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I. First Impression

When he hears Obi-Wan call Qui-Gon Master, it is as if the ship has lurched beneath him; he has been terribly no–what slaver would go through such an elaborate ruse to capture one boy, even a top racer? And he can sense the rightness, as surely as if he were beholding the wonders of the Jedi Temple already. (He is not sure what those wonders are, as mostly when he imagined Jedi they were flying or fighting, but right now the air seems as imbued with promise as with oxygen.)

So he assesses Obi-Wan again, and sees a man younger, less scarred, than Qui-Gon’s example had lead him to imagine Jedi to be; were he raised in Mos Espa, Anakin thought, Obi-Wan would be...what? A gambler, a farmer, a vagrant? He does not seem to fit any of those molds. On Tatooine, anyone with such...such a shy sort of politeness, paired with the authority and skill shown by the fact he carried a lightsaber, would be left alone.

II. Conflict

Obi-Wan was waiting when Anakin arrived in the apartment. He looked at the grease stains on Anakin’s brown-clad flanks, at the dirt tracked in across the immaculate Temple carpets. He knew better by now than to ask where Anakin had been.

Instead, he chose, “What did you learn?”

Anakin looked confused. He passed into the suite, began to undo dirt-stained tabards with his back to his teacher. “I learned that winning a couple races means attracting young fans who want advice.”

“Hmm. And do you advise them?”

“A little.”

“Be careful. If too many beings recognize you–I’ve given up telling you not to flee the temple on every whim, but Padawan–”

Anakin disappeared into his room, leaving the door cracked open. Obi-Wan thought about when the carpet-cleaning droid next made its rounds.

Anakin said, “I know, Master. I never stay long afterward. And there’s only so much to teach. They won’t ever be like me.”

The arrogance slipped out effortless and sincere, and Obi-Wan knew he was right; no one without the Force–no one with, if Obi-Wan were honest–could do the things Anakin did. But the difference between Master and apprentice was not as different as that between those with the Force and those without.

A memory came to Obi-Wan then, something that he wasn’t sure would be right, but that nagged at his brain until he revealed it. “Qui-Gon once told me that a good teacher’s greatest desire is for his student to become more talented than himself.”

“I think that’s a bit foolish,” Anakin said, and it was as if he had insulted Qui-Gon. “That could leave the teacher in danger. And it might not be possible. Everyone has so much talent. So many midi-chlorians.” He emerged into the sitting room, wearing a fresh tunic.

He felt what he had done and said, “I’m sorry,” and then, “I mean, I just think as a statement it’s too absolute.”

“That it is,” said Obi-Wan soberly.

III. Their Finest Hour

There is a moment, during the great hurtling final flight of the Invisible Hand, when in the storm of the Force Anakin slides aside into the calm center and sees Obi-Wan. He cannot spare a glance from the controls and readouts, but from the Jedi Master’s presence in the Force he can picture his mentor’s expression with almost no effort; jaw set beneath his beard, blue eyes straight ahead, hands loose but white on the armrests. Anakin knows how much Obi-Wan hates to fly, and so his unexpected, Force-borne calmness is a patch of serenity.

They could all die here, now, but Anakin has faced death before, and he cannot help but revel in speed, in how gouts of fire rip from the ship’s hull and flash past, cooling from white to red. He hears every crack and strain of the hull and understands their meaning as if they were language, Huttese or Basic or the song of the Force. He has always met action with action, but here by his Master’s example he meets it with silence, potential readiness, a calm center. For just a moment.

IV. Each Other’s Creations

It is on Mustafar, as their lightsaber blades cross like reality and its reflection in the mirror, that he realizes without a doubt that he is stronger than Obi-Wan. Not more experienced or more controlled–certainly not a better teacher. But he has always been more talented, and this, he realizes, makes the Council’s denial of his Mastery moot. He is apart from their system.

So they fight, strike-twist-strike-deflect-set, oh-so-precise, and Anakin thinks he has nothing more to learn.


And so, after another fight, in which the lightsaber blades were blue and green but nevertheless purer reflections of each other than were the blue and blue, one aspect of the Force asks another, “Master, can you possibly forgive me?”

“Of course. You have learned that no one should ever stop learning.”

“I know.” But a bit of rakishness remains. “That’s such a cliche.”

Obi-Wan had been trusting Anakin to pick up his platitude instead of the truth of what he said. “It isn’t. I say that everyone should keep learning, not that it is impossible to ever stop. Many stop. They become too used to a repetitive world.”

Anakin considers, replies; “I know now that we were all slaves to Palpatine; I was, and the Republic, and perhaps the Jedi. But I won’t confuse a Master who restricts one world with a mentor, who expands it, ever again.”

And because it is the Force speaking, two of its strongest aspects fused with itself again, Luke feels their thoughts, and breathes in deep the cool clear air of Endor, and smiles at his father.
Without access to I'm getting twitchy. I'm not review-hungry, or I'd like to think I'm not -- I'd do this whether others read it or not. But knowing that others do read it now, I don't like leaving them without. And it's one of my favourite things to talk about.

So, would you like to see more of my fan fic on this site?

This is the first chapter of a series about Masters and Padawans, inspired by [link] .
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The time finally came; I was determined to bring Dooku to justice after what he did to me. With Darth Maul out of me, I was in control of myself. Its times like these, you feel very powerful, like nothing could touch you. I was very powerful, but not invincible. I felt like a true Jedi again: pure, kind, and peaceful when I'm in the harshest of situations. However, even without a Sith inside of you, you can still lose control.

I was onboard the Resolute, in my quarters. I was sitting down on my bed, stashing some explosives into the pockets of my belt. My master came in, unexpectedly. "How are you holding up, Snips?" he said. I stood up off of my bed. "Well, I'm less angry than I was before," I replied, "and I'm ready to fight."

"Now you just need to file down those spikes and tan your skin." I chuckled with him, "Very funny."

I walked past him and exited into the hallway. He caught up beside me, "So did you really Darth Maul in that cave?" he said.

"Well," I said, still walking, "I could've just been a vision. Besides, Master Yoda told me the cave was intended to give people visions."

"Well, it's good to know to that you're back to normal," he said kindly, "mostly."

I know I've been told to always use patience, but my Master was really starting to annoy me. "No offense, Master, but I'd prefer not to hear anymore jokes about me being a freak."

"Sorry," he said back. "I forgot you're very sensitive of your beauty." I rolled my eyes, really annoyed.

Just then, the ship shook like an earthquake; my Master and I trembled to the floor and an alarm came on. I got up off of my feet and heard a ring from my comlink. I answered the call; it was Master Kenobi. "Ahsoka, can you hear me, over?"

"I'm hear, Master Kenobi," I answered back, "what's happening?"
"We just exited out of hyperspace and ran into an entire Separatist fleet. Escape pods from the Separatist ships came into the hanger and are preventing and starfighters from joining the fight. You and Anakin must get down to the hangers and repel the attack."

"Can do, Master Kenobi," I replied, "Ahsoka, out."  I rushed to Anakin, trying to pick himself up. I brought him back up on his feet. "We need to get to the hanger bay, Master, Master Obi-wan wants us to repel the attack.

Anakin sighed, "This just keeps getting better."


When we arrived at the hanger bay, clones have already built a blockade out of nearby crates.  Waves of super battle droids were firing as they werewalking towards our position. A blaster bolt nearly hit me at my head. My Master and I quickly hid behind the blockade. I nearly tripped on the way because of another shot from another Separatist cruiser to the ship. I turned to my left where Master Skywalker was hiding as well. "Any ideas?" I said. "Working on it," he replied over the blaster fire.

After a few seconds, Anakin came up with an idea, with as usual, relying heavily on me. "Alright," he said, "on my signal, I want you to use the force to push all of the droids back into that docking transport."  

"Why me?" I questioned back at him.

"Because your fifteen-thousand midichlorians higher than me!"

I smiled at that answer, "You're right," I said, "I am."

"Just go!" he yelped.
I quickly got up and faced the droids. I exhaled and formed a stance to prepare the attack. I focused as hard as I could, making much of the Force flow to my hands. Anakin had the clones follow him to the door we came out of. The droids suddenly stopped firing, but I could still here them marching. The steps grew louder every second, but I still stayed focused; my hands almost felt like they were going to explode with the Force. Then I heard my master yell, "NOW!" I thrusted my arms forward and a devasting hurricane wind blew everyone of the droids and the blockade into the transport which unclamped itself and drifted back into space.

I know I demonstrated some of my great power, but this still surprised me. Anakin calmly walked back up to me as the clone pilots rushed to their starfighters. He chuckled, "Are you alright, Snips?"

"Yeah," I replied, "I'm just a little shocked is all."

Anakin's comlink rang. He quickly answered it and out came Master Kenobi's voice. "Anakin, are you there?"

"I'm here," Anakin replied.

"I'm seeing fighters fly out of the hangers," Obi-wan replied, "well done."

Yet again, after I complete a task I busted my butt to get it done, someone else takes the recognition; story of my life. The ship suddenly rumbled again. "Blast it," said Obi-wan, frusturated. "Anakin, you and Ahsoka must hurry up to bridge."

"We're on our way," Anakin replied.

I ran with him to the bridge. "I don't get why almost everything I do, you get the credit."

"Well, this is different," he replied, "I'm the one who came up with the plan."
"But I did all of the work!" I said.


Once we came to the bridge, outside, throuh the window, was complete chaos. Fighters were zooming through space in numerous directions, with many of them being shot down every second. Debris calmly flew through the zero- gravity.

Master Kenobi was at the main computer, frusturated. Master Plo's was heard on the computer. "Obi-wan, we cannot take any more damage, we need to retreat!"

"No," boomed Kenobi, "we can't afford to lose any ground. Hold your position!"

He noticed us come in, but it didn't cheer him up. "Well," Anakin said to me, "looks like you were right, Snips."

"Well," said Master Kenobi, "let's hope this mission will be worth it, because the entire planet is shielded; we can't get through."

"Isn't the shield weakened at all?" I said.

"Yes," replied Obi-wan, "but barely; if we had a stronger weapon with a large impact, the shield would possibly overload. With our cannons, all we could do right now is just scratch it."

A voice came through the main computer. "Master Obi-wan," Plo Koon called, "we are over-run with Separatist droids at the bridge. I'm being taken as a captive, we must…" the transmission suddenly ended.

I was really afraid; all of this just for my DNA codes. I felt really guilty. Master Kenobi and Anakin both exchanged looks. Master Kenobi glanced at the destructive battle throught the window. "It seems we may have to give up," he sighed.

"We can't!" I exclaimed.

"Ahsoka!" Anakin barked.

I'll admit, yelling at a Jedi Master was a bad move, but I just couldn't give up. "Forgive me, but we can't just leave now, we're already in too deep. There has to be way to breach through the shield."

"I'm afraid we're running out of options, Ahsoka," Master Kenobi replied, "we are losing many of our forces and our ship is falling apart. Honestly, the only thing we can accomplish is retreating."

I was really frusturated; I tried to think but my mind was aching badly. Master Plo was captured, and I never wanted to leave him behind. I was stuck on a question that I couldn't answer. But that's when it hit me. I turned back to Master Kenobi. "I have an idea." Anakin looked like he was going to question my plan, as usual.

"What is it then?" Master Kenobi asked.

Usually, my master makes up all of the crazy ideas, but I think my idea at the time would forever beat all of his. "What if we crashed the ship into the shield?"

Anakin and Obi-wan glanced at each with concerned faces. "Well," said Master Kenobi, "there is no other good use for the ship."

"Yes," Anakin replied, "but without the ship's defenses, we won't be able to make it through all of that debris in space."
He was right, another hit from a suicidal vulture droid and the ship would fall to pieces. Yet again, I volunteered to risk my life. "I'll stay behind and guide the ship."

"Ahsoka!" my master barked at me, "are you insane? How are you going to guide it anyway?"

"I'll use the Force," I replied back at him. "Get everybody to the escape pods  and wait in orbit until the shield is offline."

Anakin didn't really agree with me, but Obi-wan somehow trusted me. "Alright, Ahsoka," he said, "we will follow your instructions. Just be sure that shield if offline." Obi-wan activated the intercom of the ship and spoke. "Abandon, I repeat, abadon ship."  He quickly ran out the door and wished my luck. But Master Skywalker refused to leave.

"I'm not leaving without you," he said, harshly.

"Master, your troops need you out there; if you leave me here, the mission will go successfully."

"If I leave you here, you will die."

I was frusturated; my master was being really unprofessional. So, I decided to go with more 'aggressive' negotiations. I exhaled a breath. "Forgive me, Master." Using the Force, I pushed Anakin out the door with no hesitation. Once the doors closed, I sliced the door controls with my lightsaber, locking him out. Another stupid act to bring up to Council.

