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Eight weeks after the arrest of Philip Cardone Mickey left the County Sheriff’s office and the last of several award ceremonies organized in her honor. They were small unpublicized affairs as the details of the Cardone operation were too sensitive to make public. Still, within the law enforcement community her gun battle with the assault weapon armed thugs was quickly becoming legend. To Mickey it was still somewhat surreal. She considered all that had happened to her since the task force had relieved her of the responsibility of guarding the bound South American cartel leader and his guards. There was no doubt that the last two months had been the most interesting, fascinating, eventful and scary of her short life.

Cardone was in the custody of the FBI and the Federal District Attorney. Mickey had heard that he had taken a plea deal that exchanged the death penalty for life in return for every detail of the cartel’s financial holdings and organization. The result of his statements and the computers that Mickey had guarded were hundreds of arrests in the US and hundreds more around the world. The third largest global organized crime syndicate was destroyed. In addition, numerous leads into other
criminal organizations were uncovered and undoubtedly would lead to future arrests.

The professional accolades showered on Officer Michelle “Mickey” Ramirez were numerous. She had just received the Federal Law Enforcement Medal of Valor from none other than the Deputy Director of the FBI. Earlier in the week the mayor of the city, the police chief, and the county sheriff stood behind her as the governor of California awarded her the State and City medals for valor. The Sheriff had, in addition, promoted her to the rank of sergeant.

Along with accolades and promotions Mickey had been offered a variety of new and intriguing job opportunities. She considered a position as a detective in either Vice or Homicide, but for the time being she had accepted a position with the Sheriff Department’s SWAT team. Both she and the Sheriff knew that it was likely temporary. Several government agencies, including but not only the FBI, had invited her to Washington D.C. for job interviews. Until she made a final decision, however, training with the SWAT team and occasionally going on missions was exciting and rewarding.

Professionally the undercover mission with the interagency Vice task force had resulted in fantastic career opportunities and Mickey was anxious to take advantage of them. Physically, a short stay in the hospital followed by a month of therapy on top of her own training regime quickly healed her wound and brought her body back into top shape. Her mind however was a different matter.

Mickey realized that the drugs and conditioning that she was subject to while under the control of the cartel had affected her. While she was completing her mission she was too busy to think or analyze how much. In the weeks since she had the time and was astounded at what she realized were profound changes in her personality and demeanor. There were aspects of the Starr personality that she could not control and had become a part of her. Many more aspects of the conditioning, of Starr, were there but locked in a mental file that she could search and access when she needed. It was a scary but exciting ability.

Mickey thought about those things she could not control. For the first month she tried to resist the urges, the uncomfortableness, and the habits that were not really habits. They had been implanted deep inside her subconscious and were impossible to isolate and control. Like the unconscious way she found herself in front of the mirror every morning carefully doing her makeup. Her entire life she had rarely worn makeup but now it was only with the strongest of will power that she could avoid putting it on every time she left her apartment. Even more annoying was the impulse to check it constantly throughout the day. After a month the impulses had not diminished but gotten stronger the more she resisted them. She was emotionally exhausted fighting them. She finally just mentally gave in. They were annoying, but harmless, and they came so naturally that after she gave up fighting them they had become her nature. Thus, now, her makeup was always perfect for the occasion. She wore skirts, hose and heels whenever it was remotely practical. Her hair, though again short, was always perfectly coiffed, and, though she returned to her natural brunette, she only felt comfortable with red highlights. One of the most annoying was the way she walked, talked and interacted with others. She no longer just walked, she strutted. She could not control the sway of her hips, the way she spun on her toes, or the way she smiled seductively and batted her eyes. She couldn’t control these actions because they were now natural and unconscious aspects of her behavior.

She had to admit that the changes in her personality were mostly benign. In fact, they really may have been for the better. She found herself much more social and much more popular with both men and women, and she enjoyed the company. She also enjoyed the admiring looks and compliments that she got from her friends, family, coworkers and often from complete strangers. She would not have a concern at all if those simple flirty girlie characteristics were the only after effects of the drug. She was still and expert marksman, and her newfound dancing skills even complimented her martial arts training. Unfortunately, there were still other changes that she couldn’t control, and they were much more consequential, and even troubling. So far she had been able to hide them.

