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  "Prussia! Quit squirming around!" You snapped as you tightened the white bandages on his forearm.

  The second you did so, the albino jumped. "So unawesome! You need to be careful with the awesomeness ___________!"

  "Shut up." Looking at the various cuts and bruises you have yet to tend to. "So Gilbo, who did you piss off this time?"

  "Russia~!" He exclaimed, bare chest slightly puffed out and a cocky grin on his face. "Couldn't handle my awesomeness! Knocked him out with one arm behind my back!"

  Sick of the man's cocky attitude, you tugged painfully on a strand of his white hair. "Ow! Hölle heil frau! You have some muscle on you! Almost as awesome as mine."

  You watched with a poker face as he started flexing in front of you. "You know I don't have to take care of you, right? I'm just here to help your brother out."

  "Pffff! Screw Vest." His raised his eyebrows suggestively before bringing himself closer to you,"You know you vant mein awesomeness-"

  As he said it, you hit him right where it counted and walked away with a content smile. Going to another room, you poked your head in to see the albino's little brother sitting at a desk engrossed in his work.

  "Mr. Ludwig...?" The blond turned his head to face you, a small smile on his lips,"Do you need anything...? Anything at all...?"

  "Nein, danke." He turned around, getting back to his work. Before you could slip back out of his study, he spoke up again,"Vait ein minute..." Bringing yourself into full view, you waited. "Just...give mein bruder some company."

  "Ludwig! I've been trying! He's-"

  "Ja, ja, I know." Germany cut off, turning around in his office chair and standing up. He came up to you, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder,"He's a good man...a bit hot-headed und obnoxious but, he means vell."

  "But Germany, I-"

  "I know, I know!" He snapped, shutting you up again. "I've been vorried about him. He doesn't tell me anyzhing anymore. I'm vorried about him..." You lowered your head a bit,"Listen, you're ze only one he talks to und trusts...just give him some time."

  Looking to the ground with feet shifting, you sighed. "Fine..."

  "Danke. Now scoot." Ludwig moved you out of the room, giving you a slight push forward. The door shut behind you and you knew you'd have to get back to the Prussian.

  When you got back to the living room, you saw the Prussian wrapping his own wounds, tears falling off his face. Worry suddenly filled you, making you rush to his side and pull his face up.

  His red eyes widened seeing you there with such concern. "G-Go avay...I don't look awesome enough-"

  "Shut up." You mumbled, wiping the tears away from his face. "What's the matter with you...?"

  He pushed himself away from you, wiping his face feverishly. "Prussia...?" He shook his head, ignoring you.

  Knowing you weren't cracking the surface anytime soon, you continued to disinfect his cuts and wrapping them while he worked on calming down. You brushed your hand through his hair until he flinched.

  Sighing, you pulled his head up again to look in his red eyes,"Did Russia hit you over the head...again?"

  He didn't say anything, just lowering his head. "You know I won't think you're a weakling if you-"

  You were halted as the albino wrapped his arms around you, crying into your shoulder. "Gilbert...?"

  "I-I feel veak...I used to be such a powerful empire...und zen..." You wrapped your arms around him as well as you could. "Zen zat stupid Austrian took Hungary avay from me...I feel so alone...! I feel alone!"

  "Prussia! For God's're a grown some..." Stopping, you held him closer. "Just calm's's're not alone."

  He lifted his head off your shoulder, looking at you with watery eyes,"I'm not...?"

  "Of course have your little brother...a-and Kiku...and what about Spain and France? They're all your friends!" He lowered his head again, his chin resting on your shoulder. "A-And you have me..."

  "Hm...?" He lifted his head again, looking at you. "Y-You mean it frau...?"

  "Well, you and Germany kind of own my soul..." You gave a nervous laugh and changed back into a serious mode. "But...if you need someone to talk to...I'm right here..."

  "I feel so pathetic..." He whimpered. "I'm not awesome...everyone hates me..."

  "No one hates you..."

  "But no one loves me either..."

  Moving away slightly, you looked at his face. "You don't know that for sure though..."

  "Ja, I do..." He whimpered.

  You pressed your forehead against his. "You're such a know that right?"

  Before he could ask, you pulled in for a gentle kiss. Your face burned a dark red by the time you pulled away. His face held utter confusion, the tears ceasing to spill. "You don't know that for sure..."


  Taking his face in one hand, you used the other to clean off some small scratches. " me...?" You buried your face, burning even more,"Oh my God! You like me!"

  "S-So what if I do...?" You stuttered, trying to hide your embarrassment.

  "You think I'm awesome!" His lips smashed into yours once more, all sad vibes gone. He bent you back a bit, putting more passion into the kiss before breaking off. "Say it...tell me I'm awesome."

  A small smile dawned,"'re awesome."

  He pulled you back up to his lips, giving you another kiss feeling so much better.
Hurhurhur- //shot
Requested by :iconbluerose269:

So...I'm up to my 6th request...I'll post some of the others later...
The Russia one is so short though! And it was fuled on thunderstorms again! :iconragefaceplz:

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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  The water felt cool as it enveloped your body. You didn't try to fight it. You couldn't swim. Struggling would just waste your energy faster. Whoever pushed you off the edge must've been feeling really good about themselves now.

  Here's the story: you got a letter in the mail that was seemly written by your best friend and long-time crush Gilbert Beildschmidt. The letter told you to meet him at a cliff, overlooking the ocean.

  Thinking he was going to admit he had feelings for you, you went. While waiting for him, you sat on the edge, watching the waves hit against the rocky edge.

  Someone came up from behind you, making you turn only enough to see a female face with a grin before you were falling into the ocean. Now you rest in the ocean, your watery grave awaiting.

  A wave pushed you forward, slamming you into the side and knocking all the remaining air in your body out. Trying to swim upwards, struggling for air, you tried swimming upwards once more. 

  The world started fading into black, you choked in water accidentally. Everything felt numb around you, everything so calm. Until something grabbed your arm, pulling you upwards until you broke the surface. Then, everything. went blank.


  Outside where you lay, something smashed loudly, jostling you from your peaceful sleep. The one noticeable thing you caught first was that you weren't in your room. Upon further inspection, you were able to concur that this was Gilbert's room.

  Second, you noticed that you weren't in your clothes but rather, someone else's baggy teeshirt. Again, you were quickly able to figure that it was one of Gilbert's old shirts. Realization hit in a second when you figured someone had to take the wet clothes off of your forlorn body.

  "...Vhat if you voke _________ up-!" The door flew open to Gilbert's younger brother, Ludwig. Gilbert poked his head in, looking towards you before pushing past his brother and going to your side. "Bruder, leave her alone-"

  "I-It's fine Ludwig..." You said in a low voice, croaky and sticky. "Gil...what happened...?"

  "Someone pushed you of ze vas one of popular girls. I vas coming over und I saw zem push you over and I jumped down to save you." He leaned forward, engulfing you in a hug. "I vas vorried...don't ever do zat to me again..."

  You brought your arms around him, resting your head on his shoulder despite the pain coursing through you. Looking towards Ludwig, you saw him smile before leaving you both alone.

  "Gil...calm down..." You whispered softly, rubbing his back weakly,"I'm...I'm fine...please calm down...i-it's not awesome..."

  He let you go, chuckling at your comment. "Sorry __________, I lost mein awesomeness for ein minute." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously with a smile. "I vas scared for avhile, you know?"

  Taking your hand, he sat beside you and massaged it softly. "Are you hungry? Do you need anything?"

  "Did you call my parents...?" You asked in a soft voice, looking over towards him again. He nodded again, letting you relax. 

  "Bruder call zem und told zem vat happened. Vest also took care of zhose other girls for you so don't vorry."

  Resting your head on his arm, you smiled. "Thank you Gilbert..."

  He kissed your forehead, taking you completely off-guard. Both of your cheeks flushed at the contact, forcing him to pull away in shock. The room fell into an unsettling silence. Hoping to break it, you muttered something in a low tone.

  Gilbert looked over curiously, one eyebrow raised. "Was?"

  "I-Ich...ich liebe...dich...Gil..."

  He responded quickly with a laugh, hollow and dry,"I...I knew you'd say zat...vhy...?"

