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Totoro Earrings made with clay.
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I have been telling myself for months that I need to take a photograph of my entire Lion King collection, and today, I finally found the time to do it.

This was not an easy picture to take. Positioning all of my Lion King plushies so that they could fit into a single photograph was quite a task--I almost gave up a few times. But I was persistent, and I think the outcome is as good a picture as I'll be able to get of all them together.

I tried to make every plushie as visible as possible in the photo, but despite my efforts, I know that some of them are, unfortunately, a bit difficult to see. Even so, I hope you all like the photograph!

My Lion King collection is constantly growing...In fact, I have a few more Lion King plushies that should be arriving in the mail this month. I'll take individual pictures of those after I receive them. :)
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Woohoo I'm so happy to have finally found Nala and baby Kiara!
I now own the whole set :D
Nala has velcro under her chin so baby Kiara can be attached to her.
These are quite small plushes and the last listing of the whole set I've seen when up to over 150$! Which I believe is way too much considering their size!
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This Kovu plush I recently purchased from one of my close friend ~amurtigress from Germany. He purchased it at the Disneystore in Frankfurt, Germany back around the time Simba's Pride was released. The Disneystore in Frankfurt has since closed. Kovu is 16" tall, 8" wide and 10" deep excluding his 8" tail.


Check out my gallery to see more interesting and unique plushies. Consider adding me to your watch list. I add new stuff all the time.
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Here's a customised Barbie horse as rainbow brite's Horse Starlite .
Full repaint / full rehair

SOLD in France :)

Feel free to visit my custom website ^^ !

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Starlite II is a commissionned horse. Full rehair and full repaint, with a long mane and tail as asked by new owner ;) //
Tagada II est une commande spéciale. Réimplantation totale, avec de longs crins comme demandé par la nouvelle propriétaire, et repeint en intégralité.
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G3 Firefly
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Custom OOAK barbie horse named Mehndi .
Inspired by henna artwork in India.

Full repaint, original mane and tail. Just 3 baby pink plugs added in the mane.

This horse is currently for sale
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Right, there are 47 TLK plushies here, all for sale, including several rare ones - like the four foot long Douglas and Co. adult Simba, the Mattel adult Simba, and the Sarabi (with a baby Simba).
I'm also selling the five foot tall Douglas and Co. Simba - worldwide - but I already have an offer. $600 + shipping. If you can beat that offer, message me for details.
The velcro TLK II beanies have some repeats (there are two kovus and vitanis), and the big lion plush at the bottom isn't TLK related - although he looks a little like Simba - and whoever buys the last plush from my collection will get him for free. :)
I am also selling TLK: Six New Adventures, if anyone is interested.

This is my attempt at listing the plushies for sale... I'm not sure of all the brands, but I'll try. (A lot of the plushies still have labels, if that's of any importance.) From left to right (roughly):

• 2011 big UK Disney store cub Simba.
29" Nala - velvety texture.
Lying Disney store Kiara plush.
• Sitting Disney store Kiara plush (matches with the lying Kiara).
• Trudi sitting Kovu beanie.
Lying Disney store Kovu.
• Sitting Disney store Kovu (matches with the lying Kovu).
• McDonalds Kovu (will give away to whoever buys the sitting Kovu).
• Mattel velcro TLK2 beanies - Kiara, Nuka, Vitani and Kovu.
• (Hiding at the back) Big Mattel adult Simba, quite rare.
• Big and rare Douglas and co. adult Simba with open mouth. Lovely quality.
• DisneyWorld Orlando Mufasa, Simba and Nala.
• Disneyland Paris cub Simba (recent).
• Big fluffy Simba-like lion.
• Disneyland Paris small sitting Simba.
• Disneyland Paris small sitting Nala.
• UK Disney store Simba.
• Little UK disney store Nala (with a flower on her head, idk why).
• Hasbo cradlin' cub Simba.
• BIG sitting cub Simba - I love this one, not sure what brand.
• Chubby Simba rucksack.
• Simba waterbottle cover.
• UK Disney store fuzzy Timon + Pumbaa.
• 2003 promo TLK3 Pumbaa plush.
• Small Timon plush (not sure what brand).
• Rare 32" Sarabi WITH the cub Simba.
• 2004 promo TLK special edition DVD Simba plush. (Erm, I drew whiskers on him when I was 7, so I'll give this to someone for free with something. Whoever claims him. I apologise.)
• Hasbro sitting Nala.
• 2009 UK Disney store cub Simba.
• Big Hasbro cub Simba.
• Extremely rare Hallmark Simba and Nala (from Canada).
• Applause adult Simba.
• 2004 fuzzy UK Disney store Simba.
• Little Scar beanie.
• Sitting Scar plush from DisneyWorld.
• UK Disney Store fuzzy Rafiki.
• UK Disney Store fuzzy Simba (can't really see him on this picture).
• UK Disney Store fuzzy Mufasa.

Please contact me if you're interested in any of these, or if you want to make an offer on the five foot tall Simba. Just send me your offer. If I agree to sell you something, I'll put it up on eBay and we can complete the transaction through there so it's safe.

They're all in great condition, and I'd love to sell all of them to good homes. I've only kept my other Douglas and Co. Simba, because I have a lot of memories with it. And a big Disneyland Paris Simba and a few from my childhood.

Any questions, just ask. Hope you enjoy! :heart:
Please advertise to those who might want to buy anything. :)
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This pic is mostly to show the differences between the 2 version of the puppet Simba.
The old one is slightly bigger, has button eyes, is a bit darker and has a bigger mane.
The new one is a bit more shiny.

I really like both version and I can't decide which one I prefer :P
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