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One year ago, I uploaded this concept teaser for my upcoming Star Wars fanfilm to the internet. It was received phenomenally, fans all over the world loved it.
Now, just before we release a new teaser, we are uploading this concept teaser here on Deviantart.
Hope you like! Please support us by sharing the video and joining our Facebook fansite.

Thank you, MK
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An animation test of a background of an animation I'm making for the conservatory of Amsterdam. I recommend seeying it in HD Made in Photoshop and After Effects
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Masked men exploit an edible smaller species as a renegade scientist perfects a cloning process to satisfy demand, but the clones conceal a destructive secret.

Winner Santa Clarita Valley Film Festival 2012
Winner Jury Prize Durango Film Festival 2012
Winner ASIFA-East (Association Internationale du Film d'Animation) 2011
Winner Animated Surrealism Award DragonCon Film Festival, 2011
Winner Anima Mundi, Brazil, 2011
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Applejack is best background pony.
Written and voiced by Peter New.
Also on Youtube: [link]

Heh, sorry for trolling guys, but in my defense, that's kinda what the "licious" videos are all about... Don't worry, there will be an official "Applelicious" soon enough.

The audio was recorded during the Bronyville Podcast. I asked Peter New if he had considered doing a Big Mac licious. He said he had started writing one, but had never gotten around to finishing. At the very end of the podcast, he dropped this! What I believe to be the funniest, and most clever "Licious" yet! Thanks Peter!

OK. Now for the part that only the dedicated description readers will see... If you're not reading the description, you probably won't see this. If you don't see this right now, chances are you are not reading the description....

Anyway, I'm flying to Indonesia in a few hours, and then to Singapore. I'll be away for about a week, so don't be offended if I don't get back to you right away. It's nothing personal.
I promise!

Brohoof my old description reader friend... Brohoof for the love... We have been through a lot together, you and I...

OK... That's all I got for now... Bye bye! :wave:
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