  Your eyes widened in horror, a knot twisting in your stomach. "W...What...? I-"

  "___________, I almost lost you..." Moving away, Gilbert refused to make eye contact. "If I vould've been zhere five minutes sooner...zen..."

  "Gil. Stop..." Getting up, you shakily moved towards him, quickly throwing your arms around him in a hug. "If you were there five minutes later, I would've died...I could've died Gil..."

  He nodded, grabbing you and pulling you up into a kiss. It lasted a second but it was sweet. When he moved away you saw tears staining his eyes but a smile on his face. "You really are ze most awesome girl I've met liebling...ich liebe dich auch..."

  Your knees buckled, forcing you to fall only to be picked up in Gilbert's arms,"Keseses~ Can't stay out of mein arms, can you frau?"

  Smiling, you snuggled closer into his shirt,"I guess not Mr. Awesome Pants..."

  Again he laughed his usual laugh and laid you back down in bed, jumping beside you and holding you close to him. "Vhy don't you try to get some sleep liebling. It's been a long day for you."

  You nodded, wrapping your arms around him and burrowing your head in his chest. "Gilbert...?"

  "Hm? Vhat's wrong?"

  "You smell fishy..."
I don't even know about the last line.
I derped, okay.
I'm a derp cake.

Commish for :iconclouds-kid-1:

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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 Once more, you watched as Prussia slipped out of the house. Christmas Eve and all that man could do was leave everyone to their own business. Sure he was used to being alone but that didn't mean he always had to be.

 Going to the door, you grabbed your gloves and scarf before rushing out the door after him. 'Stubborn nation...' you thought quietly to yourself, finding his figure in the distance, blending in with the white of the falling snow.

 Chasing after him, you felt your mind dizzying. What could he possibly be doing for the umpteenth time for the night that caused him to leave his family and friends behind on the holidays?

 You stayed near behind, watching as he walked along the snowy streets of Berlin. Not many people were out, a car or two rushing by as you followed quietly behind him.

 After awhile, he stopped at a cement wall, no specifics behind it. There was graffiti littering it and the age obviously showed. Parts were broken and torn away from the original structure.

 You watched as he paused in front of it, putting a hand on top of it and slowly walked along, his fingers brushing against it. Still being a young nation yourself, you saw no significance of this at that point.

 Walking closer to him, you could hear nothing of the outside. His head turned towards you as you came closer. He didn't seem fazed but he paused and waited for you to come over.

 As you came nearer, you could see a grin on his face. "You shouldn't be so worried about me. I bet everyone is wondering where you went by now."

 "What about you Gil?" You noted softly, stepping beside him. "I bet your brother gets worried when you leave like this..."

 "He gets me." He muttered with an unenthusiastic smile. "No one understands me better than him..."

 Both of you stood in silence, looking towards this wall on concrete. "How many stories have I told you kid?"

 "A few..." You whispered, looking towards him. "A fairly good amount actually about how 'awesome' you were when you were little..."

 "I never told you any of my struggles." He breathed. "'re still young. You may looks at least (age) but you still have a lot of experience on your back because of us older nations. But you might not be able to understand the pain some of us still carry.

 "We remember all of our country's history like the back of our hands." Without warning, his took his shirt and ripped it off, showing you scars. You pressed your hand against his back where it looked like someone lashed him. Long, thin strokes reached all the way down his back.

 He chuckled slightly, not bothering to do anything else. "The Berlin Wall...hey, you ever hear about what happened to Germany after the Second World War ended?"

 "We'll yeah," you said, tracing the longest scar on his back,"Germany was divided between America, France and Britain and the Soviet Union."

 "Ja, and which side was given to the soviets?"

 "The East...side..."

 Looking at his crimson eyes, once so full of life now dulling. " weren' know..."

 "Those were the longest years of my life." He said gently, taking your hand off his back. "During those times, you can't expect us to be the same. Our bosses can manipulate us. One country can turn on another. For all you know, West could declare war on you in a day's time."

 He sneeze, making you realize that he was frozen. "Prussia, put your shirt back on before you get sick..."

 Once again, he chuckled and put his sweatshirt on, holding himself for warmth. "Sorry if I'm boring you. I'm an old man, it just kind of happens sometimes."

 "Not at all..." You whispered, wrapping your arms around one of his. "Who was the one who..."

 "Russia." He nearly spit. "He was very violent back then. I was locked up and chained to the wall. Every day, he'd come down and punish me. As you saw, sometimes it was more severe than others.

 "The only thing that got me going was Christmas Day. The first Christmas after the country was split. Russia let my brother visit me. Even then, I probably looked head already had to be wrapped...a hard hit to the head.

 "I remember West looked better but not great. It took him awhile to heal...but when he saw me for the first time in months, he broke down and cried. The strong man I knew him...reduced to my little brother once more.

 "I got taken off my chains for the first time in awhile." He took your hand gently and squeezed it. "I didn't spend a lot of time with him...but I told him to keep going on. That I'd be back for him. That's what kept me going.

 "I remember when the wall fell. I was so weak back then and yet I was with the other East Berliners tearing down this damned thing. I remember my hands were bleeding...I think I might've lost a nail tryin' to tear it down.

 "When I saw West in the middle of the crowd on the other side, I pushed past everyone to just be with him again. He wrapped his arms around me and I nearly passed out. Then he told me...he told me that..."

 "You didn't know your country disbanded..." You finally whispered.

 "I became Russia's property only a few months after the war ended. He never told me. He knew but he never told me." His voice softened. "1947, Prussia disbanded while I was locked away. And yet, I never vanished.

 "I can go at any time. And I want to spend time with everyone before I do. But I'm confused..." He paused, biting his lip until blood surfaced. "If I put good memories in their minds...I don't want anyone to suffer anymore. Suffer because of me."

 Releasing your grip on his hand, you hugged the midsection of his body and rested your head on his shoulder. "They'll only suffer more if they know though...if they knew you had the chance to spend time with them and you didn't."

 "You're probably right..." He said silently. For awhile after, you stood in silence, listening to only the wind blowing as snowflakes fell. "How about we get back. You're getting really cold."

 "A few more minutes..." You said silently, just reading the words on the walls. "No one'll mind."

 His fingers laced with yours, giving your hand a soft squeeze. "I'm still pretty damn awesome, right...?"

 Giggling, you nodded. "Of course you are...just don't leave us're really important to more people than you know."


 When you both stepped back in the house, you were met with a group of relieved faces. Germany pushed past all of them, hugging his brother and whispering something in German to him.

 His blue eyes darted towards you and a small smile fell on his face. He lipped the words 'thank you' before pulling away and clearing his throat. "You two should know better than to wander off on Christmas! Everyone was wondering where on this planet you both disappeared off to!"

 Prussia grinned and slung his arm around his brother's neck. "West! You gotta chill out man! We just went out for a lovers walk! Come on ________! We gotta find us some mistletoe and dance the night away!"

 Your face burnt red as he pulled you closer, his face showing lust but his eyes showing thankfulness. "When you get tired, I'll let you lay in bed with me if you want...!"

 He winked but you didn't know if he was kidding about what he was saying to go along with what he did. His lips gently pressed against your forehead before he pulled away.

 The hours passed quickly. Prussia didn't leave your side that entire night, holding your hand tightly and drinking heavily. You laughed together and drank together.

All in all, that must've been one of the best nights that not only you, but ever nation that attended had for a long time.

 The Prussian danced around with you, assuring about every three seconds that you were having a good time. He held you close and spun you around in circles happily.

 He gave you a sip of his beer every now and again, telling his friends about how you two were going to start dating and gently kissing your lips. If he felt like he needed to go out, you'd step out with him and assure him he wasn't wasting his time with anyone.

 As the hours rolled by, you noticed other countries beginning to fall asleep or passing out everywhere. When you began getting tired, Prussia smiled and laid you down on the couch, laying beside you.

 He wrapped your fingers gently around the iron cross of his, giving your hand a quick kiss. "Ich liebe dich __________..." He said with a small smile.

 Shutting your eyes, you slowly drifted off in his arms as well. "Ich liebe dich auch..."

