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As Kouga and Kagome entered the cave she went back to lay back down on her sleeping bag while he looked around.  Sango, Miroku, Shippou and Kirara were moving stiffly from their sleeping positions, stifling yawns as they stretched.  He found InuYasha sitting exactly where they left him when he had taken her to her bath at the hot spring.  He sighed deeply, knowing this was going to be a challenge.

"Hey!  Dog-breath!" Kouga bated.  "The rain is going to let loose again.  Let's go hunt before it's too late."

Surprisingly, InuYasha rose without argument and headed for the cave opening.  He had barely moved from his chosen spot once he had walked away from Kagome the night before and hadn't slept at all.  He was stiff, he was tired and he needed fresh air.  Once outside and away from the cave he stretched, listening to his joints pop and feeling his muscles protest.  What InuYasha needed was a run.

"Hey, wolf.  I need a run.  I'll be back." InuYasha shot to Kouga with a sideways glance.

"I think I could use a run myself.  Mind if I come along?"  With that, Kouga took off knowing InuYasha's competitive nature would make him follow and try to out run him.  Seeing through his whirlwind he saw a streak of red shoot past him in the trees.  They raced quietly for a few more minutes when Kouga caught wind of a deer and called out to InuYasha.

"Dog-breath!  Don't forget we're supposed to be hunting!  There's a deer nearby!  I'm going for it!"  And with that Kouga took off after his prey.

InuYasha growled, following his hunting companion.  He was not in the mood for company or hunting.  He simply wanted to run, only returning to the cave when it was necessary.  He wasn't ready to see Kagome again now that he was away from her.  He had made the decision to not leave the group, however he was nowhere near ready to allow her close to him again much less touch him.  Didn't she realize what she had done?  She had used her spiritual powers against him to subdue him.  How could she not see how it was the same thing Kikyou had done and that situation still pained him?  He had trusted her and she had betrayed him.

As he leapt from branch to branch his mind started whispering doubts about betrayal in his ear.  InuYasha took a look at the big picture.  Kagome had given her word to stay by him and she had.  She took care of him, defended him, fought with him.  She accepted him as he was and never went with Kouga all the times he had tried to lure her away.  However, she had used her spiritual powers against him.  He wasn't sure he could forgive that.

Kouga glanced over his shoulder at InuYasha.  He was clearly in a world of his own, not caring about the hunt or that he was pulling up the rear.  Kouga came up on the deer quickly, felling it with one swipe of his claws.  As he stood over his kill he noticed red and silver coming up beside him.

"I'll clean it and we can head back," InuYasha offered, kneeling down to gut the animal.

"Hold on, Dog-breath.  While I got you out here I want to talk to you about something."  Kouga waited as InuYasha digested what he said.

"Make it quick, wolf, I don't want to get stuck in the rain hauling this carcass around."  InuYasha motioned at the deer.

"What's your problem with Kagome?" Kouga asked simply.

"None of your business!"  InuYasha was instantly mad.

"Look, mutt, you know I want Kagome as my own, and I know in your own twisted way you do as well."

InuYasha opened his mouth to protest but Kouga silenced him by holding up his hand and shaking his head.

"Deny it all you want but you wouldn't protest so much when I come around if you didn't.  Now, the sooner you let me say what I got to the sooner we can get back to the cave and avoid the rain." Kouga said in a matter of fact tone of voice.

InuYasha nodded curtly and wait for Kouga to resume.

"I know that Kikyou chick stuck you to a tree with an enchanted arrow.  I know Kagome used her spiritual energy to zap us out of fighting yesterday.  I'm not so dense I don't recognize the problems you have with that.  Kagome knows what she did was wrong and she wants to talk to you about it but you have to back down and let her near you.  If you don't let her make this right she may not stick around."

With that Kouga kneeled down, made swift work of cleaning the deer and slung it over his shoulder to carry back to the cave.  InuYasha followed behind, thinking on what he had been told.
Title: InuYasha’s Misgivings
Author: SakuraRyuu
Prompt: SFX Challenge – Fuaaa
Genre: Angst, Drama
AU/CU: Canon
Rating: K
Word Count: 827
Summary: Kouga tries to steer InuYasha in the right direction.
A/N: InuYasha and all characters in this fan fiction are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.

Chapter 1: [link]
Next: [link]
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While Kouga led the way to the cave, Kagome followed behind him walking alone, Miroku, Sango, Shippou and Kirara walked together in the middle and InuYasha brought up the rear.  He noticed the wolf was keeping a more respectable distance from Kagome.  "Probably afraid to get zapped again," InuYasha thought, grinning evilly.  The grin immediately fell when he remembered he had been zapped as well.  His heart felt like it was clinching in his chest, skipping a beat every time he thought of the feeling to his skin.  His mind was in complete turmoil.  He was still shocked Kagome had used her spiritual powers to zap him and it brought the memory of Kikyou sealing him to Goshinboku.  Kagome had never caused him to not trust her, but if she was willing to zap him over that mangy wolf, she might be willing to seal him to a tree as well.  Maybe even purify him.  The familiar feeling of betrayal was beginning to seep into his heart, clouding his judgment, making him doubt her.

Once inside the cave the group set about making camp.  The cave provided enough room for everyone to fit comfortably and the opening was pointed away from the chilled wind.  Kagome had been lucky enough to find some dry brush and wood just outside the opening and Kouga had started making the fire pit.  InuYasha sulked quietly in the farthest, darkest corner of the cave, scowling deeply at Kagome.  Just as Kouga was about to leave the sky let loose and the rain began to fall.  As if it had been waiting for this moment all day, the rain poured down, trapping InuYasha, his small group and Kouga in the cave together.  

Standing at the opening of the cave holding her pot in the downpour to gather water for their supper, Kagome wondered idly what happened to Hakaku and Ginta.  She hoped they had found shelter from the rain.  She turned and walked toward the fire to set the pot on to boil and started rummaging in her backpack for ramen.  She thought it would be a good piece offering to InuYasha for zapping her earlier.  As she looked around the cave she saw him sitting quietly by himself, his face set in a fierce scowl.  It seemed his mood was extra foul thanks to Kouga being stuck in the cave with them due to the rain.

InuYasha had his back against the wall, his right leg stretched out in front of him, his left bent at the knee and brought up to his chest.  Tetsaiga was leaned against his left shoulder and his arms were crossed over it with his hands tucked in his sleeves.  As Kagome walked toward him she noticed his eyes didn't shift in her direction making her realize he had already been looking at her, yet the scowl didn't ease.  To her dismay, it grew darker.  As she kneeled down next to his right leg he shifted away, trying to stay out of her reach.

"InuYasha?" Kagome questioned, sounding confused.

"Don't touch me, Kagome," InuYasha warned, his voice cold and flat.

Kagome reached to touch InuYasha's shoulder and he growled, a low, threatening rumble in his chest.  Everyone in the cave turned to look at them as she stared at him in shock.

"I will only say this once, Kagome, so listen good.  You will not touch me again."  With that InuYasha got up and walked away, leaving Kagome staring after him with her mouth hanging open.
Title: From Bad to Worse
Author: SakuraRyuu
Prompt: SFX Challenge – Basa basa
Genre: Angst, Drama
AU/CU: Continuation
Rating: K
Word Count: 520
A/N: InuYasha and all characters in this fan fiction are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.
Summary: The group settles in for the storm.

Chapter 1: [link]
Next: [link]
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Shippo clapped his hands together and rubbed them anxiously.  Looking at his latest prank he couldn't help but giggle before he scampered off after his prey.

Peaking around a bush, he found Kagome leaned up against Goshinboku with Inuyasha's head in her lap, his arms above his head and wrapped around her waist, hands clasped at her back.  They were enjoying the crisp autumn afternoon, the leaves falling around them with the sway of the tree's branches.  They were smiling warmly at eachother, Kagome tickling Inuyasha's ear with an orange leaf until it twitched.  Each time she would giggle, he other hand touching him miscellaneously.  Shippo eased back on his haunches, all ideas of terrorizing the hanyou now gone.