I walked forward to the observe the battle outside. I could see much of the large debris floating in my around in my path. I pushed the accelerator forward, making the ship move forward to the planet. Luckily, it was the heading towards my objective; Dooku's citadel. Obi-wan contacted me. "Ahsoka, everyone is off the ship, you may continue with your objective. And may the Force be with you."

"And you as well, Master Kenobi."
The transmission ended and I saw that I was coming closer to the many piles of debris in space. I extended my arms and concentrated on some of the debris. I felt much of the Force flow through me. I soon felt like I was grabbing the large pieces of scrap metal. I threw my arms to my left and the debris flung itself to another Separatist ship, destroying it on impact. There was still much in my way, so there was no time to admire the incredible thing I just did.

I kept moving the debris out of my path; I didn't even feel tired. As soon as I moved the last of it, I was about to hit the atmosphere of the dark dessert planet. Suddenly, the atmospheric pressure builded up, I could feel the intense heat just outside of the window. It was so bright, I shielded my eyes with my left arm. There was shake in the ship; it seemed to me at the time that I broke through the shield. The image became clearer: the black pyramid I was held at.

I needed to escape, otherwise I would die on this ship. The escape pods and ships were gone, so I improvised. Using the Force, I broke the glass of the window. Winds at an extreme proportion nearly blew me off of my feet. I jumped out of the window, escaping the ship.

I was skydiving, with the cruiser falling faster than me. The wind was pressing hard against my face, nearly blocking my line of sight. The cruiser crash landed on the surface of the planet; fire and debris shot out of the ship for miles. Yet, that was the last thing on my mind at the moment.

There seemed to be no other way into the pyramid. Just then, I was able to see a clear light at the right side of the structure. I moved to the direction of the light. It was a wide window that lead to a hanger. With all of my strength, my boosted myself straight through the window, breaking the glass and landing flat on my feet on a black, metal floor.

I began to recover my strength. I was breathing heavily with my heart and blood rushing. I stood back up with my vision a little blurry. Once it cleared, I was really intimidated by the sight.  Many battle droids were lined up in ranks with their blasters pointed right at me, along with a few crab droids. It was nothing I couldn't handle.

I grabbed my lightsabers and jumped high into the air. I heard blaster fire around me as I landed in the middle of the crowd, knocking back many droids. I blocked all of their fire without any hesitation. A few droids tried to knock me out with the butts of their blasters, but I sliced them before they could even try.  A crab droid charged at me; I quickly levitated it off of the floor and crushed it with the Force. Then, I infused it with electricity and threw it into a crowd of droids, exploding upon  impact.

Soon, droids began to swarm around me. I sliced many of them, but they just jept coming. Impatient and frusturated, I crossed my arms and flung them out with a loud roar, releasing an enormous amount of the Force at the surrounding droids. They were deactivated once all of them were slammed into the walls.

It was over; there were no more droids in sight. I put my lightsabers back on my belt and walked to a nearby entrance to an elevator. Once I was in, I contacted Master Kenobi. "Master Kenobi," I said on my comlink, "I was able to deactivate the shield. You and your forces are clear to move on into the planet."

"Excellent work, Ahsoka," Kenobi replied, "we will be there shortly to…." The transmission cut to static and my Master's voice boomed out.  

"Ahsoka Tano!" he yelled, "That was way to dangerous, you could have gotten yourself killed."

I know I was still a Padawan, but it gave him no right to treat me like a youngling. "With all-due respect, Master," I replied, sternly, "if it wasn't for me, we would be retreating right now and this mission would have been all for nothing!"

There was no reply for a moment. "Alright," Anakin said, much more calmly, "what are you doing now?"

"I'm going to find Master Plo."

"What? Ahsoka, it's a trap, Count Dooku will be waiting for you!"  

"I know," I said to him before I turned off my comlink.

I reached to what appeared to be the top floor. The doors opened to reveal a dim-lit hallway. I could sense darkness in there with a touch of light. Dooku had Master Plo. I grasped my lightsabers and carefully walked out of the elevator. My footsteps echoed in the hallway. The cold air dug deep into my skin, but I was not afraid. I made a right turn and saw a shadow run down another hallway. I ran down there and looked to my left; there was nothing but a door. I sensed Dooku was in there somewhere, waiting for me. To bad for him, I was ready for him. I ran through the door into a large room, overlooking the battle in the air and on the ground. It looked like the Republic was winning. Now, I just needed to fight my own battle.

"I knew it was only a matter of time before you came back," I quickly turned  to my left and him: Count Dooku.

Determined to defeat him, I activated my lightsabers and entered a stare down with him. "It's the end of the line, Dooku. Give me what I want and you don't have to die."

He chuckled to himself. "Perhaps we can settle to more 'reasonable' negotiations."

He moved to his side, revealing a sight that made my heart sink. Master Plo was in handcuffs, tattered and bruised.  Count Dooku extended his lightsaber  and held it close to Master Plo's throat. I was really worried. "Don't you dare do it, Dooku!" I yelled.

"Surrender to me, obey my commands, and maybe I'll let your friend live."

"Don't listen to him, Ahsoka," Master Plo spoke, "he won't keep his promise."

My mind was rushing with fear. I could see how serious Dooku was. Master Plo was one of the best Jedi in the galaxy; noone could afford to lose him. As much as it pained me to do it, I didn't have any other option. I did what I had to do.

I tossed my lightsabers to Dooku with head looking onto the floor. I knelt down on my knees, regretting the words I had said. "I will do as you say; just  let him go."
Dooku deactivated his lightsaber and roughly knocked Master Plo onto his knees. Dooku walked towards, giving me my orders. "Find and kill Kenobi and Skywalker. Bring me their lightsabers and we will continue your training. Once your training is complete, you will hunt down and kill the Jedi. If you fail or resist, he dies."

I almost cried when heard those words. Killing the Jedi, and betraying my only friends and family. Everything was hopeless. Suddenly, Master Plo grabbed one of my lightsabers and attempted to kill Dooku. However,  Dooku parried his attack with his own blade. Dooku shocked him and pushed him out of the window with great force.

"NO!!!" I yelled at the sight of Master Plo's plunge. Dooku pushed hard into a wall and jumped out of the window. I  just saw Master Plo die right in front of my eyes. My heart broke and fell to pieces; I feel tears running down my cheeks. Then, the worst came: the temperature of my body rose, I could feel power rushing through me, and anger surged through me. I couldn't control it, I needed to let it out. I roared outload and stormed out of the window.


At the moment, I didn't what I looked like when I was angry, but my Master explained clear to me. Once I landed near Dooku outside the pyramid, my eyes were glowing like fog lights and I swear to this day that my Master saw sparks of electricity dance around my body. Dooku seemed slightly intimidated by the sight of me.

"I'LL KILL YOU!!!!" I yelled at him in rage. I activated my lightsabers and charged at him. He was lucky to block my first attack. I kept swinging at him without any hesitation. I shocked him and gripped him with the Force. I slammed onto the marble floor, making him cough up blood. I skidded him across the ground for many feet. He tried to reach his lightsaber, but I kicked it away from him and threw him many yards away.  

Very weak, he stumbled trying to stand back up. His robes were torn and almost all of his breathe was depleated. It was sight that pleased me. I deactivated my blades, waiting for his next move. Enraged, Dooku threw at me many bolts of electricity out of his fingertips. I absorbed his strike and shot it back at him with a stronger impact. For nearly minutes, I tortured him, taking pleasure into his screams of agonizing pain.

After I had my amusement, I stopped; Dooku fell to his knees. I walked towards him, activating one of my blades. "Now," I said, in a dark tone of voice, "you will die, old man." I held my blade close to his throat, ready to end his pathetic life.

Suddenly, a voice interrupted my moment of triumph. "Wait!" it said.

Master Skywalker and Master Kenobi rushed towards me, along with a few clone troopers. They came next to me with shocked looks on their faces. "Ahsoka," Anakin said, "don't do it."

I turned to him in anger. "You want him dead as much as I do!" I growled.

"We really do, Ahsoka," Master Kenobi spoke, "but not yet."

"What?!" I yelled.

"We need him alive," Anakin said.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, they have spent years trying to find Dooku and instead of killing him, they actually needed him alive. "We're taking him alive?" I said.

"To Coruscant where we can interrogate him," Obi-wan said. "We will put him on trial for crimes against the Republic and then we will execute him."

I wasn't going to take and chances. I turned back to Dooku and growled at him. Anakin came close to me. "Ahsoka, he also has your DNA codes, he won't give them to you if he's dead."

For this mission, I've been waiting to turn myself back to normal. Ironically, I didn't care about that anymore; I just wanted to end this war.
Then, at the corner of left eye, I saw something that almost made me faint. On the marble floor, I saw a monster with sharp fangs and piercing eyes. Her demonic markings showed her true darkness. Worst of all, that monster was me. Even with Darth Maul out of me, I was still an animal, a creature of darkness. I calmed myself and tossed my blades on the ground. Dooku seemed surprised.

"Just give me my DNA codes and I'll spare your life," I said in a calmer voice. Dooku handed me both my original lightsabers and flashdrive that has my DNA codes. I spit on his forehead and walked away from him, never looking back.

I then saw Master Plo's body on the ground, appearing lifeless. I ran to him in an instant and knelt down to pick up his head. Tears ran down my eyes. I seemed that I couldn't protect him, that this was all my fault. "I never meant for this to happen," I said, sobbing, "I'm so sorry."

It seemed that he was gone forever, until I felt his pulse. His head turned in my direction. "The hardest battle is always fought within yourself; and you have succeeded."

More tears ran down my cheeks, but with joy. I hugged in an instant and held on to him for almost an hour.


That was, by far, the strangest adventure I have ever had. Luckily, the good guys always win. However, most of the time, I acted like the bad guy. With me using my anger, the Council would've had my hide for sure. However, they greatly acknowledged me for capturing Count Dooku. Yet, what ever kind of punishment he gets is way too good for him. Best of all, I was finally turned back to my old self.

I was back on Coruscant in the care of Kantos Sumari, the biologist. He had put in cloning tank until the unnessesscary genes were removed from me. I slowly opened my eyes, a bright light was shining in my eyes. As my vision cleared, Dr. Sumari, Anakin, and Master Plo were standing around me.  

"Welcome back, Snips," Anakin said with a smile.
"The gene removal was a complete success, Ahsoka," Sumari said, "you are once again back to your old self."

I slowly sat up, realizing that I was on a leather bed in a white medical gown. "Take it slow, Ahsoka," Master Plo said. He was right, I did feel pretty weak. I saw my arms and hands; there were no more markings on me, and my skin was a healthy red-orange color. I then saw my reflection  in a chrome-plated computer. There were no spikes on my head, my montrals and head tails were blue and white again, and the rest of my skin was a healthy red-orange. For the first time in nearly two months, I was myself. I turned to Dr. Sumari, "I can't thank you enough, doctor."

"No worries, my friend," he replied, "as a doctor, it is my job to relieve any diseases or abominations." I chuckled to myself after that joke. I got up out of the bed. Master plo came to my side. "I've taken the liberty of bringing you your proper attire."

As soon as I was dressed, we exited the apartment after Master Plo said his good-bye's. I still felt guilty about my actions on Korriban. I was really surprised that the Council didn't tan my hide.

"Something wrong, Ahsoka," Anakin spoke.

"Yes, Master," I said as we walked to the elevator. "It's about my actions on Korriban; I highly apologize for the way I acted."

"It's alright, Snips," he said, "I could tell it wasn't really you."

"However," Master Plo spoke, "telling you about the DNA codes never really got your attention."

I shook my head. "I saw my reflection in the marble floor. However, it didn't look like me. It wasn't me at all. I was a monster. Even without Darth Maul inside of me, I still lost control and nearly fell to the Dark Side."

Master Plo sighed. "We lose who are in this war, Ahsoka; but if there is one thing I have known for years, is that you have a pure heart, Ahsoka." I blushed and felt warmed by his statement.

I knew who I really was that day, not a Sith, or even just a Jedi, I'm Ahsoka Tano; and that's who I'll always be.
The final part :). Took me a while to finish it.

Part 1: [link]
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War has come to the galaxy. Many say it is a fight for freedom and prosperity; but it in reality, it is a game and the prizes are pride and power. Both sides have the same interest. Both sides are corrupted. Even the Jedi, the guardians of the peace, have gained too much power. The Republican and Separatist senate have all been corrupted; all they care about now is wealth and power….and yet, they want more. No peace can be restored in this conflict. There is only one solution: cleanse the galaxy and rid it of it's vermin. One being was brave enough to use the idea: a Sith. He created a dark army through the power of alchemy. He made everything: soldiers, armored vehicles, weapons and ships. All he needed now was a successor: an apprentice. Luckily, he found one: a child with extraordinary potential with the blade of a lightsaber and the Force, seeking her true destiny. She was captured by him and was shown the true path of justice. At first, she did not believe; but yet, her master told her that this solution is not an act of vengeance, but an act of punishment. She joined him and together, they made their army stronger than ever. Her predatorial nature and impressive military strategy will aid her in their conquest.

