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Mias and Elle - Chapter 2
Recovering from the shock that the slamming door sent through her body, Elle immediately began to push and pull tentatively at the doorknob. The door and the knob would not even budge, no matter how hard she tried, and the frustration was building quickly inside of her. An animalistic panic took over and she began to shake the handle with enough force that her entire body shook with her movements. Growing tired, she gave the rigid handle one last ferocious expulsion of strength that she could muster before giving up with a violent scream.
Elle stared at the closed door, her short fingernails digging painful crescents into the palms of her tightly clenched fists. Having already tried repeatedly to pry it open with all the strength she could muster, staring at it was all that she could do. She blinked rapidly to keep her eyes from welling over with tears again and cursed loudly before giving the door a swift kick. It felt good to relieve herself of some anger, but she still instantly reg
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Fly: Mias and Elle - Chapter 34
                                             Chapter 34
          Elle tried to force herself to sleep, but her mind was abuzz with the events of
the day. By all intents and purposes, Mias should be able to decline the betrothal by
loving her, and they could probably convince his father they were going to marry; then he
would still be in exile... But that all depended on whether or not what Thane said was
true. Maybe Elle just needed to take one for the team. If she played along and was
believable enough, they’d all be able to live normally.
          That was, unless a different heir was named. Perhaps Mias would be able to take
her and Tovi, and maybe even Th
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Cherry Sushi
I go to the cherry blossom tree,
On a summers day.
Can you look my way?         Oh.
I'm sorry I thought you could see,
But obviously...
You don't care about me.
You're blind, just like me.
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11:Elle's Wedding Day
"Miss! Miss!" Thomas cried.
Elle opened her eyes with a groan to find Thomas leaning over her, his little hands on her shoulder as he tried to shake her awake.
"What time is it?" She croaked.
Stretching, she turned onto her side and glanced at the porthole, frowning when she saw that it was still dark.
"It's just after dawn!" Thomas said, sitting beside her on the narrow bed.
Elle sighed, tugging the thin sheet more tightly around her shoulder. She had made it a habit to sleep as late as she could, not because she was depressed, she assured herself, but because it meant less time spent anywhere near Elias, and more time spent devising a plan.
"Why on Earth are you waking me up so early?" Elle asked, just as a deafening BOOM rocked the ship.
Elle shot up in the bed, grabbing Thomas protectively around the shoulders. "What the hell was that?" She shrieked.
Thomas laughed. "It's alright Miss, just a signal shot to let Tearny know we intend to make port."
Elle stood up and stretched
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Elle and Mias: Prologue
It was dusk when Elle finally got off work and was heading home. Her legs ached, but she walked steadily, motivated by thoughts of soaking in the bath and then curling up in bed with a good book.
Within a few blocks of her apartment, uneasiness began creeping up upon her. It felt like she was being watched. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up despite the warm night air. While only half convinced her mind was tired, she quickened her pace anyway.
The faster she walked, the more the street lights illuminating her path seemed to flicker. Then all at once they darkened completely. The moon's soft blue glow took over casting shadows over the street as Elle broke into a run. Soon though, even the moon was overtaken by a passing dark cloud and she found herself running in darkness.
Suddenly her legs felt as if she were trying to run through water. Though she poured all her strength into trying to move her legs, they barely responded to her mind's urgent need to flee. The sensation craw
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1: Mias and Elle Meet Again
Elle glanced around the wide expanse of the ballroom, suppressing a yawn with the back of her hand. It was just after eleven o'clock and she was eager for the night to end so she could go home and crawl into bed. She wasn't normally one for these types of parties, but she had promised her friends that she would attend this illustrious costume ball that they had been planning for the past several weeks.
She shifted from side to side, grateful that the long crimson skirt of her ball gown was long enough that she was at least able to wear her favorite pair of comfortable flats. Her friends had all opted for sexy high heels, but Elle knew that after an hour of that her feet would begin to feel like they were being twisted in a vice. The bodice of the gown, however, gave her nothing but trouble. It was so tight she could hardly breathe, with a neckline so low that she felt completely exposed. Her friends had assured her that she looked ravishing, but she felt ridiculous and more than a litt
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5: Elias Finds Elle
Elle woke with a start. She opened her eyes slowly, unable to make out anything but blackness beyond the flicker of the candle which burned low on the table beside her. She could hear the creaking of floorboards near the window to her left, and she turned onto her side and stared wide eyed into the darkness.
She tried to scream when she saw a form coming towards her out of the shadows, but only managed a small squeak. She shot up in bed and scooted back until she was pressed against the headboard, bringing her knees to her chest.
When the figure became clearer thanks to the candlelight, Elle let out a shaky breath when she saw that it was only Mias.