Never had Shippo seen Inuyasha so relaxed and the simple ease of the situation wasn't lost on the kit.  You would never know to look at them now how volatile their relationship had been before Kagome was returned to her time for so long.  There were times he was certain the oblivious hanyou would break the girl's heart one time too many times and she wouldn't come back from a visit home.  There were also times he wondered about what the Inuyasha-shaped holes in the ground must look like in Kagome's time.  But now there was such peace and happiness between them you would never think they fought with eachother a day in their lives together.

As the afternoon waned to a stunning sunset that fit the autumn theme of the day, Shippo continued to sit and watch the couple.  Darkness began to creep through the village causing people to retreat back into the warmth of their huts.  He watched as Inuyasha sat up and offered Kagome his hand, helping her up.  Smoothing out her clothes the kit heard her wonder aloud where he was.  Reassuring her he would return soon the man looked over his shoulder toward the bush Shippo was hiding behind and winked.

Thinking to himself he'll save his prank for another day Shippo came out of hiding to chase after his parents back to their hut.
Title: Gentle Times
Author: SakuraRyuu
Rating: K
Genre: Family
Words: 351
Character/Pairing: Inuyasha, Kagome
Warning: N/A
Summary: Shippo plots.
Author’s Notes: Inuyasha and all characters in this fan fiction are the property of Rumiko Takahashi.
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      The demon was waiting for the proper moment to strike, and soon that moment would come.  He was thinking about how Inuyasha had destroyed his home and comrades along with it.  He was disgusted by the thought and gagged at the sight of Inuyasha in his mind.

      This demon was not very common, so he was shall we say a "rare" demon type.  And once his were comrades were killed, he considered this a great insult to him and his kind.  His demon type was called the "Benki Nugara" also known as the "bone snake."  Although, their bodies weren't the same as snakes, but their temper was.  Whenever something awful happened to their kind, they would always look for vengeance and blood.  Even if they had only been insulted by a bunch of people in a village, you might as well have already dug your grave.  They would kill your ENTIRE village without mercy.  They aren't forgiving or even kind enough to give you a second chance.  So they're cruel no matter what had happened.

      Now the time had come, for him and the last of his kind to avenge their comrade's deaths.  He threw his head back and made the most horrible howl that a wolf couldn't even make.  But that howl brought together the last of his kind to join him on his revenge.

      Inuyasha woke with a start once he heard the howl.  He shot straight up like you would from a bad dream and gasped.  Kagome had opened her eyes and sat up too.

      "What is it Inuyasha?" she asked as she gripped his white sleeve.

      This is NOT good… Inuyasha thought to himself, "I don't know, but doesn't sound too good."

      He took the covers off of him, got out of the bed, went over to window to see a very shocking sight.  A bunch of evil glowing yellow eyes had surrounded the house, but they were in the forest for now.  He gasped at the sight and ran across the room and grabbed Tetsusiaga from its corner and started running towards the doorway.

      Kagome was startled by all the action, "What is it?!" she asked more seriously cause he'd grabbed Tetsusiaga.

      He looked back at her with worry and fear in his eyes, "Get the kids and get downstairs now!"

      Kagome got up instantly and ran to the kid's bedroom while Inuyasha ran downstairs to see where the evil eyes had moved.  He was in luck, the eyes hadn't moved that far but there were lots of them, about fifteen or more.  He locked the front door and turned around.  He was going to run back upstairs to help Kagome and the kid's, but they were already there on the floor-stop of the stairs staring at him.  Kagome had the "Robe of the Fire Rat" on top of her head while the kids were looking at him strangely.

      "Daddy?" Kimiko asked wondering if this was her father.

      "Dad?" Katsuro eyed him suspiciously, "Is that you?"

      Kagome leaned down and told them, "Yes, it's your father.  He's just human for a while."

      Poor Inuyasha was panicking inside his head.  He didn't know what to do much less where to hide.  If they all hid in a closet the demons would eventually find and kill them.  Then it hit him, they wouldn't hide they would just go from room to room in the house until they gave up.

      He held a hand out to his daughter for her to take, "C'mon, we gotta hide."

      Kimiko trusted her mother, so she took her father's hand gradually and was right behind him when he started running to the safest room in the house.  Although little did they know, that this demon would not give in so easily without their most wanted fight.
Ok here's the story, THIS STORY SAT FOREVER IN MY FLASHDRIVE WHEN I JUST HAD TO ADD A SENTENCE!!!! :crash: I was very mad at myself.... Well I shall try my very hardest on CHAP 3 (not sure what the title will be) but...
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN Inuyasha or Kagome, BUT I DO OWN Katsuro, Kimiko, little baby :giggle: :), AND the evil dude Benki Nugara

Previous is Chapter 1- [link]

Next is Chapter 3- [link]
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The Pride Lands; once a place filled with lush grasslands as far as the eye could see. It used to be ruled by a brave, wise king by the name of Mufasa whom had a golden pelt with a vibrant cherry mane. He had been a broad built lion that watched over the Pride Lands with joy setting fair rules and helping those in need. Mufasa had lived at Pride Rock with other Pridelanders, other lioness's, which gladly followed him in ruling over the land. Keeping the land at peace all the savannah animals were living in harmony under the great circle of life. Biding by Mufasa's rules the land stayed full of life, the vegetation as green as could be even during the dry seasons.

However; today the Pridelands are brittle and lifeless. The earth is dry and hard, the vegetation dead under the rules of a new king that watches over the Pridelands. He was a thin lion with that of a dark mane and a corrupted mind. Scar was his name and he had been the second in line for the thrown. Mufasa had been his wise older brother but jealousy slowly corrupted Scar's mind over the years until he finally murdered his only brother to gain reign over the Pridelands. He also was clever in his scheme of murder and convinced the other lioness's that Mufasa had died in a stampede down in a gorge trying to save his only son, Simba. The plan worked out perfectly as Scar had had hyenas kill off Mufasa's son after he himself had thrown his own older brother off the gorge into the stampede. Life was great for the new king but he was selfish and refused to look after the Pridelands not realizing that they were dying more and more each day.

"Sarabi!" Scar bellowed.

A broad built lioness with dark rimmed wars slowly walked across Pride Rock towards Scar, weary of what he may do to her.

"What Scar?" She questioned in a low unsatisfied tone.

"Where is all the food? Why is your hunting group not supplying my hyenas and I with enough food!?"

Sarabi let out a low rumble in her throat as she spoke up, "Mufasa would have never allowed the Pridelands to become like they are now! Scar the lands are dying, the herds are moving because everyone is fending for themselves and breaking the rules! If you don't take proper control on something soon then we will all starve!"

"How dare you speak to me like that Sarabi! And you know better than to bring up Mufasa's name! It is forbidden to do so now that I am king! You have no right to speak down upon my ruling either because you are the ex queen of the Pridelands!"

Sarabi snarled at Scar slowly pacing towards him watching every move of the male lion.

"Watch yourself Sarabi. I don't like that tone from you." Scar whispered in a joking way.

Satisfied snarls echoed up Pride Rock as a group of thin lioness's made their way towards Scar with bits of fresh flesh hanging from their mouths. Scar smirked, his emerald eyes lightening up to see the leader of the hunting group approach him first.
Scar chuckled happily, "Zira, my Queen, I see you've been successful at your hunt again. I am very impressed with you and your party."

Dropping the fur and flesh in front of Scar, Zira bowed showing her crooked smile, "Your more than welcome my King. You know I am so loyal to you and your ways of ruling over the lands. I try not to fail you."  

Zira's blood red eyes followed Scar as he paced back towards Sarabi. Rumbling deep in her throat Zira dug her claws into the hard rock beneath her as the tan fur on her back slowly raised up.

"Zira," Scar stated in a blunt tone while glaring at Sarabi, "guess who failed to bring our Pride food again for the third day in a row?"

"Sarabi!" Zira snapped.

Standing her ground Sarabi took a step towards Scar, "I already told you, the herds are moving Scar! The Pridelands are dead!"