On Korriban, the birthplace of the Sith, she was in a black, hooded robe alongside her master on top of the great Sith Temple. Their soldiers board their cruisers, ready for battle as the sun appeared over the horizon as thundering clouds above them chant and cheer for their heroes. Her master turned to her and spoke.

"This is, indeed, a historical day for us, my apprentice."

The sun revealed her true face, a young Togruta grinning at the sight of her army. Her yellow eyes grew bright as she took three steps forwards. "All thanks to you, my master," she spoke back.  "Ever since I became a Sith, I've become more powerful than anyone has ever been and now I finally feel like I have a true purpose in this galaxy. And soon, a new order will be brought to it."

"I'm very glad, my apprentice," he said, "you've made much of an improvement than when I first met you."

"I'm a changed person, master," she spoke again. "I am no longer known as a Jedi. I'm no longer the guardian or the peacekeeper or the negotiator or even the adventurer. For now on, I shall be known as the catalyst........Darth Catalyst."
Another Dark Side Ahsoka piece. After my last one, [link] , I began to think more about her dark nature further, such as preparing her army for war. And again, this whole thing is not a spoiler for season 3 of SWTCW, this is just a guess and just for fun.

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Master Plo hardly believed me at first; but luckily, he somehow knew that I was really telling the truth. We quickly prepped the troops for battle and brought both ships with us to Utapau. I could tell that some of the troops weren't scared of the operation; they were actually scared of me. I know my appearance is somewhat scary, but to there was absolutely no reason to fear me.  I felt completely control of myself.

After a few minutes of traveling through hyperspace, we finally reached Utapau. Surprisingly, there was no sign of any Separatist ships, but we still stood our guard. At the bridge, Master Plo turned to me. "I sense Anakin's presence here," he said, "it seems you were right." I smiled at him as a reply. I then turned to a clone captain to my left. "Run a full scan on the planet," I said, "search for any signs of Separatist activity." The clone nodded in response and looked back to the monitor.

"Commander," he spoke to me as he finished scanning, "I've found a large structure at coordinates 452801; much larger than any other type of structure on Utapau. And it appears that this is suspended in mid-air." Amazing, they easily found it; but it was too good to be true.

"That's it," I said to Master Plo.

"Very good," he said as he turned to the Captain. "Lower us down to the atmosphere, and prepare the troops."

"Yes, sir," the clone replied, attentive.

Master Plo turned to me, impressed. "You seem to have a stronger connection to the Force than I remember." I was kinda afraid to worry him, so instead, I tried to add humor. "Well, it all comes with Dooku's 'special treatment'." He chuckled a bit, thankfully. I should have been worried about my master. I mean for all I knew this whole rescue could have been a setup.

I turned back to him. "But you do realize that this rescue could be a trap, right?"

Master Plo chuckled once more. "Of course, Ahsoka."

The both of us went to the hanger area to be boarded onto a gunship along with a squad of clone troopers.  Many Gunships flew along down with us into the crater. Even though I couldn't see anything, I could hear blaster fire and explosions from a short distance; I even felt a couple unsmooth bumps here and there. The blast doors moved wide open, revealing the heat of the battle. I saw gunships being shot out of the sky as we flew, clone troopers finding cover and trying to repel the waves of battle droids coming at them.

We came to a sudden stop; I saw the metal ground a foot below me. I grabbed my lightsabers and jumped off of the ship along with Master Plo and the clone troopers. I activated my blades and quickly stood guard. The building in my vision was right in front of me. I quickly ran to the entrance. The large door wouldn't open, so I cut a large hole in the door with my lightsabers. I pushed out the slightly scorched metal and rushed inside. There was a long line of doors to my left and right; just like what I saw before. Now, I was looking for cell 897. I ran down the hallway, trusting my instincts to find my caged master.

I came to a forked path at the end of the hallway. I quickly took the path to my right, knowing that I was on the right track. I then stopped at a dead end, it all looked very familiar. I turned to my right to find my objective: room 897. I cut through the door to see my Master chained and kneeling to ground. I sliced of his shackles. He was startled at first; mainly by my appearance.

"Who are you?" he said.

I knelt down to match his current hieght. "Master," I said, "it's me."

Silence filled the air. He looked straight into my eyes and made a smile. "By the Force, you're alive." Unexpectedly, he hugged in an instant then quickly back away, confused and awe struck. "What happened to you?"

"There's no time to explain,"  I quickly spoke, "right now, there's a battle going on, and it's not going to stop until we get you out of here."
I picked him up off of his feet. "Follow me," I said. He followed me out the way I came in. The gunship that dropped me off was gone. Honestly, it woulnd't have killed all of them to wait around for just a minute.

"Ahsoka!" called Plo Koon. I looked to my left and saw him and the two squads of clone troopers fighting for their lives against a small wave of droidekas, with Master Plo temporarily behind a large chunk of broken concrete for cover. I ran into cover with him along with Anakin.

"Where's the ship?" I yelled over the blaster fire.

"It was destroyed after you went into the building," Master Plo yelled back to me, "Luckily, there will be another one coming to retrieve us soon. Right now, we just need to hold our ground."

"Don't worry," I replied, "I've been through situations like this, I may know what to do."

I turned to Anakin behind me who was trying to think of a plan. "I don't suppose you have your lightsaber on you?" He turned his head towards me with no worry. "Sadly not," he said, "but I can still fight even without my lightsaber." [A show-off as usual] I thought.  

A sudden explosion and the screech of fighter ships flying by rang in my ears. I looked to my upper-left watching as three, dark-blue ships fly straight at us for another attack: Vulture droids. They fired missiles near our position, missing us by a couple milimeters. I assessed the situation: there are at least six droidekas firing at my two squads of clone troopers, and three vulture droids are trying to hammer us with missles. Then a plan hit me. I looked over to the two sergeants to my far left, trying to fight for their lives behind the fallen metal. "Sergeants!" I yelled to them, getting their attention. "Order all of your men to regroup to your positions and get the droids' attention."

"Wilco, commander," one of them responded. As the two ordered their men to form up, each of them fired their blasters at the droidekas. As I hid behind cover, I noticed that there was much less blaster fire on my position. I slowly peeked over the wall, the droidekas were focused on the squad firing at them.

I stood up cautiously, watching the droids to see that they don't see me. I could hear the vulture droids coming back, my plan was smoothly going in motion. I focused on the droids. I stretched out my right arm, using the Force to grasp each of them. It almost seemed impossible, but I found out that it was actually much easier. All of the droids levitated nearly twenty feet off of the ground. They stopped firing and tried to get down. I saw the vulture droids coming back. I quickly flung my arm in their direction, and the droidekas shot straight towards them. The droids collided and caused a great explosion that sent debris crashing into the rocky walls and into the lake many feet below the structure.

Anakin and Master Plo stood up in awe at the explosion. Anakin turned to me, very surprised. "Alright, Ahsoka, just what exactly happened to you?"

I chuckled a bit. I noticed another gunship behind me, landing. I turned back to Anakin, "I tell you on the ship."  

We all got on the ship, along with the surviving two squads. "Alright," Anakin spoke as the ship took off, "start talking." The only problem was, 'where should I start?'  

"Well," I said, "it's kind of a long story." My master looked like he didn't care how long it was. "Well," I said, "after I was knocked out, I woke up chained in a room with Dooku, and……." An alarming, beeping sound went off inside the ship. "MISSILE INCOMING," the pilot spoke, panicked. "BRACE YOURSELVES!"  An explosion, followed by a rattling of the ship, knocked me out of the ship. Anakin tried to grasp me, but he failed. I fell down many feet by the second, until I slammed hard onto a metal floor.

All of my bones felt a great shock of pain. I slowly stood up in agony; I didn't think any of my bones were broken, especially after a fall like that. The pain unusually, quickly went away; it's like I felt invincible, like nothing could ever kill me. That feeling went away when I heard a sinister laugh behind me. I spun around and saw the pile of scrap himself: General Grievous. He was no more than fifteen feet away from me, with his stick-tinnies acting as his bodyguards. He was in front of a metal gate, probably leading to a cave.

"What are YOU looking at, Grievous?" I said, glaring at him.

He chuckled a little and spoke. "Nothing, really; I just find it ironic that they call ME a monster."
I gripped my lightsabers, annoyed by his insulting joke. "Watch what you say, Grievous; I'm more powerful than ever, and I can easily take you down right now."

"Good," he said, "the more powerful you are, the more valuable your lightsabers will be."  

"So what are you waiting for?" I said. "Kill me."

Grievous skipped a beat and then finally spoke. "As much as I love to do that, I'm afraid I can't." That's a first, I thought. "Instead," he continued, "I would rather feed you to my pet."

Typical Grievous, always getting someone else to do his dirty work. Although, I was kinda curious what his "pet" would be like. However, that thought was secondary. "So you expect me to cower in fear?" I said.

"No," he replied, "I expect you to die." His bodyguards lunged at me, I activated my blades, and with one thrust I knocked each of them back a few feet. All of them got back up and two of droids dashed towards me. I locked staffs and sabers at that moment, struggling to survive. I saw Grievous walk away and hitched a ride on a speeder bike. Before he left, he gave me one last statement. "Look on the bright side, you're actually doing some good; you will serve as an excellent source protein  for Goroth."

That must have been his "pet's" name. I then noticed something shiny dangling on his waist. I studied it further then realized it was my master's lightsaber. I needed to get it. I pushed back the droids and used the Force to grab the weapon. It came instantly; I put it on my belt to give later on. I saw the four stick-tinnies holding their guard and walking closer to me. I stood my guard and watched the droids, waiting for them to make a move.

But then, I heard a loud, metal, "clang" sound not to far from where I was standing. As the noise was heard, the droids quickly separated and disappeared. I looked back in front of me to see a large, metal door that may have thrity feet across and fifty feet tall. It was ironic, I was looking at that same direction while talking with Grievous, and yet I didn't even notice it until after he left.

The doors slowly opened, with the sound of metal gears winding and churning. As the doors were completely open, all I could see were shadows through the doorway. The ground suddenly shook in small, single quakes, as if caused by large footsteps. I kept my eye on the door. Out of the darkness emerged a creature possibly crafted by the Dark Side itself. I saw that it was rancor, but much darker and uglier than any other. It was a dark gray and pale white, almost albino. Besides the color, the rancor had armored skin that made a Crockagor gladiator look like a fashion model. It's menacing, red eyes stared down at me. Finally, the beast contained three short and long tusks on each side of its mouth that could pierce through an armored tank. Honestly, I was so scared I couldn't even make a joke about it.

The beast charged at me like a bull, running in a straight path to crush me. I quickly sumersaulted over it, missing me by almost a few feet. I landed behind it. I spun around to attck it, but it was too late. It swung it's right arm at me; theimpact was so powerful it sent me flying straight into a metal wall. My muscles were aching, all of my bones felt like they were broken and my head started to throb. I stumbled onto the floor with a groan and looked in front of me. The rancor charged towards me once more and shoved me back against the wall with its enormous claw. I roared right in my face and pressed harder against the wall. I was trying to break free and reach my lightsabers, but it was no use.

To top it all off, I suddenly began to have a massive headache. My own bones and muscles were healing and becoming stronger than they ever were before. I don't really know why this happened at first, but I began to feel really angry. The more I struggled, the more furious I grew.

A great force shot out of me. It was so strong that it pushed back the rancor meters away. I had a very fierce rage inside of. I had feelings that many people would call inhumane. I didn't just want to kill to the rancor, but I had this feeling that I wanted to rip out its own organs. I started to grind my teeth, wanting to massacre the abomination. I roared and jumped onto the top of its head. It yelped and stumbled backwards. I grabbed my lightsabers  and quickly activated them. I jammed them into both of its eyes, blinding it and making it roar in pain. I took my blades out of the beast's sockets, and qucikly vaulted of it's head and back onto the ground.

The rancor groaned in pain with the burning pain in it's empty eye sockets. It was time to finish it off. I never wanted to do this, but my anger somehow consumed me. I focused my energy into my hands and formed bright, electric sparks in my palms. I thrusted my arms forward and thousands of bolts of lightning shot out of my hands, surging through the rancor's body. The rancor squeled in tremendous pain, which, at the moment, felt satifying to me. I seized the attack; the rancor fell hard on the ground with a loud thud and lost consciousness. Finally, I levitated the rancor off the ground with the Force and threw off the side of the walkway. After waiting for exactly one minute, I heard a loud thud that even a deaf being can hear.