The 22nd in the "Vice" series. Click below to see the start of the series or the previous installment:

Chapter 1:

Previous Chapter 21:

See the folder in my gallery for the complete story so far, in order.(Let me know if you'd like to read and see more of Patrol Officer Mickey's adventures )
Daz3D->Reality->Lux render with a V4 model.
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Michelle! Get in here right now!”

Michelle, “Mickey,” Ramirez, came into the bed room from the living room where she had been unpacking boxes from the recent move from California to Washington D.C.

“What’s up Jules?... Oh! God!”

Doctor Julia Greene sat on the floor surrounded by packed and unpacked boxes holding a framed picture of a young Mickey in her hand. She grinned at her lover and roommate, “A Hooters Girl, Michelle? Really?”

Mickey blushed speechless. The long forgotten picture from when she was named Hooters employee of the month, combined with Julia calling her “Michelle,” which she only did when she was in a certain mood, got her quickly flustered and warm. If she could have organized her thoughts she would have recognized it as a latent effect of the mind control process she had experienced months before.

Julia giggled at her friend’s discomfort. “And you told me that the Velvet Club was the only time you had ever dressed in costume! I think there was more to your star performance there than just what they did to you at the club!”

The usually self-assured Mickey blushed more as she remembered the summer after high school when she worked at one of the Hooters franchises in her home town of San Diego. She desperately needed the money and one of her girlfriends talked her into applying. She hated every minute of it. All that smiling and being bubbly and flirty was so not her. But, the money , specifically the tips, was so good! In fact, when she left the job to join the Marine Corps she took a significant cut in pay!

Mickey put on a frown to show her annoyance and to cover her embarrassment. “It was ten years ago, I needed the money, and it was only for four months. Okay? End of story!”

Julia stood up and walked up to Mickey with the framed photo in her hand. “Employee of the month, baby? You must have been a veerrrry good Hooters Girl.” The blonde doctor smiled seductively at her roommate as she moved close and put her lips to Mickey’s ear.

“This picture of you is hot baby,” she whispered. “It makes me hot. You look fantastic in long hair.”

She pressed her soft body against the toned body of her lover. Their thin shorts and tee-shirts did little to contain the heat that was quickly rising under their light summer outfits. Julia nuzzled Mickey’s neck and then lightly nipped her earlobe with her teeth as she continued.

“ I want you to wear that outfit for me baby. I want you to be my little Hooters Girl.” She kissed Mickey’s ear. “Will you do that for me Michelle? Will you be my cute little serving girl?”

Mickey moaned softly as Julia’s warm breath and sweet kisses caused her skin to goose bump and her body to literally tremble in anticipation. Both of them knew that calling her “Michelle” was almost like a trigger that made Mickey unable to resist doing anything and everything that Julia wanted. Just hearing that name sent shivers down Mickey’s spine. There was no question that if Julia wanted her to resurrect her Hooters Girl image she would do it.

“Mmmmmm…God Jules you can drive me crazy.”

“So you’ll wear the costume for me baby?” Julia cooed.

“Mmmmmmm… yes… whatever you want,” Mickey half whispered and moaned in response.

Julia giggled and jumped back from Mickey, “Oh wonderful,” The petite blonde smiled and skipped to her dresser to retrieve her purse and car keys.

“Where are you going Jules?” Mickey asked as her temperature dropped as quickly as it had risen. She watched as Julia slipped on her sandals, and then followed her to the door.

“I’m going to get us some lunch baby. You keep working on the unpacking and I’ll be right back.” Julia pecked Mickey on the cheek as she stepped out the door.

Mickey shook her head and smiled, she thought that old picture from when she was eighteen was long lost. It’s funny how you find things when you move everything you own across the country. Now that she thought about it, lunch sounded real good.

Julia meanwhile was driving downtown to get lunch. And, while she was at it, there were a few other things she needed. She knew exactly where she needed to go. A place that really had the best chicken wings…and probably some accessories as well!


