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here is the sequence :
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:new: NEW APP!

Name: Maggie
Nickname: Mag or Mags
Age: 15
Birthday: 11th of January
Gender: Female
Nature: Jolly (Very pleasant or agreeable)
Pokemon: Flareon
Hometown: LunaTown (Name based on Lunatone)
Maggie lived with her parents and her big sister Ara in the mountains. In the little village it was quite often nice weather and that gave Maggie lot's of opportunities to play outside with other kids. Unlike her sister Ara who was usually inside with their mother, you could find Maggie outside most of the time, digging and looking for things to bring home. Her biggest dream was to become a archaeologist just like her dad. He would often make pictures of what he found and where he went. He would tell stories that highly inspired Mag. Together they would sometimes explore the garden pretending to be on one of his adventures.

One day she was out and about exploring on her own. She had left Ara in the cave where she usually was with Loki, Ara's best friend who had disappeared, and was trying to find something pretty for her big sis to cheer her up. A shiny object glistered in the corner of her eye. Curiously she picked it up and before she knew it she turned into a Flareon. Surprised at first but then very exited, finally she was more like her sister, who had already turned into a vaporeon. Quickly she ran back to the cave. When finally there she shouted and waved her arms in the air. In her excitement she tripped in the mud. To see what all the fuss was about Ara came out to find a very muddy but wide grinning flareon.

Maggie liked making new friends. Playing outside with friends was one of her favorite things. She had one really close friend which was a female Lapras named Sabine. Her friend mostly listened to her ramble but enjoyed her company. Sadly Sabine was way older than her and moved away like most grown ups did in this small town since there was a lack of activity. It left Maggie feeling sad and a bit lonely. But with the help of Ara they wrote letters to each other weekly.
But Maggie is also very close with her sister! Although Mag was always the hyperactive but cheerful child she would listen well to her sister. As kids they even shared a room. She liked seeing her sister work on clothes just like their mother but never had the patience to sit still and stay.
She got very upset when Ara wanted to leave Lunatown as well. She couldn't handle someone else this close to her leaving and had her mind set. If Ara would go, she would come along this time. Their parents didn't agree with this at first but after a while they finally agreed and trusted that Ara would take good care of her younger sister.
Maggie couldn't wait to go out on a new adventure.

- Digging
- Collecting any kind of stones
- Sports, including swimming
Job: None (I consider her too young for a proper job)
Favorite Food: Soup! She loves lots of different kinds~
Favorite Berry: Nanab Berry
Catchphrase: Hee~
Accessories : None yet
Additional Info:
- She only has an earring on the side that you can see (on the app)
- Her tail is rather large and very fluffy
- Her real hair color is blond
Her big sister Ara:
Tumblr for Ara and Maggie:[link]

Old app:[link]
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I know I'm not very active at all here on deviantart nor am I any good with art still. Trying to find my style and stuff (thank God for tutorials), but I've seen a lot of applications for this group #PKMN-Crossing that my pal *Cyanide-Tea made (yeah I'm pretty much out of the loop. It's been up for awhile). It's a mix between Animal Crossing and Pokemon. It looks like it's going to be a HUGE thing when it opens. I'm not very good with groups or roleplaying, but I guess it don't hurt to try out for it.

Fleshed out her History a bit more and added some Extra info to her, so people can get a better feel for her.

- NAME: Prancer

- NICKNAME: Prance, Racer, Zipper

- AGE: 26 years old

- BIRTHDAY: May 28th

- GENDER: Female

- NATURE: Rash

- POKEMON / HUMAN: Rapidash

- HOMETOWN: Neonria City

- HISTORY: Prancer was born in the busy, bustling nightlife city known as Neonria; where crazy parties, raves, and the nightlife were always something to look forward to after a long, hard days worth of work. It's in this neon-lighted city that Prancer was raised, eventually growing up to become quite the night owl and party animal herself.
Every night was something new to the young woman... raving the night away with glowsticks, walking through the never empty streets full of people, heading to the giant mall to hit up food and clothes, everything! But eventually sticking to the city got boring for her, and she experienced a new craze in town: Racing. Speed racing. Almost instantly Prancer fell in love not only with the terrifying speed of some of the pokemon that participated in such events, but she loved the women who sat around looking pretty with the men. To her, these girls were the ultimate sort of beauties: Race Queens. She swore that someday she would get into the scene and become a Race Queen model too!

