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There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.

The Force surrounds us and penetrates us. the Force binds the galaxy together. All living beings in space and time, and indeed space and time itself, are subject to the ebb and flow of the Force throughout the stars.There are those who can feel the Force's whispers, and are able to answer back. Such beings sensitive to the Force are born with a duty: to protect and preserve all life, as products of the Living and Unifying Force. From that duty we, the Jedi Order, emerge. We serve all life, and by extension, we serve the Force itself. The Force is the fount and sustainer of all life, and yet cannot be described as "living" itself.

The Force simply is.

Yet the Jedi, the servants of the Force, do not "simply" exist as the Force does. Our purpose is the precursor and the hypothesis of our existence. We live to serve. Service defines us, and in turn guides and influences our growth and existence in the galaxy. All other allegiances and attachments recede into oblivion when counterpointed with the service to the galaxy. In perfect service, we at once lose our identities within the larger whole of the Order and galaxy at large, and we maintain our identity within the great tapestry of the Force.

--There is no emotion, there is peace.
Limited by the restraints of our material bodies and our inherited psychological barriers, we are prone to allow emotions overtake our logic and even our instincts. We feel emotion because we, even the greates Jedi most learned in the force, feel fear. Happiness and joy are sweetly felt and urge the Jedi to seek these feelings again and in greater intensity. Sadness, desire, and anger are all prompted by fear of loss or the unknown future. All emotions do is to distract the Jedi from his tasks of compassion, preservation, and protection. Conditional love and emotional attachment are among the most dangerous, for the Jedi who practices such is gradually blinded to the needs of the galaxy by his own attachment to another individual-- he sacrifces his mission, his purpose, for the sake of singular gratification. No matter how deeply he professes to "love" this one being, he is in effect betraying his command to love all life.

The chief end of a Jedi's journey into the Force is the gradual shedding of the physcial and mental chains that limit his ability to serve life. By letting go of distracting emotions that cloud judgment and influence decision, the Jedi sees the galaxy as the galaxy is-- without any clouding of the lenses. Emotions are illusions-- they confer no strength of their own, as the Sith claim, nor do they somehow augment the light side-- the Light needs no augmentation, and the full measure of its power is manifested in the loss of self to service. To become fully one with the Force. When submerged in the will of the Force, letting go of the bindings that keep his flight detained, the Jedi understands true peace and tranquility, for such is the Force's nature.

--There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
The Force is infinite. No being, no civiliation after eons of study, will ever understand the totality of the will of the Force. The will of the Force is mysterious and inscrutable, and any conclusions about its nature will prove more and more incorrect with every passing day. Jedi are occasionally granted visions of what time-bound beings consider "the future," but such premonitions are rare, and limited in scope. The Jedi is fully aware of his individual ignorance of the totality of the Force, and that humble realization blots the shadow of hubris from their minds as they continue in their work. The Sith err fundamentally in proclaiming their mastery of the dark side of the Force, but their proclamations are as a raindrop crowning himself Lord of the thunderstorms.To proclaim mastery is to limit one's sojourn in the Force, and thus deprive onself even more keenly of the "mastery" he so professes to achieve.

Yet the Force is not so mysterious as to discourage study-- far from it, the Force grants the Jedi enough wisdom for the Order to search ever deeper, truly understanding the depths of mercy and stewardship that the Force has called us to uphold. Through study, through knowledge, we perpetuate our existence, and when our existence is perpetuated, then the tenets of the light side are strengthened and perserved. In our humility, we gain knowledge enough to clearly discern the nature of existence itself, and through that clarity, our mission is ever more underscored.

--There is no passion, there is serenity.
The Sith rage about, seeking to mark the galaxy with their fooprint, not caring whether that print is the ruin of countless civilizations or the suffering of innumerable beings. The Sith, blinded by their delusions of autonomous will and freedom, would bring about the destruction of the galaxy, if only they could somehow survive. And the central, immovable reason for the depravity of the Sith lies in one single emotion: fear. From their fear, the Sith molds and twists the resulting passion into a delusion capable of touching the Force, violating its purpose. They rage about, seeking to spread their fear and hate to others, and in so doing, convince the galaxy of their power.Passion, and especially the passion born from the Sith, is an illusion.

The Sith fear, and not only do they fear, but they fear that which should not be feared in the first place. They fear the dangers of the galaxy, the dangers contingent with existence, and in that sense, fear life itself. The Jedi understands the dangers of the galaxy in a way that a Sith could never comprehend, and thus understands the truth undergirding existence-- life and death are simply states of being, and pain is illusory, brought on by the limits of our physical form. There is nothing to fear, and nothing that truly threatens our existence. The Jedi understand this, and in internalizing the inherent serenity of the galaxy, derive unbounded power from it.

--There is no chaos, there is harmony.
The Sith thesis is one in which all beings are in conflict: a galaxy at war. All beings strive with one another for dominance, and only the truly strong survive to crush and dominate all resistance. Wars are fought and beings suffer and die: that is simply the way of things. In seeking rulership over the galaxy, the Sith tell themselves that they are simply participating in the galaxy's natural functions, and that we, the Jedi, are simply ignoring the real state of things.

There is no chaos. The Force, as mentioned earlier, binds all life together in a great network of life, death, and renewal that the Sith vision is pitably myopic in comparison. Life is made, taken, and given to another. Predators kill and eat prey, but in their way sustain the environment in which more prey will be created in place of the one slain. One animal kills to ensure the survival and birth of many more to come. The Living Force is inexorable-- death cannot stop its processes, and the methods it pursues to fulfill its will are orderly, predictable, and harmonious. The Jedi perserve and nurture this harmony, protecting it from any attempt to hinder or harm the order binding all things.

There is no death, there is the Force.
The Sith, above all, are consumed with the fear of death and their loss of identity. The greatest, most nefarious Dark Lord lies awakeat night, dreading his own mortality. They can see no way of preserving their selves after their mortal forms have withered away. This hopelessness, this desperation, fuels their anger, and twists their anger into hate for all other living beings. From their fear, they shape delusions that they alone should be free from the cycle of life-- the natural order of things. They detach their identities from the framework of existence itself and set it high above all others. In their darkness and the terror of death, the old Sith Lords built grim monuments and tombs on Korriban, and even now plumb the unspeakable depths of the dark side, all for the chance of avoiding death. Yet there is a sad, sad irony in all this. To preserve his, the Sith would twist and corrupt everything it touches, even himself. In order to gain strength to challenge death, he would pour corruption into his very being until one can easily see the rot eating away at him from within. To flee death, a Sith slowly becomes the instrument of his own destruction. The Sith Order cannot exist in perpetuity. Hate, ambition, and greed are fundamentally negative and destructive, and to construct an institution built on destruction is to ensure its inevitably collapse.

The fear of death comes from an excessive attachment to the self. To love one's self to such and extent as to willfully abrogate the bounds of nature with the Force is the essence of the dark side. To that end, Jedi actively seek the complete and utter abandonment of self in service to the Order, and to the Force. Our identity is nothing in the face of the galaxy at large, and to sacrifice ourselves completely to the Order is a mandate demanded by the Force itself. Our identity becomes the Jedi Order. While we retain our individual forms, we cease to think of ourselves as individuals. Instead, we are the Jedi. We are the guardians of the light. Through this complete abandonment of self, we avoid the self-immolation ensured by the Sith teachings, and after our mortal bodies fade away, we retain our identities within the larger Force. Brought about by our serene acceptance of the Force's will, our selves are preserved through the transition of life to death, thereby achieveing the immortality that thr Sith so desperately crave-- and can never achieve.