Daz3D->Reality->Lux Render with a V4 model. Tee-shirt texture made in PS.
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Pick Your Caption:

Amy... this is NOT the right address for the con! There's a guy sitting here with spit on his face staring at me and grinning! You need to turn around and come back and get me right now or I will scream!!


Mr. Scott, I know we've traveled back in time and have superior technology, but the mission is in trouble! They took our phasers away... something about no open carry. Then Mr. Spock went in to some place called triple X toys and girls and never came out. The Captain ate some kind of long thin native food on a bun and started choking! I think they took him to a medical facility. Dr. McCoy went into a place called McGilligan's Pub to get help and he disappeared. The other security team member went to look for him and now he's gone too! Some official in a blue uniform told me I had to move on or they were going to run me in for solicitation! I'm not sure what that is ...but I had to leave the area. Now I'm by myself and there's a guy sitting here with spit on his face staring at me and grinning! You need to beam me up right now or I will scream!!

Lesson learned: don't be one of the red shirt crew on a landing team... you won't be back next episode!


I love scifi and who doesn't love Star Trek, TOS! And there are these cute TOS unifroms at ShareCG for free. Also, some of the ST art on DA is fantastic and very inspiring. So, I wanted to try my hand, but I knew I wanted to do something a little different. This is what I came up with :)

Daz3d->Reality->Lux render with a V4 model.
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 “Now that I’ve fooled those imbecilic friends of yours pretty one, its time to feed you my special potion which will bind you to me forever as my obedient submissive slave.  Hehehehehe!

"They think that you’ve returned to Kansas, as if anyone would want to go back to that pathetic flat as a pancake giant cornfield with tornadoes, and like you , they were fooled into thinking your little water trick had led to my demise.  As they say deary, those rumors are greatly exaggerated! Cackle! 

“Hehe… you all don’t realize that I'm totally immune to tap water.  Now if you had used Perrier it may have been a different story!  Anyway, now that Oz thinks I’m dead,  I am free to direct my flying monkey army  on its campaign against the wizard! My monkey generals will make him look like that baboon Saddam Hussein … a pathetic loser who better be hiding in a hole in the ground!  Then I’ll be in charge! Cackle!

“ What?  The Good Witch Glenda will stop me?  Hahaha!  Baby, Glenda works for me.  I helped her pass her finals a WU (Witch University), and got her her first paying witch position… Good Witch of the Lower East Side of Munchkinville! Don't give me that look, we all have to start somewhere! Now look at her!  She owes me big time and I’m collecting! Hehheheheheh!

"When I’m in charge there will be lots of changes.  Oz will no longer be the back water of the fantasy worlds!  We are going to compete in the global market with the North Pole, the Rabbit Hole, Toyland, Candyland, and Washington DC! Cackle!

"First, all those munchkins are going to work for a living.  No more collecting disability for chronic height challenge syndrome!  They are going to the coal mines and dig like all useful dwarfs!... and don’t tell me they are not dwarfs!  Short is short!

"Second, those pathetic traveling companions of yours will be hunted down like the vermin that they are.  Lions belong in their natural habitat, a zoo!  We can get good money from the salvage yard for all that tin.  And that straw dude, he's a walking fire hazard, not to mention my allergies!

"Finally, my pretty, your future will be best of all.  This potion, which is approved by the FDA, will remove all your free will, common sense, and intelligence.  Then, if I don't have you run for public office, you will be my eye candy girlfriend.  Though we won't be telling anyone you are from dull ol' Kansas... we'll need to invent a suitably exotic back story for you.  I know, we will say you are from the oasis of erotica and sensuality, the garden state of pleasure ... the Kingdom of New Jersey!  That will certainly impress the dim witted masses! Cackle!

"In public you will be on my arm as a trophy of my triumph over the wizard.  But your real role will be in the evenings in my chambers where together we will redefine the term chamber maid! Hehehehehe!"