I never felt so invincible. I took down a huge rancor without hardly trying. I felt like I could take on an entire army. Then I heard a distinct sound to my left. General Grievous was trying to escape on his speeder. I wasn't letting  him going to get away from me. He was moving quick, I had to find an alternate route to get to him. Luckily, I found one to my right; a slanted structure that would allow me to capture Grievous. I quickly sprinted up the structure. I kept moving forward, for Grievous was almost about to fly past me. I jumped ot the age of the building and with perfect timing, I landed a perfect blow with my foot to his face, knocking him off of his bike. Using the Force, I pushed him hard onto a metal platform.

I landed ten feet away from him, laying on the ground, suppoesedly injured. He slowly got back up with most of his mechanical limbs clanking. I gripped my lightsabers tighter, ready for a fight. Grievous let out a hard cough and sneered straight at me.

"Your pet isn't here to protect you," I said in anger, "so act like a true warrior and fight me."

Grievous stripped off his cape and released his other two mechanical arms. Each of his hands held a lightsaber stolen from a Jedi. He formed a daring battle stance. "So be it," he said, "after all, your lightsabers will make an excellent edition to my collection."   

I dashed towards him, locking sabers upon impact. Grievous broke the lock and slashed from every angle he could use. I tried to counter one of his moves, but all I could really do was block them. I felt it again: anger, hatred. With every strike Grievous made, I became even more angery than ever. I parried one of his attacks and jumped over him, slicing off all four of his arms as I landed. Grievous yelled in pain. I gripped him with the Force and shocked him with at least 50,000 volts of electricity.

I flung him over my head and onto the ground behind me. I turned to him, laying weak as small streams of burning smoke arose from his metal corpse. He lifted his head and his eyes widened, looking at me in shock and fear. His legs were twitching and producing short small bursts of sparks; his legs were not functioning. I knelt down upon his chest. He coughed once as I landed my right knee on him. I could've just executed him quickly and painlessly; but the Sith inside of me disagreed.

I started punching him with no mercy, I wasn't going to stop for any reason. The more I punched him, the angrier I became. His mask started to crack, I was almost about to knock his head off. I felt a hand on my shoulder and voice behind me that made me stop punching. "Ahsoka, that's enough!" I don't know why I did it, but I spun around and punched the person behind me. He fell to the ground, covering the left side of his face. I felt amused for hitting the person; but when I looked closer at him, it was my master with a black eye.

My anger was completely gone, only shame and fear are all I could feel. Anakin stared at me in shock and confusion. I covered my mouth and fell to my knees. I had no idea why I did that. For years, I was very capable of controlling my anger, but somehow, it took control of me and caused harm without mercy. I heard an engine running behind me. I looked behind me and saw Grievous from many meters away, entering a shuttle for his escape. However, that was least of my worries. I felt I was becoming something else……and it would take control of me if I didn't do anything about it.


We left Utapau about two hours later. Plo Koon, Anakin and I came back to the Jedi temple. I was able to tell my Master about my captivity with Dooku. Even he was stunned by the story. We landed at the entrance in a gunship. I was very nervous at showing myself to the Jedi Council, especially with the change of my body, they would've most likely accused me off being a Sith. So I concealed myself in a Jedi robe, hiding both my face and my body.

I felt really awkward walking to the temple. Afterall, many people thought I was dead. After we climbed the stairs, Obi-wan, Mace Windu, and Yoda were there, waiting for us, especially for Anakin. We stopped in front of them and Obi-wan was the first to speak.

"Anakin Skywalker," he said with a disappointed look on his face, "give me one good reason why you shouldn't be expelled from the Jedi Order."

My master stepped forward, confidently. "Actually Master, I do. Master Plo Koon and I found my Padawan." Their eyes widened as the three masters exchanged glances. They focused on me, they looked almost breathless.  I was very shy at the moment, I looked down to keep them from seeing my face. I felt a hand softly touch my left shoulder. "I found her lost in space," Master Plo spoke. "At first, I thought message was a trick, but I soon found out otherwise. However, much has changed to her when I saw for the first time in a month. I understood where he was going; he wanted me to reveal my appearance. I looked down lower at the floor. Master Plo knelt down to my height and whispered to me. "It's alright, Ahsoka, you shall not be judged for your appearance."

I exhaled as Master Plo stood back up. I guess I had no choice, I had to show them. "I must advise, Masters, what you are about to see will be very disturbing." I slowly took off my hood, revealing the monster that I became. All three of the Jedi Masters gasped in shock. "By the Force!" Master Windu spoke, shocked. I was ashamed; even by the most respected Jedi Masters, I still felt like I was being treated like a freak.

"How did this happen?" Master Kenobi questioned, still shocked. I didn't answer at the moment, I could feel that more Jedi were staring at me.

"From what she told us," Anakin replied, "this was all Dooku's idea to use another assassin."

"Come," Master Yoda said, calmly but curious by my appearance, "discuss this in private, we must."


At the Tranquility Spire, all four of the Jedi Masters were sitting calmly in their seats while myself and my Master were standing, attentively, in front of them. I told them almost everything. I was really glad that there were a few  people who took interest in my story than me appearance. When I told them that my genes were sliced with a Sith, they kind of confused. Master Kenobi was especially surprised when I mentioned Darth Maul.

"It seems highly unlikely," Master Kenobi spoke first. "I've never even heard of slicing a force-sensitive's DNA with another's. This almost has me baffled."

(Well, it happened,)  I thought to myself.

"When you tried to escape from Dooku," Master Windu said, "did you happen to know what planet you were on at the time?"

"Sadly not," I replied, "I entered in hyperspace before I even had the chance to look at the planet. To be honest, I was afraid." The Masters made no judgement about that answer. Looking back on it, I should've done something other than run away. At that time, I should've gotten answers or solutions.  

"And about your rescue on Utapau," Master Kenobi said, "Were you able to apprehend General Grievous?"

I shook my head, "No, I'm afraid not." Master Kenobi sighed, calmly. "Well," he spoke again, "were there any mishaps during your mission?"

I knew what would happen: my master would tell them that I punched him in anger. If he said it, I would've been on guard duty for the rest of my life. But seriously, I really had no idea why I even did it. "No, Master," Anakin replied. When he said those words, I felt a thousand pounds liter.

"Very well then," Master Kenobi said back. "We will have some of our best scouts searching for this base. In meantime, you are very welcomed back here, Ahsoka."

"Thank you, Master Kenobi," I said as I bowed, respectfully.

"Dismissed, you are," Yoda said, kindly.

After we exited, I quickly put my robe back on. Anakin came up next to me with a concerned look on his face. I turned to him, sadly, "Thanks for not telling the council about my 'actions'."

"It's alright, Snips," he said calmly.

"But really," I said, "I don't know why I did that. I felt this rage inside of me that I just couldn't control,. It's like I wasn't myself."

"Maybe Dooku's experiment effected you deeper than we thought." Isn't that the truth.

"Master," I said as I looked back at him, "I'm really worried."

He rested a hand on my shoulder to comfort me. "It's alright, Ahsoka. I'm sure we can fix this somehow."

"I may have an idea," said Plo Koon a few feet away from us, "but I can't gaurantee it." Those words almost made me explode in excitement. I quickly ran to him, "You mean there's a way to turn back to normal?!" I have over-exaggerated, but at the time, I really wanted to be myself again.

"Yes, but I am not entirely sure if he will agree."

"Who is 'he'?" I asked

"Kantos Sumari, a biologist. He lives near the University of Coruscant. He is well-respected for his research in geneology and he may be able to help you. But I'm afraid, in your case, may be outside of his limits."

"I'm willing to try anything, Master Plo."

A little pause started at that moment, than Master Plo finally nodded. "Indeed."

As a half-hour passed, the three of us arrived at a very tall building only a few miles away from the University. I had to keep on my robe; just imagine how the public would react; they might as well chase me down the street with torches and pitch forks. We entered a large elevator that took us up to the 100th floor.  As the doors opened, we strolled through the hallway where the rows of doors seemed to be endless. At first, seconds turned to minutes, until we came to a sudden stop. Master Plo turned to his left, looking at a room: apartment 10056. "This is it," he said.

He pressed the doorbell, which created a plentiful sound. He turned to me and Anakin, "Please allow me to talk first," he said, kindly.

We waited for few seconds, then the door  opened, revealing a pale-gray, skinnedTwi`lek, wearing a white lab coat and casual clothes underneath it. He was male, about in his late thirty's or early forty's. He seemed a little startling for a moment, but I could sense no darkness in him and I was more than willing to use any type of help.

"Plo Koon," he yelped in excitement, "it's really you!"

The man hugged Plo Koon in joy and Plo Koon hugged him back. I never really knew that this guy was a friend of Master Plo; he hasn't really mentioned him to anybody that I know of. They released each other. "It has been too long, my friend; it must be a crime." The Twi`lek chuckled and stepped aside to let us in. "Please, do come in."

The Three of us entered; I tried to keep myself hidden, for I was still shy about my body. His room was actually quite modern. When I walked through the door, almost everything I saw was in black and white: The tile floor, the furniture, the fabrics, even a few of his appliances. I could've blended right in.

He led us into his living room. "Anakin," Master Plo said Anakin, "this is Dr. Kantos Sumari." He then turned to Kantos. "Kantos, this is Anakin Skywalker."
"It's a pleasure to meet you,"  Anakin said as he smiled.

"So, my friend," Kantos spoke, "what brings you here?"

"We require your assitance," Master Plo replied. Kantos became slightly curious. "Really," he said, "what is it that I must help with?" Master Plo turned to me and I gripped onto my robe. "It's alright, Ahsoka," Anakin said, "you can show him." I made a slow inhale and stepped to Kantos. He kneeled down to my height. "Hello there," he said kindly.

"Hello," I said back. "My name is Ahsoka Tano. Right now, I'm really desperate."

"And shy by the look of it,"  he said before chuckling.

"Nearly a month ago," I continued, "me and my Master, Anakin, were on a mission to Cato Nemoidia to investigate Separatist activity. As it turns out, Count Dooku was inside a base. When we confronted him, I was knocked unconscious and taken prisonor. When I woke up, I found out that I was in a coma for a month. I also found out that Dooku performed an experiment on me using gene slicing; the result was this." I pulled off my robe, revealing myself.

"My word!" Kantos said as he sprang up with excitement ,(I knew he was going to do that). "My DNA was mixed with that of a Zabrak, Darth Maul. I understand if this terrifies you," I said, calmly.

"Terrified?" he said as he studied me. "I'm actually amazed!" When he said those words, a few questions marks appeared above my head. "Excuse for asking," I said, "but how is this really 'amazing'?"

"By the looks of it," he replied, "it seems that Count Dooku has perfected gene slicing. After all, the are no growth spurts, no extra limbs, you could almost be called a normal person."

I smiled at his warming statement. "It's very nice that you said that," I said, "besides, not very people have treated me like a person since the change."

"Luckily, for you," said Kantos, "I may be able to remove the unecessary genes and traits and make you a Togruta again; if that is what you were before." I was really happy to hear him say that. "I highly appreciate this, Doctor."

"It is my pleasure, Ahsoka," he said.

We followed him to a laboratory. Large computer consoles and other machines were up against the walls with monitors installed into a few of them. In the middle of the room was a black leather medical bed rooted to the floor. "Please, have a seat," Kantos said to me. I did as well as Kantos switched on a few of the consoles that made the lights on them blink. "First," he said as the readied the computers, "I'm going to scan your current DNA so I can determine how much of Darth Maul's DNA is infused into your's." He came back to me with a sarringe in his right hand. He carefully injected it into my left arm and filled one-eighth of the sarringe of my blood. Kantos removed the needle out of my arm and injected my blood into a hole in the machine behind him. The monitor screen came to life as it displayed a scientific bubble map of the traits that I currently held.

"Very interesting," he said, amazed.  "If I'm correct, Darth Maul had painted tattoos all over his body. Count Dooku must have used a piece of DNA with a small amount of the tattoo patterns infused into it, thus creating the pattern on your body."

"So I guess  there's no removing this," I said looking down at the skin on my arm.

Kantos  turned back to the monitor screen, opened a new window on the monitor and gasped. I became startled, worrying about a problem that may be worse than my appearance. "What is it?" I said, worried.

"Well," he said, "I don't your original midi-chlorian count was, but it must have tripled."

Anakin and Plo Koon exchanged glances. "What is the amount now?" Anakin questioned.  

Kantos turned to Anakin in suspense. "Thirty-five thousand!"

