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Orlov Trotter lines

Reference image from flickr: [link]

:heart: The Rules

1. Post pic on Deviantart!!! (if at all possible) & send me a link (preferably on the same page as my original stock photo (on this account!) so a can stalk down, look at, and fav. your work... :glomp:
2. If used ON Deviantart: Credit to me must go (at least) in the artist comments and link to my main =ElaineSeleneStock account page!
:bulletpink: If used OFF Deviantart (any-other website): Credit to me must go ON the image!!! ...And in that case it must link to ElaineSeleneStock . Deviantart . Com :iconelaineselenestock:
3. Love my work (even if you don't love me :dead:) Please :+fav: Fav the image/ images you use! It makes me very very happy! :w00t:
4. No Porn related, or Hate Art (as in: racist, sexist, ect. art).
5. You MAY use my stock in your prints or for other commercial purposes. Just tell me. ;)
6. YES, you may use my stock for online games and you may sell any work you make from it for game or real cash.

I love all my wonderful stock users! :huggle:
-Elaine Selene
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I made a coloring sheet and give everyone artistic license to have fun with it.

All I ask is that you let me see it when you're done!
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Yai a new grid with all new faces! XD


PART 2 (more faces)
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I found it wonderful to finally have a model sheet of Ahsoka released!!!
I in NO WAY created this, I just uploaded it to dA for the fun of it :D
This could really help in drawing and/or creating a 3D Ahsoka model!
Ahsoka Tano and this image belong to Lucasarts/Disney
George Lucas
Image from : [link]
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:iconludus-chaos: :iconludus-chaos: :iconludus-chaos:

iwill add the missing info later

:bulletblack: ☩Name: Miloš (read as 'me-losh')
(Full name - Miloslav Jaroš-Kraus (me-lo-slav ja-rosh kraus) – is kept in secret, known only to Miloš himself)

:bulletblack: ☩Gender: male

:bulletblack: ☩Age:  153

:bulletblack: ☩Race:   Undead/ Lich

:bulletblack: ☩Height: 6'0 ft /183 cm

:bulletblack: ☩Talents/Abilities/Magic/Enchantments:

Tier 2 magic – Necromancy

|Drain| - as any other necromancer, Milos can drain the life force out of the living creatures to transform it into the source of his own magic power. The energy drained from living creatures can either be contained in some kind of vessels (enchanted jewelry in Milos' case), or get used right on the spot for creating immediate spells in case of emergency (for offensive or defensive spells during the battle). While using the life force that is being drained directly from the living creature, Milos can create stronger spells, since he is not limited by the capacity of a vessel. But of course, in this case there's always a possibility of draining the life completely out of the living creature. Unfortunately, the spell requires a great level concentration, therefore the necromancer has to drop all defensive spells for the sake of using Drain. Also, with a low level of concentration, the spell can be easily interrupted either by the victim itself, or by the victim's companions. Due to those weaknesses, Milos prefers to collect energy in the vessels and Drain only captured living creatures, who can not provide much resistance.

|Shadow cloak| - looking a lot like shadow manipulation, this type of magic has actually little to do with it as it is Milos' personal spell. As his body had lost it's contact with his soul, it had become an empty vessel able to serve as a container for trapped souls. Milos puts a certain curse on the living creature, which inevitably leads to it's death. As the soul leaves the body, Milos can trap and devour it, making it a part of his own. Those souls take the form of his shadow, which he can be bent at his own will (though he gives it the shape of giant arms most of the times). However, there is a number of restrictions concerning the curse. Milos can only put it on the people who had any kind of blood relation to him, or people not related to him, but desperate enough to accept the curse willingly. Not only that, but the number of the devoured souls is limited, which makes Milos be cautious in choosing another victim. Another major trait of this ability is the fact that the only shadow Milos can bent is his own.
The spell can be used either as defensive and offensive type, but it quite weak against light magic.

|Curses| - as a researcher, Milos had tested lots of curses he had found in necromancy books. Though most of those curses were used by him only once and the number of the curses he uses constantly is quite small. Most of them deal with placing sickness on a living creature, or decreasing the opponent's abilities for a certain period of time.

|Renovation| - some kind of a 'healing' magic for undeads. Of course it has nothing to do with healing in general, as it only supports good condition of a dead body. Spells used n Renovation can halter the rotting process in the dead body, or close up open wounds. Though renovation can do nothing about the ugly scars that are being left on the dead body after every injury, it only helps keeping the body in one piece and not fall apart too soon.

|Dead rising| - simple as it is called. Being a necromancer, Milos can raise the dead, making them into brainless zombies or enslaved ghouls. However, he personally doesn't like to use this ability a lot often, since he believes that there are many more useful spells he'd rather put his energy into.

|Alchemy| - a useful art Milos had learned back in the days when he was still alive and young. He uses this knowledge a lot during his research.