SL Snap of my girlfriend Etherea :iconethereas: and I celebrating Halloween!  Thanks to Eth who makes such a sexy Wicked Witch despite the green tones! Check out her page for another version of our celebration:



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Memorial Day, 2009, just off the coast of England at fifteen thousand feet, Air Force Captain Donna Domenitzo, call sign “Valkyrie,” was cruising on a routine flight to bring a replacement F-15 aircraft to her squadron stationed in Kirgizstan, from Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. She would be stopping to overnight the aircraft at the US base at Ramstein Germany.

As the young pilot routinely scanned the sky around her, her eyes fixated on a black smudge closing in on her rapidly from her four o’clock position. As her eyes grew big in wonder she recognized the aircraft as a vintage World War II US Air Force P-51 fighter plane. The type of plane that had flown from bases in England to combat over Germany during the air war of World War II. She smiled under her oxygen mask at the thought of this vintage aircraft joining her for a short while on a similar but more peaceful flight plan almost seventy years later.

The pilot of the old plane was good and he easily and quickly joined up with the new sleek twenty-first century fighter plane in a tight two plane formation. Donna flashed a welcoming thumbs up to the pilot, who she could see was decked out in what appeared to be authentic leather World War II flying garb. The other pilot responded with a characteristic Vee for Victory sign with his fingers.

For ten minutes the two aircraft flew together in the calm sky. Donna took the time to admire the sleek lines and impressive power of the older aircraft. She noted that in addition to the authentic flying suit the pilot was wearing, the aircraft was painted in the authentic colors of the 8th US Air Force, and even fitted with four real looking .50 caliber browning machine guns. The restoration of the aircraft had been truly flawless.

Suddenly the Air Force pilot’s relaxed demeanor turned serious. She scanned her cockpit instruments and to her consternation noted that none of her radars seemed to be working. She hadn’t noticed, but as she had tracked the incoming vintage aircraft visually, her radar failed to note its presence. This was cause for some concern, but since everything else seemed to be working she could complete this leg of her journey VFR and get the radars checked when she landed.

She returned her attention to her older wingman who was wagging his wings to get her attention. When he saw that Donnas was looking over at him he used hand and arm signals to indicate he had to turn back to England. Donna gave another thumbs up to indicated that she understood.

She took her time to watch as the old plane gracefully banked away and for the second time in the past fifteen minutes her heart was in her throat. Instead of turning away and then rapidly fading to a disappearing dot in the sky, the old plane just faded out of existed. Or, at least that’s what it looked like. One minute it was there, and slowly the solid aircraft gradually dematerialized. Oh My God, she thought. Donna shook her head not believing what she had just witnessed. Looking around she was once again alone in the sky just crossing over the coast of France. Everything was normal.

Quickly she radioed her controlling station, RAF Brize Norton. She asked the British air traffic controller there to rely her thanks for the company to the civilian vintage warbird that had joined her for the short trip across the channel. The British controller assured her that he would comply with her request except that he had no information on any type of vintage aircraft in her area. In fact, he informed her, his radar showed her F-15 proceeding on course alone, as it had been since crossing over the channel. The Air Force captain was perplexed and embarrassed but quickly covered herself by saying she meant her thanks to the control crew as she passed out of their air space. The slightly confused British controller acknowledged her message and wished her luck.

Alone again with her thoughts in the cockpit, Donna wondered at what she experienced. Was she just day-dreaming or had she fallen asleep ? She had been fascinated with vintage aircraft all her life. This may have just been a dream caused by the fatigue of the long fourteen hour flight from Nellis. It could also have been a technical malfunction caused by sun spots or some other natural phenomenon. Stranger things had happened.

Or, she thought. Maybe it wasn’t a dream or a technical glitch.

She remembered one of her commanders back at the Academy telling her and the other young hopeful pilots that once they earned their wings, they would be flying for their country and they would be backed up by the spirit of all of the thousands of flyers who went before them. Those spirits, their history, their stories, and their achievements would guide the young pilots wherever they flew all over the world.

Then Donna realized it was Memorial Day, and she thought again about the vintage aircraft and the old pilot and his Vee for Victory sign. She decided it wasn’t a dream –it was a special link to the service of those who preceded her.

