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Similar Deviations
Beautiful material SITH by Susumu Yoshida([link])
Many thanks to Susumu for permission

*Visual Styles(msstyles)
*Styler Toolbar
*VLC skin
*AvePreview skin and button
*Miranda IM skin

*WindowBlinds skin(Beta)...with Bug :skull:

Art in AvePreview: condor joe. by ~belldandies [link]

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Thanks for over 410.000 Downloads and Updates :)

WinLaunch - Launchpad for Windows

How to use WinLaunch:

This is WinLaunch, it provides a beautiful way to organize and access
all of your important applications and files.

The overall style has been heavily influenced by
Apples OS X Launchpad introduced in Lion (2011)

WinLaunch is being actively developed and improved,
my goal is to provide the best app launching experience available on Windows.

If you experience any issues please report them to me
(either per mail or on twitter)

All feedback is appreciated!

WinLaunch depends on .Net 4.5…

Updated to

if you have problems or questions please ask me on twitter

special thanks to:
DJ Subterrain(for being the perfect beta tester and the WinLaunch Tune ;) )
lordalpha1(for tons of great feedback, support and an amazing logo)
RaymonVisual(for all his motivation and valuable feedback ;) )
Vincee095 (for letting me use his beautiful pirelli folder design)

big thanks to all of you!!!

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Rainmeter Skins, Rocket Dock Icons, and Wallapaper.
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I hope you like and enjoy thanks to :iconturnpaper: for testing and inputs :highfive: :peace:.


Apparently the link was not working I went ahead and fixed it you can download now :D.
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What you see here is DanteWontDie's digital art for an Alice Madness Returns FanArt book with an overlay of rainmeter skins to add a little movement and display information on your desktop .

You will need the latest beta version of Rainmeter to run these skins. Get it from here: [Link]

The skins have the same functionality as those in the Cogs, Tubes and Gauges collection , I have simply modified the surrounds and added a few props to help them blend a little better with ~DanteWontDie's artwork.
This included bits from the AMA Icon Set by OmriKoresh

The skins in the package are:

- Analog clock (left-click to change the clock face but you won't get rid of Alice) - watch for the steam emission every minute.
- System info with a gauge showing overall CPU usage, individual bars for up to 8 cores and smaller gauges for RAM and SWAP memory usage.
- Network activity showing upload and download speeds along with the ping return time and wifi signal strength.
- Volume control - trumpet and skull to the right of 5-Clubs. Use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the system volume or left-click to mute.
- Gauges for used space on 1-4 hard drives (gratuitous pendulum thingamebob for one or two disks).
- Weather skin with analog gauges for temperature, barometric pressure and wind direction. Click the forecast icon for a 72-hour forecast from the Weather Channel.
- uTorrent tracker using Lua script adapted from LuaTorrent 3.1 by jsmorley
- RSS/Atom feedreader built around Kaelri's Reader.lua script. Feed items are sorted by date/time and anything less than an hour old is bulleted. The neat little selector animation uses Kaelri's Universal Transitions script. The crawling ants are there to let you know that you've changed page or the feeds have been refreshed.
- Music Player using poiru's NowPlaying plugin that works with a variety of media players. You can find the full list of supported players and the PlayerName codes here
- Skin Launcher for the FeedReader, Weather, Network, Music Player and uTorrent skins.

NOTE: The Skin Launcher is just below the Day/Date playing card on the right. Clicking the settings icon on the far right will open a text file ( where user settings like the weather code, the type of music player and the RSS feed URLs can be changed.

I've included wallpaper for a 1920x1080 screen. If you have a different screen resolution I recommend you download the original 2079 x 1404 version from DanteWontDie's post and re-size it using a 'constrain proportions' setting to fit your screen.