Zira's pupils contracted while she let out a roar pouncing forward, claws extended. Gasping Sarabi stepped back feeling Zira's claws protrude into her face, blood escaping her fresh wound onto Pride Rock. Stunned she fell over glancing up in fear of Zira, watching her breathe in and out deeply with rage in her eyes.

"Never speak to the King like that again! You have no right to treat Scar like that you ungrateful lioness! You should be lucky that we don't exile your group out of these lands!"

"Zira, I am only speaking of the truth. Can you not see these lands around us? They are dying more and more each day."

"Sarabi, get up! Enough of this nonsense! I need to speak with the King anyways, now on with you and I don't want to see you for the rest of the night. You aren't allowed to sleep in the den either for the next week or two. I am sick of you always putting my mate down like he is nothing but trash. Now off with you!"

Snarling Sarabi slowly stood up, her face wounded on one side as she wearily paced over to another lioness of her hunting party. Disgusted Zira glanced at Scar seeing a wide crooked smile snake up his face. Brushing up against him Zira sauntered on past him purring, disappearing into the shadows of the den. Chuckling Scar willingly followed after Zira with an evil look in his emerald eyes.

"Sarabi!" cried a young lioness with a smaller frame than Sarabi's, trotting up beside her filled with worry.

Her coat was a pale complexion that contrasted her indigo eyes and crimson nose.

"I'm alright Nala," Sarabi sighed, "I have to go elsewhere and find a place to sleep tonight I suppose. You heard Zira, she banned me from the den for a couple weeks again."

"You can`t let her do that to you over and over again Sarabi! You ARE the Queen, not her." Nala whined with a worried expression.

"Nala, I was the Queen but not anymore. I was over thrown by Scar and that's that. I am going to go sleep under some shelter near the bottom of Pride Rock tonight. That's where I normally stay anyways."

Pacing after Sarabi, Nala gave her a weak smile, "I shall accompany you then until you are welcomed back into the den."

"Thank you Nala. You are like one of my own. At least someone understands what else is happening to the Pridelands and it's not just me seeing it."
Disappearing down Pride Rock the other lioness's shrugged their shoulders heading into the den for the night.


Zira purred softly in the wake of the night, all of the lioness's fast asleep around her. Scar nudged her chin with his muzzle while sweeping around her in circles.

"You're so majestic in the shadows my King." Zira complimented digging her front claws into the hard rock beneath her.

"And you're so loyal to me Zira. You're everything I've ever needed to help in aiding me as my Queen with the ruling over Pride Rock."

Stepping over Zira, Scar's claws extended as he quickly latched onto Zira's neck holding her still. Continuing to purr, Zira glanced back at scar with her ruby eyes waiting for what he was about to say.

"You, Zira, had better bear me a son."

With those last words Scar mounted Zira, his claws digging into her neck so she couldn't move letting out snarls to warn her to stay still.


Dawn was slowly approaching the Pridelands, the shallow light from the rising sun casting across the dry lands. Kicking frantically in their sleep lay a couple hyenas near Pride Rock. They looked thin and brittle having had little food for the past few weeks; their skin tight against their ribs.

"Wake up you idiots!" Snapped a female hyena.

Jumping at the voice of their leader the hyenas scurried to their feet sitting in a line in front of her looking from one to another.

"Jee guys calm down! You guys take me way to seriously at times when I just have a bone to pick with those lions and I want to share it with you guys." The leader stated waving a paw towards the other hyenas.

"Shenzi," growled another hyena stepping forward from the line, "Stop scaring us to death would yeah? I was dreaming of having all the food in the world and sitting on top of it having the best lunch ever. Did you really have to wake us up this early?"

Banzai was Shenzi's closest friend and follower who wasn't afraid to speak up to her when he felt the need to. Pacing over to Shenzi he sat beside her watching another hyena stagger over to them from the line. This hyena had his tongue lolling from his mouth along with tattered ears as he let out a crackling laugh.

"What's wrong with Ed?" Shenzi asked pointing towards him.

Banzai shrugged, "Who knows with him. I can barely understand him when he does speak let alone those crazy laughs he lets out."

"Whatever. Back to my bone that I have to pick with those stinky, hairy lions! Do you guys see this?" Shenzi cried pointing to her ribs, "This is ridiculous! You shouldn't see a woman's ribs! Women need curves not bones showing. I am starting to get really impatient with Scar if he doesn't start feeding us more. We adopted him in as a cub and now he is treating us like pests and refusing to share his food with us. That is not what I can a good friend."

"So.... what are you saying Shenzi?"

Smiling she glanced at Banzai with an evil glare, "Wait for the right time and back stab him."

All the hyenas let out a gasp and started whispering among each other.

"Think about it," Shenzi laughed, "Scar is pushing all the Pridelanders away from him by force! They only followers he has are a couple outlander lions and his precious Zira. If we can get close enough to talk to the old Queen I believe we can make our move and get rid of Scar once and for all. He is literally killing the Pridelands and leaving no food for anyone. This is now worse than living in the outlands."

Banzai's mouth dropped, "Are you crazy Shenzi? What bonked you on the head this morning girl?"  

All the hyenas waited in shock, anxious to hear what Shenzi had to say.

"Seriously though," She went on trying to get the others to follow her, "Would you not rather live in a land of peace with ounces of meat and flesh all around us? That's what the Pridelands used to be. Also I have thought about it and if we were to help Sarabi I have a feeling she would welcome us back into the Pridelands as long as we followed by her rules. Good idea, right?"

Ed giggled, his tongue flopping about as he shook his head up and down agreeing with Shenzi. After a few minutes of silence everyone started whispering back and forth until Banzai spoke up, "You are our leader Shenzi so I guess I am willing to follow you. I'm sure everyone will but please just watch what you do for our sake. You know Scar would knock us out one by one if we get him too agitated..."

A low snicker rose from Shenzi until she threw her head back letting it out in a burst of laughter.

"This will be perfect. We'll never be hungry again."


The sun burned bright above the savannah, its rays spreading across the dry earth and vegetation. Sarabi crouched in the brittle grass, her crimson eyes watching a lone gazelle that was digging his hoof into the dry earth searching for some fresh vegetation. Carefully she moved forward placing a paw down as the grass snapped beneath her. Lunging forward the gazelle had heard the grass snapping and took off racing across the dry earth; Sarabi not too far behind it with her claws outstretched. Letting out a wild roar Sarabi collapsed sliding across the earth, weak and exhausted.

"Ahhh! Sarabi!" Nala cried racing not too far behind her with the rest of the hunting party trailing at her feet.

Nuzzling her head Nala waited for a response.

"Nala... I... I am too... weak... I'm exhausted and need energy... Nala I need food. I am literally worn out. I can't catch anything anymore because all the animals hear the dry grass beneath your paws. I don't know what to do... I am lost in my own hell..."

Breathing uneven Nala's heart sank as she looked to the other lioness's, "Everyone lets help Sarabi get back to Priderock. I'll lead the group out of the Pridelands and we're going to steal from the neighboring prides. We need food and there is nothing left for us here. If Scar wants food we'll bring it to him for now. Plus I fear if Sarabi doesn't get any food soon she'll become too ill and possibly leave us. Now hurry and whatever you do please stick close to me and do not get seen by the other neighboring prides."
Well I decided to bring forth my litrature piece. You guys know I can't keep stuf away. I wont look the same as the one on my computer and what not because of copyright reasons but you can still picture the characters just fine without well pictures. Anyways here is the first chapter to introduce some characters to my story.

Chapter 1: The Drought | Chapter 2: The New born Son --> [link]
(c)Copyright to the lion king 2: simba's pride film for the preview picture used. I DO NOT OWN IT!
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It was they're first night married togeather so inuyasha took his newly wedded wife kagome to an fancy inn.

"oh InuYasha, it's wonderful!" " how did you get the money to pay for this inn?" kagome asked with qustion.