She silently wished her companion God’s speed where ever he was flying, and thanks for all his service. Especially on this Memorial Day.


Daz3d ->Reality->Lux Render using a V4 model.

This is the sixth and a special addition to what is now a series featuring my fictional character, Captain Donna, "Valkyrie," Domenitzo, USAF. Many years ago I had a brief association with a flying career and then my eye sight went bad and that ended that before it really even started.

This little series is a fantasy of what might have been (more than slightly exaggerated ;) )

To see the others click below:

Last years Memorial Day render:
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Mickey planned to just peck Julia on the cheek before she got in line for the security check at the airport, but as soon as she stepped close to the blonde doctor and looked into the pool of her deep blue eyes her thoughts of being proper in public disappeared. As she her lips touched her lover’s their two bodies instinctively melted against each other and Mickey’s nylon clad thigh slide naturally between Julia’s legs. Mickey lost herself in a long deep wet kiss, the feel of her girlfriend’s luxurious hair and the smell of her delicate perfume. Then with a supreme act of willpower Mickey broke the kiss. A few lucky passer-by smiled at the highly charged display.

Mickey stood inches from her girlfriend and bit her lip in mild frustration as she held each of the doctor’s hands in hers. “It will only be two months baby.”

“I know. But for the last year we’ve been together almost every day. I’m not sure I can take being apart,” replied Julia looking both pouty and sad.

“Sweetheart, we’ve been through a lot. You can take it and so can I. And, then we will be together again in D.C. I’ll have the house all set up and life will be perfect, “ Mickey soothed. Mickey couldn’t help but smile because she really was moving to a better place and she felt like the luckiest woman alive that Julia would be there with her.

“You’re right of course,” replied the gorgeous woman who might have just stepped off the cover of a surfing magazine. Doctor Greene's signature starched white blouse, charcoal pencil skirt and black stiletto pumps did nothing to hide her lush curves. “I am kind of excited about it, and the new research job I found is really a big step up for me too.” Her pout turned into a smile as images of Mickey and her relaxing by the pool of the new home they would be moving into flashed through her head. “And I am so looking forward to that pool.”

Mickey’s smile got even brighter as she flashed on the pool image as well, featuring Julia in a micro bikini. “Baby, we are going to do wicked things in that pool.”

Both women giggled as they shared one last hug, before Mickey picked up her briefcase and strode to the security checkpoint. She briefly turned back for a quick wave before going down a flight of stairs. A few minutes later the striking latina with the sharply cut short hair wearing a perfectly fitted Saint Johns’ skirt suit stood patiently in line and contemplated the new life she was beginning, unconsciously primping for many admiring glances of her fellow travelers.

She had interviewed for several government agencies after the Cardone operation. Her involvement, and particularly the way she handled herself in a dangerous and stressful situation, had garnered a lot of quiet attention. There weren’t many people, especially attractive females, who could have subdued three armed men single handedly, and then fought off seven more, all armed with assault rifles. That kind of unique combination of skill, intelligence, and coolness under stress was extremely rare.

So, after interviewing with the FBI, Homeland Defense, the Secret Service and the CIA, she had agreed to join the latter organization. There were several reasons for her choice, and they were all good ones. She was being hired by the CIA as an analyst. That was a nice comfortable nine to five job which they had agreed she would never actually work at. The analyst job was merely a cover for her real job which was as an operator. An operator was someone tasked to do a wide variety of dangerous intelligence related tasks around the word. She would be part of the agency’s Dagger Team. The Dagger Team was super-secret team of field agents who worked directly for the agency director and the President. Although she would drive to work each day as if she worked in one of the many cubicles that were the essence of the CIA ‘s Langley headquarters complex, she would never actually step foot into a cubicle or turn on a computer. Her daily job would be to hone the skills she needed to successfully conduct missions in very dangerous and hostile places around the world.