 You remember falling asleep beside the Prussian, holding his pale hand gently as you snuggled against his chest. The next morning when you woke up though, the only thing there was his iron cross necklace left in your hand.

 Shooting up, you looked around to see if he was anywhere. All those in the house lay asleep. Going around the house, you held his necklace clutched to your chest. When you went back into the living room, you noticed people starting to stir.

 Germany sat up, his head most likely throbbing from a hangover. But it didn't take long to notice the tears in your (e/c) eyes. Before he could ask, you shook your head.

 "He knew he was leaving last night..." A small cry escaped your lips. "He knew he wasn't going to be here today...

 "Germany. dead..."
On the ninth day of Christmas
I give you 9 ladies dancing.

So guys...
Did I do a better job this year in comparison to the Germany insert from last year?

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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  Gilbert awoke hours later with a start, something made him feel uneasy. His eyes immediately darted to where his brother once lay asleep. Fear filled him as he realized that neither his brother or you were anywhere to be found.

  Shooting up out of bed, he quickly escaped his bedroom and sought you out. In no time at all, terrible thoughts began to fill his head over what you might be doing.

  There was a loud explosion, sending pain into his fragile eardrums and then Ludwig's screams. Gilbert suddenly filled with adrenaline and rushed to where he heard Ludwig's cries.

  Bursting into the room, he instinctively readied himself to attack, almost missing the scene of you holding his crying baby brother and trying to calm him down. The second the door burst open, you quickly spun and quickly went back to calming Ludwig.

  "What...? Did you do mein bruder...?"

  You shook your head and went towards him, handing him Ludwig. "The storm woke him up, I can't get him to stop crying-" An explosion of thunder shocked both brothers and caused the white-haired one to cringe. "Gil...?"

  "It hurts...! My ears...!" He cried out, and you suddenly realized the problem with both of them. "G-Get the noise away...!"

  Getting Gilbert up, you managed to jostle him into a calmer and quieted room that refused to let any noise penetrate it. Ludwig looked towards you with teary blue eyes and Gilbert was frozen in fear and shock.

  Taking Ludwig into your arms, you began humming softly to lull him into a peaceful sleep, sitting on the ground. Gilbert, now overcoming his paralyzing feelings and came closer. He snuggled up against you like a cat and started drifting off himself too.

  Seeing Gilbert nodding off, you laid them both down on the ground within each other's embrace and laid a blanket over them. The two didn't seem to notice much as you slipped out of the room to let them sleep together.


  Gilbert awoke first the next morning, noticing the blanket over him and smiling. Pulling his brother in his arms, he escaped the room he was in and started shuffling down the halls to his bedroom to lay down.

  When he entered his room, he noticed a woman trying to make his bed. "Oh please, you don't have to. I was about to lay down again..."

  "Sure then hon. Thanks a lot for being there for our young madam. She's had it hard since her family died."

  This caught Gilbert's attention. "Died? Was...? She told me...she moved away."

  "No," The maid said in a soft voice. "Her family was killed in an accident. She was the only to survive. Her uncle took over her father's company and now sends her a majority of the money."

  Gilbert stood for a moment, trying to process the information before dismissing the young woman. He curled up in bed blankly and numb, trying to think of your sweet face, innocence, purity, not one of someone who has lost anything precious in this world.

  But how very wrong. Everyone she loved, her little brother, her father, her mother, gone. Tears surfaced at the man's eyes as he fell asleep, thinking about your precious smile. He wanted to make sure you kept that forever. He didn't want you to bare pain anymore.


  "Gilbert...!" Ludwig pestered as he shook his brother's sleeping form. "Gilbert...! I'm hungry...!"

  Gilbert, in turn, groaned and turned the other cheek. Although, Ludwig didn't want him to ignore so he once more began to pester his older brother. "Gilbert. I think I heard ___________ say that you're awesome...!"

  Once the albino had a second to process, he shot up in a second. "She thinks I'm awesome!?"

  "Bruder, you're so stupid..." Ludwig growled under his breath. "Now can we go and eat breakfast?"

  Gilbert shot a look at his 'innocent' little brother before agreeing. He helped the small boy onto the ground and led him to your room. When they opened the door, they found you still completely asleep. Both of them exchanged a worried glance, knowing they would need to speak with the chef who was obviously not happy with there presence not too long ago.

  Ludwig seemed even more upset. Gilbert didn't blame him. He's had a rough young life thus far. Lifting the child up into his arms, he began walking towards the dinning room. Ludwig was shaking in his arms.

  "Bruder, don't worry...everything is going to be fine..." He whispered into his brother, gripping his hand softly. "Your awesome big bruder is gunna make sure nothing can even touch you."

  The last part had a hint of threat in it, convincing Ludwig that he was nearly safe. His brother was always dangerous when it came to protecting his brother. That's how he lost half his sight, fighting with a scientist who was trying to take his brother away. Unfortunately, the man had a knife and no remorse when he slashed his eye.

  When they went to greet the male chef, they found a female one in his place. She offered no threat, although she went to touch Ludwig's black ears only to have her hand smacked away by Gilbert.

  In the end it was decided that they'd have a simplistic breakfast buffet before they went to sit at the table and wait. In the meanwhile, you had awoken and come to join them.

  Gilbert's eyes softened at your appearance. Ludwig didn't seem to notice that your eyes were slightly red, as if you had been crying. Gilbert, however, spotted it miles away . Quickly, he hopped out of his chair and embraced you, his warm and strong arms wrapped around you.

  You could feel something was off with him when he did that but you returned it likewise with a warm laugh. "You're awfully affectionate today, aren't you Gil? What did you both want for breakfast?"

  "A buffet." Ludwig said plainly as Gilbert broke away. "Sorry about mein bruder, he's just delirious today."

  You giggled and kissed Gilbert's cheek, making his face turn extremely red. It took Ludwig a spilt second to realize before he started laughing. Gilbert shot a look towards his brother, quickly silencing him before sitting back down and waiting for food like the rest of you.

  The meal progressed slowly and silently. No one dared to speak. You were very aware of Gilbert's tense actions. Gilbert held your secret to his rapidly-pounding heart. Ludwig could feel the thick tension and didn't want to say anything to make it thicken or explode.

  Eventually, you smiled softly and spoke up. "How about we do something today? It might be really nice to go out for some fresh air right now, won't it guys?"

  "Ja," Ludwig agreed, continuing to eat his breakfast in peace.

  Looking over towards Gilbert, you noticed he was grinning and breathed out in relief. "Ja, I really like that idea."

  When all of you had finished, you changed and quickly were out the door. Gilbert took your hand once more and nervously squeezed it. Not knowing the source of his nerves, you just gripped his reassuringly and smiled towards him.

  It seemed to work, his tenseness seemingly vanishing. As you walked along, talk commenced. You asked the boys how you slept, which they responded,'better than in any alley we've ever slept in.'

  "How'd you sleep ___________?" Ludwig asked softly, acting on innocence once more.

  Your grip tightened and you forced out a happy,"Good." Gilbert, who was still holding your hand, easily noticed and looked towards his little brother. His brother smirked and waved his hand forward.

  'Make your move.' His body language seemed to pester. Gilbert rolled his eyes and moved beside you, gripping onto your hand. "You know," He started,"If you want to talk about anything, the awesome me is open to listen."

  You nodded and moved forward, not really wanting to talk right now. Both of them were bound to find out eventually, about when you fall asleep. The only reason they hadn't worried last night was because Ludwig's cries droned put your own.


  Later that night, Gilbert tossed and turned in bed, thinking about why you wouldn't speak with him. Ludwig had fallen asleep on their walk home later and was sleeping peacefully in his own room.

  At around midnight, he was nearing sleep when he heard a cry in the dark. It wasn't Ludwig's though, it was yours. Quickly springing up, he dashed towards your room and noticed how pained you looked in sleep.

  Rushing to your side, he shook your shoulders and continually cried your name until you awoke in a shocked daze. Gilbert held such hurt and confusion before hugging you closely to him. Your face was forced into his shoulder and tears were suddenly spilling from your eyes.

  He gently hushed you, comforting you as your tears began to turn into sobs. "I d-didn't mean to wake you up G-Gil..."

