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Есть прогресс?:D
This is progress?:D
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My tongue drips wet with gentle lyrics
from a passionate soul.
My heart beats strong through the choking,
Burning heat of sorrow.
My fingertips paint the world transparent with words,
Both tender and rough.
My eyes speak ethereal, aching, and silent triumph
Over societal acceptance.
My feet hold ground through the stampede:
ruthless, mindless masses.
My ears ache under the pressing chaos
That constantly invades.
Write, because you are, and you can.
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Yesterday, I doubted
Today, I just don't know
Tomorrow determines everything
But today, it seems to glow.
A week ago I cried,
Clueless of the world,
Wondering what confusing life
Into which I had been hurled.
A month ago was different,
Sad and full of stress,
Each day from school to home I'd go
And for hours I would rest.
At night when I would wake again,
I'd gaze up at the moon,
With a tears, I'd wish again,
That the light would shine through soon.
Yesterday, I doubted,
And today I just don't know,
Tomorrow, I'll know everything
But today just seems to glow.
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Two hearts thud slightly off beat. Two chests pressed close, bare.
Fingertips in all their subtlety, Brush ever so gently across
A blushing cheek. Eyes close, Tongues dance behind thirsty lips,
And trembling lungs draw quickly at heated air.
Bodies plead in Silent longing. Tongue-brushed lips
Caress one another. Limbs intertwine, seductive
Words exchanged with each Lingering touch.
Their breaths between them interchange form one chest
To the other. Wandering hands evoke tiny sounds
That slip under breath between timid lips.
Bodies tremble, unaware and afraid,
Driven by impulse, feeding from the urge.
Two hearts thud slightly off beat and two chests press close,
Thoughts and wishes of what might have been.
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Wander through the trees,

Stare up at the pale blue sky,

Black branches out like claws.

Find you sitting, crying no tears,

Staring into nothing,

With a silver blade sliding

Across the smooth, pale skin

Of your arm.

Golden eyes wide but unseeing

Bloodshot, unblinking

As the blade cuts.

Blood drips slow but steady

Onto your old striped shirt

And I watch without words

As it seeps in- another stain of pain.

What happened?

You've returned to your old ways

Your wicked, Dark ways of


Skin torn eyes unmoving and a

Look of pain and terror frozen on

Your sculpted face.

Your wings gone, and you'll no longer


You'll not be one of us again.

You've killed too many

Broken us all.

You were our downfall.

So be lost, keep cutting.

You'll not return to us again.

Heaven closes its gates to you

And we keep your wings locked away.
Felt like telling a story in a poem...kind of a horror theme, I went for. Got the name from a book xD
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I admire everything about you.
You are beautiful.
You are smart.
You are open minded.
You have one of the only truly free spirits i know.
You are one of my only true friends.
You critique my work.
You help me find ways to better myself.
You have helped bring out the best in me.
You stay up and talk to me.
You listen to me.
You are there for me.
You encourage me.
You inspire me.
I love you.

I've been thinking about writing this for a week or two, and whatever day it is now, i've finally decided I'm ready to send it. I still don't know when I'll send it to you. I've thought about you every single day since October of Freshman Year, be it in my house, while running a scenic, or in a canoe in Minnesota. I doubt it's you actually reading this now, but I hope to God it is. Especially now, you seem more troubled than before. I've gotten mixed messages from you. I'm pretty sure you know how I feel about you, although maybe not to the full extent that I do, and you haven't said anything about it, positive or negative. We've been great friends so far, and I wish we could be more together, but I respect you and your opinion, and want you to be happy above all else. I don't want to make you feel pressured or uncomfortable, and I don't want to screw up the friendship we do have together. Does it make me insane or sane to have not told you that I love you?
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Well then...
here's the complete Skyward Sword cosplay. ^^

The finishing touch on the hair and ears, will be done shortly before my visit to Gamescom on Sunday morning this week.

Am more than excited, because this will be the first time ever for me in a cosplay. :D

Thanks to Priestess-Shizuka :iconpriestess-shizuka: , for her awesome work on the tunica. :)
Considering how i failed on this task earlier this year, i'm more than glad that she consent to do this for me...thanks! ^^

Thanks also go to Aaron from, for the awesome work on the "Master Sword" and "Sheath". :)
Be sure to check out his web page [link]
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He promised me forever...
Just me, only me.
I remember that I smiled,
Whispered, "Good, cause I'll love you always."
And he kissed my hair.

Our years went by, and I made a promise
I didn't want to make.
To stay alive, if he went first.
First, I refused, my heart already pained...
"Promise me," I heard him say,
"For I promised you forever and that promise,
It still holds true."
So I wiped a tear away, I grabbed his hand,
And with no promise of happiness, I said,
"I promise... though I'll grow more pained each day."
And he smiled, squeezed my hand, and said, "I'll love you always."

The years of our life went by,
And I begun to notice his pain.
Time and worried time again,
I'd ask if he was okay...
Each time, same answer,
But my concern didn't fade.

One day, towards the end of our life,
We both awoke in the middle of the night.
He took my fragile hand so gently,
And whispered,"It's my time..."
And I began to cry.
With the weakest of whispers, he said,
"Remember your promise...
And that you're always mine."
Tears flooded my eyes, and I took his hand tight,
And I whispered back,
"I am forever yours... and I will see you soon."
And as he closed his eyes, I closed mine,
And we both fell away forever.
This is like, total Notebook status but I like this, and I love that movie. So ha.
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