Mickey was impressed with the job. She would be involved in only the most critical national security issues, working with the best professionals in the world, and, as she had done in the Marine Corps and as a policewoman, serving her country. On top of that, the CIA knew all about her part time job working at the “4 Play” Club and her alias “Starr Sizzle.” And they were cool with it. In fact, to the CIA having an operative who moon-lighted as an exotic dancer was an encouraging bonus. The agency saw Starr and her dancing talent as an additional skill set that might be useful on missions. They also knew all about Mickey’s girlfriend, Doctor Julia Greene, and as additional incentive they had helped secure the doctor an incredibly lucrative research position in D.C. area. Compared to the rather conventional opportunities the other agencies offered, it was an easy choice selecting the job as an “analyst” with the CIA.

Mickey moved to the head of the line and was called forward by the TSA agent. She smiled to herself as she noticed the agent’s gaze travel the length of her body and linger at her dark hosed legs and the tight jacket closed over her breasts. She was used to be admired but it still caused a tingle to run down her spine each time she noticed it. That tingle was one of the many legacy’s of the “Perfect” drug and the cartel’s programing. Mickey turned on her smile and batted her long lashes at the young agent as she handed him her boarding pass. “Hi there,” she greeted him in a low throaty voice.

The agent was startled at the amount of suggestion Mickey was able to put into just those two words and quickly shifted in his chair to cover what had instantly become an uncomfortable condition in between his legs. He tore his gaze from the beautiful dark eyes of the woman standing in front of him and quickly marked her pass.

As he handed the boarding pass back to her, Mickey noticed the slight tremble in his fingers. She couldn’t help but teasingly run her nails over the back of his hand before accepting the pass back. She watched his face and noticed his pupils dilate as she touched him. She continued to bless him with a thousand watt smile.

“Have a nice flight Miss,” the agent croaked, his voice breaking as he looked deep into her eyes.

“Oh I will, thank you Sir,” Mickey flirted. “A nice flight and much more!” she spun on her toe and strutted to security making sure she the young agent got a nice view of her bottom swaying under the tight skirt.

I will be having a nice flight, and much much more she thought to herself.


The 25th and LAST Chapter in the "Vice" series.

Click below to see the start of the series or the previous installment:

Chapter 1:

Previous Chapter 24:

See the folder in my gallery for the complete story so far, in order.
Daz3D->Reality->Lux render with a V4 model.
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Etherea and Trixie :icontrixiehobble: were out to have a good time, and they were excited when the hostess at the club told them they'd caught the club owner's fancy and then invited them back to the VIP section. They tittered and chatted a bit too loudly with each other and the hostess as she escorted them into a small but luxuriously appointed room. "This is one of the special, private VIP lounges," the hostess said, mixing them fresh drinks. "Don't worry that it's empty, it will fill up once Rita and Jayde have selected their other VIPs for the evening," she smiled.

Little did the girls know, however, that Rita and Jayde ran a white slavery ring, and that their drinks were spiked. Half an hour later the two dazed and confused girls found themselves seated on one of the couches as the aforementioned proprietors wrapped lengths of rope around their interlocked arms until they were bound far more securely than would have been necessary to hold them even had they been sober. Their mouths were stuffed with wads of cotton that were secured in place with scarves. They were guided down a secret corridor to an exit at the rear of the Hip Hop Club where a van awaited them. The swaying, teetering girls were helped inside the vehicle and pulled down onto a large mattress, then ether rags were clamped over their faces by two bunny-suited Hip Hop girls as the cargo doors were shut, Rita and Jayde got in up front and the van roared to life and rumbled off into the night.

In their last lucid moments before succumbing to the anesthetic Trix and Eth realized to their horror that they weren't going wild tonight, they were simply gone.


For the non-bondage version, see:
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Officer  Mickey versus Sergeant Mickey.

As requested by several fans :)

The only differences in these two models, aside from the uniform modifications, is the hair, make up choices and pose.