  "Don't worry about me..." He said simply, now stroking your (h/c) hair. "I can take a cat nap if I want..." His tail brushed your arm softly, causing a giggle to sound from you.

  "Someone told me...what happened to your your family..." Your body shuddered once more. "You have nightmares, don't you...?"

  "They're so terrible Gil..." You breathed, holding him closer. "They've told me...the maids who work at night...that I scream in my sleep... "

  "Don't worry..." Gilbert whispered, laying you back down in bed and cooing you into calmness. "I'll stay with you tonight...I'll make sure that you sleep okay tonight..."

  You nodded, relaxing as he laid down in bed with you. He began stroking your hair, purring gently as if he really were a cat. Putting your head against his chest, you realized it was bare and began blushing.

  He felt so warm and comforting, brushing your arms softly. Snuggling closer, you curled up and sighed, shutting your (e/c) eyes. "I'm sorry for making you do this..."

  "Don't worry," He said in a warm tone, hugging you close. "I'm not mad. I'm just worried that you're not getting enough sleep. If you get scared, just wake me up."

  "Are you sure?"

  He kissed your nose softly and nodded,"Ja...gut nacht..."

  "Night..." You breathed, resting your ear against his chest, listening to his heart beating in his chest. "Thank you..."

  "Don't mention it..."

  With that, you both fell asleep in one another's arms.

Gilbert's your mommy now.

Making you feel better when you're scared.

But then you're Gilbert's mommy too.

Because you comforted him from the storm.

You're each other's mommies.

I'm so tired.
I'm sorry.


No, I'm not.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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  "Big brother...I'm so hungry..." Ludwig complained, trying not to sound like he's unappreciative of what his older brother goes through to keep them going. "I can feel my stomach eating itself..."

  The albino laughed hollowly, trying to keep his baby brother's spirits up. "Don't worry...your stomach can't eat itself so it won't eat itself..."

  Both brothers were genetically altered male specimens at a secret lab in the countryside. They managed to escape and hide out in a town many ways over where the laboratory couldn't touch them.

  Ludwig was the youngest, only about 9 years old with blond hair that fell in his face and the most gorgeous blue eyes. His older brother Gilbert (about 18) was an albino with white hair and two red eyes, although his left one was scratched and blinded. Ludwig and Gilbert wore cat tails and ears, the latter of which matched his hair color-white. Ludwig had black rather than the expected blond.

  Since they had escaped, they had been scrounging around for food at any chance they could. Humans shunned them, throwing stones and yelling fowl names towards them.

  Currently, both wore nothing but dirt and the clothes on their backs. Ludwig was huddled close as possible to his brother, trying to keep warm in the cold winter's wrath.

  "I'm glad we left Gilbert..." Ludwig said softly, shutting his eyes,"I didn't like it in there..."

  "Just go to sleep..." Gilbert cooed, kissing his brother's temple as a mother would've done. "I'll wake you up if something happens..."

  His little brother nodded, laying his ears down flat and letting his tail twitch as he fell into a peaceful sleep. Gilbert brushed his little brother's hair gently to soothe him into a comfortable sleep.

  He wasn't far gone when Gilbert's ears pricked up, a human was approaching. "Luddy...West wake up..." The child groaned in complaint as he opened his eyes, only to hear footsteps nearby.

  The sun was setting and there weren't many people around to begin with. But one human could make all the difference. As both got ready to bolt, they noticed it was a young girl, (h/l)(h/c) hair and around Gilbert's age. Her (e/c) eyes were gentle and her pink lips pursed slightly.

  Both brothers sat in an alley, hoping that the female human would not notice them. Only her (e/c) orbs darted over at the two shaking figures. Rather than causing noise, she came slightly closer in curiosity.

  Gilbert noticed that Ludwig was completely frightened so he took the boy and held him close, hissing towards the girl. Only around now had she even noticed that they were mutations. Her eyes darted to Gilbert's tail and ears.

  "Don't worry..." She said in a calmed voice,"I don't want to hurt you-"

  "But you will anyway!" Gilbert snapped back. "You don't have to hurt us every time one of your kind wants you to!"

  "Brother..." Ludwig nearly choked out, his voice was full of fright.

  Still, the girl inched closer, stopping at a cool distance and sitting down in front of them. "My name is you two have any...?"

  "Gilbert."  He spoke, his one working eye refusing to leave your form.

  Ludwig didn't answer, still nervous.

  She came slightly closer, both of them seemed on edge. This conversation went back and forth, every time they said something, she would move towards them.

  Eventually, she was sitting in front of them, both of their nerves calmed. She reached out on Gilbert's blind side, although he was about to cut her off from touching him, he relaxed as her soft hand cupped his cheek, her thumb pad caressing it.

  "You two can come stay with me if you want." She whispered, looking towards the now calmed but still frightened boy in his lap. "My parents are rich but I was sent off here. They wire me a lot of money I don't know what to do with. A big home, plenty of food, clothes."

  Gilbert looked towards his little brother as she backed away, awaiting their decision. Seeing his brother in such bad shape, he knew he'd have to put his trust in this stranger. She seemed too nice and sweet to be with anyone who would try to capture them and she showed concern for his little brother as well.

  Lifting up Ludwig into his arms, he nodded. She stood up herself, leading them out into the open. Her hand grabbed onto Gilbert's trying to steer him away from any objects on his blind side. People who passed gave a look of shock for the one person who showed the two kindness.

  Ludwig was very aware of this and hid his face into his brother's shirt. "It's okay West...we'll be okay..."

  "What do you two want to eat for dinner?"

  Both boys looked towards each other before Gilbert looked back towards the female. "You're not making us eat cat food?"

  She paused, looking back towards them,"Heavens no! You're humans , aren't you? I'm not forcing you to eat cat food like some kind of pet."

  Liking this idea, both of the invited guests decided on a big meal-chicken, fish, pretty much anything that had to deal with meat and fish. The woman laughed cheerily and agreed that they needed to eat something.

  By the time they had made it to the stranger's home, Ludwig was sleeping peacefully in his brother's arms. Gilbert, however, could now see the full extent of the teen's (or rather, parent's) wealth.

  Although in a home by her lonesome, she had a 2-story house-if not, 3-to herself. The home wasn't anywhere near bad shape either. In fact, it looked too new to be taken care of by one individual. It was guarded by a large fence made of stone, minus the front gates which opened with a special code.

  She openly showed Gilbert the number system and told him that if he forgot to not worry and ask. That she was willing to trust two strangers she pulled off the road, Gilbert felt safer.

  He watched as the doors opened and allowed them all to enter. Cautiously, he slipped in and shuddered when the gates screeched behind him, trapping him inside the confines of her home. Sure, he was warming up to the girl, but he couldn't exactly stop feeling paranoia over what may happen.

  Jouncing his brother, he tried to make him awaken once more. It worked for about three seconds before he fell back into sleep. There were housekeepers, groundskeepers and probably chefs working in and outside the house, looking towards the mutated brothers as they entered. Odds are that they have seen them in town before. This made Gilbert even more uneasy than before.

  Noticing Gilbert's hand tightening in fear around her own, she smiled. "Don't worry about it. If anyone asks, questions or insults you, I'm going to kick them out."

  Feeling slightly more reassured, he loosened his grip and followed you in. Even though it was a bigger home, the staff was small. Maybe a maid running around here or there but not like in a mansion where there are attendants at every door.

  "I don't need much help," ___________ said in a soft tone,"It's only me so I don't need thirty butlers and maids. Even with guests over, I don't need any more than I have here."

  Gilbert nodded and followed as she toured the home. Noticing that he was tiring out as well, she smiled. "How about you wake up Ludwig and clean off? I'll get the chef to cook for us while you do."

  "Where are we staying?" He asked in confusion.

  She smiled again and ushered both brothers to their rooms. The one Ludwig was left in was originally her little brother's room when he visited. His clothes still lay in the drawers for Ludwig to wear.

  Gilbert's room was the same, only her parents stayed in it. She instructed where her father's old clothes were and told him it was free to use. Gilbert, now alone with their new friend, hugged the girl and smiled brightly,"Thank you so much for all of this..."

  "It's no problem." She whispered back, hugging him for a moment before pointing out where her bedroom is in case they needed her at night. "I'll meet you both downstairs in a little while, okay?"