To be Jedi is to serve. One cannot do any more, and no obligation is greater.

From the records of Master Doran Koon, a Jedi during the Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, ca. 3,653 BBY.
The counterpart to my earlier discussion on the Sith, "Sithisis"

I tried to provide a more positive counterpoint to the Sith, while still making the Jedi slightly more ambivalent than they've been usually portrayed.

The Jedi emphasize the whole over the individual, maybe to an extent that may not even be possible or healthy. To completely abandon your self, your identity, to serve the greater good, is a tall order and probably may be a bit dystopian.

The Jedi are definitely good, with excellent intentions and methods, but the underlying philosophy of the Order can be somewhat questionable here.

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Elemenral Hero Ice Edge
Elemental Hero Stratos
Elemental Hero Woodsman
Elemental Hero Sparkman x2
Elemental Hero Wildheart
Elemental Hero Necroshade
Elemental Hero Avian
Elemental Hero Bubbleman   
Elemental Hero Burstinatrix
Elemental Hero Captain Gold
Elemental Hero Bladedge
Elemental Hero Clayman
Elemental Hero Ocean
Elemental Hero Knospe
King of the swamps
Wroughtweiler x2

Skyscraper 2 - Hero City
E - Emergency Call
Reinforcement of the army
Future Fusion
O - Oversoul
Polymerization x3
Marcile Fusion
Fifth Hope
Hero's Bond
The Warrior Returning Alive
H - Heat Heart

Hero Counterattack
Hero Signal
Negate Attack
Sakuretsu Armor
Bottomless Trap Hole
Change of Hero - Reflector Ray
Hero Barrier

Elemental Hero Flame Wingman
Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman
Elemental Hero Thunder Giant
Elemental Hero Mariner
Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster
Elemental Hero Steam Healer
Elemental Hero Wild Wingman
Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer
Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer
Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman
Elemental Hero Wildedge
Elemental Hero Plasma Vice
Elemental Hero Electrum
Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster
Elemental Hero Wild Wingman
I know I'm missing a lot of Elemental Hero like
Lady Heat
Poison Rose
Terra firma
Air Noes
Glow Neos
Chaos Neos
Storm Neos
Magma Neos
God Neos
Rainbow Neos
MudBall Man
Absolute Zero
Gaia (not Evil Hero Gaia)
Strong Storm
Rose Bud (spell Card)
Nova Master
Mask Hero Vapor
Mask Hero Goka
Mask Change (spell)
A Hero Lives (spell)

I have cards like
Neos-Spacian Air Humming Bird
Neos-Spacian Glow Moss
Miracle fusion
Elemental Hero Knospe
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Flames of Old Chapter 1
Author: vadess40
Game: SWTOR, with hints of KOTOR
Characters: Sith Warrior x3, Sith Inquisitor
Disclaimer: SWTOR, KOTOR [c] Bioware, LucasArts; Viile [c]darthgamer96, used with permission

Korriban: ancient homeworld of the Sith, now their training ground. Many citizens of the Empire have come through this planet on their way to becoming ranking Lords of the SIth or simply ending up as food for the various animals that infest Korriban's surface. It's a planet of darkness, it's a planet of shadows, and it's a planet that Darth Revan, now Serea Apostolia, has visited many times in the past. The first time was during the Mandalorian Wars and was part of what started her journey towards falling to the dark side again. Now, she is here as a Sith but not as a darkside user. Instead she is one of the many loyal Sith of the Empire who use the lightside to push the Empire towards a greater good.

Part of this greater good involves why she's here. By command of the Emperor, she and Lord Viile, a fellow Juggernaut in the Sith ranks were to silence one of the Emperor's enemies for trying to usurp a title that wasn't meant to be his. Darth Baras wants to be the Emperor's Voice, regardless of whether the Emperor condoned his ambitious desires. Serea and Viile were here to stop him and ensure that a clear message was sent to the dark council. Thankfully, with the help of the Emperor's Hands, Serea and Viile already dealt a critical blow to Baras' ambitions. As proceeded towards the academy, she mulled over the plan in her head. I cannot allow him to discover that I or Viile are alive... Can't let him discover the cameras on Corellia were fabricated to make Baras think his assassination attempt on us was real. Oh, I must make sure Chalcenia is safe... The thought of her wife made her halt. Was Viile's wife safe?

Quickly she pulled out her communicator and dialed a frequency number. In a few second an image of a tall pureblood with red hair wearing purple heavy armor with spikes on the near the neck. Serea used one of her gloved hands that wasn't holding the communicator to push stray strands of her black hair back before she spoke, "Viile, I think your wife should stay on my ship or something. Who knows whether or not Baras is expecting an attack from us!"

Ville grunted in reply, "I don't need you to watch my wife for me! I'll keep her on my ship."

Serea replied, "Chill, will you? I was only thinking about the safety of your household. It's bad enough this guy attacked both our crews, convinced your medic to betray us, and made us kill Lord Draagh three times."

Ville frowned,"It was four times, Serea. Can you not honestly keep track of your kills?"

Serea laughed, "You know, for someone who doesn't bother with comedy, you sure come up with better jokes than me."

Ville glared at her. "Just do what needs to be done so we can kill this bastard, lest I start slaughtering acolytes to pass the time and for my own amusement," was his final word before disconnecting the communicator.

Serea shakes her head and puts her communicator away. Oh, he's such a sweety sometimes...

As Serea wandered her way through the academy, she noticed a Sith Marauder with cyborg implants along the side of her face walk by quickly. Serea recognized the marauder as one of her old peers, Exousia. Huh, Serea thought to herself, she's gotten a lot darker since we were at the academy. I always assumed she'd be a grey force user, like Jolee. Oh well, whatever flies her starship I suppose.

Exousia noticed her old peer as she headed to receive orders from the Dark Council. As she glanced towards Serea, she could not help but frown. The Juggernaut felt so strange through the force, and it was unnerving. Exousia wanted to continue on her way. After all, the Dark Council would only wait for so wrong. Yet, she could not ignore it if her friend felt strange through the force. Exousia thought to herself, What if the Jedi did something to her? Immediately Exousia followed her old friend from the shadows.

Serea finally found Chalcenia, but her lover was in a class. Quietly, Serea slid in the seat next to the Sith Inquisitor in-training and pecked her on the cheek. Chalcenia looked in Serea's direction and whispered, "Ah, my dear, you've arrived on Korriban at last. I was getting worried when Captain Quinn refused to give me any more details."

Serea replied, "We shall talk later, my darling, as what I have to say cannot be discussed in public."

Before looked towards the speaker, she briefly admired her lover. Although Chalcenia had the usual features of a Sith pureblood- red skin, black hair, and small horns coming out the side of her head- to  Serea she looked like the most beautiful person in the world. I cannot believe it's been over 300 years, and counting, Serea smiled to herself as she finally began to pay attention to what the overseer was saying. The speaker taught, "Now, Darth Antitheos had many apprentices but only two are mentioned by name in any Sith texts: Darth Void and Darth Nova. Does anyone know anything about either apprentice?"

Chalcenia immediately shot her hand up. The instructor nodded at her and she spoke, "Darth Void and Nova were polar opposites of each other. Darth Void certainly lived up to her name for she was Void of emotion and every feeling. It is amazing she even felt the dark side. Nevertheless, she was a cold Sith and a fierce warrior..."

A nameless student shot back, "Fierce warrior? Fierce warrior?! Void did not know the meaning of those words."