The three of us gasped in shock. I felt really strong in the force, but I didn't know that I was that strong. This probably explained why I could see my visions clearly and why I took down Grievous and his rancor easily. If I was correct, I was even more powerful than Anakin, (which was somehow satisfying at the time).

"How is that even possible?" said Master Plo, surprised.

"I don't know," Kantos replied, "I've never seen anything like this."

"Wow," I said, smiling at Anakin, "I'm even more powerful than you, Master." He stood there with his usual disapproving look. I got rid of my smile and turned back to Kantos. "Is there anything else that might be unusual about me."

"Technically, you're already unusual," he replied, "but on the brighter side, it will be very simple to separate the genes." That was a really good sign of relief. I began to think that I would be finally be back to my old self, excluding the high midi-chlorian count, of course. He turned to me with a smile, "So, I suppose you have the your DNA code?"

My smile went away in an instant. I exchanged glances with Master Plo and Anakin. I looked back to Kantos. "DNA code?" I said. Kantos lost his smile too and said, "You don't have your DNA code?"

I shook my head, "No." Kantos sighed. "I'm sorry then, but I cannot help you." My jaw instantly dropped; but somehow, I knew it was too good to be true. "But I thought you said it would be simple?" I said as I jumped off of the bed. "Yes," he said, "it would be simple if I had the DNA code, but it would be impossible without the DNA code."

"But isn't it worth taking the risk?!" I said, impatiently.

"Calm down, Ahsoka," said Anakin as he stepped towards me.

"What are the complications?" asked Master Plo.

"Well," sadi Kantos, "if we accidentally delete any genes or traits that are vital to Ahsoka, we erase her memory or even damage her central nervous system, thus, possibly killing her." I felt like an idiot at that moment; I didn't even think about the consequences.  But again, it was too good to be true.

"I understand this is disappointing news," Kantos spoke, "however, if you were able to bring me the DNA code, I will be more than glad to help you."

"Easier said than done," I said, looking down at the floor. "Besides, Count Dooku has my DNA code and I have no idea where he is."

Anakin patted my right shoulder to comfort me, but that didn't work at the time. Master Plo sighed, "Well, we appreciate the help, Kantos." Kantos smiled at him, "Anytime, my old friend; you are welcome to come back here when you three have the proper DNA code."

I was depressed for a little bit, but then something else came to my mind: my uncontrolable acts of aggression. I began to wonder if those acts were because of me or something else. I wasn't entirely sure, so I asked Kantos. "But before we leave, Doctor," I said raising my head at him, "is it possible for certain emotions to be infused into DNA?" A short pause occurred. "It actually possible, but usually rare," he said. "In most cases, if the DNA is infused with an emotion that person most commonly uses, it is possible for that emotion to be used most often in the other person who's DNA is mixed with." He turned back to the monitor and opened up another window. "According to the results on your blood test, it seems the DNA you now carry encourages aggression." My eyes widened. Kantos became surprised by my look. "Is there a problem with that." I quickly shook my head out of the trance. "No," I said, "I was just curious."

The three of us left the apartment. Plo Koon gave Doctor Kantos one last goodbye and we made our way to the elevator. Anakin turned to me, curious. "I sense that you are troubled, Padawan. Is there something wrong?" At first, I didn't want to say anything, but the Force told me that I had to. "Master, after I found out that Darth Maul's DNA promotes aggression, I became worried about myself. My assault on Utapau was uncontrolable; I was bloodthirsty. I'm afraid that I might hurt somebody."

"You must stay in control, Ahsoka, Darth Maul was a very powerful Sith, he even killed Obi-wan's Master." He wasn't really helping me at the time. "All you need to do is stay calm," he said. I was about to say 'that's what you always say, but it never works,' but I had to control my anger, so I just thanked him. "Also, maybe you should get some rest, you have had a long day."


Once we made back to the temple, I fell onto my bed and instantly fell asleep. For at least the past hour, I slept comfortably. A few minutes later, I began to feel very warm, I began to sweat. With every second that passed, I became hotter and more uncomfortable until my skin felt like it was going to explode. I could feel something move beneath my skin. I sprang up in fear, I suddenly didn't feel so hot anymore; it was very strange to me. I closed my eyes and exhaled deeply. When I opened my eyes, I saw a person staring right at me; he was a Zabrak with red skin and black markings on his face and yellow eyes. He was kneeling down to my height, with black robes covering his body. He stared into with an evil smile and spoke, "I'm in control."

I sprang back up in my bed. It turned out it was just a dream; there was no sign of the Sith anywhere. I was horrified. Darth Maul was inside of me. I needed to end it.
Third part up! It took me a while to write this, mainly because of Christmas.


Kantos Sumari belongs to me.
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Later on, I was knocked out by stun ray that just came out of nowhere. I woke up later on a stone-cold, metal floor. At first I thought it was all just a crazy dream, but until I saw my reflection in the floor. I was still the same freak I was before. Seeing my altered face again made a tear stream down my face. I stood back up and looked away from  my reflection. That was when I noticed I was wearing new clothes.

They actually seemed to match my dark self. (Which made me sick just thinking about it). I was wearing a glossy, leather tank top that hugged my skin, comfortably. I noticed that my hands were covered with fingerless, leather gloves. As I looked down, I was also wearing laced combat boots on my feet, I was wearing skin-tight, black pants, and a glossy, black skirt that draped down from my new utility belt to my ankles, covering all around my backside. Honestly, I looked slightly darker than Ventress.

"The outfit really suits you," a familiar voice spoke behind me. I turned around to see Dooku standing casually. I instantly became furious when I first saw him again. "I suppose your satisfied with it."

I made a fist and charged at him as I said, "I'll be satisfied when I'm done kicking your…." Before I could finish, intense, stinging, burning pain running through my body. I collapsed onto the floor as the pain sopped. I felt around my neck and identified that I was wearing some kind of collar. I slowly stood up with every one of my muscles aching. I was angrier than ever, but I did my best to keep my temper down a bit. The last thing I wanted to do was get fried.

Dooku chuckled softly. "You are strong in the Force, yet you seem to lack basic common sense."

When you say stuff like that to me, it'll be no surprise that I'll be very annoyed. "Look," I said very angry, "this collar is the only thing  keeping me from tearing off your skin!" I was shocked. I really hated Dooku, but the words coming out of my mouth were not the words I meant to say. I felt like someone else.

"It seems the process is accelerating faster than I thought," Dooku spoke, intrigued.  

I started to get angrier and confused. "What have you done to me?!" A small pause occurred at the moment. I became slightly less tense the longer I waited for an answer.

Then he finally explained. "When I mixed your DNA with Darth Maul's, I was hoping that I would also install his personality and knowledge. Just to make your training progress much faster." For a second, I thought, 'Could he really do that?' I believe that he made me look like a gothic alien, but did he really give me Darth Maul's personality? I was really afraid to ask.

He pulled out two sterling silver and black lightsabers, each of them with a slanted emitter. "Now it is time to put it to the test." He handed them to me gently. I wanted to slit his throat with them. But when I remembered I had my electric collar on, I thought it would be best to wait for that moment. I never truly learned how to fight with two lightsabers; but as I grasped them, I instantly knew how to use them, especially when conjoined together. Maybe he really did give me some of Darth Maul's knowledge. Now I just hoped that I didn't get his personality.

"What do you want me to do?" I said as I turned to Dooku. He looked to his left, ignoring my question. I turned to his direction and saw at least ten holo-droids lined up side-by-side. Suddenly, each of the droids became clone troopers wielding blaster rifles and grenades.  I saw Dooku back away slowly away from me. "You must learn to hate what you fear to lose." I could easily see where he was going with that.

I turned back to the disguised holo-droids; they had their rifles aimed at me, ready to fire. I activated my lightsabers, turning out to have a white, glowing blade. I guessed they had Adegan crystals inside. The holo-droids split up, trying to surround me. I charged at one of them, slicing it in half upon the first slash. I spun around to the other droids and instantly decapitated them. It was amazing; I felt invincible, more powerful than I have ever been before. I turned to a group of six other disguised holo-droids. I smirked at them. Using the Force, I thrusted my left arm forward to push them away, but this time, I nearly sended them out into orbit. I was very surprised at first, but then I somehow felt like a goddess.

Ten more charged my way. I dashed at them, and swung my blades from every angle I could possibly reach. Adrenaline coursed through me, each of the droids dropped one-by-one. More kept coming, but still kept fighting without any mercy. I pretty much grew a bloodthirst. I slashed the last droid left. I couldn't believe it; I fought off a whole company of holo-droids, and yet I wasn't even breaking a sweat! My midi-chlorian count must have doubled! I felt even more powerful than Yoda or even Anakin. I could've just struck down Dooku earlier, I would've kicked his butt. I sensed one more droid behind me, thinking that it can take me on. I spun around, ready for a fight, but my adrenaline and happiness washed away when I saw the possible disguise it was wearing.   

My I was staring at my oldest friend, cowering on the ground at the sight of me: Plo Koon. It could have been just another holo-droid, yet I felt Masster Plo's presence. It was as if it was actually him right in front of me.  "Master Plo," I asked softly, "is that really you?" He became slightly confident.

"Ahsoka," he spoke, "this is not yourself. You must not abuse your power, it will consume you and turn you over to the Dark Side." He sounded so real, and he was right: I could feel the darkness inside grow more powerful by the minute. "For the fate of the galaxy, Ahsoka," he spoke again, "control your power, and do not give in to Dooku's demands."

"Strike him down, NOW!" Dooku boomed. Even though it was just a holo-droid, seeing Plo Koon's face in it, I could never hurt him, no matter what it really was. "I….I can't," I replied back to Dooku.

"You WILL," he responded, harshly. "You were created to do my bidding."  

I breathed in, deeply. As stupid as it was, I deactivated my lightsabers and attached them to my utility belt.  I could hear him walking towards me, creating the most scary suspense I have ever heard. The steps became louder by the second, until they suddenly stopped. I heard Dooku's lightsaber activate, while I was expecting the worst. Instead, he stabbed his blade into Plo Koon and quickly removed it. I knelt down to Master Plo's side as it collapsed onto the floor. His form shifted, turning into a holo-droid. I felt foolish to think it was really Master Plo, but what I was more worried about was what Dooku was going to do to me.

"Then it is as I feared," he spoke softly, looking down at the droid.

"What's happening to me?" I said to him, sadly.

"It seems the process is….imperfect. You have an amazing talent with the Force, yet you greatly lack the personality of Darth Maul. You still have feelings for your allies. And I fear that you will never forget them." He was right, I would never dare think to hurt anyone of my friends. I felt control of my true self, for now. Dooku didn't really look too pleased with that.

He let out a deep sigh. "My sincerest apologies, Ahsoka," he said, sarcastic but calm, "but I have no use for you."

I was afraid he would say that. He knocked me down onto the floor with the Force. He drew out a remote control and pressed a button that sent electricity painfully coursing through my body from the collar I was wearing. I twitched and strugled on the floor, trying to stay in control of my body. I was able to lift my arms and reach the collar. I pulled on it with all of the strenght that remained in my body. I gripped on it tighter, and the collar ripped itself off of my neck and onto the floor like a piece of trash; I was free.

I slowly stood back up with my joints aching. I felt a tingling sensation in both of my hands. I look at both of them. Believe it or not, I could see electricity flickering around my fingers and both of my palms. I was actually generating them. I recognized this power; Force lightning. This was the dark power of a Sith. I grew very angry. Dooku cursed me with the appearance of a monster, and now the dark soul of a Sith. I became the very thing I swore to destroy.  Dooku made me this way…….and it was time for him to pay.

I spun around to him and pushed out my arms, fingers extended, throwing out hundreds of bolts of electricity right at him. They struck him, and sent him flying nearly fifty feet away from me. The electricity stopped; I lowered my fands and started breathing calmly. I observed the damage I've caused: only a Sith would do such an attack. I became scared, I just wanted to leave and never come back. I looked around, desperately. I found a  door to my right, not too far away from me. I ran to it, but it would never open for me. I yelped in anger and bashed on the door. The metal was instantly bent forward from the middle, making a gap big enough for me to escape through. Apparently my connection to the Force was much stronger than I thought.

I came to a dim light hallway. I looked to my left; there was  a large window a ways' away. It could've been an escape route to my freedom. I heard the sound of clanking metal to right: battle droids. I looked in that direction to find six Super Battle Droids about to open fire on me. I ran to the window as fast as  possible. I heard blaster fire behind me, but I still kept running.