  He nodded and watched as she went off, his heart doing summersaults in his chest. But her sweet smile, her kind heart. He couldn't have been falling in love with someone who could easily shun her back to them, could he?


  The boys took their time before going downstairs, ____________ was already eating at this point but didn't seem upset over them taking so long. Rather, she felt embarrassed that she didn't wait for her guests and apologized. That threw both of them for a loop.

  Although tired, the two came with an appetite, wiping mainly everything off the table without a regret. Sure, the chef was confused when _____________ had told them how much food they'd be needing for the night but she quickly explained there would be guests.

  When the male chef came out to ask how the food was, he was shocked that, a) the food was knocked clean out, and b), that there were only two guests eating a meal fit for 10.

  Gilbert stood up, taking the nearly-asleep Ludwig into his arms and carrying him back up the stairs. The woman followed behind, making sure that Ludwig felt snug in his new bed and hung back as his older brother tucked him in.

  After a few minutes, she realized that he was having a hard time bringing himself away from his brother's side. Those two were close, their life alone on the road must've made them bond.

  "You know," She spoke up gently, causing the white ears to prick up and his eyes to move towards you,"He can stay with might be more comfortable for him to stay with you..."

  Gilbert smiled and nodded, picking his little brother up and cradling him into his arms. "I don't have many rules you know. Just don't try to piss off the workers by making a mess and follow whatever rules you have been following otherwise."

  He grinned, coming over to her and resting his chin on your shoulder. "'ve been such a help..."

  "You're welcome..." She said, hugging them close to her and smiling. "Why don't you two go off to bed and rest safely tonight."

  "Come sleep with us..." He murmured into her shirt. "I feel...really safe when I'm around you..."

  She giggled and helped both into bed before bringing herself beside them and resting her head on his chest. "You're such a good big brother...taking care of your younger sibling like that..."

  "He's all I have left..." Gilbert said softly, shifting his arms to bring his brother closer. "Sure he can be a pain and usually a stick in the mud, but he's my little brother and I love him..."

  Again, she smiled and snuggled closer. "You know, I feel safe around you too Gil..." He seemed to freeze in his spot, his heartbeat rapidly pounding in his chest. "Good night..."

  It took him until after you had fallen asleep to retaliate. He brought your head closer to his and started nodding off himself. "Gut nacht, leibling..."
That whole 'heads tails' journal entry...

I wrote this and then got conflicted.
Would I write another chapter and continue or make the series like 'Live, Laugh, Love' where the characters of the axis were all different animal hybrids.

I couldn't decide and every time I flipped the coin...
I kept deciding I wanted to do the other. ^^;

So I asked you guys.
Since you were clueless as to what this was.

Heads won.

3 chapters.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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  Ludwig woke up the next morning, dragging his feet behind him. His brother wasn't in his room so he went into yours only to see you snuggled comfortably up to his brother.

  Smiling, he climbed up beside you both and snuggled in between you, shutting his blue eyes again. Your arms wrapped around him and you breathed out slightly. When he entered, you had arisen from your sleep.

  "What's wrong Ludwig...?"

  "I was looking for mein bruder..." He said stubbornly, crossing his arms in the meanwhile. You laughed slightly and hugged him,"Why are you hugging me...!?"

  "Because you're so cute and cuddly~!" You said in a happy voice, sleepy tone dripping from it. "Why won't you let me hug you?"

  "I'm guessing you slept good frau...?" Gilbert said softly as he awoke as well. His arm was around you in a second. "You seem really happy this morning..."

  "Thank you Gilbert...for last's been so long..." You snuggled up closer, unaware that Ludwig was hearing everything and processing it much differently.

  "Gilbert, did you have sex with __________ last night?" He asked plainly and watched both your faces get beyond brick red.

  "Nein! She was having problems sleeping so I stayed with her until she could...!" He spoke, embarrassment weaved in. "Who even told you was sex was?"

  "I heard it at the lab." He said simply before breaking from your loosened grip. "Can we have breakfast now?"

  "Go down. We'll be out of bed in a minute..." Gilbert said, sighing as his brother walked out of the room. He was going to tell you today that even though they've known you for a few days that he's gotten really close to you.

  Okay, maybe it isn't exactly along line. No, it was more along the line of him imprinting* on you.

*Imprint (on)-come to recognize as an object of habitual trust. Usually characteristics gained from a parent or suitable mate.

  You snuggled closer, trying to settle back into a nice rest once more. "I didn't have a nightmare after you came in last you mind coming in again tonight...?"

  "Nein..." He said sweetly with a smile. As he went in to kiss you, your body shifted and caused his lips to kiss your cheek. "How about we go downstairs before Luddy think's we're messing around again."

  Both of you smiled towards each other before getting up. Mentally kicking himself for not making his move, Gilbert went downstairs to greet Ludwig eating at the table.

  The two of you sat down and started eating as well. Gilbert kept looking towards you, his tail swishing and his ears twitching. Ludwig easily noticed but decided not to get involved.

  "Hey, Gilbert-?"

  "I haven't been staring at you!" He said loudly, quickly covering his loudmouth.

  Ludwig sighed and pushed his chair away,"Smooth one...I'm gunna go outside and play with the strays."

You blankly looked at Gilbert, no even acknowledging that Ludwig had left you both alone. "Gilb, are you feeling okay today? You've been acting kind of off since you woke up."

  "I'm fine. Fine." He said with a grin. "The awesome me is feeling as awesome as ever, why do you ask?"

  "Well for one," You said softly,"You just yelled that you weren't staring at me. You know you can tell me anything if you need to've been really sweet since you've gotten here you know."

  "I...I...can't tell you..." He stuttered, causing his mental self kicking him in the rear once more.

  On the other hand, you looked rather confused and hurt. You leaned forward to grab his hand only to have his lips smash passionately into yours. Your body froze in place as he pulled away, a shocked look on his face as well.

  Both of you looked at one another for the longest time before Gilbert bolted out of the room. You got out of your seat but stopped, not really trying to stop as he left.

  Your heart was racing in your chest. A hand rested to your pounding chest and a weak cry escaped your lips as your knees buckled. Blush took up most of your cheeks and your fingers traced your warm lips.



  "Bruder, you're an idiot." Ludwig said stupidly, watching as his brother cowered in a tree within the grounds. "Obviously she's gunna be expecting you to stay with her tonight."

  "I'm leaving Luddy! No turning back! No regrets!" He yelled, preparing the scale the wall. "Be good for __________!"

  "Bruder stop this!" He yelled, now gaining his attention. Using alligator tears, he managed to get his brother down and beside him in an instance. "I don't want you to leave bruder...I need you..."

  Gilbert lifted the child up, not able to see the glint in his eyes. "I won't leave about we go back inside before __________ starts to worry about us."

  "Danke bruder..." He said in his best whimpering voice he could muster. "I don't think I could go on without you."

  Now, it's not to say that Ludwig doesn't feel this way (mainly because without his brother, he would've starved to death), but Ludwig knew his brother wasn't the brightest apple in the bunch. And since Ludwig seemed to have a higher IQ, he was easily able to figure out how to toy with his brother to do anything or to keep him from leaving. Ludwig was a sweet kid, very smart but embarrasses easily, especially around girls.

  As Gilbert carried him back to his room, he made sure to inspect every hall to assure you weren't coming. Ludwig was becoming less tolerant at every stop. "You know, it won't kill you if you run into her bruder..."

  "Ja! But I don't want to...! I really like her und I messed up badly...!"

  "Well, she expecting you to sleep with her tonight." He gently reminded his brother, noticing him freeze in place. "So you're gunna have to deal with it one way or another."

  Gilbert got pale, even more pale then he already was. His little brother was right, he wouldn't let you have another terrible nightmare again, he wanted to make sure of that. But now things would probably be awkward between you both.

  "I'm such a dumbkopft..." He muttered, hanging his head.

  "Yes you are." Ludwig said softly, giving his brother a questionable look,"Just talk with her. What's the worst that could happen?"

  "I die."

  The room fell silent, Ludwig was questioning his brother's sanity (...again). "It'll be fine bruder." He said silently, resting his head against his brother's. "Just try not to be an idiot, okay?"