" hm you don't remmber?" "we saved this village a long time ago back when we were on our journey to distroy naraku."

said inuyasha. " oh i remmber now!" then there was a knock at their door. " sir? madam?" " your dinner is ready" said the hostist.

"thanks we'll be right there." then inuyasha put his hand on kagome's cheek. kagome could only just smile at him with a loveing face.

then he pulled her to his chest. "kagome..i'm so glad you came back to me." "i thought i'd never see you again." kagome put her hand on his cheek and whiped a tear away.

"it doesn't matter anymore my love.." "were married now and i'm not going anywhere." "i promise..." then inuyasha put his finger under kagome's chin, and preshed his lips ageainst hers. kagome kissed back and the kiss deepened to make it last forever.

as they broke the kiss inuyasha stared into kagome's eyes. Kagome.."lets finish this later after we go in the hot springs." kagome blushed really hard that her face was red as his fire rat kimono. "uhh..kagome?" "you okay?" he asked with a worried tone.

"oh uh yeah i'm fine." "it's just what you said after our bath.' then inuyasha started to laugh. "you were blushing cause of that?" you silly thing it's not like i havent seen you before. inuyasha was laughing really hard that he was rolling in the room.

"that's not funny inuyasha.."kagome said with a irritated voice.  "don't worry i was only kidding kagome." "i wont do anything unless you want to." said inuyasha. "inuyasha.." "alright lets go eat dinner before it gets cold." then inuyasha lifted up kagome bride style and took her to the dinning room. "uhh inuyasha!" "what are you doing?!" "can't have my wife walking since your tired." said inuyasha with a grin. kagome gave inuyasha a kiss on the cheek. "feh i rather have a kiss on the lips." "now pucker up hon." said inuyasha with a chuckle. kagome sighed and did as he requested. kagome gave him a kiss but this time it was with more passion and love. feh, that wasn't hafe bad. now lets go eat. inuyasha put kagome down before they got to the dinning room while holding hands.
my 2nd inuyasha and kagome fanfic hope you like it!
i didnt draw the picture all credit goes to the original artist

inuyasha and kagome belongs to rumiko takahashi
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After Simba and his mother left the tunnel to tell the others of the newest members of their pride, Kovu lay down beside his beloved mate and gently nuzzled her cheek. His eyes gazed down at his cubs that were to become the next generation, and future of the Pride lands.

"I still can't believe I'm a father now. I never thought I would one day have cubs of my own, let alone such beautiful ones like them..." Kovu stated as he gently licked each of their small, damp heads as they mewed in Kiara's paws.

Kiara smiled and returned Kovu's nuzzle, as she too gazed down at their new family. The cubs were looking at the surroundings of the cave mewing softly when they saw new things.

"The first born was this little, dark-gold, male cub, with the dark brown marking of fur on his head. Then his dark-brown sister with the small lighter brown strip on her head was born second..." Kiara exclaimed softly, as she studied their markings and colors.
"Well, I guess all there is to do now is to name them..." Kovu said as he began to think of names. Kiara smiled down at the little female who was now batting her little paws at her mother's nose.
"Let's call her Kira, it fits her feisty nature, don't you think?" Kiara asked Kovu as he smiled and nodded in agreement.
"That's a great name Kiara. What do you wish to call our son?" Kiara looked at Kovu and shook her head, smiling tenderly.
"He is for you to name my love, for he will be your next heir to the throne." Kovu's heartbeat fastened greatly, he never had the honor to name a child of any kind. He thought long and hard on it until he smiled at his little son.
"I will call him Lir." Kiara's face lit up happy as can be as she gently licked Kovu's cheek.
"Then Kira and Lir will be their names." Kiara said as the loving parents tenderly cuddled up together with their new family.

Meanwhile, Simba and Sarabi finished telling the others of the next heirs being born. The whole pride exclaimed out with great joy, happy to hear the princess and prince were finally a complete family. After the joyful cries died down, Sarabi caught her son looking grim and sitting by the entrance of the den, watching the extremely violent storm rage on, something was amiss.

"Simba my son, is something troubling you my dear?" she asked with her old voice witch remained what seemed untouched but the curl fate of time, as Simba looked at his mother and sighed softly.
"It's just… Back in my cub years, father told me many tales of the land, but one sticks with me the most..." Simba said as lighting flashed in the sky.
"O? Which one was that my dear?" Sarabi asked her son.
"The Black Lion, known in the legend as Orochi. It's said that if twin cubs are born on the first day of the raining season, and it's a very bad storm, one of the cubs will be possessed over by the Black Lion and rule the end of the peaceful times of its pride... and...."
"O Simba! Father only told you those spook stories to scare you. For goodness sake, you're a full grown adult now, you should know better than to believe such nonsense stories" she said laughing at her son as she began to walk away to rest. "Simba you worry too much.... everything will be fine".

Simba watched her leave to her sleeping place, he sighed and stared up at the rain still falling down hard, "Heh.... funny you say that mother. That's exactly what father said to me, about him and Uncle Scar..." Simba said under his breath as he walked out into the storm, hoping the rain would clear his head of all doubts for the future of his kingdom.

WOW i thought this up quicker then the last one lol XD

and it's a bit longer then my last ones ^^

Lir and Kira have their names, the young couple is happy, and Simba is still on edge... i hope things will turn out right... who knows what will happen.


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Chapter 10 (For you I will)

Last time:

She wanted to disagree but the chill from his expression stopped her in her tracks. There would be no point to argue it would do no good. She gave up the fight "Fine I would okay. Are you happy now? You win." Her voice cracked and she found her hands very interesting. "It seems I have no choice." Well yes she had, had a choice and that was not to open her large mouth but that was too late now. The deed was done and there was no going back. Sesshoumaru would not let her even if she wanted too. Well here she goes out of one frying pan and into another.

On with the show -

What was she doing? Why was she doing this? Was she being incredibly stupid? Yes, yes she was. She was stupid but also stubborn, at times childish and quite bitchy. Kagome shook her billowing hair and decided that she simply had too much pride for one person. Yes, that had to be what it was. Goddamn it, she didn't want to be the one to give in first. She did not want to reward the jackass for being irresponsible and a complete asshole. Right now, all she wanted to do was stomp her feet and maybe push him down the shrine steps. Yeah, that would solve her problem. Okay, it wouldn't really but a girl could fantasize. A very scary and freaky fantasy but a fantasy none the less. Shit, she's a tad bit twisted and maybe a little out of her mind.

They made their way down the paved path toward the shrine house door. When they reach the entrance, Kagome fished out her keys and unlocked the opening. She made her way in and stopped to allow Sesshoumaru entry then she shut the door behind them. She slid off her shoes and turn to watch Sesshoumaru do the same. The dog demon slid off his shoes and followed her silently through the hallway and into the large kitchen.

Kagome cleared her throat, drawing her mother's attention from cleaning a messy pup. Her mother's head shot up in surprise and her slender brows burrowed in confusion. Getting up from her position on the floor, her mother tossed the wash rag into the sink before she spoke "Kagome, aren't you supposed to be in school? Why are you not there?"

Clearly her mother hadn't notice her silent companion. Boy was that going to be a surprise. Goodness what was she supposed to say to her? Hmmm… she was sure that saying 'Hi mama, guess what? I'm not in school because I told my baby's daddy that he could see his child. Oh yeah here he is by the way!' Yeah that would go well. Yep that would go quite well.

Kagome bit into her bottom lip and tilted her head back toward the Inuyoukai standing in the doorway "Something came up." There, it was simple and way better than her sarcastic mind had come up with.

Brown eyes trailed in the direction suggested and they widened at the sight of the Inuyoukai leaning against the doorframe. Her eyes flickered to Kagome then back to the silent demon. Her mother swallowed roughly 'Oh dear, this is completely unexpected.' She gave a reassuring smile to the silent couple. 'Well I guess it was to be expected eventually.' she mused to herself.

Kagome let go of a sigh that begged to be released at the sight of her mother's smile "Mama, this is Sesshoumaru." She focused her vision on the silent demon "Sesshoumaru, this is my mother Shina." Her blue pools enlarged as she watched Sesshoumaru step away from the doorway and make his way in her mother's direction.