The Instructor asked, "What is your name, acolyte?"

The student, "I am Antithea Apostolia. I have studied Darth Antitheos' apprentices for many years. I know that the true warrior lied with Darth Nova. She was a being of pure anger and hatred... No one could stand against her."

Chalcenia piped up, "Then why have past Sith Lords failed if their pure anger and hatred were fool proof?"

Antithea shook her head, "If we all thought like Void, the Empire we not be at the greatness it is. No, it is the way of Nova that delivers results. Is that not right instructor?"

The Sith Instructor replied, "Well, actually you both are right. Anger and hatred draw upon the dark side, but do not assume that they are all that is required to run a galaxy. Even our Great Emperor had to resort to cold calculations and brilliant, well thought out strategies... Ah, finally our time is up. Get out of here, all of you!"

As the students left, Serea and Chalcenia remained to chat for a bit. Chalcenia said, "My dear, no matter what I do Lord Abaron is unresponsive. I do not know how I'll become his apprentice. Worst of all, stupid Overseer Harkun continues to make my time a living hell. I am sick and tired of being treated like a slave! I swear, some day I might just make all hell break loose and destroy everything in my path!"

Serea, "As long as you keep an eye out for my daughter and not destroy her, I wouldn't complain as much about the killing spree."

Chalcenia shook her head. "Indeed, I have been keeping an eye on your daughter. She can be quite the chatter box in class."

Serea replied, "I noticed..."

Serea turned to her lifemate and gave her an even tighter embrace. "I've missed you so much. I long for you to be back by my side. The past 4 years have been pure agony. Only being together off and on..."

Chalcenia returned the embrace and said, "I know, my love. I know.... Don't worry, we'll be soaring through the stars again soon."

As the two Sith left, Antithea approached her mother and gave Serea a hug from behind, "Mother, I'm so glad you arrived!"

Serea quickly responded, "Hello, my dear. I trust everything is going well. Have you retrieved your lightsabre yet?"

Antithea ignited her two new red blades in response. Antithea laughed and then asked, "Don't they match my cybernetic eye well?"

Serea clapped for her daughter briefly. "Indeed. You've chosen to follow in the ways of Marka Ragnos? Excellent! I look forward to fighting alongside you in the front lines. Before that, though, I must ask you and Chalcenia to stay aboard my ship until I return to it."

Antithea nodded and then leaned forward and whisphered, "Mother, Exousia wishes to speak to you. She didn't seem happy."

Serea replied, "Very well, but this conversation must be quick. I have to meet with Viile and silence a would-be voice before he does something rash..."

Antithea continued, "She's in the library," and then walked away with Chalcenia quickly following behind her.

Exousia was studying a datacron when Serea entered the library.

Exousia spoke without looking up, "Ah, there you are, Serea. I was wondering if Antithea was going to give you my message or not."

Serea smiled and replied, "Antithea might not like being the messenger Sith, but she is good at it. How have you been, Exousia? It's been a long time since we were students in the academy."

Exousia replied, "And a long time since you last used the dark side."

Serea sighed, "I knew it was only a matter of time before you found me out Exousia.  As you remember from training, I've always enjoyed being the odd one out."

Exousia whispered, "What do you think you are doing, turning away from the dark side like this? Don't you think it is putting both yourself, Antithea, Chalcenia and everyone else on your ship in danger? You can't hide from the eyes of the Empire forever."

Serea replied, "I have my reasons, Exousia. After 300 years, you learn a thing or two about the dark side."

Exousia replied, "I see, well it's your choice."

Serea nodded, "I think you worry too much, Exousia. The lightside has served me well. For one thing, I serve as one of the Emperor's Wrath now, and am no longer a servant of Baras."

Exousia was silent for a moment. Then she looked towards the door and said, "Serea... what's going on out there?"

Serea looked quickly out the door and said, "Oh no! I've gotta go, hun. We should chat on my ship later, though."

Before Serea could run away, a group of acolytes ran across the front door. One ran in and said, "My Lords, just thought I'd warn you some pureblood Sith is running around killing acolytes at will. Some of them he has actually eaten the flesh off of!! I know it'd be an excellent test for us if we could kill him one-on-one, but we wouldn't object if you stopped him yourself," before quickly running out the opposite exit in the library.

Exousia turned to see Serea looking down and shaking her head. Exousia smirked, "I'm going to assume that you know the Sith Lord these acolytes are running from?"

Serea sighed and replied, "TOO well sometimes. Alright, Viile, I'm coming, I'm coming."
Synopsis:300 years after the death of Darth Malak and the Jedi Civil War, Serea Apostolia/Darth Revan must now live as a citizen and warrior for the Sith Empire. As she carries the Empire forward, flames from the past threaten to destroy what her allies and herself worked hard to build...

This takes place at the end of the Warrior storyline and includes many other elements of the game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, so BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!! However if you know the warrior storyline or simply don't care, please read on.

Edit: Name change due to a re-thinking of the plot.
Edit 2: Re-worked the plot to introduce Viile/Dunamis sooner and make it relate more to chapters 4-6.

Flames of Old Series:
Chapter 1- [link]
Chapter 2- [link]
Chapter 3- [link]
Chapter 4- [link]
Chapter 5:[link]
Chapter 6- [link]

Back Stories
Dunamis/Viile's Profile- [link]
Dunamis/Viile's Back Story- [link]

Serea/Revan's Profile- [link]
Serea/Revan's Back Story- KOTOR and [link]

SWTOR, Darth Baras, etc. [c] LucasArts, Bioware
Exousia, Antithea, Serea and Chalcenia [c] ~vadess40
Viile/Dunamis Dulovic [c] ~Darthgamer96
Cover Art of Chalcenia [c] ~vadess40
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CIS Warships vs. Republic warships

The Republic seems to have the advantage in capital ship combat, but the CIS has some equalizing advantages.

Many of the CIS warships are designed for mass production, and were designed for business “scores” not a full scale war. Many of the CIS leaders were cheap, and wouldn’t spend the money for a traditional fleet. Only the Providences seem to be specifically designed for combat. The Lukrehulks are simply converted freighters with VERY strong shields and some turbolaser offensive capability., but with the sheer number of Turbolasers and the shield power added, with the fighter and troop compliment, a Lucrehulk is much a more battle-worthy ship than a carrier like a Venator (why it takes a “flotilla“ to take them down). That's not bad at all for a converted ship, isn't it The Recusants are mass-produced destroyers. The Munificents are originally used to harass worlds heavily in debt, guard treasure vaults, and transfer financial assets. They also were holonet relays, even though they have good anti-ship cannons. The CIS has virtually no warships larger than 3-km.

The Republic warships, however are designed specifically for combat by KDY, and all of its‘ energy can be diverted to its‘ weapons. Venerators were designed to be specifically fighter carriers, and still have some anti-ship capability. Victories are effective against enemy Capital Warships. The Republic also has very large warships, the largest CIS warships are likely around 3-km. Mandators are very large, smaller than the Executor (17.5 km), and larger than 5-km. Procurators are also used, as well as the other multi-kilometer warships guarding Core Worlds, like Humbarine, Alsakan, Grizzmalt, Wukkar, etc. It is possible that they’re in the Republic Fleet, but these could be warships that were local defense forces of those Core Worlds, as they’re rich and prosperous enough to build/afford/etc their own defense fleets of sufficient size. However, the CIS did plan to build a moon-sized spherical battle station, their “Great Weapon” so the CIS could make many more large warships, but Mandators and Procurators are relatively rare. However, “Geonosian Dreadnoughts” could be multi-kilometer warships comparable to a Mandator on firepower, size and other capabilities.