  The rest of the day, Gilbert made sure to avoid you, even coming late to eat when you had left. By the time he was assured you went to lay down, he slithered in the room. Hearing the door open, you looked over towards him.

  You watched as he quietly followed the wall until he climbed into your bed and turned the other way. "Gilbert-"

  He shouldered your hand away as you went to touch it. "Gilbert...about this morning..."

  "Nein, I wasn't in the right mindset..." He muttered, pulling the blanket over himself. "Just forget it happened..."

  "But I don't want to forget that it happened..." His head turned over, looking towards you. His ears flickered as though they misheard you. "I really like you Gilbert..."

  Now, he completely turned to face you. It took a moment for the information to process in his mind and once it did, he was hugging you tightly. Your arms slowly made their way around you and you felt warm and safe once more.

  "Ich liebe dich liebling..." He said, hugging you close to his body and resting his chin on your head. Tucking your head in, you blushed and smiled.

  His arms wrapped protectively around your body,"I love you too lovable cat..." You reached up, stroking his hair as though he were a cat. A purr sounded from him which he quickly stifled as you laughed. "You're too cute..."

  "I'll wait for you..." He said, changing from the previous conversation. "I don't care how long I have to wait, I'll wait until the end of time for us to be together. I really like you..."

  You smiled, cuddling close to him. "Are you sure you can wait that long Gilbert...?"

  "For you," he said softly, kissing your forehead,"Yea, I think I can."

  Cozying yourself with him and now falling asleep, you breathed out happily. "Good..." A smile stuck on your face that entire night.
Don't ask.

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  It felt like the entire world was on fire around you. A burning inferno surrounded you with no chance of escape. As it backed you into a corner, you felt as though all chances of survive had gone.

  Smoke enveloped you, making it near impossible to breath. Above you, the floorboards groaned pitifully, sending a wooden pillar down on top of you and rendering you useless. The rest of the house crashed down in suit.

  Your body ached painfully as everything around you fell quiet. Flames burned out to embers. Wood turned into soot and ash. Persons could be heard dispersing, probably giving up hope that there was anyone or anything there.

  Climbing through the darkness, you started desperately crying out for any source of help. Slowly advancing your way up to the only source of light you could see, you tried crying out louder. Outside, it felt so crisp and cold, you could see what little breaths you were able to exhale.

  By the time you had made it to the top, you couldn't break free of the wooden boards. You cried out again in pain and fear being trapped alone. A moment's notice made you realize that your body was freezing now.

  Crying out once more, you felt like you were wasting energy with no success until a shadowy figure loomed over you. A person. You continued whining until the person started pulling the boards away from over you, revealing sunlight.

  Unable to even stand anymore, you collapsed, nearly falling back down of it weren't for the person picking you back up into the sunlight. He smelt bitter and gross but was warm and inviting at the same time. Taking a breath of air, you coughed out the toxins in your lungs, the pale male person massaging your back.

  His hands grazed over your cat collar, looking at the golden tag hanging off the end. "__________...don't vorry little frau, I'll make sure zat you'll be taken care of..."

  He continued on but you began to fall asleep in exhaustion. Snuggling closer, you took in all the warmth you could from this friendly person and drifted off into unconsciousness.


  Coming to, you could feel pain in your haunches and the pads of your paws. At the moment, you were laying in a person's green jacket with the sleeves slung over you to keep you warm.

  Patches of your fur were missing by the feel of it but those parts were covered by white stuff. Climbing out from your spot, you planned to take a look around the house.

  It hurt with every step you took, your body wracked with pain. Every time you made it to a corner, you peeked around to be sure that you'd be safe. Following your nose, you found a person cooking something. This wasn't the one who had saved you, he was much larger and much more built with blond hair.

  As your stomach gnawed with hunger, you let out an instinctive meow, causing the person to look over towards you. Instinctively, you hid yourself, unknowing as to why you did so.

  The person didn't come near you but rather, took a bowl of food and set it nearby you before going back to what he was doing. Cautiously, you limped in and started eating the food. The blond didn't seem to notice you as you continued to make you feel stronger.

  You finished up, slipping silently out of the room and trying to find the person who saved you. Traveling around the house, you were eventually able to find him asleep on his bed with a while cat sitting in watch, his tail twitching.

  From where you sat, you could see he must've been a stray. A scar showed brought out a blind eye and smaller cuts could be seen. "Frau, I can see you looking in ze door."

  Padding in, you felt all of your muscles tensing as you neared him. "You should be sleeping right now frau. It's not good to be valking vith zose injuries." He swatted his person, forcing him to awaken. Jumping down beside you, his person seemed to get the idea and got out of bed, taking you in his arms once more.

  Moving back into his bed, he allowed you under the sheets beside him to relax yourself. The tom moved over beside you, resting himself beside you and licking your ear,"Don't vorry about moving around to much. Ve've been vorried since mein awesome person brought you home last night."

  Nuzzling his shaggy fur, you found a comfortable spot and felt yourself calm down. "Thank you..." He seemed reluctant to rest his head on your (h/c) pelt, probably still realizing that your body wasn't stable and still weak from exhaustion and pain.

"It's okay..." You purred softly, feeling comforted with the other cat beside you. "I feel okay when I'm laying down."

"Just vanted to be sure you're okay." He comforted, licking you ear confortingly before resting his head once more. "So how did a pretty fraülein like you end up in ze awesome me's house? Ze only zing I saw vas mein awesome person bringing you in."

  Moving your head slightly, you thought about what to say. You still didn't want to think about it, being trapped in with no way out, no assurance that your own persons were alive. At this point, you accepted you won't ever go home, never see the stray tom outside again.

  "I shouldn't have asked." He said softly, resting his head on the sheets with red eyes shut,"Are you okay? Do you not vant to sleep? If you vant, you can go spend some time by yourself. It always makes ze awesome me feel better."

  "I'm okay." You replied, monotone and sullen. The thought of being alone scared you suddenly, a fear now gripping at your chest. "Please don't leave me alone."

  "If zat's vhat you vant." He moved closer to you, resting peacefully beside you as requested. "Don't vorry frau, I'll be sure no one hurts you any vorse."

  You were thankful for his kindness and tried to fall asleep once more. Only thing time, you found yourself tossing and turning in discomfort, probably bugging the tom beside you with your movements.

  "Do you vant to go back to vhere you were sleeping before?" The tom asked a few minutes after your useless sleep. "I could bring you back if you vant-"

  Getting up, you ignored him and jumped off his person's bed with a painful thud, your paws unable to support the weight of you jumping down. The white tom was quickly at your side, nudging your lip form and trying to get you up.

  Pushing him away as best you could, you got yourself off the cold floor and tried to move forward once more. When you collapsed on the ground once more, you decided to give up completely and try to sleep where you lay.

  Again, you felt the albino cat prodding at your shoulder. "Frau, come on."

  The cat's person scraped your limp body off the ground, carrying you back to where you were laying earlier. All you wanted to do was go for a walk, to just figure out where you were.

  "You shouldn't be doing stupid stuff like zat." A new voice played in your head, causing you to turn to meet the source. Another tom with grey fur and stunning blue eyes approached you carefully. "Und mein bruder isn't much help..."

  This tom was slightly bigger in stature and build than his brother. Resting your head, you decided you weren't in the talkative mood. "I know it's a lot to take in frau but it'll all vork out...I assume you wanted to see the layout of the house?"

  "...yea..." Hearing you, the new tom helped you stand up on your aching paws and slowly began to guide you around, telling you what each room was. As you suspected, the blond person from earlier was his. They had the same air about them.

  You learned both names and their story, that Germouser and that the other tom, Prussiacat, we're strays with the same father and different mothers, hence the differences in appearance.

  After their other siblings were taken, Prussiacat only managing to protect Germouser from the people who separated the rest of his family. His blindness was caused in a scrap with a tom, trying to protect his little brother. Apparently, he was strong enough to hold his own.

  Eventually, you needed to stop to rest. You were tired and worn from just this little bit of walking. "Vest, I'll take care of her from here. Your person left out some food for you. ___________, I'll bring you to ze ozher room."