He stopped a few inches in front of her mother and bowed deeply "Ma'am it is a pleasure to meet you." His silver mane fell like a curtain, covering his muted features for a second before he gracefully stood up.

'Oh he is such a gentleman.' Shina gushed silently to herself as she bowed in return. 'Why didn't Kagome tell me he was so handsome? And what pretty hair he has.' Not like this was the first time she was seeing his handsome face but the night she had seen him outside, his features had been muted in the night air and the distance really hadn't help either. Now that she got better look at him from close up, she could see why her daughter fell for this gorgeous demon. "It is nice to meet you as well," She gave him a warm welcoming smile. "Sesshoumaru." Shina felt her skirt being tug on and her attention turn from the gorgeous demon to the small child hiding within her folds of fabric. Her hand ran through his onyx waves as she softly encouraged him from his hiding place. "Come out sweetheart and say hello to our guest."

The tiny Inuyoukai shyly stepped away from his grandmother, looking timidly up at the older demon. His brow burrowed slightly and his nose twitched as he took in the other males scent. Malakai's honey eyes widened in recognition and he fought with his words "" he pointed a tiny finger at Sesshoumaru "You."

Sesshoumaru nodded his sterling head and forced the smile that wanted to spring forth at his son's recollection. Warmth flooded in his chest and he was overwhelmed with a sense of elation. His son had remembered who he was. He had recognized his scent even though it had been weeks since their first meeting. That was definitely the Tatakau in him. Tatakaus' never forget a scent once it has filtered into their senses; it was engrained in their Inu blood. This ability went way back to the feudal era, when his ancestor's needed to recognize who was friend and who was foe. "Hello Malakai."

The little boy grinned from ear to ear at the older demon "Hi!" He squealed happily and toddled closer to him. Malakai continued to stare as he cocked his head back and forth, his bright eyes blinking widely as he tried to figure out why the older dog demon smelt so familiar. His little nose twitched once again and his instinctual mind screamed 'blood relation'. Even though he was quite young, he instantly knew what his mind was signaling, it was the same feeling he got when he took in his family's scent. This demon belongs to him, he was family but the young pup did not fully understand what that meant. Was this man like uncle Souta or was he like Obaasan? His dark brows furrowed and his grin disappeared, no it smelt more like his mama. Did that mean that this man was his Chichi? Malakai was thoroughly confused now, too many things were buzzing in his young mind. He shook his little head. He would ask his mama later. Yes, he would ask her what this man meant to them.

Seconds after his little declaration, his childish attention swiftly changed to something else. Malakai's toothy grin reappeared and he slid his hand into the bigger one and he tugged the demon to the kitchen doorway "Come." The pup didn't give the older Inu a chance to voice anything as they disappeared into the hallway.

Kagome's mouth hung open. Uh…what had just happened? And where was Malakai taking Sesshoumaru? Why was she standing there when she should be following them?

Kagome stared nervously at the doorway then back to her waiting mother. She forced her eyes to stay on the lone women though the urge to stray to the kitchen entrance was great. Her throat cleared loudly "What did you want to talk about?" Oh she knew what her mama wanted to talk about. It was not hard to miss what she wanted to know.

Shina cleared her own throat before she spoke her thoughts "When did this happen?" Her mother's slim pale hand move from her to the door then back to her again.

Kagome's eyes moved easily back to the doorway then travel back to her mother. "He was waiting for me at the bottom of the shrine steps." A sigh rippled from her small chest. "He came to give me a ride to school."

"Hmm…How did you end up here if he was giving you a ride to school then?" The curious tone was evident in her mother's voice.

"Things came up as we drove and it was decided that he would come and see Malakai. I wanted to have him come after school but Sesshoumaru believed that I would have changed my mind by the end of the day."

Shina's voice turned soft and motherly as she questions her motives "Darling, would you have?"

Kagome brushed her bangs out from her eyes "Yes, I would have left before the day was through."

"He seems to know you quite well." Her mother replied softly.

Kagome's gaze shifted to the window behind her mother, her voice transformed into a whisper "Yes, it appears that he does, a little too well." A little too close for comfort if you asked her, especially after all the shit that went down with them.

Her mother inwardly sighed as she watched her only daughter fidget uncomfortably at the thought of the Adonis knowing her so well. This was expected when it came to Kagome. Her daughter didn't like people knowing her quirks nor her secrets and when that did happen Kagome usually pushed away though Sango was the exception and it would seem that Sesshoumaru had been an exception at one time as well. She must have trusted that young man and he had broken her already fragile heart. Shina's heart cried out softly with pain. It had been more than just heartbreak; her beautiful daughter had been in mourning all those tearful nights. Shina didn't want to upset her daughter even more so she let the whole issue slid. "Why don't you go see what those two are doing? You know how Malakai can sucker someone into something they would not normally do." Her mother shooed her out of the kitchen. "I will call you guys when lunch is ready."

Kagome nodded in conformation then scurried out of the room. She made her way out of the hallway and into the living room where she heard the TV running and assumed that was where Malakai had drug Sesshoumaru.

Stepping into the room, Kagome's mouth twitched into a smile when she saw Malakai sitting on Sesshoumaru's lap. They looked so comfortable together, like they had never been separated and this was an everyday occurrence. Malakai leaned back and pointed at the television. Apparently they were watching Finding Nemo. A chuckle threatened to bubble forth at the sight of the cool facade demon watching a movie about a lost fish.

Malakai continued to point at the screen "Nemo" he said as the small clownfish flitted passed. His tiny fingers pointed again "What?" this time it was pointed at the old Moorish idol.

Sesshoumaru didn't even bat an eye as he answered the questioning child. "I believe his name is Gil."

Malakai's lips made an 'O' and quickly turned his attention back to the movie.

She bit her lip and slowly slid the rest of the way into the room and sat on the loveseat which was located next to the larger couch where father and son were watching TV. Both demons turned their attention on her. Malakai beamed brightly "Mama" His eyes darted back to the TV then back to her "Nemo!" Kagome giggled loudly "Yes, I see him." Malakai grin widened obviously happy with her answer, the toddler resumed his attention back to the movie.

Kagome eyes swept from her adorable son to the silent Inu who was staring at her. Her lean brow rose at the attention and tried not to giggle at the grown man. "So you know who Gil is, Huh."

A sigh escaped his perfect lips. "Yes this is Rin's favorite movie. I have seen it several times."

He didn't sound very excited when he said this. Ooh she had forgotten about Rin and how close she was with Sesshoumaru. Of course he would have seen this movie. The demon did live with a six year old after all.

Kagome nodded in sympathy "Its Malakai's favorite too. I've seen it too many times to count since we bought it." Her vision dropped to the movie then back to the demon. "Though it's better than Blue's Clues. She may be a cute blue puppy but it gets daunting when all you see is the same episodes over and over. I'm sure in a couple of months it will be something new." She hoped, she prayed that he will find a new show. Kagome could deal with any show other than Yo Gabba Gabba, something about the creatures freak her out. She shuddered at the thought.

"We're hoping for the same thing at home as well. The family room seems to have cartoons on a regular basis and it is always the same shows. I believe they do not update very often and since the children do not notice, it is the grown-ups who suffer."

Kagome couldn't hold the laugh. "I thought I was the only person who realized that. It drives me crazy to see the same episodes over and over again."

"Indeed." He replied with his lips twitching slightly up.

She scoffed playfully at his reply and turned her attention to the movie.

An hour and forty-one minutes later, minus one diaper change (which she might add she let Sesshoumaru tackle, while she watched in amusement), and a babbling session, the movie finally ended.

Malakai slid off Sesshoumaru's lap and looked up at his mama excitedly "Play…Out." He pointed towards the backyard. His honey eyes gave her a silent plea and she couldn't help but melt. A grin tugged at her lips and an awe bubbled forth. "Sure baby. We can go outside."

The Inu pup clapped his chubby hands happily and grabbed onto Sesshoumaru's hand and pulled him up then dragged him out of the room.

