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NOTE: NOT FOR SALE. I do not remember where I purchased everything as this was bought mostly YEARS AGO - 1990's, early 2000's in MANY different stores. 
Please do not ask me for specifics on where I purchased the items because they are no longer for sale in stores today.

Alright... well this is being done by request of :iconqueen-sinarbi: ... it’s a pic (a rather crummy one, my camera was being a snot, and it was storming outside).. anyway... a picture of probably about 2/3 of the LION KING merchandise I own.. I have BUNCHES more, but Failed to locate it .. cause its in boxes all over my house :faint ... well, anyway,.. here is an itemized list of most of the stuff... I also was taken (by my oh so loving parents) to see THE LION KING BROADWAY show last year!!!! :hug: that made me so happy!!! (VIP TIckets too!)

God, I hate to know how much :money: I have spent on all this stuff in my life!


:bulletred: 2 BRAND new sets of figs from the special edition release (Still in boxes at top right-corner of pic)
:bulletred: Lion Kin Figures (like a whole BUNCH!!) :laughing:
:bulletred: SUPER RARE Sarabi PVC figure (took me 8 years to find!! (Praise eBay!!) :thumbsup: She’s all the way to the front, in the middle.
:bulletred: 4 LK pins (1 RARE Cast lanyard edition from WDW, and 1 Festival of the Lion King pic form WDW as well :)
:bulletred: LK Compass from Burger King
:bulletred: LK Adult Simba Plush From McDonalds
:bulletred: LK HUGE Adult Simba Plush from Original Release
:bulletred: LK II Simba’s Pride Porcelain figure collection. (Towards front right corner)
:bulletred: Stamp Set
:bulletred: Card Set
:bulletred:School Binder and folder set
:bulletred: Sam Goody’s Special Edition Mufasa/Sarabi + Baby Simba Figure.
:bulletred: Porcelain LK figure from.. some place :)
:bulletred: Groiler LK ornament
:bulletred: DVD Special Edition set with Book + Lithographs
:bulletred: Storage boxs
:bulletred: Figure Storage Boxes
:bulletred: Broadway Hat
:bulletred: 2 Lunch boxes
:bulletred: Original Release of THE LION KING VHS (God I feel old :faint:
:bulletred: LK II Lithographs set (Damaged slightly after taking this photo :sniff:
:bulletred: Shampoo - Shaped Bottle.
:bulletred: Pillow
:bulletred: Valentine Card set :D
:bulletred: CD Soundtrack
:bulletred: Cassette Sing Along + Book
:bulletred: Broadway Program
:bulletred: Handheld Video game
:bulletred: Large Classic storybook, Small book, Sticker book.
:bulletred: Sticker Collection FULL BOOK + All stickers
:bulletred: TONS OF STICKERS!
:bulletred: Adult Simba + Nala Disney Store exclusive figure
:bulletred: Mug
:bulletred: Mini LK Figure set + Pride rock
:bulletred: Special Pen + Rafiki Figure won in contest :)
:bulletred: Bathroom set (Toothbrush holder, comb, soap case)
:bulletred: Timon + Pumba on wave (B-day Cake Toppers)
:bulletred: WDW Simba Plush
:bulletred: WDW Young Simba and Nala figs
:bulletred: Rare “Can’t wait to be King” Animal Collection. (Mostly on top of the stamp set in the middle of pic)
:bulletred: Scar (Nestle Wonderball Figure) Made before then banned the figures from the balls.)
:bulletred: Lion King II Simba's Pride VHS

Things not shown but I have... somewhere :slow:

:bulletgreen: Zazu Plush
:bulletgreen: Lion King I + II Sheet + Bed sets. :love:
:bulletgreen: “Can’t wait to be king” Dishes, Silverware, and cup set
:bulletgreen: Easter egg dye kit (Still intact)
:bulletgreen: Game-Gear (Handheld) Video Game
:bulletgreen: Young Simba + Nala poster
:bulletgreen: An original Sketch by a Disney artist of Mufasa done in 97 for me.
:bulletgreen: More stuff, I can’t remember :D
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My Puppy/Kitty Surprises, who remembers these awesome toys for the 90s? I have 7 mum dogs and one mum cat. Not all of my dogs have babies though. These are some of my most prized toys and they all live on my bed.
Puppy Surprises came with 3, 4 or 5 puppies hidden inside their tummies. My oldest one is Sophie the one on the bottom left (pink and yellow lying down with yellow floppy ears and the four puppies with her) I used to write stories about Sophie and her puppies. She came with three puppies but there was a form where you could send away for a free extra puppy.
The other dogs and cat I won on eBay a few years back. The brown dog at the back I bought brand new still in her original box off eBay and she came with three puppies too. That was a bargain!

