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For the Gears of war contest. This was a lot of fun! This was the first time I painted so many characters at took a lot of blood and sweat to get this done.
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Love and hate, pleasure and pain, passion and affection, caresses and scratches, man and woman ... good and evil.

Many aspects of a single great idea ... a winner and a loser, but without one of them, fight have no sense, and the opposite becomes essential... Complementary...

So the eyes of lovers, kiss almost touched, and a strong close to her face which she answered with strong scratches.

Are they in love? Or do they hate each other?

Good or evil?


I try because I don't have a tablet and win one of them is a dream (probably will be the same for a long time ;__; ).

My "tools": Photoshop CS2, my damn mouse, only at the end with the help of a small tablet (thanks Giulia!), and my friend's patience. XD

This is my work for the contest, I hope you like it.

Dedicated to everyone have supported me during the creation totally insecure.
A more special thanks to the "models" Mirò and Giulia, who have been suitable for the pose even though it was embarassment. =P

[Sorry for my english or mistakes... I do my best!]



Amore e odio, piacere e dolore, affetto e passione, carezze e graffi, uomo e donna... bene e male.

Molti aspetti di un unico grande concetto... un vincitore e un vinto, ma senza l'altro la lotta non avrebbe senso, e il contrario diventa essenziale... complementare...

Allora lo sguardo degli amanti, un bacio quasi sfiorato, ed una stretta forte al volto a cui rispondere con dei vistosi graffi.

Sono innamorati? O si odiano?

Bene o male?


Ho voluto tentare dato che non ho una tavoletta e vincerne una è un sogno (che probabilmente resterà tale a lungo ;__; )

I miei "strumenti": Photoshop CS2, il mio dannato mouse, alla fine una piccola tavoletta (Grazie Giulia!), e la pazienza dei miei amici. XD

Questo è il mio lavoro per il concorso, spero che vi piaccia.

Dedicato a tutti coloro che mi hanno sopportato mentre tentavo di finirlo nella totale insicurezza.
Un grazie speciale anche ai "modelli" Mirò e Giulia, prestatisi nonostante l'imbarazzo. =P
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my entry with tomb raider logo.
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The shaman hold the keys to opening the minds of the thoughtless automatons. One is a taker, will others follow?
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DOWNLOAD for the full resolution submitted.

Finally, my entry to the EVE Online competition is submitted (at last minute as always!).

My starship, named Daedalus, was based off of the Merlin class frigate (for those of you that are familiar with EVE) and was an attempt follow the design sensibilities already found throughout the Caldari Navy. On top of this I attempted to give it an iconic design, something that would fit its title as a navy flagship.

I'll include the written description from the piece here (due to its small font on the actual work):

Originally conceived as a flagship vessel, the Daedalus was intended to lead auxiliary attack groups against the numerous Gurista incursions along the Eastern Rim; its imposing and recognisable visage intended to intimidate the comparatively smaller pirate navy. After a large number of successful engagements, the Daedalus-class battlecruiser, having proved its worth, was transferred to the much larger primary fleets, filling a fast-attack turret based offense role.

By YC106 however, the Daedalus had fallen out of use, in part due to the surge in production of the Ferox and Drake class battlecruisers. Their upgraded missile systems and tank-based role in battle, by this point, were favoured over the offensively capable but defensively weak Daedalus. In time it was almost completely absent from the Caldari Navy, with the few remaining vessels left fulfilling political roles as private, diplomatic transports.

After the Gurista involvement with the Innovaatio Varustukset Corporation in YC109 and the resulting kidnapping of one of the coporation scientists, it was recognised that Nugoeihuvi's Internal Security division were deploying a number of Daedalus-class vessels in their search for the missing scientist and his pirate captors.

Recognised by the Caldari Navy for its high-risk, high reward combat effectiveness, this security operation signalled the return of the Daedalus to active fleet status.


The ship was designed in Google Sketchup, given a simple lighting render and then textured in Photoshop. All space work and graphics were also designed in Photoshop.

Credit to Video Co-Pilot for use of one of their optical flares. The icons in the work are property of CCP.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my entry and good luck to all who entered.
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In order to remain competitive with the changing times. Ore is looking to reach out to the higher risk takers in industry. The "Prospect" proposal is to seek investors to make an industry ship focused entirely to the small industrial corps whom would prefer to gather the materials themselves rather than outsource their rare ore supplies.

The design is centered around survivability. While they may rival tech 2 counterparts, the overall yields will not exceed, but instead offer additional functionality in dangerous space. unfortunately, all this state of the art technology does come at additional costs.

Turrets would be side mounted instead of traditional ore top mounts to match the dual process line design.

Skill requirements for usage will be the similar to that of the Strategic cruisers. Difference will be barge instead of cruiser skill and the skill itself will be strategic industrial.

Strategic Industrial I
Astrogeology V
Spaceship Command III
Mining Barge V
Spaceship Command I
Strategic Industrial Defensive Systems I
Mechanic V
Shield Operation III
Engineering I
Strategic Industrial Electronic Systems I
Electronics V
Strategic Industrial Engineering Systems I
Engineering V
Strategic Industrial Mining Systems I
Mining V
Drones III
Strategic Industrial Propulsion Systems I
Navigation V

I would like to have had some slight changes for the fitting slots. Unfortunately gas miners do not require a hardpoint. To keep it from being overpowered, I had to limit possible high slot combination maximums to 4. Exception is the locus setup which would not receive the gas mining bonus.

Edit: in game, had never used gas harvesters, and didn't realize that the info window for them doesn't say that they use turret hardpoint. Thanks to a friend for pointing that out, with that knowledge, the foreman subsystem could be tweaked to add a high slot instead.

Other issue would be that gathered resources would have to go straight to the resource bays, or the hull resource bay would need to become a regular cargo bay.

Primary focus was on getting a general function. Due to time, and the fact of having to make the assortment of subsystems, planning and testing different ways to assemble to prevent an overpower event, texture mapping was not possible, instead focusing on an appearance. This also includes exact calculations for areas such as mass, powergrid, etc. Attribute points.

Notes: The folder for this project, not including blender or outside used images is 583 mb. If the .bmp file format is included, 514 mb can be added to that. For you eve players in the know, must be a sign XD

Also note the little mark on the front of the scaling bar. Is a person for case of reference.
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Darth Vader had feelings too
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A land forsaken. Forsaken of warmth, forsaken of life, forsaken by man. The days are frigid and the nights are bitterly cold. Hopefully it shall always remain unspoiled and pristine. Safe from harm. Forsaken from the thoughts of man.

My first (and maybe only) entry to the Seasons of 3D contest! :w00t: I hope you all like it...and as it should be obvious, I'm trying to depict winter here. ;)

Terragen render.
Rendersize: 6000x4500 pixels
Rendertime: 18.5 hours
Terrain: El Mocambo II by ~hillrunner. (2049x2049 mojoworld export...mojoworld planet El Mocambo is by ~prutzworks)
Postwork: Sharpening, contrast & brightness adjustment, minor color balance tweaking, minor liquifying and cloning to fix some artifacts, and resizing in photoshop 7.0

Please enjoy! :D

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I gave my all with this final entry into the Riddick contest and all of this is hand drawn from references. This challenged me in every way and I hope you like the finished piece. There are still details that I want to work in if I can find the time but I wanted to share this with you all now. All of this is drawn in Photoshop and any additional references used belong to me.

EDIT: As this has come up a few times I wanted to reiterate that this is not a photo and is all drawn.
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Walle and R2D2

I made this with the oil painting filter.
I hope you guys like it.
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