Kagome smirked as she got up and went to turn off the DVD player followed by the TV. After said electronics were off, she made her way to find her energetic child and his silent father.

Her eyes drifted to the duo that was waiting for her by the front door. Malakai was squirming in his spot as he waited as patiently as he could next to the perfectly still youkai. His golden eyes lit with joy at the sight of her. "Go?"

Kagome's lips twitched and she shook her raven head. "Yes." As soon as she answered the young youkai, he took off out the open door that Sesshoumaru had quickly opened. Kagome hurried after him with Sesshoumaru following her lead.

Sesshoumaru watched Malakai toddle towards a medium-sized jungle gym. The older Inuyoukai followed closely to his black haired beauty. Yes the cheeky wench was his and as much as she wanted to deny it. Christ, He would eventually convince her that he would not do what she thought he would do. He would convince her that she was his and that he wasn't going anywhere.

His eyes trailed down her curvy body and watched her hips sashay one way then the other. He resisted the growl that wanted to spring forth. It would just cause problems if it was released and they didn't need any more problems nor did he need her to kick his sorry ass out of the shrine. One step forward and to hell with two steps back.

Her movements stopped as she sat down on a stone bench to watch their son. He sat down next to her, giving her adequate room so she wouldn't open that overly large mouth of her to chew him out. He rolled his eyes. Not that would stop her. It seemed that she liked yelling at him…a little too much.

He cleared his throat, drawing her attention. "He is very well-behaved. Usually Inu pups can be rather difficult."

Kagome's pink lips twitched as her see flicker to Malakai then back to Sesshoumaru. "Yes he is. He has been like that since he was a baby though he does have quite a temper and will hold his breath when angry." She chuckled lightly "When he was born, the nurse was washing off his little head and all of the sudden he began to scream then he just held his breath. The nurse looked at me and said, 'looks like we have a breath holder here.' The young Miko's smile grew larger at her memory and golden eyes watched her soften.

The Demon was sorry to cut into her reminiscing but he had to ask. "Was…was your pregnancy well?" Sesshoumaru wasn't sure if that question was too forward or not but he honestly wanted to know if she and Malakai had been okay.

Kagome blinked her eyes for a few minutes as if trying to register the question. Really she was battling with herself on if she wanted to discuss this topic with him or not. She bit her lip slightly. Should she tell him? Was this something he genuinely wanted to know? Her gut and the tone of his voice told her that he did. She took a deep breath and forged into uncharted waters. "Yes I had a very normal pregnancy other than the low blood sugar I experienced."

"Low blood sugar?" Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed "Why did you experience that?"

Kagome shifted on the bench and glanced over to see if Malakai was okay. He looked up from his play and waved cheerily at them then resumed playing. She waved back and turned to the waiting youkai. "Malakai's growth was rapid and it took a toll on my body. I had to make sure I had something to snack on when I felt light headed." She shrugged her shoulders "It was expected since he's part demon."

The Inu nodded and asked another question. "His birth went as planned?"

A light laugh ran out of Kagome and her hand touched her cheek. "God no, it didn't go as planned. I was in labor for 18 hours, three of those hours I was pushing."

"He did not want to leave I take it."

"I wish he hadn't wanted to come out but it appeared that his head would not come out. Eventually I had to have assistance. After the help, he came right out. He was a healthy seven pound, one point five ounces baby boy with ten fingers and ten toes." She watched as Sesshoumaru opened his mouth to say something but quickly changed his mind.

His brows burrowed as he contemplated whatever was on his mind. A sigh escaped him and he squared his shoulders. "I would like some photos." There he said it. Now he waited to see if she was going to rip off his head like a preying mantas.

Her gaze dropped to the grass then back up to his. He wanted photographs. Oh boy she had not thought about photos. She had not even thought about him wanting to see Malakai as a baby. Could she give him photos? Did she want to give him photos? She thought about it for a few more seconds. Yes, she could give him some pictures. She would just take out the ones that she thought were too revealing or too intimate for her liking. "I have them stored on my computer. If you want I will send them to your email."

"I would like that. Send me whatever you feel comfortable with." He let out a soft sigh of relief as he replied.

"Okay. I will send them tonight after Malakai is in bed." Kagome gave him a quick nod and turned her attention back on their son.

They watched Malakai in relative silence until Kagome had some questions for Sesshoumaru. "Sesshoumaru?"

His gaze never wavered from Malakai as he replied "Yes."

Kagome smiled nervously "Well…Do you know why Malakai doesn't have ears like Inuyasha? Malakai is a hanyou after all. Shouldn't he have them?"

Sesshoumaru's eyes flickered to her. He shrugged his broad shoulders "It depends really. Every hanyou is different so the results vary from hanyou to hanyou though he being half Miko could have influenced the result. Does he change to human every new moon?"

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Oh I forgot about that happening to Inuyasha. No, Malakai doesn't change at all. Is…is that normal?" Worry began to ball in her stomach.

The demon's brows burrowed. "I do not know. Like I said, they all vary from hanyou to hanyou so it could be possible that only Inuyasha is affected with that side-effect. If his doctor has not said anything then I would not worry about it. He is very active and obviously healthy."

The ball in her stomach disintegrated with his words and she sighed in relief. "O…okay."

Once again they turned their attention back toward their son and watched him play. A couple hours later, Kagome's mother popped out of the house carrying a basket and a blue blanket. She smiled at the quiet couple and cleared her throat.

They ripped their gaze from the Inu pup and focused on her. Shina held up the basket as she stopped in front of the couple and smiled brightly. "Kagome dear, I made you guys a basket lunch since I have to run to the nursing hospital. Your grandfather is having a bad day and they are hoping that I will be able to calm him down."

Her daughter stood up and stepped forward to grab the basket and blanket from her grasp. "Do you want me to make supper?"

Her mother shook her head "No. I will pick something up on the way home." She quickly checked her watch. "I should really get going." Shina turned her gaze from her daughter to the gorgeous young man "It was a pleasure to meet you, Sesshoumaru. Please do come again."

Kagome shot her mother a look of 'what the hell are you doing' but her lovely mother ignored it and scurried away. "Love you and I will see you later."

She rolled her eyes at the dismissal "Bye Mama. Tell grandfather hello and that we love him."

"I will." Shina had thrown back before she slid into the house.

Kagome shook her head and laid out the blanket, setting the basket in the middle. She knelt down and opened the carrier. Inside were three Bento boxes with two thermos and some utensils. She pulled out the three Bento boxes and set them out on the blanket. Reaching into the basket again, she pulled out the two thermos, three chopsticks (two regular and one training set), and two drinking cups along with Malakai's Sippy.

Kagome set each item in front of the boxes and straightened up to call Malakai but Sesshoumaru was a step ahead of her. While she was setting everything up, he had gone to get Malakai. He was now walking with the small child in hand while the pup slightly dragged him toward the blanket. The hyper puppy smiled and plopped down in front of the bento box with his Sippy and training sticks. "Hungry." Malakai rubbed his tummy enthusiastically.

Kagome laughed at the pups antics "Yes me too." She opened his box then hers. The aroma was mouthwatering and the food inside was arranged so beautifully. Her mother loved making Bento boxes and unfortunately she hadn't had time to make them. Oh she missed her mother's bento boxes. A sigh left her as she stared at what was inside. The boxes were filled with Onigiri sprinkled with Furikake (Rice balls with savory sprinkles), celery sticks, baby carrots, Umeboshi (a pickled red plum with tangy sour taste), and glazed meatballs. It all looks so yummy and she could not wait to dig in.

She watched as Sesshoumaru opened Malakai's Sippy and filled it with what looked like milk from one of the thermos. He reached out for his chopsticks and his brow rose at the froggy topped plastic chopsticks. His eyes flashed to hers in question. "What are these?"

Kagome looked up from pouring them some tea. "They're training chopsticks to help Malakai. He had had some problems with the regular chopsticks. These will help him get used to the feel of the sticks as well as how to properly hold them. Didn't Rin have them?"