  Now following the albino back to the living room, you made slow steps and fell behind him. Every now and then, he'd slow down and walk beside you, only to move ahead after you assured him you were fine.

  "Listen frau...I'm sorry I got you mad at me earlier..." He murmured up ahead, almost too quiet to hear. "I didn't mean to keep poking at you und..."

  "It's fine Prussiacat...I'm not mad." Trying your best to catch up once more, you found you could only stay at this distance. "I've been thinking...I was being restlessly reckless...I...I'm just scared and nervous. I miss my family and my neighbors...that tom that lived outside-"

  "Tom? Was he your mate or something?"

  "No," you replied back as you fell limp on the carpet of the living room. "He was just a friend. Would've been nice though. Really nice tom he was too."

  Prussiacat came over and curled up beside you to offer you some warmth,"Well then lets hope he's okay then."

  "I know he is," You stated confidently, letting out a deep breath of air. "You remind me a lot of him. Except he was much more...meek than you are." Seeing the cat's shocked reaction, you couldn't help but purr in delight. "But I like you too."

  "Of course you do. I'm awesome!" He sprung to his feet, obviously feeling good about himself again. He moved closer once more, making sure you were okay before resting himself beside you once more. "I meant vhat I said. I'm going to make sure that you're und bruder'll take good care of you."

  "Thanks..." Resting your head, you started drifting off to sleep peacefully,"I'm happy to hear that..."
I've had this idea for awhile.
So here.
Take it.
Goin' to sulk again.
I knew this would happen if I read the manga.
I knew it.
But 1 day, I've had 1 day to reconnect to society before I have to see Aomine and Kise's game again.
But this time in manga form
And then I read what senpai said before the game.
I forgot.
I forgot that he became captain after seeing his senpai's cry.
Omg, I'm gunna go hide in a hole for 3 days.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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  Her voice so pure.

  Her gaze so soft.

  Her hair so silky.

  Yet so strong.

  His voice so spiteful.

  His words usually dirtied.

  His glare, cold.

  So many problems.

  He had to rely on others for help.

  Yet, when he was with her...


  Romano held you close, not knowing what to do in this situation. Spain was so terrible at explaining things, Romano would have to simply complaining about it.

  Your body felt limp and lifeless in his arms, shock was still taking over you from the sudden change of pace. People around you were wondering what exactly was going on.

  "R...Romano..." You whispered as tears surfaced in your eyes. "Why...why did you even consider...?"

  "'re the most perfect person I have ever met..." His voice was hardly above a whisper. "You shouldn't be hanging around me...that's why I'm...breaking up with you..."

  It took a moment before you could even say anything, the shock of his words taking more away than your breath.

  "You're such an idiot."

  His head shot up as you said that, tears quickly blinked from his eyes. "Roma, if you want to break up with need a better excuse than that I'm perfect. You and I both know that's not happening."

  "___________, you can find someone better than me! I'm not your only fucking choice out there! Why don't you go to my stupid fratello! Everybody like him-!"

  You slapped him in the face, silencing him in a second. Cupping his face, you pressed your lips against his and drew him into a much-needed kiss to shut up him and his normal nonsense.

  The second you pulled away, you smiled sweetly,"Romano, I love everything about you. You make me smile. You're so sweet when you want to be. And since you're not putting the pants on in this relationship, I guess I'll have to."

  He cocked his head at the last part, giving you a rather innocent look. Kneeling on the ground, you laughed slightly,"This wasn't really how I expected my marriage proposal to go but...Lovino Vargas, I love you with my heart and soul. Make me your wife and be my husband."

  Now the many people who directed their attentions towards you when Romano started in hysterics were whispering questionably. It wasn't really normal for the girl to propose but at this rate might convince himself otherwise.

  His face got extremely red as people continued to crowd. "D-Damnit __________, this is the worst prank you've played yet...! What the hell...?"

  "I'm not joking Romano..." You laughed softly, fishing a male wedding band from your pocket and standing up. His face grew even darker red as you approached him, slipping the ring on. "Because I love you so much..."

  His shocked expression made you laugh out once more,"I'm waiting for an answer Roma..."

  "I hate you so much right now..." He growled before grabbing you and burying his burning face into your shoulder. "Will you pull off this shit again if I say 'no'...?"

  "Simple," You stated, wrapping your arms around him,"I'll propose to you at the next World Meeting if you say 'no' today. Then every country will know what a big baby you are."

  "I'm starting the realize why I fell in love with you..." He muttered, threat in his voice. "I don't think I wanna remember this'll marry me."

  "You make it sound like a demand Roma..." You whispered, picking his head up and kissing his lips once more.


  Her voice so pure.

  Her gaze so soft.

  Her hair so silky.

  Yet so strong.

  His voice so spiteful.

  His words usually dirtied.

  His glare, cold.

  So many problems.

  He had to rely on others for help.

  Yet, when he was with her...

  Maybe he was stronger than he thought.
This is like baby drabbly stuff.

Request for :iconprussianpersephone:

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  It was so cold. Snow had been falling heavily for the past half hour, your clothes completely drenched to the skin. Your body was cold and starting to refuse to move as you walked along.

 You had just spent the past half hour driving to your ex's house during a winter storm to find him cheating (on your anniversary might I add) and then began to come home in anger, then, you car broke down, forcing you to walk the rest of the 3 miles home. To make matters worse, the storm took a turn for the worst and giant snowflakes had begun to fall and cut off your vision.

 Now the world was empty and darkened by the storm, even the lampposts in town were hardly giving any light to help show you back home. Crossing your arms across your body, you tried to consume yourself in the only warmth you had left.

 An object buried beneath the snow tripped you over, sending you painfully to the ground. You tried to stand up but every time you failed, crashing back into the snow and gaining new injuries.

 Above you, you could see the snow coming down, piling on top of you and eventually freezing you to death. "I didn't think that...I'd die from a stupid snowstorm..."

 Reluctantly, you closed your (e/c) eyes, the lids getting too heavy to keep open. Odds are, you wouldn't be waking up anytime soon. Or ever again. Rather quickly, your mind went blank and fuzzy and your body began to shut down.


 Water splashing in your face awoke you to a hazy reality. Looking around groggily, you noticed you were in a bathtub, the shower head running on you, warmth hitting against your body. But most curious, all your clothes were still on.

 Turning your head to the side, you saw a young man staring back at you, concern in his eyes. You opened your mouth but no words could form when you did.

 Before long, you were falling back under sleep's embrace, your body warming up. Once more, you felt warm water splashing on your face but you couldn't be bothered with opening your eyes once more.


 The next time you awoke, it was morning, the sun streaming through the windows and into your eyes. Groaning, you pulled the sheets over your head to block them from the sun.

 When you moved, you felt your muscles ache. It felt more comfortable laying under the warmth of the sheets and staying completely still. As your mind began to wander back to last night, you became even more and more awake.

 Looking at your clothes, you noticed they had been changed. Tightening the sheets around you, you could feel your face brighten up in embarrassment. The next thing you noticed was you were in a strange house. What if someone here had done something back to you?

 Getting up, you went to the door, trying to find the owners of the home or the exit. Silently, you began to creep around the home just trying to find your way around.

 Then you realized your were up a set of stairs and slowly made your way downstairs. Immediately, you spotted someone on the couch playing video games. They noticed and looked towards you, his eyes narrowed slightly.

 "You're the broad my brother brought home last night, aren't cha?" He said, pausing the game and sitting up and stretching. "I thought you died last night. You looked like shit. Don't look too much better now."

 He laughed at himself as you came down slowly and sighed. "Can you just tell me where I am, how I got here and where my clothes are?"

 "He found you face down in the snow last night." The man murmured, running a hand through his messy blond hair. "So he brought you home, warmed you up and let you lay in his bed."

 "Where are my clothes?"

 "We're washin' 'em." He mumbled, turning his attention back to the game as if bored. "We made you breakfast so just go ahead and eat when you want."

 Rolling your eyes, you went to leave. "By the way, my name is ____________."

 "Just call me Lutz." He said back, pausing the game once more. "My brother's name is Klaus. Just call him whatever you want..."


 Exiting the room, you quickly found the kitchen to see a plate of food waiting. Going over, you began to eat slowly and silently, looking out the window to see the snow was still falling lightly on a white-covered world.

