! I know you see that fancy purple button at the top next to the shop button! BI lol
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Still not fond of Valentine's day but it's a chance to be creative which I actually failed... No problem haha. These kind of pink stuff is not my strong side I never was the most romantic person in the world... .____. But I give it a chance.

My previous Valentine shits:
Valentine Mando by rayn44I was cloned for you by rayn44
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“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.” – as quoted in The Wall Street Journal (Summer 1993).

I'm not an apple fanatic by any means, but I will acknowledge a game player when I see one.

RIP Steve Jobs
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video on deviantart

on YouTube: [link]

thanks to ThePhaedrus83

"And I tried hard to be proud of my service
but all I could feel was shame and racism could no longer mask the occupation.
These were people.
There were human beings.
I've since been plagued by guilt anytime I see an elderly man,
like the one who couldn't walk and we rolled onto a stretcher, told the Iraqi police to take him away.
I feel guilt anytime
I see a mother with her children like the one who cried hysterically and screamed
that we were worse than Saddam as we forced her from her home.
I feel guilt anytime I see a young girl like the one I grabbed by the arm and dragged into the street.

We were told we were fighting terrorists, but the real terrorist was me and the real terrorism is this occupation.
Racism within the military has long been an important tool to justify the destruction and occupation of another country.
It has long been used to justify the killing, subjugation, and torture of another people.
Racism is a vital weapon deployed by this government.
It is a more important weapon than a rifle, a tank, a bomber or a battleship.
It is more destructive than an artillery shell, or a bunker buster, or a tomahawk missile.
While all of those weapons are created and owned by this government, they are harmless without people willing to use them.

Those who send us to war do not have to pull a trigger or lob a mortar round.
They do not have to fight the war.
They merely have to sell the war.
They need a public who is willing to send their soldiers into harm's way and they need soldiers who are willing to kill or be killed without question.
They can spend millions on a single bomb, but that bomb only becomes a weapon when the ranks in the military are willing to follow orders to use it.
They can send every last soldier anywhere on earth, but there will only be a war if soldiers are willing to fight,
and the ruling class:
the billionaires who profit from human suffering care only about expanding their wealth, controlling the world economy,
understand that their power lies only in their ability to convince us that war, oppression, and exploitation is in our interests.
They understand that their wealth is dependent on their ability to convince the working class to die to control the market of another country.
And convincing us to kill and die is based on their ability to make us think that we are somehow superior.
Soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, have nothing to gain from this occupation.

The vast majority of people living in the US have nothing to gain from this occupation.
In fact, not only do we have nothing to gain, but we suffer more because of it.
We lose limbs, endure trauma, and give our lives.
Our families have to watch flag draped coffins lowered into the earth.
Millions in this country without healthcare, jobs, or access to education must watch this government squander over $450 million a day on this occupation.
Poor and working people in this country are sent to kill poor and working people in another country to make the rich richer,
and without racism soldiers would realize that they have more in common with the Iraqi people than they do with the billionaires who send us to war

I threw families onto the street in Iraq only to come home and find families thrown onto the street in this country in this tragic,
tragic and unneccesary forclosure crisis;
only to wake up and realize that our real enemies are not in some distant land.
But not people whose names we don't know, and cultures we don't understand.
The enemy is people we know very well and people we can identify.
The enemy is a system that wages war when it's profitable.
The enemy is the CEOs who lay us off our jobs when it's profitable;
it's the insurance companies who deny us health care when it's profitable;
it's the banks who take away our homes when it's profitable.
Our enemies are not 5000 miles away, they are right here at home.
If we organize and fight with our sisters and brothers, we can stop this war, we can stop this government, and we can create a better world"

— Mike Prysner
US Army Veteran who served in Iraq

Speech Transcript:

Please Support the Veterans at:

IVAW - Iraq Veterans Against War

Also visit:

Watch with Spanish sub titles
Asombroso discurso de un Veterano SUBTITULADO ESPAÑOL
DISCURSO DE MIKE PRYSNER indicando quienes son el enemigo verdadero de su pais.

:pointr: [link] :pointl:

thank you to All the Activist Around the World

flame of any kind will not be tolerate

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Batman #608, Page 20. 11" x17" @ 300 DPI. Art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair.

Doing my part to free Fella. Here's a great shot of Catwoman doing what she does best: Looking sexy while doing her baddest.

All characters and art ™ & © 2012 DC Comics. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This image is available as a 1 of 1 artist's proof. Please note me if you are interested.
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This is the first graphic I do in this style, I wanted to use my paintings and Illustrations in my files. So there you go.
I am not sure if it works how it is supposed. I wanted it to be ironic, simple, real data, and cynical it's a memuco graphic after all.
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Happy Valentine folks, hope you love birds enjoy this season... so what better couple to draw in this season that our lovely Korra and Asami enjoy their vacations in the Spirit World :D. Wait Asami did that necklace doesn't mean? :iconohhmyplz: XD

The Necklace design is based in the one made by the amazing :iconkathrynlayno: in this beautiful fan comic, you folks need to watch Kat awesome Korrasami fan arts and comics:

Equivalent Exchange by kathrynlayno Inheritance by kathrynlayno

Hope you folks enjoy and Happy Valentine day, make love and babies......lot of babies :evillaugh:

More Korrasami:

Korrasami by DarkerEve Care by DarkerEve At Last by DarkerEve

Korra and Asami Sato / Legend of Korra is © by Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko and Nickelodeon.
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May you all enjoy the day with your loved ones. Have a Happy Valentine's Day.(I know, it's a bit early for that)
Alright everyone, go lovebend your heartstrings. :D
Consider this a part 2 to my Christmas pic. And i know Mako's scarf is probably thicker in weave, but i made it silk-like for added effect.
You can download/print it if you like. Link is to the right.
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