Sesshoumaru shook his silver mane 'no' and handed the training sticks to the hungry pup. "No. By the time that my father had adopted Rin, she was old enough to eat with chopsticks. You've met my father. He is rather old school about certain things. The old way worked for him, and they would work for his kids."

Kagome picked at her food. The ball of worry returned with a vengeance. Did he feel the same way? Does he think it is silly or something? She picked some more before nervously asking. "Do you…believe that too?" She bit her lip and waited for his response.

The Inuyoukai let out a soft snort. "No. If Malakai needs something to help him then he should have it. I will not deter my child just because he needs things."

The young mother's blue eyes widened in surprise at his response and the worry that plagued her vanished once again. She had not expected him to say that. He sounded so much like a parent. Her gaze drifted to Malakai, who was babbling away while Sesshoumaru listened with all of his interest. She nibbled her bottom lip. He fit so well into the role already. It had only been a couple of hours and Malakai was so comfortable. They were already bonding. Maybe she should just step back and let nature run its course. This did mean that she was going to have to get off her moral high horse and just suck it up. She could do that.

Another sigh escaped her. Yes, she may not want the arrogant youkai but their son did. He needed Sesshoumaru and maybe Sesshoumaru needed him. She dragged her gaze away from the budding duo and began to slowly dig into her meal. She could do this.

The time had come when Sesshoumaru announced that he had to go home. Damage control is what he called it. She was guessing his dad was not going to be thrilled that he ditched school. It had been well worth it though. Malakai was happy and if he was happy so was she.

Sesshoumaru helped her round up Malakai as she grabbed the blanket and placing it on the basket then picking it up. Malakai came running up to her with his arms out for her to carry him. She obliged and sat him on her hip. Sesshoumaru reached them and they began walk across the lawn to the house.

He walked them to the door and stuffed his clawed hands into his pockets. He smirked at Malakai and his son smiled back. "Bye little man. I will see you later."

Malakai's grin showed a mouth full of baby teeth. "Later." Malakai replied happily.

Sesshoumaru felt his lips wanting to transform into a smile once again and he forced himself to slowly turn his gaze to his little Miko.

She was smiling as she got ready to say goodbye to the demon. "Goodbye Sesshoumaru. This was…nice." There she could do this…

"We will have to do it again." He replied.

Kagome's smile grew larger and she nodded her onyx head in agreement. "Yes we should."

Disbelief flashed across his eyes for a second then he sharply shook his head. "Good." Before she could reply, he quickly kissed her cheek then opened the door behind her, lightly pushing them into the threshold before walking way.

The young Miko watched the Inuyoukai vanish down the shrine steps. Kagome slowly stepped back and shut the door. She turned around and lean her back against it, dropping the basket on the floor. Her one arm holding tightly onto Malakai and the other one rose to the cheek he had just kissed. Did he just…Why did he do that?

Little hands touch her said hand, startling her out of her shock. Malakai's wide eyes stared at her. "Mama?"

Kagome smiled, her voice but a whisper "Yes baby."

His head innocently cocked to the side as he got ready to ask her a question "" He struggled once again with the older demons name but continued on. "He…. Chichi?" Her mouth ran dry and she gapped like a fish at her son. Had he just asked her if Sesshoumaru was his father? He had, hadn't he? How… did he know? Oh shit! What was she supposed to say? She swallowed roughly as the Inu pup watched her.

"Mama?" His tiny voice called for an answer.

Her blue eyes met with his honey eyes and she knew she couldn't lie to him. She took in a deep breath and truthfully answered him "Yes baby. He's your chichi."

Finally I got this chapter done like I promised. I really like how it turned out and can't wait to start on the next chapter. Thanks to all that responded to my author's note. You guys are the best!

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The royal males stopped dead in their tracks as Kiara's angry voice rang out throughout the den's walls. Kovu then leaped in a rush to his mates side.

" Kiara, what is wrong?"

" Ask them!.... They wish to betroth our son Lir, to this strangers female cub, and i will not have it!"

Kovu looked at Nala and Sarabi with a look of disbelief as Simba over heard the problem. Walking into the birthing den sitting beside his mate, Nala, he glared at his daughter.

"Kiara that is enough! You have been nothing but disrespectful, and disobedient all your life ever since you were a cub, and now it's time to grow up!"

Simba scorned Kiara loudly as all the playfulness seemed to leave his eyes, and was replaced with complete seriousness. Kiara lowered her ears saddened and deeply hurt, as Kovu glared at Simba, and went to voice his opinion when Simba interrupted.

"Hold your tongue Kovu! You and Kiara may be the future king and queen, but i am still the king of the Pride Lands, and I say as of now, prince Lir is betrothed to this lioness's Daughter."

"But Simba, what if the lioness doesn't wish her daughter to be betrothed to our son?" Kovu asked as Sarabi chuckled.

"She will agree, for it will be like a payment of her gratitude to us for saving her life, and the lives of her children.... Now, lower your heads, it's late, and we all must renew our strength for the morn."

And, without another word Simba, Nala, and Sarabi turned and left the den. After they left Kiara began to cry, as she looked up at Kovu tears streaming down her face. He gently cuddled up behind her, draping his head and neck over her shoulders to give her comfort.

"Father has always been so hard on me. Is it a crime to want our future king to find a queen out of love? Father has never yelled towards me with that much scorn before."

Kovu gently nuzzled his head against his mate's and purred gently.

"It's alright my love, your father will apologize he can't stay mad at his little girl for too long. He's just upset cause of the storm and it being so late, and he has things on his mind about the kingdom.... So everything will be fine, I promise."

Kiara sniffled a little, but then smiled slightly, at her very caring mate as she licked his cheek, still upset over the whole ordeal of the betrothal.

"Thank you Kovu, you've made me feel so much better, I don't know what I'd do without you."

Kovu chuckled as he returned her lick, and nuzzled her gently as a yawn sneaked out of his mouth and it made Kiara chuckle.

"We should get some rest. I for one am wore out ."

Kiara said as Kovu nodded his head in agreement. They both laid down and let sleep overtake them, as Kiara's thoughts of her offsprings future ran threw her head, it made it hard for her to get much sleep at all.

and here's part 6 ^^

so now things start forming in the story,.... a betrothal between Lir and the unknown lioness's cub... Kiara is in complete disagreement, the rest of the pride is all for it and Kovu is on the fence about it.... boy this could get hairy....

find out what happens next in Part 7 coming soon


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The auditorium was filled with eager students who were finally taking that last step for adulthood, the teachers and other faculty that had guided toward this very moment, and the families and friends who had supported them every step of the way.

Kagome Higurashi nervously adjusted her uniform as she half-listened to the school band play.  The time when she would stand in front of everyone and sing was coming.  While she had been honored that they had asked her… the song that she was going to sing was definitely going to be emotional, and in more ways than anyone except her family knew.

After all, only they knew of her struggles during the past three years.  The emotional breakdown when she discovered the Well to be sealed, her depression at being unable to see Inuyasha again… they had witnessed everything, and helped her in every way they could.

In fact, it had been Souta who introduced her to the song that she would be singing today.  

He had developed a fascination with the American band Coldplay, and one day as she had been helping her mother deliver laundry had caught him rocking out in his bedroom to one of their songs.  While at first she was all set to tease him about it… suddenly, she started to listen to the lyrics of the song that had been playing.

Oh, how they had so coincided with her situation, her feelings of loss due to the lack of magic and youkai in this time period… needless to say, she immediately pressured Souta to give her a copy of the song (which he had been glad to do) and spent a good amount of time memorizing the song.

When Ayumi had asked (pressured) her to perform at the Senior Talent show (which brought back the memories of the school festival that had been plagued by youkai and culminated with Inuyasha going overboard and destroying the roof), she had thought long and hard about what song she would sing.  Finally, she decided to just sing the song that had captured so much of her attention in its original language.

The rest, most would say, was history.  She was met with resounding success, and led the Student Council to request that she sing 'Viva la Vida' during the graduation ceremony.  After thinking about it for a day (during which she talked it over with her family), she decided to go ahead and accept.