"You scared the hell out of me," Elle breathed, pressing her hand against her chest.
Mias tilted his head as he watched her, a sly smile spreading across his lips. His eyes dragged over her face and down her neck to where she had the blanket tugged up over her knees, before his gaze met hers once more.
Elle shivered. He was looking at her a
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10: Elle's Revenge
Elle ripped her arm free of the large sailor's grip as he hauled her up from the ladder and onto the deck. She nearly fell to the floor, feeling so detached and disoriented from the horror she had just witnessed that her whole body was numb.
Mias is dead.
She felt a sharp twisting in her chest at the very thought, and she wanted nothing more than to crumple to the floor and cry. She looked towards the island, only able to see the outline of the cliffs and the glimmer of waves as they drifted onto the shore. Elle wanted to hurl herself over the side of the ship, to swim back to Mias and hold him in her arms one last time. But she knew there would be no point in it, that all the wishing and crying, all the promises and kisses in the world would never bring him back. All she could do now was hope that Mias knew what she felt for him. That his love for her was matched by her love for him.
She watched as Elias climbed up the last few steps of the ladder with a wide grin on his face,
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Elle and Mias Chapter 10
The days drifted one into another, each passing without much fanfare or pause. She lived with the ghoul, underground in a cave-like dwelling. They shared stories and discussed books they had read—Leadbury was surprisingly well read knowing more about Aristotle and Plato than she. He never pried into her past and occasionally she gave him vague details of what had transpired in the lonely depths of the Ágend family castle. That part of her life was past her and she refused to be a victim of circumstance. She recognized that she had made several keys decisions that lead to her misfortune. How could one night of carelessness lead to such tragedy? Never again would she act without reason or out of her better judgment. Never again would she act out of loneliness or from an attempt to fit in. All the philosophers she had ever admired advised against the exact lifestyle she had tried to pursue.
Living in the forest with Leadbury had been a great healing to her broken soul. She had b
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Fly: Mias and Elle - Chapter 32
                                             Chapter 32
          Slowly but surely, Thane kept his behavior and language in check, even going so
far as to apologize and offer Mias the chance to punch him back. Mias accepted the apology,
but declined the offer. He understood why Thane acted the way he did – it had been his
natural fight or flight instinct in charge. Within the first two days, Mias turned his
attention to Thane’s reaction to fire... Though his method, he had to admit, was less than
          Maybe it was a lapse in judgment, or perhaps a true desire to mess with Thane, but
while he was helping Thane redress his wounds, Mias conjured a small, dancing emerald
flame in the palm of his hand. Thane caught sight of it and froze. “What are you—?” Mias
curled his fingers around the flame and threw it into the fireplace. It engulfed the wood
and tinder in a burst of bright green light. “—SHIT!” Thane exclaimed, accident
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Mias and Elle - Chapter 7
"You found it where, exactly?"
"Her, Berenos. I found her a few klicks in, east of the Decivus land."
The larger of the two, Berenos, stumbled over the hearth in alarm, the clatter making Elle's unconscious body shuffle and grunt. He tried repeatedly to assure himself that he had simply misheard his brother, that it was not true that they had become tangled in the affairs of the Decivus family, but a miscommunication was far too rare a thing between them.
"Mathias Decivus? You took her from one of them?!" He softened his voice as the body on the bed shifted again. "Abernos, are you completely mental? She can't stay here; you have to get rid of her!"
"Don't be so cruel, brother! She seemed to need help…"
Abernos stroked absently at the girl's hair, brushing his fingertips against her warm forehead as his eyes scanned her face repeatedly, taking it all in. There was something about her that made him smile, and even more so than usual. There was something so uniq
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Mias and Elle - Prologue
The resonating high pitch squeal was deafening as the room spun in a blur of confusion through heavy eyelids. With each lethargic heartbeat came a thundering crash of pain through the entire skull. Small pale fingers clutched desperately at honey locks and a garbled moan struggled pass soft lips and foggy blue eyes clenched closed.
What fresh hell was this?
As hard she she tried, nothing came to mind of the previous night's ventures. It was all a fog half way through the walk home. She could remember every detail up until passing by the pounding bass and smoke filled air outside of the back doors nightclub on her usual short-cut home from her dead end job. It was dark, but upon thought, darkness was not much of a memory. And the harder she tried, the more scattered the real memories became. It was all very confusing, and since she was not one to indulge in the drink, nothing about the situation felt right.