If you have any suggestions or questions concerning the skins, you can contact me on the Rainmeter forums.
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WATCH IT IN ACTION HERE >>>>>>[link]<<<<<<<:iconda-youtube-channel:

Aero & metro in the style of WP7

Hope you like it :)

Hope this time I could earn some favorites ;)
Ojola lo puedan agregar a sus favoritos ;)


Check out my other themes : [link]

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments :)
Gracias por todos sus comentarios!!! :)


32 users download from above or from here [link]


32 bits ONLY

In order to obtain the following replace this:

Icons: imageres.dll
BAck/foward buttons: explorerframe.dll
Top preview pane: explorerframe.dll

UPDATE 3 -----24/08/11------

WP7 Mango - Only Black version
WP7 VS- Minor bug fixes

UPDATE 2 -----04/08/11------

Web browers scrollbar fixed
System properties now visible
Minor font bugs

UPDATE 1 -----27/07/11------

-Minor bug fixes
-Full Glass version included


For the full glass version run Full Glass.exe as administrator for the effect to take place.

shell32.dll its essential for the theme ;)

Firefox users install stratiform for the dark version: [link]


Make sure that you've patched your system with this [link]

1.-Extract the content with winrar [link]
2.-Copy the content of Theme to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
3.-Replace the system files in C:\windows\system32 You can use this to do it [link]

Logon [link]
Start menu button [link]
Back/foward buttons [link]

Great metro stuff:

Omnimo [link]
Eight start page [link]
Metro Station icons [link]
Win8menu [link]
Metro Glasstoast [link]
Windows media player controls [link]


Special thanks:

*snipes2 :iconsnipes2:
~smoedjn :iconsmoedjn:

for their help & suggestions

Extra credits:

Base theme Static polished
~Artur89SD for multicolor instructions
~utoks Metro station wall
~StopDreaming & [link] Icons
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TECH-A skin for rainmeter

first i want to thank

Z-DESIGN from deviantart for his brushes in photoshop
jsmorley from rainmeter forum for his support and
helping me with some calculations :)
~dv-ent for his skin barred
OsricWuscfrea for helping me on rainmeter forum and on deviant art ... thank you all for you support

The skin includes

1 to 6 CPU's
0 to 6 Drives
Upload and download
Shortcuts and
Weather (Vclouds modified)


if you are useing my skins i only espect from you guys PROPER CREDITS .. if im not asking to much

download and have fun

Personal mesage :

Allso ive need some help from you guys .....aparrentlly i wanna upgrade my Hardware .. my monitor MAX resolution is 1366x768 so in the future im planing to make a 3 Monitor RAINMETER SKIN :)allso on HD MONITOR ... my dream .... allso im posting this because i hade few guys who wanted to donate me in the first place to make tech-a bigger and i told them to wait for the next skin :) ... dont get me rong ALL MY WORK IS FREE and it will be but i need for those who wanted and will want to appreciate my work ... you can donate me here :…

Thank you 
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First off, i absolutley love Star Wars. I was looking around the web for some possible wallpaper choices, etc and i realized, i will never find anything that has everything i want in a wallpaper or design. So with that being said, i designed this, which in the end worked better as a logon design rather then wallpaper, but I dont mind, i hope you enjoy this and ive enclosed the photoshop project file for anyone who wants to edit it.

p.s. you can also use it as a wallpaper if you want to, just go into the photoshop file and edit away the borders at the bottom of the screen or the text and it should look decent.
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If you like my theme, you could :D :D :D

:bow: :bow: :deviation:


- Temperature: A new skin which can measure your System Temperature.
- MultiDock: show usage percent of CPU, RAM, SWAP, your GMail messages, CPU Speed. Press the button to switch to Apps State, middle Mouse to go back System State
- iFiles: There are 2 versions for Rainmeter x86 & x64
- Reader: 4 Pages, 5 Feeds/page, click to open with your Default Browser
- Bing: feel pretty image from Microsoft everyday
- Notes & Wallpaper: possible click the fold to open or change the next picture
and more ...

What do you need to do?

- Install all font for the best performance
- @Temperature: Install SpeedFan, copy SpeedFanPlugin.dll to Plugins Folder & run simultaneously with this Temperature skin, minimize SpeedFan in System Tray
- @iFiles: Copy FileListPlugin.dll to Plugins Folder & use correct version
- @MultiDock: Fill out your Name & Password for Gmail, put link Applications between "" for App & BM, best for 32px icons
- @Weather: You need change Location=your zipcode
Go to to search it
e.g: City is Helsinki, Finland
Your location will be FIXX0002, see this [link]

Credits & Thanks:


Wallpaper: [link]
Icons on MultiDock: [link]

Welcome to my Gallery, there are many skins for your taste

If you like it, just give me :points: :+fav:
Glad to join your Group

Update 1: Add MediaDock skin which can control Windows Media Player
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