:bulletblack: ☩Faction: Xaphan, The Undead Empire

:bulletblack: ☩Occupation/Rank/Class: Necromancer/Researcher

:bulletblack: ☩Equipment:
- Spellbook – contains a number a curses and major spells a necromancer would need in his daily life full of dangers and opportunities.
- Dagger – A simple weapon that he mostly uses while proceeding dark rituals, since he had never trained in using it as an actual weapon.
- Jewelry – plays an important role, as all of it is enchanted to serve as vessels for life energy that Milos uses as a source of his magic. It is also known that one of those items is the phylactery that contains Milos' own soul, but which one is the right one still stays a mystery.

:bulletblack: ☩Character History:
The noble houses of Kraus and Jarosh, facing the danger of getting completely bankrupt, decided to form an alliance and unite their families though the marriage of their elder children — with the groom coming from the Kraus house and the bride of Jarosh house. The set up marriage had saved both families and helped them to return their wealth, but was never a happy one for the married ones, as a heavy difference in personalities has brought them to loathe each other.
However, even in such an atmosphere, a heir was still born and immediately taken away from the father to be brought up in traditions of Jarosh house as his mother wished. Therefore, his early years Milos had spent at the northern lands of Radiant Empire, heavily influenced by his beloved mother and her family, that treated the boy as their sacred treasure. However, the influence given by the family was not.. one to be considered a good one as the entire Jarosh house was secretly practicing the dark art of necromancy.
The boy's father, heavily bothered by departure of his only heir had tried not once to bring his wife back home, though never succeed in it, getting only little chances to see his boy during short summer vacations. Finally, luck shined upon the man in the face of Ordo exorcista, who have tracked down the bloody trail leading to Jarosh house and it's necromancers.
Seeing this as an opportunity to get their heir back and lay their hand on Jarosh land and property, the Kraus' provided Ordo with their active support in hunting down the members of Jarosh family, under the agreement that Ordo will let them claim their heir back.
However, Milos had stayed an outcast in Kraus family, having a deep grudge against the people who have betrayed his mother's house. Seeing that all the effort he put in getting in contact with the boy had gone in wain, Milos' father had given up on boy and found himself a wife in another noble house, who was capable of giving him another heir. Now Milos got even more alienated in the Kraus family, as the new kids had taken away his role of an only heir.
When the boy turned 14, his father sent him away to study at a University, hoping that Milos will bring some benefit to the family at least by becoming a scholar. But this decision turned out to be fatal for the Kraus family in the future. At the university Milos had gotten into a 'bad' company, who, due to their young rebellious minds, liked to defy the authority and the laws of the Radiant empire. In such surrounding, Milos' interest to his mother's family art was reborn and he started to study necromancy together with his new friends. Though only in theory, as practical necromancy could bring the attention of Ordo Exorcista to them.
At that time an idea of avoiding death had plagued Milos' head, not leaving his mind in peace for years. As the time for him had come to leave the university and return back to his father's house, he had found out that the Kraus family, through their connections and political influence, had claimed Jarosh lands completely to themselves, robbing Milos of everything that belonged to him by right, sharing everything between his younger siblings and leaving him with nothing. Enraged by this, Milos had pulled a scene, cursing his father, his step-mother and the entire house before leaving with the door slammed. Kraus family didn't take the young man's cursing seriously, celebrating their success, ignorant of the giant axe that was already hanging over their necks as a necromancer's curse never disappears without leaving a trace.
Later that month, Milos' step-mother went missing, with her corpse found weeks later in the waters of a river that crossed Kraus' lands. The grieve had clouded the father's mind, not letting him to see the connection between her death and his exiled eldest son. However, soon all of the younger children fell ill with an unknown disease that was taking them one by one. Remembering the Jarosh' blood that mixed with Kraus in Milos' veins, now his father was able to see the cause behind the tragic events. However, due to the grieve and anger taking away the ability to think clearly from him, this time he decided to deal with his son without involving Ordo Exorcista in it, having a burning desire to chop off his son's head himself. Taking a group of Kraus elder family members, they have tracked the young man's trace, leading to one of the smaller abandoned Jarosh castles. However the person they found in there was not Miloslav anymore, but a soulless creature — the lich, in whom Milos had turned himself bringing his step-mother as a bloody sacrifice. As mere swordsmen, they had no means for defeating such a dark creature and therefore got devoured by the lich. In just a year after the curse was put upon the Kraus, the entire family died due to various reasons and the noble house had vanished, leaving the Jarosh house avenged by it's true heir.
It took Milos a few decades to erase any slightest trace of the Kraus and Jarosh houses in human history before he could leave the Empire and finally get embraced by the welcoming safety of Xaphan.
Since then Milos had rarely left the land of the dead, keeping his days busy with mastering his necromancy and providing the Undead empire with the data received in his inhuman research.