It sounded paranoid, and quite frankly, like a pathetic excuse for whatever it w
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With the covers pulled over my head, my room darker than the city night and the steady breath of my sister in the bed below me, I would put my hands together, close my eyes, and pray. I’m not sure who I was praying to. I knew God then, I suppose. Each night asking for the same thing. Never receiving, but I’d never stop. I couldn’t sleep unless I prayed. Dear Lord, I thank you for such a nice day. Please let us all have good dreams tonight and a good day tomorrow. And please, please, please let me have the power to fly. In Jesus name I pray, amen. I thought these words each night, and each morning I’d wake from my nightmares to find that I, in fact, could not fly. I was always disappointed.
“Jezebel, what are you thinking about?”
There is laughter. “Flying is for the birds, dear.”
“Then I’d like to be a bird.”
“And what would you do as a bird? You couldn’t speak, or walk.”
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The Particular Sadness of Pomegranate Seeds III
There was a change in the wind, a shift in the grass. The sun became harsh and the ground grew cold. Silence and stillness saturated all space and time.
"Persephone!" She called. The wind carried her voice across the expanse of her garden. The wind did not return. No giggling or rustling, no whispering or dancing. She called out once again, "Persephone!" Yet still, her call remained unanswered.
The nymphs lost track of her in the meadow. Persephone was fond of disappearing into the forests and streams—or wherever the nymphs did not follow. The flowers and trees called to her. Demeter knew that her child was independent in nature and enjoyed her counsel with the flowers. Persephone distrusted the nymphs, knowing that their loyalty was first to her and not Persephone. However, Persephone maintained the loyalty of the life in the garden, something Demeter never tried to compromise.
Regardless of Persephone's want of freedom and independence, she always returned home. She never strayed bey
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Mias and Elle - Chapter 4
Wiping the drying blood from his upper lip, Mias actually found himself smiling, even though the little wretch had made him bleed. As infuriating as that rather painful blow to the face may have been, her reactions had told him exactly what he had wanted to know.
Eyebrows raised, he enjoyed re-experiencing it all over again in his head. Ah, how delectable her whimpers and moans had been, and he had caused every single one of them. He wanted to hear those wonderful sounds and see her gorgeous face contort into expressions of pleasure.
His laugh echoed through the halls. As far as he was concerned, he had won.
That egomaniacal bastard.
Elle could hear Mias' obnoxious laughter penetrating the walls, and it shook her from her daze. Staring at the lightly formed bruise directly between her eyes in the mirror, she massaged her temple to ease the steady hammering inside. As sore as her head was, she enjoyed the rush
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Sitting here on the couch, I should feel relieved. I finished my day's work--now I am free to do whatever I want. But instead...I just want to go to bed and escape from it all. That's what I do in my free time now--sleep.
I'll be's because...lately, sleeping is the closest I can get to feeling happy.
I've been dealing with...something...I'm not even sure what...this thick, black cloud that I can't seem to shake. This may sound extreme, but honestly...I feel like my soul is being torn apart from the inside out. I find no pleasure in life anymore. Maybe it's a jaded way of viewing things, but for me all the joy in my life drained away what seems like a long time ago. I feel like I have nothing to live for...I've never dealt with sorrow this thick, this intense before. I feel like it's suffocating much longer can this go on?
I cry myself to sleep every night. Like I said, sleep seems the only way to escape the pain.
The worst part is that I'm afraid to tell anyone, ev
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Elle and Mias Chapter 5
Elle would have never guessed that Mias had such a compassionate counterpart. It would seem that Mias, after all, subsisted as the evil twin and Elias coexisted as the wholesome one, constantly shadowed and undermined by the heinous actions of his brother. He had convictions…passions…and they did not revolve around chasing skirt.
It did not hurt that he was as devastatingly handsome as Mias, like a figure from an 1800s romance novel cover. He wore his hair long, neatly pulled back wearing a dark billowy shirt and nicely fitted pants that complimented his features.  
"I am not from Ærworuld," she confessed, one morning during their daily get-together. "Mias came to my world and kidnapped me. I do not know how he managed to go through the portal. But he did and he can, which I understand to be thought an impossible feat."
Elias' mouth dropped open. "This is terrible news. No wonder he was able to recapture you, you could not escape... If I possessed the ability t
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Destiel short fic-- First Kiss?
The impala was parked behind a convenience store out in the middle of nowhere. Sam left to go use the public restroom while Dean and Cas waited outside and stretched their legs after the long car ride.
A bee began to buzz around the hunter's body, and he began to swat at it in an awkward and overdone motion. Cas merely stared at him, as usual, as if he were studying Dean's crazed dance. The bee finally rested...but on poor Dean's face.
"Oh, come on!" Dean snarled in frustration. He raised his hand to squish the bug.
Cas grabbed Dean's wrist before he could make contact.
"Don't," the angel said as he scooted as close to possible to get a better view of the bee.