It is likely that Droids aren’t as effective in battle as Clones and other living crews, the Droid Fighters are easily destroyed by Republic forces sometimes but they can be out-maneuvered by droids and surprised, as shown at the Battle of Hypori, sheer numbers can overwhelm the Republic, though. The Republic needs to worry about Materials and Manpower, while more often the CIS needs only to worry about materials (ship crews are mainly droids, but some of the ship’s crew is made of living beings)

For fighters, though the droid fighters seem to be pretty able, though as shown in the Battle (Second Battle?) of Coruscant, the tri-fighters were giving even Jedi a hard time with their uber-maneuvers. They were able to improve their intelligence from experience. Likely at the beginning of the Clone Wars, the Droids were easily-destroyed but over time, they improved as more information was added. It is possible that data from combat is instantly sent to the various CIS flagships, maybe some droid control ships (they have a diminished effect on coordination post-Battle of Naboo), and the information is analyzed by Droids and immediately the other fighters are updated and sent to the other droid fighters, or saved and installed before the next battle. The VULTURE Droid fighters were also fitted with SAM missiles as well as the lasers, which is sometimes better than lasers (more powerful, as it can take down a target in one shot more likely, follows target, but sometimes is the same or actually worse (missiles are slower, can be shot down, could easily be tricked into hitting other targets, possible lock-on time, has limited range) Remember, the ARCs also have Proton Torpedoes (and I believe Proton bombs) and V-wings have concussion missiles also. There are different things, one, as in the Battle (2nd battle?) of Coruscant example provided had more droids than clones there. In that battle, one example has the droid fighters able to adapt to their enemies, but another one has 2 Clone Squads (one V-wing and one ARC-170) picking off droid fighters off the Invisible Hand before pulling back to let Home Fleet Strike Group Five have fun with it. Another thing about Droid Fighters is that the pilot comes with the ship, as the VULTURE and tri-fighters have a built-in droid brain. With Clones, however they have to be trained in Starfighter combat. That takes more time than the time it takes to build a droid Starfighter, often MUCH more (months vs minutes, considering the time it took to train pilots for the Torrent fighters). The Republic needs to worry about Materials and Manpower, the CIS needs only to worry about materials. A second advantage is that while sentient piloted craft might end up with situations like Anakin's "I'm going to help them." "No, they are doing their job so that we may do ours.", so that could distract them. Too much time could be spent by sentients trying to keep their squadmates/Jedi friends/THEMSELVES alive. However, that can be good as they last in battle more, surviving more in coordinated groups against superior numbers often. The Droids have one mission - destroy their programmed targets, among things the droid brain tells them to.

The CIS mainly uses Droids on its’ warships with a small living crew, showing why the ships have a “skeletal” appearance; powerful life-support isn’t necessary.

The CIS, being a Confederacy has the 6 main factions provide the ships, and the ships donated by a certain faction use that factions’ crews, ex: Trade Federation warships, like the Lukrehulks and Providences are crewed by Neimodians, as well as battledroids, Hardcell-class transports provided by the Techno Union are crewed by the Techno Union crews (Skakoans), Munificents are likely mainly crewed by Munns and Recusants are crewed by Gossams. It is likely, though that some Munificents and Recusants are crewed by a mix of the factions’ forces; Battledroids mainly crew all CIS warships.

Providence-class ships became the “heart” of the Separatist Starfleet when the Quarren joined the CIS, using their firepower to combat Republic warships and acting as flagships for planetary blockades, bombardments and invasions.

It is said that Providence-class Destroyers can "easily" handle individual Venator-class Star Destroyers in combat. During the Battle Of Coruscant, however the Providence-class Destroyer Invisible Hand took heavy prior damage with shields taken down, and the Venerator-Class Star Destroyer Guarlara was able to shoot it down, albeit with heavy damage to the right side and shields down.

The Providences are also carriers, and if the Mag-Con shields fail, the hangar will quickly close to save the crew. This may be from the fact that the Providences were originally designed for the Trade Federation’s high-ranking personnel. Are there air- warmers in the hangars or are the hangars mainly closed most of the time unless fighters are launched. At Coruscant, it wasn’t, but fighters were still being launched

Grievous further modified the Invisible Hand by rearranging its reactor to accommodate more starfighters and invasion craft, and turning the sensor/communications pod into a private sanctum and propaganda base for Dooku. These modifications sound like they reduced the ship's combat ability even more, as the Reactor might be more vulnerable, a larger hangar for enemy craft to enter, less weapons being able to be mounted on, and reduced comm. abilities with other warships. Had the Invisible Hand not been modified as much, it could’ve been able to survive the broadside the Guarlara gave it, and possibly destroy the Guralara instead.

Droid Fighters are launched in battle in waves, probably as their fuel doesn’t last for very long. Maybe they return and are quickly re-fueled while another wave is launched, or they are likely destroyed before they run out of fuel. They explode after being out of control range; maybe they are too valuable to fall into enemy hands. That may be due to the Trade Federation’s (under Nute Gunray) greediness.

One Venator can deal with 4-6 Recusants in combat and, 1 Victory has close to that range. They both have the same reactor power, however. A Victory is smaller, though being a smaller target and the shields can be more focused on a smaller area. Victories, also are more closed, unlike the Venerators’ half-kilometer long hangar, front opening and bottom hangar.

It takes a "flotilla" of Venator-class Star Destroyers to take down a Lucrehulks' shields. A flotilla is 10 small warships, would translate to 5-6 Venerators, which are Medium-sized warships. The Lukrehulks shields are very strong, but the offensive capability isn’t as powerful. However, Lucrehulks are upgraded when the Clone Wars erupt, receiving more guns, more types of guns, increased shielding better reactors, and so on, as the Lucrehulks weren’t as armed for conflict pre-war, being just for protection and collection of debts and the Neimodians were greedy bastards who wanted to save money any way they could, and therefore put most of their efforts into shields and a minimal self-defense gun system. As they saw a possible war, they improved their weaponry and shielding, increasing it, while possibly removing the amount of druids kept o board probably. The fact that there is no Lucrehulk II makes it seem as these are only upgrades, not a different class the droid capacity is nearly the same. As a result, the 5-6 Venators is probably a lower estimate, maybe more than 12, up to 20 at the top.

The core ship of a Lucrehulk II should have the reactor capacity to fire all its guns at maximum firepower, which is s capability that all “true“ warships whould be able to. The ring portion probably had its reactors upgraded or increased in size, with more weapons added on the outside, maybe by decreasing the troop-carrying capability, kind’ve making it more of a battleship and/or carrier which is better in space combat (as in giving back fire instead of simply taking the fire well) while Lukerhulk Is serve as planetary assault and command carriers. However, a Lucrehulk II could simply be an upgraded Lucrehulk I with more guns added and stronger shielding.

As it can take 20 Venators or Victories to match a Lukrehulk II in combat, it would take 10 Lukrehulk IIs to take down a Mandator II (200/20 =10). 200 is the Mandator’s reactor power, 20 is the amount of Venators or Victories and 10 is the total. Estimates form others would sat from 6 to 17 Lucrehulks would deal with a Mandator.