I jumped through the window, breaking glass upon exiting. I grinded down a slanted part of the building, trying to escape Dooku.  I jumped off at the end of the structure, and, to my luck, landed on a landing pad, with a Separatist shuttle on it, right in front of me. (I was really feeling lucky at that moment). It was good timing too, I felt Dooku's behind me. He walked through a door in anger, wanting to kill me where I stood. I took a quick observation of my surroundings: The landing pad I landed on was connected to an old pyramid. I wondered what planet I was on, but the dark night created much confusion. I ran to the shuttle and into the control room. I lifted off into the atmosphere to jump to lightspeed. I flipped the switch and I was instantly in hyperspace. I laid back in my seat in sweet relief. But sadly, my 'adventure' wasn't over yet.  


After much waiting, I came to a sudden stop out of hyperspace. I sprang up out of my seat with great joy. I saw two Republic cruisers just many meters away from me. I could finally get help, at last! But I forgot, I was in a Separatist ship; I might as well may have been used for target practice. Luckily, that didn't happen.

My communications channel came on, it was broadcasting a transmission. "This is Jedi cruiser 'Stormbreaker'," it spoke, "you have entered a restricted military zone. Identify yourself, immediately, or we will use deadly force."  Despite the threats, I felt even more relieved that this was a Jedi cruiser. "I repeat," it countinued, "identify yourself."

I quickly pressed the speaker button. "This Jedi Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, requesting permssion to board." There was no response at first; so I repeated it back, but there was still no answer. Suddenly, the voice came with great news. "Rodger that, you are cleared to enter the hanger bay."

I steered towards the hanger bay, with caution. I was really excited to see the familiar faces of the Republic. I landed in nearest I section I could get in. I instantly forgot about my new appearance. I had a lot of explaining to do. I nervously walked to the exit of the ship. There were at least six clones to the left and right side of as I walked off the ship.

I stood in the middle of the room, with shocked faces and a great deal of fear around me. I felt like an outcast, a demon, a monster. Depression came to me once again, stronger than ever, this time.

"Ahsoka?" said a voice in front of me. I looked straight ahead, Plo Koon. He was right there with a shocked face worse than any of the clones surrounding me. I ran toward  him in joy, and wrapped my arms around him with a tear dropping my face. "You have no idea how happy I am to see you," I spoke softly.
Master Plo gently hugged my back in joy and relief as well. Then he let go and studied my appearance, seeing that I was no longer the Padawan he always remembered me. "What happened to you?" he spoke. I looked away in shame. I could feel the tension rise. Even though it was the most unfitting time, I tried my best to add humor. "To be honest, Master," I spoke, "what DIDN'T happen to me?"

Master Plo brought me to his quarters. I told everything that happened, including the part about my stronger connection to the force. Although he was shocked by my appearance, he also seemed rather intrigued. "So Dooku combined your DNA with that of a Sith?" The idea made me slightly depressed. "I'm afraid so." Master Plo looked at me, puzzled by my answer.  

"The liklihood of forging a Force-sensitive being's DNA with another's is most unlikely," he stated, "after all, it's actually never been done." No disrespect, but it wasn't really a good time to understand the laws of Physics. He placed his hand on my shoulder. "But on top of that," he spoke, "it is, indeed, very good to see you again, Ahsoka."

"Thank you, Master Plo," I replied, "but the only thing that would make this moment perfect would be to have my old self back."

"Don't let appearances stop you," he replied, "in fact, the character inside of you is what many people notice more often."  In many cases, Master Plo Koon's great wisdom would cheer me up; but from my experience hours ago, I begged to differ. I let out a deep sigh. "That's the thing, Master Plo," I said softly, "I'm afraid of what's inside of me." I looked away again as he came closer. "What is it?" he asked. I didn't want to cause too much concern, so I did my best to change the subject.

"It's nothing," I quickly spoke. "What matters is that I'm alright, despite my sudden change of my body." That seemed to have kept him off track, so at least he didn't ask about the Dark Side within me.

"Indeed," he replied, "it is very enlightening to know that you are still with us." I smiled at that answer. Master Plo always knew just what to say. Then I suddenly remembered about Anakin. "Master Plo," I said looking at him, "what about my master? Is he alive?"

There was a long pause before he could answer. "Yes, he is," he said slowly turning away from me.  I was really glad at first, but his answer didn't really feel 'right' to me. "Well, can I at least talk to him?" Master Plo didn't turn back around as he spoke, hesitantly. "I….I'm afraid you can't do that." I felt somehow insulted  at that moment.

"With all do respect, Master Plo," I spoke slightly louder, "I may have been gone for a while, but that doesn't really mean that I've lost the right to talk to my own Master."

He quickly turned to me, very stern. "You can't talk to him because I can't find him."

Many emotions raced through my mind; confusion, fear, and anger were the main ones. Usually my Master would do all sorts of crazy things; but to go missing, that just didn't sound much like him. "Master Plo," I said softer, "what do you mean?"

"Unlike Skywalker," he spoke, "the Jedi Council thought you were dead." At that moment, I already knew what he was going to say next. "But Skywalker denied it. At sometime, he left the Jedi temple to search for you. I've been looking for him as well, but yet I had no luck of finding him."

I couldn't believe that my Master truly cared for me that much, even if others thought I was dead. I began feeling some depression. I just hoped that my Master wasn't hurt. Master Plo calmed himself, "For the time being, you are most welcome to  stay here." I smiled warmly and hugged him. "Thank you, Master Plo." I let him go and he showed me to my room.


Minutes turned to hours as I paced back and forth around my room. I couldn't help thinking about my Master. I did my best to think like him. Somehow he survived the fall and went to rescue, but by that time, I must have already left. That was probably when the Republic appeared to seize control of the outpost. After he returned to the Jedi temple, he knew that I was still alive, so he snuck out and went to search for me by himself; probably because the Jedi Council didn't want to go around chasing a ghost. The rest of the story was just black to me.

I began to worry about him further. I was trying to figure out a way to find him. I remebered my experience with Padme's attempted assassination. If I meditated, just maybe I could find him and save him. I sat down on the floor and crossed my legs. I closed my eyes and carefully concentrated on my objective.

After a few minutes, nothing happened. But then, with my eyes closed, I saw a small, bright light in front of me. I became bigger with each second until it formed an image. It was a  yellow-colored planet with barely any water or vegetation; maybe hardly any life. I looked closer at the planet. The surface was almost covered with enormous holes in the ground. I went down into one of the holes. There, I saw hundreds of platforms and builings within the hole, connected by many steel ropes to keep them in place.  I noticed there were battle droids walking around the buildings. This whole place was controlled by the Separatists.

I was lowered to one of the buildings dug into the side of the hole. I literally went through the walls. I was in a long hallway, with many doors on each side. I went down the hallway, I came to only one specific room: 897. I walked through the door. There, I saw a sign of hope and joy. I saw my Master kneeling down in the room, chained up with his outfit mostly tattered and ripped. He must have been tortured.    

I flash almost blinded me at that second. I opened my eyes; I was still in my room, sitting down on the floor. I hardly believed it, my vision was very accurate, and I knew where my Master was. I quickly ran up to the bridge to tell Master Plo.

On the way, both clones and droids became shocked. After a while, you somehow get used to it…mostly. When I came to the bridge, Mater Plo was already there, staring into the void of space. He must have noticed me coming in. He turned  around and spoke in calm voice. "Ahsoka, are you feeling alright?"

I quickly came up to him. "Master Plo, we need to go somewhere." He looked a little disappointed, but lucky for me, I had a very good reason. "But Ahsoka," he said, "we must go back to Coruscant, our presence is required."

"I know where Anakin is," I interrupted. Master Plo paused for a moment. "How do you know?"

"I had a vision," I said, "and it was very clear. I saw him chained in a jail cell, in building swarming with Separatist droids."

Master Plo seemed both puzzled and surprised. To be honest, I may be a Padawan, but I'm still powerful. I was surprised that he let explain. "Where is he?" he asked.

I brought out the answer in a flash. "Utapau."
Part 2!!! I apologize for the wait, I was nearly burried in work that I had to do. Luckily, I finished it right in time for Thanksgiving! So as you can see, things are starting very interesting in my fanfic. Please leave a comment and or fav if you want, and don't be afraid to give me your honest opinion. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Part 1: [link]
Part 3: [link]

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I was running out of time and options. Darth Maul was inside of me, trying to take control of me. I desperately needed help. I went to the one person that would know exactly what to do: Master Yoda. I came to his meditation immediately after I saw Darth Maul in my sleep. I tried to keep as calm as I could. I pressed the button on the side of the door and the doorbell rang. I was able to hear Master Yoda's voice through the door. "Enter, you may," he said. The door opened and I calmly walked inside. The blinds on the windows were partially opened, letting in some sunlight. Master Yoda was sitting on his meditation bed smiling warmly at me.

"Welcome, Padawan Tano," he said, "how may I help you?"

I inhaled some air and answered. "Master Yoda, I come to you, desperate and afraid." Yoda lost his smile for a minute. I came a little closer to him. "Ever since my change, I feel like there's this darkness inside of me. I become angered even when I'm calm. I feel like I'm becoming something else: a Sith." When I brought that up, I sat down on another meditation bed and looked down at the floor. Master Yoda didn't say anything for a moment. He knodded and finally spoke, "Something lost: a part of yourself. Replaced by darkness, it has been."

No disrespect to Master Yoda, but that was pretty obvious. I looked back at him, "I'm really scared, Master Yoda, I'm afraid that I might hurt somebody, or worse."

"Calm yourself," he said. "But Master Yoda," I said as I jumped out of my seat, "I'm running out of options!"

His eyes widened and so did mine. I quickly coverd my mouth with my hands and looked away from him.  I breathed out and removed my hands from my mouth in shame. "Forgive me, Master Yoda, I'm just really frightened. When I fell asleep, I dreamed that I saw Darth Maul in front of me and he told me that he was in control of me." I turned back to Master Yoda. "Master Yoda, I ask of you, do you have any advice, any at all? Please help me Master Yoda." He didn't say anything for a moment. He then shook his head, "Advice, I do not have." That answer shattered my heart. I nearly started to cry as I looked back down at the floor. I began to sense that everyone I knew would die. I thought it was over for me.

"But one possible solution, there is," Yoda said. My spirits were instantly lifted. I quickly knealt down to his height, foolishly begging him to tell me about the solution. "Please tell me, Master Yoda."

"Very dangerous, it may be," he said.

"I'm willing to risk it," I said. "Please, Master Yoda, I'm doing this for me, but for the safety of others."

A long pause took the silence. Master Yoda smiled, "Very well, leave, we must." He hopped off his bed and headed towards the door. I was confused of what he was thinking. "Master Yoda, where are going?"

He stopped in his tracks and answered. "To Dagobah, we must go."


Master Yoda and I boarded the Twilight and set off for Dagobah. When I heard there was a solution, I was expecting a spell or a special type of medicine or meditation, but Dagobah? I thought to myself what possibly could be there that could help me. However, Master Yoda hasn't steered me wrong before, I would never doubt him.  

Once we reached Dagobah, it was a bit of a pain to land the ship when you could barely see anything past a thick layer of fog. When we exited  the ship, everything I read about the planet was true, but thick layers of mist hid most of the swamps and deformed trees where ever I looked and the bogwings called to each other constantly from far distances. If the fog was any thicker I would have used my lightsabers to cut through it. I was so distracted by the sight, I didn't notice that Master Yoda was walking away from me.  I quickly caught up beside him and walked with him.  

Within a matter of minutes, I started to feel a chill, then the air became cold and The woods became darker. I was scared, I rubbed my arms to keep myself warm. We stopped in front of a cave that was mostly concealed by long vines.  This wasn't just a cave, I could feel darkness inside of it; I wanted the Dark Side in me to be gone not increased. I turned to Master Yoda, "Master, what is this place?"

"What do you think?" he replied, calmly.

I thought it was a darker, more primitive version version of a Sith temple. "It feels cold," I said.

"Strong with the Dark Side, it is."said Master Yoda.

At the moment, I thought how could a place that is filled with Dark Side possibly help me in anyway? I asked Master Yoda. "What am I supposed to do in here?"

"Destroy the darkness within in you, you must," he replied. Last time I checked, the Dark Side was inside of me. How was I supposed to destroy it? I kept wondering about that; until I found the answer.

I walked closer to the cave, moved the vines out of my sight and saw a faint, but far-away light. If the solution was anywhere, it had to be there. I noticed that Yoda wasn't following me. I turned to him, "Master Yoda, aren't you coming?" He chuckled humorously. "No," he replied, "only a watcher, am I." It was kind of stupid of me to ask, afterall, it was MY problem. As scary as the cave was, I built up my confidence and carefully walked into it.

As I kept walking, the hallway became scarier by the minute. The walls looked like they were closing in on me and the air became colder.  I raced down the hallway, afraid that I was going to die. I reached an open space. I was exactly where the light came from.