"If it stings me, I swear to God--" Dean began, but stopped speaking as Cas raised his hand and gently brushed the bee away.
Sam walked down the path on the side of the convenience store, a bag of snacks in his hand. As he turned the corner, he immediately jumped back and hid behind the wall.
"Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit," Sa
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The audience awaits (Punk EnglandXReader)
Distinguished. Proper. Neat and tidy.
That was how you were known at school. Little did they know......
You smiled, humming along to your earphones. You listened to a wide variety of things, ranging from old rock music to K- and J-pop. At the moment though you were infatuated with punk music. In fact you liked it so much you'd even started to dress that way.
You really liked the dress-style, it looked cool and rather good on you. Only thing was, you had no idea what your friends' reaction would be. Or anyone's reaction for that matter. Especially.....
So you'd taken to wearing your new clothes whenever you came home. Parading about in them, you sang loudly to yourself, a cheeky smile adorning your face.
The clouds, plants and birds were your only audience at this point, you didn't think you'd ever seriously sing in front of anyone else. Or so you thought anyway.
Contrary to your beliefs someone was spying on you, well, rather listening to your singing. He himself was quite notoriously
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Elle and Mias Chapter 9
"What is your name?"
"Do you need to know the name of your food?"
"Would you eat an unknown food presented to you?"
"So long as it didn't look weird or smell bad."
The ghoul leaned in and sniffed her.
Elle was annoyed. She crossed her arms. "It's not going to take long for some very demented and terrible people to come after me and find me. I would prefer to be dead when they arrive. I hate to rush you, but could you stop picking at your food?"
"Name?" The ghoul leaned back, raising an eyebrow.
Defeated, Elle plopped her head into her hand and rested her elbow upon her knee. "Elle."
The ghoul smiled, showing ghastly long, sharp teeth. "Nice to meet you Elle, my name is Leadbury. Galfridus Leadbury, but I prefer to be called Leadbury."
"Nice to meet you, Leadbury. Now, are you going to eat me or not?"
Leadbury looked her over once more, sniffing the air. He reached out a clawed paw. Elle closed her eyes. This was it. She would escape.
She felt a definitive poke, as the ghoul's paw pushe
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Fall of the BlueSpirit Omake 2
Tales of the Spirit Age: The Fall of the Blue Spirit
Omake 2: Of Etiquette
The river rustled and hushed over the pebbled bank, flickering between golden-orange and dull purple in the waning sunset.  Yǎn-sui dropped the freshly-killed skunk-bear from his shoulders onto the ground with a dull, heavy thud!.  Stinging, oily musk and blood from the skunk-bear’s corpse perfumed the air, making him salivate, but he took his time, pacing a slow circle around his kill as he scanned his surroundings, ears twitching to detect any unseen foe.  
A lone badger-toad reeped at him and trundled off into the reeds.  Satisfied that he could enjoy his well-deserved meal in peace, Yǎn-sui turned his attention back to his kill.  He squatted beside the ursine bulk and traced a line across the breadth of its soft belly with a finger, poking and prodding here and there to decide on the best axis of his cut.
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Tendershipping Drabble.
     Ryo lay in the queen-sized bed, staring at the television screen just a few feet away from the foot of the bed. It was around eleven 'o clock at night, and he would usually be waiting in the living room on the couch for Bakura to come home. Exhausted from the day's activities however, Ryo decided to wait for the older man in their room.
     An old cheesy sitcom was airing, and Ryo couldn't help but feel nostalgic when he remembered watching it when he was younger. He started to doze off as he dreamt of this; head lolling to the side.
     Ryo suddenly awoke to the shifting of the bed, signaling added weight. He sat up immediately and looked over to see crimson tinged eyes looking back at him.
     "Bakura!" Ryo cried out. "You scared me..."
     The wild-haired man chuckled. "I tend to do that to people..." He reached over and brushed The boy's bangs out of
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Mias and Elle - Chapter13
When the laughter subsided, Mias and Elle found themselves shrouded in a veil of silence that had quite suddenly fallen over them, and they stared at each other awkwardly. Their expressions were lacking of any emotion, and emotions so vague that neither could really decipher what was going on inside of their own heads, let alone the other's. Beads of water trickled down their faces from wet hair, leaving glistening strings of moisture that caught the light and illuminated their skin. The blinks between them in that long stretch of time could be counted on a single hand.
Elle was becoming more and more confused by the thoughts that were beginning to swarm her into a giant dark cloud inside of her mind. She had been laughing and joking, actually enjoying herself, with Mias; it just did not make any sense. Adjusting to a more modest position, the sloshing of the bath water jostled the silence. The dark clouds stayed, she was still cast in the shadows of confusion, and where they parted to
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