Incidently they have remade Puppy Surprises but sadly the new ones are crap and aimed at preschoolers. Why do you have to spoil my fave toys you silly manufacturers!!!
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After I saw Hobbi-Katie's CCS collection, I wondered what I had that much of, and it was Lion King, oh yes it was. This is my collection of 10 years of obsessing over the Lion King!

-Lion King Special Edition
-Lion King 1 1/2
-Lion King Sing-a-long songs. (Katie-chan bought for me. It's kinf od hiding but it's in between the other dvd's.)
-Original release of The Lion King of '95
-The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
(I do have various Timon and Pumbaa eps taped as well, but they aren't included in the picture.)
-Original Lion King Soundtrack of '94
-Special Edition SDT of '03
-Return to Priderock: TLK Simba's Pride
-Rythm of the Pridelands
-Lion King 1 1/2
-Lion King golden reader book
-Morning at Priderock
-Lion king better than 'golden reader' version and is more of a novel, and pretty illustrations.
-Disney adventure Lion King edition
-A Princess is born coloring book that I got from the cheerio's box....I have pogs somewhere too.
-Timon mini bobble head
-Timon and Pumbaa Burger King toy
-Timon and Pumbaa Disney authentic toy
-Baby Timon and Pumbaa Disney authentic toys
-Timon squeezy flash light
-Timon finger talking toy from McDonalds
-Priderock polly pocket playset with Simba and Nala (my dog ate mufasa)
-2 Timon beanie bags +1 from Walt DisneyWorld from my jen^^
-Pumbaa bean bag
-Kova and Kiara bean bag
-Sheenzi, Banzai, and Ed, bean bags
-Simba and Nale bean bag
-Sweetheart cub kissing Nala and Simba
-Timon doll from Disneyland
-Pumbaa and Simba finger puppet
-Nala and Simba nuzzle, simba/Nala Can't wait to be King, Timon/Pumbaa/simba Hakuna matata, ending priderock, and walking on the log scene, lithographs.
-Genuine all charater photo that cost me 20$ when I found it four years ago^^ I love it so much.
-Special Edition mini-poster
-Hakuna Matat frame art
-Lion King promotional poster
-Cross-stitched quilt. Yes, I made that, stitched and crossed every stitch and it took 3-4 months to complete.
Expensive collectibles
-Authentic, special, all out-I-will-kill-if-I-ever-lose-or-break- this-statue of Timon in the hula skirt and flower lace
-Hakuna Matata snowglobe
-9 autograph sketches that came with my Lion King DVD
-8 collectable pins from Disneyland and store.
-Booklet containing cards from the movie (by the beanies)
-Simba and Nala ordiment
-Sipper from Disneyland, with Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba on it
Oh and a pillow I also crosssitiched of Priderock..the picture on one of the book actually. Now you know I'm also crafty as well.
Now you've also seen my real obsession before anime. Thank you for letting me make you read my list of my 10 years of purchases.
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:excited: I'm soo happy to have this guy in my collection, I have no idea if he is really rare or not, but I have never seen him before. All I know I was really wanting Disney to Make a Adult Tod for a long time, little did I know they already had one out.

I still hope they remake this guy though XB

17" tall

Official Disney plush (wish it had a date on the tag =C oh well)

purchased from ebay UK

sorry to annoy you guys with my collection posts X"D;;
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Click on Download for Full 1280x1024 Full size!

Terms of Use: Do not offer for Download anywhere. This is for your personal use as Desktop Wallpaper only.
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Overdue contest prize for :iconsho-kun:

Hope you like it~~~

Comes with a (somewhat crappy) speedpaint: [link]
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EDIT : I forgot to put my Playstation game on the photo DDD: it's this one -->…

If you want to see the details, click on download, but the picture is HUGE !

Finally I took a photo of my TLK collection 8D Don't be surprised, it's written Le Roi Lion because it's the French title ^^
You can see my plushies, my books (included the books with Kopa !), my DVDs, my VHS, my figures, my GBA game... And the sketch by Ruben Aquino that I got thanks to the Disney Movie Rewards code ! I just love it *-*
I have a lot of other little books about TLK but putting them on the photo was useless, because they are a bit all the same x)

The Lion King (c) Walt Disney Studios
Photo (c) Pouasson-de-oro
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Hey guys! Look what I found today at the thrift store for $3.00~! :D

This plush is HUGE. And he's actually in perfect condition, I was surprised! :lol:

Anyone know how much this guy is worth? I am thinking of probably selling him and didn't see any on ebay soooo~
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Dedicated to my dead uncle, because i watched Rainbow Brite with him in my childhood.
And he show me some tricks in drawing characters.
He liked Murky and Lurky and I still like them too.

I make also another Pic.

If i could ever make a revival cartoon, then of Rainbow Brite (yesyes...only because of them...)
This is my last Fanart for now...
I make own art again.

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Here's a cute picture I made a few months ago of Tickled Pink from the 80's cartoon, "Rainbow Brite". She reminds me of a fairy. ^_^
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