I looked up and saw a skylight that showed the full moon, beaming its light down upon like a spotlight. The mist below me was thick and ankle height. The room was as big as the battle space of and arena. I could sense that I was not alone. It was strong with the Dark Side, yet, it could have been just the cave itself. The wind howled and whispered my name, "AAHHSSOOOKKAAAA."  It made a sharp chill run down my spine. I called to me again, it sounded more like a male person.  I grasped my lightsabers, looking at every angle at where I would be ambushed. Then, a dark voice called from the darkness, "You've come a long way to do die." I heard a lightsaber activate behind me; I dashed sideways, avoiding the possible strike that was about to kill me.

I activated my blades as well and I was surprised by the sight. There, nearly ten feet in front of me was a male Zabrak with red skin and demonic patterns on it. He wore black Sith robes and wield two lightsabers connected together. The worst were his eyes: glowing an evil yellow. "Darth Maul," I said, motivated to kill him.

He grinned at me and replied, "In the flesh."

"This time," I said, "I'll put you down, for good!"

Darth Maul just chuckled, mockingly and said, "I'll die until I have my revenge on the Jedi."

I formed a defensive stance and stared directly at him, "Over my dead Body."

We dashed at the same time and clashed sabers, with my blades pressing into his blades. Darth Maul broke the lock and used the Foce to push me up against the vine-covered wall. He jumped into the air and prepared to stab his lighsaber into my chest. I moved out of the way and his blade injected itself into the wall. I slashed my blades downwards, but he retrieved his lightsaber and dashed away. He was to my right; I slashed at him from every angle possible, using three styles of fighting techniques. He parried my last attack and swung his blade from his right side. We engaged another lock.

"You can't defeat me," he said, staring me down, "I was trained to easily kill Jedi like you."

"But I'm one of a kind," I replied.  

I broke the lock and slashed at him, but he kept blocking my attacks. I began to get really frustrated, I couldn't land a good hit on him.  He parried one of my attacks and punched me back into the wall. I wiped the blood off of the corner of my mouth.  I became enraged, I wanted to take his head and chop it off. But that was it: he wanted me to get angry. If became angry, it would consume me and I would become a Sith. I took a deep breath and stayed calm. I then realized that instead of going to him, I would let him come to me. I stood my ground, waiting for Darth Maul to attack me. He became impatient and dashed at me. I blocked his attacks, doing my hardest to keep his blades from slicing off a limb. I parried an attack and pushed him back with the Force. Once he recovered, he felt as if I was mocking him. He leaped into the air with a roar, about to impale me. I used the Force to trip him in mid-air, causing him to fall, face-flat on the ground. Finally, I jammed my blades into his back, impaling him. He was dead.

Silence filled the air. I removed my blades out of his back. The strangest thing, his corpse mysteriously dissipated into thin air, including his lightsabers. I extinguished my blades, relieved that the Sith Lord has been defeated.

The scene suddenly shifted, turning into another location. At first, I saw stars and space, then a planet appeared in front of me; it was very familiar. It became dark. I was somehow in a dark, circular room, alone. I turned around and saw Dooku, kneeling down at a hologram of a hooded, dark figure. General Grievous was next to him with his robotic arms replaced with another set, also kneeling at the figure.

The man's voice was dark and raspy. "You have forgotten your place, Dooku, by taking a weak child as a new apprentice." I was highly insulted by that statement. "Kill the child, Dooku, or you will endure pain, everlasting." The man sounded very commanding like he was Dooku's boss. Then, Dooku said something that explained it all. "As you wish, my master."

That rang in my ears for a moment. I had no idea that Dooku had a master. In fact, Dooku looked old enough to be his own master, (emphasis on 'old'). Honestly, his master looked like he was two-hundred years old.

The hologram faded, and a light came on at the top of the ceiling. The two stood up. Grievous turned to him, "If I may, Master, allow me to execute the pest." Dooku rudely turned away from him and walked towards a door. "You will do no such thing," he said, serious, "I want her alive, as my assassin."

Grievous was shocked, "But Lord Sidious insisted that we kill her." Dooku stopped and turned back to him, "I know!" Dooku continued to walk to the door.

"But how will you make her agree?" Grievous questioned.

The doors opened for Dooku, he stopped for a minute. "She won't," he said, "I will force her."

The scene dissipated and transformed back into the scene of the cave opening. So many questions boggled in my mind. What was Dooku planning? How was he going to force me to be his assassin and who the heck is Sidious? I began to get a headache, but I needed to get out of the cave.


As I walked back the way I came in, the cave seemed much different than before: the air was warmer, and the hallway wasn't as scary. I felt on top of the world, like confidence thrusted itself upon me. However, I didn't really feel much different.

Once I came out, I saw Master Yoda was sitting patiently on a rock. He smiled at me, "Completed the challenge, have you?"

"Yes," I said, a little confused, "but I don't feel much different."

Master Yoda pointed at a puddle of water in front of me. "Look into it," he said. I kneeled down and only saw my reflection. Nothing really has changed: I had the same dark look of a Sith Zabrak and I was wearing the same evil outfit as before. But then I saw my eyes; I looked into them closer. I was shocked; my eyes changed from an evil Sith back into my normal blue color. After defeating Darth Maul, my soul has been cleaned of the dark force. I was a Jedi once again.

I leaped with joy, "I'm free!" I yelled. I went to Master Yoda and hugged him, thankfully. "Oh, thank you, Master Yoda, thank you!" I was so happy, until I realized that I was embressing myself in front of the Grand Jedi Master. I quickly backed away with my hands behind my back, blushing. "Forgive me, Master Yoda, I guess I got a little carried away."

Yoda chuckled. "No need to forgive," he said, "defeated the darkness within you, you have. A great accomplishment, this is." He then hopped of the rock and walked on a path that lead back to the Twilight. "Come now, young one," he said, "return to Coruscant, we must."

I caught up with him. "Yes, but first, I need to contact Master Skywalker and the rest of the Jedi Council. I have valuable information on where Dooku might be hiding."


Once we got inside the ship, I was able to contact Anakin on Coruscant. "Ahsoka," he said, "have you fixed your problem?"

"Indeed, Master," I said, "I'm healthy and Sith free."

Anakin chuckled. "Very good, Ahsoka, just safely make it back here and we'll search for Count Dooku."

"That's just it," I said, "I have information on where Dooku might be. I need to talk to one of the Council members."

Anakin looked a little surprised, he did what I wanted him to do. "Altight Ahsoka, stand by." The hologram disappeared and I waited for a few minutes.

Anakin came back with Obi-wan Kenobi. "Ahsoka," he said, "I hear you bring vital information."

"Yes, Master Kenobi," I replied, "I believe I know where Dooku is currently located, along with my DNA code."

"Well, where is he?" he asked.

"He's on Korriban," I replied.

"Are you sure?" Anakin questioned.

"I believe so," I said, "I had a vision about it and it seemed so perfectly clear."

Obi-wan nodded. "Very well, I'll talk with the rest of the Council about this and we will mobilize the troops."

"Be ready, Ahsoka," said Anakin.

"Believe me, Master," I said, determined, "I've been waiting for this."
Part 4! This one was much shorter to make than expected.

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Jagged Fel rushed to unstrap himself from his sim seat. He had just taken out the last Rogue and wanted to see who it was. It wasn't Rogue Lead, Darklghter was the second to last Rogue to get killed. Darklighter flew with an obvious style; decades of experience coupled with a hard grace. No, the last Rogue seemed fairly inexperienced. Whoever he was, he flew with an astounding amount of raw talent.  What's more, he learned quickly and could make his X-wing dance. With a little more experience, he could even shoot me down. That Rogue had won Jagged's respect from flying alone, which was a difficult thing to do. No one else had managed it.

Climbing out of his sim, Jagged scanned the area for the distinctive orange flight suits. There was one leaning against the wall by the exit, a lanky blond woman who appeared to be waiting for someone. She appeared to have been out of the sim for a while, her hair no longer damp with sweat. She glanced over towards him and with a wry smile, gave him a mock salute. It wasn't a hostile gesture, but Jagged's gut reaction to it was offense. She, along with the rest of the Rogues he'd seen, carried themselves casually.  Humans are baffling. How can one be casual in the middle of war? Discipline was necessary to win any sort of battle, and outside the cockpit, the Rogues appeared to have none. Of course, inside the cockpit the Rogues could give even his elite Spike squadron a solid fight. He simply didn't understand how one could turn discipline on and off like that.

The hatch to one of the X-wing sims opened up, and the pilot clambered out and dropped to the floor. This must be him – oh, her. The pilot looked at him and gave him a quick nod before she turned to what he presumed was her wingmate, pulling her helmet off in the process. Jagged had never been more glad that his helmet covered his entire face. It hid his shock, though he thought nothing would hide his suddenly loud heartbeat. She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen, and that was with her long brown hair messed up from her helmet. Wisps of hair were plastered to her face with sweat, and she had what looked like a smear of grease across her cheek. A small button nose sate below shining golden-brown eyes. She was tiny, and her flightsuit did a good job of hiding her form, but Jagged had plenty of imagination. He was, after all, human too. He vaguely wondered if this was what a crush was. He had heard of them through his parents, but never understood until now.

Jagged couldn't see her nametag the way she was facing, but he didn't need to as her wingmate began talking. “Hey Solo, you're buying!” He didn't think it was possible, but Jagged's jaw dropped even further. Jaina Solo! That explained a lot, though it was still unexpected. It explained her confident flying, and Jagged had no doubt that it would extend to everything from am A-wing to a Z-95. Without knowing who she was, she had won his complete respect. Now her beauty caused Jagged's chest to tighten and breath to quicken. I have a crush on the daughter of Han Solo. This will go over well with Father.

Jaina groaned. “Dammit, Anni!”

Anni clapped Jaina on the shoulder and steered her out the exit. “You know the rules. Last one alive buys.”

“But I always buy!”

“Then die faster.”  Anni's laughter was the last thing Jagged heard as the exit slid shut behind them.

He was left to contemplate this new development in silence. He couldn't still his heartbeat, and his stomach was knotted. For the first time, Jagged Fel had no control over his emotions, and more frightening still, he didn't want any.
Short fluffy little Jaina Solo/Jagged Fel fanfic.
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The lost fighter
                                    A Star Wars story by emotionalshadows and MilosAndric
The sun was bright and had a large center filled with yellow and  little streaks of red and orange. The planet of Nar Shaddaa, a smuggler’s hideout or place for refuge, was bustling with people of all different species from all across the galaxy. The many bars on the planet’s surface were packed full of Smugglers and Bounty Hunters.
“You seem a little bit worried, Stanton.” A voice from over his shoulder came quickly from nowhere.
“Why do you say that?” Stanton was a smuggler, a rather great one. He had worked for the Sith for over 5 standard years, enough to make a regular man insane, but that was not the man Stanton was. Stanton was a hard-headed man; he rarely became frustrated or nervous. He was always a well-thought man, someone who always thought, he would never just do things aimlessly.
“Your body seems to tensed, your basically giving it away.” It was Stanton’s good friend, Aarron, a man who’s been with Stanton for years. One, and one out of very few people Stanton could trust, man who Stanton could always depend on.
“I’m not in the least bit nervous, I never am, and you know that.” He looked around the bar and spotted their target. This was a man the Sith did not like, one they wished dead. He was worth about 2,000 credits overall, a price that Stanton and Aarron were both fine with.
“Let’s do this silently and quickly, more distractions will only make this harder.” Stanton watched the movement of the target, the man was almost drunk. He was a Zabrak male of the Republic; not a Jedi, but, what Stanton believed, was a spy.
Stanton watched his partner split apart from him and move towards the other side of the target. He watched the crowd around them stay the same as it was. When crowds freak out, it makes things harder from all the shuffling and movement around them. He watched Arron silently pull out a blade, something that Stanton was not too good with.
Stanton turned his head towards the bar tender, he was just leisurely strolling from side to side of the bar, cleaning each glass. He suddenly heard a grunt; he knew the target was dead. No one else reacted to it, most likely because they were either drunk or they don’t pay close attention to detail. But He was always one to pay close attention. He just thought it to help with his job; it could easily save his life; which, for the record, it has on multiple occasions.
He felt a sudden breath on the back of his neck, it was Arron and he had come back victorious. Stanton watched the people go about doing their own business, acting like it was a normal day in their average lives.
Arron turned to Stanton and smiled at the man, the one person in the galaxy he could actually trust,”SO what next, Stanton?”
Star Wars Fan Fiction
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"He Stopped Loving Her Today"

A young girl, who served as a maid and friend many years ago, recounts the tragic events that she encountered during her service.

George Lucas owns the characters, George Jones owns the song- but the plots all mine! :)
He Stopped Loving Her Today

Disclaimer: The song is “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones, and everything else belongs to George Lucas. I do, however own the narrarator.

Timeframe: Long after the Yuuzhaan Vong war.