Prancer worked towards that goal and eventually became a female Speed Racer on the neon lit tracks of her city's arena, having evolved into a Rapidash at the age of 21. Though her racing term was very short, even though she was pretty fast being a Rapidash and all, Prancer was still taken into consideration by the racing league and made her one of the Racer Queen models. She had achieved her goal and could have never been better. Being able to wear the neon, tight latex sexy suits/dresses and other racer-inspired items heightened her happiness to it's maximum and Prancer lived the famous high life in Neonria for quite a few years. It was then the Race Queen model was asked to do shoots in a much smaller city near the tiny town called Pokette, and she agreed to do so. Though the much more timid, quiet country sort of life of the town was a culture shock to the Rapidash, she had taken a tiny liking to it... no major crowds, no pounding music 24/7, everyone was rather friendly but a little slow in the head (or so she says), and hardly a soul was out at night, which was very unusual to see. This was all new to the woman who was living her career fabulously in the big city that enever seemed to sleep, and though she loved Neonria, Pokette Town piqued her curiosity. After the photo shoot in the city nearby, Prancer returned to the simple lived town to reside there and explore it: To learn of a different lifestyle from what she was use to. Here's to hoping her rash nature won't get the best of her, though that seems doubtful.

- HOBBY: Running/Jogging around town, Racing, Exercising, Relaxing at the beach (no swimming), Shopping in the city, Dancing

- JOB: Model

- FAVORITE FOOD: Vindaloo curry with Rice (Indian food; VERY hot and spicy)

- FAVORITE BERRY: Tamato Berry

- CATCHPHRASE: "Dashing!"

- ACCESSORIES: Neon green glasses, Blue ring earring

- EXTRAS: Prancer is active mostly at night and can be seen roaming around town throughout the evening // Dislikes water greatly and won't be caught dead outside when it rains, or swimming at the beach // Enjoys a friendly competition, especially when a trophy is involved // Rash in nature, so she gets rather upset easily and is stubborn when she feels she is right about something or has be wronged by someone
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The Ninjaz! The secret weapon of the rebels! They're fast, silent, and kick-ass! How will the 50last ever get past them?
No, really. How will they? There's nothing in the manual about fighting ninjas, much less Ninjaz!
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Long long ago, I had drawn Pokemon Jedi knights, and since Lucario is one of the most popular characters ever, he should deserve to be a Jedi too. I intended to have him hold a lightsaber in his hindpaw, but it didn't look right.

Jedi (c) LucasArts
Lucario (c) Nintendo

Flamers will be ignored and hidden
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First try on Sai.
Kiriban for *Utao
There's so much to learn.

You won, I won't delete it
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My shih-tzu character, Sani! Drew her in a kimono type thing...yeah. X3;;
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...But now she's back where she belongs...

For the :iconpkmn-crossing: Mother's Day Event~! C:
So, I drew V's dearly departed mother Antra, who passed away due to extreme sickness, likely caused by the depression of losing her son years ago.

But, she is truly back where she truly belongs, watching over her dear son she missed everyday. c:

Enjoy! :heart:


Espeon (C) PKMN
Art/Character (C) ~zhama

for the group of :iconpkmn-crossing:
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Commission for Raventhan as a jedi.
character belong to raventhan .
Done with photoshop .
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A custom adoptable for sansunari on FA. :>

A mix of a tree kangaroo (LOVE that species now), giant otter, and a deer. Kind'a hard to mix them all together. xD

So yeah. :U

The character is a FtM, btw, chest is binded (didn't draw binding to help show more of the design).

Hope you like~

art [c] moi

Character [c] Sansunari on FA
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