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My latest work for the contest "Bring Vour Vision to Life": "Battle over 51" based on StarGate Atlantis (5.20 "Enemy to the gate").
The story; Wraith-Darts (the blackone with the red drive) attack the Earth and the F-302 (the grey fighters) defend it...
- Modells, Lighting, Rendering: Cinema 4d
- Background, Postwork (weaponfire...), Composing,
Presentation: Adobe Photoshop
- Total worktime (without the modells) 7 hours because it was very difficult to find a nice arrangement and to set it in the right light.
Criticism and comments are very wellcome!
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So after getting much helpful critique and looking over the image some more I went about reworking it, this was the outcome, I saw the new star trek movie and that actually helped a lot with revising the lighting a bit and adding more distinct lens flares haha.

So basically its a big alien ship firing onto a planet and making a huge shock wave that disintegrates most things in its path like poor hospital ships evacuating the planet bellow, it also erases the planets surface turning it into a desolate ball of rock. The idea is that the aliens go around and "save" planets from the civilisations living on them, they decide if the race is exploiting its resources and harming the planet by doing so then if they are they wipe the slate clean and let the planet start a new. Kind of a more violent version of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

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The recourses on earth is depleted and the earth is suffering. Lava is flowing everywhere and the humans sees this as an opportunity to drain it from its last energy for the sake of its own survival.

Huge structures was built across the lands to produce energy from the energy of the lava.. Little does mankind know that the earth is about to collapse at their feet.
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Something has to get all those parts to the brain so it can build more robots, and this guy's one of them. The Guzzler's job is to search out all those broken down cars lying around and drain them dry of all their useful liquids, from gasoline to motor oil. If he happens to run into some strange little living doll along the way, well it's a bit more interesting of a prize than the contents of a gas tank.

This was a ton of fun to work on. I rarely draw machines so it was definitely a bit of a challenge to work out a design. In the end, this guy's what I came up with for my entry to the Beasts of 9 contest.
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Well, I don't think title should be a real mystery here. All of you can see the ship, which is currently escaping the mother planet. And the cause is the giant red star out there which is coming to an end of it's life.

As you can see, there's a ship. Real, painted, done by me. It's my first serious attempt and I really like outcome, so I have high morale. Expect more. Also, please, be gently. I wanted this work to be breakthrough, to be real special thing and I put a lot of effort into that piece so, I hope you'll enjoy, and I hope you'll like it because you want to, not because I ask you to.
I used a lot of new techniques here, for planets, for nebulas, for lights and colours. So feel free to give me advices.
Thanks for reading :)

Time ~couple of days
Layers 192
PSD Weight 560 MB
Original Resolution 2400x850 px

Putting it as an contest entry was a quick decision, so it wasn't done precisely to match the title, but I think I should enter that contest so here it is.
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Good and Evil deeds can come from anywhere.

Is a Beast born evil as it has claws to kill since it's first breath?
Is a Butterfly born good just because it's not meant to hurt?

A mother that steals to feed her chidren is good or bad?
A doctor that kills hundreds to cure millions is good or bad?

Will you believe that Shadow is evil and Light is good just because someone said it thousand years ago?

Embrace both.
It's just a matter of choice.
Good and Evil is just an Illusion.

Truth lives on those who don't Judge.

That's my entry to "Wacom Bring Your Vision to Life" contest.
Finally done, it took me a while to finish it, I'm a little bit tired! But the result looks fine, I guess I tried to go higher than previous works.

Pencils and Colors by Me.
Pencils: About 8 hours
Colors: About 50 hours

Original size: 48x39 cm

I got a nice motivation!
Mother's got 3 sick teeth that hurt so much that she can't chew. Funds will be used to fix it! (That's true!)

So, Favourite+ it!! Thank you folks!!

Maybe I'll submit another Image with the details later, There's a lot that can't be fully seen.
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Have you ever heard of panspermia? A hypothesis saying that life on Earth originated from the so called "seeds of life" that came with asteroids and comets.

And what if there are places in Space, some sort of hives, where life forms in asteroid-like eggs! Unbelievable? Well, my imagination managed to paint that and then my hands followed :)

Don't need to read: :D
I got this idea when I was thinking of a submission for =theluminarium's pack Genesis, but back then I couldn't get the whole picture in my mind and I didn't know how to paint all that. It took me a while and only with a combined power of 5 of my works that I have dropped (I scavenged them for the best moments), I finally managed to put it to life :) I'm more than proud with it.

For those who thinks asteroid-eggs are too much, I will upload a version with just space. But bare in mind, that I will take any comment like:"I like version with no eggs more" as a personal insult and curse you for eternity! :D

P.S. Although I can tell them any time, but I want to thank ^taenaron and ^gucken for starting this contest. I don't know if I win, even if not, I've got a great please making on a sub for it. Thank you guys! :)

Tech stuff:
size - 4000х2500px
time - 2 days, but all had all planets and most of nebs
tools - photoshop cs4, vue 7 for asteroids, wacom intuos 3 for nebs.
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Sooooo the rules didn't mention anything about collabs not being allowed, so :iconjanaschi: and me decided to do something together :]

Not so much of a point in writing a long description here, we weren't quite sure about how to tackle the subject, there are a lot of interpretations that have been done a lot, and we didn't want anything too generic, so we thought it would be fun to make it, since this is a deviantart contest after all, more about a battle of styles : D Choose for yourself what is good and evil here, we think our point of view is pretty obvious with this one :lmao: Don't take it too seriously please! Our main purpose was fun :]

Done over a few days in Photoshop, no refs used, buuuuuuut we flipped through a few mangas I had lying around to get a feel for that style. Ah, and since that question keeps coming up with these collabs, yes we just hung out in real life, painting on the same tablet, just taking turns :] Might actually be the most productive way to collaborate since it enables you to give each other feedback much more directly... like, kicks and punches :'D

Purupurupururin, pururin~n!

Edit: Sigs removed due to a line in the rules that was scary.
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Africa already lies in ruins and the tribes are spreading across the world looking for shelter against the fire from the sky. The hyena tribe found shelter by the skyscrapers in Asia, protected by the "iron giants" they build their new primitive homes within the iron houses in hope to withstand the doom thats about to happen.

Without electricity their primal skills fast became superior to the locals and with help of their vicious beasts they overtook the whole city who now leans at their feet, begging for food and shelter. The hyena clan is a cruel and proud clan that will stand their ground until the very last end..
Nothing can stop their determination. Only the strongest spirits will live on forever...
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Bade and Nitrox

change file 600 pixels for 1300 pixels
thanks for the favs!!!
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