I actually seriously considered some type of format like this to portray the changes in Mickey after her return to the force --since several fans requested it I decided to follow through as a bonus render that is off the strict vice story line.
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Etherea had always fantasized about being in bed with her teammate Sapphire from the cross country team, but this certainly wasn't how she'd envisioned things. They'd been out running together along their usual route, she remembered that much. They'd gotten off to a late start, and it was dark when they spied the black Volvo broken down on the side of the road. She remembered actually recognizing the car; she liked the model and had seen it traveling down route 780 several times when she'd been out running. There was a woman standing by the left taillight in what looked like black leather pants, a black leather turtleneck, black leather gloves, and some high-heeled shoes. She appeared to be trying to wrest the spare tire from the trunk as Etherea and Sapphy approached.

"Hi, could you girls help me?" the woman asked. "Do either of you have a cell phone or maybe know how to change a tire? My right front is flat and I've got no idea what I'm doing, and my cell phone is dead."

"Sorry, I don't have my phone with me and I've never changed a tire before," Sapphire said as she approached the woman, jogging in place at first and then gradually slowing to a stop.

Etherea came up right behind. "I don't have my phone but I can change a tire," she said, jogging right up to the trunk and looking up at the woman with a little smile and then leaning to look inside. The woman's face was almost completely in shadow, the only light coming from the little trunk light and the moonlight, but she was tall and graceful, her movements elegant. Etherea spotted the jack and picked it up, then gave a quick description to the woman and Sapphy on how to remove the tire.

"You two go ahead and get the tire out while I jack it up and then we can all change it together, it shouldn't be too hard," Etherea said, bouncing off around to the front of the car. She found the jack point with no problem, inserted the tire iron into the jack, and began to crank it. A few minutes later she had the right front tire slightly off the ground, but Sapphy and the woman were nowhere to be found with the spare tire.

"Hey ya'll, what's the holdup?" she said half-laughingly as she walked back around to the trunk, but Sapphire and the woman were nowhere to be found. Then she looked in the trunk and gasped in shock. The floor had been placed back in the trunk and Sapphire lay on it, seemingly asleep. "Sapphy! Sapphire are you ok?" she said, leaning in and shaking her friend. "What's wrong, what happened? Wake up!" she yelled, chattering at a hundred miles an hour.

"She's fine," Etherea heard the voice behind her say. "And you will be, too. Just breathe." Etherea tried to spin around but the woman's left hand was around her waist, pinning her left arm to her side. Something soft and cool and wet was pressed over her face, like a damp towel, covering her nose and mouth. She screamed in anger and surprise and a funny, sweet smell filled her nostrils. She tried to kick at the woman's legs and twist out of her grip, but the woman was strong and well-positioned, and all she could do was writhe in her grasp and breathe in more of the substance saturating the rag. It had a slight medicinal tinge, and the sweetness quickly became sickly and cloying.

"That's a good girl, just like your little friend. Slow, deep breaths," the woman repeated. Etherea's ears were starting to buzz and the world seemed to be rocking and then spinning. The edges of her vision blurred and grew dark, and the darkness started to close in around her. Her arms and legs felt impossibly heavy and she just couldn't keep her eyelids open.

"Go to sleep, sweetheart. I promise not to hurt you," the woman said, her voice sultry and comforting. "Much."

Etherea felt herself fading in and out of lucidity. She'd passed out before and the way she felt was reminiscent. She knew she shouldn't, but she was just so tired. It couldn't hurt to close her eyes, just for a moment...could it? Her eyelids fluttered for a moment and she went limp with a soft little moan in the cloth. The woman held Etherea firmly in her grasp for a long moment just to be sure she was unconscious, then partially picked her up and rolled her into the trunk beside Sapphire.

"Look on the bright side, girls," the woman said as she slammed the trunk closed, "at least you don't have to run that last three miles." She grinned as she walked around to the right front and lowered the car, then walked around to the driver's side and got in, dumping the jack on the passenger side floor as she slid onto the seat. "But don't worry, I'll be giving you both a thorough workout soon."

A second later the motor roared to life, the lights came on, and the black Volvo rolled off into the night.
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A great big thank you to everyone who has :+fav: 'd, commented, and viewed my efforts! All of you have encouraged me to try to improve my work and explore my imagination! Thank you soooooooooo much!


Daz3d->Realtiy->Lux render with a v4 model. (this is the model who appeared in red legs ;) )
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