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ah, pretty last minute and not really finished, but whatever. entry for redesign of the mascot vic rattlehead
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Ha!!!!!!! What a day!!! (15.III.2006)
I'm so happy, I cannot express how much just in words, we should all gather and have a party of the year. hahah ;)

I want to thank you all for so many warm words, support, and greetings. I can't answer to everybody - so I want to thank you all here, I really appreciate that!!!

The biggest thanks should go to mr. Dave Mustaine - who is one of the greatest persons on the whole metal scene, and for me personally - the man who made music which was always close to me (since '92 when I've heard Megadeth for the first time).

I would like to thank also the persons who encouraged me so strong and still believed that I'm gonna make it: my sister - Kamila, my ex (Anna), my eternal brothers Pawel G. & Kamil S., and the whole wolf pack from Cracow (especially: heavy asses from Witchking band: [link] hahah).

Salutes to all artists who were in this contest!!! There were many works that really kicked asses! And I'm real lucky that I was the finalist. Cheers for you all!!!

Thanks also to the LTD & DA, for a great guitar!
It came to me like star from the sky - I needed a new guitar to record my new Nepenthe stuff, and I was prepaired to buy a new one (maybe it's little ironic and funny - it meant to be a Jackson guitar hah ;) ).

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: Full view very recommended ;) Bon Apetit...

I wanted to do a work that is upgrade/update of Vic, not to do something completely new. I'm listening Megadeth since '90, and lot of my friends too, so I tried to think in the way of Megadeth fans - when they will see the new Vic. I tried to make something that will cause that they will say:
"Oo, that's something new...",
not: "What the hell is this? What a crap... Megadeth went under...".

So I it's a Vic figure design, not a cover or stuff like that. Megadeth can use it just like they want to, putting him in some new situation or scene.

My other versions ov VIC:
Killing is My Bussiness remake: [link]
VIC ver.5: [link]
VIC ver.7: [link]

That's also a great moment for salutes to Dave Mustaine and Megadeth. I grew up on their music, and I have maximum respect for that. I hope the Megadeth will still deliever us the sonic pleasure like it was through all these years.

Ps. If you're interested in metal music, you can also check out my own "quite" technical death-metal project NEPENTHE: [link]

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My second entry into the Exotika contest, like I mentioned in My first entry, there is bound to be artworks more realistic than this but I hope all viewers will be won over by the creativity.

I am surprised I didn't do anything like this a long time ago because I really love bonsai trees and the trees here are stunted and growing on nothing more than solid rock. It was trees like this that inspired the very first bonsai trees in China ( not Japan, it was introduced to Japan later where it came even more popular ). The trees here are all based on real trees which are all of Asian origin ( to fit the theme ) and are some of the most classic and common types of bonsai grown today. The top tree is a Japanese black pine, The red tree is a Japanese maple, The middle tree is a Trident maple, the bottom-left tree is a Chinese juniper and the flowering tree is an Azalea.

Well, it was a long comment but thanks for taking the time to read. Hope You like it.
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"There's no one to take my blame
if they wanted to
There's nothing to keep me sane
and it's all the same to you
There's nowhere to set my aim
so I'm everywhere
Never come near me again
do you really think I need you?

I'll never be open again, I could never be open again.
I'll never be open again, I could never be open again.

And I'll smile and I'll learn to pretend
And I'll never be open again
And I'll have no more dreams to defend
And I'll never be open again"

Dream Theater - Space-Dye Vest

My submission for the Show Yourself contest.
Hope you like it!
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Entered into the "7 Deadly Sins Contest" - PRIDE

"The idea of a Drama Queen and the balance between pride and lack of pride or perhaps pride in having no pride, becoming what you chose to become in such a manner that you push your forged identity onto others." --=Talescaper

Other piece of the series:

Print available.

Vienna, 2006
Model: Kolja
Photo by Sandra Keplinger

Edit 2008: Slightly edited the brightness of the elbow.
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I not sure What that trooper is doing to Anakin...

Any way this is my submission to the LOL photo contest (well I thought it was a funny photo)
Did crop and reduce the size of the photo, the original size was 22 by 16 in
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Hello all, and hello Dave ;), as you see, this is my entry submission to Megadeth's contest; I couldn't miss this opportunity, hehe :)
I thought about this seriously like a commission, and it took me a lot of time to come up with a concept I like, and simultaneusly take into consideration a bunch of other parameters I had to follow. Well, being a graphic designer as well, helped me to work a little more methodically when setting up the composition background while working for other clients.

So, let me explain what I had in mind while making this: First of all of course, I had to give Mr. Vic a face lift, make him look cooler, and "refreshed" and closer to tthe modern standrads in general. I took the classic Vic which I liked, I tweaked some parts, I made the curves more dynamic and gave him more "aggressive" look. I thought about the whole thing as if I was going to make a cover or poster for Megadeth. It should be redesigned up to a point, but still look and remind the band's old mascot, style and philosophy. The same applies to the theme concept as well. I think the subject I chose is quite representative of the band's style. I had to inherit and represent Megadeth's identity; it should look like their previous albums, but better; :) and every Megadeth fan should recognize it from a distance, without watching the logo.
Being a cover or symbol, the composition should remain simple and not confusing, so that it becomes clear at a glance. The "focal points" must be clear too (here: Vic's head and the explosion). To help towards that direction and catch the viewers' attention, I chose some vivid colors for my palette (without overdoing it, of course) and made the lighting and composition as appealing as they could get (the color palette kinda reminds me of Youthanasia, now that I'm thinking about it :)).
But still it looks like a heavy metal cover, powerful, aggressive, and kickass in genral (at least, that's what I had in mind while making it... :D). And last but not least, it should look professional, and like it was made by me.

Made from scratch in Photoshop.
Original size: 4000x5700 px
Thanks for the inspiration Dave Mustaine, I hope you like my illustration! I really enjoyed it anyway... :horns:
Also, thanks to the rest of the DA people! ;)
Enjoy, comments are welcome.
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Full view if you can :3

Messing around with Illustrator! Decided to do a vector image--of...myself? BAH. Not really familliar with this program, at all, we have to use it a lot for class tho XD used to loathe it, not I somewhat like it. May do more in the near future.

This is like--me--at school, without coffee! Hehehe. ZOMBIE JENNEH.

If you dunno what vector it or something. =D
And this gave me an assload of trouble uploading, kept on telling me I needed a preview image for a jpeg...ehich you don't and WTH, so this is a screenshot.

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A system far away from the centre of the galaxy, its sun far in the distance slowly dying, what once was a lush paradise, shall soon become a desolate ice ball.
Well, im quite pleased with how this turned out, i tried a few new things in terms of planets and starfields.
And the all present asteroids hehe
gotta love space rocks ;)

Many great thanks go to *DKF for his many valuable comments and the sexy title
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This is the companion piece to my first submission.
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