The Venator is kind of a starfighter carrier but is also a destroyer, it can carry and launch a lot of fighters. A flotilla, around 20 Victories/Venerators at most can take down the shields of a Lucrehulk-class battleship. However, The big holes in the Venator, for hangar bays and so on made easy targets to shoot in. Sentient starfighter pilots (Assaj Ventress maybe or other living CIS pilots?) likely used that an advantage at least once, flying in the hangar bays and messing with the ships. Hmm, the Venator's fighting role seems to be the same as the Imperator-class Star Destroyer, being a multi-purpose warship.

Victories aren’t really designed for capital warship combat (but they were, described as “the ultimate combat starship”, but this could be for that class and size, as Mandators, Procurators and other multi-kilometer warships are more effective), but can BDZ planets, as they were designed for bombardment. They carry a large amount of missiles for ship-to-ship combat to help balance that out, and 20 double heavy turbolasers, in addition to a number of lighter turbolasers. This may have been due to the easiness of bombarding droid armies from orbit. In cities, not as easy, unless the Republic is willing to destroy the city and kill its’ citizens (it is likely, Revenge of the Sith described there being “evil everywhere” and this is a civil war, the Republic likely did this at least once, and General Grievous says that planets on both sides of the war were royally screwed)  The Victories were slow ships, so that might hinder with combat but the Victory-II corrected that, but then again in battles like Coruscant speed might not be much of a factor. Remember, the ships launched after the CIS's new Bulwarks were advance ships of the Victory Fleet.  

Acclamators, even thought they are military transports can also BDZ planets. This is weird, more proof that the Republic knew the ship-to ship capabilities but that may have been due to other conflicts in the past thousand years and the Republic had nothing to do with the operation

2 or 3 Acclamators can destroy an IG defense platform in combat, as shown at Muunilinst without fighters. With fighters on both sides, it might be different and the IG defense platforms might drive off the Acclamators

Maybe one Munificent can deal with a Venerator or Victory, if they manage to fire the 2 front cannons with maximum charge (they can pierce a 10-km wide defense station)  they can damage Mandators and Procurators. They can take on Venerators one to one, and 2 Munificents can likely beat the Venerators even without using full power on their guns (fuck that, not using them at all. This is also ignoring the starfighters, Venerators are carriers also and can carry more than 400 craft, Munificents only carry 2 squadrons (24 fighters?)

Munificents are also effective against defense stations, especially very large ones and are used against them at a distance. Their guns quickly overwhelm the shield systems. The Munificents, however are slow to turn.

Munificents were used to escort and coordinate CIS attacks on Holonet relays to demoralize and isolate Republic forces. They also were the communication ships for the CIS fleets. They also were used to broadcast anti-Republic news using its’ antennae while using its jamming devices to hinder enemy sensors, targeting systems and distress calls equalizing the fleet strengths, and explaining why CIS warships have no Ion Cannons.

It takes 1000 recusants to take down a Mandator-II in combat. Munificents in lower numbers could be to the same amount of damage to Mandators, Procurators and other large warships, they're big, and easier to hit. The Munificent’s front 2 guns are very powerful, they can pierce the shields of a 10-km wide defense platform (Grade III) and melt a 1,000 km ice moon.

Recusants carry some droid fighters for combat, but aren’t dedicated carriers. This is to add as many fighters as possible to increase their chances of winning, maybe a squadron did make the diference between victory and defeat in at least one battle.

Recusants were designed to attack Loyalist shipping, but in large numbers can deal with lone Venerators and Victories easily. They have a powerful turbo laser, that isn’t nearly as strong as the Munificent guns, but they are good against smaller warships.

All CIS warships can board Republic craft due to the fact that they carry at least 100,000 battledroids, and have at least one Droid fighter squadron. Is this for piracy against the Republic? Recusants do prey on Loyalist shipping, they may not destroy the ships; just disable them and take their cargo, get them to surrender, or simply hi-jack the ships with their druids.

Lukrehulks aren’t good pursuit craft, but they do good as the central ships in a blockade formation or fleet, as their strong shields can take many hits, giving their guns time to tear through the enemy shields or destroy ground emplacements. Droid fighters can deal with the blockade-runners.

The Core Lukrehulk ships can be used to deploy troops easily to planets as well as other supplies, but will this damage the outer ring’s effectiveness in combat as that part is still in orbit? It might make it harder, as the shield generators and control centers might be in the core section. By the Clone Wars, the droid starfighters became more autonomous, so that problem might have been taken away, and there were independent gunner stations and a secondary bridge to control the outer ring.. Lucrehulks might only disembark their core sections for replenishment of supplies to the core section and stay in one piece mainly.

The Lukrehulks are simply converted freighters with VERY strong shields and some turbolaser offensive capability. Their design isn’t as effective, and turbolaser covering isn’t as good. They’re like the Calamari cruisers, but have openings where Enemy craft can enter and sabotage craft

For the majority of it's career, the Republic did not use a primary form of capital ship like the Empire. It had the Acclamator-class military transport, the Victory-Class Star Destroyers, and the Venerator carriers. The Outer regions, and even Core Worlds, like Coruscant used Rendili StarDrive Dreadnaughts, though likely no new ones were built. The fact that Rothana (actually part of KDY) built the Acclamators, the main KDY yards built the Venerators, and Rendili built the victories also forced specialization.

Acclamators are effective against other enemy warships, even though they are technically transports. They can hold 16,000 Clone Troopers, SPHA-Ts, LAATs and AT-TEs or hold around 200 fighters, like torrents. They could land on the surface and deploy troops and SPHA-Ts, or deploy high-altitude LAATs from low orbit and stay in orbit and engage enemy craft, while the LAATs deploy troops and walkers.

Victory Star Destroyers are an “all-around” ship meaning they can engage enemy ships, land on planets, bombard planets, launch at least some fighters, and deploy troops, if necessary. They don’t have SPHA-Ts, but can have juggernauts on the warship. They aren’t very good in ship-to-ship combat, but are effective against CIS warships. They have the same reactor power of Venerators

Venerator-class Star Destroyers are mainly fighter carriers, they have around 420 craft. They are also decent against other warships. They can deploy fighters in waves, and often do. They also hold some troops, and are effective in planetary sieges and assaults. They do have some weaknesses, like the 3 openings for fighters and LAATs, 2 of them large ones. They have the same power of Victories.

Venerators and Victories are quick-response ships to defend planets and suppress uprisings. One Venerator or Victory is good against a small CIS fleet, like a shipping raid fleet or 2-4 Recusants, but against larger forces, they form squadrons or 3-10+ or assume an actual destroyer role in fleets with larger Mandators, Mandator-II, or Procurators.

The Republic starfighters, unlike the CIS’ fighter craft often carry hyperdrives, or at least shields and weapons, so they can easily survive many hits in combat and can travel quickly to help other planets in help until the Venerators and the rest of the fleet arrives.

The CIS fleet committed hit and run attacks against the Republic when not taking planets or during the retreat and Outer Rim sieges, with probing and prodding attacks disrupting commerce, communications and committing general harassment against the Republic.

The CIS used deception, several Republic worlds surrendered when the Lucid Voice and Colloid Swarm pretended to be the Invisible Hand, they were intimidated into surrendering. That may be to the Invisible Hand’s reputation, as the ships participated in many bombardments and de-populations.

CIS warships in large groups can BDZ planets, this happened a lot in the Clone Wars and was done by both the CIS and the Republic. However one Providence can BDZ a planet, it is possible the Invisible Hand depopulated Humbarine by itself without help from the other CIS warships, but it seems as the CIS fleet at least aided the attack..