"Kagome, you'll be fine!" whispered Yuka, noticing Kagome's distress.

Eri, hearing this, turned towards them and added, "Yeah, Kagome!  There's nothing for you to worry about.  After all, you've already done it once before, so why are you getting nervous now?"

"Maybe Inuyasha is supposed to come.  After all, if it was my boyfriend hearing me for the first time, I'd sure be nervous," mused Yuka.

Confused, Eri asked, "But isn't he overseas with his family right now?"

Kagome sighed as the two girls promptly forgot about her as they immediately started to gossip about her beloved hanyou's supposed trip to America.  It had been the only believable explanation she could come up with at the time, as she doubted they would've believed the truth as to why he hadn't been around for the past several years.

What she never realized, however, is that another being was listening in on their conversation… one whom she was very familiar with.

After all, how could she have known that her principal was none other than Inuyasha's older brother in disguise?


Sesshomaru, former Lord of the Western Lands and one of the four Heads of the Youkai Ruling Council, sat there with his customary stoic expression on his face.  The time was coming when the miko would perform her song… then, the end of the graduation ceremony would come.

He surprisingly had mixed feelings about that particular event… however, perhaps maybe they weren't so surprising, considering his true nature.

Despite his dislike for his half-brother, the fact remained that Inuyasha had and always would be a member of his pack… and the miko, once she went back and mated the hanyou, would soon become a member as well.

A member who, once this version of her went back into the past to stay, would truly be gone forever.

Shaking his head minutely to clear the harsh memories, he turned his attention back to the ceremony.  He had overheard whispers of excitement about Kagome's upcoming part of the ceremony, and briefly regretted having to miss the Talent Show in order to take care of a crisis that had occurred in the dimension that now housed a large amount of the world's youkai… and several humans who wielded strong holy power.

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived.  As the miko's name was called out, Sesshomaru focused on her.  As she walked towards the stage, he could smell the nervousness radiating from her… yet, he could tell by the set of her shoulders that she was determined to do this.  Once again, he felt a grudging admiration towards the young female who had rarely shown fear of him, the Killing Perfection.

As she took the microphone in her hand and waited for the music to come on, he was curious as to what song she would sing.  Would it be a song that would be cliché for a graduation ceremony, or something else?

Suddenly, the opening notes of her song started to fill the auditorium.  One disguised silver eyebrow rose as he listened… he had never heard this one before.  As the miko started to sing, however, he was hard-pressed to conceal his utter shock.

"I used to rule the world/ Seas would rise when I gave the word/ Now in the morning I sleep alone/ Sweep the streets that I used to own," she sang in English.

Stunned, Sesshomaru continued to listen to the lyrics of the songs.  They fit so well with his situation, that of a man (well, in his case daiyoukai) who was reflecting on how his once powerful life had crumbled all around him thanks to time's cruel hands.

While at first he was confused by her choice, as he thought about her behavior when she had first returned after Naraku's defeat he realized the reason why she would choose this song out of all others.

The lyrics themselves may have fit his situation… but the feelings behind them fit hers.  Indeed, he could sympathize with her on the perceived loss of magic, adventure, and wonder that he now knew she had felt whenever she traveled through the Feudal Era… for sometimes, despite being able to travel to a place where those things still existed, he missed being able to display his true nature out in the open.

"I hear Jerusalem bells ringing/ Roman calvary choirs are singing/ Be my mirror, my sword, my shield/ My missionaries in a foreign field," she belted out, unshed tears that he was sure only he could see swimming in her eyes.  "For some reason I can't explain/ I know Saint Peter won't call my name/ Never an honest word/ But that was when I ruled the world."

Shaking his head so slightly at that point, he thought to himself at the utter irony of this situation.  Never would he have imagined that the miko he had tried to kill on numerous occasions would be singing a song that he could actually relate to.

If Jaken had still been alive at this point, he would've undoubtedly fainted in fear upon seeing the small smile that appeared on the daiyoukai's face as Kagome Higurashi finished her song and bowed to a roaring crowd.

Well played, miko.  Well played.


"Wow, Sis!  You did great!" gushed Souta as he ran towards his big sister.  Her friends had met up with their families immediately after the ceremony, leaving her temporarily alone… well, at least until Souta had run way ahead of the rest of the family.

Smiling, Kagome hugged her brother as she replied, "Aw, thanks Souta!"

"Indeed, congratulations are in order Miss Higurashi," came a deep voice.

The two Higurashi siblings turned to see Kagome's now former principal sauntering towards them.  Kagome's eyes widened as she looked at his handsome, yet oddly scary form.  While she rarely dealt with the man, she knew that while for the most part he was fair in his dealings with the students, he was very strict and intimidating when it came to punishing those who broke the rules.  He expected all of his students to behave with honor and dignity, and many rose to the challenge in response.

In fact, now that she thought about it, Principal Nishiyori reminded her of Sesshomaru in many ways.  Certainly, the daiyoukai she had once known had the same effect on the youkai of his time.

Inwardly frowning, she wondered why she had never made the comparison between the two before.  Shaking her head slightly, she bowed as she responded, "Thank you, Principal Nishiyori."

Nodding his head in acknowledgement, her (as of several minutes ago) former principal watched as Souta noticed the other two members of the Higurashi family having difficulty getting through the crowd of excited graduates.  As soon as the young Higurashi male politely excused himself and left, he turned back towards the young woman as he commented, "I admit, I'm surprised at your choice of song.  What made you choose that particular one?"

Stiffening slightly, Kagome quickly laughed as she answered quickly, "Well, my brother's a huge fan of the band who originally sang that song, and it got stuck in my head so… yeah!"

A dark eyebrow rose as he said, "Hnn."

Kagome just barely held back the double take at that utterance.  Was it just her, or did her principal just act almost identical the daiyoukai she had only just started to compare him to?

The eyebrow returned to its former position as its owner observed, "That was not the impression I received as I watched you.  The impression that I got was that of a young woman who was expressing feelings that were being held in a place that few ever see… feelings of loss, of sorrow, of bitter pride, all of these and more I sensed from you."

The poor young graduate could barely stifle her gasp at his accurate observation.  How could he have seen all that?!?

Inscrutable hazel eyes boring into confused sapphire eyes, the next words he spoke managed to finally force a visible reaction from her:  "Tell me… when you sang of the mirror, the sword, and the shield, were you perhaps thinking of specific people who might've filled those roles in your life?"

The former Shikon Miko's eyes widened, then narrowed as she summoned the fearlessness she had once used against an evil spider hanyou and half-growled, "And how, pray tell, would you know anything about why I might've chosen to sing 'Viva la Vida'?  What possessed you to make those kinds of assumptions, Principal Nishiyori?"

A smirk appeared as he replied, "Because, Miss Higurashi, I too could relate to that song… although, the lyrics fit me more than the feelings behind it, I'll admit."

Her jaw dropped.  What did he mean by that?

As her family finally drew closer, he inclined his head in an obvious farewell as he finished, "May we see each other again very soon… miko."

Kagome gasped with shock, then stared in disbelief as he exchanged a few words with her mother then left. For in that moment, as he uttered the title that, by all rights, he shouldn't have known, his features had blurred… and then dissolved for only a second.  Hazel eyes had turned to gold, black hair had turned to silver, and very distinctive markings had appeared on his forehead and cheeks.

Had she finally gone crazy?  Or… had that really been… Sesshomaru?

"May we see each other again very soon, miko."

Suddenly, Kagome couldn't wait to get home.
This idea hit me in the middle of work.

Seriously- I had been behind the counter when 'Viva la Vida' came on, and all of a sudden I got the image of Sesshomaru thinking the well-played line as Kagome was singing the song. A few tweaks later, then voila!

I had finished this before I finished the latest chapter of 'X-blade Wielder', however I wanted to post that chapter before posting this (plus, the internet connection made it a moot point).

I could potentially turn this into a two-shot... however, I'm not sure I should. Any suggestions?

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