 Once you finished, you put the plate in the sink and stood there blankly. What are you supposed to do now? You're in a stranger's house with no means of getting home. Scanning the room, you hoped to find a phone or something to call someone to tow your car.

 Not even a moment later, an air horn was blow, making you flinch and collapse to the ground. In the other room you could hear Lutz yelling but tuned it out. The door to the kitchen opened up to reveal a new but familiar face.

 He was a rather handsome young man with long white hair tied up in the back. There was a scar on his cheek and his eyes were a red and violet mix. But as you looked better now, you noticed something about one of his arms and his lower legs.

 Not saying anything, he knelt down beside you and helped you up. "You're Klaus, right...? Lutz's brother...?" He nodded soundlessly, his eyes locking with yours. "A-And you're the one w-who saved me last I right...? I remember you splashing water on my face..." Again, he nodded.

 "Not a man of many words, huh?" A smile cornered his lips, shaking his head as he began helping you upstairs. "One more question...the arm...and your legs...are they metal...?"

 He remained still for a moment so you simply continued on with something else. "T-Thank you for helping me...I was a long night and I thought..."

 You barely made it three steps before you sat to stop, tears cornering the edge of your eyes. "I'm sorry...j-just...give me a minute..." The second tears spilled, you feverishly worked to wipe them away. Klaus reached over and gently brushed away some tears as well. Seeing no improvement, he just pulled you close to him, bringing your face in his chest.

 Grabbing his shirt, you further brought your face to his chest. "I-I'm s-sorry...I had a-a long night...h-he...was cheating on me...I-I saw it..." Klaus rubbed your back, forcing a sob to escape your lips.

 For awhile, you stood like this in his arms, trying not to make him go away. When you finally calmed down enough, he slowly began to help you back to his room, letting you lay down once more.

 Once you were tucked in, you curled up beneath the sheets. The sound of a whistle being lightly blown upon made you look up. The iron cross that he had was partially in his mouth and he blew into it again, making the noise.

 He spit it out, letting it dangle around his neck. A smile came back on his face as he sat on the bed. Your heart suddenly began beating rapidly in your chest, looking into his eyes. Leaning over, he kissed your forehead and covered you once more.

 Watching him, he stripped off his shirt, revealing a scar on his right side, the same one with the metal arm. He slowly came into his bed beside you, pulling his hair tie out and letting his long silver locks flow.

 "I don't think I've even told you my name yet...have I?" You asked, snuggling closer. Klaus' forehead pressed to yours and his head shook. "I'm ____________...

 He nodded again, letting you rest your head on his lap. His hand gently brushed your hair, carefully picking small strands away. Shutting your eyes, you let out a yawn and began to fall asleep. Before you completely fell asleep, you felt him kiss your lips gentle and nestle closer.
The artist who designed the 2p Prussia I used

I don't know if she has a Deviantart. But I totally am in love her her design and character.

I just wrote this today. I will be continuing the OTP thing now.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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  One thing that always seemed to take you off-guard was the close relation to your two friends, Ludwig Beildschmidt and Seamus Kirkland. You knew that Seamus' younger brother, Arthur, and Ludwig couldn't be considered anything close to friends.

  Second, those two barely had anything in common. Seamus was a carefree, happy-go-lucky Irishman. Ludwig was a strict, drill-sergeant type German man.

  On many occasions, you believed it was the beer. Yes, both men could undoubtably drink pints of the amber alcohol and be able to hold it down rather well. Although, when a meeting was held at either's country, they'd end up at the bar, occasionally with their siblings.

  And guess which lovely little nation did the bars or pubs usually call?

  Yes, since you were a close friend and ally to both nations (meaning Germany and Ireland), you were often called at ridiculous hours of the night (maybe even at daybreak) to come collect them.

  The worst, though, is when both men's brothers actually did go with them. In addition to dragging both Ludwig and Seamus to your car with your (age) year old frame, but then you need to add Gilbert, Iain, Arthur and Reese's drunken deadweight to it. But lucky for you, it only happened once in a blue moon.

  Snuggling down in your bed, you felt your eyelids droop but forced them open once more. A wonderfully pointless world meeting was held today in Ireland's home so you were expecting a call in a couple of hours from whatever pub those two ended up at about a disturbance.

  But these meetings took a toll on your body, racking your weak form with exhaustion. 'Maybe if I just shut my eyes for five minutes...five minutes only...'

  Believing you would be able to sleep for five minutes, you shut your (e/c) eyes, your body instantly relaxing. When you fell asleep, the clock beside you shone in fluorescent red, '9:23 pm.'

  When your phone began ringing, the clock showed it to be 3:29 am. Groaning, you grabbed your phone and picked up. "Which bar is it, how many men and how much trouble are they stirring up...?"

  "You're jist a wee lass." The pub owner responded, actual surprise in his voice. 'Must be new,' you thought to yourself. "Two tren 'av been stirrin' up trouble since they got 'ere. Towl me ter call yer."

  Sitting up in bed, you rubbed your tired eyes and nodded,"Sounds about right...I'll be over in about half an hour..."

  Before the man could say any more, you hung up and got out of your nice warm bed, the cold caused you to hiss before shuffling across the room and grabbing your car keys.


  Throwing the doors of the John O'Ryan's pub wide open, you could only feel agitation welling up in your chest. Across the room, both men were sitting at a table, various empty mugs set beside them and both of them drunken messes.

  "You're de lassy oi talked ter on de dag an' bone?" Turning your head over, you noted the Irish man cleaning a glass while smoking, his green eyes holding a tint of confusion, easily hidden behind aggravation.

  Sighing, you walked over to him,"I'm sorry about them...don't serve them anymore. I'll pay their tab."

  Obviously, the worker was shocked when you produced the funds to pay off the two drunkards with a gracious tip before pushing past the crowd to face the two idiots directly.

  Ireland's head was resting on the table, his head aimed away from you. Germany was leaning back in his chair, noticing your sudden appearance swiftly and firstly. "H-*hic*-allo fraülein! *hic* You look upset! Vhat's wr-*hic*-ong?"

  "'ey lassy!" Ireland started, turning his head over to look towards you with a flushed face, similar to Germany's. "Whaen ye *hic* git 'ere!? Yer luk not the bloomin' full shillin'. Y-*hic*-er not the chuffin' full shillin'?"

  "Finish your beers. We're leaving." You said in a relentless voice. Both of them groaned like children, Ireland's eyes rolling. "Don't give me lip. I'm tired from the stupid meeting and I want to sleep!"

  Rushing them out of the pub, you dragged them by their wrists back to the car, detesting what problem's you'd face on the entire way home. The one thing you worried most about is them falling asleep, mainly because you had no strength to carry either of them in.

  The drive back to your house was long and frustrating. Both nations were rather loud and obnoxious, not new for Ireland but rather shocking to see in the German man.

  By the time you had gotten home, you were ready to kill them. Rounding them up like children, you got them into bed and climbed back into your own. The house was silent so it was easy to fall asleep.

  You knew what you were in for tomorrow. They would both be complaining about their heads and unable to move. But it was better than having six occupants rather than the normal two.

  Someone crept into your room, climbing in beside you in bed and holding you close to them. They smelt like beer and...meat. "Ludwig...go back to bed..." It was a useless effort. He was bigger than you and if you managed to knock him off your bed, he'd be complaining tomorrow.

  Again, your door opened and Ireland flopped in beside you. "Seamus..."

  Both of them were out like lights, their bare arms tossed over your body. Sighing, you rested your eyes once more, trying to get used to the two sleeping beside you. You rolled your eyes, giving each a peck on the cheek before cozying yourself between them.

  In unison, the two rolled over, their lips pressing against both your cheeks. A massive blush covered your cheek as you nodded off in exhaustion. Boy, was tomorrow going to be a long day.
I've been neglecting you guys, haven't I? Sorry about that. ^^;
Not many ideas have been coming to me lately, maybe I'm just tired and need to watch some Hetalia.
Tomorrow. Last. Kuroko. Episode...
Back to life.

I love these two. If my Hetalia parents were based on heritage, yup, they'd be mine. I'm mainly German and Irish. So yup.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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