The Republic Navy isn’t cloned, but recruited. That explains the low crew number of Acclamator-class military transports for the beginning of the war. Over the months and years, the Republic Navy quickly grew and recruited more people to include Victory-class Star Destroyers, Venerator-class Star Destroyers, Mandators and Mandator-IIs and more.

The Republic starfighter corps were a mix of both clones and non-clones, Clones often piloted ARC-170s and V-wings. Jedi piloted their own Jedi star fighters of Various types and non-clone pilots also flew
a comparison of the Confederacy of Independent Systems ("The Separatists") and the Grand Army of the Republic ("The Loyalists") in the Clone Wars

again, this is owned by Lucas.
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NAME: Aira-ty Nokta
RACE: Lonagh-whanian
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 1.67 meters
WEIGHT: 61 kilograms
SKIN: Pale purple-ish
EYES: Orange
HAIR: Turquoise
WEAPON: As padawan a lightsaber with green colored blade
As a mercenary Westar-34 twin blasters and knife. Additional weapons: flame thrower, grenades, poisoned darts, hidden blades, etc.
After the Clone Wars she built a new lightsaber with purple colored blade
SHIP: part owner of the Slave I, and has a modified Swiftwind-class courier, the Sleek Blade.

Aira-ty bornt as the single child of her parents on Lonagh Wha. When she was 4 a Jedi Knight arrived to the planet and recognized the little girl’s force sensitivity and convinced her parents to let her go to the Jedi Temple.

In the Temple despite her best efforts Aira-ty remained strongly emotional and restless, almost unable to meditate but she was skilled at lightsaber fight.
She was very fond of her best friend Sabor Ng'hru, as a teen she even had a crush on him though Sabor never felt the same way about her.
Most of the younglings including Sabor's other friend Serita thought she won't make a Jedi so even she herself was surprised that master Nada Athura chose her as his padawan when she was eleven. Aira-ty adored her master and did her best to follow his instructions but when Aira-ty was fifteen Nada died on a mission. The young girl felt lost, depressed and confused which resulted her leaving the Jedi behind without a word.

Aira-ty tried to find her parents on her home planet, but she learned that they already adopted a half breed lonagh-whanian girl, Shaira-na and they are a happy family now. She knew she had no place there anymore and didn’t want to ruin their life so she left the planet and tried to survive as a bounty hunter. After she killed her first bounty she met with the ominous looking mandalorian, Silas Taris who offered the young vehement girl to join their group. Aira-ty became one of the mandalorians and spent the next few years with her new family till one of the members Glatten Grauzem after the leader Garron Twiik finally decided to kick him out of the group because of his extrem brutality, set up a trap to take revenge on his former team and managed to kill almost everyone except Sayael Aash'ur and Aira-ty who could barely beat Grauzem and took his right eye then sent him to jail for the rest of his life.
After loosing her family Aira-ty was a complete mess and lived a self-destructive life till she met with Jango Fett. They already met a few times thanks to Eisha Curr, the now dead member of Aira-ty's group who was an old friend of Jango. The young mandalorian man decided to help the wreck what Aira-ty was and took her under his wings. Initially they had a lot of fight because both of them were hot-headed but over time they started to cling to each other and slowly fell in love.

Aira-ty never used the Force again, she tried to completely forget about her abilities though she still often had visions and premonitions just like in her padawan ages. Then when their relationship became serious she married Jango. Actually they married twice. First they had an aruetyc wedding in a not exactly sober state on Florrum when Hondo Ohnaka was the ceremony master but later they told the mandalorian wedding vows too.

After a few years of quite exciting marriage for the mandalorian couple Aira-ty confessed his husband a joyful news, she was carrying a baby.
Not much later Jango got a well-paid offer from Tyrannus for a very dangerous job, to hunt down Komari Vosa. Jango accepted the job on which he didn’t allow his pregnant wife to accompany him. After he succeded his task he even accepted the offer to be the template of a clone army. Aira-ty wasn’t happy to hear this news at all but had to accept his husband’s decision. And though she never liked the idea of an exploited army not to mention with the same face like her husband she also took part of the training of the clone troopers like the members of the Cuy’val Dar beside taking care of their son, Boba. Though both Jango and Aira-ty continued their bounty hunter job meantime, together and separately too. Aira-ty was on a hunt when the Jedi master Obi-wan Kenobi arrived to the Kamino and fought with Jango who escaped with Boba to Geonosis where he eventually died. Boba after witnessing his father's death vanished so by the time Aira-ty came home she didn't find neither her husband or son, she lost her family once again. For a short time she fled into work and alcohol. She accepted any kind of job then spent her credits in pubs to avoid to think about her loss. Then she eventually faced her feelings and decided that her place is with Jango’s legacy and joined the GAR to work with his clones again.

She quickly formed her own squad the Wolf Pack or ’The Pack’ as they just called themselves. Aira-ty worked under the command of a Jedi General with who they had a not too pleasant relationship. The General despised the mandalorian woman and often called her „Alpha Female” but Aira-ty wasn’t kinder with him either. Then the General arranged her reassignment to the 13th Assault Corps but Aira-ty refused to go without her Pack.
The bitter and standoffish woman initially had an awkward relationship with her new General, Kahan but later they were able to work together very effectively. The General was even one of the very few people who knew her secret that once she was a Jedi herself. As they fought through the Clone Wars Aira-ty struggled with her feelings as she slowly fell in love with her General. Then Aira-ty eventually confessed her feelings to Kahan who responded to her and said he will leave the Order for her once the war is over but he didn't have the chance to fulfill his promise. He alsmot died when Order 66 was issued but Aira-ty asked her loyal captain, Jesp to help her to save Kahan and his padawan, Hanabi and help them to escape. The whole Pack deserted with their commander.

Kahan and Aira-ty married and founded their Mandalorian Clan the Gotevaar’la.
Aira-ty gave birth to two girls, Jaeriel and Ay-lana. Both girls were Force sensitives so their father started to train them and Aira-ty feeling alone and afraid to be the weakest in her family decided to renew her Force abilities and even built a new lightsaber so they became a really dangerous mandalorian-jedi family.
Ok, I really wanted to do this for a looong time but I'm still not able to decide about a few details you know preferences over logic kind of things... But this description is mostly accurate. Many-many things changed since I uploaded my first Aira-ty history description so I thought that I should update the old one instead uploading a new one.

I need to give credit for a lot of the story for SlingBlade87

About lonagh-whanians:…

Some characters related to Aira-ty:
Nada Athura by rayn44Sabor Ng'hru by rayn44Shaira-na Nokta by rayn44Mando Group by rayn44My lovely clones by rayn44The new generation by rayn44
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     Sister had gotten everything she wanted. Everyone loved her. Everyone wished to please her. She was the more beautiful one. She was the eldest. Mother and Father favored her over me. The best always went to her and I always got second best, if anything. They all hung on her every word and she got all the attention. I was left to my own design. No one to say I could or couldn’t. No one to care if I failed or succeeded. Until one day in the most beautiful spring ever.

     He came from a kingdom over. He was beautiful, sweet, gentle, and intelligent. Sister expected him to trip over himself to please her, but he paid her no heed. Instead, he wooed me. Me, the one nobody cared about. Me, the one nobody worshipped. Me, the forgotten little sister.

     Sister was only annoyed at first. But as weeks became months, and he still followed me, she grew angrier. She couldn’t stand it. She didn’t understand how he could want me and not her. It infuriated her, ate at her, and made her bitter.

     Then, one day, he asked me to marry him. I was thrilled. I was happy. Mother and Father were excited. Everyone began to plan my wedding.