:bulletblack: ☩Personality:

Collected/mostly apathetic/curious/demanding/possessive/intelligent/sarcastic/blunt at speaking out his thoughts

There are two major personalities connected in Milos – first one, is the merciless researcher, stopping before nothing for the sake of knowledge. He can easily proceed with inhuman experiments on living creatures and won't even recognize it as an evil act since he honestly has no definition of good and bad in his mindset (which leaves him quite confused at times about why his surviving victims hate him so much, as he considers all of his actions to be quite normal and logical). On the other hand, he has a childish side to him, which makes him treat his research materials as his own 'toys'. Therefore he tends to get a bit upset when one of his 'toys' gets broken or lost. The same childish side makes Milos be bluntly honest about speaking out his opinion on any subject, which can sometimes confuse people around. It is quite normal for him to go straight on suggesting someone to be dissected as soon as he seen any kind of interest in their anatomy and, again, he wouldn't understand why such an innocent question would shock people or make them run away. He may seem to be a sadistic maniac to other people, but in truth, he has no urge for violence in him, as he doesn't even have a concept of what actually violence is in his head. Also, it may seem and it is partially the truth that he has no feelings, but, in fact, he does. It's just that his emotions are not as intense as a living creature would have, but it is possible, through patience and right words, to break his emotional shield and get his emotions out. Though most of the times it only works with anger.

:bulletblack: ☩Likes: 
-Science, research, oservation and so on
-Obedient material
-Playing 'family' with his victims
-Calling people "darling", "sweetheart", 'honey" and so on
-Pretending he has feelings
-young smart and promising people

:bulletblack: ☩Dislikes: 
-"old" jokes, as he have gotten bored of hearing the same thing over and over again through decades
-idiots and ignorant people

:bulletblack: ☩Other:
- When a person gets to know a lich's true name they gain full control over the creature. therefore, Milos destroys every single item that mentions the names of his families, as he is scared of anyone learning of who he is.
-He is cold. Physicly cold. Or at least slightly warm, as his body takes teh temperature of the surroundings. Also his blood is black anf thick. that's what you expect from a walking corpse.
-Yet, he doesn't smell like a dead man and his body doesn't rot. Mostly, thanks to the spells and teh polions he uses to keep his body undamaged with time.
-It is rare for Milos to own ghouls, since he finds it to be too troublesome to watch after them. however, recently he came into possession a ghoul named Sloan, finding him intelligent and useful enough to worth the trouble
LC 2nd: Sloan by Maja83

Milos and app sheet (c) :iconmrakobulka:
Xaphan logo (c) :iconkei-renzo:
:iconludus-chaos: (c) :iconneonbluh:
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If anyone can recommend additional water references, I'd be interested.
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This is a large format height chart (in feet and inches) that I made for my character sheets based on my templates, and I thought it might be helpful to others, too. It's based on an adult head height of nine inches. You probably need to download it for the full chart. I hope it's useful!

Edit: Added as print by request :)
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I've always wanted to do a Clone Trooper base so when someone asked me to do some Clone Trooper related stuff that was the motivation I needed. What's funny is that this is actually the SECOND of two bases that I did. What I had to do is basically take the Phase II trooper base that I did first and make a whole bunch of changes (more than I originally thought I had to.

As for how to use it, just download it, drag/drop onto your desktop and then into your favorite art program (I used Photoshop for this.)
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Did this one a few years ago.

And it's obvious I need practice.

These are not original poses... but rather me trying to get where all the parts go.
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