Summary: A young girl, who served as a maid and friend many years ago, recounts the tragic events that she encountered during her service.

Characters: Peckhum, Zekk, Jacen, Jaina, Narrarator

Keywords: illness, broken-heart, sorry

Genre: angst, drama

I can remember the house, each little nook and cranny of it. That shouldn’t be surprising though; after all, I am the one who cleaned it from the inside out each and every day for…oh, Force knows how many years by now.

It was a lovely house indeed, but I loved the people in it even more. They were so real, so complex and fascinating. I will never forget the time I spent there, for every moment has been etched deep into my heart as well as my mind.

In the beginning of my time there, Zekk was never around; it was always just me and old Peckhum. Often times I wondered if hiring me to care for Peckhum was Zekk’s unspoken apology to the old man, an apology for rarely coming home.

I would often sit on the soft carpet of the drawing room, listening eagerly as Peckhum would regale me with endless tales about Zekk. Aside from the fascinating life the young man led, I noticed, without too much interest at the time, that a Jaina Solo was a recurring character in many of the stories, and that a strange look would pass over Peckhum’s face whenever he spoke of her. I was also rather careful to notice that on the rare occasion that Zekk was home, this Jaina Solo was never mentioned.

As old Peckhum recounted the glorious tales for me, one right after another, at one point he would always look me straight in the eye with a strange expression and tell me how Zekk was a free man, never staying in one place too long, always on the move across the galaxy. I remember that one of those times I had commented on what an amazing way that must be to live. I was completely enamored with Zekk, by then of course. Old Peckhum had given me such a solemn stare in response that I was shocked, and I’m not sure he meant for me to hear him mutter, “Not when you’re running from the past.”

Not long after that last day of stories, Zekk fell ill. No one could figure out what was wrong, not even the best of the doctors, but Zekk was no longer well enough to leave the house. He must have hated that house, now that I think back on it, must have resented it as though it were a vile prison, trapping him within hard, durasteel confines that he could never be rid of again.

On his good days, which were the usual in the beginning, Zekk was always a fairly cheerful person. He would even help me out at times, when he feeling especially well. He said he didn’t like having someone do everything for him, that it didn’t seem right.

No matter how he seemed as the years went by though, I was a smart enough young girl to know that something wasn’t right. Whenever he smiled, the expression never reached those stunning emerald eyes of his. Despite what his exterior may have led people to believe, he was suffering. And somehow I got the feeling it had nothing to do with his illness. On some days when I cleaned, I managed a quick glimpse of him with some strange box in his quarters, but only if I was quick enough. Zekk was very adept at hiding his treasures.

He said "I'll love you till I die",
She told him "You'll forget in time"
As the years went slowly by,
She still preyed upon his mind

I developed quite a crush on Zekk as the years went on. In my eyes, illness or not, he was perfect. I can only remember confiding that secret to two people. One, of course, was old Peckhum. He’d chuckled at me, stroking his stubbled chin and said, “I wouldn’t get your hopes up, young miss…Zekk’s only got eyes for one.”

The other person I remember confiding in was Jacen Solo, on one of his frequent visits to Zekk, whose condition was growing steadily worse. I remember how his dark, liquid brown eyes had looked straight into mine before he turned away and said, “Don’t expect much…in a way, Zekk’s already taken.”

I didn’t understand what either of them meant for a very long time. But I did get a little closer to it the night Peckhum died. I remember it so very clearly. Zekk, despite his condition, had refused to leave Peckhum’s side. He’d fallen asleep in one of the chairs, his head propped onto his fist. I remember Peckhum’s hoarse whisper calling me closer. When I was close enough to feel his breath touch gently against my face with each word he spoke, he asked me to stay and take care of Zekk for him if anything should happen. I agreed in a second. I loved these people; I never wanted to leave, especially when Zekk was still around. Peckhum’s voice grew quieter when he next spoke, and the low words were, “The illness, that’s the least of his problems…did you know that? He’s suffering, young miss…suffering from something much worse…”

I was slightly taken aback by the strange remark, but my curiosity and need to satisfy Peckhum’s last wishes reigned. I responded in an equally low voice, right in old Peckhum’s ear so Zekk wouldn’t be woken. I asked what was wrong with the poor young man…what was he suffering from?

Peckhum’s response was barely audible, but I managed to catch it. He’d whispered, “A broken heart.” Moments later, he was gone.

He kept her picture on his wall,
Went half-crazy now and then
He still loved her through it all,
Hoping she'd come back again

With Peckhum’s death, Zekk lost ground in his fight against the illness, but I kept my promise and stayed to care for him. I hadn’t anywhere else to go of course, but I’m sure that even if I had, I would have stayed. One day, Zekk had an especially bad spell unlike any he’d had before, one where his emerald eyes stared off into space and he’d begin to talk to someone as though they were right there in the room with him.

That was only the beginning of his bad spells, however, and I never paid much attention then. I guess I always thought they’d go away. All I knew was that he always talked to the same person, someone named Jaina.

Kept some letters by his bed
Dated nineteen sixty-two
He had underlined in red
Every single "I love you"

It was a few months after Zekk’s bad spells began, and they became more frequent with time, that I found that box he’d always kept so carefully hidden. I remember wondering for a moment if it was wrong to open it, but my curiosity was too much to bear with.

I remember lifting the small lid and peering cautiously inside. It was filled almost to bursting with holodisks. Each and every one of them was of the same person, I know because I looked. It was the same girl with the brandy eyes, dark hair, and charming crooked smile.

As the months went by, I started to listen to Zekk as he held conversations with the imaginary Jaina. It was a little frightening, but I didn’t know what else I could do for him. It was then that I realized what old Peckhum and Jacen had tried to tell me. Zekk’s heart had been stolen away a long time ago by this mysterious girl. I’d just refused to admit it to myself until now, when I could hear for myself as Zekk spoke to her, occasionally even professing his love for her to the empty air. It was a heart wrenching sight, really. All I knew of Zekk’s mysterious love was her face, so lit up by that crooked smile, and a name, Jaina…

I went to see him just today,
Oh but I didn't see no tears
All dressed up to go away,
First time I'd seen him smile in years

One morning, I’d woken up to find the house completely silent. Not allowing myself to worry, I immediately started for Zekk’s room, wondering why he had stopped his now-daily ritual of talking to Jaina.

I’ll never forget what I found when I arrived. The image has been permanently ingrained into my memory, and I carry it around with me each day. No matter where I go, or how far across the galaxy I travel, I see it. And every time it brings me to tears.

Zekk’s secret box had been dragged from its hiding place, and the dozens of holodisks lay scattered about him on the bed. But there, clutched in his hands, he held a holograph tightly to his chest, just over his heart. The disks switch was still in the on position, and it showed the merriment in her brandy eyes as her face was lit up by that trademark crooked smile.

His cheeks glistened; they were wet, as though he’d been crying. I knew then, as the tears flooded down my cheeks in mass rivers. It was just as Peckhum had said. The illness hadn’t been enough to defeat Zekk; it had never even come close. No, the illness hadn’t been Zekk’s downfall, but his broken heart had.

He stopped loving her today
They placed a wreath upon his door
And soon they'll carry him away
He stopped loving her today

I remember the days of planning Zekk’s funeral after that. They were filled with many strange, teary-eyed faces.
There was a rather large debate on whether she, I assumed they meant Jaina, would show up or not. I recall many of them doubting it, one saying that Chiss Space, where she lived with her husband, was probably too far of a distance for her to want to bother. Another, in Jaina’s defense, quietly remarked that returning might just be too hard for her to face. I noticed that many of them agreed with that second statement.

You know, she came to see him one last time.
Oh, and' we all wondered if she would.

In a way, they were right. She never showed up at the funeral. In fact, the brandy eyed girl with the so-charming smile never came.

But I wonder if they know about the woman with the dark eyes and the tears. She didn’t go to the funeral either, but she came.

The only reason I, myself saw her was completely by chance. I remember glancing out the window as I cleaned the house one last time to see a lone, cloaked figure making their way slowly among the trees. I was curious and rather anxious to get out of the house anyway, so I followed. The cloaked figure walked as though they knew the place well, and headed straight for the old grove.

I’ll never forget that day, the first and last time that I saw Jaina Solo.

She lowered the hood of her black cloak, freeing her chocolaty tresses into the wind. Her eyes were dark, missing the youthful spark they’d always held in Zekk’s holographs, and there was no trace that a joyous, lopsided smile had ever touched her lips.

She knelt to the ground, her hair still flowing about her as the wind passed gently through it. Slowly, a slender hand reached out from the folds of her robes, reaching, and her lips moved, the wind stealing the words and carrying them away. I’ll never be sure, but I thought the words, “I’m so sorry” reached my ears. Her hand finally came into contact with the smoothness of Zekk’s gravestone, tracing the engraving of his name before finally bowing her head, surrendering to her tears.

And it kept running' through my mind-
"This time he's over her for good."
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“What?!”, Leia almost shouted, losing her diplomatic cool for a moment. She was usually unshaken, but this did the job pretty well. “I said that if I was to die, I want you to make those public. That doesn’t mean I’m going to just drop dead.”, Sebastian tried to soothe her, but even though her outer demeanour had mainly returned, Sebastian could tell Leia was upset. Shii was less shaken by the notion. “Well if you said that it must be that you’re expecting to die or at least considering that you might, right?”, she reasoned. “Why?”, Leia immediately wanted to know. Briefly glaring at Shii, Sebastian tried to soothe Leia again, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Look, it’s just that I have a lead on some loose ends I still need to tie off... And I had a vision when meditating. Of me. Dead. But it might as well not happen. The future is always in motion.”, he tried to reason. “I just want to have a failsafe for if it should happen. They’re just some personal messages and a few teachings. Especially for-” He stopped mid sentence as the person he was talking about walked up to the table and gestured at Sebastian to move over so she could sit down. Sebastian hesitated, and finally did move. After a few awkward moments of silence, the newcomer broke it. “Master, what’s wrong?”, Leila asked. Sebastian averted his eyes, but Leia understood. “You meant her, didn’t you? The teaching holocrons are for her.”, she concluded. Sebastian nodded slowly, while Leila shifted her gaze from Sebastian to Leia and back again a continuous loop. “What’s going on here?”, she asked, shaking Sebastian by the shoulder. Shii giggled, unable to pass the opportunity. “Sebby thinks he’s going to die.”, she said out of the blue. “Shii!”, Leia sighed. Leila froze. Sebastian dropped his head onto the table. “Sebastian? You’re going to...”, Leila stammered. “No.”, Leia said hurriedly. “But you just said-”, Shii started. “Shii. Go play or something. We’ll talk about this later.”, Leia said sternly. This wasn’t like Leia, to let Shii out of her sight. “Listen...”, Sebastian muttered, turning back to his Master and Padawan. “It’s just a possibility. It’s not like I won’t try not to die. I just... Saw it in a vision.” A silence came over the conversation again, with Leila just staring at Sebastian While she processed the news. This time, it was Leia that broke it. “Sebastian... What is it that you’re going to do?”, she asked. “I’m going to have a talk with someone. That’s all.”, Sebastian said reluctantly. “Bantha shit. Who?”, Leila demanded. Again Sebastian hesitated. “With Shokato. He’s been tracked down for me.” “I’m coming with you.”, Leia said. “No. I’m doing this alone. I was his Master.”, Sebastian said. The resolve in his voice was clear. “I’m your Padawan. I’m supposed to follow you everywhere. I’m going with you.”, Leila tried as well. “No. He needs the do this alone. We can’t stop him.”, Leia said this time. Leia knew Sebastian well enough to know that tone of voice. Sebastian was determined on everything he said now. “Be careful, my old Padawan.”, Leia said. Sebastian nodded and forced a faint smile. “I’ll be fine.”, he assured them. “Sebby...”, Leila sighed as she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a heartfelt hug. “It’ll be alright, Leila. I’ll be back before you know it.”, Sebastian said as he ruffled the girl’s hair. “I’m taking the public transport to Coruscant, and stepping over from there. My flight leaves in just over twenty minutes. I need to get ready.”, he said as he stood up. “You two take care. And Leia. Don’t forget about hose holocrons.” “You just get back in one piece.”, Leia retorted. “I will.”, Sebastian said, and turned away. As he walked out, he wiped a single tear from his cheek.
Full title: Jedi Order stories, volume 1: Loose Ends, part 2

The first part of one of the rp based short stories I'm currently writing, this one based in the Star Wars setting of the #JediOrder chatroom.

Star Wars and all concepts, objects and events related to Star Wars © Lucasarts

-Sebastian, Jedi Master. © me
-Leia Skywalker and Shii Skywalker © =Leia1987
-Leila Darklighter © *erinpotter89
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