     And so, suddenly, Sister was alone.

     I knew how it felt. I felt bad for her, I was used to it. She wasn’t. So, I asked her to go for a walk by the lake with me. I asked her to be my maid-of-honor. She smiled and agreed. She seemed to like the thought. Someone was paying attention to her again.

     We talked of the wedding as we walked on the shore. We walked out onto the dock and watched the ducks swim around.

     I turned to ask her something.

     She shoved me into the lake. I reached out but it wouldn’t save me. I could not swim. And in my heavy gowns, I sank to the bottom. There I lay, lungs full of air I couldn’t exchange for more.

     Sister stood at the edge of the dock. She looked down at me and smiled. She turned and left. I was left alone to slowly drown.

     Tears wanted to flow down my cheeks. Screams wanted to burst from my chest.

     I stared up in disbelief. A fish came to investigate. I looked at him as my eyes began to cloud with death.

     I opened my mouth and asked him, “Why?” as water rushed into my lungs, “Why couldn’t she let me have the attention for just once? Why Sister? Why?”

     He stared at me. Mouth opening and closing as though he wanted to answer, but couldn’t think of anything to say. Then he swam off leaving me.

     They searched for me. For a few months, they searched. They never found me.

     A year passed. They never could figure out what happened. I silently watched people come and go.

     Some children were playing on the dock one day that next summer. They were jumping into the water and swimming. One dived in and swam deep. He found me, much to his shock and horror. Poor child. He ran and got some adults. A few came down and saw me. They sent for Mother and Father.

     Everyone was amazed that I was preserved. I was brought up to the dock and set on a table. I saw Mother, Father, Sister, and my love to my right. There were many others to my left.

     Mother and Father wept in anguish. Sister was pale, but pretended to cry. My love came to hold my hand.

     As he took my hand, he noticed something clutched tightly in my fingers. He pried them open.

     It was a necklace. Sister’s necklace she had gotten from Mother and Father for her birthday a couple weeks before she had pushed me. I had grabbed and broke it as I fell into the water. She never knew.

     Everyone looked at her in horror. She was paler than me as I lay in death.

     Father asked her to explain. She just stared at me. My expression of sadness had turned to a slight smile, even though I was dead. She was horrified.

     It was my turn to ask what I had waited to ask for so long. My body released my ghost. Sister grew paler. No one but her saw me. They all heard what I had to say though.

    “Why? Why couldn’t you let me have the attention for just once? Why Sister? Why?”

     Everyone was shocked. She was on the verge of a breakdown.

     I sighed, “I love you still. And I forgive you. You are, after all, my sister.”

     She fell to her knees, sickened by herself.

     My ghost returned to my body. My love leaned over, whispered “I love you,” and softly kissed my lips.

     The gods were watching that day and took mercy. Upon his kiss, they thrust life back into me.

     My body warmed and gained colour. My blood flowed past a beating heart. I blinked. I suddenly sat bolt up and gasped for fresh air.

     Sister snapped. She lost it. She melted to the ground in tears and sobs.

     Everyone was joyed at my revival, most especially Mother, Father, and my beloved.

     Sister was never the same. She locked herself in her rooms and never came out. She never spoke to anyone. Her meals had to be taken to her. Mother and Father let her be. They could not punish her more than she was already punishing herself. At my request, they all forgave her, but only formally.

     It really was not her fault. She had been so used to all the attention that she had no idea how to react when she lost it, even for a little while.

     My love and I married. When Mother and Father stepped down, we became King and Queen.

     Sister remained in her rooms. She would sit in her little garden and stare at the fountain for hours.

     I would visit her. I talked to her. She seemed to take comfort in it.

     No one could get her to respond to them except me. She seemed to smile when I visited. She would nod sometimes. Sometimes she would make something to give me on my visits. I kept it all in the top drawer of my wardrobe.

     When I first learned I was pregnant, I told her first.  She actually looked me in the eye and smiled big. She hugged me before I left. She made lots of things for the baby. When I started my labor pains, I had someone go tell her. She actually left her rooms and came to be by my side. It was a girl, a beautiful, strong, healthy girl. I named it after Sister. As I lay recovering, she held the baby. I heard her speak for the first time in years. “Be good,” she whispered. “Do good.”

    Sister was by my side at the next two birthings. She rarely spoke, but each time I had a child, she whispered those words to the children.

     No one could understand why I always went to see her or why I let her into my life after what she did. At first, I tried to explain, but as the years passed, I gave up.

     I told her this one day, a few years after my third and last child was born. She looked up at me. Her eyes looked deep into mine. “Why?” she asked.

     I smiled, “You need to know that you are still loved and wanted. Just like that day long ago, when I asked you to be my maid-of-honor. I know what it is like to fell unwanted and unloved. I know what it is like when no one seems to care. No one should ever have to feel and know these things.”

     “Oh…..” she said softly and looked down again.

     “Besides,” I said, and she looked up again. “You are my sister.” And I smiled, got up, hugged her, and left.

     After that day, she started to come out of her rooms again and talked more.

     That was years ago. Now I sit on the edge of her bed, as she lies dying. I hold her hand tight so she knows I am there.

     Her eyes open. She looks at me and smiles, “I am sorry.”

     “I know. I forgave you ages ago.”

     She smiles more, her breathing shallower and pulse weakening.

     “I love you, Sister,” I whisper to her.

     “I love you too, my dear little sister.” And with that, she gives a soft sigh, closes her eyes, and passes away.

     I am alone.

     Outside her rooms, I hear my husband and others of the court pacing the hall. I rise, kiss her forehead, and leave her rooms. I never go into them again.

     My husband welcomes me into his arms and softly kisses me. He knows my pain. He was the only one besides myself who truly forgave Sister. He understood why. He grew up alone like me. His brother always got the attention and love. That is why he left his kingdom. That is why he fell in love with me.
This is a prize for `Anathematixs for coming in first place in *HiddenYume-stock's Awaken the Goddess contest several months ago.

The picture is one from her gallery. I wanted to know why the girl was on the bottom looking up at the fish. Why was she down there...what had happened. So that's how this story came out of it. It is partially inspired by a northern European fairy-tale story {Norwegian or Danish, or such...can't remember exactly}. The story basically goes:

"The was a king and queen with two lovely daughers. The eldest was loved the most. She got all the gifts and all the boys attention. One day, a lovely prince from a nearby kingdom came to their castle to live. He fell in love with the younger sister. They planned their wedding to all's joy. The eldest grew jealous. So, one day, before the wedding, she invited her sister for a walk along the cold deep river that flowed near the castle. When they were far enough from the castle, the eldest shoved her into the river. The youngest drowned. The elder returned to the castle, told all that her sister had been goofing off while they were on their walk and slipped and fell into the river and that she couldn't save her. All were struck with grief. The prince decided to marry the eldest after a couple months and so their plans went ahead and they married. Meanwhile, a bard happened upon the bones and remains of the princess very far up the river a couple years later. He turned them into a harp-like instrument, using her jawbone as the main body of the instrument, fingerbones as tuners, and hair as the strings. When he played it, he heard the sister's voice start singing, telling her tragic story. So the bard made his mission to find and bring the elder sister to justice. He slowly made his way across the countryside, playing the harp to anyone who would listen. It was soon the talk of the kingdom. The king and his court wished to hear this amazing harp and so sent for the bard. The first night, the bard rested and told stories. The second night, he pulled out the harp. He told the story of how he had found the remains and made the harp. He then proceeded to play it, letting the younger's story fill the room. The eldest sister grew pale as death. When the song was done, the court was amazed and praised the bard. The king vowed to put to death whoever it was that killed the girl, no matter who she was. The eldest became even paler upon these words. Her husband {the younger sister's husband to be} asked her what was wrong, she was pale, cold, and sweating. The court was staring at her now in wonder. What had come over the princess? The bard began to suspect it was her who did it. He began to play the harp again. This time, a new song began to sing from the harp. This time the sister went into detail of the betrayal her sister had done, and all for a man...and how that man was now her sister's husband. Suddenly, the princess could take it no longer and sprang up. She dashed over to the bard, grabbed the harp and smashed it too pieces on the ground. But it still sang. The sister stomped on the pieces. The horror set in over the court, as the realized what had happened to the younger princess years before. The prince was sick with disgust at the thought of having married and lay with his beloved's murderer. The harp finally ended its song. The elder was shaking, desheveled. She realized what she had done; she had give herself away. She looked around the court at the looks of horror and disgust. Her gazed settled on that of her parents and then her husband. The bard suddenly grabbed her, dragged her outside to the castle walls and threw her into the cold roaring river that she had thrown her sister too years before. Her body smashed against the rocks and disappeared into the waters below. The bard left, never to be seen or heard from again. The king and queen retired from the throne not long after that. The prince took up the thrown and eventually found himself a new wife and had children with her. They lived long lives and he was a great king. The End"

Yeah, kinda gruesome....I like my version better. So much happier and far less gruesome....

Note: The picture that was used as inspiration is hers. It remains hers and hers alone! That means that the copyright belongs to her!!! If you like this story or even just the picture, please, go view the original picture here [link] and :+fav: it and comment! Check out the rest of the gallery too! Her artwork is amazing! While the picture is hers, the story is mine and is therefore copyrighted to me and me alone!!!!!
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"Our time has come.  For three hundred years, we prepared.  We grew stronger… while you rested in your cradle of power, believing your people were safe and protected.  You were trusted to lead the Republic… but you were deceived, as our powers of the dark side have blinded you.  You assumed no force could challenge you… and now … finally, we have returned.  …You were deceived.  And now your Republic …shall fall."
-Darth Malgus

"Following the Jedi Civil War, three-hundred years ago, the Council took it upon themselves to see that all remaining traces of the Sith were properly dealt with.  Times were dire.  The Republic was war torn and had undergone dramatic changes.  The death toll, was catastrophic.  Many Jedi aided in rebuilding and seeing to those that were in need.  As such, not many JedI could be spared to ensure that the Sith did not resurface from the scraps they left behind.  This was the catalyst for the birth of a new breed of JedI.  The Shadow.  A handful of JedI that vowed to root out any Sith activity in known space via intelligence, counter intelligence, espionage, and assassination.  
The birth of the Shadow was widely regarded as a dangerous addition to the JedI Order.  For the Shadow had to become familiar with the dark side; had to be able to sense it and track it.  Had to be able to gain its trust, delve into what it had to offer, and come out unchanged.  Unturned.  Killing was not beneath the Shadow.  Killing was one of the Shadow's specialties.  They were the unseen hand of the Republic, quelling any dark side activity that could potentially harm the Republic, further.
Many Shadows were lost.  Slain or worse: consumed by the darkness they were hunting.  Many of those that survived through the aftermath of the JedI Civil War were constantly reminded of the dark side, plagued with inner demons, guilt, fear, and bloodlust.  Haunting shades from a profession that had taken its toll on them.  Many became exiles, taking it upon themselves to sever all ties with Republic society for its own safety.
I am one such Shadow.  My name is Mel'Anctha Omorose… and I have seen unspeakable things.  My past ties to the dark side tell me that it is stirring.  The Sith… have returned."
A fanfic of sorts for the upcoming STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBlIC videogame. I chose to drop an OC of mine into the Old Republic timeline because my brain started working overtime and drawing out interesting plotpoints. So this is the gist of it:

Mel'Anctha is a Jedi 'Shadow'. And YES, they really DID exist! Wiki it! Basically, what a Jedi Shadow did is infiltrate, use intelligence and counter-intelligence, espionage, and assassinations.. against any Sith or Dark Side users that threatened Republic safety. Meaning, of course, that they had to walk the line between the Dark Side and the Light Side of the Force. Many couldn't handle it, and became Sith. Others exiled themselves from Republic society and the Jedi Order to protect them. Shadows are plagued with a lot of inner demons because they've done a lot of violent acts.

Mel's story takes place directly after the "Jedi vs. Sith Trailer" for The Old republic game (in which Coruscant is sacked by the Sith Empire). She is called upon by the Jedi to quell this new uprising from the inside, out. Will she accept?
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Set three months after Order 66, Commander Zapper finds himself cross-training non-clones and Spaarti clones into a new branch of Navy commandos under INSO-G: Imperial Naval Special Operations - Group. After an attack on their base, Echo Team wants blood and go hunting
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The path of light,
There might not be rewards,
There might not be fame,
But it is the right path,
To help those in need,
The make a change,
To not force those to bend to your will,
To make friends,
And not to be evil,
To help the sick,
And heal the wounded,
This doesn't make you weak,
It makes to a follower of the path of light,
The light side leads away from the madness,
The light shall shine though the darkness.
The other path. Away from the path of a dark jedi.
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Darth Maul looks up at the creature that is calling itself his brother.

He sees black stripes on a yellow face; hooked, tan horns; orange eyes. He sees black armor like the shell of a turtle. This must be another animal, come to fight Maul for his nest. Maul shivers all over, readying himself to get up. He arcs like a cat.  He tastes the air with his teeth and his tongue. It smells like ashes and fire, but it always does. Maybe, somewhere, there's the tang of speeder exhaust from above, and something electrical.

The creature talks to him. The voice is deep, and the words, garbled. It has shoved its way into his den, and sniffed while it looked at his scrap metal and his fire and his drawings. It is a big, wide-shouldered creature.

Maul has trouble with words sometimes. He remembers that they used to be easy for him, but now they seem to stick and repeat instead of forming into new shapes quickly. The shapes of letters seem to have color and sound of their own.

("Years...and years...and years...")

The creature that calls itself his brother is wearing a blue stone on a leather cord around its neck. If Maul grabbed the cord the necklace would cut into the creature's skin hard enough to hurt it and whip its head forward, at which point Maul could headbutt or bite or scratch or run. Anything.

The creature is talking again, but it doesn't quite feel real. It's as real as the rat corpse in the alley, the hot blood Maul shifted through to find the meat. It's as real as the dirt underneath his fingernails and in the gear embedded in his right thigh. (He will have to fix that leg soon. Things are rusting. He will sort through his pile of metal and make it work again.)

Sometimes, the drawings on the walls are the realest things to him. He makes them with animal blood or clumps of carbon he pulls from the fire. Pictures are simple. Just lines and places with no lines.

The stranger is talking. Maul is deciding whether to kill it or to draw the lines painted on its face on the walls in order to make it feel more real.
=Xephinetsa-XVI wanted some Darth Maul, and I figured I'd try out the Maul + Savage that I've been wanting to write. This is based on the latest information about next week's Clone Wars episode, but of course it's mostly speculation and need not be considered canon.

It's weird to be going back to writing Maul and I think I have to ease into it, but it's also really nice and familiar.

I'll mature tag for bloodiness if anybody wants me to.

Star Wars (c) Lucasfilm
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